Alice In The Country Of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz Book 3 Full Chapter 9 The White Rabbit

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Alice In The Country Of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz Book 3 Full Chapter 9 The White Rabbit

hello everything is here back with more than nine guys expected to come up daily every so often simmering game so be sure to try out on the town a regularly for any matter of taste so feel free to ask me when the next one will be we’re gonna be doing this regularly kegs we gotta let Brooks to go through so let’s continue to chapter nine oh boy I’m so excited mm-hm the last we have so of course Pierre was acting strange to Alice I apologize I’m needed elsewhere excuse me Pete obviously pretending not to notice he’s avoiding me what happened and I think he’s not all over me but there’s something freaky about his sudden change of heart honestly I swear she because I’m happy that he’s not all over her but no there’s always something called I’m wrong Sunday afternoons beneath the kiss a Sunkist tree was the precious time of both Alice and me they spell with his sister he treasured habit that my dear was the time of the white rabbit you valued me loved me and yet you never knew the truth of my nature as I watched over you she doesn’t who need to remember she doesn’t well well hello there having from work like a lazy rats you’re the one to talk you must need something I don’t pursue business with you but there is something I need to think on Anna seems quite happy now sure coming to clover has been good for her we can all say that yes but what’s wrong with you you haven’t been yourself the volume hmm it’s not broken it’s not suppose you’re asking now this is still trapped here by Sunday afternoon somewhere deep inside her heart she has a strong sense of responsibility it’ll take a while for her to completely blend in here but don’t you worry she can take us all she needs to adjust it’s ironic you were the one who brought her here worried about her happiness but in order for her to be happy here she has to forget you since your Sunday afternoon that’s my ironic vistas craw woulda thunk of let’s roll spare me your pity as long as Alice is happy he is merely an employee a different suitor tactic Russian doesn’t work click pulling back he tried to deploy but allows I’m subordinates I tried to outs is it working don’t get your hopes up I can be worried without being in love not ever feeling is love the feeling I have about Pierre the completely different from my feelings for Boris Pierre wait he drank to this world without asking he never cares about my opinion he stalked me and clings to me and generally bugs the crap out of me but like ace he’s part of my life and I can’t push him away completely I don’t know why you are a lovely deadly-force sweet Alice others cannot help but love you a beloved is a Christ of like whites we know would be fruitless and there are times we wish to flee from it all yet oh how pleasant just being with you easily love frustration like magic so we remain may you’ll drive your suitors to the deeper madness is that actually a good thing that she’s encouraging them it was stupid as the vaulty for advice was expecting here there he is you stalking him now Lord I don’t get it don’t look on his

face is so bitter Alice dude do you need something not again are you okay I feel like something happened to you hmm be careful my sweet of inflating my pride by implying you miss having me at your side no no then why is dear Alice fascinated with me that bastard he never gives up does he I’m just curious Peter okay you change your attitudes all of a sudden of course I’d wonder why how terrible even though you hated that I chased after you Missy’s my pet it’s okay to forget and this makes sense in a way of course you can’t help but be curious about me but this chase ends here I’m sorry my dear but Pierre wait I can’t catch up why is she always chasing after the white rabbit well I really want to know what’s going on of course you do you’re curious Oh God Boris another voice I I didn’t expect you in my room what the hell are you doing I saw you with the Prime Minister Oh God oh it’s no big deal I was just um how can I explain him I don’t know what was going on now she’s dodging my question Alice hey but I can’t take this anymore it’s hunting again I’m taking my own grave well listen Boris Pierre isn’t please understand please don’t start hating me I can’t go through this again of course it’s all about her again where are you talking about I had a bad relationship before this I listen it’s not like I have lingering feelings or anything I just I was so proud reading my own hangups that I practically know what him when he left me I got even more paranoid oh so she’s saying it’s her fault okay I’m sorry I don’t mean to blow you off I obviously haven’t changed and I’m not proud of that I’m always lost and I make mistakes and I was like this in my own world but I decided to say here I probably should forget like nightmare and Peter keep account telling me but it can’t forget and that’s killing me why can’t I be confident like you Boris no I wish I was like you even when you were looking at this Prime Minister even when I’m touching you like this my clock ticks at the exact same time same pace he never changes I can’t change I wish we were the same I can never start hating you no matter what happens I’m not leaving and I won’t let you drift away don’t worry okay I already told you whenever you get lost I promise I’ll find you doing my job is probably tiring I’m so elevated when she followed me earlier but perhaps it was just her attraction to sunday afternoon and i realize more than ever that I must keep my distance dress the document is incomplete I need to put some more papers yikes later least not before you barge into my room this is my room look at you doing your job and all it’s none of your business okay now we’re gonna go god he’s why it’s not fun if you’re moping you’re not one to criticize Beast

what is this okay me relax and there’s a line out of the door what do you want Cheshire cat I’m us a shrink listen do you know what’s wrong with Alice haha here Zoe about her relationship with the right rabbit something is going on when I saw them you look like they were arguing about something important I wanted to rob butts that that almost felt wrong and she refused to talk about it damn it I’m surprised I expected those feelings from Alice but you tell me what it’s like Kat my experience with that sort of thing is all secondhand of course you don’t get it and I’m not gonna help you because Alice is mine what a man you are fine I’ll tell you then you’ll be an accomplice leave me be Cheshire Cat the nightmare told me about you and Alice sorry but I hate sharing I’d rather kill you does this want Alice once if you swear to me that my love won’t cry I’ll do what you asked and happily die I can kill him myself if you find yourself shy but I doubt my death will change anything someone else would just take my place Alice herself would not change and if we can’t change her then both of us are meaningless I don’t know why she fell for a manga leaker but how perfect for you to be loved by her when I I I was always with her before long you even dreamed of touching her if you lifts us then shut down from the stage you and I both what the hell he was dead serious damn it thank you very much you think it’s over by now you’re right sorry to leave you here don’t worry about this it’s always quiet in this time period look at the door opened the minute you said that huh Boris hey you K hey I’ve finished up I just kind of feel like walking around town if you’re off now we could go together they said some cool on trends and stuff when there’s an assembly we should check it out huh it’s beautiful I can’t believe this is tucked in the back alley this sounds pretty big hey I’m glad you like it these someone’s gonna end soon I wanted to show you this before they cleaned it out it could be a long time before another assembly rolls in thanks Baris you know how to show a girl a good time it’s so pretty hey Alice do you do you love me huh isn’t it obvious I just wanna hear you say it do you love me I love you of course I love you you shouldn’t have to ask at this point still that’s but it’s still frustrating that there’s a part of you I don’t know you always wonder off and I can’t help but get anxious okay wandering off does he mean it Peter I get it I’m a champion of freaking myself out don’t laugh at me sorry it couldn’t help it look I don’t hate Pierre I’m actually quite grateful to him because he’s the reason I was able to meet you

and I’m glad I’m so glad I met you I’m crazy about you Boris huh yikes the house embarrassing we’re in public more I want more of you wait Boris if you’re embarrassed I’ll hide you I don’t have the people to see the look on your face stop messing with me I’m not you kissed me first I’m just returning it trying to be a good kitty tell me about yourself even a little stuff I don’t know I couldn’t like before you met me tell me everything Ellis but my life was pretty boring I don’t care I don’t get bored if it’s you he’s acting so possessive and I kind of like it and I think I already told you but I have two sisters one older and one younger the younger one is Edith my older sister is lorina boy said he loves me and this is the first time I’ve really felt loved what she’s gotta be kidding me right I would smack you so hard right now boyce is cliche oh do you left her more than that several times she’s already felt lost whatever I went part-time I had this job meeting Boris needs to feel right to stay here wait what was his name again I can’t remember I don’t see no I know relax no remembers every Dias all of his life even the really good stuff or the bad stuff most memories fade away over time he’s totally normal I guess eventually I’ll forget and someday I might forget it all fine I’ll tell you what the white rabbit is Dallas then you’ll be an accomplice I can’t say I won’t say for Alice’s sake the white rabbit scared that being close to Alice will drive her towards her world since she’s since he’s her beloved Sunday afternoon so he’s trying to put some space between them I’ll do what you ask and happily die Alice the way the PM loves you since like this weirdly pure thing I can’t understand it especially since I freaking hate that guy but he I think he hates lying to you so if he says this bright to forget is probably true hmm he’s still hiding something from me that’s as bad as lying he’s saying so he doesn’t have to lie that doesn’t make it better but I’m not the Prime Minister my life isn’t that pure if you catch my drift no candle off I wouldn’t be the one who makes my girlfriend happy I’ll make it happy Alice and no one else hearing him say that did make me happy bit stared at my guilt again also the love of I can’t still forget my world right now I’m so sorry for the writing corn between the foreground I hate being like this again I’ve seen this scene so many times I won’t forgive you I won’t it won’t let me forget I won’t forgive you did you honestly think he’d be forgiven huh a dream I could have used you back there nightmare wait wait how long have I been depending on him without realizing it on the people of this world and the world itself everyone in this world loves an

outsider Boris to be continued Oh God guys that’s the end of this book we think of the site’s story we finished we’re going on to book four I’m so excited now of course I need to do a little reading commentary in that one oh my god I want to smack her how can she say that she didn’t feel loved I mean for the whole entire previous books we saw the boy I should have meant he cared for her she really should have felt at least some loves done why did you say only now she felt loved seriously what is wrong with this girl and of course obviously she does have two sisters and said either to parenting he plays little to no part in the story at all only the fellas she’s the mean sister from what I’ve gathered in one book and will you guys next is sight story and then we’re done we look forward and so he say it is my absolute favorite book in four seas story sorry I’m just too excited and so we’ll be doing the same story next and then once they started no we’ll be going on to book 4 who’s excited David Nolan say they can’t containing that ok guys thanks for watching so sorry I mumbled at my words sometimes they’re really hard to read like a which character is speaking in the mind guys I don’t know why they didn’t just put like a marking or something to show the difference with speech like for one maybe change the way for all of these feats so that each character has his or her own like text a type of tactics used it would be so much easier or just having the one character in the scene except of course when they’re kissing and doing but you know what I mean but that was awesome thanks for watching guys mermen guys will be up very shortly because I want to move on to book 4 remember we’re going to be reading all the mangoes so try subscribe just you know you stay awesome guys I can’t wait for the next part and then look for yay bye bye guys thanks for watching see you next