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The Boy Are Back In Town | Miscreated

Hey hello everyone hello we’re playing back the poison that we’re flying miscreated chiku I need a bicycle I know there’s a bug up here come with me my let me go which way sorry it’s kind of hard to him it’s hard reversing but it is throbber that looks like so peaceful like this is a friendly game oh now it’s oh now the weather’s cleared up yeah it was just pouring down with rain Oh genuinely man I’ve never seen zombies so big a palpable never dead oh oh yeah I had two of those chasing me Jesus and you’re like helicopter bikes over here if you do him come on come on kick him yeah that’s right season one yeah most efficient drinking vessel in game it is her day what is the bike and give me a sec let me eat some stuff carry on my turban hey man hello curry how are you good sir oh there’s another one know what I got this one buddy okay buddy oh we found a map what maps good for come on oh he’s trying to stab me do him Oh got him lucky oh no there there was a bike around here I remember he has a metal pipe small used in crafting choices Jordan this mount bit the metal pipe around he metal pipe no thank you oh shit I can hear the roaring of that big one I found the bike there it is guys I Sam dude dude all right how do you go over there Oh like cat oh yeah hey you can just um dude before it’s it’s walking towards me what is the thing where is it over by me I couldn’t get my bike yeah get your bikers like this way and I’ll grab this bike how easy our bikes to ride this game not that easy oh thanks okay and I say it’s alright it’s just you get you some handling you don’t go that quick okay I think you’re gonna go really really fast you don’t go that quick all the better for who are you hearing your soothing towns their chants and sounds out the voices well the device to say carry how does it make you feel right I’ve lost you I’m I did a little loopy loop I’m in the road I’m in a road you pretty nice I’m I see a house that says we have weapons or something where I killed the zombie next to the bus oh okay oh that’s where it was I’m gonna come back round and we can search that weapon house they might have something where Pony like buddies bring me is there a bring bring on this well there’s a mad boy following me turn around let’s go this way yep come on you guys what you’ve got one as well if you left shifts you gave air speed did he maybe an illusion no oh he went for me carry this here we go oh my god bah come on you white t-shirt wearing bald boss gunk smelling that was good man professional we have rocks and an empty beer bowl nails and some rocks nice if we collect the rocks we can get we can make a fire okay do we want to make things today sure I don’t really know how the way this game so I don’t either

I think if you we can go in crafting and then you can if you press like the top left tab you can choose like things that made our rock and then campfire for rocks not bigger so much food in here shit dude what one like the big boy somewhere where I heard I don’t know what is good I’m sure there’s one coming there’s one coming towards us like running or Jesus oh it’s coming oh okay I’ve got even like a big one I didn’t sound it me he sounded big and double hey how’s it going man how are you the big feast like I thought it was a big beast I would have cried yeah we’d be stuck in here I was looking at my invent because I don’t really know his fate I’ve got some handcuffs gonna play like cops and robbers no thank you stuff hit me with an axe whilst I was in handcuffs look back at the footage and there’s a sniper is this I found something staining a car battery do I weigh me down I know we’re good thank you Carrie howl howls how’s things been ours archaeology history what does Harry study sound history I think I can hear things Shawn but that’s just normal voices in your head that’s why we like you what do you hear like a stabbing found oh I just heard a fence rattles at you I’m trying hey he upstairs just you yeah I’m upstairs if I can smash you this sledgehammer for this thing what’s that yes oh yes this is like making mad a zombie reason this is gun is the crafted gun wow that’s good like real can I craft the gun no is this I don’t know if this guns loaded or not to be honest friend so I take your old gun it’s the renegade 700 that gun well I actually do have you have I do have a hunting rifle okay Tessa from the ammo in it I don’t I why do you need because I have one bullet of two to three I need three Oh a I think and hey squiddy squid Meister Inc Mia’s been a while health health things in this culture I am high squiddy I don’t have to take em out of a gun just Oh your paint mate yeah I don’t really want it I’ve been looking for purple paint all my life the boys create clan are you graduated congratulations so what you’re doing now Carrie Sean I want to only get you in my clan come here how do I do this ooh there you go hey you got a scroll on me and then ring and then manage that’s all I get no press G and then go up to the third tab that’s his clan why me what accent him by the boys the B owes their boys we’re the boys I knew that I see says we have weapons I knew there would be a weapon in here you just take a gulp I did you downstairs yeah I can hear him I was the dead zombie it was standing up career and it made a joke he’s finished his degree so he said so now my degree is dot dot history is it oh good I liked it this way to go in I don’t know it’s just going to scary in the direction we’ve got food we got water this way across country man and bike trail and squiddy said things are good buddy been a long

time since you can’t go that way come on we can do you see him there what’s he gonna do jump us let’s do a charge I don’t know I have never seen one of these had anyone personally charlotte’s they would like get much rifle doubt good exposure how are we going this far without using the pedals it’s just gravity will lean yeah we go downhill yeah crickets you lose crickets and bad things have been well by the way leaving bright more oh sorry we’re going it’s gonna get darker I’ve no idea what we’re going to be honest with you we’re just a couple of guys on bikes and curry said he is currently unemployed that’s fun that’s always fun it’s the best thing you know what I think being unemployed is fun and it’s something you should experience every we find us you find resources to you find resources to entertain yourself your best foot it is yeah yeah our employee just means you make the most of your resources yep I like this bus this is a good bus the grass on it yep if we see a farm we should go to the farm I had a hammer in my invent as well – uh just in case we want to try and build something I don’t know if it’s useful stoves a scary scary clinking of that thing’s good city yeah yeah big thing it’s dead it does look really nice hey thanks Kerry I was under the same check but you beat me to it squeeze that this game looks more beautiful than he remembered this guy I love this game it’s really good looking game there’s wonder–i pence here but if you want them wonder events pensive the wanderer yeah I am that’s cool we should do all this pensive the tanned cargo as well cargo cargo is like voice command car car car game card you want the change of pants are you talking repairs for pants for the town car no the cargo SF happily get them going on no let me give me a second blue jeans what what guess so how do I change my jeans right into rags and all down here I got it it was on the flow and and good night slash goodbye Carrie I have a wonderful time whatever you’re doing fireworks related probably the explosion in my heart so you can search the ground for rocks we should make a campfire soon somewhere what can we cook I’ve got some you can’t do your vet when you’re in a bike but we keep all over this path head you want to go over this see what we get don’t bite sing how do you become a zombie you want a mutant in this game maybe you just get infected this is a mutation yeah I don’t know so can we eat zombie that’s what I’m asking so you cook it I don’t know was it like one of those things where you just don’t attest you like I don’t know if we should start like well well there is still kind of ilysm I get stuck stuck sorry I can’t go through the fence go left let’s go man or well go this way okay

I now be sweet okay yeah so I went to see Darren brown is absolutely amazing sound like genuinely he just blew my mind I was he was he funny he was hilarious he was confident he was funny he was under the map shit he does say not to tell anyone any other secrets so I won’t but let’s just say like eagerly Hypno’s yeah that was guerrilla Ronettes yeah yeah let’s just say that he did hip hypnotize people on stage just like sleep and made them sleep did he get you know he didn’t mention anyone really yeh called me out specifically he acknowledged you yeah he acknowledged me funny but really what the fuck is this on kinome dude they badges budget morning to claim bland could we take dude I don’t know about let’s go claim the land oh I’m scared let’s just let’s just manse me that’s good loan and this is claimed land oh so well survey done I thought loads of things I’m into Belgium twice and to go around the world to Berlin lone colony yeah oh is that it’s in Germany did it smell good it was yeah no yes all right actually he’s right downtown then your town we’re going dirty should we hide the bikes when we go into like it’s ours and hide them and then we try and find it when we come out something sure I mean it just bikes but I guess it does give our internal away right yeah what is this as I play a bass I don’t know let’s get off in and have a look yeah actually got in a gunfight here didn’t we my art series yeah near here I’ve got my gun out just to be sure I got my now even I got an alley oh yes 90 woodland gloves I’ll have those awesome Club see you yeah I did loads of things I’ve met loads of people I met an old woman on a train I spoke C for ages she’s nice she’s saggy gaping saggy old lady she’s very nice Sam everything is about that how’s this oh okay all those mean as me and spark plugs I have a spark plug already oh yes it’s just very tricky to get LAN Landers on his game okay how did you there’s nothing out there don’t worry it’s tender its erect I’m after five five six sir me sir Sir now god damn time what’s the red snags around it is that smoke grenade I don’t say that I don’t mind if I do that’s harp I have a top dude look at that gun what is down in 80 15 and that’s like isn’t that place walkers on Star Wars that looks like a name for or something I don’t dream is worth takin over my gun now well you don’t have any ammo for that one so was it not how many how many for this one – yeah listen up thank you cool oops we we have to find you eggs or do we just like I think we do then won’t we max around this just be doubly doubly sure did you search any of its desks or anything some of them you didn’t find anything okay

nice bounce okay so oh you can search with these things you can tear off lumber fill out all these wooden things so we can go scrounging work for wood when we want to build like a house okay okay beginning to see this now what yeah hey we look scary yeah like prank prayer shoot people but anyone will be seeing anybody in this game will be scary I mean we get scared at the zombies good point no you’re hurting if it’s low yeah from behind it’s just a good the Sun the sun rays and stuff hmm I like that this physics for like your your weapons on your back like they move particularly yeah a jingle and jangle jingle jangle jangle jingle jingling have you been watching the new have you washing peaky blinders funny chance I’ve never seen no never seen peaky blinders fantastic on the laughing it’s just this is new this wasn’t here before the big scaffolding on the bridge and it’s Benjamin hainan Jehovah hello Ben I’ve got him been on insta yeah who’s well the Koran hold up let’s search around here anyway yeah I think there was a guy that I was fight Ben was you playing chivalry the other day cuz I killed the guy called ninja hobo he was on my team I killed him by accident and then he was like Sammy and peanut what fuck and I’m like I just went bad Christian Huck you just couldn’t minja hobo I was like I was thinking okay there’s oh shit dude this three it’s three more three more what three more bang goes thumps should take him on I’ve got hair gun we don’t need no bullets you just take them all our fists sure yeah oh shit dude thank you my flashlight well what are they doing I don’t know but maybe it can’t jump I think they’re trying to throw things at us man they’re throwing gang signs is cheeky just shoot them try pop one I’ve never shotgun on here 9-millimeter hang on ready oh right in the head lug you kept few pills it’s any boat she got I thought I found another magazine it’s not for human don’t you see that I was like a commando give me what you got am i bleeding I’m good thank you as you can see Sam Sean bring the highest quality action online xuanzong’s I only have three bullets left which is a scene of some actual humans I’ve seven bullets for in my crafted 556 gun seven bullets what yes what I just wanted to shoot it you know no it’s fine I found scrap metal it smells let’s all let’s roll whoa okay oh the bike Becht I was stuck in the ground so I was doing popped a wheelie I really really did IRA yeah I’m a little bit nervous my operation on Monday sound you know imagine it’s kind of scary it’s only a minor one but if someone’s going in your mouth man that’s weird if someone’s

going in your mouth yeah like someone actually has to like pull out me so I’ve got a root canal for those that know what that is it doesn’t sound too fun I know it well it’s not cheap so yeah lots of rip people off if you don’t have don’t have any pain or anything in your mouth – I need fill in there and then you’ll get the paint after you do get a feeling whoa look at that that’s big thanks know the fortress oh yeah I know how you feel but I have had pain in this too for a while this is like the dentist who can get an appointment for like for about four months I went to a private one so now on private yeah fancy faster – what what listen hello No Pressey it’s really faint yeah Libby ringy-dingy Wednesday everyone is 11 yeah I don’t love like injections and teef out when I was young if I know how to root canal before so don’t to expect obsession it’s a police car because I think we might fountain your family can come there and lost something was there say there’s a laptop inside there Mac yeah I left it here I can smoke grenade another yeah big long road into the coasts twice the last month and I’ll swim into Wales as well the last around Wales and ik David Everage I actually haven’t lit you in non-stop Wales is amazing man I went and stayed in a hostel to like that was good it was actually not as scary as I thought because you kind of you can share a room with strangers and stuff um I got a private room with a friend yeah no it’s really nice the only scary thing is in Wales like you have like no reception wherever you go on your phone Oh see if you get this is they murder a town I went to an actual murder a town at all why I went to the coast right I was being spontaneous with a female friend yeah looser Oh folded all right now stuck in the ground it’ll pop out it’ll pop out me ah okay there you go yes on the gas station do we want to check this and yes basically like Daisy have been it is like Daisy not as broken sounds being on spontaneous Sam hey she was like this gets a case that’s let’s go so he drove oh I drove three hours to the case right then we went to one part the coast it’s still kind of sunny a little bit and then we got to another part and then one I didn’t have any signal never dated anyone cuz it was like a little country time like town is that he good the Jurassic what did you go inside yeah oh my I got that feeling my stomach oh it was horrible cuz I thought he was behind me hmm oh fuck a ding dong this game’s scary man it’s just quiet all the time Hey funny watching hit black headband don’t

a blanket so she’ll be sunburned on the bathroom floor we gon power magic for the bikes okay coming back okie dokie and hey PMX how are you man make sure you eat and drink Sam yeah a bit exhausted though all that playing around too exhausted to jump I’ve been watching your channel for ages now my old name was Miss Dima mr. monkey mr monkey jeez Louise jeez Louise did he have like seven names remember mr. monkey I didn’t like that Daisy era yeah and we always find the walls and minecraft as well join us I like the walls that was fun wasn’t it yeah it’s minecraft going what where are we going no no you can buy this game we’re just cyclone oh baby yeah base both beef really know what we’re doing so it’s just to ensure we crash we got a bike ride real life Sam I don’t have a bike is this like a sniper do I buy a bike just to own one bike ride how are we going into London and rent a lot like right like busy traffic in London in London me London No it’s not do that no I would probably die London’s full of angry people in a rush tight fit years the tight fit so male-female pom is it a problem oh shit it is I think it’s a FEMA I mean who’s gonna put a mail bummer bloody billboard it’s good point let’s go downtown oh shit for reals for reals boy fo fo shiz regardless leave the Ted hit you had the tight fit jeans thing when up before yeah and you changed him to the pensive cargo let’s hold up I park mine properly I just let mine for flapping around o fence mm oh well and some 550 600 that’s why I need a new me it’s what I need oh you need it to don’t know shred load it in your gun oh I found it fridge how does one reload their weapon scene huh how do I reload my weapon press press ah that doesn’t come with that Khan meet so five five six also picked up a mp5 mag and a nine millimeter Mac and I’m gonna meet it works for my hand guys do such these places I’ve had free max here

don’t look good chef here can you hear them no coyotes in the distance oh yeah you get was it wolves on this game what are home cooking 101 crosswords puzzlers so reading stuff inside the shop there’s slight angry hey you hear this vom B’s News force remembers the such days I didn’t hear any zombies doing it don’t you’re testing come with me there’s such the buildings no shit dude this is a big one dude this place is big yes so spilling my building notice oh good he’s coming at me he’s coming at me who there’s zombie Kim him ah I don’t know where he is man bullshit there is got him oh this is big building man is scary he’s got a mini inch in mini bottle this is bandage player Banerjee I’m alright I’m peeling up naturally let’s search this house it’s huge it is pretty big I didn’t know if he was coming from upstairs on a zombie that’s what scared me now let’s see anything this scared me it wasn’t commitment did you do anything Halloween nope there’s an eyepatch in here who were once an aspirin oh I got some sunglasses I have sensitive eyes to the light okay baseball bat cereal box if you want to have your baby intake energetic meal in the morning I had like the worst Halloween experience why yes no I was kind of still not wanting alcohol because I drank the load times in Germany so I had like one beer the person I was with absolutely drunk and I thought you know what I gotta kind of take care of them yeah I ended up just being the sober guy looking after people it’s not fun yeah it’s not fun at all doesn’t sound sound fun no I kind of just wanted to just smoked hide in my chair off your ass damn well drunk this tuner hit you picking up all this food no no a BMX that he nearly got arrested on Halloween how’d that happen standard Halloween standard Halloween why isn’t there shooty shooty Yoshi any kind of gun grandma there was loads of food was about it that’s a stretch was a stretch I’m gonna turn the brightness up so it’s a little bit talk okay I’ve come out of a big building I’m gonna close the store across the road scary on your own it is okay guys hopefully that’s a little bit better I realize how dark it looked on the stream say have you ever been actually I think I know the answer and I first

asked you I haven’t found a baseball cap so boomix says me and a group of about seven people were walking around and some people had some spray paint so messed around with that and a riot van came because we got them called on us so they ran off wow that is so she oh boy they followed on foot and another car with sirens on came down the road damn golly that sounds traumatic hey I went in there wasn’t there was only a hoodie a lime green hoodie mrs. jambe here he comes oh my god that was efficient he didn’t even get to survive anything nope went round there I am in here here another one it’s another naked one well come here you well I think your gun might take sense mmm and Dominic km how’s it going BMX is in a town deprived for the council it’s oh shit so it’s pretty normal for the teens to cause trouble SOS always play just let our if you go you’re bleeding why bleeding bloody mess you’re bloody mess sir Oh still looking guns I don’t need I don’t need my phone ammo I take how do I find out so if I press for my menu did you have any bandages no I have a rag this is a rack out yeah I don’t even have any eggs i cants papa Oh can we see that how did you do that Richie I don’t drop one says that there’s more if you can drop it once used in hearing my wounds fast enough thanks man no worries birthday cake how did you did you get those racks did you like it yeah rips that farm so every time I do that and it city says like oh you can’t do that you know what I kind of what’s your opinion on this Sam its controversial topic oh okay what’s your opinion on homeless people slash beggars in the street sometimes they annoy me but well it’s chat with one once could have just been lined to get sympathy and he said like oh he got had a divorce with his wife just didn’t have enough after divorce mm-hmm so he ended up homeless yeah mari just been lying to get me get me to give him some change yeah but if it’s true that sucks because I always used to give money so much before I was younger but then I got kind of just just basically blatantly scammed a couple times like once I was at a bus station a guy asked her like he can watch me so I can I have to quit to kind of get go home I’m you know really need to go to the homeless shelter wasn’t like that I used all right and

gave it to him and he walked towards the bar slowly it went away now I missed it and then literature’s watching goes that shop offers in buy beer that’s like what an absolute dick or dish I think that like all of them are probably just homeless because they have a problem yeah okay most okay most people there’s a mental problem and or homeless causes that or addiction that’s true by don’t like it I genuinely don’t I asked he defeats my home I go job bah blah but I don’t like being in a foreign country for example and I’m being surrounded by beggars it’s really really uncomfortable and I don’t want people took the same experience when he comes to here like London because his loads in London oh yeah this loads the Tokyo tell you about the lady the old lady no she came was on our way back from a after a gig there was this like this my Asian lady she was like on their hands like with her head touching the floor yeah it was scary she was all in black she was going please please and it scared me and I was like so I just kind of took out a little sandwich from my bag yeah I put it in her hand and she stopped going like please please she stopped saying that she comes once a mezuzah no no it’s not guys ago hello I’m coming out I’m a good shot here run away I could just kill you going to us gunfire I can’t someone conscious they oh shit there’s enemy other than where you are oh I bled out fuck no that’s okay fuck I killed him yes out of ammo yeah sir I really don’t like being in a foreign country and there be and loads of Becca’s obviously I had some a genuine someone not like you see on TV like people come from over from Eastern Europe and begging and then just go and literally back home to like a five-story house of a Ferrari and all that yeah but I dunno has imagined being a female right let’s say a female alone traveling and like a group of men come up to you begging for money I how long talking about you feel I can be scary yeah yeah it would definitely be 100% I can’t I killed the guy I don’t know what to do now well loot him and there may be loot my buddy he has a gun yes I imagined that would be like super uncomfortable sun else I don’t know I kind of I know they don’t have a choice for I think in England they’re gonna change the law for it well like begging yeah but yeah I guess I should it’s gonna be become illegal not much on your body that can take try say I’ve run out of space that’s right the trendline that we can handy yeah take that I was good I said I was gonna no you sir the Germans always good in any game picked up a garden gnome yes exactly

what I want okay I’m gonna get on the bike and I’m gonna hit head back whatever way you are okay which way did we come did I tell you how I go into the cockpit okay the flame plane okay we never spoke about it flying a plane so basically for those that watched our podcasts and stuff like that and hey mr. hawk I’m good thanks man how are you so those are what’s the podcasts I was afraid of flying right I went on a fear of flying course I sell afraid I was and put him in a tin sea to help but one of the things they said is if you go on a plane in you’re nervous like just tell the stewardess I just tell them he said them because the stewardess came on and in the actual talk that made sense I said just let us know because one they sometimes give you free alcohol like they’d actually give you a lot they will in general give you a lot more attention right okay which is good they like come to you with alcohol more often if you need it sometimes free kind of thing they just treat you really well if you tell them you know somewhat nervous so when I was get on the plane I was like yeah I’m gonna do exactly what they told me to do tell I’m a little bit nervous and then she’s like oh you know what give me a second and I was just like standing there tell me the pilots and then I went and spoke sorry for the fire that’s right this is like everyone else’s get on board right the plane you could hear the engines odd and everything and I all speaking to them they were showed me the all the dials made so many like exactly what does what and then showed me the flight path was taking on a little like had so he was actually up for it wasn’t like just some handsome fuckin shitty mop where you could go into the car the actual flame with ice at every was ready to go if he were just bored in the plane and I go in in the cockpit and yeah that I said you mind if I take a picture because I thought I liked all the dials I looked pretty cool and then oh because one of them was a female’s pilot so she said actually I just need to pop up for a second then the guy said actually what I could do is just take a picture of you sitting down oh yeah sure why not I was kind of like oh yeah don’t really mind and then he just free or not free put his hat on me as well so I’m wearing like the pilot’s hat oh so glad that happened you that’s and he was a sergeant it wasn’t just like a normal firefighter he was an actual sergeant but now it helps a lot it was like the flight was like just so smooth not even a problem at all tiny air turbulence it was the smoothest flight I’ve been tonight I was calm the hallway is like really really helped so cause such a nice flight I think helped you flying in general now yeah 100% awesome oh I’m so glad you got to sit in the cockpit of a plane you always wanted to fly a plane yeah so I was really really happy about that and I yeah not nervous about flying now genuinely so yeah that’s good um God so as it could experience flight was good good pictures Oh Nick Honda Oh even the Condor but yeah it was really good man it was it was fantastic I got I even flew in first class

Wow fancy businessman doing business yeah I presidential move against California in a couple of months for work I’ll be cool I’m gonna do another talk sorry have a chat for them for a little chinwag I’m back on the bike but I’m okay right in the way we came I think to see oh good to see you we don’t running along the road did you know about whereabouts I mean okay I want a bicycle running along I have more ammo for my 556 you know I killed that guy my last bullet nice I swapped my hand kind of just bang I hate your gun bro sounds like a machine gun yeah he had as burst five four five six and what was it like an mp5 or something but I think he ran out of them on the mp5 so I’ve got the mp5 but I didn’t take the 556 burst-fire cuz I would just soak up more ammo so I’ve stuck with my semi-automatic one okay I hit five just got more out my fort now and think it’s Nick ya know it was kind of scary I did try and speak to him but he just shot me as a gay we kind of split off I guess come up come to you so I’ve got I took his duffel bags he’s got stuff in your furnace I had no gun no yeah that’s kind of just me anyway the the mp5 takes ten mil so keep an eye out for an mp5 mag on my body I think oh shit I’m too far now too far to turn back yeah it’s got some mags so no like hello can you try bit do you say bloke or boat I said hello hello see when they’re driving away on a boat see people on a boat yeah oh my god we should make him but did they build it oh we should build a boat we should build a boat that’s cool I have it on the boat as well you drove the canal they didn’t I Oh badge badge is a cool man I really like them and Bosh she what happen I’ll tell you a story I have it on the barge right okay so bit of banter right one of the guys are doing the lock and we are there one of the other guys one of my colleagues right whacked it on full throttle she was just about to get on like this hi sweetie can go which isn’t that fast it’s like tim is still very slow yeah and I was used to it jokey so he couldn’t get on but he went to whack into reverse and the accelerator come off and it locked in to speed and then I think we have a German I can elevate like you when you change directions it takes like 10 seconds actually change yeah I know he’s going head-on into another bar and then obviously there was panic in to try and put the fossil on and didn’t realize it is just heading straight to another like park college at like full speed it’s like 10 mile an hour and as a passenger oh you could do just watch it happen insulation Oh was someone that was like living on that boat it thing was they would have screamed and had to go luckily there’s no one on it Oh Oh like such y’all know you say my dad my dad and facing my dad has his own Taylor Swift kind of thing that my dad and all his friends have been friends for years and years and years and they once but they’re all kind of like a squad two kind of thing but they’re all like 60 okay but every year

they go on they’ll go abroad for a golf trip or something which is basically an excuse to get away from the wives and get really really really drunk as if you’re like a university kind of thing I mean Point Malone Pro okay um I’ll just head back to the way we came that’s righti but one year my dad all his friends they um they rented a massive barge and they were sleeping on it and stuff and they were hitting pub to pub and they got kicked out of every pub look at along the canal but they were they were really drunk and like so my dad’s friends are huge like six five and they weigh like 300 pounds Wow and so being pissed as an Irish and trying to get on to like a boat oh shit what I just saw something run across the road carry on the story no no no no this is scary I’m going go into the trees okay and I didn’t buy anything Nick I don’t recall my PC man well in sales yeah I don’t buy anything either to be honest I’ve been flame over Scott online but that’s this little grinding for that game doesn’t make up for very stories this right now is terrifying oh my god actually found a cheeky gun mate yeah no pistol it’s just from the floor I really hope I’ve just avoid avoided someone that that was scary as hell I probably would have seen someone to be honest like Joan down the main road in a bicycle I was always gonna see somebody yeah I can here’s something river oh dude this is really scary I want to get to get safe I’m scared as fuck like this is like scared more scared than Garry’s Mod horror no yes kitty I’m coming into bright more that’s right I think let’s go hold off a look around going over a bridge now I’m a safer bridge okay well pop write what you want Amir hmm let’s see a bridge finishing it that way suppose the same bridge you took em out by the river yet yeah I’m not bright ma I’m a petrol station self-service well fucking fireworks don’t you start now well this is scary man the self-service petrol station come on you zombie pack and buy that house the gun house yeah do you know where I found this this gun mm-hmm the house research and he said we have guns inside okay okay take my pistol out there’s something some good games Nick fucking zombies after me so please also me to talk about oh you can now be can always great fun though where’s rocking it a lot laughs I also actually have another bulge related story yeah I am i they say around here and I’m still based house thing I am this is when I was a kid we went on like

a canal boat holiday okay what’s that person over there I’m gonna run supposed to helicopter okay I know my family I was with kind of doing the same kind of holiday they’re just going get drunk mmm-hmm around the bars and yeah basically they docked up and they tied the rope too tight so when they got back it was the whole canal boat was was floating because the water level would come down just hang in there yeah so what did they do it has to lower it down or some shit yeah did it work yeah luckily we get wet inside I bet it did I think it’s alright because they coming they’ve been to get a bit wet anyway are they by this office I was at earlier mmm you by the helicopter yeah I am by the helicopter also I see you in the rod hello huh oh ok it’s dark we should get in somewhere hello blue hey where’s it go house homes lissa should go out the town actually get this big pounding of the sukkah and while these the houses because it kind of overlooks the helicopter it’s three story yeah let’s go in this one yeah it’s all clear boys go in don’t was dark I don’t have a flashlight why not thought I wouldn’t need it my head up see fairness we shouldn’t have it on Today Show be stealthy max tell face get up to you go like the top for mostly on the balcony think I’ll be right here I think I’m over right there no one’s gonna find me here hey I step a little look around don’t see some song if we see something we ambition that’s the plan yeah someone is coming after us reckoned see you on stairs there’s a Soyoung stairs not there I’m here alright sounds countless tears now oh shit okay how’d it get hidden how’d it get in here I heard him I can’t was Thais I hate the noise that they make I hate thought you couldn’t get up these stairs oh you can get up the stairs on this one oh that’s what I thought I thought it was one of the hidden ones she was I keep my eye out my name so you’ve been up to do you think I know really gland you the fever that was was kind of shit when did I involve well I was freezing cold and but at the same time with me freezing cold I’d be sweating as if someone for a bucket like I had to change my bed because I’ll swear in so much Wow like I’ve changed all the sheets is that like I’d fall asleep for like an hour and a half wake

up cuz my bed was soaking wet with sweat yeah they were changing why she’s middle of the night then I fall asleep again flock two hours maybe just one hour and then this cheese would be soaking wet with sweat again so I just go into the spare room for a little while and then I just ended up staying awake the rest of the night I think I I only got six hours sleeping or something and then I had like a throat and I had a headache every day Ian cuz I couldn’t sleep cuz I just keep sweating all the time I know I was awful in the doctor’s and then I think we’ve glandular fever the doctor said like my spleen could be enlarged so I wasn’t allowed to go work even when I was feeling the right my spleen was enlarged when swollen it would be more delicate so if I took a knock to my ribs like I like I could get like internal bleeding so I wasn’t allowed to go work for like a month three weeks or something I was really over wasn’t wasn’t fun man I can’t see the coast this town scares my boss he had glandular fever but without realizing it and he just started to get it right and he didn’t realize obviously that he had just like to have it and he was in America and he went on a skateboard longboard fell over on his back kind of thought nothing of it next day he was like in a meeting it was like sweating and everything and signs get ill they kind of still photos because there was some yeah there’s getting down with a cold turn out I think it was glandular fever and he actually ruptured his spleen there’s a guy in the road by the way oh sure yes running this way um and he ruptured his spleen and he’s in the hospital I kid you not actually in the hospital for like four months oh my god yeah he lost so much weight it was like quiet he’s in shape as is that made sense we lost quite a bear weight yeah fuck Shaun’s back hey Brando how’s it going but you were that guy when I think you weren’t in that building didn’t he yeah you were in the office it’s really good to be playing games again man doing a live stream James I think see if thieves is come on tonight as well what something the left there that if you see him oh yeah and I’m good thanks man I know you my guess is he’s a freshie why just my guess in a map where are we John a map no right right man we went that a massive to the Haywood Valley how we gonna ambush him hello no he’s gone he won’t that warehouse thing I think I could go down you not do be overlooked well you do have a semi-automatic though yeah I also have this thing – you think my no DC ZM u faith you’ve not talked on it I used I don’t have any of that Magus I have like some rounds for us 76 – gun as well cool but I don’t have any more ammo I see he’s running away wait yeah yeah no no II should we go mmm what’s your for a little bit chill here chew okay

yeah it’s dark yeah wait till dawn and then we can head to Pine Crest or something if you want wherever that is keep our eyes out for bogies bogies it’s getting really dark now said he smashed his fingers at work how’d you do that Oh smashing way sure thanks I’ve worn a guitar as well oh yeah tickle my g-string that was that’s always big news new guitar days always it’s better than the best time of year the guitar today is it yeah he played it best oh of course I have the best see that Gibson box come through the door my face lit up like a little child on Christmas morning all excited I had a shower because I was with dirt dust dusting day from my go clean yeah then I open the box oh she’s radiant beautiful she she’s good I called her teni because she was made in Nashville Tennessee teni it’s good name terney now she’s joined to the family what do we do I don’t know it’s middle of the night night time seems to go on mm-hm music that’s hold off for too much longer that’s fine yeah could make a fire in the house for you dad alia crafting rock campfire we need Forks and there we can make a camp used to cook food if you’re gonna cry of the crafting menu select rock you can make a campfire dude fool there’s some time at all yeah but it’s really dark now really really dark yeah I just see silhouettes I see lowest think I being being a Bingbing Aminu ping ping ping ping GS scoops and attachments on this game bud yeah you doing a gun you picked up earlier they crafted one had a scope on a I noticed this has got a red dot sight yeah after what do you think of this game Sean I don’t know in comparison to the other games like this we’ve played I like the graphics I like the graphics yeah can’t really say I like the gameplay I’m not just cuz I’m I knew and I don’t know where to look for guns and weapons and stuff this feels a bit too slow-paced yes very she’s very well maybe it’s just but maybe it’s just because we played a lot this kind of genre anyway yeah like Daisy’s very slow to yeah we compared to like battlegrounds it’s very slow that’s true and bran dog he said we would bring him back more older games maybe there’s a new Daisy update DYFS only got Daisy installed no maybe pac-man no cuz you’re gonna fresh me a pac-man you’re good all these rubbish old games I’m good at all the rubbish game you fantast you you’re incredible oh my god I can’t see anything it’s so dark do see a bogey no oh I see a bogey if we see a guy in the next like a

couple minutes we’d go chase him yep that’s the plan keep your scopes out keep the scope out just in case but yeah my review on this game still graphics good game paper maybe just a little bit too slow just because I’m a noob but I also don’t have the patience to really learn everything again I think if you like this genre it’s a good game yeah like if I think if you’re bored of dayz because it’s just if you’re bored of it like everyone else pretty much then this is a good alternative because I don’t really like h1z1 just I think it’s just kind of bit comic-book kind of thing okayed hmm and I’m like yeah what’s it called King Pakal yeah it’s alright I prefer battlegrounds what the gunplay just feels nicer and Nick said wall Tetris equals the wall same rage yeah that’s what this app do people actually like that when Sean just makes me rage at games that I’m a good thing brand says sound was to play Tetris Sam why I didn’t like it I didn’t have fun I really didn’t come on over again no I did you did she beat me you be me all the time you let me win once that doesn’t even know how are you just play like a real-life game Sam okay what what do you mean when nothi Lee just Scrabble Scrabble don’t we knows chess right Tommy knows there will be kinda lever in old people saying no yeah I don’t even know how to play dominoes to be honest just link up the numbers do some stuff link up the numbers how do they link together well there I think any girls to a maximum was six she linked a map chess is a fun game I don’t even know to play chess I was just shepherd school yeah really yeah fixed when I was in primary school this is a really nerd nerd alert well are we gonna have like a chess match we could do I am I was in primary school right everyone used to play chess quite a lot I was in the Chess Club and I used to always play against my headmaster not the other kids it’d be adults and kids was playing chess such a nerd aren’t I a shocked Sam st. hey did you even listen to my story yeah well as I was I was looking at my rifle I have a rifle flashlight that I can craft with but you’re the chess champion did you know my story ago there oh shit ah eagle-eyes what do we do after him it’s just watch him a little bit see where he goes yeah yeah mood the night in a town he’s fresh like it’s not like he’s a noob know this if he comes interview I’ll try and get get him give

him a little I’ll head down already you sure yeah Sean it’s Rhyno maleate it’s really thought there’s gonna be some zombies if they attack you I got this I think Chinese memory I can’t see a thing before you put your brights up I don’t see him I don’t see him you get blocked by these stairs out here thanks to me you go go down down the stairs is a very good point thank you Nick this isn’t water oh yeah Joe I did today so oh I saw ok he’s moving away we could go through the window oh my god I can’t see anything in there shit oh fuck you got a flashlight can you put your flashlight up one sec we consumed some food you need to pretty light your light on in this pitch black in there into in that in the window great oh my god this is for scary I can’t see I can only see you don’t run up without me no okay okay okay shit that was fucking scary okay follow me sir I just assumed let’s go what’s up what you think sorry it’s just uh having us frightened right you sir a road I went round the left right right right right right he used his flashlight and went far that’s why let’s do this today Sam I had a whole big whiteboard to myself to work out one math equation what’s that there’s a lot of zombies bro one one has been a growed as well okay and I saw no idea oh shit no okay this cute kind yeah I’m good to go that man see through this warehouse area yeah if you just carry a light weapon you can count to two bulls so like a little knife or something or a little hatchet that takes up but you’re one of four slots with your big two big guns I don’t see he’s gone no I saw like a I saw a light over this way but that way there I cants pointing okay but maybe we should just get out the town get you try and search some ice water okay yeah students do it have you gone back into this a lot well we should head south southeast down that way carefully follow your man oh okay okay go this way man right you’re like Matt I like having one hard difficult question just trying to work it out I every single thing I learn in gym maps we did at school I use now today first time about to use it was the sokar tower if you remember that no sohcahtoa no sin cos tan no offset high 14 use of silk jacent

and adjacent hypotenuse no no idea jesus working out an angle of a my angle triangle fix easy here’s a thing for you Shawn yeah try and come with an answer without it trying to make it sound morbid or serious mm-hmm that’s the challenge when is grain not a bad thing okay hey James good thing when’s pain good when you realize someone who you thought was a friend just kind of portrayed you as in let’s say let’s say right Shawn I betrayed you fucking the EastEnders let’s say Derek right oh has a female friend Sandra Derek Concentra but then Derek realizes Sandra’s just there for his money it’s painful in the short run but the bigger picture is then he can move on and then he war from his pain dude glowy mushroom o clock you know look at that mushrooms glowing it’s an anti rant so I get it come on give auntie red pills well I don’t know other think radiations in the game yet okay it’s radical oh yeah that’s what that obvious that’s what raid has done what I made the mutations of radiation the question that was a good answer I’d I would have just said something like stupid like sex but aren’t buff oh yeah all that childbirth yeah that’s a good yeah we all the J did I’d only go in there man there’s gonna be Leatherface look in that fucking cabin I’d a to go in there stand back here and look at that look at this fucking house this is awful in here I don’t like this no get out I especially sure we should camp out somewhere I think you can find a tents yeah that’d be funny hmm we should go fishing are we going piss her home tomorrow why okay and I’ve always got we can get some lunch as well okay sounds good I can pick you out of a rigorous yeah yeah right it is a babe magnet so be careful what are you gonna get me in it so baby drinks and my voices I didn’t want to do it too loud as well but the baby the baby babe makes no sense what beautiful night this is what I just said mmm-hmm you know if you know what I am I thought of a really good idea for a video game earlier like earlier in the day I think about it why no I want her stuff I was thinking why has not done that game careful you may leak great knowledge go on fuck flush this place 3 2 1 clear alpha room Alfa Romeo please what’s that Fiat but no clear then each trace that’s my nickname in school yeah me too mmm

minty throws boys I have a hammer still I have adrenaline I have antibiotics I have an extra hunting knife if you’d like it John hunting that maybe trimmer for a melee weapon is my car sound good I Drive everywhere in it always have no choice it’s my car you’re not gonna drive around in Troy yeah I view life anywhere around here on floor no no not see I am sorry I don’t even know where it’s gone he drops a knife in the dark always wait sit here thank you no I love it man I’ve driven like at least eight K now 7k miles that’s a lot sean-zo show how do we make a boat with blood sweat tears and wood then we get up and make the boat I think that should be our aim this is Sean oh come on we could have a fire on the beach if we’d give our position away when I use the torch it’s fine I think anyone here right this is very roughly sir careful how are you James Jackson how’s it going man sorry miss Jackson his name is James sorry James James how people can be offended by something come from some plants of their name that’s right hmm the other day I speak to this female her name was Lara Lara fantastic name oh it’s a lovely name I love Lara Croft great game great movies and there’s a good name and she said don’t call me laughter what yeah I’m well I just said I’m proud that my name is Sam because why because we’re gonna get to the Lord of the Rings geek mode but Samwise Gamgee is like the overall main hero of the series right okay Chris is for a lady well the thing is the difference is photo has his own burden to bear he has to carry the ring mm-hmm the San Juans was chosen by gay enough to go with Frodo Frodo is the one that knew he shouldn’t trust Gollum Frodo like Sam was the one Frodo wouldn’t have even destroyed the ring if Sam wasn’t there Sam was the one that killed Shelob and saved Frodo and like in the beginning he was just like the average man like like this the average person mm-hmm and he was a bit kept to himself all the time you just cared about going to the pub and he didn’t care about girls or the end of it it was like confident because he’s done with stuff he’s like the the main hero and Christopher Lee place salmon he’s the only member of the cast to actually meet Junior Tolkien and he says well you know he doesn’t say what he said he says the Samwise Gamgee is like main hero only right he’s right I’ll go check into ten so I think we can get like tents in the tent well that’s my content but tents that we can pick up and stuff you know oh yeah we could thank you James thank you for asking yeah I don’t really it really watched Lord of the Rings you should it’s great it’s not let’s look for rocks man let’s look for rocks to make a fire don’t you look it look it yeah come out the back with me search this my where such this old campfire grab some rocks for me I don’t know I am

lyrics I have I have they even have a rock I have one rock I can search rocks here yeah we want four rocks I got two rocks okay I need one more I’m not finding any usable Raphael cheeky little fireplace okay oh shit salt oh now it’s gonna be pitch black I can’t see anything I’m gonna throw the rocks on the rocks get rock three okay ready yep Nick said it took me 19 years by wash all the Rings last year Oh extend edition or just like – the extended edition is fantastic because you get a bit a little long or in depth with the story’s highly recommend the extended editions the four hours long around about each movie that sounds like effort okay okay I’ve got it okay shrunk arethis hey oh this is actually really nice mat well ready I’m gonna poop ah open inventory’ we need to get some wood take some no any wood what’s gonna hide we need wood look around for like wooden panels and stuff okay the exciting wants to read the book some time to back away go Micah it’s good done it just my homemade fire I crafted something in the game look at this I’m kind of holding back oh oh you in there hey oh sure didn’t see what oh that’s tough boy how are you getting the house we kind of use it as bait in the window I mean this said he bought a set that wasn’t the extended edition but he does want to watch the extended sometime you can watch the extended editions online there are a fair in most places online [Laughter] they’re on the Internet no just like pretty much any way you look is gonna be and alpha 946 says are you guys a couple brothers friends or actually Siamese twins well she did some curls wait which one is it we do it just friends man pals with buddy buddy buddy mmm otherwise it’d be fast lovers or bath sex mates or something like that we’re buddies just friends no benefits no benefits apart from each other we’re friends with each other is a benefit money laughing in that that’s right friends sounds just a big spoon that’s not true no it’s not Sam has a girlfriend I have a wife I do doesn’t matter if she’s out the country at the moment does now mean anything definitely real yeah there’s a word for someone who’s like pretend girlfriend if you’re like gay right crazy maybe what happened had a blip blip no me thank you for whomever did whatever I think I’m a better follow so thank you for following well oh thank

you whatever happened yeah hey Louise me hello we’re kind of waiting for Dawn yeah that’s kind of what we’re doing though we’re not it I’ve kind of missed this though it’s slow but I’ve missed just having a slow-paced relaxation game well the games I’ve been playing is like a non-stop action kind of my life it’s nice playing the game where you can just have an adventure I have a map here I’m gonna have to use the light this yeah I think were we at the Pine Crest Derby mm-hmm could be me so this is oh yeah we’re at the Pine Crest Derby this is the Pine Crest Derby um so I just hold up oh you scared me there sorry yeah Pine Crest Derby pal okay pay you shrinking my head on a swivel surface any one coming see fair if I see this like a mile off I would have approached it and shrank your people yeah me too cuz no I’ve never seen like someone actually make something in this game they are we haven’t engaged in lob people over you know so – I’m engaged no I’m not engaged I think I came to a conclusion Sam I want to be single for the alesis okay if I ever fall into a relationship during that time I want you to like ambush it I’m gonna need it I’m gonna need a formal written consent yes okay because if I come into like an intimate chat and I’m like just disrupting everything yeah I need you to know I need to know that whatever you say to me in that period of time is purely because of your sexual aggression and not not through being angry at me are you just doing that because you’re angry that you’re not allowed to see boobs I’m sorry thing like that I said relationships yeah but that boobs relationship let’s talk boobs relationship that’s it’s not Oh Jim if I could just have no one follow that advice just just if you touch a boob it doesn’t mean relationship it just means you’re crazy you’re not allowed to touch a boob without consent what they like you do it then what happens well then marriage [Laughter] Mirage this is a long night isn’t it this is really lot longest longest there was a glitch on that or no glitch little exploit a little easter egg if you shot the moon on one of the old guy why’s your room would get bigger means yes how did you do that I like doing out that game I used to do it I mean that’s the thing when we could get hooker you can get hookers on all of them it’s one of my favorite on every it is kind of cool it’s hilarious you can just shoot anybody exactly you can’t do that real life I mean you’d have to go through things you like caught to prove your freedom and stuff no I’m gonna boy so let’s say I went to the red-light districts you went to Amsterdam kinda I went and that’s coming in there we Antwerp or yeah I don’t think it’s an 12 Antwerp

it’s just on the border of Netherlands okay Jim Oh sir wasn’t that the I’m celebrity I it was basically the same thing oh that’s cool man no it was not cool is weird yes I mean I had my imagined me write this same scenario me wearing a backpack camera around my chest definitely a tourist looking on smiling I’ve just I’ve got in my left hand and a leaflet from the latest museum I’ve just stereotypical tourists did you have one of those hats like had a flap that covered the back of your neck think of it as if I did and usual that was told me the quickest way that next museum was this way and I was securing along the road and I looked right and this poster said Anil show I just thought it was funny cuz I thought ah Anil che must be seeing think that something different in a fare in Dutch going along and I was like oh there’s just so many rude words in this this road is women like tapping on the window and they’re saying come towards me and I thought oh where the hell am I I think something just fine yeah to me it weirded me out I actually kind of felt sick it is it is mad is fucking mental yeah just that for that to be normal like there was when we’d go and get breakfast there would be like like these ladies in the window were in these tight tiny dressy banging on the window like telling me to come in and see him I was gonna get breakfast it was like it wasn’t like half 10:00 in the morning and they was dancing in the windows to have sex like what the look that’s mad yeah I didn’t like it whatsoever because it’s better than illegally doing out there the sex shows I didn’t go into a text but this I know there’s a lot of Chinese and they like came by the busload and mm-hmm and they were just got out and went into this like sex shop by the busload it was just mad it was crazy I think the sun’s gonna rise it’s like by the water so it would be pretty cool to see yeah I don’t think there’s actually anything here at this Darby place Waverly car should we go mm-hmm cool let’s go right let me a penny that was that have you got any spare oh I have a can yeah I don’t know what’s gonna be top of this hill we can check it out let’s go yeah really did it weird me out I didn’t like him it’s cool to see is cool too yeah to see him understand it was German thing was different for me I find it hilarious because some like all my mates from school yeah it’s different when own your own yeah with you if he was a lacrosse yeah well I went there knowing that we would experience all that kind of stuff yeah but this is like especially imagine the camera around your neck though some of them may be offended if I even a camera with me at that made sense that’s all I was didn’t want to take a pictures do they what they say like friends find out what they do for a job well they bang on windows like in Center Touche hey someone start to build something this is water in here what 20 years warranty oh good oh now that’s empty and we taste your empty empty tea there is a platform here

as well I’m gonna put platform we’re going to put it I don’t mind no I can’t another know why I push back let’s go with ten o’clock it’s ten o clock well I actually may want to call it man yeah it’s get pretty late it’s to our three to our stream that’s a good length cheeky okay just wait for the sensor rise it’s this smooth right in the middle of it oh yeah big night time for another hour it’s a good point it’s a fun is this nice game I kind of liked it mitten look Leslie face and stuff yes it’s nice to come on every now and then if you just want a relaxing kind of session part from before the stream start that was scary no scary shit was like a big hunk once the men yeah but thank you from for watching I hope you have a nice weekend yes don’t do drugs don’t ever unless your doctor tells you yes that’s the only exception have a good night and goodbye goodbye