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Disney Cars Road Trip Cars

hey guys so today i’ll be reviewing the road trip cars and if you don’t know what they are they’re basically the radiator springs have the pact of trust up a committee to go on a road trip so that’s pretty cool and i’ll show the packaging on all of these later look here’s two things i hope for in this series one will get the complete collection of Radiator Springs townies weijie fighting the ones were missing on Ali G Guido red and Lizzie I’m not sure if we’re gonna get her because she might be too old to be going on this road trip might help might think that way because you know but we’re just gonna have to find out if we do get Lizzy ends too i hope this happened before doc died because if it happened before he died we might you know get him and it all missing something fingers we do this we can see british I at least um sure sure sure sure there you go I’ll hopefully we’ll get sheriff and love in the slide so I’m hoping we’ll get well with Luigi Guido Lizzie bread and sheriff in the slides to add to these guys and hopefully this happened before what’s it called before arms before docked I did that before doc died because then you know we’ll get talked to and i really like these road trip cars so now i’m going to show you the packaging on all these so let’s start off with NATO’s so it’s gonna be on all of their name and then this club for your county license plate that says rd tr1 peaceful road trip here is meter you can see him he has stickers all over that we’re going to take a closer look at the diecast the background is very nice um route 66 and all that and his car door is absolutely amazing um the free down will do double garage blah blah blah that all stuff that nobody likes and unfortunately it’s on the back of our diecast or our cars mattel you made a perfectly good car and you’re gonna mess it up with this and this you know I mall walking which will stop join your favorite characters from Radiator Springs as they load up their trailers and head out an unforgettable journey on the open road and the back changes like this changes for everyone I’m like I’m home floor here and show a picture of slow so um let’s move on to the next car here is flow and she might be my favorite road trip car even though her aunt looks horrible look the sunglasses aren’t even lined up look sunglasses and like right here and that we should where they’re going they’re not you know the telling of horrible job on the art and slow and you can see the bombing they did a horrible job on the art for flow but after that I hate this stuff and then up this is the same so let’s move on to sarge this the art is pretty good on him we’re after talk about that even and then then just what you to say whether picture here’s cruising leg and clean nice art with that thing that I’m not really sure what’s called 5000 Mike patch for cruising right knee pretty cool and he is a cruising like and find out the regular like no and they stick to that in the you guys here’s someone who’s pretty cool I come on the side it says route or 66 bust pressure to it said only it says route 66 or bust it could but i doubt it i mean because the or is

there and you know me it could be either one someone great little thing again is ready to me road trip prime three nice little like these like che them and they’re kind of like sunglasses i’m assuming that let’s put them down sometime like to wear them like sunglasses a regular glass of Emma’s coming actual there here’s the card for him pretty nice here’s the moon so pretty nice I don’t believe you have you ever had like this is a better look at Stanley this paint job I mean the corridor at least looks that way you can see they didn’t wait that put an effort matching the car are up to roam here because his letter waters of this one but that’s kind of what they did didn’t really do much of the paint to this and the back and I saved the best for last and Sally’s not my favorite car in the road trip street we’ll see after i take a look at her on a package you can see her Carter but I looked back yes Mattel finally I mean that this is still on there but least not the whole package is taken up with them at least we have some card on the back of the package did mattel make this card laughs after all of these cars and did they make it last so now on all the road trip cars we’re going to be getting this and hopefully this is like not the whole card maybe it’ll be like this find me again and maybe Schumer told you stop putting the app on the packages all maybe they’re listening to us collectors but you can see I’m the battery of cruising leg McQueen trailer Ramona trailer major on trailer no more cars be released with trailers I sure hope so because all of them have the hitch on the back are you maybe just show you can understand mix and match but you know I’m not sure hopefully i’ll get more trailers will follow me at least put something on that i’ll be back with these guys Adam package also it doesn’t seem like any of them have tape on I got any ID open three so far so little and easily like that to other steep on them so hopefully my toe stops of the tape issue playing the devil de la jack off the packages so here they are out of the package so let’s start off with mater so his expression is compared to the regular meter I believe that you believe this is with these all oh it’s all still metal I believe this whole this major storm on it but he is prepared to this maid agencies expression is different and I like that i mean this expression is a hundred times better than the position x series he has a bunch of stickers and our talk into an ethic Matilda and put the year like we so I mean I said flows might be my fate flow is my favorite let my change after I take a look at all so let’s get on the building of the Mater he has a bunch of stickers I’ll start off where listen I love RS Radiator Springs rainy the springs is a GRS some Radiator Springs is a gas not sure what that means but okay honk if you’re more works flows v kafe Luigi’s Castel trouser mean that’s the cozy cone on the top it says may just toying and sat or total towing in childish comida got my kicks dinh tien radiator springs on the side here you have towing & salvage get my kick got my kicks the blend it Glen Rio motel wipers wimpy swipers question interstate I’m not speeding up qualifying flats happen it has up something Pat Chi something towel repair something like that what is this one

silly yeah I’m a child of the Mother Road caution here it is you tailgate I backfired his license for every sixty 60 he has a lot of stickers Oh Humana might have done it with the speakers but yeah and I I thought it’d be easier to leave nope they were pretty hard to read um but yeah be sure you got them all ilysies because in the cosmic I saw the qualifying one um in the scene when they were showing inside of lizzie so knows he might be probably did here we have Sally now she has this her thing for the road trip is this thing I don’t really know what to call it if you do know plz comment section below she got her license plate in there and the tow hitch the 301 pce license plate and she’s got so if you don’t have salad with it 2-2 with two it’s probably because I’m kind of a good replacement as you know that’s a tube you can see it she’s opened her thing up well sure what to call that but she has this kind of like lightning mcqueen here I’ll completely from the point to her when I get to like you expressions really nice you know I’ll be right back sorry about that place here is a regular Sally and you can see her expression is a lot better and [ __ ] ain’t a passenger trust me you know what let’s change the cast look I mean is that just me or is this going higher and it was before hmm I’m not sure did they choose to cast him and if they did how long this change WC the back looks different I’m sure if they change got celula to how long the casting has been changed you can see the casting has definitely been changed at least it looks like that in my opinion will this felt little tired but that you know it wait what oh you and she looks skinnier than this one you can see the expression looks different and I like this one better poor flow Oh stickers on the side of your hands by on the back and see the taillights got a white treatment they got a different treatment than this one and that looks pretty cool oh she looks very nice indeed here’s a loan with a completely different a job and here is purple Ramona just for comparison so you’re not going to get any way with a paint job book on the front he has route 66 on him if you flip it it’s 99 so if he’s going like this it could be 66 499 to Henry time looks like 99 right now in the kind of so and he still have the things whatever this design you might have changed it up a bit but he still has a bit of it till be resembling and I just hit the cars out music for comparing here low and slow and the tail hitch again for his trailer be cool to see how the trailers are covered you can see the expression looks a bit differently Isaac bigger so much of the expressions if you notice the isley made it bigger but Ramona is definitely a very and model here’s Fillmore and I’m not comparing any of these setups in series versions of you but here’s um I’m moving as he is very beat up baby but don’t you can see the change that mouth for this whatever they’re just me or 66 bus or like I was talking about maybe route 66 or lost I prefer his decals are made the sacks and people disband him back the decal look like they remain the same so you

got a lot of details save mother road I mean I’ve you probably gon fall baby these decals 5123 sound weird yeah and the same banner on this side so the peace and love Lola Lola and he has his license plate in the front and he shades I’m assuming of shoes i’m assuming if he wants they would drop down on his eyes like that and cover him and they’re kind of a bit flexible let me in traffic yes he would be looking for something like that you kind of flexible so that’s pretty cool here is McQueen so on the front it says route 66 for 210 it might be routed it’s 99 which is why they were kind of speculated as Clark Street I casts did I tell you that in the beginning that we did them we did apart they are speculated as the car scene I guess they were now we know they’re hard on prochik car and you can see this thing alive what this is what’s theirs and Sally’s completely different and he has a tow hitch no carnal quickly maybe going on a honeymoon idly you so nicely said that someone it was disney cars replaced community on Google+ but losing lightning which is also very hard so meet these guys open ljs expressions to her side it means the same yes MVC and there’s a couple reviews a couple other McQueen’s that might have a similar paint job down there like the same metallic finish leave this came in the encyclopedia cars encyclopedia and this one is a end version well McQueen that you saw at the end of the first movie so you he’s a very nice model car here is Sarge and he has this thing that I don’t know for you but for me it took forever to get out of the package so you know it took me forever to get out of this the package and just slide it in like if i can get this thank you it’s little harder one slider you’re in because it doesn’t wanna slide in I mean normally we’re just go in the am and if I’ve been a pressure but will they must push her on a plan i’m surprised it hasn’t come in yet surfaces so there you have it i sweat any men here is the regular size just for comparison’s you can see the expression is definitely the expression different in them but was it the radiator springs 11 pack i might have made it earlier the mess seesaws and mistake i believe that is which is called some surplus and his back to house finally or painted any today time following match young regular solve the real here instead of feel not painted like this i have this the top here and a trailer hitch as well but they made his license plate so much more smaller than it would be for that only they like son and these kind of you know they kind of throwback I kind of like the kind of like the Stanley days cars i mean this Sarge especially looking at the sergeant mine Smith family day Sarge for some reason and then I guess cuz he has a lot of surplus on him you know they’re kind of like the standing days card stay on today’s cars which is kind of cool and here’s the last one Deborah movie today slow now let’s compare her to a regular flow and regroups pressure you can see the bit different Jesu sunglasses that I royal

eyes on you it’s rough that dog on this world and there’s some drink in the back with a couple three luggage cases and she kind of afraid that these two are gonna fall off you got to cure you I’m not sure showgirl stage for license please sign the same like that have as much detail as like George might have but just saying somebody very very nice Oh we’ll do like the sunglasses her Larry very nice so the verge of cars very very nice um how would your rankings be say that in um say that in the comment section below or what would your enemies be mine would be from 1st to 7th what we already be mine would probably be Sarge I really like the way the surplus is it so sorry be first slow I believe would be second third we made it fourth would be Sally 15-degree section it’s really a toss-up between fifth and sixth look I mean it’s like some work fifth or between sit fifth no more six and and rounding out last would be Ramon just because he doesn’t have jesse has a new paint job but you know he doesn’t really have a tip he doesn’t have much accessories like everyone else does that’s why I like that better physically stickers like maybe like doing my accessories oh yeah very nice car put your rankings in the comments section below please and thanks watching for you guys and bye bye