Kaptain Kirk my Journey to Mumbai

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Kaptain Kirk my Journey to Mumbai

it’s a long way down town by the queen necklaces we all make this mistakes with locations hi whats Mumbai like no probiem all good ji thank you sir hi buddy.[ Baba ji ] from Rajasthan Gateway to India Mumbai [Bombay] h idid you done any read up on this place my friend, from Italy yep Italy shoot ,edited internal design Rakesh 1400years old carvings shoot your name friend, Darcy coming to Mumbai first time,don’t be shy your friends a Rapper 10 rupees more extra trying it on give me more money if you want to sit up stairs 420 birds are putting on a display

just been to the camera shop and deleted all the foottage from my main camera, deleted all wasted , should have a bit on my backing camera bit in the backing camera best street food in Mumbai Vada Pav thank you enough Big bad boy full song on you tube last time here with me friends brother Sam ,Rob, big Rob,Gurdeep and Kully RIP filmed at Juhu Beach filmed at Marine Drive i’m from Mumbai sir Mumbai people are friendly sir knowledgeabe

thank you so mach have a nice day this is the best bus better than the tourist one over there edited shot bless vary nice of you sir thanks cut me foot come to my rescue thanks for your help , have you saved other people before yes from here ya all the time can you swim.ya how old are you 13 what your age saved me 13 ,is that your village, home over there yaa name Tantrai sir you thanks your home my home very nice tell me you have TV yes sir and electric yes sir by sea link Bandra no trouble no good view at work people are so happy you not working day of, Sunday very good thank you sir your bandage, its a bandage well yeah bandaged me up as well thanks

i was filming by the Link yes be on youtube soon lot of work to be done yet. I should say a lot of money to be spent yet a long way to go a lots of millionaires about 150 million people in Mumbai, i think [ 18.4 million. in 2011 population] money been spent on tolits shortage of tolits 21st century slums on the other side of the gate there long way to go yet bout thats India for ya names think of Mumbai number 1 Mumbai joyful man love Mumba mine from how long you lived here no no no,born and raised sir Mumbai yes sir goog thank you sir hope they’re not live, think after about two two and half weeks you just want home to go home to be honest with you with all the hustle and the bustle and some people try to come it the people try to out smart. just like that but it’s been a good adventure filmed at Juhu beach Maawa/Mothers song [Bulbul bulbul] Nightinggale bird sings what is it she trying to expain Jog jog [ Jogs=one 4th of the world time ] may the mothers of the world live for ever] thandiya chawaa.. Rubb dy aa rawaa [like the shade under the tree .like the cool breeze way to [trueone] Bulbul Bulbul geet ay gondy bulbul bulbul key samjondy Wjkk wjkf