PS3 Emulator – RPCS3 Complete Guide!

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PS3 Emulator – RPCS3 Complete Guide!

Good day guys!! Austin here and in this one today we are playing PlayStation 3 games on our PC… yep there is an emulator is named RPCS3 we’ve covered it quite a few times on this channel but today I’m gonna take you from start to finish playing not just the games but we’re gonna be enhancing them we’re gonna be pushing to the limit we’re gonna be playing this to the maximum configuration that these games have ever seen 4k maximum frame rate maximum enhancements maximum everything Maximus Maximus that’s what we’re doing today so without further ado let’s get stuck in so before we start getting stuck into this then I do need to give out a Gypsys warning otherwise I know they’ll be tantrums and tears this is a pretty cutting-edge emulator is pretty damn new in the grand scheme of things and the enhancements and the progress that this is making means that you do need a pretty good computer for this to run it doesn’t have to be a rocket ship of a PC it just needs to be up to a certain kind of standard I’m talking about I 5 and above I’m talking about possibly AMD Ryzen if you’ve got it that works like a dream I’ll put all the specifications on the screen so you can see minimum and recommended and I would say that even though it does demand a lot it’s pretty easy to put together a PC that suits this kind of makeup and emulators in general pretty soon on the channel I’ll be making a build it should come up to about three hundred US dollars complete PC build that would be suited for these kind of emulators and also for PC gaming oh so a certain kinda standard obviously it’s three hundred books in hooker again blistering technology for that but hopefully that should dry some eyes and should put some of this to rest as progress obviously develops with the emulator those requirements will come down and down as performance increases compatibility increases that’s the journey of an emulator there is no good emulator straight out the box it takes a long time to progress through that stage so enjoy the journey enjoy this video and at least by the end of it you will know exactly what your PC can do what this emulator can do and the hope for the future so let’s do this okay so the first thing that we’re gonna do is actually get the emulator itself set up and ready to rumble so links in description down below it will guide you to this website here which is the official RPC s3 emulator website now to be honest it’s not nothing related but it is probably one of the best websites I’ve seen for an emulator it is looking good and there is so much information on it the Peru at your own leisure now there is links to the progress site which is basically what they’ve been doing and what they want to do for future plans as a link to their discord it’s got a healthy community around it people helping out all that kind of stuff and also there’s a link to their github where you can have a look at a code you can get involved if you’re that way inclined and well it’s open source anybody can get a bug into anything so what we’re going to do is actually get this downloaded know at the top of the page there is some various tabs guides different sections we’re gonna focus on download however on the splash page there is normally a big download link which is the most recent version so I’m gonna click on that which will guide me to this now at the top normally you’ve got the most up-to-date version this emulator is pretty much developed on a daily basis sometimes more sometimes it is a day it all depends on who’s been working on what and what kind of breakthroughs they’ve been making now it is best choice to use the most up-to-date version that’s normal the one that’s got the most breakthroughs the most compatible and more times I would say the best performance so click on the link here it will download the most recent version as we can see it doesn’t take long it’s a 7-zip format file which means that you should be using 7-zip to extract it so because I’ve already got 7-zip installed on my PC if I always click on this it will open up the window as you can see here so this is that your emulator within the compressed file so what I want to do is extract this to wherever it is that I want to put this emulator so for this example today I’m gonna put on my desktop beaker as well it’s a demo so I get to show it to you guys RP cs3 so I’m going to label it and also going to put it as demo so I know which version of the simulator it is that I’m working on and then I’m going to highlight all these files and I’m simply going to drag it into that fold that I just created on my desktop or wherever it is that you put it on your PC once that’s done then exit out of there we can now see all these files in all their

glory within the actual folder next what we need to do is get it so well if the emulator works now this emulator uses what used to be called like the BIOS files so in the word systems are consoles they would have an operating system on the console itself this enables it to work well obviously so the system actually works and also gives it access to actually boot games and get them working properly taking assets from the actual software that’s on the system itself so our PC s3 is no different but luckily instead of having to dump them from the consoles or to get them from buggy websites online you can actually get it from the official Sony website so again the links in description down below it will guide you to this website here which is the official Sony PlayStation 3 system software this is the firmware which basically is on your PlayStation 3 or where go do is put this on to the emulator so it acts the same way to get our game to work in simple case download update however this is quite large my internet is shocking so I’m not gonna make you sit through here while I download I’m just a bit cancel exit out of there and as we can see if already got downloaded to my desktop now to get this installed first off what we’re gonna need to do is launch the emulator now as you see we’ve got various different files and folders already here once I launch this it’s got to make more files and folders as it embeds itself on our system it’s gonna make configuration files it’s gonna make folders for things to go in and it’s going to set up a profile that we are going to be putting in for it well have a configuration so double-click it first for you go see is a little pop-up saying blahdy blahdy blah and to get started you must install the PlayStation 3 firmware we’ve just downloaded that i’ma go do it now please refer to the QuickStart guide I’ll show you that in just a second founded in the official website for further information if you have any further questions please refer to the frequent ask questions again look over that in just a second and they’ve also got support on their forums and discord once that’s all that done click on I’ve read it don’t show me again because it’s a pain in the ass popping up every time and then click continue now be the last you see of that now what we need to do is get our firmware actually on the emulator so it’s a simple case of clicking on file install firmware and now what we can do is go to our desktop or wherever is you downloaded it to find the ps3 update pup that’s the file that we just downloaded and it will now install itself onto the emulator now this emulator needs to change the way that games and software is rendered through the emulator to put this into layman’s terms it’s kind of changes in the language so the emulator knows helps to interpret games and software so what it’ll do is it will do it automatically or be aware that this will happen so once I click OK as we can see is now compiling ppyou modules don’t worry about this it may go slower or faster depending on what kind of system you run in the more cause you’ve got it well really starts to speed this all look but be aware that this will happen when you install new software such as games and all that kind of stuff and you launch them for the first time this will all be done automatically but it can be a pain in the ass if you’ve got big games because the first time we launched them you gotta get that once it’s done then that is it that’s the last you’ll see of it so you can delete your pup file whatever it is you downloaded it the emulator is now already and if you wish to minimize this as we can see it’s now made all those files and folders that I was talking about and embedded itself on our system next thing we’re going to do is get our controllers working so in the configuration tab here you should have one called pads click on that and as we can see opens up and we’ve got gamepad settings for up to seven players depending on what kind of controllers you’ve got all that kind of stuff you can do different configurations tests and play around at your own leisure but for us we’re just getting a controller setup so you know how this works now controller wise you can pretty much play any controller with this emulator I haven’t tested all the ones in the world but pretty much every controller I’ve thrown at this where it just be a generic bluetooth Xbox 1s PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 they all work as long as they’re already compatible with your Windows PCs or in other words you’ve got whatever firmware is needed to get the actual joystick to show up in Windows once all that’s done then I’m using an Xbox one s Pub they’re just good to go out of the box so I just need to configure it so first thing we need to do is certain the agile paddle so that’s me bow ended up next thing what I want to do is to tell it what kind of want to use so for me using an Xbox one s pad I’m going to use X input it will automatically assign a Pat number it goes in basically whatever sequence you plugged in your putts so

for me the first one that I plugged in would leave it zero so no leave that as it is leave it as default profile next what I do is get the configuration now at this point depending on what pads you put in there it may differ from the kind of configuration what is on the screen so sick time go for all these beep add up left right down and then just go through them all and then once you’ve done all that you should get down to this section here which is analog dead zones for those of you who are unaware what this kind of thing is as you move your actual analog stick you can see a little blue thing that is mimicking the movement of your stick on the screen this little red zone here is your dead zone so any kind of interaction that is moved within that dead zone will not be registered through the emulator itself only when you go past that red zone now that’s great because it means that if your sticks are not dead Central when the idling means that your player doesn’t slowly start walking around and all that kind of good stuff but you don’t want it too big because then you would have to move your stick all the way to the left or right to get actual movement from your place so a good idea is to simply do the radius of this red circle so it’s close but not touching it so you’ve still got a bit of leeway a buffer zone in case your stick doesn’t naturally go back to its center position all the time and the same thing with the other once I stun then click save and that’s your controller set up obviously did this for your various different players depending on what control you’ve got going on and once that’s done click OK and that will now embed itself controller wise onto your system and you’re now pretty much ready to rumble with the games now when you’re getting your games working this is going to be the most complicated side of all this I think because there is so many different ways of putting them into your emulator there’s so many different formats of games to actually get them working and they can come in all different shapes sizes formats Orca and the stuff so it can get a little bit confusing so bear with me here first off I’m going to show you is the most simplest and the most common version of games and how they come to you these are the more disk based systems so these are blu-rays obviously that you would put into your Playstation 3 and then you would just play the game however certain games need installing onto hard drives certain games need all kinds of settings going on and we’ll cover that in just a second but Gypsys warning to you all this is the RP cs3 emulator as we talked about these guys do not condone any kind of piracy don’t any kind of game share in anything like that that could be the legitimize the actual process of making this emulator now I do know it’s 2018 it’s a big wide world out there there is games that you can download off the internet all that kind of stuff I’m not gonna cover all that stuff in this video it’s up to you to go around them houses I will not judge anybody doing it however you want I travel this world I’ve seen many places and I know that in some areas in this world you cannot simply just go down to the shop and actually just buy a game now for the games myself and how I get them is from my official PlayStation 3 my actual console I picked this up secondhand I’ve put a custom firmware onto it I’ll put links to a channel in the description down below he’s great at this kind of stuff putting custom firmware on this kind of thing and it pretty much transforms your playstation 3 it means that whenever you put a PlayStation 3 game into your console you’ve got the option to actually play the game or you can just copy it to an external hard drive that’s plugged into your PlayStation 3 so you can have your entire catalog dumped onto your hard drive so you never need to open cases you’ve got all games ready to rumble they’re already pre-installed onto the hard drive there’s no messing around it’s just click and play the great thing is if you’ve done that then you can basically take out your hard drive from your PlayStation 3 bring it to your PC plug it in and it’s completely compatible with your emulator also so you get the best of both worlds but again you can obviously go onto the internet and do whatever it is that people do now most games will come in that this format so here is my drive that I’ve dumped and these are all my games now there is different codes as you can see in front of the games these codes basically tell you what kind of format you will likely find from dumping them or however it is that you get your games when you go in there as you can see even normally got a ps3 game ps3 update and some other files and stuff to go along their lines now this looks pretty intimidating because there’s a lot of stuff going on but you can actually import them into the emulator files themself pain in the ass don’t bother with that kind of stuff simplest way to do it is every is former you’ve got highlight whatever games you want to actually bring into your

emulator drag them over and it should now populate your emulator give it a few seconds there’s quite a lot games there and there we go so as you can see now in the emulator itself I’ve got all my games that I had from my hard drive now accessible from the same hard drive it’s not moved anywhere any of the games into the installation folder of the emulator they’re still on that drive which is the way that I want to keep it and I would encourage you guys to do the same some of these games are absolutely massive ranging from anywhere between a few Meg’s all the way up to about 50 gigs they come on blu-rays which means that there’s quite a lot of storage in there and some of these games really do take advantage of that times that by the amount of games that you’ve actually got in your collection and then you’ve got quite a lot of hard drive space being utilized just from the games alone then the emulator itself the reason why I don’t like to put these together is because the emulator does in fact become quite large also some of the games that we’ll cover in just a second actually install themselves onto the hard drive of the PlayStation 3 so the easiest way to do that would be to install them into the actual emulator itself again we’ll cover this in just a second but just bird that all this in mind when you’re actually locating your emulator and your games on your PC you may come into storage issues later down the line so now we’ve got the game set up now we’ve got the emulator embedded we’re now ready to rock let’s first off make sure our games are ready to rumble but the settings at the top here you’ve got a little tab click on it is configuration this will open within the settings and here is everything that will basically put all settings for all games this is your default setup now now keep everything at default at this stage there’s no need to change anything on this tab especially because the developers have made everything that is more compatible with the majority of the games as default so keep all this bear in mind if you scroll over each one it will give you a translation as to what each one of these settings do in the description down below but we want to concentrate on the GPU tab this will open up this and here is where things do start making an impact quite heavily so first off renderer you’ve basically got two options you’ve got OpenGL and you got Vulcan OpenGL is the most compatible and is the most sensible option if you want to basically play the games as they were on the system however OpenGL is slow at texture caching so as you play through the game for the first time you will end up with quite a lot of stutters and halting and it’s not a pleasant experience however if you overcome that you battle on through you will notice that it will happen less frequently until it comes to the stage where you get none of that happening at all however that is per game so you do have to play through each game at least a little bit to get it over to a stable kind of standard OpenGL albeit very good at rendering all the graphics and making the magic it’s very slow at doing that on the other side we’ve got Vulcan this is very quick at doing that shade of caching it will still happen but it is much faster than the OpenGL version the issue that we’ve got here is that Vulcan isn’t as accurate as OpenGL when rendering the graphics for some game shall we say an Aki down to OpenGL but for now has changed to Vulcan all the rest of the stuff should be kept kind of at normal at this rate you don’t anyone messing around because we want to make sure the actual emulator is working them because that ramping it up so rest of the settings standard standard standard make sure that your console languages it’s English now that makes them just different sort of things that ever done anything to me network emulator yep no need to messing around there will be differences here depending on what kind of system you’re running I’ve got 12 well 6 cores 12 threads on my CPU so I’ve got 12 here but you guys may differ as pending on what system you’re running from so once all that’s done then click Save and that will now set up all the games as that as default so if I don’t change make any changes to any game that’s how they will run as standard so at this stage what I want to do is actually test again so let’s load up some that’s playable so we’ll go for castlevania lords of shadow to double-click it it will load up this as we talked about before with the firmware installation it’s just basically the emulator translating the game into a language which the emulator can understand it will only open the first time you load each game and then from that day forth if you loved it up again it will go straight into the game without any of this ok so now we’re in let’s make the screen bigger and here we go we’re booting in at this stage you won’t have this overlay on the screen this is me to aid me for making sure my well systems working to the utmost and

the games are working it’s just specs of my system running whilst it’s being emulated so let’s skip through all this and get into the actual game okay so now we’re in game and as you can see it’s running pretty damn well bottom left-hand corner you can see compiling shaders coming up and down all the time this will happen the first time you launch each game some games will be affected more than others depending on how many shaders it needs to load and store and if you’ve played it before and all that kind of stuff but once you’ve played through for the first few minutes it will stable itself out and become pretty damn stable page exit out of here now let’s ramp this up a little bit so going to right-click on the game that you want to do go into configure now what we can do is by doing it this way it will change only the settings for this game so if you’ve got problematic games you can do the old compatibility check see what settings people are working for those and mimic those settings in your settings here obviously depending on what game is running will dictate what kind of settings you want to be changing but again leave most things to standard the only things that some games do like is some the SPU threads they like this to be brought down maybe it’s a two or three again it depends on the game many of them won’t be affected by this kind of thing it’s up to you guys also some people with lesser computers are lesser cause you can do this lower SPU thread priority what this will do is kind of tailor the way the game runs so utilizing lesser calls but more grunted on each core so again it will work with some games may not work with others it’s just kind of ideas and experience that I picked up from playing with this emulator next stage then is the GPU so as we’re running through these games what you want to be doing is obviously playing at the best experience possible a good thing about this emulator is that you can pump up the resolution and as long you’ve got a half-decent graphics card all you need to do is get this dial and pump it up to whatever resolution you want I’m gonna put this up to about twenty one sixty just a bit over as polls and that will give me four cave Ellucian this will actually override whatever default resolution you’ve got set over here obviously if you’re playing this on a 1080p and you push it to 4k it’s not going to show you 4k images but what it’ll do is it’ll give you that a kind of DSR super sampling so it’s rendering the actual game images or the artifacts in that resolution which means that even if you are playing at a native resolution of 1080p it will still be a lot crisper on the edges with less jaggies along those lines but don’t let it hamper your performance again the good thing about this emulator is that it hardly impacts whatsoever so you can pump this pretty high I wouldn’t mess around with this too much unless you’ve actually got issues with games what this can do can do what I’ve noticed is if I pump this up further then it will take less a load off my system but I again I’ve noticed big glitches in games doing that writing not showing up and all that kind of stuff so I wouldn’t mess around with it unless it goes down on lines obviously on the side we’ve got things like vsync and all that kind of stuff I don’t really mess around with anything down dear I keep everything as default unless settings dictate that I have to change this and then you’ve got frame limiters you can put it to 30 60 all that kind of stuff and I static filter in post-processing again these can kind of break some games including the actual frame limit so keep everything as standard unless you really want to experiment rest of the stuff then makes no difference whatsoever with the actual game unless something does need to be done click Save and now as you can see once we’ve saved that we’ve got a pair gain this configuration there and they take it by a little cog next to the icon this means that if I was to load it now it would load using its own settings so let’s do that and this is the emulator now running on these new settings we have run in internal resolution of 4k albeit being rendered on my screen in 1080p we talked about why just a second ago but I trust you YouTube won’t do this justice but this looks so much better being rendered like this I will give you now this is what I did like and this is what it now looks like it’s to me night and day playing this in real time but it made different from you again using YouTube’s

little compression methods so that to be honest is pretty much displaced systems and getting each game to run the only bit of a thing that I think we need to cover is getting some of these PlayStation Network games and hard drive based games working these are normally come in a PKG format so let’s exile here and here is some PKG files that i’ve already got set up and ready to rumble so as you can see you’ve got wipe out HD fury and I’ve also got Yakuza 5 and Castlevania soon for the night so some of these come in many parts so the first one would likely be the initial install of a game then you can have the next update the next update the next update all the way until you’ve got the most recent version that’s why I often you’ll find that the first file pertaining to said game will be the biggest one and then they will go smaller and smaller because these are just smaller updates as you go along now the easiest way to actually install these is same as normal to be honest drag it over install the package yes now the difference why we couldn’t do it all at once like we did before is because the way that these are done if these are updates so if I just throw them all there at the same time the emulator may get confused as to which one is a real file and try to actually install an update before the actual game is there so to mess around and save any confusion to make sure everything is installed properly what I want to do is obviously just drag it over and do one at a time so as we can see we’ve got Castlevania Symphony Knight now installed on here now what I can do is drag this over and this will now update it I would think so let’s minimize this so I’ve got unknown at the moment and now this should give us a version hopefully no it’s not but you see we’re good coming from so now if I was to load this up as you can see we have now got PlayStation games working now this is a PlayStation Network game so it’s not exactly it is as opposed to being emulated but it’s not doing it through the same way as you can emulate through this emulator as sounds like inception does it emulates in an emulator through an emulator so now what we can do is play Castlevania Symphony the night through a PlayStation 3 emulator still kind of inception but not as good as doing it for a proper emulator there you go I’m not gonna go through it coz there’s a huge intro to this one so there you go guys that is PKG files which are normally the playstation network ones you will see sometimes that you will get a how would you say a install file such as this a PKG and then you may get an either slush rap so some files are called rap files and some kind of files a call a dance now what those are is say for example you was to download a demo of a game now some of these demos are actually full games but you can’t access the whole game unless obviously you’ve paid for it but if you had paid for them you will get what’s called a either or a rap file those little tiny files are basically a key to unlock the entire game so you go through the entire process of installing each one of the games until it’s completely up to date then you throw in your rap file or either and that will then burst open the game to be fully playable for all time you get what we’re coming from so I think that is about that to be honest we have again gone very in-depth we’ve covered a lot of stuff on this emulator some other stuff you may think is simple but for and every user as in somebody who’s never done emulators before doesn’t know what they’re getting into at least now they can take it from start to finish and know everything about this emulator inside out I encourage you to go over to the RPC s3 website on there they’ve got a wiki for many of the questions which may still burn in your hearts also they’ve got an active forum like I talked about they have got an active discord and also I’ve got my comment section down there I do keep contacts on all my videos and try to answer as many as I can especially as soon as a video goes up but if you aren’t have any more luck have a look at my disco channel there is a huge community there that don’t just cover this emulator they

covered them all and people have they’ve gone far and beyond what is expected of people just helping out there’s nothing in it for them it’s just for the good of the scene and that’s the kind of thing that I love so if you’re a positive kind of person head on over join in with the gang and well make it sound like a big fight it’s just this code for God’s sake very way I’m waffling on it has been an absolute pleasure bringing these to you guys please as always like please subscribe please share this to everybody in the entire world but most of all most of all you guys have a very good day laters