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The Physical Plane

right welcome everybody to another series of home with you Sophie we are going to see four six six weeks this book written by Annie Besant the ancient wisdom we are not going to go through all the chapters it is a rather thick book I have selected some chapters for this series and then we will see the remaining chapters in a in a future series this book was written by Annie Besant as a kind of foundation for the Theosophical teachings for whoever wants to have a general knowledge of the Theosophical teachings and she says that is a basic book although as you will see goes quite a bit into details and the explanation that we are going to share may help the study of the book it’s a classic book on theosophy and I’m sure you will enjoy it as I didn’t and many of us did the way we normally do this is I selected some excerpts from from all the different chapters Michele is here going to read it for you then I will explain elaborate on on the week and at the end of the medium we can have questions and answers some some minutes for that so let us start with the the beginning of we will begin with the chapter where Annie Besant talks about the physical plane we are going to see how she describes all the different planes and the phenomena related to all the different planes but Annie Besant begins with a brief explanation of how the cosmos is built so that we can understand the nature of the planes in a deeper way building the cosmos coming forth from the depths of the one existence from the one beyond all thought and all speech a logos becomes the manifested God of his universe although the manifested form of spirit and matter of any universe are finite in their extent and transitory in their duration the roots of spirit and matter are eternal from this the logos elaborates the matter of his universe being himself it’s informing guiding and controlling power so in the Theosophical view there is a reality which is sani Besson says they are beyond all thought and all speech it is beyond definitions and actually beyond the reach of the mind the transcendental nature of this reality this reality in the Theosophical view is a single reality is not that spirit and matter are two independent principles there is one single reality from which what we call spirits and matter come now from this or within this ultimate reality at some point all of us appears the word logos comes from the Greek and it means several things it means reason it means word it means intelligence or pattern so that is at at some point some kind of intelligence appears in the universe of course it is not an intelligence as we conceive it the human kind of intelligence probably the manifestation of this intelligence on our level is what we call the laws of nature and this intelligence appears and from this intelligence comes what we will call spirit and matter this intelligence itself is wrapped so to say in the root of mother what will become matter in the universe so it is from this one existence that is at the same time the potentiality for intelligence and for mother that the locust appears and from there the cosmos is going to be built so in the Theosophical view there are seven planes or dimensions of of

matter and space and consciousness annie besant Ascona i added this this graph graphic here or this table so that that you can understand whether any person is going to say next and the Theosophical view there are seven of these planes the highest of them which sometimes is called with the sanskrit word adi which means the highest or the first is the plane from which or on which in which the logos awakens on this level everything is a unity matter and intelligence as we said they are two aspects of the ultimate reality then there is a process of differentiation in which what we call spirit and matter begin to let’s say separate from each other they begin to differentiate and the deeper we go into this differentiation the more different spirits and matter seen on the highest plane there is no difference these are two aspects of the same reality on the lowest plane the physical plane spirit and matter seem to be completely different and actually even at war with each other even though they are two aspects of the same reality so in the description of their planes we have the first or the last plane according to where you start counting the highest plane is rd then the second plane the one that emanates from Adi is called an empathic R this again these are all words because other philosophies don’t have these words for the different planes so Lebowski used whatever words were were available at the time now these two planes are said to be divine planes that are beyond even the intention of trying to understand them and then there are five lower planes from number five to one on which our our being what we call a human being has existence the highest of them all is called advic it comes from the Sanskrit word Atma which means self this is the ultimate self and is a plane that in Buddhism and Hinduism they call nirvana when a person becomes aware on this plane is what is said to be the person enters Nirvana then the next plane is the Buddha plane which were there the word Buddha comes from the root root in Sanskrit which means enlightenment and this is the source of wisdom of spiritual intuition of a perception of reality in human beings then the next plane is the monastic it comes from the word Manas which means mind the other the the lower plane after that is the hammock and this means the word comma means desire so this is the plane where our desires and our attractions and repulsions have reality and the last plane Tula it means dance and is the physical plane so when a person will go on now to explain how these planes are developed one from the other of what occurs on the two higher planes the seventh and the sixth we can form but the hazy inception the student may think of the fifth plane as atoms of Atma the fourth plane as enveloped in booty ma matter the third plane as Atma enveloped in booty and – matter the second plane as Atma enveloped in booty – and , matter the lowest as Atma enveloped in booty – , and stool ax matter so you see the process of an abyss and describes here is that from the the reality of the ad MacLean which is the highest that is part of our the field of human evolution the our consciousness that is on the admit plane gets wrapped up in this more this grosser kind of matter which is the buddhic matter then the Burdick matter gets wrapped up in the monastic matter and then so on until it gets enveloped by the physical matter and well this is a process like if you have your hand and

then you start putting one glove on top of the other you know first a very thin blue glove in we but with which you may still be able to perceive subtle differences of roughness or temperature then you put another glove and then another another and the last glove is a very thick glove and that will be a metaphor for our consciousness working through the physical body so at the core of what we are we are this admin did this self but is wrapped up in all these different kinds of matter therefore our perception is heavily conditioned when we perceived through the physical body so now the we will see a diagram that can symbolize this one at the Asif s speaks of a plane he means a region throughout which spirit matter exists all whose combinations are derived from a particular set of atoms these atoms in turn living units whose life is the life of the logos veiled in fewer or more coverings according to the plane so Bisson calls what constitutes the planes spirit – matter because every particle in the Theosophical view doesn’t only have what we would call matter but also has what we will call spirit and also energy so there is a in every atom you have the spiritual life animating the atom of course in separate atoms that spiritual life manifests in a very basic way in what we call for example chemistry the chemical reactions are an expression of the divine life at the level at the atomic level but then as we go on and up into more and more complex organisms in the process of evolution the divine life that is intrinsic in the organism is able to express itself in more complex ways as we are going to see but the point here is in this diagram you you see this is just a symbolic representation of what would be a physical atom you know you have the the core of it is admin the very source of our self and the whole universe and then you have all this wrapping of matter of the different planes so the physical atom would be this admin wrapped up in four more layers if we want to represent it this way an atom on the comic plane will have only these layers up to gamma so the mental plane has fewer layers so they higher you go in the planes the free year this a big principle is the less coverage it has and this is going to be important when we go into exploring the reality of consciousness or know these different planes the cosmos is the result of the involution of the life of the logos as the in Solem force in every particle and its successive and wrapping in the spirit matter of every plane the materials of each plane have within them in a hidden or latent condition all the form and force possibilities of all the planes above them as well as those of their own evolution may be summed up in a phrase it is latent potentialities becoming active powers so in religion there is always this problem of the relationship between spirit and matter and many times matter is said to be evil and in some religions is seen as absolute evil and spirit is is what is good and then there is this these two principles are I completely separate in the Theosophical view the in in the very physical plane or the very physical plane is nothing but the admit principle the highest principle in our system of evolution wrapped up in different kinds of matter so from this point of view we have that the divine is the essence of everything you see a matter or energy or consciousness whatever you you talk about the the divine is the essence that is behind but also the divine has its

own its own reality outside the realm of matter you know on the admin plane the divine is free from all these wrappings the physical plane is the divine with all these wrappings so the idea is a this is a concept work that is called in modern philosophy pantheism you know Punk pantheism was the idea that the divine was in nature but the idea of the divine is in nature and is not not anything more than nature it’s a different concept than the idea that the divine is in nature and yet it is transcendental so there are these two aspects and this is called now pantheism so the Theosophical view could be said to be pantheistic in the sense of it postulates that the divine is transcendental but at the same time everything we see around is nothing but the divine – could you spell pantheism panentheism is PA n pan means nature or the whole then Yin panin and then facing us you know tha yes the physical plane we can now turn to the detailed examination of the physical plane that on which our world exists and to which our bodies belong examining the materials belonging to this plane we are stuck by their immense variety the innumerable differences of constitution in the objects around us out of this confusion three subdivisions of matter emerge as a fundamental classification matter is solid liquid gaseous Annie Besant on her colleague Leadbeater they both had clairvoyance led bitter hearts especially very deep or it’s a very developed clairvoyant ability but Annie Besant also had and at the end of the 19th century they began to do some research into the nature of matter they actually they studied publishing these results in Theosophical journals and they actually discovered some atoms that the that’s the size of the time did not know about actually one of the scientists that won a Nobel Prize Aston when he discovered these atoms a few decades later they’re basically bitter publish these results he mentioned that he had read their book which is called a core chemistry which all these results were published and that he didn’t know how but these people had discovered these atoms before he did with the machine he appealed actually he used one of the names that personally bitter invented for for this atom they made a neon he was that name so what they saw when we searching into the physical plane how the atoms were constituted he said there were seven states of matter the first three states of matter we all know are solid liquid and gaseous but then there are four more states of matter according to base and leader at the time where they were doing this research some scientists were speculating about a fourth state of matter which is web now science no such as plasma plasma is a fourth state of matter which personally better described at that time you know when when science was still trying to figure out this new state they described it as an etheric kind of state so now next any person will describe these four states of matter that are beyond the the three that we normally perceive with our senses searching further we find a fourth condition ether and my new search reveals that this ether consists in four conditions as well-defined as those of solid liquid and gas so here you see the three lower states and this is the fourth state that science was trying actually the scientist that was working on this work was William Crookes and he was a member of the Theosophical Society he was the one that was working on the fourth state of matter that he called Radian matter this was before they discovered the existence of electrons and subatomic particles they thought that the atom was a solid kind of

billiard ball based on the bitter said no way that the atom can be divided actually that’s what they were doing by when they were trying to research into all these different states of matter they say we can divide them at the atom we can see the atom we know the difference of atomic particles so the etheric as I said is what we now call plasma and then they saw that there were two other states and then there was the last state that is what they called a true atomic sorrow or state of matter you know the word atom means that non divisible when scientists got to the chemical elements they thought that they were not divisible as I just said a little billiard ball of calcium of gold of lead they said that you could not divide those little grains of of matter and they call that atoms in time they saw that the atoms can actually be divided so in terms of it when they talk about atoms normally they talk about the ultimate particle on the physical plane that cannot be divided if you divide it you just dissolve any physical matter and that’s why we are going to see next to take oxygen as an example just as it may be reduced from the gaseous condition to the liquid and the solid so it may be raised from the gaseous through four etheric stages the last of which consists of the ultimate physical atom the disintegration of the atom takes matter out of the physical plane altogether and into the next plane above so this is how the image you see here is how they describe how they saw this ultimate physical atom if we go back there were some chemists that try to relate occult chemistry with their the knowledge of atomic nature in regular science one of them very prominent in this field is Stefan Phillips and he said that the super hysteric would be the subatomic particles by themselves like neutrons protons then you had the quarks that would be the subatomic and what he says is that the the the real atoms in the physical plane would be these sub quarks that sighs don’t know anything about actually he wrote a couple of papers he called them omnicons you know omega is the last word in the greek alphabet so he called this these theoretical sub parks or megan’s and he says that those are the real atoms at this and Leadbeater so we don’t know that yet maybe with this new particle accelerator that they built in in europe that has far more energy maybe they can break down a quark for the time being but that’s far beyond our current technology but they saw that the physical atom is like like a bundle of trees and actually this scientist Phillips says that they what based on the bidders saw is similar to the superstring theory in quantum physics so they saw that this is is this kind of strings that if you look further into the streams they are formed by astral particles so if you dissolve the strings all you get is this group of astral atoms and you don’t you don’t have physical matter anymore so it’s like if you are we moving in in that symbolic image of the atom that I showed before it’s like if you are removing the the exterior coat and then you have an astral atom so this is how they they saw the constitution of physical matter and of course there are many things that come from this but we are not going to to go into those details right now building of physical forms the fashioning of materials went on for countless ages reaches a sufficiently advanced state we come to the evolution of form the building of organisms out of these materials so in her description of how the universe is built she says that the first thing that is built is all the atoms and all the different combinations of these atoms for all the planes so the first stage of evolution is building the atoms on the army plane let’s say and then as you combine those admit atoms you get all the different sub planes within the the admit plane then you

develop the verdict atom and again by combination you develop all the different planes and so on until you get to the physical plane to this ultimate atoms the real atoms and then by combining these items you get their sub quarks and then the quartz and then the protons and neutrons atoms and then gases liquids and solids so that’s the first stage in the manifestation of the universe the second stage as she says is using this matter to create forms to create forms that can be a vehicle of consciousness of different kinds of consciousness the Monad evolves through the three elemental kingdoms and reached in due course the physical plane forming the first minerals that life is working in all minerals although much cribbed cabined and confined as the the universe develops forms in the Theosophical view the the divine life begins to develop forms first on the higher planes and then little by little develops forms on the lower and lower and lower planes what we know is the mineral kingdom that would be like the grossest aspect of of of matter and the organization of matter but in the Theosophical view before life developed what we call mineral kingdom it went through some invisible kingdoms or some invisible forms invisible because they belong to higher planes not to the physical plane which I would normally called in theosophy elemental kingdoms as we are going to see in the future in future lessons these elemental kingdoms are very important because they compose the subtle bodies that we have you know we have the physical body and the physical body is made of physical matter now we have also as we are going to see an emotional body a mental body and these bodies are made of emotional matter or mental matter and the life that animates them are these elemental key dots so it’s important to keep them in mind but we are going to explore them later the point here is that what Annie Besant calls the Monad which is a center of consciousness that begins the process of evolution first develops this or begins to evolve in what we call this the first elemental kingdom on the higher mental plane as we are going to see then it goes on to evolve in a lower in the lower mental plane in a kingdom that is more concrete the second elemental kingdom then the thirdly mental Kingdom is on the lower plane after the mental plane which is the astral and finally life comes to begin to evolve through the mineral kingdom this is a point where where consciousness is is the more limited by matter in theosophy there is evolution goes in a u-shape it comes from non material forms goes down to the material kingdom and then it starts evolving back into non material forms gradually so the first stage is coming back coming down to the mineral kingdom great stability of form having been gained in many of the minerals the evolving monad elaborated greater plasticity of form in the vegetable kingdom combining this with stability of organization these characteristics found a yet more balanced expression in the animal world and reached their culmination of equilibrium in man so this is more or less the story of human of evolution that we know in science you know the idea that life evolved little by little from inorganic forms into simple organic forms and then more and more complex and when you see the effect there’s a problem in science that it cannot be explained why life evolves into forms that are more and more complex you know a bacteria for example is far more successful than a human being to to live in the world attea can live live in in eyes in geysers you know boiling water can live in any climate maintaining a bacteria is very cheap from an energetic point of view maintaining a human being is very

complex very expensive from an energetic point of view so the it’s not clear why life developed into more complex forms from the point of view that science normally looks at this these things there is no really justification now from the philosophical point of view the the whole evolution is driven by consciousness trying to express itself in more and more fullness so to say so in the mineral kingdom consciousness can only express itself in the form of what we call chemical reactions you know the minerals can respond only to very strong pressure or temperatures and is a very limited response then in the vegetable kingdom the vegetables develop the ability to respond to the Sun to weather you know there is far more responsive activity then the animal kingdom has the ability to respond even to what we call pain and pleasure to feelings which the vegetables’ are only beginning to develop and in the human Kingdom will respond not only to physical and to vital and to emotional but also to mental stimulus so we can see how evolution goes to more complex forms so that consciousness can expand its activities human body man’s physical body has two main divisions the dance body made up of constituents from the three lower levels of the physical plane solids liquids and gases and the etheric double violet gray or blue gray in colour interpenetrating the dense body and composed of materials drawn from the four higher levels the general function of the physical body is to receive contacts from the physical world and send them inwards as materials from which the conscious entity inhabiting the body is too elaborate knowledge so we are going to see what any business is here in the next slides but basically she’s now going to examine the human body she says there are two aspects – divisions – what we call the physical body the body that that is made out of physical matter remember that we saw that there are on the physical plane seven states of matter the three lower worth the solid and gas and liquid and the three higher were these different kinds of ethers so she says the dense body the body that we perceive with our five senses is formed of gasses and solids and liquids we all know that now she says there is also what she calls an etheric double a double because it follows the form of the physical body and is made of this etheric matter she says I when you see from a covariant point of view it looks like violet gray or blue gray in color and it interpenetrates the physical body and it goes a little outside the physical body we will see a few images of this now the idea of the physical body the physical body is the interface between consciousness and the physical world the physical plane and the idea is to serve as a window through which our consciousness can acquire experiences from the physical plane if that the physical body is not working for example for any reason the brain is not working consciousness is not really affected by it the problem is that then consciousness cannot express itself on the physical plane therefore we are going to see that the way in which the physical body is built is important for consciousness because the bodies at the same time a window and a limitation if you have a window that allows you to look outside if the window is small or is dirty it imposes a limitation on you if the window is wide and unclear then it allows you to see more of the the external world so the physical body has a similar function as we are going to see so let’s see about the etheric body its etheric portion has also the duty of acting as a medium through which the life currents poured out of the Sun can be adapted to the uses of the organism

the Sun is the great reservoir of the electrical magnetic and vital forces of our system and it pours out abundantly these streams of life-giving energy they are taken in by the etheric doubles of all minerals vegetables animals and men and are by them transmuted into the various life energies needed by each entity this appropriated life is called so the idea there is what we call vitality in Western philosophy there is always this problem whether life is some independent principle or not in science in current science most scientists say that that life is not an independent principle it’s just a function of the chemistry of the body but similar philosophers even in the 20th century which was philosophy what was quite dominated by the scientific view that the materialistic scientific view in several philosophers postulated that life is an independent principle and that’s what Theo sophie was saying from the late 19th century there is a vital principle which comes from the Sun so from the Sun we don’t we don’t only have the the light which the plants and some bacteria and fungi generally or by means of the photosynthesis generate mass that we and then the animals eats and that then we we can eat from it so the Sun is the source of life at the physical level the generation of biomass but also the Sun generates this vitality that we call prana now this vitality is generated in a kind of raw state it is the etheric bubble that we we have with the physical the one that transmits this word vitality into a form that the body and the cells can use so one of the the function of the etheric double is to transmit this word prana so that it can be used by the organism whether it is in a plant or in an animal or in a human being the etheric doubles draw in specialized and distribute them over their physical counterparts it has been observed that invigaron er G’s transmuted then the physical body requires for its own support and that the surplus is raid out and is taken up and utilized by the weaker this is something that they have observed clairvoyantly that some people generally more prana or transforms transmit more prana that they can use so around people who have good health there is like like an atmosphere of vitality and many times people who get close to to to these healthy people they they can use the surplus of vitality so it’s a some kind of sharing that we do unconsciously this the etheric double and this surplus of vitality is part of what we could call the health aura is part of the auras annie besant is going to explain what is technically called the health aura is the part of the etheric double that extends a few inches from the whole surface of the body and shows radiating lines like the radii of a sphere going outwards in all directions these lines droop when vitality is diminished below the point of health and resume their radiating character with renewed vigor so here you have a artistic representation of the aesthetic novel as you see it goes a few inches outside the body it is seen normally as radiant and around it you have this prana especially in people who are in good health the the other image you have here is an actual photograph with a special method that is called called the Killian method and this the kirlyam method of photography perceives a little aura around different objects even plants or minerals and it’s possible that that aura is the etheric double I’m not completely sure if it is the whole etheric double or it is the magnetic activity that comes out of of our body which nevertheless is

related to the 30 gobbles so here is this is a thumb that is pressed on the photographic plaque or plague that that they use and you can see that there is a radiation from the center outside as any person dis Christ and this will be the prana that is circulating through the 13 double when a person is in not is not in good health that radiation is diminished in the thickness of it and also begins to not to be so straight out but be kind of curvy and so that’s these are since the atelic double is still within the physical plane it can be perceived by physical instruments when we come to other subtle subtler bodies then it’s a little more difficult to be able to perceive him with physical matter it is this vital energy specialized by the etheric double which is poured out by the Mesmer mesmerizer for the restoration of the week and for the cure of disease although he often mingles with it currents of a more rarefied kind hence the depletion of vital energy shown by the exhaustion of the mesmerizer who prolongs his work to access the the end of the 19th century this idea of mesmerism was quite well known Mesmer was societies that had developed the idea of what he called animal magnetism because he said is today maybe we would call it Biomagnetism by animal he meant is a kind of magnetism not the one that comes from magnets from minerals but is a magnetism that belongs to biological entities and he was talking basically about prana the prana that is specialized in our etheric novel and that we can pass on to another person now the problem is that if you pass on your planner to another person you are depleting yourself of energy if you have the surplus you can do it without you know any damage to yourself but if you do it too much then you lose your vitality now she says Annie Besant so the technique that the mesmerism uses is a quite rough technique just by using your willpower you project your prana she says that sometimes a more write rarefied kind of energy may be moved I suppose that she is talking more about it like the universal prana that is around later in the 20th century different methods of energy healing were developed and most of them claim that they are not using the your own prana your own vitality that they are using more you know the general vitality around so I don’t know enough about these methods and I’m not going to determine whether you know one technique would move one or the other kind of energy but it does seem to there seems to be these two possibilities if you are using your vitality that may not be very good for you if you have access to this this collective vitality then that shouldn’t be a problem man’s body is fine and coarse in its texture according to the materials drawn from the physical plane for its composition each subdivision of matter yields finer or coarser materials a coarse body can be refined a refined body coarsened the body is constantly changing each particle is a life and the lives come and go they are drawn to a body consonant with themselves they are repelled from one discordant with themselves so here we comes to an interesting concept you know as we say that a physical body is made of all matter from all different seven states which entails of it is seven different states of matter of a particular plane in this case a physical plane they are called called sub planes so there are seven sub planes within a plane so we have matter from all in all the different states from all the different subjects but within each one of the saplings there are there is matter that has a different kind of let’s say magnetism so we have physical our or solid matter or liquid matter you know to talk about states of matter we

have solid matter which can be pure or coarser from a spiritual point of view if you see the atom the atoms will be exactly the same but the kind of magnetism that they have associated seems to be different so as we go through life it seems that the body begins to act as a kind of filter and we change that the kind of atoms that are vibrating with the particular rate of magnetism that your body has and let lets go of the atoms that are either sutler or or grosser in in the magnetism than the ones that that you normally have so you can but we are going to see what determines that that magnetism in your body but your body may become subtler or coarser from an esoteric point of view at the level of atoms you just have atoms but from the point of view of how they the magnetism that is associated to them you can purify your body or make it coarser according to certain facts that we are going to see a pure body repels coarse particles because they vibrate at rates discordant with its own a coarse body attracts them because their vibrations accord with its own hence if the body changes its rate rates of vibration it gradually drives out of it the constituents that cannot fall into the new rhythm and fills up their places by drawing in from external nature fresh constituents that are harmonious nature provides materials vibrating in all possible ways and each body exercise its own selective action so this is a principle that we will see applied to all the different aspects of of what we call a human being the there is some kind of vibration if we want to pull it put it in this way that consciousness can impose on the vehicles of consciousness meaning the physical body or as we are going to see the emotional body the mental body and according to that that vibration that consciousness imposes is the kind of matter that will be attracted to the body now that matter itself will become a hindrance or will become a helping factor in the expression of consciousness so it’s a little like you know if you want to run a marathon you have to reshape your body so that the body doesn’t become an obstacle for that if if you don’t work on your body you want to run a marathon you you won’t be able to do it or it will be very difficult so in the same way if you want to generate an awareness a perception that can can perceive the subtler aspects of life then you you have to make your body able to respond to this kind of perception to this kind of activity so in the Theosophical view is not only a question of consciousness or is not only a question of matter consciousness and matter are constantly interacting because these are two aspects of a single principle and we need to pay attention to both aspects you know from this point of view so she will explain a little more about this by his thoughts he strikes the keynote of his music and sets up the rhythms that are the most powerful factors in the continual changes in his physical and other bodies as his knowledge increases he learns how to build up his physical body with pure food and so facilitates the tuning of it he learns to live by the axiom of purification pure food pure mind and constant memory of God that’s a saying from from Hinduism that they use sometimes similar to from the Greeks you know a healthy mind in a healthy body or so the idea that the the kind of the level of consciousness in which we live during our daily life says the the vibration that that we that that we have on the physical plane and that tends to generate in our physical body that kind

of vibration so when we eat or when we breathe in or you know all the ways that we interchange matter with environment the body will tend to retain the atoms that are as we said in tune with that vibration that is said by consciousness now if you or if you’re in a very polluted environment of course the the percentage of healthy atoms let’s say will be less than if you are in a healthy environment same with the food there is there is certain kind of food that because of the way it is it is you know because of the source the way it is prepared it tends to attract the kind of course our atoms so if you eat that food then your consciousness has less proportion of good atoms to choose from so the idea here is that there are two aspects to which we pay attention to make sure that our consciousness works in a higher state you know not negative emotions or negative thoughts try to encourage the positive emotions and deposit positive thoughts so then that has an impact on the body but at the same time try to provide the body as pure food and exercise as you are able to because the physical body may many times becomes a hindrance for what consciousness wants to do or may help what you know the the sensitivity of consciousness the more impressions the body can answer to the more useful does it become for only those to which it can answer can reach the consciousness not yet is developed the perfect body that shall thrill to every pulse in nature the vibrations that the body is able to receive is transmitted to physical centers the etheric vibrations which accompany all the vibrations of the denser physical constituents are similarily received by the etheric double and transmuted to its corresponding centers the etheric also passes on the vibrations to the astral body once as we shall see later they reach the mind so first is the idea that our physical body our consciousness can communicate with the physical plane through the physical body as we said if our physical bodies is dull is insensitive then there are many things that are missed by our consciousness this is why many spiritual teachers talk about the need to become more sensitive in life of course this sensitivity begins with consciousness if our awareness is asleep works in a mechanical way then we we are not sensitive to things around just because we don’t perceive them we don’t perceive how you know what I actions are producing around we don’t perceive what is going on in the outside world so part of the world is as we are going to see to develop on becoming more and more aware at the same time our body needs to become more sensitive so that that our consciousness can relate to the world from a deeper point from a deeper perspective and then the third double when we perceive things through the physical body that produces a reaction on the etheric double and then the etheric double produces a reaction on the emotional body which is the next one that comes and then that one on the mental body and that’s how we perceive things of the intellectual level as we are going to see but the point here is that in the Theosophical view there is usually a balanced view of the body neither to think that is the most important aspect nor to think that is useless for the spiritual life but so little is man yet developed that even the etheric double is not yet sufficiently harmonized to regularly convey to consciousness impressions received by it independently of its denser comrade or to impress them on his brain occasionally it succeeds in doing so and then we have the lowest form of clairvoyance the scene of the etheric doubles of physical objects and of things that have etheric bodies as their lowest Wester as we are going to see there are senses on each one of the bodies normally we perceive through our physical senses because the senses on all these other bodies are not developed

when they said the etheric senses begin to develop the person has what we could call a kind of etheric clairvoyance that person can see the etheric double of objects or people but in in at this point in evolution we in the Theosophical view we are only half way in the process of evolution mmm the the senses that are fully developed are only the physical and the other senses are going to be developed little by little in evolution the physical brain is the instrument of consciousness and waking life on the physical plane and consciousness works in it in the average person more effectively than in any other vehicle its potentialities are less than those of the subtle vehicles but it’s actualities are greater and the man knows himself as I in the physical body air he finds himself he finds himself elsewhere so at this point in evolution the body that is working most effectively is the physical body in in most people although the physical body as we are going to see is the most limited of all the bodies even the etheric body is not it’s not subject to so many limitations of the physical and least of all the the emotional or astral body and mental bodies although the physical body is the most limited of them in most people the physical body says the the one that is developed to to a greater extent so for all practical purposes the physical body is far far better than the inner bodies but as a person begins to walk the spiritual path then the exchange so in in our next meeting we are going to explore the next plane the astral plane the characteristics and the different kind of entities and energies that are there as well as the the astral body that the next subtle body is we’re going to see this is connected to our emotions so we we are going to begin to explore how we can work on the emotions so that the emotional body just as we thought with the physical body the emotional body can be purified so that it becomes a better instrument of consciousness and that’s more or less a pattern that she will follow for the next planes so we will see some practical aspects for each chapter you