Kambodscha Motorrad Abenteuer Reise – Episode 04 | Phnom Kulen National Park

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Kambodscha Motorrad Abenteuer Reise – Episode 04 | Phnom Kulen National Park

welcome back to the extra long episode 4 in Cambodia thanks to corona you have nothing better to do than sitting at home here is the whole action for you in full length after a relaxing day in Siem Reap we are looking forward to a good adventure we left our luggae back at the hotel the around 10 BHP of our Hondas can fully deploy their potential and so we race about 70 km to the Kulen Mountains, a mountain range in the Phnom Kulen Nationalpark We leave the hectic morning traffic of Siem Reaps behind it becomes more rural the straight road gives way to the first curves in the distance you can see the mountains A short stop at the entrance to the national park 20 US $ entry and we crackle up the bumpy roads with our vehicles The path is narrow and winding exactly what we were looking for We leave the tourist buses behind and torture our mopeds further up the mountain Soon there will only be gravel roads but these are the most fun we lost two companions on our way up we are going to wait a bit lets see where they are but most likeley its only the weak motorbike but these roads are amazing there he is The sandy slopes, with countless potholes shake our Hondas properly at this point we still think that this was all the challenge We reach a mountain station and park our mopeds let’s see who is going to be well-fed today I really thing about

getting one of these penis sling shots It’s hot and humid the waterfalls are a good way to take off your motorcycle gear and plunge into the cool water this is the peak of the Kulen Mountain it seems like there are some waterfalls which is very interesting but the ride up hill was great I wonder that the bikes are not falling apart there have been some really bad potholes but at least we got up here let’s see how things are downhill the other groupmembers take a swim in the waterfalls but since I still have a terrible cold I don’t wanna risk anything having a cold, under the helmet, with all this dust it’s very annoying think I found a new friend he’s buzzing arround me don’t know what he wants can’t understand him he doesn’t understand me but that’s fine After a short refreshment we swing back into the saddles there should be some old temples and caves somewhere around here but our real goal is the way We’ll find out later how much he is But so much in advance we found no more temples and caves that day We set off without a specific destination some adventure will be waiting for us out there On dusty, bumpy roads we drive across the jungle on the way we pass some small villages It is surprising that there seems to be something like civilization out there The locals are amazed at the 7 crazy people on their mopeds There are probably not many tourists here The villages look simple but idyllic I wonder what it’s like to spend his life here We race on the paths through the woods Nevertheless, a family of four on a moped still seems to be faster than us The ways we drive are not shown on a map for a long time

there is more and more uncertainty about the direction in which we should go We don’t care we just want to continue, feel like explorers Our little Hondas are shaken properly little by little, screws got loose parts fall off the fuel needle inexorably approaches the reserve Solid volcanic rock follows deep sandy stretches We give way to branches and roots my tires have hardly any rubber left, but the Honda drives and drives as if it was made for this There is only one short entry in my travel diary that day: I hardly have any energy left to write today Finally curves! Gravel roads, sand and potholes at their finest It is getting wild and exhausting the sun is burning from the sky all muscles are aching nobody has water anymore But have a look youself as we drive further and further into this adventure At some point we meet people again suddenly we are no longer in the jungle thicket I wonder a little about this remote village We continue through plantations

The roads are not getting any easier, and are demanding victims occasionally there are concrete streets instead of sandy paths Actually, they make no sense in the middle of nowhere, they appear and end after 100 meters We follow the paths through the plantations we don’t know what is grown here he plants and fruits are foreign to us We find a larger village, take a break, fill up nobody comes up with the idea of ​​getting water thats how you fill up in Cambodia, in the middle of nowhere We don’t know where we are anymore only drive in a rough direction We follow the narrow paths through fields and plantations You can hardly see the holes and rocks hidden under the grass until it happens I just ruined my footrest not that bad

should be rapairable We don’t get very far the mopeds are falling apart more and more in the middle of nowhere We keep going, the paths get wider, the paths narrow we can’t find a real road We know where it needs to go but we can’t get there Rocks or impenetrable forests often block our way We have long drunk our last water fatigue and tiredness are slowly creeping in The rough roads demand a lot from us Fields and some water buffalos indicate that civilization must be within reach We continue, what else is there to do? We find something like a signpost

but he doesn’t tell us which direction to take at least we meet people again We remain confident As much as it is exhausting, it is great fun The Hondas are still driving, the little bruises hardly bother And here it is the moment according to the map the street has to be about 100 meters away but our way ends here, we don’t get any further we decide to turn around I have to think again that in Cambodia you shouldn’t drive off the beaten track there are still a lot of land mines here and we have not been on roads for a while Exhausted and dehydrated we look for a way back, the sun is low We follow a local and end up in a small village soon we meet a bigger street time to celebrate a little the road is a single spongy sand track we drive towards the sunset

The impressions that I collected over the day keep me busy for a long time just don’t fall over the last few kilometers after a while we reach the National Park Station from now on, it’s back to the hotel on a street We stop briefly et the landscape work on us again in the next Episode: We’re loading our Hondas on a boat being pecked by millions of bats and I’m trying Cambodian energy drinks