Walking Tour of "TRAIN STREET" in Hanoi | VIETNAM WALK

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Walking Tour of "TRAIN STREET" in Hanoi | VIETNAM WALK

Good afternoon everyone, it’s Cory I am here in central Hanoi very close to my house and behind me you can see some train tracks and These go right to the main Hanoi train station, but I’m gonna be walking north along the tracks These tracks are well known as the Hanoi “train street” It’s not a very very long corridor But it’s very narrow, a lot of people live and work along the tracks And if you do like a hashtag search on instagram for like #Hanoitrainstreet or #Hanoitrain you’ll probably see a lot of images from this corridor of train tracks that we’re gonna do a walking video of today So let’s go check it out guys. So this is southbound, and if I look this way It goes northbound As for the train schedule, I know for sure that a lot of people have said 3 p.m.. And 7 p.m are the main times to see the train 7 p.m. might be too late, it might be already dark, so it’s not really a good photo opportunity, but 3 p.m. is really good But it’s hit or miss… I’ve read blogs where people come down here at like 2:45pm And they wait for an hour and a half and literally no train comes, so they just give up But then the next day they go at 2:45pm They wait until maybe 3 o’clock or 3:30 And then a train rolls by, so it’s not like a concrete train schedule But it’s generally around 3 p.m.. Or 7:00 p.m And then there’s also some really early morning trains that are like the sleeper trains going to Sapa in the north or going southbound all the way to Saigon And it’s very interesting people have their businesses just right here along the tracks I’m hoping during my walk that a train actually comes by. So it’s 3 p.m. right now Oh look at this little doggie chained up right here. How are you? I’m sorry **barking barking** He didn’t like me looking at him But not aggressive, just barking Yeah, so we gotta cross this to keep going I’m just waiting for a break in the cars. Motorcycles, I don’t care about. It’s the cars I care about All right, so kind of made it through Cars do not give a fuck about people Okay made it to this section Have some graffiti going on here So I heard that you’ll know the trains are coming when everybody starts pulling all their stuff away from the tracks And then some guy is like going up and down telling everybody “hey! trains come and trains coming!” Yeah, there is an active graffiti scene / street art scene here in Vietnam. Just in case you were wondering This is the view from behind Wow check out the plants going on the side of that building And check out this tree. Just pretty much on the wall Pretty cool, let’s keep going Yeah, this place was pretty unknown for a long time, and it’s only in the recent years that people started to come here and take a lot of like Instagram photos and stuff like that These cars will eventually come to a stop, and then I can cross It’s actually very nice down here, it’s very peaceful There’s a lot of different businesses, hair salons, and restaurants, and repair shops and what not If you come here, just watch your footing, it is loose rocks and gravel

It’s cute baby clothes hanging to dry Is this a cafe? it is a cafe, called Railway Station. coffee tea fruit juice Neat now you could just sit right there If I only knew exactly when the train was coming I could post up right here But I’m gonna keep walking Oh, look at these little train track chickens… train chickens. Hi guys. What you doing? Are you laying your eggs down there? oh no you’re looking for some worms and oh There’s some chicken sex! Someone just got impregnated Yeah, so there are a lot of businesses along here like I said, but most of it is just people’s homes If I find any kind of like a street snack I’m gonna go for it, help support some of the people that live and work along here I don’t think I could sit down and stomach like a whole meal, though something small hopefully Going to walk on the tracks. Can I do it? Do I have a sense of balance? I guess Yeah, so there’s these different roads that cross across the tracks and then I think after this road is when it becomes just track only all the way until I think the bridge Yeah, so there’s really no roads that cross it at least to my knowledge, but we’re gonna go as far as we can After the white Audi All right there we go This red sign it says don’t go, maybe for our vehicles. I don’t know So I’m just gonna keep going I don’t hear any kind of a bell or warning or no one’s telling me not to go, so just keep going Yeah, so as I was mentioning earlier People live along here, so you could see people hanging laundry and a lot of these smaller trackside places, it’s like their washroom and bedroom and kitchen all in one very tiny living tiny homes Let’s stop for a moment and just kind of take this in I like this little garden right here. That’s pretty cool Yeah, I’ve seen into the doorways of these places before

It’s like someone’s kitchen or bath, I’m not sure Yeah one of these had like someone’s mattress in there and they had like a stove cooking something I can hear Korean girls I took a picture! Oh, you took a picture??? There’s some kind of restaurant, no one’s in there Looking back This is like the main corridor part where you know the homes are on both sides of the tracks But as you come over past this section then the homes and stuff are only on the left side and then on this side is open to the street I like this little garden going on here and check out these Are these Japanese white eye? I Ttink they’re called Japanese white eye Very cute I see even the girls agree There’s a lot of different herbs and stuff cool Yeah, so here now it goes all the way straight, and then eventually curves And it goes across the river the Red River and it heads north towards Hai Phong and like Ha Long bay area Alright, so I see like fried rice options, but there’s no like Street snacks If there was like some chicken skewers or something I would totally buy some right now Looks good and smells good So this is the western edge of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, this road Let’s keep going, I don’t think I’ve ever walked further than this point going in this direction, so let’s just keep walking and I’ve got my fingers crossed that a train will come during this filming. I think it’ll be like the highlight It’s so like simple and beautiful I know a lot of people might think this is like a slum, and oh my god poor people and blah blah blah You guys need to come here yourself Check it out There’s a wonderful charm about this “Xin Chao” (Hello!) I’m walking along these uh cement blocks like this. It’s a lot of trash, but

Part of life here These ladies are sorting the plastic and Cardboard trash from inside that place. It looks like they’re emptying it out look at this place I Love how that tree is just like a part of the house Cat graffiti Here we gotta go Birds hi guys So far no train So I don’t know if I should go further down cuz it looks like There’s a no homes or anything lining that and then you know if I go down that far You know maybe the train will come in then I’ll have very few places so kind of like tuck in away from the road Away from the tracks. I mean we’ll go down in just a little bit, and then I guess come back. This way, okay well We’ll do a reverse walk Yeah, so I think those guys they were Korean and maybe they were coming to the same decision I was like it doesn’t look like there’s much this way for a very long time So it might not be worth it to walk all the way down there and not have a way to like get back out to the street to my knowledge the only Like steps coming up to the tracks are over this way I’ve checked that way before and I could not find anything so I don’t want to get too far away But um, let’s just go back how about that guys? We’ll give you the tour both directions Some serious barbed wire right there For what I don’t know Ok it is 3:15 p.m.. Right now So as I mentioned the the length of the area where you could walk is not so long I Think people are posting up waiting for the Train They freaked out over the pigeons when it flew that does not get old In Korea so many Koreans especially Korean girls, but I’ve seen boys, too They freak out over pigeons like the pigeon flies, and they just like lose their mind They’re like oh my god pigeons. I don’t know, they treat him like flying rats or something Anyways, I haven’t seen that since Korea, so it was pretty funny to see it right now unfortunately who wasn’t captured it was behind me This guy running is he the one gonna tell everybody trains come in trains come in I wonder No, just seems like he was running for no reason Since there is no street food that I could see it. Just seemed like actual like sit-down meal I’m gonna try and get some juice So I see some passion for juice here chanh leo. let’s try to see if we can get some Xin chao, 1 passion fruit juice please Oh, no more? Thank you

Alright so she doesn’t have any I tried Yeah, so these steps right here are the only ones that I know of To come up to this level and then you know if you go this way all the way down this street level becomes level with this And then you can come in the same way I did I keep looking back in the distance to see if a train’s coming. I don’t know if it’s gonna be northbound or southbound So they’re cooking right here on the side too bad, it’s like an actual meal though. I don’t want a meal Whoa that door there’s no balcony or anything, it’s just a door I wish I could like speak Vietnamese well enough to ask some of these people like how long they’ve been here What do they do? What’s their house like? Do they worry about train track safety, etc etc? All right, I think I’m gonna wait a little bit guys I’m gonna stop recording, and then I’ll continue recording when I know that the train’s coming Or I’ll turn the camera back on when I know that it’s just not gonna come and that I can end the video But let’s go ahead and wait for a second guys all right guys It’s almost 4:30 and no train has come so I think maybe I’m in the wrong area while I was waiting I was like looking on my phone and Like checking all kinds of different blogs and posts and stuff that talked about this train track and the train schedule that comes through here There’s all kinds of stuff people are guessing on their blogs and stuff But there was one useful one that I saw that said the train no longer operates through here at 3:30 It’s only 7 p.m But if you want to see a train earlier in the day you have to go south of Hanoi train station So I’m actually north of it, and I thought the train would come through here at 3:30 But apparently it’s only a southbound train around 3:00 or 3:30 From Hanoi train station going that way all the way to Saigon so I guess I missed that train But at least this is the cool walk and we’ll keep going this way so that way, I can show you guys my walk back, and this is actually going back towards Hanoi train station and my home Yeah, so unfortunately guys not today, no train today, but I will definitely come back and make a proper train experience video for you guys and when I make that other video I’m gonna go to the south of Hanoi train station that way I catch that southbound train And it’ll probably be a little bit different scenery very similar to this, but you know slightly different I Will see what’s going on over there? But yeah guys, I’m glad that you could come along on this walk with me it’s good to get out of the house and get some exercise done been editing my Q&A video all day today, so I’ve just been sitting for many hours drank many cups of coffee We’ll see what’s on the side of the tracks here. There’s a shop that says. Oh they do Vietnam traditional hand paper

That’s really cool Handmade paper traditional style that’s really awesome No chickens hate chickens you guys here’s some seeds Yeah Alright see you next time This is cute like the colors on that Alright guys, thanks for coming along on this like semi fail Hanoi trained street walk next time. I’ll go to the southern section not the northern section here and hopefully we capture some good train action pass them through and Maybe there are some better street food options down there as well I don’t know, but actually that place is much closer to my house than this place so Anyway, it’s all walking distance from my house guys Thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye