EPIC U.S.A. ROAD TRIP from WEST to EAST COAST | Charming America Travel!

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EPIC U.S.A. ROAD TRIP from WEST to EAST COAST | Charming America Travel!

this is our epic American rocha video so if you didn’t watch our last video you totally shed it explains why we moved from California to the east coast where currently are in Georgia to be decided to drive through the whole country cuz yes but kill two birds with one stone and have a nice vacation yeah and see a lot of things that I haven’t ever seen and maybe either either you know I’m probably passed through eight states hmm and it was around 2000 my something hmm and the gas money was like under two hundred dollar 151 other three dollars it gets cheaper focus yeah these cuz besides some footage Disneyland we forgot to film stuff from California from the road trip because let’s just face in it was really emotional saying goodbye and it got dark so our real adventure begins in Arizona from there on we also took this road trip very last minute so we did not have time to really research the places we were going or anything and we stayed a new hotel every night we drove a lot and we didn’t have much time to spend in each place that we did was not an amazing time and actually was kind of cool to do that wakes usually I love to research things but it was like a new way to experience things so we took mostly the 10 freeway except from the last part it was pretty good the 10 is very good all the way all the way so we hope you enjoyed this video and if you have tips on road trips let us know to do one again that’s not so stressful yeah but we did up it huh bye for now bye for now you you we’re too old days on today it’s really exciting it was the 1940s it has been a film location for countless people hundreds of western movies including my favorite Rio Bravo with a John Wayne and Ricky Nelson and a few others so it’s really special we be here with German because I was actually with my family maybe when I was in high school so this beautiful place can’t make sure you guys around all the Western this you

your time at all to thon oh it was a magnificent to love it I love you I adore it yes make you watch every western movie ever yeah yeah I know which I was gonna do tonight I damn sure compile to sign goodbye you when are we going to see their basement right now let’s go try to find it when you think of L&O fun it has been more history than I know I nearly was three wishes by the way you we forget to mention that our car doesn’t have air conditioning in our driving across the country it was okay the first couple days this works are really called in the desert and stuff but now oh my goodness you know what I need actually I need my southern fan while we’re driving okay let’s do this onward today I will just be almost there almost there that means we’re heading to Louisiana by Texas I luciana and Lake Charles and they’re alligators behind us not in the wild but roots to that one is Lee Lewis and one is Anna

big alligator Ketchum’s it I’m so glad the city’s Patel how why we did it hold him like things no why how it became here yeah we on the highway we we saw a bit like a sign we said you hold a baby alligator first we were gonna just move on and like God he probably cost you know and I thought we passed the first again but then i was speaking like weight of the k hold a baby alligator so it’s like we have to do it and it was free and we could opt in and i held it was really nice girl in there and it was a rescue place fer Gators it’s called the Gator Chateau and then they be released them into the alligator refuge and it was two years old and they know normally have them for like six years before it can go back to the White dive yeah and it seems like a cool thing yes a really exciting the body of it was not what I expected was can dry and cold yeah and so squishy yeah actually you just wanted to just question but don’t do it you have to be careful it looks like here’s one to it just like chillin yeah yeah now on to new 1d yeah Oh first thing I learned about me weren’t you ever go to the Bourbon Street Friday night if you don’t drink or party let me down what did you think yeah I was like I thought it would be more like tea drinking like jazz yes yeah anything that [ __ ] is more matured feeling I can’t imagine what Marty girls like that was too much for me ok we are strolling in the park in 10 many parks in the New Orleans yeah and it’s really nice and we have beignets I can’t really say say it but yeah this is our first anyway but yeah in the daytime here last night yeah I’m excited

what do you think of New Orleans I’m in love electro she with this garden district here mmm and so much more peaceful I mean the French border was really awesome but crazy busy yeah but i love the beignets oh my gosh so good I’m actually really sad to leave but been an adventure totally where are we off to next Alabama Alabama Mississippi this is the last hotel we will stay this was our sixth night traveling on the road tonight we will reach our final destination and Jonas is doing Tetris with all our stuff this is how we’ve had to do it almost every stop well not haven’t had to take out everything but I needed some stuff today out of that’s ok so Jonas is the master packer and we’ve been let’s say here we’re trying to keep the stuff that we would just take every night into the hotel and this area and other stuff back there things that we needed to bring with us but things we don’t need in a hotel room and what else we have like a cooler here that we’ve been filling up our water bottles at every stop and join us likes to Phillip some coffee web pillows and a blanket here to take turns sleeping so this is our two thousand buick regal this was my grandpa’s car and you know what 130,000 miles is doing pretty good and getting us across the country so we are thankful for that it’s been an adventure for sure what do you think about road tripping across America and doing this little tip what is fun this is fun but getting kind of old I have one bag yeah

here I was like oh I feel like this reminds me of like a Martin Luther King jr. movie like with a bunch of protesting and stuff happy yeah that’s exactly where this happened and he delivered the speech here where he said how long not long I guess so it says not that I have a dream one but yeah another an important speech fun bags how cool we are in Georgia now just crazy ezza means you’re coming to the end of our road trip and to our final destination because for the scary and I feel life experience like yeah I like nervous happy scary butterflies right now his work away something we’ve been wanting to do we talked about doing something over a year finally getting the chance to do it but then you realise how risky it is like walking to talk about then it is like we believe in following your dreams to where they may take you even if ups and downs dark visit at light times it’s all worth it and thank you guys for calling along in our crazy adventures we hope to share more let me want to show you with a knife Oh yeah we totally plan on life is will work where when even figure out what that is Chris thanks for watching remember that drink really so we have a right to the end this nation and I forgot a name now moral farm in Cleveland oranje and we haven’t seen so much outside it because it’s dark beautiful stars yeah and place with so lit up so beautifully we’re coming in what’s that dream come true yeah what’s the cool easy pictures something and then also need theater like this well I can’t imagine what to look like the daytime yeah and tomorrow we should explore everything here the environment and that’s a really good pizza tonight got to chat with the house and we got a lot of laughs and it’s like to be fun hmm we’re exhausted now after a six-day road trip cost america I go to bed and so from all of us to all of you good night you you