Whirlwind Girl EP14 | Yang Yang【ENG SUB】Chinese tendy drama | idol drama

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Whirlwind Girl EP14 | Yang Yang【ENG SUB】Chinese tendy drama | idol drama

You can’t practice here Go back to the Hall! Senior agreed to return! That’s great! If you are late, you need to do 100 frog jumps We will go right now Let’s go quickly! Why aren’t you going yet? I am going now! The new training center being opened by coach Shen Ning had recently announced it’s in preparation stages After one month of hard work, all preparations are now done Next, they will began accepting students The facilities are state of the art Even the training equipment are digital The initial investment is over 10 million yuan I tell you Martial Arts Hall Challenge Matches is an annual event But, being able to practice in Shen Ning Coach’s facilities isn’t an annual event So we must take advantage of this opportunity Understand? Understood! Coach The money I asked to deliver, did you do it? I went over there, but I was chased out Look, they even hit me here Go go go No problem, we have other ways of getting in If we can’t move them with money, then we will move them with emotions What? What does that mean? Good question! Our solution is One, Cry Two, Beg Three, Beg on our knees One, Cry Two, Beg Three, Beg on our knees I am telling you, people used their tears to get their way a lot Coah is teaching the wrong thing I don’t think it should be like that Shut up! Everyone remember, In front of coach Shen Ning, We need to cry loud and emotional We need her to feel our honest intentions Only this way do we stand a chance You all remember it now Cry, everyone cry! Cry, Cry more! You, cry! Regarding the acceptance list everyone is interested in, Coach Shen Ning is in the process of selecting The list will be avaliable by the end of this week Who are on the list? Could you comment? About the acceptance list, it is still confidential But I can tell you this This list will not make anyone disappointed Bai Cao did you see this? I think you are definitely on the list Thanks everyone You were the dark horse in the last competition You beat Senior Lin Feng Although Xian Wu Hall got the Championship, But, as long as the top three from Song Bai Hall can get in, Then our Hall’s future can be awesome! If coach Sheng is as amazing as everyone says, Then I believe she will work with everyone diligently I believe Senior Ruo Bai and Senior Yi Feng will make it for sure How about you? Me Do you really think I have a chance? Of course! 1000% As long as the three of you can make it Then Song Bai Hall will have the chance to recruit more students Then I will manager Song Bai Hall to the be number one hall in the city! Who was her teacher before? Qu Xiang Nan Ting Hao! Sis I brought a book for you, take a look if you have time maybe it will help you Master Fang coming to seem me at this time, Is it because you want to know who are on the list? I just want to say this upfront, I wouldn’t consider anyone’s advice

I can’t fool you I know you are fair and honest and don’t take bribes But as an investor asking to see the list a day early, I don’t think that is too much to ask If you want to know about Xian Wu’s students, I can tell you I will accept the most student from Xian Wu You think I am interested in Xian Wu? I am interested in Song Bai Hall Ma, today we won the Martial Arts Hall Challenge Matches Soon, Yu Chu Yuan will fight me This time I will win for sure You wish, after all these years Will finally come true Look at the time, what is going on? Oh no! Maybe the Hall isn’t in it Stop jinxing us! That is right! Senior Ruo Bai is in for sure! We can only be patient and wait Fang Ting Hao? Fang Ting Hao! What is he doing here? Bai Cao! Why are you here? He is here to see Senior Chu Yuan? I thought he came to look for Bai Cao Ting Hao! Many years ago I told you I will defeat you You remember that right? I have already left the world of Yuan Wu Dao I wouldn’t compete against anyone again Also, all the championships I have won, you won them too That proves everything You should forget all that There is no meaning You may want to forget, but I can’t forget I have always lived in your shadow You were the boy genius, a young Li Yun Yue Everyone said one you will become the head master of Yuan Wu Dao, no one can beat you Every championship I have won, was after you stopped competing There is no meaning in them I want you to compete seriously against me I want my mom, I want everyone to know, That you, Yu Chu Yuan, is not match for me Before every time I asked you, you always say no But this time, it is different You know about Coach Shen Ning’s training facility right? Everyone in Anyang is interested I think Song Bai Hall is interested as well Luckily, she did accept people from Song Bai Hall But whether they will be finally accepted, it all depends on my say so A list Coach Shen developed, based on what I know about here, she wouldn’t be change so easily Be realistic The whole center is supported by the Fang Group You think she can go against me? He is threatening using the training facility?! Just because of our private matter, you are willing to ruin someone’s future? You are not like this What if I am? Tomorrow morning at 9 Come to my hall I will wait for you there

If you are willing to fight, I will keep their names This is my last warning Don’t make me wait That is too much! How can do he that? He is being a bully Wait Senior Ruo Bai You don’t have to waste so much effort He already left Yuan Wu Dao This matter isn’t related to him at all Also, if this training center Is arbitrary controlled by you This kind of place, I would rather Song Bai Hall students don’t go No Senior Ruo Bai! Stop! This is Coach Shen Ning’s trainer center Students trained by her, 8 out of 10 are national champions Even some world champions Senior Chu Yuan, say something Don’t waste this opportunity This matter is up to me No one else can interfere Ruo Bai, you are really protective of him Chu Yuan If you don’t care about Song Bai Hall Giving it up like that But they seem to still care about you Whether you want to help them, It is up you Tomorrow at 9, I will be at our old meeting place That is too much! If Senior Chu Yuan hasn’t left Yuan Wu Dao How could he be a champion? Senior Chu Yuan, you have to each him a lesson That’s right! Kick his ass Are you guys not hearing me! Yu Chu Yuan has nothing to do with Yuan Wu Dao If Fang Ting Hao comes to challenge people, it has nothing to do with him But Senior Ruo Bai, This is such a great opportunity You must be on the list already How can you give it up? If Senior Chu Yuan can Senior Chu Yuan, please! Senior Chu Yuan, we are begging you! All of you, go back to practice! From this day on, we have nothing to do with the training center Senior Ruo Bai! I am so mad! I am mad too! You guys! Don’t be like this! Yu Chu Yuan! My grandfather says you are stronger than me My mom says the same thing Everyone says so But I don’t believe it Let’s fight and see! The insignificant life, not touched by great waves Is not to be underestimated Is it a dream? Is it you? That pair of youthful, blazing eyes No longer avoiding, my beating heart Even in the dark, I’m wide awake That faraway place, what is it like? Ting Hao Unknowingly I raise my hand So what if it’s out of reach? That faraway place, is called wandering Keep thinking about it even if I can’t get there Let your wings become my luggage and accompany me to the land of dreams I didn’t know he wanted to beat you since you were little

Then because his mother got hurt, he got stuck on this idea But, he shouldn’t threaten you with Coach Shen’s list That is over the line You can’t fault him completely We grew up together Although he seem brash on the outside, But he is actually very kind inside Maybe it is because he is too close to his mother After what happened, He became extreme Senior Chu Yuan, although you have clearly quit, You are still speaking for him, even though he is forcing you Bai Cao, why have you never asked me why I quit? Because it was your decision I believe you have your reasons So I don’t need to know Like my coach, regardless of what people says, I choose to believe him 100% So, no matter what other people think or say, I will support you till the end Bai Cao, you are a dummy Senior Chu Yuan, will you actually go fight Senior Ting Hao tomorrow? This fight, I wouldn’t run away from But I wouldn’t fight him either When he realize his challenge is meaningless, he will quit What? You are just going to let Ting Hao beat you? Yes Hopefully this will help him get over it I hope one day, you can put it on again Xiao Cao *T/N Little Grass Do you think I should do something for him too? I have to do it! I asked to come watch What is with all this stuff? You don’t understand, Senior A match as legendary as this

I need to make a record it See I even prepared the video taping equipment Senior Yu Chu Yuan, you are finally here Tomorrow at 9, at our old place, we will find out who is stronger Chu Yuan, will you go? Senior Ruo Bai Senior Ruo Bai I came as soon as I heard this news Tell me quickly Senior Chu Yuan went to see Fang Ting Hao I said, why would anyone ask me to come over 30 minute earlier So it is you Later I have to go to practice, so I have to come now Let’s not waste any time Let’s start Are you kidding me? You want to fight me? I only want to fight Yu Chu Yuan But the person I am looking for is you Fang Ting Hao You can challenge Senior Chu Yuan unreasonably I can also challenge you If I win, please leave Senior Chu Yuan alone in the future I don’t understand, What is so good with Yu Chu Yuan? You will protect him like this? Senior Chu Yuan is really kind Even though you keep on pushing him, he still praises you He told me about Mrs. Fang It was an accident I am not indecisive like Chu Yuan Once I have decided on something, I will do it for sure You want to fight me? Fine, I will do it But if everyone knew I fought a girl here, people would make fun of it If we are going to fight, let’s do something else How do you decide who wins? There is only one rule One chance to break the vase But if you fail, there will be a punishment What punishment? Let Yu Chu Yuan come out and fight, Or everyone from Song Bai backout of the training center We will use the video tape as proof I will go first Watch and learn Senior Chu Yuan Ruo Bai, why are you here? I came for Song Bai So much strength If you are here, who is competing with Fang Ting Hao inside? Did you learn it?

What should I do? Based on my leg strength, I can’t break it with one kick Qi Bai Cao, based on performance at the matches, you leg strength is stronger than other girls But to break the vase, you are not nearly strong enough Please don’t force yourself You could easily get hurt Don’t scare girls Bai Cao, kicking a vase isn’t merely based on your jumping ability but also your leg strength Yuan Wu Dao is martial art If your strength is weaker than your opponent, There is no reason to fight If I give up, you will still challenge Senior Chu Yuan Isn’t that right? What do you think? So, I wouldn’t give up Okay, if you want to continue, then go try Okay, pretty smart She knows to kick twice No way! If I put this on the web, it will go viral She jumped once, but was able to kick three times Her potential far exceeds even my guess My god, she kicked three times in a row That is crazy Bai Cao! Why are you here? I… I came to challenge Senior Ting Hao Yu Chu Yuan! She came to challenge me because of you I promised her if she could break the vase, she would win And I wouldn’t force you to fight I didn’t come because of Senior Chu Yuan A challenge is just a challenge, not other reason Senior Ting Hao is a world champion, being able to compete against him is my honor But Bai Cao, that was pretty impressive Three kicks with that power, most girls can’t do it Not even every guy can do it But the vase isn’t broken, does that mean she lost? Correct Bai Cao, you lost I don’t have to what you asked Yu Chu Yuan, isn’t it time for you to fight? That is right It is time He quit Yuan Wu Dao already If it is a challenge, It should be with someone still with Song Bai Hall Next match should be with me Look, the vase broke Doesn’t this mean she won?

Bai Cao You are really the bane of my existence Senior Ting Hao, I hope you can keep your word I don’t understand what is so good about Yu Chu Yuan, that you are willing to protect him Because Why isn’t important now, you can tell me next time What I promised, I will honor Bai Cao, that is so cool! Senior Chu Yuan, I told you not to worry Just like you said, I should stand firm and work hard toward my dream From now on, you can stand firm and work toward your goals too Thank you, Bai Cao Let’s go We are going to be late for practice Look at you, doing so much to force Yu Chu Yuan to fight you At the end, you still failed What could I do? Who knew he had such a fan? But I still need to thank you, I used your name for the trick Only you could come up with such a plan You knew I wouldn’t’ change the list, but you still use it to scare Song Bai Hall You never even planned on stopping their student from entering But now you are perceived as the bad guy That is all true But Coach Shen Ning, your eyes are very sharp No wonder people call you a genius when it comes to talent Such a high compliment, What do you want now? Spit it out So there is a Yuan Wu Dao student called Qi Bai Cao Can you give her a chance? I only welcome friends, not people asking for favors If you want to say more, I need to go work Sis! Help me out I am leaving Bai Cao, still no? After I came back, I haven’t been able to kick three times in a row Maybe that time I was luck and I wouldn’t be able to do it again No way! No Way! Once you have done it once, you can do it again After you join Coach Shen, you can ask her for advice Maybe soon you will be able to do it again You are just saying that It is not that easy to get into Coach Shen’s training center You won against Anyang’s Number Two Lin Feng If you can’t get in, Coach Shen can’t recognize talent That’s great! I knew Coach Shen will accept students from our hall It is like a dream opportunity Thank you Coach Shen! Did the list come out? Who got in from our hall? You say it Senior Ruo Bai That is awesome! I knew it! Senior Yi Feng Although he likes to nap, being accept is still good Who else? Who else? That is it