Panasonic NCR18650B Battery Pack – Quadcopter Flight Test

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Panasonic NCR18650B Battery Pack – Quadcopter Flight Test

hello so a while back I built this battery pack for this sport quadcopter the battery pack is a two parallel excuse me two series for parallel Panasonic 18650 be packed with eight eight cells it should have thirteen point six amp hours so a ton of juice and we want to see today we’re going to see how long the quadcopter can fly with this battery pack alright so we got the pack charged up from like a storage voltage it only took two hundred twenty nine minutes that’s great and then um 4800 milliamp hours so we’re looking at 411 grams for the copter I pulled the fpv stuff off and I’m just using standoffs I’m running out of nylon standoffs but it’s kind of hard to see there but anyway so those are the only thing protecting the flight control board and see what the battery weighs alright so 397 so we’re looking at an all up weight of the 808 808 grams there abouts but let me forget I forgot the one thing and so I forgot the the voltage alarm and we’ll put that on there so 406 +4 11:15 8:15 so here’s the battery alarm I’m using it’s got a little display there and so it’s gone up it tells you what each so all of them eight point four two volts so full number one is four point one nine number two four point two three so two series and then you can also set it to this little button here you can set it to stop to push – what voltage you wanted to be back so we’re going to go two point eight or so and you think you can safely go down to two and a half for a lithium ion but we’re going to do two point eight so let’s go fly take two 11:33 all right there it is I’m about 60% throttle which is a lot boring hover video in auto level no the grass fine very nicely all the trims Center on the radio once you go forward I think there’s a touch of tailwind today I might bring it bring it back with the trim just a little bit here

seven point that’s there 3.73 try to read that seven and a half seven and a half volts right now and right it 60% throttle five minutes so hopefully 40-plus minutes and if we get over 30 that’s okay 30 minutes if we get less than 30 minutes I will be disappointed easy now as far as the 2s with this thing I mean it’s you got a 400 grand battery and on 2’s it’s not real sporty at all so it’s pretty bar into that in terms of flight characteristics pretty far into the endurance type of quad setup and I’ve flown it before with this battery and if it comes down to fall down too far if it’s losing out the to too high you floor it full throttle sometimes it’ll bump the ground and then pop up which I don’t like so I actually plan to build a I’ve got some batteries on the way some higher drain batteries Samsung’s and I’ll make a – parallel 3s out of that that should be able to bang on that pretty hard sparse bottle and really draw ton out of it and it will be okay should be like a five thousand milliamp hour battery 3s what are we looking at almost 12 minutes let’s have a look at voltage easily now three-point-six what are we at me hang on 7.25 zat right three six and three six three seven point two four volts okay seven point two four volts I’m going to go down to two point eight percent for we are probably at maybe close to 70% throttle or hover just a slight breeze from the back of us I think that’s kind of helping to lift us up a little bit I’m not moving the throttle

a little turbulence there all right little more throttle all right we’re right at 19 minutes 3.45 on number one the two 3.47 all is six something okay six point seven or so what doesn’t seem right see what it is six point nine I think is out soon yeah that makes sense six point nine okay so we are at coming up on 20 minutes we’re at six point nine bolts for the whole pack all right a little more throttle here I think it’s a little more efficient high higher up there I just pulled down on the throttle a little bit I think that wind going over the top of the crops is helping out lift quite a bit more throttle now 23 minutes I don’t know if we’re going to make 40 have a look little more breathing six point seven six point seven a-all so that’s down from six point nine at eighteen minutes and that was just coming up on 25 minutes twenty-nine minutes

look 3.23 six and a half so we went from 6.9 at 18 minutes to 6.7 whenever that was 23 minutes and we are right at 30 minutes and then went six point five volts alright 75 80 percent bottle now I mean it flies nice I’ve blown it FP we just a little bit in this with that battery pack and you don’t need a lot of throttle it flies really nice but when you do need for all kind of underperforms oh rain drop the board’s exposed to that’s full throttle that’s what it does hopefully you saw that when it gets weak there’s not a lot of extra juice three point one three point one five all five point two seven six point two seven six point two seven well let’s go let’s see what time we go thirty four right at thirty five minutes try and get five more minutes come on now some of that good air no rain for five minutes pretty much 90% throttle this past 38 minutes tells another raindrop I’m gonna hang on there weather see where we’re at 3:05 and just over six bolts so that’s 6.0 4 volts at 38 and 1/2 minutes Wow it’s better than I thought early on it just seemed like it dropping way faster than I should have surprised the curve you know forty minutes forty minutes awesome so two point nine five point eight five on the all well that’s full throttle come on now it’s full throttle get up in that era but help us out baby more rain No we are pegged bottle is pegged not much time left we are coming up on 42 minutes eek Alec said 42 minutes a good tool we’re real close here to the end and I think what we’ll actually be

leaving a little bit of capacity on the table just because you know it’s five point seven eight volts this isn’t enough to run this thing more raindrops full-throttle let’s drop think think we’ll kill it once it comes down off of this we’ll kill it coming up in 43 minutes there it is all right so right at 40 43 minutes there it is just under 43 minutes still go and stick another look at that and it’s starting to rain so let’s go all right so we’re back the battery voltage is recovered to three three point three and three point four volts it is I mean it is warm but it’s not it’s not like hot potato warm so but overall it was fun it’s fun when it works like you think it should work so thanks for watching