Windwalker Monk PvP Guide Patch 5.4 Mists of Pandaria

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Windwalker Monk PvP Guide Patch 5.4 Mists of Pandaria

what is up everyone thank you for watching my name is Lee and welcome to patch 5.4 guy for win waka monks in the mists of pandaria within this guide I will be going over talents glyphs reforging gems and macros if you want to skip to any specific part in the video you can click one of the annotations I’m pointing to somewhere over there in the video if not you want to get started in the whole video let’s just start off right now now everyone knows monks are known for their mobility and that’s exactly what the first part of the savin tree is going to be it’s all about mobility now if you see we have celerity tigers Leicester momentum I personally enjoy Tigers lust Tigers lust is the most usable spell in there and it’s actually a spell that you learn through it you don’t the other two ones are just passive effects you get from using another spell Tigers us is actually an ability you cast and the cool thing about it is you can cast it on yourself you can cast it on your friend you can cast from your friends friend cast on your friends aunt it doesn’t matter you can cast them anyone as long as they are a friendly target now what Tigers lust does this is a castle thing it instantly clears the target of all immobilization and increases their movement speed by 70% for six seconds this is really really good so you’re rooted Tigers let’s say your chains of ice Tigers lust you don’t have to waste a trinket don’t always too nimble brew you don’t always anything Tigers list it’s only a 30 second cooldown and it’s really useful in any situation as opposed to celerity which is a chi torpedo in a roll but you get three instead of two and then momentum which every time you roll or cheat or Peter you get increased movies mood by 25 for 10 seconds I mean it’s really good it is a good movement speed increase but the thing is it doesn’t add to one move it doesn’t add to our utility whereas Tigers lost adds to everyone with its ability to cast on other players your friends on your friends uncle yourself you know your mom your grandma I wouldn’t cast on grandma grandma shouldn’t be moving that fast but it’s very usable for multiple situations so I suggest Tigers less and then we get down to the next branch of the tier the level 30 now I’m gonna start this off by saying Chi wave is the only way to go here but I have a dear place in my heart from Cheevers because it looks like you’re doing Kamehameha from you know Dragon Ball Z Goku you know just use it and it looks really cool that became you said it that’s all it is it looks cool t-wave is the only thing it does it bounces back and forth between you friendly units your enemy targets and it heals friendly units and yourself and it damages enemy targets it doesn’t do all that much damage but it does it is noticeable when you know you’re choked on energy or you choked on them chi you don’t have any of you that’s your you know your gap closer that’s what you do when you have nothing else to do so it’s really nice for that sense fear is okay it’s I really don’t prefer it because it’s just not as good as Chi wave you know I I prefer chi wave because it’s just much more controllable the next branch in the talent tree is all about your chief your power strikes ascension and Chi brew now the only two like I can understand a central Chi brew but power strikes is not the best seaming is how it happens every 20 seconds you get in free Chi every 20 seconds as opposed to Chi brew an ascension where you get Chi much faster than that if I keep looking this way it’s because my I have my screen right here that I can actually see everything I’m looking at now I choose ascension ascension is simply because it increases my maximum Chi by one and it increases my maximum mana or energy by 15% and her energy region by 15% for winter walk among should be energy so we get an increased 15% energy region plus one extra sheet which in all nearly all cases Trump’s Chi brew but I want to bring apart I want to talk about cheaper just because it’s up it’s available Chi brew instantly return restores to Chi and gives you two stacks of whatever tea so you know Tiger brew tiger’s eye Tiger brew whatever the hell you call it you get instant to stack so that when you use Chi brew plus two Chi so but the interesting thing about that is it has two charges so you can use it twice instantly so you can get instant for Chi instant four stacks of tigers eye brew which is really nice for surprise burst you know okay he’s only got six stacks of tiger he’ll be fine oh he’s got ten what the hell happened there you know so this is very situational it’s usable but I suggest ascension for most of your situations so that’s what I go with ascension and now the next branch of the tree the level 60 branch is really kind of touch-and-go you can use any one of these depending on your play style honestly I’m not even gonna suggest which one I use I I generally go between legs we can wring a piece that’s what I go between but charging ox wave is very usable bring a piece everyone else ringer pieces it’s the big giant circle around you on the ground with all the Chinese symbols and whatnot that basically disarms and silences everything around you for eight seconds

or four seconds charging ox wave is it’s an you rush forward 30 yards and you stun any enemies in your path for three seconds and then leg sweep is an AoE you know in your melee range within five yards you can effectively stun enemies any enemy within five yards four or five seconds I prefer a leg sweep as opposed to charging ox because it’s a five seconds and it’s easier to hit but charging ox wave is good for hitting range but we’re monks we have very high mobility so we shouldn’t really need to have a gap closer like that since we have role we have flying serve and kick we have transcendence we have Tigers lust so I prefer either leg sweep or ring of peace here and then the 75 talent tree branch we have healing elixirs dampen Harmon diffuse magic I personally don’t use him elixirs that much it’s usable but it’s not the best it’s I mean you can use it if your fight its thing is it’s all about health in this branch you have diffuse magic which reduces spells ever take my ninety percent and reverses them back at the caster if they’re within 40 yards if it’s possible for six seconds you’ve dampened harm which reduces the most handful damage done to you the next area attacked over 45 seconds that do twenty percent or more of your health and they’re reduced to half so they can do 10% of your or whatever any percentage over 20 if it was 30 to do 15 percent of your health instead of 30 and then healing lectures actually heals you I don’t like taking damage I like preventing damage which is why I prefer to fuse magic dampen harm but those two are completely completely interchangeable depending on the comp you’re facing if you’re facing to melee defin harm all the way completely if you’re fighting I don’t know a warlock diffuse magic is amazing because you can just you know reflect your sucks to be you you know what I mean and I prefer to reduce that damage taken then heal myself from damage taken so I prefer to diffuse magic or dampen harm depending on the comp I’m facing and then the last talent tree branch at the level 90 you have a rushing jade wind invoke you in the white tiger and then she torpedo cheat or pedo I think was made for healers so I’m not even gonna talk about that so I’m gonna talk about rushing kaedwen and invoke queuing now the thing about rushing rushing Jade win and people are gonna tell me I’m crazy is you can use it it’s nowhere near as much damage as you in but its cooldown is only six seconds and it’s instant cast and it lasts for six seconds so it lasts for six seconds and you can keep using it on and on and on and it’s basically a it’s basically an AoE whirlwind around you you do damage earn an area around you which is kind of like suing but it doesn’t do the immediate or the burst damage that you’re looking for if you’re you know single target and bursting something it’s nice when you’re fighting multiple people and you’re trying to you know overwhelm a healer but if you’re single target trying to burst someone goes you in now Xuan is basically you summon a big white tiger that goes boom gonna eat your first no and that’s basically what Xue and does and while he’s eating the face hits orgs electricity to every enemy around him which does extra damage extra AoE damage now this is good this is what I use most of the time I don’t think I’ve ever really used dressing Jade wind in an arena I think I’ve always used UN just because it’s such more damage such more damage much Wow huh people are gonna hit you for saying that but juin just does overall more damage as opposed to russian Jay win and then she torpedoes just not for win Walker so with that being said that concludes the talent section we’re gonna move on now to the glyph section so for the glyphs there are three main ones that I would be generally suggesting to you and then there’s a couple of other ones that you might be able to throw in there for the main one that I say I put glyph of paralysis in there because it’s a any damage done we’ll break it unlike a warlock fear because that does not offer spring cut damage but any form of damage done to the target that has paralysis on it will break in including dots so if you paralyze a target that has dots on it because you have I don’t know say a warlock on your a-to-z my threesome or five seem or whatnot or you have a bleed on the target it will break the paralyze that you’re using it on so paralyze is really good every glyph a pair lot paralysis is really good because it makes sure those dots get go on so it doesn’t break the stun I said that really awkwardly but it stops the damage being done because it gets rid of all of the dots but it stuns the target you have to be really careful with this glyph because if your warlock just dotted up or you’ve just got all these amazing dots on this one target and then you use a paralysis your partner’s gonna be really mad at you for doing that because you probably should have paralyzed the other one while you’re bursting that one so you haven’t really careful with it and then the next glyph that I would suggest getting would be glyph of touch of death the reason I was just getting glyph of touch of death is because my god that is a tongue-twister glyph of touch of death I’ve said this three times and re-recorded it all over again but your

touch of death no longer has a chi cause but the cooldown is increased by two minutes this is really good because any player under 10% you can use touch of death on which in my mind is ridiculously overpowered but you know I don’t make the class I play the class so any player at 10% you can use touch with death on its I don’t know how long the cooldown is it’s pretty long I think it’s a minute cooldown or now it’s a 3 minute cooldown with this so when you use this it’s a 3 minute cooldown but that being said when you use touch of death it’s an instant kill no matter what if it’s under 10% is the kill now after you’ve burst it or whatnot you know you’ve blue your zoo and you you know you cache Tigers ivory use your you know Tigers palm you black out kick Rising Sun kick everything you got you know so you’re probably gonna be starved you probably me energy soft starving the reason clip of touch of death is really helpful is because it makes it so touch of death cost no cheap so you can cast it whenever you can whenever you see that thing light up you could hit it and it’ll be instant death for that person which is why I hate fighting monks because as soon as I see a monk I’m like oh I can’t go below 10% but I would definitely suggest that because it allows you to use touch to death when your energy starved and your cheese starts so that’s that one and then the last clip that I would suggest that you get will be glyph of touch of karma everyone knows what touch for karma is it’s the big X to get over your head that transfers damage done to you to your target which is ridiculous I had a warrior blade store me one time in a battleground or an arena or something and he killed himself because he didn’t realize I touch her car mat him who knew worries it can be done sometimes but I shouldn’t say that that’s not what I mean I didn’t mean it like that you know what I meant but touch your karma now has a 20-yard range touch of karma generally has a melee range which means you can use it on a warrior you can use it on a death knight you can use it on a paladin because they’re melee range you can’t use on a hunter you can’t use it on a pet on a mage you can’t use it on anything else arranged wise which is why I like touch with karma glyph because if you’re getting bursted by a druid a hunter a warlock all of these people then you’re kind of screwed because you don’t have anything to hit and you know seeming is how I’m saying you know assuming that they’re good at their class which I mean you’re getting rooted you’re getting feared you’re getting stunned and all this stuff so you can’t really mobilize or use your mobility to get to them which is why touch the karma is really good cuz it basically makes it so you can’t die I shouldn’t say that but it basically that’s what it does and it transfers that damage to it so you have to be in a 20 yard range and that’s not exactly a far range but it’s long enough to make a difference where you can roll and then you get stun and then you touch for karma so it makes it so you have a slight side for survivability boost so you can use this on more than just melee targets so I would definitely suggest that ok so we’re gonna start this off with a melee hit cap in the expertise cap anyone who pvp’s knows and if you don’t know then you should know that you should melee hit cap and you should expertise cap now those two things make it so you cannot be dodged you cannot be parried you cannot miss you cannot block basically any I shouldn’t know that’s not true but it makes it so you cannot miss attacked it makes it so the enemies cannot dodge or pair your attacks which obviously is good for your damage because none of your damage is being negated by natural needs and then we go on to the next main priorities dad which would obviously be agility for monks and now here’s where it gets tricky to secondary stats which won’t matter when worlds of draenor comes out but the secondary status what’s gonna happen now we have crit mastery haste crit being the top with the increased critical strike chance and damage and then the mastery being second the reason mastery is second is because well let me go over mastery first of all the mastery for monk is when you generate tiger’s eye bro you have a 20% chance of creating another one so you can effectively make two charges of tiger’s eye through every time you make one now what tiger’s eye brew is every time you consume for Chi every time you use cheat for cheap every time you use you know to black out kicks for you know tiger pawns to Rising Sun kicks you get an a charge of tiger’s eye through what the mastery does is you have a 20% chance every time you spend for Chi to get another charge of tigers ivory and now tiger’s eye brew increases the amount of damage you do by 6 percent per the stack of tigers eye brood drink by up to 10 so you can have an increased 60% damage done when you cast this and at last first 16 or 15 seconds lasts for 15 second source increased 60% attack damage for 15 seconds to go along with your zoo n is ridiculously high damage so it’s really good then this is why I actually suggested getting Chi brew as opposed to ascension its kind of back and forth with that so that’s always a good idea but that is very important for monks because it increases the ability for your cooldowns or your damage to come up again instantly and then finally pays to be the last because there would simply be no other one because you wouldn’t wanna get into my locker because I would highly suggest not doing that because if you are you’re probably doing it wrong unless you’ve discovered this new crazy

glitch or just crazy aspect of monks that no one’s ever heard of in which case congratulations sir you’re a wizard moving on and for the gems we start off with the meta gem which would be an agile primal diamond agile primal diamond increases your agility by 216 and you have a 3% increased critical strike effect so you do three percent more damage when you critically strike and you get 216 more damage 216 more agility not damage and then for the red gem you simply want to go for them you know classic delicate primal orderly Ruby where you get 160 agility now the blue and the yellow are where it gets kind of touchy I personally prefer for the blue assassins Imperial amethyst which gives you a th ility and AD PvP power these gems have since been nerved since the PvP power nerve for the last patch where it used to be 160 DB power but now it’s down to 80 which is okay but the agility is what we really need to stack if you’re what I personally one of those people that likes to go buy gem sockets depending on what the socket bonus is I generally like to see all the green on my gear I don’t like to see any kind of like red or gray on my gear so when I get the socket bonus it makes me happy unless it’s something stupid like you getting bruised taste in which case I would just go a delicate primal rule which gives me extra chili and then for the yellow one we have deadly Vermillion Onyx which increases your agility by 80% and you have 100% 160 critical strike increase or you get 100 and oh my god I can’t talk you atgl 80 and 160 critical strike rating once again it has agility on it you want to go for that and critical strike rating being the first primary stat that you want to urge first secondary stat that you want to max out as high as you can i all i with this one for yellow like I said if you don’t have if you the socket bonus is important like it is a haste socket bonus which I don’t think I’ve ever seen in my life but if it’s there you don’t want to you just want to get delicate primordial Ruby because it increases your overall damage much more than this deadly Vermillion onyx or this assassins and pure lamp this way so those are my three gems that I would suggest and now for the last part of the video we have the macros now compared to my paladin guide which I made monks have nowhere near as many macros because they’re not as much as a utility support classes paladin’s are but they do still have a couple of them such as detox slash cast bracket at player or at mouse-over and bracket detox and basically ever get rid of a disease or poison effect on a target you can use the mouse over macro or you can use the at party member one or at party – or at Party 3 macro which is very viable but if you’re just doing two to three you can do a mouse-over macro or depending on how many you know key bindings you can have like my Naga right here that I have you can definitely use your target arena party member one two three and four or five six seven eight nine ten and that’s very viable for these next ones – where you talk about Tigers lesson which you can use to reduce their get rid of the mobilization of a target so if someone’s in your party is immobilized by a chains of ice you can target as Westham then they’ll be free to move so let’s say you have a I don’t know you have your buddy your you have your palette and that’s hand of freedom as I shouldn’t use a paddle you have your rogue that is stuck in a chains of ice and he’s bursting he’s got his burst macros up you know so you Tigers lost him speaking gets at the target faster because now he has increased movement speed any got out of that so same thing with that he says /cast Tigers lost no /cast bracket at mouse over or at party one party to 43 44 45 and the bracket Tigers less and that allows you to either cast it at your mouse over pro-life cast it at whatever target party member is in that you know section of your party if you want to be more quick with the with the response times the target party member acro is definitely the way to go but if you’re more casual or you just prefer mousing over mouse over macros are definitely usable or I like mouse over macros just because I don’t like remembering all the key binds quite frankly and I’m lazy and then those are the two major macros that I have for my would walk among as you know of course with my burst macro which is you know cash my PvP trinket if I have it cast my zoo in cash my Tigers I do all of those things but anyone can figure that out so that’s about it for the guide so tougher epic outro alright guys thanks for watching my Windwalker guide for patch 5.4 if I helped you please let me know in comment section below because it makes me feel good on the inside when I help people it really does and if it didn’t help you and I’m an idiot then let me know in the comment section below – because I might have missed something I’m a person everyone does so if I miss something let me know that being said please like comment and subscribe and send me a message if you want to talk to me cuz I’m always down for that so um yeah I got nothing else to say though thanks for watching as always have a good one I’ll see you in my next video