Journey begins | FALSE NEGATIVE | [1/6] ARMA 3: Contact

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Journey begins | FALSE NEGATIVE | [1/6] ARMA 3: Contact

What’s happening? So, I bought ARMA 3: Contact a while ago It’s some fancy new total-conversion DLC for ARMA 3 with a bunch of aliens and stuff It doesn’t have the greatest of reviews But, I picked this up in the hopes I could play with some of my friends Turns out those Steam tags are a little bit misleading When all of my friends refunded it, I kind of lost interest up until now So, of course, to do the most for the spooky experience I gotta turn everything up to the maximum that I can And, in fact I seem to be idling around 200FPS Let’s push that all the way up 140 Perfect I heard it’s pretty short, so we can probably do a quick playthrough of this I don’t know how many episode it’s going to be, or what they’re gonna be like Hopefully, it’s at least a little bit interesting [SIGH] Loading times Sweet I don’t think this is anywhere near 144 FPS, unless I’m just blind Let’s quickly fix that Turns our, setting everything to the worst just gives me 40FPS 50’s gonna be what it’s going to have to be, I guess Find some cover? Good idea, I’m gonna do that Took long enough Forget how to switch scopes, I think it’s like Numpad Enter or something? That is definitely not correct Control-Right click. Gotcha Cool Neck, Neck West of our position. Gotcha My gun automatically popped up, that’s never a good sign It did say West What’s happening buddy? Want me to take the lead? Spotted them Dead Gottem Where’d you go, buddy? There you are Where are you looking at, buddy? Oh, hello Gotcha buddy Holding fire Let’s wait for this dude to show up Should infact take my hide behind a tree Hello there Are you the person we’re looking for? Guess not Are we moving this way? Maybe Not getting many instructions Do we have a map? That’s a useful map, alright then That does not look very healthy What’s happening, boys? Am I talking to one of you guys? Ooh, okay Alright Guesing that thing’s hostile Or is it? Sorry, buddy Need to get past you there Hello there Hold Space to disable UGV What does that do? [LAUGHTER] It’s stuck now Bruh Is this the guardhouse? I’m guessing

Door’s open, there’s a light in here What am I looking at? Space to access terminal Let’s hack, boys This dude’s just straight up reading Russian Okay Did I do good? Well, that doesn’t sound very healthy What? Are we playing laser tag or something? Can I try again? Nope Create That one? Got you Can I k*ll him? Probably shouldn’t actually So, am I like…? Doing anything here? Question mark? What is happening? Door Ah, great Guess we’re going on our own adventure. Sure Door stuck. Okay Oh, hello there buddy Mind if I– Come around and d*ck with the vehicle you got here? Let’s take your tinfoil hat Door. Nope? Stuck Oh, you look important Task: Move to TOC Yay, I did it Sure thing Yoink Goodness, this map is stressing my PC Gotcha. So where are we now then? Yeah, you’re going to have to speak up, dude [LAUGHTER] Alrightyhoo. So this is where we are, I think Okay, I don’t think that’s where we are then I don’t hear much live fire And the Burn Pit? Gotcha, that’s where we get rid of waste I have no idea how I’m gonna see something that small at a distance Goodness, that rain is really loud We done? I think we’re done. Cool I don’t– I’ve got a map in my face currently Cool Oh yeah, it is marked on the little compass up there That’s great Move to EW training area What’s up, boys? Can I yoink some of your stuff here? Box full of goodies, yes? Nope, What’s happening here?

You can actually hold Space to read, I don’t have to do it this way That’s great, dude Gotcha Can I yoink this? No I can’t Cool, well I’m guessing this is the concrete building? What’s happening, boys? Okeydokey Door Ooh Are there any secrets in here? Hi, Okay, I just did a loop Coolio, well upstairs I go Another ANN article Earth hit by first neutrino storm Mmm Sounds like an alien weapon to me Nothing. In here? Well, there’s nothing on this floor. Next one Ah, the roof Good evening The jammer Well, let’s give it a look Sh**t you with it? Does nothing I see So I can use it to get rid of signals? Question mark? Who are you talking to? Is that a UAV? Okeydokey I’m holding it Is this it? No, it’s not What am I doing? Okay We’re getting somewhere Oh there it is, hello Protection. What, are we going to sh**t this thing out of the sky? Nope Yup [LAUGHTER] That’s what I like to hear Can I sh**t it? Alright, gotcha Can I sh**t him again? Okeydokey Boop Haha, gottem Gotcha, so this is my sidearm Hello? Okay What’s happening over here, boys? Is this where I’m meant to go? Oh, I need to go towards this little thing, don’t I? I’m here Move to Point Dakota sanity check Alright, going into a forest with a bunch of bombs being dropped in it Can’t think of a better idea Sorry there, buddy. I don’t speak Russian Ah Let me just sh**t it

Take GPS rangefinder of Objective Sanity Check added Ah, gotcha Boop That was a very long pick up sequence Hello there Wait, did that just shoot the factory? Okay That’s a little bit broken there, buddy Okay, well I apparently magically fixed it Sure I hope this is accurate Let’s watch this place get b*mbed bruh Where are you at, buddy? Alright, I’m gonna keep my eyes open Pretty sick Where is he at? Hello there, buddy That doesn’t look very– Ooh yikes Okeydokey Thought that thing was a smartb*mb, but I guess it was dropped over here Looks like this might be a bit of a flat situation for them Oh, you’re all d*ad Hi, you’re still alive Can I help you there? Nope Yeah, that’s what I said Do I have a medkit on me? Guess not Take medkid. I see that’s my next objective, gotcha buddy Hold onto your leg there, dude. I’m on my way Yoink these Hello? Question mark? Uh What? Sure, buddy Just gonna quickly patch up this dude’s leg Maybe he can help me sh**t if there some aliens I’m guessing Can I like– Give you the medpack at least? No? Okay Can I open the gate up here? Hope so, otherwise I’m going to have to go all the way around Or under that. One of the two Ah, that gate opened right into me Whatever fell over was over there I don’t know why I’m running this side Oh, nevermind That’s what fell over I’ll try my best, dude There we go Don’t worry, buddy. I’m going to get you out of here Oh, I’m out of there Hello there, Mr. Heli Okay, that’s it Thank you guys for watching That’s been ARMA 3: Contact It’s been pretty good Just kidding, there’s more, obviously I’m going to cut it here to keep it nice and short I’ll see you guys tomorrow for the next part