Let's Play Tales of Symphonia (69) No Grapes in Sight

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Let's Play Tales of Symphonia (69) No Grapes in Sight

hey everybody and welcome back to a new episode of let’s play tales of symphonia we are now in meiosis castle so we go exploring that if there’s lots of places to explore here and there’s a bunch of items we do that there are decent actually in this place that help us if we want to bring to your level but honestly if we can beat the sword dancer we probably have a good yeah there’s well even if this in your strong yep compare than the first but we’ll see well this still explore because we still have a lot of stuff to do one more and of course everything’s gonna be angels here man I was seriously shaking when everyone disappeared oh well at least now I’ve got the Daris emblem now I just need to go do something about vivos yeah it can be difficult but we cannot back down yeah neither side came back down and that’s why things have lined up over won’t get anywhere just thinking about it you don’t have time for that yeah it’s okay okay let’s go I don’t think it’s okay okay time to reclaim the great seed he just looks tan we chosen this is gonna be a piece all right so more battles all the armies and then time are pretty well they same pretty much the same battle of the same let’s get on oh yeah so yeah as expected the rest of the selfie is going to be recording with this crappy laptop microphone I apologize little sound weird and stuff what’s even the point of that I don’t know alright so in each little room here we can go in here it’s just the way back there yeah I’m getting is that room see what’s over fear will you learn nice wrong we’re good okay so basically we’re looking for two items from these chests one is called the past stone and the other one is called the futures yes we are the present let’s see how are we getting buff experience why you’re getting one hundred percent more experience oh they cause the status effects during battle i’m going to change this to yeah but it’s not a yes Maggie good so now basically now basically you’re getting double experience from battles I’m going to be open yeah we actually I so I haven’t shown off Boyd’s Devils arm so i think i’m gonna do that here’s a regular hit for me yeah yeah it’s come on so 553 damage for one swipe swipe and now if I have my Evelyn on hydrea if you do you get 1685 Wow gonna fight for my mother’s sword ring yeah basically woods devil are mix in a little more over found then you should be it well because with diving losing loads beginning and I also did power it up on purpose because oh that’s right refugees to unlock them yeah forgot about that right so just to make things go by a little bit quicker just make things quicker we’re not going to do nevermind way to go same inspiration but I got it want to get hit almost no need to give ya a blue you thought you

took it but you’re done I’ve done yet gotten an you wish of yours but if not never yours Oh more angels too many battles not after Wow oh they all pretty much caffeine they took this one huh I got it again that’s okay is it yeah you sure more experience for you eight for my Devils arms Walter to someone exactly it’s just I get the kill point fill the holes are you all right so let’s climb the staircase a little bit more you know below here oops Oh there are a lot of empty rooms and ben haim but that’s just there’s no door there I want to live in his castle it’s really pretty it’s just losing this castle hey this is a overly large castle purchased an how come bad guys always have like a big big you look for castings oh nothing hi amber every bad guy must have a gigantic Castle with nothing women and or fortress or flying castle the final fantsy it’s worth flying past me very modest stupid give you that impression well we’ve been going up it for a long time I name is standing in the room not moving yet it probably ghost or anything I want the thing of me cuz i was in the Emerson Linda Stein thanks I love the deck brush just design looks so silly it looks fantastic are you talking about someone so Oh fairy tale the past stone we have our first stone regulations that let us find our future which probably means that the future stone isn’t a single noise before let’s go ahead to the other side here I forgot how big this was this is the top of the possum nope all right now let’s go down all the way down soon fifty percent angel eyes he said we’ll be doing a lot of fighting a little won’t worry about it a lot of hard battles ahead of us kill steal what was here close to you start doing more damaging me and then I just lasting one hello you fine for some reason he seemed disinterested in Los one wheel you’re uninterested in less one who got the he was like oh the treasure on protecting me to go on oh I’m sorry one grabbed mine uses over good it looks like a new Zelda Oh indignation with a strong rule so pretty just take so long not really I mean we threaten going faster well it’s true but it still takes well I mean it takes a long time to come out not takes a long time to go to I’ll use like it has to do that spiralling your everything first one

fighting or another oh uh yeah I wasn’t even aware that is not in okla he was gonna hit all through Indonesia for me it was kind of fun get everyone know I’m in a sandwich yah yah’s he’s the only one I’ve really been doing any kitchen stuff we haven’t yeah oh there’s a yet now we have to go all the way back to the clock to get the stone you know when an enemy is not moving yeah important energy tablets will probably come to be able to go with mine oh my got it hey in the butt that is a pain in the butt not painful but I just parse never know what’s going backwards good pop that’s fine I’m up for an adventure of you home it’s adventure time yay Ronon I’m not that guy was happy to run Oh happen we’ve no time for silly games I agree as user ID and everything hi I’m duck quacks yeah i’m using a broom to fight no time for games Gotay / games but some sonic adventure 2 okay shadow says that when you use it one of his special yeah I didn’t watch your LP yeah wild multiplayer yeah I was kind of worried that rain was just gonna run over to the angels fighting you just go whack that’s okay she has the deck full she does have the deck brush legit impressive photo that’s a great adventure landing was alone everywhere coming out of the woodworks in all those keep on keep on keep on keep on keep on keepin home hey hey there is a door somewhere on this side yeah it’s one sale I’ll go down to the next door thikana and I have to live action mg why are you always can your player one yeah i’m at Legos your HP Talos yep I compatible Rose next no no I don’t your is super hottie because I think hey jacket jacket jacket I’ll tack it on the way back is we have to come back down I am disappointed I didn’t want to fight the same at amit’s place in a row just be terrible terrible

terrible now we add mr. Noakes go keep till now oh now I remember it was in the the first room yeah we have to go over way back down lucky become just sounded like they really hay pedo your excitement ravensburg excitement please let’s read Shelby hug yeah wow that every bird uh-huh I got to kill for that yeah that’s all that yeah well no I I didn’t well yes I Disney time yeah I know but the indignation didn’t film yeah but my last kid that did it indignation hit him up and smack from damage upon it left oh and then to the right the first way we went legit and then thought I was nothing man who’s debbie comics which yeah this is the first day went one of the first I will not without here I knocked it love rain games annexure reacted huh not like you’re happy not like she really needs it but most athletes those that boot we know the Gopher deck rakish oh wow you’re gonna die oh i wonder if i can use Lloyd oh no I’m not really sure how to do it I’m not opening remarks I guess well boys uh what’s a secret attack can be done with the material blaming your mouth and open it but I don’t remember exactly how to do it so oh yeah the future stone was found which means i can see my future all right now it’s time to head back to the first room and gaming because now that we have the stones it’s time to complete our puzzle so we’ll see you guys back in the first game alright so once we get to the first room the past stone reacts and make some blocks appear here our favorite place ever it’s a block yah there’s something written here if it says what can be seen in the past is anger that seeps out from the depths of what can char this frozen heart is this Grammy people that fires it back bringing down the Lightning equations so create some blocks over here and here and over here the future stone tomorrow Boxing Day words it says will the bat feature be one of a bountiful earth terraced by the Blessed balloon will it be one swirling terrible water that washes away all in half is it a ray of light in our future all right so now these blocks have to go on the center of these things in a specific photo and I think the order does matter all right so black bone is hers I think push that down there we go wait then let’s see what one’s nerves I put the next one in this and I don’t have any recollection walking yeah I have I have a basic

memory of how this blog public works but I brush not entirely hundred percent sure so hope they get this on my first time is if not it’s a lot of lockers yeah actually I don’t think it’s the focal on this house you as you push it into the hall yeah I think the next one is actually good let’s see at least the black ones i think this one not like no now you do it all over the pain is just moving the blocks once there at least it’s not like Zelda put your loss you know I would take forever yeah and the red one is next those red and blue purple rhino like wait what I was kind of put that together rather lose the purple long pass to be nice if you don’t want that go and then the white one goes on the clock I’m pretty sure but I’m not in kind of assure the ordinate green might go first and since it’s here as well you’re like my throat right nope so type of a yellow and a blue on the post first think it’s like there really are no hints to solving this block plant anywhere you just kind of have to push the blocks and hope you’re doing it in the light order like it works no whoops this one 10 it’s to block but another Holly the yellow one every time you take one you’re like oh it’s probably the others it was the other also place the light it’s yellow and then blue yeah the green is writing like Sun rose will try the homeless man but it’s probably going to do when I get purple other night no stress pretty sure the purple one goes on the other side but very good I’m gonna go get that purple one out of the run out on so I love this cross the room even after all that wrong yeah there’s a lot of wrong when it comes to this puzzle but you know that a easy enough though it’s not like too tedious or trying to yeah it’s not the most time-consuming puzzle but it’s it’s you know one of those things that just kind of me see what this game usually it’s like George that make me go oh the game yeah yeah the left side is gone nice without right side pick this one over here Oh all right after all that wrong yep what oh hey what’s wrong baby food is probably the green I felt I already moved the green one no you didn’t i didn’t know oh I don’t think so otherwise in ICM the white one and that wouldn’t make sense people white when there’s to be well unbuffered i thought it was oh my good i guess i was gonna move the green one but then I thought no I’ll move this purple one over yeah that’s what I did yep cuz we are already on the other side here like uh huh yeah I wish I would have remembered that I haven’t done yeah it’s okay that we sit what and come on that thing with you not that big a huge deal what what alright one more block and we’re done on

the block puzzle oh so hard I’m so long first we had to get the pasta future stone and this goes blah in the present know what the next thing enough chest is going to be the secret weapon to the feeding new post well oh by the way this is all optional you don’t need to do this yes part sometime if you just want to beat the game go fight that dragon I was starting gone pretty much it so from the chest we get the sacred stone which doesn’t have much fun on your scriptures and it also needs to see our sacred stone used to steal you um it’s mandatory to get to do one side quest and so yeah just one so on the next episode of let’s play tales of symphonia we are going to be returning to not returning but we’re going to be going up the hill and fighting the dragon to gain access to nico’s and we are going to defeat him and save this world oh by the way once you have the sacred stone you can instantly warp from here directly back to the ground so you don’t need to go through bears part on our well guy anyway hey if you don’t have the sacred stone you need to walk back through all that and Daris parlam so it’s really handy to be able to describe go to the deepest ova dere spellin yes please and then we’ll go through into them alright so see you guys next time