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Basic grind guide

hello so today I’m going to explain to you how to grind in soccer spirit I know a lot of you have seen guides on the internet and what I’m going to say is going to be very similar if not the same thing so you’re going to read but I’m gonna do it by showing you to you something that a lot of people are not going to be able to understand when reading it is what everything means as I know it can be very overwhelming and sometimes extremely unclear what the guide is saying a lot of people have asked me question this is why I decided to make this video so as you will see in the top bar in the game there are an average 5 kinds of resources there’s match loss points there’s GP gold crystal and dimension steps so let’s start from the easiest to the hardest Gold is very simple to do us a bunch of small operation selling already gaming it just need gold it’s something you’re always going to need at the end of every match or basically every match it certain special matters don’t have it you’re gonna end up with gold so it’s something that along the game you’re gonna get but at some point you’re gonna need to grind it to do certain special things some training and equip your improve your equipment that in these games are called spirit stones the second resource is GP this is a resource you’re gonna get from selling free star rebuff cards or you can get in different locations I’m going to explain later on how to grind it but it’s one use isn’t something called the Scout that you can access just by clicking on it we’re here you can buy any card you see by fit by paying the amount of GP the highest price you will ever see is a thousand eight hundred and that’s for a manager on average you’re gonna try get stay around a thousand six hundred to a 2 mm just like this in case you see a card you really want it you can just leave with it so after looking at guides and understanding the players you’re going to want to be able to just buy the card when it finally appears because let’s just say getting five cards in the five star cards in this game is actually very hard the third resource is going to be crystals so this is or we’re going to consider the premium currency something that you’re usually not a waiting to get well in this game to be honest they’re pretty generous there’s a bunch of tax you can get but if you want to pay and supported devs I’m gonna advise only paying for a single one of them and it’s the one that’s right here you can see I had to renew it it’s for the month every day for a month you’re gonna get 20 crystals it’s extremely cheap depending on the currency it might be a little bit more expensive I mean from what I understood in the u.s. costs $7 in Canada is around 11 and basically I consider it a subscription to the game it allows to up the dance and compare to a price ratio to the amount of crystals and resource you get from it it’s really great but if you don’t want to pay there is a way because the game’s generous there is a daily achievement so you will want to complete it every single day and be careful to always do it I haven’t gotten it yet but if I spend five minutes I’ll be able to they’re very easy to make in two connections max you’re gonna be able to get them all if for example you need to do ten matches in story mode it costs twenty strengths at the beginning of the game you can already spend that in around let’s say five minutes of gameplay and leave with those five crystals but what’s really nice is there is a bunch of consecutive achievements we’re gonna give you a lot of crystals while my numbers are higher than what you’re gonna see at the beginning of the game but mine are harder to get so there’s going to be grades of achievements for example you see here galaxy conquest free meaning there was one and two so again more you go late game the longer it’s gonna take for you to get there but when you’re gonna get them it’s gonna be much more rewarding and this is a currency you’re gonna spend when you want to buy skins when you want to do special draws when you want to spend on stuff there’s the buy gold buy it by basically any resource in the game except GP and well dimension stone is something even more premium then we have the boss once you will see in a top left corner very often you’re gonna have something called a boss match or a million match so the boss match is only going to be on the weekend and a minion match gonna be for five days during the week so it’s usually gonna be in different chairs uh and when you win the match you will only be able to get one of the four minions so there’s always one free star and three four stars one’s gonna give on average ten thousand gold one ten to twenty GP what’s going to be experienced and the last one is going to be something tiny whose the free star but what’s interesting is every time you complete it you’re gonna get some points if you lose you get last but ideally you’re going to take a difficulty you

can master so as you see on top left its I have only twenty-one points that’s because I’ve already collected everything I cared about I wanted to swirly the belzebub the four star penguins and I’ve already purchased one time the player you can purchase them up to three times or on the week and match there’s a chance they will drop but the week in match is extremely hard and for a lot of new players it is not an option and our event Scout but that is an entirely different story that is just based on the fact that you spend strength doing any kind of match whatsoever and then we have dimension swords on the top right it’s very simple you do not spend them ever and I’m not I’m not saying this to be the complaining old person is just to say everything you can by spending them it’s never going to be as interesting as a last deal the one right here if you are able to save up 900 of them you can choose a legendary card of your choice you’re gonna say it’s interesting yeah but when you you start advancing you understand how powerful they are it’s extremely interesting sadly you can get season two legendaries but to be honest except for maybe one of them they’re all extremely strong and as you’ll see your team formation advance your question is going to be which one’s the best and you’re going to find that pretty clear for example William and lavador are some great shooters baltar is the only legendary pastor in my eyes one of the strongest in the game as from what I’ve seen he can do up to 3,000 fact who is extremely powerful knowing some of them are going to be in the hundreds so saving these points for these players is much more reward now you’re not going to get a lot of them they’re only gonna fall doing other tasks so grinding for them is not even something you’re going to be looking at until you’ve really advanced in the game don’t even start whining until you hit six seven hundred because grinding them by itself is only doable by one method it’s completing chains but until you’ve had a lot of cards it’s meaningless and you’ll be getting one two dimensions so and you’re gonna get extremely frustrated I have a lower amount because I’ve actually just purchased a legendary a while back you can also get some bonus ones if you make a paid purchase except for the daily pack as is very cheap and it’s already a good part so now what you want to do is for the gold is look at the matches two things aren’t poured on the weekend we’re what we call the gold batch it’s extremely good to spend some some strength the level of the match is actually not important you want to of course try it do the highest one because they’re gonna get your better rewards but if you look at the base cost for the amount of gold you’re gonna get it’s very good if it costs six strengths you’re getting around free files eight strengths 4010 strength five files so basically one strengths 500 goal it’s an approximate amount but it’s it’s not a bad deal if you’re weak to just do the weak that the smallest one the normal difficulty a lot of people can pull that off well the hell one is even at my level can sometimes be a little bit challenging when I mix up a few players so you want to usually try go for the lowest one but if you’re able to go further I mean you’re gonna get a better amount of swirlies so something you’re gonna want to farm later on as they’re going to help you evolve player and they’re also going to allow you to to give them some bonus stat points but that’s gonna cost you goal to get so sometimes you’re gonna start a week in grinding goal then you’re gonna leave the week in with less gold and you began by doing these matches ironically your team’s gonna be stronger but that’s just a detail and you’re gonna have what we’re gonna call flat Gold matches they’re going to be happening for only one hour there are none on the weekend if you go to the bottom of the schedule they’re the very last match and the gold matches the special one yield more gold around 10 to 20% last time I did one I think I got around 6,400 gold while when I do the weekend one for the exact same match I get five thousand four hundred so it’s a round of fouls and I’m saying this approximately so it’s even better if you can do those but if you can’t you want to do the weekend once and there’s a lot of different matches are very often you’re gonna have a daily match who’s gonna be a weekday Gold Limited match always do those you can only do it three times but it’s a great bargain for the amount of strength is gonna cost you and there’s no better match for gold except the Sunday special gold match that happens only three times but that’s the best deal of gold you’re ever gonna get so again just as you can see they’re flashing green that means we can use them and you see again my gold going up for these two managers they really shine

when you rank up over a certain level because they’re based on the amount of friends you have no you do not need real friends in real life for this it’s not important whenever you play a match unless you have maxed out friends is going to propose you to use units who belong to people who are not in your friend list if you do that at the end of the match you can press add so not having 100 friends playing this game makes no difference and currently it’s capped at Ferdie if they ever increase that amount I’m gonna make more money I’m not gonna complain and sometimes when you grind it can be frustrating do not have enough friend slots because in certain conditions you want some friends who have certain types of aces and it doesn’t always work out so you got to call your friend please switch your A’s or message him online who’s very popular with this game here again as I said his ability is to use the ability of my equip trainer and as we’re gonna see him is going to give me 30 strength at this is the equip trainers ability so he is very good for grind he is considered a best Scout grinder um if you don’t need stones anymore and you want to get rid of Marion echo or just for the grinding on a certain point in time after using her you can switch her back out for a sigmund he allows your max strength to go up all the way up to 20 when he’s maxed out completely she’ll equip the skill of your sponsor so he’s even going to give you an extra bunch of gold so it’s a pretty decent deal but Marion echo is the stone master so again it really depends the point in time when your ad when you’re desperate looking at your first stone or to upgrade the ones you currently have now when when you’re not in an event when there’s no flash anything and you want to still make gold what has been advised a lot is to go into story mode into the very first one why is this is because a lot of people do not want to level up because when you’re gonna go in PDP there’s gonna try to match you people at the same level as you and I’m not talking about player level or ability level it’s gonna be your rank and a lot of people don’t want to rank I personally don’t care so much about the rank that’s why I’ve gone all the way up over a hundred I don’t find that it’s PvP is that valuable so I’m fixed my team specifically for it on PV I’m doing very well and I’m eventually just gonna finish shell just to get that swirly but it’s pretty decent the PvP experience can be frustrating as certain things are going to be nerfed and in my case that’s healing who men who enters my entire team Ajoke in PvP well in PvE it’s extremely strong so you want to do one one to finish the gold now I’m going to go to a different unit there’s a lot of different ways to find gold that if the one I said is not in your list that is completely fine of course I’m going to point out again there’s PvP well I’m think if a lot to talk about it so whenever you win one of these PvP matches I’m going to do a random one again proving that the sadness of the limitations of a team of course what you can do was a very good method is you can keep refreshing the list until you see a bunch of teams you can beat ideally four of them because after two wins you get a bonus amount of gold and GP on the web was extremely interesting because for literally doing nothing you’re going to gain more so on top of it those match is going to be faster and you have a higher chance of way so it’s gonna take a few second just do them on automatic it’s it’s not really worth wasting time on in the worst case scenario you’re gonna lose but if you were able to select your team correctly it’s gonna do it right when you want to do this more professionally you can look at the enemy team check their stones check exactly what strategy they’re using move your players accordingly looking at elemental resistances I am not really doing that currently I’m just having fun so later on what I’m going to be doing this the player versus player more competitively I’ll look at it so again as maybe you’ve noticed dirty legendaries in my front line it works very well they’re not they’re not going to win and a lot of players more the advanced more legendary they’re going to have so you’re going to have to build up your defense and legendaries or or possible to get for free so again it’s not a pay to win wall it’s a grind to win but not pay to it and yes ping does help out I’m not gonna lie but it’s not the true source so as you see I got 3,300 goal and won GP for doing this so this is one of the best ways to find cold now that we’ve finished talking about gold I’m going to talk to you about GP because you love the idea of choosing your own card I do you do everybody does now GP can be obtained by selling cards so you’re going to want to be able to get cards that are free stars and above they need to be player cards and it can be special cards those are the conditions or you’re

not gonna get anything done a GP when selling them is just a rule I know it’s annoying we’ve all wished we could just throw everything we own and left with 100 GP and it says zero and we’re frustrated so if you want to just make a small amount what’s very popular is to go to Coliseum the higher you go up the more GP it’s actually going to give you as you see it uses BP who’s a different type of strength who recharges at a different rate so on average is going to take two hours for a person to max it back out and late it’s going to take you around three hours to fully refill it because the max amount will go up as you level up now I think that a lot of people haven’t realized it is especially important early game is that when you can’t win the Coliseum of despair anymore and you will hit that point everyone hits it in my case it’s at around 35 I’ll always try to at least hit your highest rank as there is a reward weekly that is going to give you some crystals and dimension stones currently I’m at the 6 to 10% but I’m working up my way slowly slowly every week I try to go one up I’ve been pretty progressive but let’s say you hit your limit what are you going to do just wait for the new day to happen and then finally be able to press the reset button you can press it now but it’s going to propose you to pay for decreased crystals was not a good deal never buy it please don’t do that it’s it’s not worth it but what you can do to still eat a bit of GP it’s not going to be as interesting you can go to Coliseum of trials again this is a bunch of small missions try to clear them but even if you’ve cleared them there’s one that is impossible to fail in automatic it’s match 1 – you’re going to say why do we care first of all doing any later matches is only going to give you 1 GP if you’ve already cleared it the first time so whatever one you’re making unless you’re in the fives makes no difference and if you’re in the fives knowing the amount of conditions you’re not Auto in this it’s very clear so this one’s only condition is wimpy for 20 minutes and when shooting one two three shots so it’s ridiculously easy you just start you can throw any blur ideally a friend player to get a bit of friendship points but you can really do what you want it it honestly doesn’t matter in this match what you’re doing all you need is basically a level 20 mid line and a level 20 frontline that’s all you’re ever gonna need they’re weak and it’s made at the beginning for players to have a chance to try this mode and see if they want to do the more advanced challenge so again like I said you just Auto it again I’m saying Auto because this is a game mode where you’re gonna want to read every condition very freely but not this one so again bass buncha shoots it’s over again those are two Legendary’s but if you don’t have legend there is it’s still gonna work that easily and like that you got one GP who a lot of people don’t get because they say oh I’ve reached my limit I’m coming back to this tomorrow it takes just a few seconds and you’re going to be able to get that extra GP so that’s how you get GP and again as I told you a lot of people like to farm the match 1-1 in story mode so the one one is always going to be farmed because in the drop list it doesn’t drop stones it only drops player and there’s a three star player so if you ever get something above a two star it’s automatically going to be a player is going to give you GP so the thing is that the amount of card is something that made highly vary depending on your setup I said earlier barrel will increase the chance of getting a bonus clock but there’s a second type of bonus card you can get and that’s what we call the clover card so when you look at the picture of any player you’ve got you’re gonna see a little bit under their element a number of clover and a clover is gonna allow you to get additional rewards so for example we’re you to have a 99 clover and ideally you need to choose this player as your ace for it to really work the best player Firdous is always going to be Elizabeth and when you hit 99 offer yes I know I’m not at 99 but I’m slowly getting there she’s gonna give you an extra card now for a lot of you who have this great belief that taking two stars making them 99 having a full 99 team is a way of life it is not the base star level of a player is what matters you may special trade them you may do what you want but nothing’s gonna be a five star whose native 5 star with a 99 and even if you level up to becoming a 6 star it means nothing of course the dream for grinding would be a full 99 Legend team sadly no person is crazy enough to try to pull that one off because the way you get you get some extra clovers is by giving a second time the

car to itself meaning a dupe or what we call a leader of course both of them are on average very rare when you go about four-star so you’re not going to be able to just throw them around and then you’re going to make a formation and make it an ace this is one of my formations when you do this on average your backline doesn’t matter so you can try to just level random players or try to train them or do anything you want do chains it’s very popular when you’re grinding one want to also complete change of your players what are the finest chains is when you’re going story this is a list of players if you fulfill the condition for type of possessing at any point in time meaning you’ve already sold some all five of these you can complete a chain it’s going to give you the conditions underneath sadly for this one I cannot do it because it says which player I’m missing on average is winning ten to twenty matches of the player but the amount of stars is gonna fake the amount of matches you need to win now a big misconception a lot of players have had is you don’t need every player in the chain to get a chain bonus all you need is one play I’m just putting that out there because actually a lot of people tell me oh there’s five players but I only own four I’m never gonna get the chain you only need one it’s something very simple and chaining is the only way you can far dimension stumps because when you complete all four chains of a player it’s going to give you an amount of dimension stone the thing is that this amount is going to be based on their base level so let’s say that you’re going to do a two star and you complete all its chains you’re getting two dimension stones a free star for a four star six a five star eight and a six star ten the thing is the lower the star the easier two chains so you’re gonna notice that you’re going to finish all the chains of the two stars first except for one or two of them who felt that one of their children Derry who on average you’re basically never going to oh well you’re gonna own some after a certain point but it’s gonna take time oh and if you look at my screen you also see that there seems to be a bug as this is supposed to have text not just be a white blob now for crystals we’ve explained the ways the achievements and there’s also going to be some consecutive achievements and end-of-season achievements there’s one for getting 300 GP is pretty decent and very often in events there’s going to be some sort of crystal reward at one point it will on average require a decent amount of grinding and you’re not going to be so happy about it but it’s usually pretty doable after a while it’s made just for not everyone to finish up all the crystals because that is technically where they make their money so they’re gonna give you some but they’re gonna make you play for it so if you’re not paying at least you’re playing the game that’s kind of the idea behind it so lately we’re having an operation where every 24 hours we get rewards for completing a small mission and if you look on the fourth day for getting thirty thousand gold we got an extra 20 crystal but this game is very often under an event extremely rare you don’t have much so you need to check constantly the event tab and slowly read the details I know it’s annoying but you need to do it and the last way is going to be in PvP in something called Galaxy super late you’re not going to win them every round you’re only going to win them when you rack up in the league the thing is that ranking up is extremely hard because on average is going to require you to have an AAA to pass the first rank and then it’s going to require higher amounts of team ability or extremely hard even with my team with four legendaries I’m having a pretty tough time getting to dime and that’s saying nothing about the following leaks but again as you notice it gives Crystal and dimension stone and at the very end of the season you’re gonna get some leaders who are used to special trained or not special trained what am i say to count as duplicates toward characters and we’ll give them also the same amount of clover as the leader so I hope this answered all the main questions that you can have about the game if you have any other question just notice me and I’ll try to make a very honest but I think this was something that you need to be shown in video as a lot of people through time have had the exact same questions and I know that it can be extremely overwhelming when you’re just reading a five-page article say you should do this you should do that and have the time you don’t even know what the hell were talking about so thank you very much and I hope you’ll enjoy us