I got My Boobs Done in China/ Mi Cirugia de Senos en China/ One Yr. Vlog/ Un año Vlog

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I got My Boobs Done in China/ Mi Cirugia de Senos en China/ One Yr. Vlog/ Un año Vlog

we’re gonna talk about i personally noticed when i was researching breast augmentation videos and recovery and everything they didn’t really go into depth about a lot of things and they only told you about what happened like the week after a few weeks after recovery um so i did a one year vlog i’m gonna break it up into segments for you guys down in the comments or whatever i’m gonna have time stamp so you can go listen to each part that you just want to listen to or if you want to watch the whole vlog that’s up to you so fun fact i got my boobs done china china what what yeah china for everyone who’s thinking I’m crazy right now china is actually very good you know they’ve caught up a lot with the rest of the world with surgery technology everything so it’s not that’s scary to get your boobs done in china like me me it would have been before but yeah okay so let’s start what why did I want to get my boobs done okay that’s one of the most common questions I get that’s something I’ve always wanted to do I have always felt kind of like I wasn’t super insecure about not having boobs but this was something I wanted to do eventually when I was older maybe like when I was in my late 20s to 30 the next common question I get is how much data crossed in China if you’re converting yen to US dollars it was about five grand the materials and what kind okay so I got gummiberry silicone it was from an American brand they imported it over and then I got those photos she loved the teardrop shape the teardrop shape would have been more expensive because they’re more natural-looking and then how much did I get I believe I got 250 CCS I was in a cup and now I am a be like a full B and a small C it’s like you can be both there’s an in-between so that’s what I am it was painful it was very painful especially getting up and getting down which you’re not supposed to do they told me I think it was like the fourth or fifth week and then they were like okay now you can start getting up and going down by yourself before that you’re supposed to have someone help you and carry you after your surgery whatever at least for me I don’t know what they use in America is different but in China whatever they gave me to knock me out me my stomach’s sensitive so after the surgery I was hungry right because when you go in you’re not supposed to eat like an hour or I don’t know how many hours before surgery you’re not supposed to eat so when I wake up I’m hungry I try to drink water I threw up water I threw up the water like highly later so be careful when your stomach if you have a sensitive stomach just wait don’t eat order I mean you can try like I did and you’ll just throw up all over yourself it’s okay whatever you want to do so the recovery is different for everyone like I have a friend she said maybe like in three days she was fine like the next day she was fine so maybe her skin elasticity is really good and her body healing is really good um I have another friend she got hers done in Thailand she said hers someone had to help take care of her so the difference between America and China is in America they do the surgery and then they send you home with painkillers and

antibiotics and your drainage tubes if if that doctor does that so each doctor is different they do things differently that’s okay but yeah so in China they don’t send you home you stay in the hospital the one that I went to they recommend staying in the hospital I believe it’s for two weeks I only stayed there for like four or five days around there the drainage tubes are Nastasia you guys I don’t think I have any videos of that because I was too drugged up at the time with those things are dance see if you have like a weak stomach don’t get your boobs done just yeah don’t don’t get them done cuz there’s a lot of nasty that goes on with this the bandages because your boobs are getting swollen and they wrap you in bandages it starts to get really hard to breathe I don’t know maybe it was just me or if anyone else experiences that um I think I saw like in America they they put like some kind of like elastic thing so it expands as you expand but in China they didn’t do that they just wrap you in gauze and like cotton stuff so I ended up like I would get so swollen I had trouble breathing so I couldn’t sleep yeah I had a lot of trouble sleeping so I started like playing video games this track myself from the pain in China I don’t know if they do this in America they told me to not eat spicy food and to try to like just eat better so that I heal better I do think food has a big impact on your healing and your body so I did do my best to eat healthy fun fast history when England and Britain were invading China they used drugs to basically break down China and they were dropping down like opium and stuff so we’re trying to has a bad drug history and because of that I believe they don’t send you home with painkillers that’s what they told me I don’t know if they’re just fucking with me because I’m American and I don’t want a Chinese right so I went home without painkillers after the five days the five days while I was in the hospital I did have painkillers also in China once you go home they don’t give you antibiotics there so that’s another thing that’s different than in the United States and in China and United States they just automatically load you up with antibiotics over there they didn’t give me any antibiotics they only give people antibiotics if they have an actual infection I was kind of cool in a way it’s less drugs you’re putting into your body and you don’t need it so I thought that was pretty good I know someone like if I told my mom that she would freak out and she was like no like I need antibiotics right now right you know but uh so you’re letting my cat lady show for the recovery part someone is supposed to up and down because you’re basically you have this day straight you go back in for a checkup maybe two weeks later and then I think another week or two later I went back to go get my stitches removed I can insert a picture of the stitches here if um you don’t like looking at that stuff give it away okay okay it’s gone now so I did all my research on all the things I could go wrong nothing wrong happen to me you have to massage them daily for a year and I believe like the first six months it’s twice a day in the morning at night and then after six months passes you just keep doing it but like once a day it’s may like 12:00 now it’s officially been a year and a couple months I got it done March the year before and it’s a lot better now after you were supposed to drop with the scar tissue and everything you’re supposed to massage them daily because each doctor is different they they show different massages I researched a ton of different ones each one’s different just listen to what your doctor tells you so they are really firm um definitely like the first eight months ish they’re pretty firm I noticed like they have dropped they used to be higher then you still look like

like harder I guess and now they’re a lot like squishier feeling hopefully I don’t YouTube doesn’t ban me for like messing with my boobs but this is educational you you’re not supposed to wear a bra for six months yeah I can massaging them I noticed if I do wear a bra even a push-up bra I wore a push-up round the other day cuz I was working out and so I feel like the pressure of it like up there I don’t know how to explain it like it makes them look higher and perkier after you take the bra so I think it’s just your boobs are still getting used to like settling and going down and that’s why you’re not supposed to wear a bra for six months I think it’s six months I personally haven’t worn a bra for longer than six months because I felt like every time I did that’s what would happen I felt like they would go back up and the whole point of you massaging them and not wearing a bra so that they go down and start to look more natural but yeah now they’re like they’re like a lot more bouncy and squishy and stuff okay that’s like all the recovery I got a really weak really fast I think that’s just personally my body because I am naturally really thin so like me me before the surgery I remember I could do like 60 pushups 70 push-ups and then after the surgery I’m like back to like noodle arms back to zero like I can’t even fucking push myself up I think that’s all the questions everyone asked me if I missed any please let me know in the comments and I’ll respond to them but then here I’m gonna insert my 1-year vlog of the boobies to give y’all a life update tomorrow I’m getting boobs but yeah it’s about time girls finally gonna hit puberty it’s time and right now her boob surgery I’ve always thought about it I am comfortable with my body how it is now it’s not something where I was like I need it right now but it is something I’ve always thought about I got the opportunity to do it and I was just like why not oh yeah my body my decision is for me we’ve had a consultation it was great the doctor is really nice she also gave my gave me her phone number so I can message her and ask her any questions that came up into my mind you hear like a lot of scary stories about getting surgery in China and I think it is like the same for anyway as long as you do your research and make sure they have good then good great we research the place they’re a really good place so there are world renowned place people fly in to get surgery here I’m very happy with the place we checked it out they’re very professional the consultation area is very nice is a variable she looking like if Jeffrey star thigh it will be Jeff a start-up Russia it is they explain to you everything they don’t even have saline anymore good I feel like the Asian countries are a little more advanced than America when it comes to surgery plastic surgery so they don’t carry saline anymore so I’m an option they’re like no – it’s gross I mean saline is safe if it leaks in your body then you can see it it deflates right but it’s really hard and not like you can choose to get domestic so I am currently in China so it would be Chinese products or you could get imported materials from America we chose that she the doctor recommended the imported material even the Asian one would be cheaper right so we got the imported material from America the kind I want is 30,000 so round depending on what shape you want it also affects the price so the teardrop one are the most expensive because it’s considered the most

natural-looking but that’s a law is like fifty thousand UN so thirty thousand UN the one I am getting the circle ones is about four thousand five hundred US dollars currently it’s round first it will look very perky and not real it takes about one year to settle and then they drop and then they get like softer after like the whole healing process usually internal surgeries like that tape about one year for a full recovery like absolute full recovery six months to one year and then so that’s all about the consultation boob size types of implants you can get the size so in order to not get it like the pornstar look is they need to measure your boob and make sure the circumference of the implant fits your circumference of your booth mmm like it’s the diameter that’s bulging out that makes it look too so as long as it fits in your booth it’s been a little world I don’t know that your job ones are more expensive but they have up high your risk of turning and stuff and that’s not cute and then you need okay to get that faked and it’s like I don’t want to deal with that I’d rather just have circular ones and then later they drop and they look natural anyways as long as they measure you correctly and make sure they’re putting an implant in that fits you and then so that’s all about the consultation and figuring out your booth size and stuff and then I just want very full of bees that’s it like I’m a 34 a clearly I have been like a BCE before so that’s about what I want to be again like I used to like a hundred forty pounds and I was like a very cool yeah so I know in the beginning is going to look unnatural Jensen Chloe I know you just waiter you just wait and healing with and eventually today is my surgery the they wanted me to wake up at 70 and I know that’s not America

okay so we just finished a bunch of tests they did two different types of examinations on my breast and x-ray and blood tests pregnancy tests and a skin test to see if I’m allergic to easy which is really cool I’m whispering because I’m sharing a room with someone and they have the curtain it’s really nice um they made me change clothes they tested for everything like I feel very safe um I still can’t drink or eat until the surgery and the surgery is going to peak around 1:00 or 2:00 o’clock no they said to just rest and relax okay we just finished the surgery they got really annoyed with me because I keep wanting to see my new titties but they don’t want me to see my new titties they don’t want me to move so I’m gonna try to sleep before the pain starts to kick in so I’m taking advantage of all our numbing shit they put me okay good night I said good night you can stop recording now and I’m thirsty ice buck and I got a drink watery so in case some of you are wondering this is what the bandages look like they don’t give pain meds in China which kind of sucks but they do give payments the first few days while you’re at the hospital but they don’t prescribe any when you go home if you don’t have a good pain tolerance I don’t recommend getting it done in China there’s a ton of other places you can get it done where they do prescribe pain meds so don’t freak out so they’re kind of schooling this book right now and like I haven’t like I’ve only glimpse that then when we change the bandage is the first time I’m about to go and get the bandages changed or removed removed removed tomorrow so that’s exciting I’ll finally be free of this present so I’ve just been ignoring my discomfort with Netflix and video games but now I’m feeling a lot better and I’m feeling a lots more social when I’m not feeling comfortable I don’t feel like being social so now thank you baby so I have a bunch of scars from some pimples I had a few weeks ago but yeah this is the boobies they’re very swollen they’ll be getting smaller later so I’m not worried so I feel like this one’s a little difficult to answer because everyone’s pain threshold is different but my surgeon said it’s more painful than giving birth and I think that’s because they don’t prescribe that many pain meds and I think this question is kind of vague like they feel real and also how

does it feel like um in the beginning it just felt really swollen and now it feels fine because the size I caught wasn’t it wasn’t very large like they’re very natural for my body frame and also like I used to have this breast size when I weighed more so it feels fine to me now that the swelling is mostly gone take a look freakin nasty to be honest I’ll TMU because I don’t think everyone will see that and I do not have the bandages on they took them off about like a week and a half ago so I think that’s a really good question that like a lot of people don’t even think about so what happens is like when your boobs swell and expand so does your nipple and then what is normal is that like so it’s normal for one breast to get more swollen than the other because we use our dominant arm more than the other side so that side will get more spoiled so for me my lips I got more small so yes it actually was less expensive because I’m done in China the type of material I got the shape that I got and also the care that was provided they let you stay in the hospital days after yeah they let you stay in the hospital days after to make sure nothing goes wrong which i think is really great because in America they just give you like pain meds and they’re like bye go home see ya good luck with everything don’t like ruptured so you’re supposed to be like massaging them so that you can soften up the scar tissue and that’s why I like when people get fake boobs it’s really firm and so also if you get it underneath your muscle if it’s underneath the muscle the muscle actually massages they also so that makes the softer so what I noticed was because I’m left-handed I used my left side more to the left side is it actually like a lot softer that’s the right side and the right side is still really firm so I’m just like okay I’m just gonna be massaging the right side now so that they get even but yeah that’s that’s the update oh yeah so for my today Tuesday update which I forgot to do earlier you know how last week the right one was a little more firm than the left one I made a point to be like extra massaging the right one this week and I think it made a big difference like it’s a lot softer now it’s still it’s just slightly more fresh than the left one but yeah like I can tell a difference and I’m just like wow oh shit oh boy the titty Tuesday update I actually managed to end up massaging the right one enough to where now I feel like it’s about the equal amount of softness to the left foot yeah they’re both equally soft now at the beginning of this week they were really soft so I like slacked off on massaging them which I kind of regret because now then they ended up getting firm again and I was like whoa what the fuck like it it got firmer so I started massaging them again and they’re getting soft again also I noticed what helped make them softer is I gained some weight so I feel like that meet them makes them feel softer too it gets officially been six months now so now I am allowed to wear a bra you can’t wear bra for six months while you’re healing and um like they’re a lot softer now like it’s they’re starting to feel more real they’re still very like if I jump they kind of just stay in place but also even before I got boot surgery um like if I jump they kind of just stay in place anyways like my titties aren’t that big they don’t go nowhere I don’t really need a bra for support if there’s not that much to support you know I’ve still been massaging them even though they were starting to feel normal and I’m pretty glad I kept massaging them because now they feel even more like squishy so that’s good because it’s more natural I

think right but I don’t know I need a probably ask a guy and see if they feel natural um but yeah and I think my scars are going away pretty fast considering like I scar really bad I used to have a lot of piercings on my bodies I had like keloids on there and they like cut them off and like if you’re sensitive and stuff um don’t look because I’m gonna show my scars right okay so go away now so for those of you who aren’t sensitive like that’s what it looks like so it’s just like a really thick scar it’s kind of red brownish um it’s a little thick there right but I’ve just been like exfoliating and putting like essential oils on it and stuff and it’s going away pretty fast for the titty Tuesday update there is one new thing that I noticed it happens when you get high your titties feel really weird I don’t know how to explain it you would have to have implants and then get high and then you’ll understand what I mean I don’t know how to describe it but it’s really weird from my friends observations they think I am a very full beep or a very small seat like I’m in the in-between I’m a B C for that today Tuesday update so it’s been kind of weird this week because I got my period so like the left one really squishy and it got swollen cuz like when you are your period sometimes you get bloated like things just get swollen you get swollen but it was really weird because only the left titty got swollen and the right one got really firm and like I was like oh maybe it’s because I kind of slacked off on the massages this week I’m also I had a knot in my shoulder so I felt like it kept kind of like I don’t know the right titty just felt like tight it was weird at the end of this month it will be seven months finally so I was incorrect last month with the six month right the end of October so now I can finally start wearing drawers which is cool and also since it’s been about six months they’re a lot softer now foster’s so that’s good I think that’s why it kept like they get like soft and infirm again it’s because it still hasn’t even been six months I’m just excited for it to be one year because they say after one year is when they drop a little more and it will look a little more natural so yeah and then like I didn’t get that big of a size so a lot of people can’t even tell that I have surgery on us I tell those guys already know it’s Tuesday time for the training Tuesday update they’re like super squishy today I think I’ve been really like on top of the massages and stuff also your girl’s been eating really good for some reason this week the left titty was firmer than right kidding I do not know why it’s very weird because the left one is bigger than the right one so usually the left one is always squishier than the right one so I don’t understand what happened this week the right one is so I don’t know why it is also my period so that could be it I have also been slacking off on the massages so it could be a combination of all of those but it’s weird how the firm like the firmness and softness of it changes I don’t know why why does anyone know why about seven or eight months now and then finally like they’re super squishy and they actually feel like real boobs finally so that’s really good but yeah and everything’s been normal like this time one didn’t get more swollen than the other all my period yeah there’s just like they’re pretty nice now and I like it I didn’t get stretch marks from the surgery which is good well the scar is looking a

lot better to see it’s like fading a lot I make sure to exfoliate it you know and put like lotion on it and body oil or coconut oil I I really do love coconut oil you can use it for so many things but yeah the titties have been good sometimes like when my cat steps on meat or like massage my boobs she massages my boobs like I’m not joking about that oh yeah I was always she’s doing that like sometimes it hurts like me because it’s like a little paw and it’s like putting all this pressure in one spot but yeah I also noticed like maybe sometimes if I’m laying a certain way and it kind of like lifts the boob up that kind of hurts too a little bit but it’s not a lot it’s not like super super painful was just like oh that’s kind of like uncomfortable oh my god this is happy what’d you do I got okay and then the next thing what do to my coworkers wanted to see my boobs so I flashed on my titties don’t tell the boss