Student Virtual Town Hall May 5, 2020

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Student Virtual Town Hall May 5, 2020

Hello welcome to this week’s President’s Town Hall my name is Sam Bachert, Director of Academic Technology for CSN and your moderator Due to the number of participants and time we’re not able to have a two-way interactive video conference however you will be able to submit questions similar to a webinar but that I will present to the panel to be answered take as many questions as we can until about five minutes from the top of the hour and they will wrap up the Town Hall while we may not be able to answer all questions raised those that cannot be answered give me a lot of time will be saved and answered by the panel afterwards as appropriate so in a few moments President Dr. Federico Zaragoza will address the audience with updates and information and then open the Town Hall up to questions please use the Q&A module so it can be ensured that everyone’s questions are seen will use this format and all of our future town halls I believe this is the last one scheduled so far but as we move forward we’ll use that same session you may begin submitting your questions now so that we have them ready to go once the opening is done I’d like to remind you that today’s session is being recorded and as soon as it is available it will be posted on our coronavirus page along with the president today our panel consists of Dr. Margo Martin, Vice President of Academic Affairs: Mary Kaye Bailey, Vice President for Finance; Juanita Chrysanthou, Vice President of Student Affairs; Mugunth Vaithylingam, Chief Information Officer; Patty Charlton, Vice President and Provost Henderson campus; Dr. Clarissa Cota, Vice President and Provost North Las Vegas campus; Dr. Sonya Pearson, Vice President and Provost Charleston campus; Dr. Bill Dial, Chief Human Resources Officer We’re also very excited to have today with us Daniel Gutierrez, Student Body President and Manuel Ayala, Student Body Vice President Ladies and gentlemen gentlemen President Dr. Zaragoza Good afternoon and welcome CSN students Happy Cinco de Mayo and thank you for joining us for yet another CSN town hall all meeting Also I would be remiss if I didn’t wish you lots of luck in your exams next week I know you’re gonna do just great my remarks today will be brief because we have much information to share with you and we want to leave plenty of time for you to ask questions so let me start by acknowledging that there is still much uncertainty and ambiguity but nevertheless the governor has triggered the roadmap to reopen Nevada and NSHE is providing a similar roadmap for NSHE institutions to reopen higher education For us the focus of our town hall meeting will be on the progress that has been made by CSN working in collaboration with NSHE and our internal stakeholders for our plans to return to campus in fall and possibly earlier As stated earlier we have much information to share so without further ado I will turn over the program to our CSN leadership panel member Patty Charlton Patty Thank you Dr. Zaragoza and thank you so much CSN and students so glad to have you with us today and like Dr. Zaragoza said we’re wishing you all the best of luck in your finals next week Just a couple of quick updates we have a PowerPoint that we’re gonna share some slides with you today and I like to just talk very briefly with you just as an update as our COVID-19 implementation and our task force continues to work we continue to monitor the environment and again everything starts and stops with your safety and the safety of all of those that participate at CSN so we’ve been mining and as Dr. Zaragoza mentioned the landscape changes on an ongoing basis last week Governor Sisolak extended the stay at home directive until May 15th that was originally due to expire on April 30th and so the governor did extend that and what that means is that we will continue again with very limited activities such as there was some retreat on things such as outdoor activity and recreation obviously the social distancing is still a top priority but what that also means for you is that your CSN family your faculty your staff continued to work in a remote environment and we will continue to do so until it is safe until it’s been directed obviously and until further guidance has come to us not just from the governor but also from the Nevada System of Higher Education and so that May 15th expiration is out there as a state home directive but that is what they whole host of different directives that have been provided and we know that we’ll be looking to new information the governor also established with their

what are called local empowerment advisory panels and these are individuals that work very closely right here in Southern Nevada for example Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick is chairing the urban LEAP group and so she’ll be leading that effort to make sure that things are safe and appropriate to return Again CSN uses all health and safety information from not just the CDC from the governor from our health and safety professionals and obviously we worked very closely here with the Southern Nevada Health District so those information that we received will continue to guide CSN’s work and we know that as I shared with you last week our plan as we look to a return as Dr. Zaragoza also mentioned in advance of the fall semester in some limited capacity will include very strict parameters including social distancing making sure that we have sanitizing and disinfecting occurring wherever we need to on campus obviously with those increased frequency and high-touch areas and again we will not be doing things overnight we will be looking at a very phased and the deliberate approach and continuing remote operations where we can and limiting the number of individuals that are gathering in any space at any given time and so we’ll have time for questions later but I’d also like to throw this right now to Juanita Chrysanthou the Vice President of Student Affairs for some very important information for you Thank you so much Thank you Patty Since we started working in this remote environment and you students started learning and there were remote environment we’ve had consistent questions every week about placement tests and we have good news for you in that math placement virtual math placement you’ve been asking about it is now available online as our English reading placement exams beginning today and alternative placement is ongoing this is good news because we know that it’s important to students and you’ve asked for it here’s the information there are also some additional tests that faculty and staff have worked out to be able to offer remotely including chemistry which is upcoming mid-May TEAS testing for those who are in the health professions and ESL placement tests as well Thank you Juanita Yes and good afternoon students I wanted to share with you information that came from the chancellor’s office on May the 1st regarding student hourly and work-study positions as we wind down the semester Employment of student hourlies as well as work studies those positions either continue or end as they normally would irrespective of the situation we’re currently experiencing As you know now currently if you are a student and you’re working virtually or you’re a student and you’re not working virtually you’re either entering through hours or you’re using paid administrative leave That will start to halt at the end of the spring semester so on the last day of the spring semester at that point in time if no productive work is being done in your position no time should be entered for paid administrative leave however if you are continuing to work either on campus or virtually you would enter your time as you regularly would but to be clear positions later continue or end as they normally would under regular business operations irrespective of the situation were in now if you have questions about your specific situation please work with your supervisor or contact human resources That was the last panelist and if you have questions please use the Q&A module The first one that we have up is When will the CARES Act funds be distributed to students Great question and I know many of you are anticipating this it’s been in the news and everywhere and basically CSN has been working our financial aid department especially working with our grants department has completed the certification process which means that’s a process by which we are actually allocated the funds we have an allocation formula that we’ve developed and last week I did not have this information for you but this week we

fully anticipate updated information on the CSN website within the next day or so and you should be getting communication from financial aid regarding your eligibility and we anticipate being able to disburse funds to students this week The next question Can someone tell me if biology 223 or 224 will be offered in the second half of summer or the fall So this is Margo Martin, Vice President for Academic Affairs and I have some slides that I’m hoping we will have posted so that I can talk a little bit more about the fall but let me go ahead and respond to that question I also want you to know that I’ve invited the deans to this meeting today as well so that they can help us answer some of those questions that I know that you have about summer and about fall regarding our biology in the summer we have stood up a section of biology 189 right now I do not anticipate that we’re going to be able to offer biology 223 but if that becomes an option I will each time we have these town halls definitely we’ll put that out there but we are very aware that there is a deep need for those biology classes not only in the summer but also in the fall Margo you mentioned you had some slides that has some information for students are we gonna get this on Yeah I’m waiting on the slides We’re pulling those up now Maybe there’s another question we can answer in the interim Are there going to be any more additional classes at at the second half of fall semester Yes so I am meeting weekly with the deans and with the chairs and we are discussing as we speak what’s happening with the fall semester and we will be rolling out late start classes so looking to offer some 12-week classes a few weeks into the semester and then offering some eight-week classes and we’re also talking about offering some classes in a sequence in an 8 and 8 sequence so perhaps students can complete two sequence courses in one semester and hopefully that will accelerate completion graduation like We’re close to getting those slides up and we’ll do one more For those students that were placed on hold with an indefinite date of return are there any plans for them to return to complete the semester Postponing our spring semester delays our future semesters You know that is something that we are very aware of and have been very concerned about and unfortunately safety and governors and chancellor’s protocols have just not allowed us to have folks back on campus yet I will say that we have been able to bring back our EMS and EMT students following social distancing and safety protocols We’re also in the planning phase for bringing back many of our health science students for the remaining courses so for instance if you are taking automotive or HVAC classes or lab classes where we’re looking at after July 1 we will be bringing students back to campus along with faculty and the strategy that we’re using is we’re hoping to offer open computer lab art not computer open lab time so that students no matter what your schedule is there’ll be an opportunity for students to come back onto the campus work with faculty on whatever remaining competencies there might be and finish up that spring semester It looks like my slides are up so thank you very much I know that everybody faculty and students included are wanting to know what the fall schedule is going to look like and while I recognize that there are still a lot of unknowns and we’re still waiting on direction from the CDC from the governor from the chancellor we want to be as prepared for the fall as possible and one of the things that we are really wanting to to make sure we can do to the very best of our ability is to bring students back to campus we know that people miss being on campus and we know that you want to make sure that that you are able to complete your academic journey so here’s the way that

we’re framing the way that we’re gonna bring people back in the fall our guiding principles are our four on one is that we want to really focus on students first and student success so that is the very most important thing that we’re looking at the second lever is we want to make sure we are following accreditation requirements and that we are providing a quality product so we don’t want to do anything halfway we want to make sure that we’re meeting every that is required from an academic standpoint In addition we’ve been trying very hard to practice shared governance and so this is an opportunity as you see this plan if you have ideas or feedback whether it’s in this town hall or whether you want to send me an email to [email protected] edu or send an email to the VPAA the vice president for academic affairs email I want to know what you think about this plan and then finally we want to make sure that whatever we’re doing makes sense in terms of our being able to continue the business of running the college but I don’t want to dismiss that includes safety and the health of our students our faculty and our staff if we bring people that campus we want to make sure we’re doing it right Next slide please Oh okay so what is the fall schedule going to look like well what we’ve done I’ve been meeting with dean’s and chairs and the other campus vice presidents and we’ve been talking about kind of our courses that we offer in four categories if you will the first is online now online is something that CSN has been doing for quite some time and and that’s using our Canvas course learning management system and that’s something that we’re going to continue the second is our traditional face-to-face instruction and this is basically classes that meet consistently on a given day and a given time and that might even include our hybrid classes where part of the class is on the ground and the other part is in an in a virtual environment then there’s our highest enrollment low success courses and those are classes that we know students have to take they are required but sometimes students find them particularly challenged and we want to make sure that we offer those in the best frame that we can to ensure student success and then we have our CTE and lab based courses those are like our science labs are our nursing labs our HVAC our diesel mechanics those are the kinds of things that we recognize are heavily equipment driven and they require that hands-on experience so those are the four categories so here’s the recommended plan this is what we’re thinking of moving forward first and foremost we want to make sure that every section that we offer doesn’t matter what the class is but that every course has a robust online component using Canvas that way if we do find that we have to go remote again in the fall students and faculty will already be expecting something happening online and be familiar with the technology next we want to implement social distancing and deep cleaning protocols in all of our face-to-face instructional environments we’re going to utilize hybrid instructional methods which is a mix of on-campus and online as appropriate we also want to make sure we offer face-to-face options for courses that we know are challenging for our students we know that many of you really prefer being in a classroom with a teacher and with other students and we’re going to offer those kinds of classes but we’re going to make sure that we do it safely following social distancing and deep cleaning protocols and then we also want to make sure that we take special populations into account we want to make sure that we are meeting the needs of veterans of our international students students that might be on academic probation students that might have troubled this spring in terms of being successful our students with disabilities and any other disadvantaged student that might have struggled and error might struggle in a future semester and then finally we will be continuing with online instruction as student demand requires so in a nutshell that’s the game plan and would love to hear your thoughts whether you ask a question today or whether you send me an email sometime during this week if I could get that feedback in the next couple of days that would be amazing

The first question we have back after that was I’m a physical therapist assistant student our concern for our program is that our nation accreditation requires hands-on practice and testing will we be able to continue face-to-face in order to continue our education Absolutely thank you for that question we are anxious anxious to get you guys back on campus as soon as possible just this past week I met with the dean the program directors the chair of Nursing and our facilities folks to begin that plan for bringing everybody back to campus so I’m anticipating in the next handful of weeks we’re going to be prepared to bring folks back on that are in our health sciences area in the areas that are outside of health sciences we’re probably looking at that July 1 start date but yes as soon as we can get students back on campus to finish out the so the spring semester requirements we are going to get you back on campus and we’re gonna do it as safely as possible Dr. Martin thank you for that this is Patty Charlton and I just wanted to tell way in as well we’ve been having some wonderful conversations with Dr. Martin the dean of Health Sciences and again we have to be very systematic and as I mentioned earlier and we’ve been talking about a very phased approach we also recognize that we don’t want to back up our next group of students that are going to be starting their senior year and want to ensure that again that you can move through those lab components recognizing that again we do still need to be working on those clinical sites and access to those for any completion and so it will be a phased approach and again our faculty cannot wait to welcome you back as we are also looking forward but want to do it in the most safe manner possible This is a follow-up to the physical therapy assistants therapist assistant question is there any chance it will be considered a health science health service sorry so they might return before July 1 So right now we are in discussions to make sure that we’re bringing the right programming back so please stay tuned if your program is going to be able to come back prior to July 1 we will be communicating to you through your faculty and through that program director and dean so please stay tuned Are the students who are completing biology 189 getting enrollment dates after those of us have already completed the course and are waiting to enroll in biology 223 I would like to ask if if Juanita could respond because this sounds more like a registration question and I don’t know if I have the answer and it may be that Juanita doesn’t have it either but um Juanita can you jump in on that one I’m looking at the question and I’m not sure if it’s about the timing of the we did move that fall registration to May 15th for new students and I’m wondering if the question is related to that I would ask that the person who’s asking that question send us a little bit more specific so we can respond exactly to to what you’re asking us While they’re doing that here’s the next question Will there be accelerated bio 223 and 224 classes in the fall when we know about the eight-week sequence biology to 223 and to 224 classes or possibly having the labs in person in the lectures online So um my dean of the science and math school I believe is on this WebEx Dr. Sims would you be willing to answer that question Yes dr. Martin the answer that question is that we’re working on seeing if we can throw that up next semester in the fall to have a sequence of eight and eight at this time I don’t have any further information whether it’s going to go live but we are trying to do that for the sake of the students Will the fall 2020 schedule possibly be changing from what we can see now for our upcoming May enrollment dates if so how them would be notified of those changes That’s a really great question and so the reason that we’ve backed off or pushed off the the registration opening is because we knew that we might need to make some changes to the schedule and so as soon as that schedule is ready to go we will certainly be communicating with students I would highly encourage all students to go back into the schedule and clarify that

what you thought you might have seen in the schedule is actually what is going to unfold again I’m not seeing a dramatic shift through the schedule but we are trying to make sure that we are following safety protocols and so the way that we imagined the fall schedule perhaps before we had to go remote we’re really looking at the schedule a little bit differently now so as soon as we’re gonna be going live again on May 15th and there will be communication that comes out regarding the schedule but definitely make sure you go in and take a very careful look at whether there are significant changes to the way that we’ve laid out the schedule I would add to that because a number of these questions have to do with the sequencing of courses and course availability please be certain to talk with your adviser and if you’re in health sciences the health sciences advisors can help you with the sequencing of your courses Will the call to be adding more seats to the current fall classes I also know that Dean Charles Okeke is here on Charles would you be willing to respond to that question Are we going to be adding adding seats Well I thought I saw him on the list and if I was I’m here Yes we’re going to be adding this as soon as I actually feel that they’re needed we’ve always been very dynamic as long as we do have office space classroom space we’re going to be adding system added more classes yes Are there are fewer classes this summer due COVID-19 compared to last summer So that’s a great question the last time I took a look at the numbers I know we had added a few sections but we are running about 93 fewer sections this summer than we did last summer I do believe that that that is driven by COVID-19 primarily because we’re not able to do anything on campus right now so if we were going to run something in the summer particularly in the first half we were gonna have to do it in an online environment so I do believe that the COVID-19 circumstance has really impacted our ability to deliver a more traditional summer class schedule Here’s a clarification to that biology 189 question that we received They were wanting to make sure that those who completed it last fall can register for 223 and 224 before students in 189 now So Juanita is that something that you can respond to in terms of the priority registration In terms of priority registration I cannot but we have captured this question I want to make sure that we give you the correct answer to that so I will respond to this question and I see now it’s because we did delay the registration period for new students so that the sequencing of the courses I will respond directly to you and also reach out to the health sciences advisors to make sure that my answer is correct thank you One of the students asked or stated It’s difficult to get a hold of a health advisor and wonders if there’s someone they can reach out to to get in touch with one or a better approach Yes there is this is Janice you know the Engelstad School of Health Sciences you can always contact me either by phone or by email and I’ll get you what you need from the health programs advisors or answer your question myself Will class capacity for summer sections be increased per instructor perhaps an online class capacity of 21 can be expanded to 30 so all students can continue their education during the summer So Doug I know that you and I Dr. Sims our dean of math and science you and I have had this conversation would you take a minute to respond Yeah we’ve actually increased many of the the lecture course seats online for the summer to help with capacity but when it comes to lab

courses we’re kind of restricted by the social distancing requirement for the hands-on portion which will then reduce the number of seats available for those courses just due to a capacity issue we don’t have enough space to get the students in those labs to fill the lecture Is there a chance that we’ll be unenrolled from our classes for the fall if there are changes made So if there are any any changes made we certainly want to work directly with with any students we don’t want to displace anyone from a class and if we need to to help you find a different class we certainly want to do that we want to make sure that we keep all of our students whole as we move into the fall semester knowing that there are a lot of variables and it really is kind of a dynamic environment so we will definitely work with you Question in regards to biology 223 and 224 Will the Nursing program accept those courses from another college such as from Rio Salado So I’d like the dean of the Engelstad School of Health Sciences to respond to that today Hi this is Janice If the institution is regionally accredited and CSN accepts it through the registrar office and posts it to biology 189 223 or 224 whichever the course is it’ll be fine if it comes in as an elective then we can go through the substitution process and see if we can get it added that way it depends on the institution from where it comes and it also depends on if you have an online lab for that course or a traditional face-to-face lab traditionally the Nursing program does not accept online labs for biology 223 224 251 or 189 and that’s an ACEN standard which is their accrediting agency If you have a question for the panel please use the Q&A module to post those questions Our next one is Can Chem 108 be offered online this summer for the second half of the summer Dr. Sims I’d have to look at the schedule but I do know we have a full complement of 103 105 106 and 107 but I will look into Chem 108 That was the last question that we’ve received so far if you do have any more questions for the panel please post those in the Q&A module and we even get those asked to the panel are there any panelists that would like to provide some information to the students One just came in I cannot find any NSHE school that offers biology 224 in the summer Can you provide us advice where to take biology 224 this summer I appreciate the question you know in the last couple of town halls we’ve had a lot of questions about biology and I so I have done a little bit of personal research and you are correct even the NSHE schools in the north as well as the NSHE schools in the south we do not offer an awful lot of biology in the summer and so that has given me great pause to think about how should we be doing things differently moving forward so that we can assure students that there are summer offerings in the area of biology I think CSN needs to be a leader in that I have been having weekly conversations with the dean as well as with the chair and we have actually recommended a very new kind of faculty position that we’re hoping to move forward so that we can have a presence not only in the fall and in the spring but also in the summer in terms of where you can take that particular course this summer I do not have a ready answer for you but but I will certainly explore to see if there are in fact any institutions within this area where you could take that but I do know as you know that none of the NSHE schools are offering that course this summer This is a follow up question in regards to online labs We have a student who is currently in biology 251 here at CSN

Will that class not be accepted for Nursing Is the lab being offered online was that my understanding this is Janice I think it might be and this is I’m just trying to interpret that it might be that because we went remote towards the end of the spring semester that they’re asking more in regards to does that count against it now that they are going remote to finish out the course I will ask Doug then is biology 251 is that lab being offered online Are you tonight currently it’s they had to go remote and do a different modality a different way of doing it this semester only because of the COVID-19 Okay so then what we would have to do is review the lab activities and that would be something that the Nursing faculty would have to take on for a course that had to change in the middle of the semester and go from there I can’t guarantee that they will or won’t accept it they would have to review it to see what the skill development was in an online or remote setting I will say This is Dean Sims They follow the syllabus to the letter despite the fact thay changed modality pushed students online and so I’m sure the Nursing group will review it and see it as equal as it was before however it’s not a preferred method of delivery of a portion of course that requires hands on Then that should be fine because it will be reviewed This is Janice again And it will be reviewed between the Nursing and probably the chair of the Biology Department and they can come to a decision as to if the course will suffice for the application for Nursing or not if it follows the course syllabus to the letter then it should not be a problem In the past advisers were categorized by expertise can that be the case again to a certain extent maybe a short description by their name in My Coyote Plan If you’re asking about the general academic advising team yes we can do that and I appreciate the question Health Sciences advisors are a separate group because of their expertise and in all of the Health Sciences programming so yes we’re able to update the academic advising website and identify the areas of study that each have expertise with I just also wanted to add that I think the question also to add in My Coyote Plan we should be able to do that on their profile as well so thank you for that question This is Janice Dean of the School of Health Sciences when you make an appointment with a health programs advisor there bio is automatically attached so whoever you make an appointment with their bio is there and they are responsible for knowing understanding all the Health Sciences programs not not just to select few but all of them because they advise on all of them whether it’s an open entry program a limited entry program a bachelors degree program they’re responsible for all of them Nearly all course sections have been moved to remote method with scheduling online meeting times which leaves out students who work during those times and days can online synchronous asynchronous instructional courses be an option for summer 2020 Absolutely so typically in our online class offerings that is typically handled from an asynchronous standpoint This is a follow-up question in regards to biology 251 We had several students want to know when they’ll have that final decision about it being accepted by the Nursing Department because they need to know before they apply I’ll have my chair communicate with chair of the Biology Department and start that conversation right now If you have any questions for the panel I’d ask that you post those in the Q&A module and we will get those out to the panel Right now we don’t have any other questions in the queue but if you do have a question please let us know This might be a good time Daniel

to give an update if there’s any information on the elections from Student Government from last Friday anything you can tell us all Can you guys hear me Alright hi My name is Daniel I’m the student body president So the updates as we have them right now we’re trying to get a meeting we were trying to get a meeting this week we’re still not sure on whether or not our agenda needs to be approved by the The um…I forgot what they’re called But we’re still not sure if our agenda was and we have the green light to go and have our meeting but we need to have an official meeting in order to actually say the name of the big player who exactly one if we’re not able to do so this Friday then we’ll settled for doing it on Monday next week will also be our final meeting so that’s also very important meeting that has to happen that’s when we officially hand over you know the titles and everything over to the next senate but as for us it’s mostly just encouraging students to applying for the Emergency Fund Helping out our students the best we can answering emails as best we can wrapping up that’s a big part It’s very excited it’s kind of sad to go but it’s also very exciting too but ya no and after that after we have our next senate then we’ll be training the next executive board so that they can success when you take rain and do the best job that they can That’s the plan of action from our end but we’re still here to help you guys so if you guys need anything definitely send us an email [email protected] [email protected] We’ll definitely do our best to help you or point you in the direction of somebody who can help you What about the elections committee so we have Every position is completely over elections are done we had decent turnout in regards to how everything had to be pushed online but we’re still looking for a secretary an extension senator and a Henderson senator those positions will be opened by the new senator after May 15th when they open letters of intent so look out for that information but for West Charleston North Las Vegas you’re happy to know that you guys are gonna be having a full senate as well as an incoming president who I’m very excited to leave the next ASCSN And in terms of any questions about our Student Emergency Fund you can always email Brian Akins [email protected] you can use those funds essentially for anything as it comes into a check It just has to be kind of used for that emergency aspect But if you need it to like be used for books you technically could use it for books I didn’t see the question pop up but I wanted to answer it a little bit but that’s it really Oh no before we leave one more thing I want to give a quick shout-out to the advisor Brian Akins I want to give a quick shout-out to the senate our current senate our new senate you know who you are Big shout-out to everybody else and yeah very exciting One more question for the group Will the panel commit to offering an online or hybrid Marketing 450 in the fall since multiple students require it to complete their BAS program this fall And since it was not offered in the summer So I’m not sure if Dean Johnson is on the WebEx Marcus are you I was scrolling through the attendees are you there So I tell you what I can’t specifically respond to that question but I will take that back to the dean and to the chair and see if there’s a way that we could that launch that Marketing 450 class Thanks for asking Is there any way that an online asynchronous class can be offered for Math 132 instead of just offering remote courses for the summer So Doug I’m not familiar with that particular section I don’t know if you can respond to that

I can’t but I will look into it The majority of the coursework that we are offering in the summer really should be in the online environment but we’ll definitely check on that that’s a curious question Alrighty if there are any other questions for the QA we have a couple more minutes before we switch over for the wrap-up if you do please post those in the Q&A module I’ll give that to the panelists I’m not seeing any others popping up Dr. Zaragoza will you provide us awrap-up please Again thank you to all the students that participated today we If didn’t have answers for your questions we’re gonna try and get them back to you as soon as possible again our next Town Hall is going to be on June 1st I believe and at that time we’re gonna start basically that town hall trying to answer some of these questions that we couldn’t have answered today but again I’ll also connect our web page that we can update you through that medium let me also thank and congratulate all of you that are finishing the spring semester your patience is very much appreciated your diligence and we know that you put everything into those classes and at the end of the day everything is going to normalize moving forward we’re looking forward to being here for you for the summer session and you heard our plans for the fall so keep getting engaged I think that was the one advice that I gave my students stay engaged with your student government stay engaged with the CSN family have a wonderful wonderful break and great luck with your exams and we’ll see you at the next town hall On behalf of the CSN administration buena suerte and happy Cinco de Mayo Bye students