Train Simulator 2017: Class 377/3: Clapham Junction – Purley

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Train Simulator 2017: Class 377/3: Clapham Junction – Purley

hello and welcome to train simulator 2007 teen today we are going to be working on the excitement thing the excitement thing the exciting thing of driving a train from outside Clapham Junction Latchmere Junction which the game is now very helpfully zooming out without me asking it to thanks game um to Pearlie as part of the 2d 17 1747 lots of sevens in this one a southern service from Shepherds Bush to Pearlie formed as the diagram say of 2 3 car 3 7 7 – threes I’ll get there in the end now some of you may be thinking but he’s already done this scenario before now there’s a reason oh hello there if there is a reason why that I’m redoing this that reason is very simply because new risk in using the London to Dillingham light sets Great British Rail works has produced a reskin of the southern 377 – threes and 377 – ones in southern livery as well as all the other variants and excitement and they’ve produced this pretty funky reskin which I’ve not installed entirely properly which is why there are missing textures and things but hey hope it works with this exciting interior that’s very an exciting and accurate and hello AWS and these destinations which are not only accurate but pretty much exhaustive mainly because I made them I know I’m so modest anyway this is I think the feature scenario for this or one of them but I’m I decided to do a revamp of my original one to include these new light clusters which I thought is very exciting and there’ll be all sorts of fun little things and excitements and it’ll all be dandy and it will include new diagrams and the rest of it and I really enjoy making these kind of things and I’m probably going to do other ones for this skin so there’s a specific train from Victorious a little Hampton that I’m looking at which has an exciting stopping pattern and then there’s also some 375 stuff but anyway today Clapham outside cup injunction to Pearlie calling at all stations taking a long period of time and in a train with various Armstrong power sound packs on the de 0 ‘s and on the Elektra star I think I installed it not entirely sure if it’s working somebody will doubtless tell me tell me or not ten miles an hour seems rather slow and my framerate is rather low as it’s Clapham Junction and there’s a reasonable amount of Mayor III around

sorry it’s really like listening to two zeros ah Gatwick Express 387 I’m going to need to reverse some of those coaches around actually before I release stopped way short this is Clapham Junction this is a southern service to Pearlie the next station is ones with common mmm don’t know what’s happen with these front doors oh well look another train and you’re a PHY that’ll be why I have a red signal train at speed warm again apologies about the framerate but hey it’s Clapham Junction I think I departed Oh too parley and you’re going fast as well where are you going to Alton Alton Alton no hello you where are you off to I mean Victoria

and then this train comes in talking via apps um and off we go welcome aboard to the southern service to Pearlie calling it once with common Balam stretch in common nor berry thorns and Heath cell first East Croydon South Croydon Pearlie Oaks and Pearlie and off we go bending round so let’s talk about a few things woo trains him news aren’t there isn’t much they’ve conceived continued they’ve continued to Chandler out the usual quality of DLC and rolling stock various people are not best pleased by it but then that’s because it’s quality ranges from shoddy to mmm that’s okay the usual accusations of it being rushed about being chucked about because it’s probably true and all sorts of exciting things which we know probably won’t change anything but we might as well say because we have two other things train simulator Premium Edition came out it’s essentially a large bundle worth the money but it doesn’t give you money off if you already have elements of the bundle which is vaguely annoying but wiper works yeah oh no I don’t want you on where’s my wiper the Elektra star default sounds weren’t too bad to be honest but the sound back does make it much nicer and you are around hello you what are you doing there’s my six car stop this is ones with common this train is for Pearlie the next station is Balam so exciting other train simulator news nothing Oh South Wales coastal I’d forgotten I hadn’t spoken about that but no South Wales what the heck at the door still doing yeah I hate that kind of train simulator bug I hate it I’ve told the train pick up passengers at this station for this long then leave and go to the next one what does it do

yeah okay okay it does that I know I ping that once Timothy but then it just leaves the door Oh door was open no I didn’t want you to do that you shut the doors when you’re moving now a single yellow wasn’t it I’ll just let this train roll and I’m cleared into Balam that’s all that matters now I can get my nut up if that makes sense ooh train if you’re wondering why I’m not taking my screenshots by the way it’s because of reasons those reasons being I have already driven this scenario as far as Selhurst okay I’m not allowed to stop until the next set what do they have a 3-car it’s usually two to four there isn’t a five color one as well anyway South Wales coastal whoa um no not whoo the opposites of whoo it’s made the entire previous South Wales coastal route are the one from Bristol to Swansea irrelevant so it gives everyone for the same price Bristol Bristol to Cardiff becomes irrelevant it gives Bristol to Swansea to everyone for the same price now they have reduced I can buy Bristol to Swansea having having now as I own and Bristol to Cardiff I can buy Bristol to Swansea for 15 quid which isn’t quite the point firstly I spent $24.99 on Bristol Cardiff therefore I don’t expect to pay it any more for Bristol to Swansea has people who get Bristol to Swansea now just get Bristol to Swansea for $24.99 which includes surprisingly the Bristol to Cardiff section so I’m quite annoyed to be fair I don’t see why I should have to pay any more money to get something that other people already have and that other to get so oh I forgot I put my DRA on to get something that other people will get for the same price I mean I am essentially putting in 15 more pounds come on right train reset now I can go mm-hmm that was annoying anyway so 50 I’m 15 pounds worse on the deal just cuz I bought Bristol to Cardiff no it shouldn’t happen I should get Bristol to Swansea for free because I brought bought Bristol to Cardiff I mean that makes sense right I spent 25 quid on Bristol to Cardiff therefore as Bristol to Swansea costs 25 quid as well I shouldn’t pay anymore that makes sense just that that does make sense right well apparently not apparently um dovetail games have decided that actually no okay my desktop has frozen right there we go it’s unfrozen apparently I should spend an extra 15 pounds for having the audacity to buy a

root it’s quite ridiculous I’m quite annoyed Cardiff’s of Bristol was an extension right so I’m glad that they it’s tedious and you note it trims emulator pioneers Edition they include both South Wales coastal routes and I think both are still on sale actually I’m gonna go and check are both still on sale well I had a little check and yes actually both are still on sale both the Bristol to Cardiff and the Bristol to Swansea versions of the South Wales coastal is still on sale despite the fact that if I buy Bristol to Cardiff I am immediately 15 pounds out of pocket or 10 pounds out of pocket I’m not sure if they’ve reduced the price to $19.99 or not but the point still stands I’m out of pocket by a lot if I want to later go and buy the extension to Swansea now maybe if I think personally South Wales coastal shouldn’t have been much the price they’ve set it at is rather ridiculous for what is a 40 mile route it’s not even 40 miles it’s fewer than 40 miles I think the distance is 30 it’s 39 it’s not much less but it’s less than 40 miles which is quite nice to be firm but not for 25 quid it should have been 15 then extension to Swansea however long that is 10 to make up the 25 or even better you didn’t you don’t release Bristol to Cardiff or you remove Bristol to Cardiff or you just update Bristol to Cardiff that’s what we’re waiting for that delayed train from South Bermondsey to West Croydon rather than have both on sale at the same time one of them which being a much worse deal and I don’t get them and I find it very annoying the other thing they’ve released in conjunction is the class 150 / one which is brilliant because it’s from reports it accelerates like a dovetail games Voyager now that is ridiculous that’s absolutely ridiculous physics copy it from the class 150 / 2 or create new physics that are accurate please but no it has the physics of a Voyager but it can only go up to 70 miles per hour which is weird and I don’t get it at all the hey-ho apparently that’s a thing next problem is that it looks vaguely horrible okay I’m late because of that anyway it does look vaguely horrible in the sense that the textures are all wrong it’s far too light for a first Great Western color set it’s also I do like the first Great Western color sets its looks off I mean it’s got 1 5 8 sounds for crying out loud I mean a 150 sounds a lot different to a 1 5 8 it’s

generally just a really poor and a really rushed effort something we’ve got very used to from the piles of rubbish sort of tale games but you know yeah not much Christmas cheer and this is there but then it is stratum and it’s southern as well I mean to be honest these commuters will just be glad a train has turned up yeah I’m really quite late now which is not entirely good but then oh well now I am late I should have been departing by now hopefully I’ll still get a tick and then I’ll floor it to Norbury okay I’m expected a minute late so let’s see if I can race this no essentially I’m now going to change from non dovetail games topics because actually it’s quite boring talking about them now could probably tell from my voice I I just have given up with them frankly untrained sim world that’s Alf your public beta so I’m not gonna slag that off too much all that I’m gonna say is I’m very skeptical about me ever becoming a part of it because I think they’re probably going to use the same business model on it as they do for train simulator which I don’t particularly like as you’ve probably gathered dovetail games are the apple of the gaming world in the sense that they charge way too much for things their products are also always overrated and overhyped and they break at the earliest opportunity as you can tell I don’t like iPhones or iPods or anything I had an iPod Touch and that just got worse and worse and worse and eventually died and now I have a phone which has the same specifications as an iPhone 6 or 7 I can’t remember which one but is much much cheaper because it’s not made by Apple or Samsung it’s a kind of copycat phone from a phone service company which I’m not going to name for reasons and that was only the phone itself would cost just over a hundred quid in comparison to the 600 to 700 pounds I wore water in the bounds and get an Apple for goodness sake I much rather buy a better laptop for that kind of money I’m not spending that much money on a bone I’ve clawed that time back good the timetable is quite lenient here ah that was the train I could hear and off we go green lights find the ETA quite an odd thing don’t know if it’s just me but I do find it very odd that’s going to Milton Keynes we

now I do like this it’s quite oh hello speed limit one so Christmas that’s a thing yeah I’m quite glad that it’s bringing 2016 to an end because it’s not mean they’ve been the best of years for Humanity I’m both excited and scared to see what 2017 has to bring partly for the political worlds partly for humanity and partly for me because I do exciting / scary things in 2017 like finishing school and going to university which is ah but enough of that that um this channel will probably still exist awesome may come back I don’t know it’s something that we are in quotes constant consultation unquote which basically means I’m going away to think about it and I haven’t do you like these adverts that doctor has put in yeah they’re fun little thing right next up is Selhurst change here for some trains nah come on win-win-win-win whoo can’t get too excited as my framerate is killing itself no it’s gone worse again brakes on brakes still on but to a lesser extent broke way too hard way too early I think my ETA is broken yet my eta is broken and off you go

right now we have a wait while we I don’t know what’s my signal saying single eye it’s amber so it’s bread down there okay Oh over ground hello you that’s quite flash that signals on point which is nice oh hello there we go do I have news no other than that I finished school for the year of 2016 and that was good because I don’t I’m like most people in that it’s very tedious and I don’t find it particularly interesting I’ve got to do it but at the end of the day yep sorry I had a massive yawn at that point oh god you’re back the end of the day I’m I’d prefer if I didn’t ask it’s life mmm stretching its life and therefore stuff I also had a very long day of filming out and about in London yesterday so that all provides footage for various videos ooh that reminds me I have a KitKat in my coat should I’m running at the kid cat I’m gonna run and get the KitKat I’m glad I did end up pausing the recording because I ended up getting very sidetracked and made a cup of tea and ate food was all rather exciting but anyway I now have another cup of tea and a KitKat well too because I’m a greedy bastard YUM so Selhurst home of Selhurst depot where southern trains spend most of their time thanks to strikes and Southern’s an ability to cooperate with anyone yeah that’s something I should talk about is it’s vaguely topical southern strikes um I was with the unions I’m going to say that I was I will specify the use of the past tense is deliberate because I’m not anymore my previous position that’s my position up until this month was that southern were being twits about it they can’t manage anything there their fight with the guards is because they’re going to use it as an excuse to phase it out they’ve guaranteed them until 2000 and if you aren’t after 2021 nothing will have I think they’ll all just go and that’s why I think the unions have a right to strike and they have a right to make a fuss about it because I think they should the safety case I mean I’m not sure I may live on southeastern so southeastern have the metros fleet certainly has anyway trains southern arm and I generally remain pessimist I don’t think the safety case has is as much credence but I’m generally with the unions because I think they have a right to strike about it and they have a right to be pessimistic about what will happen after Southern removes the guarantee of the jobs

right I said that are my view changed this month which is true when the union’s did the entire going on strike completely with drivers meaning that no trains could run that was where I drew the line because essentially I don’t think the Union should have done that denied why am i denied there we go because well for goodness sake I can’t take screenshots I can’t take bloody screenshots excuse me for a second while I pummel myself right save quit and I will see you once I’ve got back to this stage and we are back screenshot taken goal achieved back to southern the Union should not have done the total strike because that means like nobody can get to work before people could get to work but it took an awfully long it’ll it took a lot longer I was very tedious it was essentially abnormal southern Danny so they don’t think they should have gone on strike at all only think they should have just let southern themselves over frankly I apologize the language but southern so they don’t need any help screwing up know it perfectly well themselves I don’t need as laughs and RMT to come along and give them a helping hand by not providing any staff I mean southern ones remove the karlitz okay but they’ve done they’ve done a much better job which is to remove all the trains so there’s no need for guards because you’ve got no trains to stick him on well done southern you’re really good but no point is if the unions hadn’t haven’t gone on strike in the first place and they would have been still they would have still been this huge mess but southern would have had to answer every single point and wouldn’t have been able to scapegoat it on the union’s it’s God um and this is what I like to point out I think personally the aliens can be rather short-sighted like the left in general which I’m finally broke on left ish Center left liberal that’s my political view which you may or may not have gathered I am Pro nationalization of the railways partly because I don’t trust private companies and partly but mostly because the privatization is so flippin frog meant fragmented and so horribly done and is such a crap deal for the taxpayer of the government that actually we’re not better or we weren’t better off with British Rail but if we went if we went back to public ownership but just hadn’t it I mean Network Rail is the thing that’s making the real difference and that’s public if we just done that in the days of British Rail he would not have any of those but Network Rail is a good thing mostly which is and you know when we have you know go via made huge profits 99 million but some huge profits I mean if we made that kind of profit fares would go down at the and the government wouldn’t have to be were to recoup an awful lot of money that would otherwise be spent you know the net payouts to the railways would be much lower a rolling stock operating companies can right off yes that’s right people I’ve had my cake and eaten it it was bloody tasting

off we go welcome for the Sun service to Pearlie calling at South Croydon pearly Oaks and Pearlie oh you know what I should do I need to change my light settings to 90 running I think I forgot that we had to stop yourself right so this is gonna be a tight stop I’m also gonna have to reset myself because I went into emergency accidentally ss all the way over this is Pearlie this is South Croydon this is a southern service to Pearlie the next station is pearly Oaks it sounds like an oyster tree we’re hey jokes yeah not really yeah it’s horrible wasn’t it yeah I completely agree hello I’m gonna have to check change my timing of player train and because some of this timing is all for goodness sake the door bug again oh well because this has got offset by about 40 seconds oh hello I can’t go welcome aboard the southern service to Pearlie calling at Pearlie Oaks and Pearlie Friday yeah I’m doing this on the South London Brighton route because of the availability of of things it’s very useful to have all my a I going north man to disappear into the Victoria portals though I’m getting screwed up around Victoire they don’t the AI trains leaving Victoria

what do you mean what ETA is this so I think my pearly Oaks he I think my clothes timing is fun yep this stop is coming in homes this stop this train because the stop station isn’t moving this is parley this trade this is parley Oaks this station is pearly Oaks this is a southern service to Pearlie next station is Pearlie I know this is partially Southwest train seasons months Bert why you on this platform why are you on this platform there isn’t a train here trains do not stop at this platform at pearly Oaks look at me like that all you wants and stop patting your phone as if it’s a cat welcome aboard the Sun service to Pearlie yet none sect final it’s been quite fun this I’ve enjoyed it you may or may not have people either tell me in the comments or vote on the video or do neither oh hello and now it goes down to 20 I don’t know what for should make impromptu where it goes back to cell earth death didn’t tell me about that draw now that’s quite cool I like that a lot yeah it’s detaching the rear half going to turn and corner got that half going skater that’s quite fun sexy and exciting but that’s your lot so thank you for watching this video of the 2d is 70 in the 17 of 47 Shepherds Bush new Pearlie service the revamp of my original the scenario will be released on the workshop at some point and I’m not sure when that will be but it will be released it only remains for me to thank you all very much for watching and say if you

haven’t subscribed you can or you cannot I don’t mind you can also like or dislike the video depending on your opinions or leave the thing neutral cuz you were kind of from there about it or you just can’t you want to cook on a button which is fair enough all remains for me is to wish you a christmas of merriment and a new year that is hopefully better than the one you’ve had or as good as the year you’ve had previously if he’ll if 2016 was a good year for you I don’t really mind one of the two anyway see you next time for a one-sided conversation with me but until then goodbye