P3D V4 HD | VATSIM Event full flight w/subtitles | Amsterdam to Bergen Flesland

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P3D V4 HD | VATSIM Event full flight w/subtitles | Amsterdam to Bergen Flesland

Schiphol Ground, good evening

KLM298 at C15, QNH 1011, type 737, we would like the IFR clearance to Bergen

KLM298 cleared to Bergen. ANDIK1S departure, runway 24. Squawk 2220 Cleared to Bergen via the ANDIK1S from RWY 24 and we’re squawking 2220 for KLM298 KLM298, readback correct. Report fully ready Wilco, KLM298 KLM298, C15, QNH 1010, requesting Push and Start

KLM298, information A, QNH 1010, pushback and startup approved

Information A, push and start approved, KLM298 KLM298, requesting taxi

KLM298, taxi holding point S7, RWY24 via A5 At A5 give way to the Air Portugal A319 coming from your right Taxi to holding point S7, RWY 24. At A5 we will give way to the incoming traffic, KLM298 KLM298, no further ATC available. Continue on UNICOM on 122.8, byebye

UNICOM 122.8 for KLM298, byebye Eurocontrol Maastricht

Maastricht Eurocontrol, KLM298 with you FL280 for FL350, inbound KONOM

KLM298, hello you are identified, thank you 🙂

KLM298, call Copenhagen 121.375

Over to Copenhagen 121.375 KLM298, so long

So long

Copenhagen Control, KLM298 with you FL350

KLM298, good evening, Copenhagen Control, identified 350, direct KARLI Direct to KARLI, thank you, KLM298 KLM298, contact Stavanger Control frq 120.650

120.65 for KLM298, so long

Stavanger Control, KLM298 with you FL350

KLM298, Norway, good evening, ALUVA2N arrival Expect ALUVA2N arrival, KLM298 KLM298, descent when ready FL100

Descent when ready FL100, KLM298 KLM298, contact Flesland Approach frq 121.07

121.07, KLM298

Bergen Approach, KLM298 with you Station calling, say again KLM298 with you, FL215 KLM298, approach hello, expect ILS approach RWY 17, or would you like the visual approach? I’ll just stick to the ILS approach RWY 17, thank you, KLM298 KLM298, cleared direct NEPAM, expect ILS RWY 17

Direct to NEPAM, expecting ILS RWY 17, KLM298 KLM298, descent 6000ft, QNH 1006

6000ft, QNH 1006, KLM298 KLM298, contact Director 118.850, byebye 118,850, KLM298, goodbye KLM298, contact him with callsign only Callsign only, roger, KLM298 Bergen Director, KLM298 KLM298, eeh Director, descend to 4000ft 4000ft, KLM298 KLM298, looks like you’re off flight level profile. You should be at 3000ft

unreadable If you’re able to descend a bit quicker. No speed restrictions for you KLM298, we already have full speedbrakes, so yeah, we’re trying our best here 😀 KLM298, roger, descend to 4000ft via the NEPAM transition, cleared ILS approach RWY 17 and just keep me informed and let me low if you come in late 3000ft via the NEPAM transition, KLM298 Director, KLM298, we’re currently 5000ft above profile KLM298, roger, make a right orbit, and level off at a heading of 090 degrees Right orbit and level off at heading 090, KLM298 KLM298, we can hold at BABLU (the waypoint) as published on the charts, if you want us to KLM298, negative, just configure that right orbit, and roll out on a heading of 090 – and I’ll give you vectors in to the ILS RWY 17 Confirm you want us to turn left right now, to heading 090, KLM298? Negative, continue right orbit and roll out on a heading of 090 Roger Wilco, KLM298 KLM298, (unreadable) Roll out on a heading of 020 degrees and stop descend at altitude 4000ft for now Roll out heading 020 and stop descending at 4000ft, KLM298 KLM298, descend 3000ft, turn right heading 150, cleared ILS RWY 17

Down to 3000ft, right 150, cleared ILS RWY 17, KLM298 KLM298, continue descend with the glidepath and speed 160kts till 4.0 DME Descend with the glidepath and speed 160 until 4 DME, KLM298 KLM298, contact tower 119,1, goodbye 119,1 for KLM298, so long Tower, good evening, KLM298 on the ILS RWY 17 KLM298, winds 160/5, runway 17 cleared to land Runway 17 cleared to land, KLM298 KLM298, contact ground 121,9

121,9 KLM298 Ground, KLM298, 17 is vacated KLM298, Flesland ground, taxi to stand 24 via G and Y Taxi to stand 24 via G and Y, KLM298