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Our Town – William Holden

the name of our town is Grover’s corners New Hampshire it’s just across the line from Massachusetts latitude is 42 degrees 40 minutes longitude of 70 degrees 37 minutes running right through the middle of the town is Main Street cutting across Main Street on the left is the railroad tracks beyond the railroad tracks is polish town you know foreign folks who come here to work in the mills a couple of Canucks families and the Catholic Church you can see the steeple in the Congregational Church the Presbyterian is just across the street the Methodists in the Unitarian the upper block the Baptist churches down in the holler and by the river next to the post office is the town hall jails in the basement Brian once made a speech right from those very steps it’s a nice town know what I mean nobody very wonderful ever come out of it so far as we know the earliest dates on the tombstones up there in the cemetery say 1670 they’re Grover’s and Cartwright’s Gibbs’s and Percy’s same names as you find around here now first we’ll show you a day in our town not as it is today in the year 1940 but as it used to be in the year 1901 all right operator let’s start yes sir that’s the way our town looked back near 1901 along Main Street Azeroth stores with bitchin bowls and lost blocks in front of them first automobile is gonna come along in about five years the date is June 7 1904 yeah just about the sky is already beginning to show some streaks of light on it over there in the east back of our mountain the morning star gets wonderful bright the moment before it has to go the only lights on in the town and a cottage over in polish town where a mother’s just giving birth to twins and down on the depot where Shawnee Hawkins is just getting ready to flag the 545 for Boston she is now forced naturally out the country all around up in lights on for some time what will Milken and so on Buster townfolk sleep late here comes Joe trolley delivering the morning papers so another day has begun here comes doc Gibbs from that baby case I was telling you about and this is doc Gibbs house his neighbor is headed to Webb there’s mrs. Gibbs coming downstairs to get breakfast later on about 1910 she’s going on to visit her daughter Rebecca in Canton Ohio mrs. Gibbs is going to die there pneumonia but she’s going to be brought back here she’s going to be buried in the cemetery right here in our town with a whole mess of Gibbs’s and curses in our town we like to know the facts about everybody and there’s mrs. Webb coming

downstairs to get her breakfast to mrs. Webb was a group of before she married and at the web yeah children children time to get up George Rebecca Emma name time to get up Bobby Emma clock more than hi one message if you’d like you’re late today yeah nothing wrong with separator baby web new sir I find a yeah our menu sooo good Emily water your Rebecca come on get up Betty come on what’s the matter with you Oh there quit taking milk now come on morning doc oh she’s all mixed up about the rod ever since the Lockhart’s stopped taking the quart of milk today she wants to leave me for just the same keeps calling me the whole trip somebody sick dreams over it misses girls laughs keys Oh twins now this town keeps getting bigger every year come on morning doc Oh what’s your paper now yeah I’ll tell him anybody been sick doc no twins over polish town you always do your teacher miss Foster is gonna get married yes sir to a fella over and concrete well how do you boys feel about that well of course state none of my business but I think if a person starts not to be a teacher she ought to stay one house neato fine doc never think about at all only like you said it always tell me when it’s gonna rain what’s the telling you today you’re gonna rain no sir sure yes there he never makes a mistake no sir doc no women tell you something about that boy Joel Crowell Joe was awful smart so he got a scholarship to Boston tech yes gonna be a great engineer Joe was but the war broke out he died in France all that education for nothing everything all right me yes I declare is his kittens bacon I’ll be ready a more but I’ll drink your coffee you can catch a couple hours sleep there’s more in tanjur miss whimpers come on women guess I know what about to come again what’s gonna be oh no you won’t get more on three all asleep Thank You Donna know what’s gonna be coming so we should go away someplace we take a rest I think gonna do you good hurry now Emily mommy okay huh thank you George seems like something’s come over him lately he’s not helping me at all can’t even get him to cut me someone is your sassy dude just watch all he thinks about is that old baseball George look sharp don’t you hear your mother calling you this hour go upstairs and catch 40 winks ma ma where oh my hate that’s rare every day I go to school children I won’t have it breakfast just as good as any other meal I won’t have your gobbling like wolves it’ll stunt your growth that’s a fact well they put your book away oh ma by 10 o’clock I gotta know all about Canada you know the rules well as I do no books a table as for me I’d rather have my children healthy than bright I’m both mama you know I am I’m the brightest girl in school for my age I have a wonderful memory eat your breakfast well I’ll speak to your father about

it when he’s rested used to me like 25 cents a week’s enough for a boy your age I declare I don’t know how you stand at all oh ma I got a lot of things to buy for all very hot that’s what you spend it on why don’t you know Rebecca contacts so much money she’s got more than a dollar I’ve been saving enough gradual well dear I think it’s a good thing to spend some now and then ma you know what I like most in the world do you money eat your breakfast this Christmas pick up your feet Oh still got that chick friend Fiona in my throat or charted it Noah’s I’d go to choir rehearsal tonight and I try singing over your boy yes somehow can’t do that and stay on key things have been good this year like nails yeah I start to put a point fun that kills me children say they hit him and I notice they manage to get him down or with it little I got the carrot or something if I don’t tell somebody I’ll burst but junior gives one of those secondhand furniture men from Boston came to see me last Friday first I thought it was a patient waiting to see dr. Gibbs but it ruined his way right into my power little whim you offered me three hundred and fifty dollars for grandmother her she’s hi boys I’m sitting here well you’re gonna take it aren’t you you don’t know three hundred and fifty dollars what’s come over you well if I could get the doctor take the money in go away someplace on the trip I’d sell it like that you know what’s always been the dream of my life to see Paris France crazy I suppose the years I’ve been promising myself if we ever had the chance how doctor feel about it well I did beat about the bush a little said if I ever got a legacy that’s the way I put it make him take me but they say you know how he haven’t heard a serious word offense in some Noonie no he says might make him discontented with Grover’s corners to go traipsing over York no well enough alone he’s here well at that secondhand man’s real serious about dying it you sell it you you’ll get to see Paris let’s drop hints from time to time that’s how I don’t mr. Webb take me to see the Atlantic Ocean you know try mention it but it seems to me once in your life before you die you ought to see a country where they don’t speak in English and don’t even water that’ll do ladies thank you very much now we’ll skip a few hours now before we get on I think we ought to have a little more information about the town the kind of a scientific account you might say so I’ve invited professor woodland of our State University to come here and kind of sketch in a few details of our past history am i late right on time may I introduce professor Willard of our State University now just a few brief words professor unfortunately our time is limited yes sir Grover’s corners Grover’s corners lies on the old Pliocene granite of the Appalachian range I might say that some the oldest land in the world we’re very proud of that around here some highly interesting fossils have been found I might say unique fossils two miles north of town in Silas Peckham’s cow pasture these may be seen in the Museum of the University at any time well that is at any reasonable time should I tell him about the meteorological conditions the mean precipitation etc I’m afraid we won’t have time for that professor we might have a few words about the history of man here though anthropological data there’s see’em early Amerindians doc cora Hetchy tribes no evidences before the 10th century of this era now entirely disappeared impossible traces in three families migration in the early 17th century of English brachiocephalic blue-eyed stock and since then some Slav and Mediterranean and the the population professor within the town limits two thousand six hundred and forty before so in that case the population at the moment is 2642 the postal

districts bring in five hundred and seven more making a total of three thousand one hundred and forty nine mortality birth rates constant by Macpherson’s gauge six point not three – thank you very much professor I’m sure all very much obliged to not at all today nothing so the day and now the social and political report or anything well mr Webb Charlie Webb’s the father of Wally and emily emma is the smart girl with a good memory you know you saw breakfast alright you the where but your turn now well i don’t have to tell you that we run here by a board of selectmen all males vote at the age of 21 women vote indirect politically we are 86% Republican 12% Democrats 4% socialist rest in different religiously we’re 85 % partisans 12% Catholics rest in different very ordinary town if you ask me but our young people here seem to like it well enough lots of them settle down right here to live even after they’ve been away to college now is there anybody in the audience would like to ask editor Webb any questions about our town well ma’am I wouldn’t know what you’d call March Saturday night so far man’s meet down at Evergreen O’s table and holler some we got one or two town drunks with they’re always having remorses every time an evangelist comes to town no I’d say that liquor wasn’t a regular thing in the home here step from the medicine chest right good for snakebite you know always orders well no ma’am not much that isn’t the same to me there’s some girls that play the piano with the High School commencement with faint happy about it no there ain’t much culture Robinson Crusoe on the Bible and Handel’s Largo we all know that him whistlers mother that’s about as far as we go thank you very much mr. Webb is there no one else goes where no I’m so but we haven’t time for any more questions we must be getting on with the picture it’s getting on in the afternoon all 2642 of ever dinners all the dishes have been washed there’s an early afternoon calm about the town Charlie Webb’s going home the boys lon Longman and ten thinks it’s a privilege to push his own lawnmower the afternoon session of schools over doc Gibbs is in his office happen people in making him say ah Emily wok simply who do you think you are today papa you’re terrible one minute you tell me to stand up straight in the next minute you call me names I just don’t listen to you go II never got a kiss from such a great lady before yeah made a fine speech in class today who Ella I was really ready to make a speech on the Monroe Doctrine that the last minute miss Foster made me talk about the Louisiana Purchase instead I worked an awful long time on both of them gee it’s funny Emily my window up there I can see your head nights me doing here homework over in your room why can’t you you certainly do stick to it Emily I don’t see how you can sit still that long I guess you must like school well I feel it’s just something you have to go through what do you think Emily we might work out a kind of Telegraph from your window to mine and give me a hip everyone smiling well there’s algebra problems well well I don’t mean the answers Emily of course not I mean just some little hint well I think him throw loud you get stuck George just whistle to me I’ll give you some hints gosh you’re just naturally bright I guess well I figure it just the way a person’s

born yeah but you see look I want to be a farmer and my uncle Luke says is whenever I’m ready way come over and work on his farm and if I’m any good at all way I can just gradually have it you mean the house and everything oh yeah well right yes I better be getting off the baseball field thanks for the talk Emily afternoon mrs. Webb I along Hamlin so long George everybody’s got to do it nothing mama come in here and tough day with it no on well George gives that himself have a real conversation didn’t he he’s grown up how old would George be oh I don’t know let’s see he must be round 17 mama made a speech and test today I was very good you must recite it to your father at supper what was it about the Louisiana Purchase with like silk office tool I’m going to make speeches all my life holding it too tight Emily yeah mama hmm will you answer me a question serious seriously dear not serious seriously will you closer well mama am i good-looking course you are both my children have got good features be ashamed that they hadn’t oh mama that’s not what I mean what I mean is am I pretty I’ve already told you yes well that’s enough of that you got a nice young pretty face mommy you never tell us the truth about anything I am telling you the truth mama were you pretty yes I was if I do say it I was the prettiest girl in town next to me Cartwright Oh mommy you’ve got to say something about me am I pretty enough to get anybody well to get people interested in me Emily you make me tired now stop it yeah pretty enough for all normal purposes it’s evening you can hear the choir practicing on the Congregational Church children are all home doing the school work the day is running down like a tired clock all right that’s better it ain’t no miracle and I’ll do it again I remember ladies music come into the world to give pleasure I’ll try it again

now listen everybody get a lot of your minds of music’s only good when it’s loud you leave loudness to the Methodists they couldn’t beat them even if you wanted to once again now art thou weary art thou language it’s a question ladies and gentlemen make it talk oh and remember on Sunday take the second verse real soft sort of died out at the end ready Emily oh hello oh I can’t work at all the moonlights so terrible Emily did you get the third problem which the third well yes George that’s the easiest of them all I don’t see it well Emily yeah could you give me a hint well I’ll tell you one thing the answer is in yards yards what do you mean square yard Oh square yards yes George don’t you see ya square yard the wallpaper oh I see square yards of wallpaper thanks a lot Emily you’re welcome my isn’t the moonlight terrible I think if you hold your breath you can hear the train all the way to come to cook here it no what do you know well I guess I better get back now and try to work good night Emily good night George make yourself comfortable George let me keep you a minute George how old are you me or past seventeen what do you want to do after school’s over you know pi I want to be a farmer on uncle Luke span and you’ll be willing with you to get up early and milk and feed the stock and you’ll be able to hold and hay all day sure I will what do you mean Paul well George when I was here in the office today I heard a funny sound what do you think it was it was your mother chopping wood now there you see your mother getting up early cooking meals all day washing and ironing and yet she has to go out in the backyard and chop wood I suppose she got tired asking you I suppose

she just gave up and decided it was easier to do it himself yep you’ll eat her meals you put on the clothes she keeps nice for you then you run out and play baseball like she was a hired girl we kept around the house but didn’t like very much I knew all I had to do was call it to your attention here’s a handkerchief son wonder what’s happened to your mother fire practice never was as late as this before only half past eight ha I don’t know what she wants in that choir anyway she hasn’t got any more boys than an Old Crow baked thing around the street this hour of the night just about time you’re retired don’t you think George yes bah nice real nice quiet breakfast run here little web look at that moon potato weather sure well naturally I didn’t want to say a word about it in front of those others but now we’re alone really it’s the worst gamble that ever was in this town what why Simon it’s them no but Julia they have their organist of a church drink and drunk year after year Wow Julia you know he was drunk tonight no no Ella we all know about mr. Stinson and we all know about the trouble Hugo and dr. Ferguson knows too and if dr. Ferguson is willing to keep him on Amy’s job better the only thing the rest of us can do is just not to notice but not to notice this but it’s getting worse no it aunt Luella it’s getting better I’ve been in that choir twice as long as you have and it doesn’t happen anywhere near soften oh my I hate to go to bed on a night like this well goodnight Louella good night I’m Julia night mother well we had a real good time you’re late enough Frank and any later than usual you stopping the gossip with a lot of hands now don’t be grouchy now am i a to the trout how’d you do all the time I was away oh I rave as usual well what did the girls gossip about tonight believe me Frank there’s something to gossip about Simon Simpson bargain was it where’s God ever seen thank God all that gonna end dr. Ferguson can’t forgive him forever I guess I know Simon as well as anybody in this town some people just ain’t made for a small-town life I don’t know how that’ll end but there’s nothing we can do but leave it alone get Ian Oh Frank I’m worried about well I think it’s my duty to plan for you to get a real rest and chin and if I get that legacy I’m going to insist upon it no there’s no sense in going all over that again come on it’s getting late first thing you know you’ll catch a cold I gave George a piece of my mind tonight okay and you’ll get your wood chopped a little while anyway no bet mrs. Fairchild I always lock the front door every night all of you brought that part of town do Oh getting to citified that’s the trouble with them I haven’t got a thing fit to burgle and everybody knows it good evening constable evening mr. Webb by the moon yeah all quiet tonight Simon

Stimson is rolling around a little I just saw his life moving up the hunt for him so I looked the other way there he is now even Simon good even what’s the talent settle down for the evening yes we’d better do the same and I walk along with you tonight I don’t know how that’s gonna end will be all if you see my boy smoking cigarettes you were worried to him William he thinks a lot of you bill I don’t think it’s smoking of cigarettes mr Webb these ways not more than two or three a year well I hope not good night bill yep who’s that up there is that you Mauro oh no it’s me papa why aren’t you dead I don’t know I just can’t sleep yet papa the moonlights are wonderful the smell of mrs. Gibbs heliotrope can you smell it yeah having any troubles on you my Navi Emily well don’t let your mother catch you good night Emily I never told you about that letter Jane crumpet stop former minister when she was sick he wrote Jane a letter and on the envelope the address was Isis it said Jane crowfoot the culprit farm Grover’s corners Putnam County New Hampshire the United States of America it’s funny about that but Luton is not fini the United States of America continent of North America Western Hemisphere the earth the solar system universe the mind of God that’s what it said on the envelope no yep and the postman brought it just the same well three years have gone by the sun’s come up over a thousand times summers and winters have cracked the mountains a little bit more and the rains brought down some of the dirt some babies who weren’t even born before I begun talking regular sentences already and some folks who thought they were right young and spry of discovered they can’t bound up a flight of stairs the way they used to without their hearts fluttering a little all that can happen in a thousand days nature’s been pushing and contrived in another ways to a number of young people fell in love and got married most everybody in the world gets married in this town there aren’t hardly any exceptions most everybody climbs into the grave married what you’ve seen was called the daily life let’s call what you’re going to see love and marriage so three years later it’s 1904 its July 7th just after the High School commencement that’s the time most young people jump up and get married soon as they passed their final examinations and solid

geometry and Cicero’s orations that’s the time most young people think themselves fitted to get married it’s early morning again only this time it’s been rainin it’s been thundering and poor it no main stallion again any moment 5:45 for Boston their cycle delivering the papers like his brother before him and they as mrs. Gibbs and mrs. Webb coming downstairs to get breakfast just as though this were an ordinary day I don’t have to point out to the women in the audience that both these ladies they see before them both these ladies have been cooking three meals a day one of them for 21 years and the other for 25 and never took a summer vacation raised two children apiece wash clean the house and never had a nervous break and here comes how I knew someone Bessie delivering the milk one-side anything the paper I don’t know I don’t see I give up the thing like that just to get married would you have I and say I read no talent that way but in 95 we had a player side that even George Gibbs put in a touched a man Hank Todd but he went down to Maine become a parson wonderful ballplayer one miss Gibbs one hi it’s a wet but I guess it cleared up for good I hope it is but I have a house full of relations today Emily looks like I’ll need three a milk and two a cream okay door cream my wife said to tell you we hope they’ll be happy no the will thanks a lot ha tell your wife I hope she gets the win maybe she can she’ll get their skin wants but I hope it was family I bet yes and my boat you find a cream – there’s no some totally special to tell you is how they hope to be very happy oh the will thank you mrs. Dewan thank mrs. Houston but I’m not seeing yes the church yeah oh I hope you get all right with that well ma days tongue don’t you say another word if you like crying any minute rooms upstairs shaving himself only meant very much to shame he’s whistling insane like he was glad to leave us every now and then saying I do to the mirror I don’t sound convincing to me how did Frank I don’t know how he’s gonna get alone I’ve always arranged his clothes for him sitting through it the his feet would Ronnie had warm things on there too young Emily will never think of those things you’ll get you better call within a week I remember my wedding morning jewelry don’t stop that thank you I was the scare – young fellow in the state of New Hampshire thought I’d made a mistake for sure and when I saw you coming down the aisle I thought you were the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen the whole trouble was that seeing you before there I was right in the Congregational Church being married to a total stranger I think pretty weddings a perfectly horrible thing as far so that’s what they all made something for you wife Julie her see French toast be hard to make besides I had to do something good I just sleep last night Julie heard a lot of our struck off I got a shark every time I think of George setting out as a family man that great dangling thing I tell you Julie there’s nothing in the world so terrifying as a son the relation between a father and a son is that dangdest awful mother and daughters no picnic I can tell you I do I do I do they’ll have a lot of trouble I suppose but that’s none of our business everybody’s got a right to their own trouble you know one thing that scared me when I married you go along with you I was afraid we didn’t have material for conversation more than at last a few weeks I was afraid we’d run out and have to eat our meals and silence well you know what I have been conversing for 20 years without any noticeable Baron spells good weather bad weather case very choice but I always find something to say did you hear it Becca stirred around up there no this is the only day of the year when she isn’t managing everyone’s affairs up there she’s hiding in a room and I have an idea spray thanks Rebecca

good morning everybody only four more I’m just stepping across the grass team my girl now George put your rubbers on then rain and torrent you don’t step out of this house unless you’re prepared for it Oh March just a step does your mother tells you tomorrow when you’re in my house you’ll live wisely thank you maybe mr Previn choose to cause it’s seven o’clock in the morning right me George I hate to say it but you understand a cat a skin I know you know as well as I do a broom can see his bride on his wedding day not least either in church first oh that’s just a superstition good morning mr. Webb what and George you don’t believe in that superstition do you it’s a lot of common sense and superstitions George millions have followed it and don’t you be the first to fly in the face of custom-house she hasn’t waked up yet haven’t heard a sound out of it family’s asleep and I wonder we were up till all hours so an unpacking tell you what I’ll do George used to down here with mr. Weprin in a big back cup of coffee I run up and see that she doesn’t come down in the surprise you there’s some bacon there and I’ll be too long about it well George oil I’m fine mr. Webb but what common-sense could there be in a superstation right there well George on the wet mortar the girl’s head is full of oh you know clothes and one thing in another don’t you think that’s probably yet well I yet yes guess I never thought of that before the girls have to be a mite nervous on her wedding day gee I wish a person could get married without all that marching up and down every man that ever lived is felt that way George it hasn’t been any use it’s a women folks who’ve built up weddings my boy man looks mighty small to end George all those good women standing shoulder to shoulder making sure that the knots tied in a mighty public way would you believe in it don’t you mr. ware oh yes oh yes now don’t misunderstand me joy hey just a wonderful thing a wonderful thing don’t you forget that George no sir mr. Webb how old were you when you got married well you see I had been to college and I’ve taken a little time to get settled but mrs Webb wasn’t much older than whatever years Oh age hasn’t much to do with it my boy that is compared with other things what were you gonna say mr. Winn hmm oh I don’t know what was I going to say something dawn I was remembering the other night the advice my father gave to me when I got married yes he said Charles he said start right off by showing her who’s boss best thing to do is to give an order about something even if it don’t make sense just so she’ll learn to obey he said then he said if anything about our irritates you conversation or anything get right up and leave the house that’ll make it fair tour and all yes he said never tell your wife how much money you have never well I couldn’t exactly do no I took the option of his advice and I’ve been happy ever since well let that be a lesson to you my boy never ask advice of anybody on personal matters and they’ve got to come down and eat a breakfast she send you though but she don’t want my eyes on you goodbye

well I guess you didn’t know about that older superstition what do you mean child since the caveman no bridegroom’s your tears fall along the day of the wedding are near remember that now before we get on with the wedding I think we should see how it all began this plan has spent a lifetime together I’m only interested in how such big things begin you know you’re 21 of 22 when it yes 70 you’ve been a lawyer for 50 years and the white haired lady beside yours equal 50,000 nails with it how does such things begin now George and Emily are going to show you the conversation they had when I first knew it was saying goes they were meant for one another now it all happened last year on the way home from school George had just been elected president of the senior class and Emily had just been elected secretary and treasurer now y’all know how important that it am I thank you it isn’t far if I’m late start crackers and give her the wrong violin all right I’m awfully glad you were elected to live with me Thank You Emily why are you mad at me why not mad at you you then treat me so funny lately well since you asked me I might as well say it right out George goodbye miss Cochran Emily hi mr. Cochran what is it I don’t like the whole change you to come over you this last year I’m sorry if that hurt your feelings but I just got to tell the truth and shame the devil what do you mean well up to a year ago I used to like you a lot I used to watch you while you did everything because we’ve been friends for so long and you started spending all your time at baseball and you never stopped to speak to anybody anymore not to really speak not even to your own family you didn’t George its affairs said you’ve been captain you got awful stuck up and concede it and all the girls say so hurts me to hear him say it but I have to agree with him a little because it’s true nationally I never thought that such a thing was happening to me I guess it’s hard for a fella I’m after him some faults creep into his character I always expect a man to be perfect and I think he should be all right I don’t think it’s possible to be perfect family well my father is and as far as I can see your father is there’s no reason on earth why you shouldn’t be too I feel it it’s just the other way around men aren’t naturally good but girls are well you might as well know right now that I’m not perfect it is easy for a girl to be perfect as a man because well wait girls are more nervous all right sorry I said that about you I didn’t know what made me say it Emily now I can see it in the truth at all suddenly I feel it isn’t important anyway Emily here would you like a ice-cream soda or something before you go home Oh George oh my – Margot what can I do for you why Emily what you’ve been crying about she got an awful scare mr. Morgan that that hardware store wagon almost ran over and everybody says that town fucking’s drives like a crazy man oh yeah let me give you a glass of water precious you look all shook up I tell you you gotta look

both ways before you cross Main Street these days it’s getting worse every year what do you have I’ll have the strawberry phosphate mr. Morgan oh no Emily have a soil with me well I – strawberry ice cream sodas mr. Morgan Oh strawberry ice cream sodas yes yes tell you something 275 horses and growers callers this very moment I’m talking to you state inspector was a new yesterday now with all these automobiles coming along looks to me like the only safe place to stay was to home gracious I can remember the time when a dog of mine speed all day long anything coming along to disturb him Hey howdy mrs. Ellis what can I do for you got a prescription yeah well I see shouldn’t take long to fill that you just sit down here William just so expensive no Emily don’t you think about that we’re celebrating on election Emily yeah I wanna ask you a favor what if I go away to state agricultural college next year will ya write me a letter once in a while I certainly will I certainly will George certainly seems like being away three years you’d get out of touch with things maybe letters from Grover’s corners won’t seem so interesting after a while Louis corners isn’t a very important place when you think of all New Hampshire but I think it’s a very nice town well the day wouldn’t come when I wouldn’t want to know everything about our town I know that’s true when we try to make my letters interesting you know Emily whenever I meet a farmer I ask him if he thinks it’s important to go to agricultural school to be a good farmer well George yeah some of them even say it’s a waste of time I didn’t get all that stuff anyway in the pamphlet sir government puts out uncle loose getting pretty old and he’s about ready for me to start taking over this farm tomorrow but I could but George maybe it’s important for you to go and learn all that about cattle judging so I opened those things of course I don’t know Emily I’m gonna make up my mind right now I won’t go I’ll tell paw about it tonight but George you don’t have to decide right now it’s a whole year away Emily I’m glad you spoke to me about that but I fought my character everything you said was right but it was one thing wrong with it that’s when you said I wasn’t noticing people you for instance you say you were watching me when I did everything I was doing the same thing about you all the time why sure I always thought about you one of the chief people I thought about I just made sure are you sitting on the bleachers who you are with three days now I’ve been trying to walk home with you but I’m gonna always gotten away yesterday out standing out by the wall waiting for you he walked home with Miss Cochran George life’s awful funny how could I have known that ideally I’m gonna tell you why I’m not going agricultural school I think once you’ve found a person you’re very farmed out the person who’s fond of you too likes you well enough to be interested in your character I think that’s just as important as colleagues years and even more so that’s what I think I think it’s awfully important to Emily yes George Emily if I do I’m proven make a big change would you be I mean could you be here I am

now I always have been so I guess this is a pretty important talk we’ve been having yes yeah if you wait a minute I’ll walk you home mr. Morgan yes I’ll have to go home and get the money to pay for this why George gives do you mean to tell me that mr. Markum and our easy I leave my gold watch what seems like it back no no you keep your watch George I’ll trust you but I’ll be back in five minutes I’ll trust you for 10 years George not a day more though really all right now are we oh yes Thank You mr. Morgan it’s nothing I’m ready well now to get on with the wedding there’s a lot of things to be said about a wedding we can’t get them all into one wedding naturally especially not a wedding in Grover’s corners where weddings are mighty short and plain people think a lot of thoughts during a wedding the bride the groom the relatives and the guests and even the minister yes a lot of thoughts go on during a wedding I’ve married 200 couples in my day em marries em millions of them the cottage the goecart the Sunday afternoon drives in the country the first rheumatism the grandchildren their second rheumatism the deathbed the reading of the will once and a thousand times it’s interesting I don’t know who I am crying I suppose there’s nothing to cry about this morning at breakfast just come over me there was Emily eating her breakfast as she was done for 17 years she’s gone out of my house I suppose they my whole life I don’t want to get married why can’t I stay for a while Madhavi don’t you remember what you used to say all the time that I was your girl I don’t wanna get she gonna get married I’m growing up I get me old I don’t want to get old taking on all these responsibilities why is everybody pushing me so all I want to do is be a fella I’m gonna get married cheer up ma I’m getting married hello Nam are you you say Thursday nights Emily and I’ll be over for supper every Thursday night you’ll see come on ma we’ve got to get ready for this cut the ring oh yes sir come on wedding iris I do love a good wedding

love dearly beloved we are gathered together here in the sight of God and in the face of this company to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony lovely wedding I’m just like to see young people to love and to cherish till death you do part according to God’s holy ordinance and thereto plate her your trough I do do you Emily take George to your wedded husband to have and to hold from this day forward for better for worse for richer for poorer in sickness and in health to love and to cherish till death you do part according to God’s holy ordinance and thereto plate him your trough I do what token does thou giver by sincerity with this ring with this ring I thee Wed I thee Wed or as much as George and Emily have consented together in holy wedlock and have witnessed the same before God and this company and have declared the same by giving and receiving a ring I pronounce that they are husband and wife amen I mean forever forever and ever the first month like usual yeah Ollie and his age shouldn’t be driving one of those things not when he’s got a lot of young fellows to do it for him how he likes to deliver the milk him stuff that he gets the feel of the town that way you know in all these years he never capable carries all the accounts in his head I hear he’s been doing so well he’s begun locking his front door at nights trade the burglars hey no burglars in this town yet no but how he said about him Hey this time nine years have gone by friends it’s the summer of 1913 gradual changes in Grover’s collars AUSA’s to get rarer farmers are coming into town now in Fords till you’d be surprised though on the whole things don’t change much around here this is an important part of Grover’s corners up here in this hilltop lots of sky lots of clouds often lots of Sun Moon stars certainly a beautiful spot appear I often wonder why people want to be buried in Woodlawn and Brooklyn when they might pass the same time up here in New Hampshire over here the old stones 1660 1670 strong minded people will come a long ways to be independent they here are some Civil War veterans iron flags on the graves New Hampshire boys they had a notion of the Union ought to be kept together although they’d never seen more than 50 miles of it themselves all they knew was a name friends the United States of America the United States of America and they went and died upon it this is the new part of the cemetery there’s mrs. Soames who enjoy the wedding so much

remember there’s our friend mrs. Gibbs doc Gibbs lost his wife three years ago just about this time and then at the Webb’s boy Wallace whose appendix burst on a Boy Scout trip to Crawford notch there’s mr. Stimpson the organist at the Congregational Church he drank a lot they used to say hung himself in the Attic they try to hush it up but of course got around here on his own epitaph ain’t a verse exactly it’s just a lot of notes I wouldn’t know what it was it was already up in the Boston papers at the time though a lot of sounds kind of quieted down a period too always important thing mother and daughter husband and wife enemy and enemy money advisor all those terribly important things the earth part kinda burns away burns out and what’s left what’s left well memory are gone when your identity mrs. Smith something eternal we all know down in our bones that something is eternal and that something has to do with human beings all the greatest people that have lived for the past 5,000 years have been telling us that and yet you’d be surprised how we lose sight of that fact something eternal about every human being I guess and thinking these thoughts today on account of our friend Emily another babies expected download that happy home we saw has started its Emily second there’s a little boy about six years old but this time Emily is pretty sick doc Gibbs is going around these days with a mighty worried face one of them why won’t it live he’s coming round Juliet my daughter what else we’re bringing a baby I remember Emily’s wedding wasn’t it unloved I remember I called on George and them lift their phone just before I died okay beautiful fun dear friends as we gather here in the last tribute of memory to our loved one hello mother kids remember the hello Oh mrs. salt hello sis hello I eternal in the heavens father give this bringing some of my flowers to you man again while the Gibbs I never

realized how troubled and sad he looks I loved him so father gives other gifts so tired Mulligan but the Gibbs when does this feeling go away these strange here how long does just wait how do you do mr. Stimpson how do you do family mother Gibbs George and I have made that fireman adjust the best place you ever saw we thought of you all the time fun to show you the new vironment and a great long seamen drinking fountain for the stock we bought that out of the money you left us i other games don’t you remember the legacy you left us but was more than three hundred and fifty dollars yes we’ll be the same – George without me but it’s a lovely farm my boys spending the day at mrs. Carter’s Oh mr. Carter’s my little boy is spending today at your house their mother gives one can go back in memory and look each in those days over again we’re just him for a moment I was thinking about a moment I was there and my baby was in my arm this greatest day when you fini are longer you will realize that our life here is to forget all this to think of what is ahead and be ready for what mother Gibbs how can I ever forget that life it’s all I know it’s all I had one can go and live all those days over it I feel it I know it not only live it you watch yourself living it choose the happy day Who am I it isn’t wise really it isn’t – the day I first you I love George why should that be painful because it’s the happiest days that are the hardest to relive and to forget choose the least important day in your life it will be important enough yeah Singh Kham with them but there’s night instructor before a change and there’s the livery table my new was a little girl there’s the old white fence that used to be around our house oh I’d forgotten mama coming down system a quick

look at how in youth with a joke bro morning this web code yes envelope on my bond miss Webb Oh tell Emily many happy returns of the day no I know it’s my 16th birthday don’t burn your eyes dear that’s all I needed that special for you on the dresser bear if it were a snake you did bite you young mama Lux I didn’t know yeah morning mother well there you are back at man time to go child whoa fine I guess I told him a few things everything all right here yeah can’t think then things happen special they’re mighty cold I knew some says ten blow down his bond yes well it’s colder than that at Hamilton College student ears are falling off ain’t Christian I think we have any mistakes in it not that I noticed well you can have your coffee when you want it Kyle don’t forget a family birthday did you remember to get anything got it right here where’s my girl where’s my birthday girl don’t even up to now child you would see a breakfast she’s slow enough as it is I can’t bear it why did they ever have to get old mama I’m here I’m grown-up I love you all everything I can’t look at everything hard enough hurry up children seven o’clock I don’t want to call you again morning mama well Nadia happy birthday to my girl and many happy returns price is waiting for you on the table there oh mama you shouldn’t have can I can I stand no birthday I want you to eat your breakfast puddin slow watch it grow up and be a good strong girl that in the boot packages from your aunt Carrie that’s what we’re for your birthday Emily many happy returns of the day thank you Tony a photograph album George I’d forgotten just an album I’m going out to my uncle Luke’s farm today blank it out there George we grew up and were married don’t you remember uncle of gave you the farm well goodbye goodbye thanks through this baton good and slow it will help keep you warm on a cold day mama just look at me for one minute as though you really saw me 12 years of God by I’m dead I married George Gibbs mama mama his appendix burst on the cabin Dirac offered not we’ve got just terrible about a don’t you remember moment now we’re all together mama let’s be happy just for a moment let’s look at one another that Mayella package is something I found in the Attic among your grandmother’s things you’re old enough to wear it now and I thought maybe you’d like it oh and this is from you it’s lovely it’s just what I wanted it’s beautiful I hoped you’d like it Molly has a present for you too you made an annual training test be sure and make a fuss

over it your father’s got a surprise for you too don’t know what it is my service then he comes we don’t have time to look at one I didn’t realize so all that was going on and we never noticed I go back to my graph one woman goodbye goodbye world my Grove is gone mama goodbye the clock’s ticking but in that tree in Mama’s sunflowers food coffee uim dresses and hot bath and sleeping and waking up do any human beings ever realized life of a course most everybody’s asleep in Grover’s corners there are a few lights on down at the depot shorty Hawkins has just watched the Albany train go by and course out George and Emily’s farm they’re Stila talking over the new baby I suppose it’s like what one of those Midwestern poets end you got a love life to have life and gonna have life to love life eleven o’clock in Grover’s corners tomorrow’s another day everybody’s resting in Grover’s corners you get a good rest too good night