Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Profile – Beast Plane MACH 2 – Token Abuse

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Profile – Beast Plane MACH 2 – Token Abuse

hello yugioh fans will the YouTube I am the bra from Tamara 1 i’m back this time with a updated deck profile I’m a few weeks ago I showed my um my beast playing deck profile and I send the video it was a pretty basic build and there’s actually multiple ways to build the deck well this time I’m back with him with another build actually like this one quite a bit it’s very very successful and I’m i send the first video that um most these beasts planes effects when they require tokens to use don’t necessarily say you have to use the mecha phantom beast tokens they use any token you have on the field so think you’re trying to think you know what is the best way to consistently keep tokens coming on the field excuse me and I did a little play testing this and that and I actually found a little hidden gem that um actually helps us deck run very well and it actually helps control and it actually turns into a very good control deck so I’ll go over this real quick when we come to a little neat part i’ll let you know for me we’re only running like nine beast planes we’re going to run three of the mega raptors if you don’t remember most all of the mecca of a phantom beast plane monsters they’re most of them low for but there’s some little things all in one zone fours um they all they’re all able to make their own tokens whenever you do like whenever this condition is met Leon each one has no special condition as long as their token on a field they can’t be destroyed by battle or by cart effect and as and they also gain levels equal to the number of beasts playing token levels you have on the field and then each one of these you contribute a token to have it get fact so if let’s say the first ones megaraptor whenever a token is special something to the side of the field it also special some is a beast plain token now any token so if any token special some of the field you get a beast plain token off of this and then you contribute a token to get a mecha phantom beast monster from your deck to your hand next is tether wolf on its normal summon you get a token and then you contribute one token when this card is battling any gains 800 attack until the end phase so in terms of 2500 and then I run 3 of the Black Falcon whenever it declares an attack you get a token and then you contribute a 1 token during either player’s turn and change one of your opponent’s monsters to face out defense position so those are the only nine beast planes are running and then and that’s all you know there’s more out there but these are probably the three primary ones that most people use there’s some other ones out there but we haven’t quite I just don’t feel fit in this deck I run to Gen X I Birdman because all our B splines are wind you get 900 attack off of it and plus it makes plenty a single place with all the tokens or run now to get into the token producer I’m running to Armageddon nights and then the toka producer is a card called Zeta Reticulans it’s a level seven dark fairy-type monster its effect says you contribute one Eva token to special summon this card from your hand and then while this card is in your graveyard each time a monster or monsters are your opponent controls are banished special summon one eva token which is a fiend dark level two with 500 attack and defense so as long as this card’s in your graveyard and you’re able to banish monsters on your opponents side of the field this thing will produce tokens for you and that’s and we run three homes so if you’re able to all three in your grave and you banish one monster you’ll produce you’ll produce three tokens so the more the quick and plus you can eat you can get a special someone off of it if it’s in your hand for and it’s got 2,400 attack what yeah it’s low for level 7 but it’s still you know still worth it is that little settlers at level 8 yes level 7 to make sure they’re so this is our token producer and we use amarrado spells and traps to banish cards and with 5 darks I threw in dark armed dragon it’s you know it’s there if you need it so actually that’s that’s the monster lineup that we’re running that’s about it spells heavy storm dark hole monster reborn foolish burial helps get Zeta the grave we got booked a moon we’re on to ponzu allottees I’m to

mystical Space typhoon um to dark cores and it says discard one card and banish one face-up monster a lot of these cards especially to get a reticulate in your hand it’s a good way to get to your great banish a monster and pull a token off we’re on to noblemen across out this is great early if you get Armageddon night and then you know if your opponent sets early even go arm again night no min across I’ll get token off of it and also good good to go with bokeh moon especially later in the game if you get both ok now let’s set up for spells now we run traps we got you know to bottomless of course to get rid of you know for telecom producing three-dimensional prisons to karma cuts again that’s if you get reticular your hand or if you’re in a pinch and then I run one this is kind of been an overload card where actually runs pretty good in this deck it’s called memory of an adversary and it says when an opponent’s monster declares an attack you take damage equal to the attacking monsters attack and just for it means not its original attack whatever as a track is so like even if Trey Gaudi with 3000 attack that’s what you’ll take is 3000 attack you take damage equal to the tacking monsters attack and if you do banish that monster so you’d get a token off that and then during the end phase of your opponent’s next turn you get that monster that was bandaged special summon that monster to your side of the field now you won’t get any what’s whether they call nominees you won’t get like judgement dragon or stuff like that you know stuff that says you can’t get anything that says and cannot be special summoned in any other way but you do get any other art as long as especially and then we’re on to aerial charge that’s a help to produce tokens and then since we do flood the field a lot when I run one starlight Road you know because you’ll be producing a lot of tokens and then you have a lot of spells and you have a lot of trap cards also so this is a nice card so we’re on 41 cards on our main deck in our side deck we’ll start with the exceeds and then go into synchros lowest to highest rank fours we run gagaga cowboy which is pretty much a staple I’ve always said it was going to be when it came out and they pick people are finally realizing it one may stroke simply gin for protection I run one line in Chidori even though we don’t go into it that often lot there’s too many tokens on the field but it’s there if you need it and then like I say beast planes go up in levels compared to the number of beasts plane tokens there are so an all beasts plane tokens are level three so we’re on two levels are ranked seven xes that’s big i and mecha phantom beast Drago sack I usually wind up going to the big I’m off in the Draco sack it just depends on the situation and then if you’re able to get to be playing tokens you’re at level 10 so we run one superdreadnought rail cannon Gustav max I do have sometimes get three level tends out there but I’m not gonna I could put that super dynamic has a super dimensional robot galaxy destroyer I think it is but I haven’t and then since we run Gen X I Birdman and we have level 2 and level 3 tokens we have to have we have a mirage we have level 5 we have catastor level 6 we run well this card isn’t available yet it’s called peace god Vulcan I don’t know when it’s coming out but it’s a really great card if you probably get something strong out in the field it’s one tuner one known one or more non-tuner monsters let’s call it a synchro summon target one face-up card on each side of the field and return those targets to the hand but you cannot activate those effects of those cards or cards with the same name for the rest of the turn you can only use this once per turn so getting even bounce itself so you can use it repeatedly but it likes if your opponent gets something strong out this is good way to get over it get it away and then I run 15 ill or akiza I think it’s an overlooked card it’s a 2,100 piercing attack and every time it damages your opponent you get gains 300 attack so that’s an overlooked ranked level six level 7s I run black rose dragon and then mecha phantom beast Condor ruda you know level sevens you’d have to have you have to have to even tokens and then Gen X I’d Birdman I don’t you don’t run into it very often usually if you do you’re going black rose because you’re usually in trouble if you got thing and they’ll usually in trouble level eight run Stardust Dragon for starlet road and scrap dragon actually if you get a scrap dragon along with a beast plane that token you can activate strat dragons effect and target your beast plane an opponent’s monster on you know opponents card you’ll destroy your opponent’s card but you can’t destroy your beasts plane if you have a token on the field so actually it’s just you’re popping your opponent’s card for free basically um we run one level nine um that’s mist wurm

you’ll go into this quite a bit and then I haven’t don’t I don’t have it this is another card that’s not out yet and I haven’t had a video where I’ve gone into it but I have and that star form dragon it’s a right it’s a level 11 synchro one tuner one more non-tuner monsters must be synchro summon it cannot be special summoned by the ways this card synchro summon cannot be negated when special summoned cards and effects cannot be activated if this card attacks it is unaffected by other card effects into the end of the damage step so basically you can’t touch it if it’s doing something like oh the video of going into it but I have a couple times you know it’s either you gotta go genex ally with three ranks or two ranked threes and to rank tues or genex ally with for a need for level twos but you can go into it I have two or three times it’s kind of funny when you do because people don’t expect it but yeah i’m i noticed i know this video is gonna be kind of long but I’ve got at least 10 or 12 duels this time attached to it I got against higher up next three wind-ups I got on three duels against windows I got do against prophecies that you know they def pros put out the new Archfiend cards I got a duel against that along with chaos dragons a couple others on I hope you enjoy it I enjoy this deck very much I after figuring this deck out and getting it kind of tune the way i like it i am completely considering building this deck I enjoy it very much so um yeah enjoy the duels thanks for watching please like and subscribe this video thank you very much you you

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