Let's Play Donkey Kong Country part 3: And so the LPer's curse begins…

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Let's Play Donkey Kong Country part 3: And so the LPer's curse begins…

hey guys welcome back to let’s play Donkey Kong Country welcome to gorilla glaciers least favorite world among many um I’m not a big fan of it myself either I don’t know if I’d say is my least favorite though definitely not one of my favorite world so his first level we’re in though isn’t so bad and finally got a second Winky token don’t worry you’ll see the winky minigame at some point I assure you and this level in particular has my least favorite barrels in the entire game the gangrene singers have that pattern and there there’s yellow zinger also you may recognize the music from my Christmas special as I found a lot of musical donkey kong country in that special because the soundtrack here is freaking amazing not these murals those barrels aren’t so bad I mean they’re not my favorites but there’s one that’s even worse believe or not and you will see it very soon and I’m not looking forward to it not one bit noce the snow starting to pick out that’s actually a little discomforting oh now it’s blinding that’s not good crush over there garden a bonus room and see if I girls bananas can I Oliver one but not a big deal it’s just one those barrels that when I was just in those are the ones i hate they spin around a full 360 and it is incredibly hard to hit your mark that one spins very fast so that token is not worth going cool by the way with this blinding snow it’s actually pretty hard to trying to figure out how to shoot it or where to shoot it like that this is just annoying no hace first you got the blinding snow now they’re singers blocking these barrels like it aah you think that’s enough I mean the first half of level in so bad but once you reach the second half then it really starts to punish you it’s like oh you got all these life you’re making good progress or want to change that but again I don’t hate this level it’s it’s not bad it’s just the first half that’s good the first half fine the second half is where it gets bad because you know blinding snow freaking singers blocking the barrels that spend a full 360 it’s just not my cup of tea I dislike that don’t like it it’s incredibly hard to get get the timing there without getting hit I almost never make it without losing a Kong it look at this this one’s moving up and down and doing a full 360 like how am I supposed to time that I got incredibly lucky there oh my goodness oh I got lucky there freaking pinger red zinger sping all around my barrel that’s already doing up full 360 I can’t get over that these barrels suck why would they do that fact wire barrels floating in mid-air to begin with I don’t know it’s these kinds of barrels that make me hate bear blacks and exceptions I actually do like them typically but the ones with the do the 360 makes them me start to hate them Oh actually forgot about that little secret down there don’t forget that then thank

you that’s actually really helpful there we go oh there’s there’s a little helpful to peruse that barrel that way and you’ll make it through that little no problem and darn it I missed I’ll thank goodness Orson are hoppin Kremlin now these blue ropes I have no idea why but for some reason they make you slide up I first like darn it wasn’t trying to hit two at once anyways there’s donkeys a loose saying and now you can’t go back I honestly never knew that blue ropes made you slide up I wonder if I get out some spray paints gray a rope roof that would happen I’m curious to know now I’m not to try it the music here is really awesome the purple robes actually make you slide down though that’s even weirder I mean I can wrap my hand head head around up blue ropes hey can you slide up but purple ropes laying down that’s impossible there’s no way that’s accurate ah this level isn’t so bad it’s just the ice and you’re slipping all around and it’s a pain what can i say i hate i typically hate all ice worlds and video games all honesty i just don’t like them they’re not fun to play I don’t want to slip around on ice hate nice okay that’s all there is to and there you go there’s that there is complete and you get an extra life so it’s essentially the same a spell now calm and yeah well I’m wearing a seven minutes holy crap yea once again get some spray paint spray some ropes blue and purple see if they actually happens cuz i’m curious now what can i say maybe it is possible maybe I’m crazy maybe you make sure the two this one your spelling out Nintendo and it’s easier said than done because you’re slipping all over the ice successfully do it and your reward with a boy I remember one bonus room in particular you have to spell all the animal by your names and then you get like a token for each animal buddy I believe yeah anyways moving on it’s I don’t think it’s in this level by the way when I was just talking about anyways grab this barrel and her wife yes actually want to use to Nagy to get the banana bunch there it’s probably best that donkey up in front we go because these armies but what can I say I like playing this day I like being faster ah don’t get me wrong I like donkey kong at all but ah but it’s just like the faster characters better I don’t know why but I do let’s go me on first fail video in this series like I say I’m not very good at ice levels I don’t like I was early yeah I’m not gonna begin to much done at this point if I’m lucky I’ll finish this level before this video is over I’m gonna go even go two for two you just staying in place you actually don’t slip around hi even when I’m not slip around I still

fail that’s just sad sad and pathetic like Michael Vick no not really I hold nothing against them except for that whole that a crime he did anyone that’s watching news knows what I’m talking about I’m not here to talk about that though I’m here to talk about talk country even though it does have some levels that bug me like this I still out this game is still my second favorite of all time this time I remember because I purge is really hard to get through without taking hit but I made it and I got my Kong back so who cares they may notice this one’s junk really happened so some stuff there and there’s three young guard tokens yay and I’m not gonna bother cut his house cuz I don’t know I guess maybe someone wants to watch it I mean you don’t skip ahead yo mas guess I myself only one play this honestly the young guard is just so boring let’s not say this is the guy actually love on guard ease one of my favorite animal bodies along with Randy and Winky and um expresso I kind of like I also like most of the ones in the other games but i’ll talk about that when i say my probably my favorite hand play in this game is either Rambi or winky just cuz i really i really like Winkies jumping and whatnot he’s fun to use but uh yeah I was like Randy’s destructive nature it’s all too big for me and I’m kind of forced like on guard because uh he’s the only way I can attack him water well even if he wasn’t the only way i’d still like I’m guard guards awesome so there’s a little point to go up there now but I’m going to anyways to think that know when I have bunches do not respond that’s all this one not for sure they would but nope whoa crap I i completely forgot about this part in program oh just barely made ah and that’s another reason why don’t like donkey playing as donkey he can’t jump as high as Diddy so i can jump like that is incredibly hard I mean I like you did donkey and all but did he is your superior he should be the hero not you intense so I on guard token this time if I again if I’d actually get on guard three young guards again I’m going on cut it because there’s really no point and sing it three times I don’t know what’s over there and I’m not qualify now I hear the singers over there so it’s it’s not worth it for me this parts not so bad oh that’s right that one sweet sin oh wait ah this is just full fail this is sad this is pathetic like I said oh I get three young guards I’m just going to cut the whole thing out because there’s really no point in watching it again in the same video let alone three times in this series okay there we go still not willing to try that path I just want finish this the freaking level already but I want to see this is not one of my favorite levels i really dislike this one it’s not not my least favorite probably not my least favorite but it’s really not that almost at the end now come on do you want the g just do that I’m haciendo so it was pointless but finally that was no moving onto ice age at Lee this one mmm is okay it’s better than the first

two I personally think partially because you get expresso and Susan box disappeared again this is weird now expressly you need for one of the bonus rooms and it’s incredibly in the wing but so I’m not going to try it that’s one bonus up there by the way you can’t use Express together though you have to jump on the neck ease it’s just I want to keep express or just get this level done so i think sarah got that checkpoint to express it makes this level very quick i’m not looking forward to having to do it legit to get the bonus rooms like I said won’t be doing it off camera oh no there’s the bonus room i think cancer in a blue balloon which is worth three green is worth two bread is worth one um what’s crap uh-oh blue Blues were three green is worth two and red is worth but as you saw I failed miserably so who caters and there we go not a terrible level i openly meds couldn’t be better though octopus chase this is one water level right I don’t know if I’d say it’s my least favorite it’s actually no I I like this one for the most part it’s just that I don’t like the croco pusses cuz you can’t kill him but this chase scenes here with them are very short so it’s not that bad just wild a kid out I have a lot from shrink memories with this level in particular have a lot of fresh string memories with a lot later levels in this game when I was a kid because I just flat-out wasn’t good at games when I was young but after like few years of practice and when I finally got him down then I turned the game into well I don’t want to say well thinking but I basically turned the game into an easy game for me and i’m already out of things say i have no idea what’s up there honestly i don’t i don’t know if there’s any way to get there honestly just a tease think which is a little odd but whatever maybe can glitch over there I don’t know I’ve never made it over to that open part after that barrel blast so I was all about you notice the sign symbolizing that the levels almost over there is right there yet we actually still have a lot of level left to go that is that is definitely a tease because I know the level is not almost done we still gotta want to go not a whole lot but like may like third or fourth left me in half oh my calf chomps there that’s one thing you notice that the blue Crocker pusses they only appear in this level i believe and they follow you until a certain point purple ones earlier ah they just go in a set path basically if I any enemies colored differently that means it’s gonna have a different pattern that’s all you really got know about them I would just oh he is out late start I thought you just won’t stay there I’ve no idea what’s over here one that’s right oh so there’s charms oh yeah I’m guards here too see I remember that sign back there so do i how long has it been now since we saw that son and no one guard can’t kill the guard bus trust me I’ve tried and I’m not going to demonstrate because I actually do want to keep on guard strange name for fishing there’s another son not sure if you can take up the jellies but whenever it’s done crank again torchlight troubled this I think is my least favorite level in the game at least want them cuz this one is not fun for one problem notice it’s dark

there squawks our last animal by he only appears in this level he’s essentially useless this game watches my turn the flashlight lights on the screen that is bull crap I hate that it actually does annoy me quite a bit I mean like if you’re watching someone play this new have bad eyes that could hurt your eyes don’t hurt mine because mine are fine but just saying if you did so yeah you do have bad eyes i recommended skipped on this part at least elasa um number call with us yeah there it is boners are there and even dark in here I can barely see I just want a banana ooh that’s something gets so excited about I definitely say squawks is my least favorite animal buddy in this game at least because this is the only level he’s in this is only time to shine no pun intended and those death we wheels of death sock I hate them really no bananas or anything there mrs. parole at least the levels almost done at least according to that sign hopefully it’s not teasing this time because all I don’t recall this all well enough this barrel never mind if you use the bear right there you get bonus room alright well despite all my failure the first two levels somehow I push through made it so I think we got enough time for one more and this is another contender for my least fav level because again I hate these tree top levels there’s only two of them I think there’s a barrel down there yeah there’s a bonus room I me being me I gotta get all the bananas all of them and we get Winky yay wikia’s free helpful for this level yeah at least in this one there’s not as made barrel blasts I don’t think been so long so I don’t know if I’d say I hate this one or that treetop from world three more probably the treetops one because at least this one is mostly flat from coming mostly I think there might be one or two barrels sections i can’t recall off the top my head is it’s been a little while since I played this game so I can’t remember everything I’m not going to bother cartwheeling for that oh because it’s just not worth it I got enough extra life as it is these I yellowish Kremlin’s they just bounce back and forth actually don’t recall them of course I I never come back and replay this level after beat the game why would I ah great and I made to say point so I don’t get to go back and give Winky oh come on that was bull crap out the head just look like hit I’m trying to do the bear roll but no that’s too much to ask for at least I get to keep you what ah just when I thought the failure was over no it’s got a resume lets players curse I bet ok no no no don’t roll into them just do the side hey I go and bother going for the banana bunch it’s not worth it not worth risking life ah freakin tired moves too slow ah this is gonna be the longest part yet come on hit him okay that was my fault my time is just way

off finally I’ve got an extra life good thing I got plenty of extra life because I’m probably not gonna have any of my time I beat this freakin level just got the timer right there we go see with that one you can’t jump on right away you have to wait for it otherwise you’ll hit the singer fact I want to switch today to get this virgie a I get the end I don’t work come on there we go okay who’s worth it there’s a bonus barrel in fact I’m just don’t do that I don’t want any more animal tokens except for week if I have to I will go back and get three Winky tokens if I have to because I do wash office is my personal favorite anyways that’s it will save the boss for next part see y’all later