Transformice – Basic Skill Guide – New Skill Trees

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Transformice – Basic Skill Guide – New Skill Trees

hello and welcome once again as promised I was going to show you the new skills as soon as the skill trees get released and as you can see here we have two more skill trees to work with here called wildling and physicist so once again I redistributed my points which I couldn’t do right away because they had to wait two minutes after on but whatever so we have a whole lot of two new skill trees to work with right here so without further ado let’s just dive right into that so let’s start with a wildling and I’ll just I guess let’s just mix both skill trees and take a look I can just rescale after that so it’s not really a big problem so the first skill we have is called campfire which supposedly places campfire for some friendly time that lasts four seconds and the next one is reflex which increases your summoning speed but decreases here’s so many range so let’s take a look at these two there we go so as that campfire yes that campfire okay does it do anything oh okay so you can click it and just start roasting stuff and as you can also see my summoning range is really tiny but my summoning speed went up so that we have that and oh we go next up we have small but brawny which decreases your shape and size we have spider mouse that summons WEP and we have a symbol that summons a triangle-shaped object with that being said once again let’s check it out let’s start with this okay so they literally just is a triangle-shaped object as you can see and it can be pushed so we stabilize it yeah at least we don’t have to deal with that we can’t put a cafe inside it I mean look there we go that looks nice and then we have the spiderweb what does that do okay so it gets stuck in it I guess that’s useful for water let’s try that out actually let me find a Waterman real quick Matt this is new what am i pulled on once ago it’ll be interesting to find out okay here we go 133 let’s see what that does in water nope okay so it doesn’t really water water what if it just makes you sticky like way you walk through it sticky and you slowly fall down you can’t seem to jump in it okay so that’s good to know and as you can also see I’m pretty small so on we go next up we have MEAP which gives the meat ability to Mars for their limiters yep second client open then we have go through here decrease the size of the mouse so it decreases the size of other people and nature’s return which removes all summon objects so let’s take a look let me get someone in here there we go and let’s restart the map there we go okay so let’s check this me back first that character can meet now it has a small loading bar under its name let’s

see what happens morning boys full what’s the meat okay so if he had space it acts like a spirit then we can make the mouse smaller which actually is still smaller than I am that’s interesting then let’s summon some stuff to see how it looks like when I’ll remove everything there yeah another campfire and then there’s the skill and everything a the campfire is still there so that’s good to know so then we have that next up we have thorns the planks are less slippery landslide splits the cannonballs into rocks renewal resets all your skills let’s see what that is and once again let’s restart okay that looks like renewal what did I get now the planks on this slippery does that mean friction is increased no I don’t see let’s try one small Ridge let’s write down slowly what she also still works the same so what exactly is less slippery oh well means I can’t tell you yet I’m sorry so then we have cannonballs let’s check those out so it turns until a lot of small oh that’s really nice mmm I like that okay so let’s see shrink and shrink and let’s use this okay so it resets for instance your Revival skill you’re hurting skill the shrinking skill so everything that you can only use a certain amount of times that is really nice that probably also resets your totem which once again we can just dry out our load summit let’s do this night Julie the choten doesn’t have autonomous I don’t think that’s gonna work let’s try that doesn’t work for the totem should be working for everything that has a small member in the name though so that’s pretty nifty okay on we go next up we have leaf allows mouse to hover with a leave evolution increases the jump our mouse Rogerio spirit increases his summoning speed for each saved and dead mouse so let’s try this out next them okay so now we have let leave that you can move and jump with I know I want to see what I’m it though what a man where is it there we go how curious about this so let’s put the leaf I’m gonna cheese right here I don’t have a mouse there sorry so let’s get mouse there here’s your leave nope the leaf also does not float so keep that in mind okay so we have that and then the final skill turns you into a cat so let’s check that out as well shall we hahaha holy it can job alright can I do anything else and I still summon no I cannot summon anything if I use it again okay how do I stop being a cat then oh okay does it just wear off oh no you just press down and it can be used

apparently infinitely it does not have a limit increases your movement speed it increases your job and you can also stop doing it midair that’s nifty so that’s the skill tree and as the next one we have the physicist when you get angry one mice around you starts crying that sounds similar to Chuck kiss and all those things recycling removes nails so let’s check these out come on there we go so let’s try this yep so if you use the angry motion people around you will start crying then let’s play some nails remove the nail remove that now there’s some nails okay little one this bit about this one though hmm does not work for that one and work for that one though so does not seem to work for me playing this let me try again though there we go let’s just do it like this see the nail better there we go nope that week well it removed the plank even though the B nail still seems to be there yeah the Beano definitely is still there but the plank got separated from the box okay so they have that when was this skill novice track uh remove the nail when you get angry what’s this well farty cloud now notice that spill before stay at the end no hmm I didn’t notice that skill before I’m sorry and now oh well remove some objects gravity anti-gravity let’s check it out roll oh what a mouse allows the mouse to roll on itself that sounds interesting and know my soul mate so let’s check it out there we go okay where is yeah what’s your role this skills beautiful I want this girl oh my god I’m so gonna get this skill this looks hilarious oh my God look at it look at it can I give that power to myself oh my god I can look at me oh my god this is beautiful I’m rolling oh my god this skill is so freakin crazy that’s just beautiful it’s it’s just so really beautiful oh my god I could spend hours just watching this skill I’m so sorry I’m so sorry I really am so sorry okay okay okay okay this is beautiful roll out remove some objects gravity so replace this and I’ll remove the gravity let’s see what happens nothing really chicks gravity was maybe tried with a ball oh yeah look it’s just parents at once it gets moved so supposedly we do this yeah it goes boom okay so there you have the gravity and this beautiful beautiful beautiful rolling skill oh my god I’m already in love with that then we have stop which freezes my eyes around you restorative prevents and objects turning on itself okay and cannonballs can now be upwardly direct it let’s check it out oh so we have no cannibal let’s just do this yeah that works so you see the kind of ball moves up let me just do this because it’s beautiful then we have the freezing skill some eyes can’t move I can’t move the

character that’s nice and what else did we have let me check prevents an object turning on itself it should be this the only thing I can really imagine that would mean is this let’s see that’s Canada to check my theory yep it stabilizes things so that is a nice thing oh we go to gravitational anomaly and normally I’m sorry disables gravity allows you to hang everywhere [ __ ] oh that sounds nice and someone’s an s-shaped object s I would have guessed so there we go first off let’s do the important stuff there we go beautiful just beautiful um now let me see which I just edit again so we have this disables gravity for two seconds wait hey that is really cool I mean if you’re lazy that’s gonna be really helpful I’m upside down oh my god I love this skill I’m in love with this skill now we have retinol let’s see what that is here oh that’s cool can I move from one to the next I guess not I mean that’s probably pretty nice if you want to bypass is summoning range that’s pretty cool okay and then we have the S shaped object okay that okay well I guess it can be useful in some ways even though right now I felt to see the purpose but then again I’m in love with the skill that lets it just roll around so I’m probably gonna want to talk so when we go busto plays a booster Kimi is 1 times 10 demos hooks two objects together with a string and big clanks summons a very big plank I’m really curious about this big flag to be honest mm oh that plank is big all right no one ever can be used in a totem that would be really nice to know I’ll check it out in a second so then we have this booster which just looks like a speed boost if you ask me you looks like speed boost and then we have the two objects we can chain together so let me just build something right here this box and then there we go so they’re chained together so if I move this away the plank should go to there we go um even though I really like the big playing so let’s check if we can actually use that in here yes we can that is very very nice I am liking this I sure like interested here save friends but myself there we go there we go even though I’m that Shaymin content there we go oh let me get the cheese and and my cheese okay so I’m Shane sorry there we go come on come on please game there we go beautiful so and last but not least we have the final skill of the tree control this integration where mouse dies it leaves a small electrical arc on which otherwise can bound so let’s try that out let me restart the map and a suicide on

this account yeah a lot okay and I’ll just kill myself by all means okay down there’s the small electrical way that’s not really helpful right now but it’s probably like a string or a trampoline let’s try once more come on actually I can’t just oh there we go hold on here it is so let’s check it out oh it disappears after one drum so keep that in mind when you yourself are jumping on these they disappear after you bounce on them once but other than that that’s pretty much the new skills and with that being said oh my god I love this skill I love this freaking skill so now I’m gonna go race kill again and probably get that rolling skill into my main skill tripping out and other than that I hope you enjoy the new update and then wonderful time have a nice day bye bye