Golden State Warriors – Podcast: The Road Trip & Return of Harrison Barnes (Warriors Huddle Ep 38)

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Golden State Warriors – Podcast: The Road Trip & Return of Harrison Barnes (Warriors Huddle Ep 38)

Thanks Tuesday November 12 2013 and you are in the warrior sided with me brim with me as always my boy in producer Scott Scott here and we were welcoming back to the huddle after a little while at least three weeks Justin trapped in Golden State Taylor how’s it going thanks for having me thanks for coming man we definitely appreciate all the war just fish star finished off rather a fairly tough road trip so you know we got big things to talk about and our wires update we’re to go through all for the games to war went through in their tune to road trip including the upbeat win over Philly and the a smashing loss against Memphis and in a return to WTH and a recognition of the fact that the Warriors have a ton of brand new guys whose faces you probably don’t recognize we’re going to ask who the hell are these brand new players and we’re going to start with Jermaine O’Neal and Toney Douglas but first man a little bit of housekeeping uber is still our sponsor they are still my favorite app on the iphone instead of taking a taxi download the app give them your credit card number now you don’t need any cash all you got to do is press a button and they come to you the other housekeeping issues should be fairly fast we talked about the Lakers opening win over them do you chance to watch that Justin of course an unbelievable ass smashing win a victory spent a whole lot of time on what I didn’t get to really highlight was just how far the mighty have fallen not only did the lakers get their ass smashed by the wires on opening night not only have they fallen out of estimation across the national median nobody’s picking these guys as a contender anymore but when you actually look at their roster they are filled with burger losers a year ago when people were killing themselves to talk about how great this team was their starting five was Steve Nash Kobe Bryant Metta World Peace pal Gasol Dwight Howard AB I’m Hall of Famer and I mean a formidable group a ridiculously tough group to guard over the nineties right there man did you guys really just let me get away with Metta World Peace being all of Famer I I did I wasn’t really listening for what it’s worth I just thought it was a good thing that you spoke anybody who didn’t see this coming it just doesn’t watch basketball I mean even a bad Dwight Howard right now they’d be struggling to get five to be 500 and I don’t think they’re getting any better when Kobe comes back well compare it to the starting five they have now they went from those five Hall of Famers to Steve Blake Jodie Meeks nick Young Shawne Williams and Pau Gasol I mean what an unbelievable turnaround in a single calendar year this team is do they make the playoffs don’t forget it the important part of that to their coaches Mike D’Antoni on top of all that that is just unbelievably bad Mike somebody my card and Johnny yeah you’re absolutely right do you think this team makes a blouse there’s no way that this team makes the playoffs the Western Conference is is too tough for them and they’re terrible their lineup is absolutely atrocious even with Kobe back and healthy which is a huge ? this team does not go anywhere you agree if Kobe comes back tomorrow they still don’t make the playoffs the only thing that terrifies me is that every time I count Kobe Bryant out he comes back and screws me I’ve been so positive his career has been falling apart the last five years and every one of those five years he’s come back maybe stronger than the year before now I’m with you I don’t think they make the playoffs I think any team that starts Steve Blake Jodie Meeks nick Young and Shawn Williams for any extended amount of time has absolutely no shot but it I’m not going to say that it would be out of the realm of possibility should kobe actually come back don’t don’t underestimate the power of the German platelet spinning technology whatever shady blood transfer that to his dude that’s that’s what’s got those last five years worth of predictions shoved back down your throat but this year and Achilles injury that’s totally different man I mean he’s going to rush it back that’s my opinion enjoy this time though because it never lasts long for the Lakers I am I’m loving it they will undoubtably bounce back and I’m not entirely positive that that plane march for Germany isn’t just going into the Bay Area and stopping by Belko but hey you didn’t hear for me God knows what’s actually happening with Kobe one last piece of housekeeping we spent a little bit of time last week talking about the national attention the Warriors are now getting we focused on ESPN and Grantland it turns out they’re not the only who’s picking the lawyers for great success this year here’s a clip from the hangtime blogs podcast featuring rick fox and sake of Smith Rick I picked the Warriors too I mean I went so far as to pick the words to beat the heat in the finals which almost got me beat up this past weekend I mean you know it was just fearless predictions for the season sometimes you a lot well that’s how it look back on it will just call them fearless direction yes i think i had the same I the same thought man I’m gonna go out yeah i like i like the flexibility of the lineups i like i like the speed at which they can play but at the same

time i like the way they can defend slow dial if they need to because they can shoot the ball I like to take and go 68 across the board almost caused curry plays like 68 with that three-point shot yeah so I just like the diversity matter like the diversity speaking of filter Lakers I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard Rick Fox’s voice and was kind of happy about the words coming out absolutely the only time when you first told me you’re gonna play a vicks foot I want to nix that idea so fast I hate that guy I really really ate him he is one of the most all-time hateable faces I mean if he could have played for anybody and just showing up I think if I’d met him on the street I think to myself I hate you and I hate your face his haircut I was just thinking the same thing because he’s much easier to listen to then he is the look at you know what i mean so it didn’t bother me listen to him but as soon as you start picture his face like well what about the actual words that came out of his Hannibal face I more or less agree with what he was saying we don’t have to go into the actual contender status that he put on the Warriors what I’m interested in is whether or not you guys like rooting for a team that now is receiving all this national prayers we spent 30 years rooting for a team that nobody else was on board we had our own little Club we proved to one another how big a sports fans we were just by sticking with the lawyers now everyone’s on the bandwagon do you guys prefer it like this or do miss the old times well I didn’t root for the word for 30 years but I can associate very closely with the Wizards franchise and the the past 30 years of being fans of them and mending that by the way i can already had it written down here bust Scotty out if he said he’d been there for 30 years so yeah well I you know beat you to it on that one and I mean yeah you always want to root for a team that’s doing better it doesn’t matter who cares if if they were you know bad in the past and now they’re good you you can’t possibly ever want your team to be bad I see where you’re coming from to you great well of course you want to root for a winter I mean that’s the whole point of brooding in the first place and you know the the attention is going to come with that and then you get more statements like Rick Fox just made where he’s trying to move the needle one way or the other I mean that’s what these national media guys do so now you’re in the conversation where people can base polarizing discussions on you whereas there’s no point talking about a loser so you know from that it doesn’t get me one way or the other I obviously want to root for a winning team I enjoy watching the Warriors win as opposed to watching them lose what I don’t think I enjoy is being part of this team now that everyone accepts as a really good team used to be a bi-metal Warrior fan I knew that they were into hoop and into who deeply you do not dedicate three hours of your life on a consistent basis to watch a team lose unless you really care about the sport and the actual franchise now when I mean a warrior fan that might not be true at all they may be one of these Bay Area bandwagon jumpers which has been consistent the entire time I’ve lived here and there’s there’s something about that that I don’t like quite as much now between the two do I want the Warriors to go on a losing streak so I can join my happy band of losers again no no but I don’t necessarily need Rick Fox and his hateable face telling me this team is really good or everyone around me rooting for my team as well well at four and three I think you’re really jumping to the gun as far as this thing being a winning team that’s really a specimen to be special because right now they’re at the eighth seed in the Western Conference so barely making the playoffs at the moment obviously still early but I would really hesitate to college games yeah a big winner well with the national attention to comes that that bandwagon whether you know just people in New York or all of a sudden wearing wearing warriors gear but you guys got a good thing going here because if a warrior is is listening to this podcast right now they are hardcore fan the Fairweather’s haven’t made it they’re not making it this deep into the podcast so if they’re listening to this discussion right now we know we’re talking to hardcore warrior go if you’re a member of the huddle you are not a bandwagoner those are all the housekeeping issues I had you guys got anything now I’m ready to move on and get into these games yeah man the blue shirts look like a bunch of floating heads in the stands all right keep it yellow that’s all I had to say let the record reflect the jettison is in fact wearing a blue shirt in here today and when he came in I was like where’s your torso like how are you having this floating it it’s amazing so apparently I was completely wrong I that is hilarious that you just as wearing a blue shirt I’m sure he’s just proving his point undoubtedly it’s game day I got my blue and yellow dub city on past scores and current standings there’s been four games as I kind of mentioned during the opening since our last podcast November fourth one 1090 win over philly at philly november 610 693 win over minnesota again at minnesota they then played november eighth ma all defense terrible ugly loss to san antonio over at san antonio and finally 108 90 scheduled loss to memphis at

memphis we are now four and three escada inferred standings we are tied for eighth with dallas in the west and i’m sure you guys will be really excited to hear that mark of the sea Stein has moved us up in his power rankings after going two and two we went from 8th to 7th and just in case there was any shred of dignity in these rankings at all the eighth team is now Phoenix so it’s gonna be just viben to and there’s like second place in the Western government they are compared to you by those those those rankings yes yeah in the circulation well you can find it two places and the absolute truth come because it’s amazing how how do you go two and two and move up it doesn’t make any sense that guys so bad it’s a question for mark with a see buddy how do you spell a man that everyone uses AK and go to see I mean really only things that he can answer let’s jump into the 76 years when gentlemen the first game like I said 110 90 this was egg with Dallas homecoming this is the team that drafted agree he played there for seven years and my god did he not disappoint at all caught fire from three-point land I think he hits seven of them ended up with 32 points three steals three rebounds three assists and just the best pass I have ever seen in my life somewhere in the second quarter he catches a ball in the left corner mid air and before landing literally whips the ball around his back catches David Lee in stride perfect I mean one of the best passes I’ve seen maybe ever as a basketball fan definitely this season yeah I mean that was an unbelievable pass and the only pass I’ve ever seen that stop that and it’s very similar was Joe Dumars in the nineteen ninety season had this no more Spanish honestly if you go like look this club up it’s it’s unbelievable the balls going out of bounds at half court he dives grabs it throws it around his back it’s around the back bounce pass which goes by two defenders bounces perfectly in the lane pops up to this guy who had been streaking down the court it was it was unbelievable only to be top now by Iguodala I watched a highlight of that the other day no I thought to myself all is doing that nothing I didn’t watch a highlight of that who gives a about they want to see agree let’s go look that up you know what I’m sure that rich is gonna be covering the warrior game for let’s go warriors calm I think you need to hit him up right now to make sure that he asked Joe Dumars about that pass at in the post game if he’s traveling with the team right now and if Joe Dumars has about 45 seconds to listen to a 30 second question and if Joe Dumars can’t remember it but Scott can then I’m really gonna be in friends question that Joey D remember that well we don’t want to get too far here’s Iguodala on his performance and coming back to Philadelphia 73 is the best you’ve ever done in your career that had to be sweet hey guys six once my rookie year maybe you approach that you did against Toronto via Toronto member take um so I probably remember this one too but I wasn’t feeling too good for the game part shooting the ball you know but throughout the game for myself just finished on my shots last game I feel really good and didn’t get too many attempts so today was opposite so I just felt good well you’ve been around long enough sometimes you warm up everything’s going in and then you can’t hit it during the game but how special was this after you played eight years here you were an all-star in Philadelphia and people always say do you get psyched up when you come back to play against a former team it looks like you were tonight I don’t know if I was psyched up I was open on a lot of shots like you know I had to take some shots it wasn’t like I was deserting a lot of energy on the offensive end we have a game plan and especial thing about our team is you got five or six guys who can get 30 on any given night and tonight which is my night I loved multiple things about that quote first and foremost they touched on what you and I said last week’s got it that he came out didn’t feel hot at all during the actual warm-ups and then caught fire during the game and Barnett mentioned you know like it when you’re a veteran those pregame shoot arounds don’t necessarily translate into success just like we were saying when we were talking about klay Thompson yeah that was interesting um yeah the pros are obviously I guess is different than us look up the warm-ups let’s be honest he was more open for those shots than he was during warmups there really was some of the worst events I’ve ever seen played in this game outside of like the rookie sophomore game I’ve never seen this much transition I mean it really turned into wide open 3-pointers and transition dunk we might not be the best team on earth we might only be four and three but I tell you what you decide to run with us and give us wide open 3-pointers there’s a good chance we’re going to hand down a smashing that’s exactly what we did here the other thing I liked was Iguodala trying to downplay him coming back and playing in Philadelphia and I didn’t mean that much and every game is whatever it’s the same things well I’m not the only one who thinks this Justin you’re not the only thinks it’s so does Mark Jackson here’s Jackson on you would on there’s no secret you want to kill them say all the right things beforehand just just in case it doesn’t work out but the mindset is to make a statement and now he’s a cover basketball player we’re fortunate to have them the things he

does on the floor you know tonight you can look at the stat sheet and it’ll jump out there’s a lot of nights where it it won’t reflect just how important is our basketball team per usual on the money right and what a great addition equal dollars to this day man the Warriors made out better than anybody on that Bynum Howard trade last year met the magic did pretty well but none of those other teams got nothing and now Iguodala is just the glue for the Warriors he fits so well into this system I mean it’s just he’s the perfect yeah I could not have asked for anyone to join this team that I would have preferred more wine when you asked what he adds it’s whatever the team needs on a given moment if they need a score you give it to him when I need something to bring the ball up you give it to him if you need a clutch rebound from the perimeter you count on him if you need someone to lock somebody down on the perimeter you count on him his contributions change depending on what the defense is giving and what the Warriors actually need that’s how you add to a team that’s how you make a team successful in a testament to him and to the Warriors also the role he’s playing right now is the role he played for team USA yeah and the Warriors are good enough around him to where yeah he’s just facilitating where he should be facilitating he’s taking the shots he should be taking and he’s locking down whoever you put him on now Iggy was not be such a terrible name yo there he doesn’t even like that I said stop calling during a new rule of anyone on the show uses a phrase is he or you get to punch him in the face starting now Susie tony is he absolutely is well with I branches of the face for Izzy with Iverson retired can can he go by AI now like that we can start that what I want to see it at stakes okay I’ll give it a shot there you go well hey I was already at all anime I even when they were together it was AI to it goes AI 9 a lot Jess enjoyed a big leg you there in a steak yeah just but it hadn’t been brought up ever any for you think he’s lying about they’ve had a lot know about it about back when he was in Philly they were on the same team there was AI and you’re just digging yourself into a deeper hole man we’re looking it up it’s a I nine now we’re gonna have to check my website for AI na ai ai to AI nine was not the only player who played phenomenally well Steph Curry only played three quarters still ended up with a triple-double 1812 and ten wheel have to spend too much more time on this game but it was an impressive one let me give a quick shot out to Michael carter-williams the rookie guard over there at Philly he helped them off to an amazingly successful start this is a team peg to win less than 12 games and they already 13 I think before the wires played up near three no mostly on the back of Michael carter-williams oh and they beat Miami and Chicago right and two of and supposedly after the Chicago game and that was the one right before the wire game he texted I’m sorry Evan Turner texted a eye and said you got AI to sorry Justin a 99 texted him saying you guys are next they were all Papa stand ready for it anyways Michael Carter wins look good he ended up with 16 6 and 4 the thing that stuck out to me is he is a very kind of weird look it looks like he had gel in his eyebrows or something i’m not sure if that’s what he’s going for but if it is i noticed Marco Carter lamps good for you about Ansah the attention to detail you paid her in these games it’s quite amazed I don’t understand how anybody else didn’t see this is that part of this justin i must not have these same HDTV yes sirs you guys watch the game in Fresno we have you know we can’t see these blue t-shirts and gel and sew ins eyebrow I don’t even know I’m telling about that I mean if I had where’d i lose you it means you put gel in his eyebrows and it looks strange what’s wrong with that it’s just a weird thing I’m not saying it’s wrong I’m just saying it’s different you have any gel on your eyebrows I think you’re pointing out because you think it’s wrong I’m not I don’t in fact I mean you guys haven’t said anything i’m a little bit upset but I have a little gel in my eyebrows right now probably this is where is it it definitely was this would take but you noticed I haven’t looked you in the eye of eli release you’ve got madam in Jesus for those of you out there if you give a Google Michael carter-williams take a very hard look in his eye brows and you tell me that they don’t look weird all right let’s move on let’s go to the timberwolves game a lot of good and bad to this game let’s start with the good it featured the return of Harrison Barnes he had missed all the games after this point they finally came out and confirmed that it was at an inflamed right big toe I think either way he came out he played 14 minutes scored 14 points and showed just why and how important he is to this team in my mind and also kinda cemented why he should be coming off the bench here’s what I mean by that once the Warriors went after AI 2 and couldn’t pick up Landry couldn’t pick up Jack the people they did bring in perform very specific roles they brought in toney douglas just to bring the ball up just to play perimeter defense they brought in Jermaine O’Neal just to play plus a post defense or get rebounds when you’re missing a piece to that puzzle or puzzle rather it’s very obvious without Barnes they couldn’t score for the reason why Barnes play such an important role is that if you put him on this second unit he can initiate from the wing you don’t need to create offense for him you just have

Tony Douglas walk the ball up give it to Barnes and get to the rack was somebody like klay Thompson or the other options you could have put there I’m not sure they would have had that offensive skill set you need to run him a play right now and the people surrounded them don’t have the talent to run the play does that make sense yeah but i don’t i don’t think that relying on him to create his own offenses is where his best he’s best served as being used because if you see him when he’s moving without the ball he is scary for the defense because you can get him the ball in a number of locations and he can do something amazing with it if he’s got the ball on the wing he’s not driving the lane he doesn’t have the quickest first step he’s not the best ball handler if you just he needs someone in there that can hit him on the run because if he catches it in the lane then it’s over you put him at that stretch for though he does beat you with the first step oh yeah Venusaur is all day I mean that’s and that’s where they’ve messes up basically been playing about the bench although we haven’t seen a whole lot of it that what you’re saying or what I’m hearing you say is that it could his player growth and then that you know you’re not going to see him become the guy he could become that’s a scary thought to me but I do think at least right now as far as teen growth having him come off and be the first guy with the second unit is not a not a bad thing more than anything I think you’re ignoring the alternatives yeah because what are you going to do if it if not Barnes then you think clay could do a better job at it like that’s where I think that Bram is right in that Harrison Barnes as far as options that you have is the best one for that role yeah I’m not talking and as far as the sick I have one hundred percent agree about the six men i haven’t waffled on that at all I’m just saying as the give the ball to Barnes and let him create offense I’m saying that he needs a little bit more help help than that and you know he’s uh it is a little bit detrimental to his growth I think 24 cuz that goon squad he’s the only guy out that the defense needs to key on you know and it’s not I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that he is the lone offensive option on that sense well he’s never good he’s not out there with no one I mean they’re not putting him in for reserves I don’t think I feel like often he’ll have clay he’ll have a David Lee I mean somebody else it’s rare that you have all five of your stories and change and we had a couple looks when it was him in for losers we beat this topic to death let me push it towards a somewhat related one one of the unintended downsides of the Bogut contract and one that we didn’t talk about is that there’s a good chance with them now paying him pain Iguodala and paying Steph that when it comes to paying either clay or Barnes they’re gonna have to make a choice they’re not going to get to keep them both they tried to structure Bogut’s contract so that the money goes down so they might be able to but if this kid keeps developing the way they are they’re going to have to choose if you guys are choosing who do you take well the one component you left out is when it’s time to sign Barnes that’s when Lee comes off the books so there’s your choice right there for that is that true is it that fast that year 2015-16 season yeah Lee’s coming off the books Barnes is about to get a raise isn’t Barnes will be in a position to get a contract in two years right is that the 2015-2016 season I don’t know but I’ll say this don’t end up in bathroom yeah yes that you guys can tell me there’s matin this thing I’m out of here I’ll say I mean I find Barnes I keep Barnes I drop clay why me why I did that before you even started to study and actually I take clay to answer your question I think I take Barnes why do you take clay because you know what you’re going to get from clay every night for next ten years I don’t know what you’re going to get from Barnes if he gets injured and his athleticism isn’t the same clay is a ten-year top line shooting guard in the league well if he gets injured and he loses his health and Clay’s can be given as well clay can hobble across half court and the guide him motion glided Oh play defense on here’s the difference in my mind clay provides although phenomenally provides stats that we have in spades we gives a scorn from the perimeter specifically from the three-point line and gives us perimeter defense iguodala gives us the defence staff gives a sperm nurse corn what we have zero of none really is a slasher in a score that’s Barnes you lose him and he continues to develop his athleticism he gives something to this team that right now nobody else provides or even comes close to it I thought it’d be a good Allah but it’s not but there are other guys in the league that can / and can’t shoot what clay gives you every night whether he’s hurt or not is spacing no there’s a million spot of shooters like clay house except Danny Green Danny Green I mean I don’t know JJ redick pull Chris Novak back from the grave he’s like Steve good like these guys are a dime a dozen in the NBA and the reason that clay gets these shots is because of everyone else that’s good on the Warriors you take klay Thompson to the Wizards like you know he’s not getting these thing up disappear let’s stick with clay just because it’s a good transition the other good part of this minnesota game was in fact clay we’re going to talk about the bad more specifically Steph Curry going down with

injury when he did it was klay Thompson who stepped up he went for 30 that night 1120 shooting with six three-pointers so as much as I would be willing to stick with Barnes and agree with everything you just said about Chris Novak we still have to say that clay look Dave Athena back well my name my name for clay right now is actually every other day clay yeah well and in this game it was you know only fourth quarter clay because that’s really I think he got 19 points in the fourth which is a nice switch up that on the first quarter clay that we usually see coming especially is huge because you had curry going down so they needed somebody and clay really did step up they got to find some way to infuse him with the confidence he the fourth we’ve bitched about it we don’t have to spend too much time but when he disappears he disappears he stopped shooting you know I mean just putting up 19 points in the fourth the amount of shots it takes to do that shows a guy who believes in himself this guy needs to start believe it in himself on an eye tonight base sorry let’s talk about the bad let’s focus on what probably should have been our lead for this entire podcast Steph Curry’s injury early in the third quarter Rubio Ricky Rubio guy I now hate more than I can possibly tell you it goes for steel lands on stephs right leg ends up buckling a little bit Steph goes out comes back in for stress looks okay and then has to return back to the vention then ultimately to the locker room they diagnosed it with a bunch of different things and ended up being a bruised right ankle not a sprain he since came back he missed one game against San Antonio came back against Memphis so it wasn’t too serious but another reminder man that this guy as good as he is he’s also fragile listening to the Warriors talk about an injury whether it’s before during a nap or after the game Secret has become the most frustrating thing he’s on the bench they’re staring at his knee and they’re like well he’s out with an ankle injury why do they keep staring at his knee I you know fill me in on that so but of course you’re always going to be worried about his ankles but he could have played the next night that was precaution yeah he looked fine the day after I let me add and you know I’m not going to go full I hate your face or fix your face rather but I will say a couple things about my good friend Ricky Rubio I cannot stand just cannot stand that you made that unnecessary ever play I cannot stand your homeless Kimbo Slice beard I cannot stand that your hair makes you look like a member of a boy band I cannot stand that you cannot shoot a jumper to shave your life in short I cannot stand your face Ricky Rubio and I hope that your career gets cut short by lower extremity injuries you stated oh that is way overboard wishing injury upon another and specific ones to like a specific injury hey Scott can you please I would pay you if you could report that whole thing right there with Ricky Rubio’s quote that says smile change your face that that would I would I would pay you to do it I could just tell me what you want to find that clip and report what he just said thank you change change his face be happy enjoy it this was one of those guys that I don’t agree No thank you I appreciate that this is one of those games i taped any game that starts before seven o’clock i tape was watching it got a text from a friend about halfway through the second quarter it was the following quote Jesus dot dot and Curry goes down so that was before the actual the actual injury happened I couldn’t resist it I looked up what the injury was didn’t see the score found out that it wasn’t too serious is just a brown bruise but watching the rest of that game was like eating a burrito you knew had a piece of chewed gum in it like there’s no way I’m gonna enjoy this I knew this terrible thing was going to happen at some point I almost wanted to just fast forward to it just to get it done with so yet another lesson of why you shouldn’t take games the old chewing gum in the burrito good how that happened that’s a hell of an analogy it okay that’s just me it’s strange we haven’t heard that one multiple times I spurs they followed up the win in Minnesota with a loss in San Antonio that would be there I think four billion 855 thousands lost straight to San Antonio it’s a regular you know why are they keeping knowing the fact that they wanted the playoffs everyone’s still trying to keep people on out of life 40 the streak is not alive they won there well it was still only up unless you’re right i mean you’re absolutely right and it was on the back of klay Thompson let me get an opinion question first I watched the beginning of this game picking up food at a restaurant and it wasn’t ready when I was there so I went and I got a drink then they brought me the food they brought me to Bill I’m picking it up do I home a tip you have to tip when you’re just picking up food does the drink change that I didn’t leave him and I felt like they really dislike me first of all I’m not surprised that you decided to have a drink while you waited for your food I don’t know how long it takes but I know I did did you call uber to pick you up after they actually had the bag ready before they handed over to me I’m gonna need a drink while you hand the back of the answer is no and with the fact that you bought a drink while you’re waiting that’s a judging tip that’s what the drink and the bartender got you the drink the bartender got me the drink Andy got me the food so I we gotta talk

based on the drink not like a dollar only the dread dollar tip even though I was there just to pick up food nasarah thought it wasn’t ready yeah because it’s a separate transaction you got to transit demanded a discount at that point well I didn’t demand this camp and I have learned something next time I’ll definitely tip them sanantonio naturally they played this game without curry didn’t return to the next one luckily they did have Tony Douglas who did his absolute best Stephen Curry impersonation he ended up with something like 18 19 points 11 point 21 points there you go it was the only guy who could put highest order and also deserving of the court of the night here is Tommy Douglas on Amaro and do a capable you know come here when teachers in my offering to take might be friends is hit more than so I like to come in and be aggressive on defense head thing azizi ones you know so that’s that’s hot but one of the things I like about that last quote is that even after he had his most successful offensive game maybe in his career certainly in a long time Tony still focused on his role on the team and that he should be playing defense this is a franchise now this is a group of players who know exactly where they fit in and when they step up when they’re needed like they needed his offense here he still understands the best way to help and is able to deliver that in a postgame quotes I really enjoyed that yeah definitely and it’s gotta be frustrating to for a guy like Douglas you get your moment and you do really well he probably thinks he could do this every night if he got the playing time but you still have to maintain your role within the team you know Steph Curry’s coming back right so he played it well with that answer and and thank goodness he was there for that night or it would have been just a blowout I mean we can talk about how this game ended it was just it they never were able to get over the hump it was you know seven-point game then the words with that three-pointer get it within four you think okay now is that moment right and they could just never get it there all the way down to the last shot where pinky couldn’t go today I watchman face if you want to punch in the face I really hate that name have you actually ride just to give credit where it’s due Tony Parker couldn’t hit a free throw but he looked fairly good and the filthy fat Frenchman Boris Diaw also looked surprisingly skilled against us I got two takes on that game one it was beautiful to see the Warriors hanging in an ugly game without their best player I mean that was a game that was a loss for years number two it brings out my biggest complaint so far this season and I don’t have many complaints so far I think that there’s a natural progression that that is trending you know in a great direction but Jackson’s insistence on guarding the point guards Chris Paul Tony Parker with klay Thompson for stretches that’s great but isn’t that one of the reasons that we got Iguodala to we know curry isn’t getting them so why run clay ragged when you needed his offense on the other end where AI is just kind of facilitating on offense you know in my view i mean i’ve had the conversations on twitter you know Marcus Thompson what do you guys think I wasn’t sure which AI you were talking about their AI to AI nine one of them I grew that especially on a day where they needed clays offens more so than anybody else out there generally speaking I think it’s a good approach he is a good perimeter defender but when you don’t have staff and you’re not going to put in you can’t get the ball in the hole you got a free up one of the people who can do that for so I think you’re absolutely right and I agree with you the whole moral victory thing I know best player couldn’t hit a shot look terrible all night and still had a chance to tie it up and send it to overtime against one of the best teams in the West that’s a hell of a moral victory last game Memphis this was a scheduled loss we learned that turn last week they played the very next night we’re still on the road Steph came back put up 22 didn’t look limited so I mean he kind of showed that it’s probably a precautionary the game before the Warriors still lost though and they lost big there’s something about this team we just cannot match up with they looked bigger they look better they outrebounded us 44 2 33 and the outs quarters in the paint 54 18 and their two big men Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol were the main culprits they just gave it to us yeah they’re so dangerous when they start out the game with their bigs when their bigs are on early you have to pay so much attention to them and then that frees up these guys on the perimeter Mike Miller goes four of five from the three-point line that just infuriated still alive I couldn’t believe it I could not believe it back in Memphis I that was like stunning to see him playing and on top of that to you open up for Mike Conley then to uh for the spacing he starts driving and dishing can we read never accept Mike Conley as an elite NBA point

guard I can’t because I drafted him early in my fantasy and he’s just been killing me and I keep wanting to believe in and no I don’t want to talk about fantasy Marc Gasol even though he CODIS here is the worst first-round fantasy pick in the history of the world that He I don’t think he could dominate a wa game it’s the least exciting player 20 never save it for the message board man this is my message boy don’t you be bitter that we didn’t invite you it’s not i am still a little better a little bitter about that but when you when he talked about scheduled loss I thought you meant Oh Memphis is on the schedule yeah cuz they had just got our number and it’s not it’s never fun to play Memphis whether you have a good track record against them or not it’s always going to be an ugly an ugly fight of a game and I also think that when you play them more than any other team in the league we always harp on David Lee’s defense but against Memphis he actually hurts you you know it seems like he does they I mean I don’t know what it is both ends of the floor against Memphis he hurts you yeah I just to me this goes back to what I said at the beginning to not get too happy about the Warriors being this winning team until you’re beating the elite teams you’re not elite team it’s easy to win against Philadelphia it’s easy to win against the Timberwolves but if you’re not getting those victories against San Antonio against Memphis then you’re not elite team and you’re not going anywhere you’re Priam to my next question the pessimistic view of the water season so far is that they’ve played three good teams they played the Clippers lost they played san antonio lost played Memphis lost so is there a reason to be worried is all of this hype unfounded or was this just the end of a very difficult four game road trip and they haven’t quite hit gelled no and the reason I say that is because coming into the season I thought they were going to be the fourth seed in the West yeah with those three teams ahead of us so losing to them and our first matchup doesn’t say much to me and when we get to the playoffs even if we were the eighth seed you know nobody wants to see the Warriors in the playoffs we get hot we can beat anybody on any given night and we’re even better than that punching puncher’s chance team we were last year yeah but you gotta get to the playoffs and right now it’s you’re in the AC don’t make the plate absolute about that yeah don’t make the blur gonna dismantle so many teams at home look at the home wins against you know regular teams that aren’t above us we’re going to play out I’m going to stay up to mission because that’s obviously become my role ever since we lost Graham we need somebody on here being unrealistic so I’m not going to take this as some kind of harbinger of terrible news but I’d be lying to you to tell you that I was a little bit concerned especially after the Memphis loss I’m just tired of losing to that team point of reference we’ve lost 10 straight to them overall and haven’t won in Memphis since 1998 I believe which is an ongoing streak three losses and you’ve pointed out to scheduled losses one without an F curry at all three against teams that are expected to finish above us nobody jump off the bridge yet but if you’re on the bandwagon and you feel like jumping see you later I get the hell out of here we don’t need you to anyways okay let’s move on a return to who the hell or WTH a segment I used to love in this one we’re going to be asking who the hell are all these new players I have watched a bunch of games with a series of fans who are a little bit more casual than we are in this room and the one question you here all the time is who the hell is that dude so we figured might as well cover some of them let’s start with Jermaine O’Neal here’s at least how I have organized my thoughts feel free to drop yours in any way you want a little bit of history what he’s best known for and then how he actually helps the Warriors brief history for Jermaine O’Neal 1992 he was a 64 point guard in high school that summer ended up growing eight inches over a three-month period came back as a dominant center that’s why that was always my dream all matters happened and always felt like or not like you’d be drinking I’m ever doing the exact same thing like drinking milk taking like fish oil I feel like somebody told me that did nothing I mean it definitely does not David Robinson grew I think seven inches in college and like when I got the college I was convinced kind that’s yeah here we go here come a few new my if you saw my parents he I just knew it wasn’t gonna happen I always bitched at them for always limiting my potential to nothing more than 57 point guard he now Tom Thumb and Thumbelina hey it’s like that well after growing all those inches he was drafted by the Trail Blazers 1996 play there for four seasons and actually got to play with that 2000 jail blazer squad all the shady ass dudes Rasheed Wallace Davis got a liar not a Meyer never busy Wells don’t forget about never really broke in with the Blazers even though they gave him a fairly large contract and ended up in Indiana in two thousand played there for eight years and that’s where he kind of established himself this guy was an all-star six times made three all-nba teams voted the NBA’s most improved player and even helped the Pacers reach the conference finals and 0 3 and 0 4 so there’s a period of time when jermaine o’neal was a legitimate star and

naturally that’s not true anymore let’s get to the last six years we shall we should keep that in mind what he’s best known for at least in my mind is the malice in the palace that was when the indiana patients were playing detroit in detroit things got a little bit out of control f to run our test fouled ben wallace and i’m not going to go through the entire thing immediately oh my god you’re ridiculous i will say i just watched a highlight of it I haven’t seen that thing for so long that is the craziest highlight I don’t think we’ll ever see anything like that again I have completely forgotten how batshit crazy that situation went Metta World Peace I’ve said this before I’ll say it again or run our test wasn’t saying you don’t go into the stands that’s obviously a no no I can see some justification I can see getting hit in the face and then just rushing towards the source if you don’t have anything that stops you from doing that Steven Jackson was the real crazy man in that he did not have anything hit him in the face he wasn’t sitting on the scorer’s table waiting for some he was on the other side of the the second he saw a run our tests in the stands he got in there and beat some ass that dude is crazy and Jermaine O’Neal is best known for that because as the malice and the palace was winding down and I remembered this wrong there was a fan of it somehow gotten on the court it looks like someone else was holding him back even he was running right towards them and generally hold back he’s there the fans getting held back there must be two punches cuz I remember one where a guy was running towards for me it turns around right yeah and he hit him like like a okay a batter that hit the sweet spot let’s examine the rabbits there’s another one google jermaine o’neal punch where some fan is somehow being held back is not even looking at jermaine o’neal gets a running start and hits this dude so hard without it both the fan and O’Neill fall down O’Neill falls down from hitting this dude in his face so goddamn it was like the just a running haymaker or the do you remember like Mike Tyson’s punch-out when you do when a super macho man would do these backhanded slap swear he just kind of like turns his whole body or not sure it was one of these things where he just stuck it was like a 360 punch just zap I’m thinking to us a combination of that in ball bowling ball bowlers like rent or gym and pulverizes BAM just gave it to you so that is your main feel in a nutshell here’s what I think he adds to the lawyers one no fans will be charged in our court I can tell you that right now they’ve learned the hard way he will punch you right in your face to post defense if he gives us a toughness and a greediness I hope this can help us kind of get up and over the hump why Lizzie Lee’s out and finally three another 7-footer to get rebounds when we need it he’s pretty much just the captain of the goon squad in my mind and there’s that’s that’s what it is it’s supposed to be a defensive lineup he’s the elder statement statesman of the group he hangs his hat on defense that’s all I used to me you like Adam I’m indifferent I mean he’s not going to have an impact one way or the other one year contraband if we’re in the if we’re relying on him for anything in the playoffs I think we’re going to be in trouble yeah on the best fare next up is toney douglas now first thing you need about Tony is it spelled with an e Oh got a in there tio and ey you so that’s a first thing to marks on someone’s happy yeah he stands 62 weighs 185 did his first year of college at Auburn but was disappointed in playing the shooting guard position so he transferred to Florida State so he could run the point that’s where he finished his career the Lakers drafted him with the 29th pick in the first round of the 2009 NBA draft which they then immediately traded him to New York and he plays in New York for a couple theater these stats here Scotty okay go ahead oh wait dude are you serious you’re Jermaine O’Neal thing took we’re talking about when he was talking about knocking people out yeah no no Magnus listen to your Jermaine O’Neal with him in high school or this little Yeah Yeah right I think the rule I was gonna sweat with a growth spurt in like 78 I mean how much he grew between this is all very relevant and murdered why are you buddy ever should flourish at all i got that’s all I got Toney Douglas so and now he’s award he’s a defensive specialist on the worse and that’s what we want to see from taking your ball in going home I took 11 all right he’s got to be that defensive specialist if he’s not then he’s got to go I mean that yeah well he’s a defensive specialist so who’s up next these are last guy okay those were yeah those were Alton Brown without a cover I didn’t do any research because I thought Scott would actually finish out the stats he had I’m guy hurt your feeling with the take medicine we didn’t know I mean please let’s go finish it off well I was finished I got even further takes on Tony Douglas I think this guy is going to be an assistant coach at some point I’d be shocked if he isn’t he seems like a very intelligent dude fairly good at thinking the game although we haven’t seen it I don’t know how much he grew in high school i wish i did i’d be able to tell you that right now and i don’t know of any fights he’s been in so i don’t have any additional stash my only concern with him is the other night those shots he was hitting was crazy I mean he scored 21 points but like 12 of them

came on very difficult shots that he really shouldn’t be taking you know so I hope his confidence in his shot is not risen to the point where he realizes we need them to be a driving kick guy you know we like you said we don’t have slashers we need a drive and kick guy and I sincerely hope that is him because if he’s just jacking up jumpers it’s like we got guys better than him for that where’s the limit to takes three how many can I give you give you for before you decide I’m not doing this anymore well when we’re this deep into the show I think that we’re pretty much done talking on all take so we should just I just this one time it’s looking we got what we got one more take and that’s this quote to take us out by Steven Jackson here it is it is a Steven Jackson giving us an amazing story about the malice of the policy right after the bra we’re in the locker room and this is why I say he never said thank you we’re in the locker room so we’re sitting there legs all scratched up from hovering over the bleachers I adrenaline pump cuz we didn’t late a couple people out we felt like we did we did something autonomy we all sit back and Ron Artest AKA Metta World Peace leans back and look at your Montez and axes us do you think we’re gonna get in trouble we still have a job that was the funniest thing that was a funny thing ever trouble you let him get my job right hey I don’t know that you’re lucky you had a job you went into the stands way high up into the stands what made you who enjoyed that Stephen you looked like you were enjoying that admit now that you were enjoying Buster punching the customers hey well let me say this all of racial slurs I didn’t hurt all the things I’ve heard about my mom and my basketball game and my kids and all this it felt good to punch a fan one time I’m not gonna lock out I regret it angle I regret it because I lost three million dollars behind and I almost lost my job I love that scene in the locker room after I’m wondering the first time you watched that back on cuz it was replayed a million times the first time you saw it were you admiring even while knowing the consequences were coming were you admiring your work with your fists in those stands no I didn’t admire my work cuz I didn’t get to do what I really could do I was I was held back a lot you know I got I got way more than what I shown trust me wait could you play simply had you not like three people on with the one hitter quitter yeah but you know what is it you have a better time fighting somebody that fights you back you get to see what you got it’s not fun five people that don’t fight back please remember that if you’re looking for us on Twitter we are now at warriors huddle our gmail account is either NBA huddle orgy or NBA huddle at gmail or worse under like gmail our website is let’s go warriors calm we’re still on iTunes please write us if you get a chance get out there give us a five star rating we’d really appreciate it and subscribe to us as well and use fun can get at you guys we love it every week and hopefully we’ll see you next week good good