Undertale – Snowdin Town – Part #8

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Undertale – Snowdin Town – Part #8

say there we go this has changed what is this it’s very big so wrap up around this way there we go perfecto mundo ok let’s continue across that bridge then we might be able to come back and investigate through that door it looks a little bit creepy I don’t even know if we can actually walk across that blackness maybe it’s a secret oh goodness me is these guys these guys let’s stitch Jerry where’s your hat whew ideally forgot what moves this sir this guy did it looks annoyed you secretly checking for looking at its hat no you continue not looking it seems to fit it oh no Jerry’s back sorry Jerry but och want I’m sorry Jerry but you’re not a very pleasant monster I’m afraid Oh welcome to snowed in oh there’s a checkpoint the sight of such a friendly town fills you with determination ah it’s gone in and a sharp and this is our chest isn’t it who’s got a tough glove in it so you put the Snowman piece in there so I don’t eat it again let’s see what’s in the shop hello traveler how can I help you what do we have what would you like to buy manly bandanna a bicycle cinnamon bun or a tough glove hmm I will exit as talk though say hello hiya welcome to snowed in I can’t remember the last time I saw a fresh face around here where did you come from the capital you don’t look like a tourist are you here by yourself what to do here you want to know what to do here it snowed in Grill B’s has food and the library has information if you’re tired you can take a nap at the inn that’s right next door my sister runs it and if you’re bored you can sit outside and watch those wacky skeletons do their thing there’s two of them brothers I think they just showed up one day and assert it themselves the town is going a lot more interesting since then think back to your history class a long time ago monsters lived in the ruins back in the back there in the forest long story short we all decided to leave the ruins and head for the end of the caverns along the way some fuzzy folk decided they liked the cold and set up camp in Snowden oh and don’t think about trying to explore the ruins the doors been locked for ages so unless you’re a ghost or can burrow under the door forget about it that must be what that door is then perhaps that’s back through the ruins life is the same as usual a little claustrophobic but we all know deep down that freedom is coming don’t we as long as we got that hope we can grit our teeth and face the same struggles day after day that’s life ain’t it Oh yep that’s true thank you very much bye now come again sometime see who’s in the n.o the rabbit mum saves us steeping can recover your health above your maximum HP what’s maximum HP welcome to Snowden in Snowden’s premier hotel one

night is 80 gold I don’t need to sleep just now but thank you very much if it rests above maximum HP though that’s very handy to know ah don’t want want to walk to the other side of town try the under snow tunnels they’re effectively laid out isn’t my little cinnamon just the cutest bum buns are so adorable dehu that lady over there something about her disturbs me awful jeans tormented a local monster by decorating his tree like horns so he started giving that monster presence to make it feel better now it’s a tradition to put presents underneath a decorated tree guess it was a good thing those teens tormented that monster yo you’re a kid too right I can tell cuz you’re wearing a striped shirt others grubby’s this town doesn’t have a mayor but if there’s ever a problem ask Anton will tell a fish lady about it bad politics amazing oh my goodness I called these adorable creatures everyone is always laughing and cracking jokes trying to forget our modern Christ crises dreariness crowding lack of sunlight I would join them but I’m just not very funny we all know the underground has problems but we smile anyway why we can’t do anything so why be morose about it true very true oh he’s the library or this looks like someone’s house this is a letterbox it’s overflowing with unread junk mail goodness mean they got two letter boxes oh of course fabrice let’s look inside it’s empty yes cuz all the mail within this box goodness me what is that what was that what is that Oh I don’t know what is going on here I can’t move oh I recognize that skellington here and allow me to tell you about some complex feelings feelings like the jury of finding another pastor lava an admiration another puzzle solving skills the desire to have a hold of snap person think you are cool these feelings they must be what you are feeling right now I can hardly imagine what it must be like to feel that way after all I am very great I don’t ever wonder what having lots of friends is like I pity you lonely human worry not you shall be learning no longer hi the great pamper us will be your is he gonna say it no no this is all wrong i copy your friend you are a human I must capture you then I can fulfill my lifelong dream powerful popular prestigious that’s proper oz the newest member of the Royal Guard wow he’s gonna fight me now and I thought he liked puzzles Wow insult or flirt what a blip flirting so you finally reveal your ultimate feelings for well I’m a skeleton with very high standards oh no you’re melting all my standards I guess this means I have to go on a date with you let’s date later after I capture you thinking about what to wear for his dates oh no let’s take later after I capture you is how the bones are gonna do easiest thing to dodge brilliant thinking about what to cook these dates you still can’t really do very much can we I don’t think we can do mercy yet because his name’s not yellow I guess we’re just gonna have to pledge some more you flirt but to no avail seems

acting won’t escalate this battle let’s take them later so what do we need to do then dev some bone club behind his ear so you won’t fight then let’s see if you can handle my fabled blue attack beautiful Oh your blue now oh that’s my attract oh he made us blue I’m blue now Wow too busy fighting to flip back please oh it’s a oh there we go goodness me oh please please please my goodness attraction slime behind his ear oh my god goodness me please oh my god she’s gonna kill us doesn’t have is please you don’t want to hurt me considering his options please oh you’re too weak I was easily able to capture you I will now send you to the capture zone Oh as science calls it I’ll geric you’re in the doghouse now well unfortunately it’s just dry food it’s a note sorry I have to lock you in the guest room until Undine arrives feel free to make yourself at home refreshments and accommodations have been provided naturally yours perverse okay it’s a squeaky chew toy well we could escape the garage pretty easily cover livia tactus Lisa dink kill us that’s a good thing I might actually sleep at the inn if it saves above our checkpoint above our hate p let’s stay here’s your room key make sure to bundle up oh wow imagine staying in a hotel and hearing that next door of people snoring I don’t think you would ever get to sleep oh yeah you look like you had a great sleep which is incredible because you were the only one up there for about two minutes here’s your money back you can pay me if you’re going to stay overnight did that restore our HB 30 out of 20 it did yeah you’re going lot gold should we go see

what’s in this grill then grill beasts see what’s in here Wow a lot of people can we talk to them all we’re centuries but we never get any respect I wish the scan turns were fro us a bone we love bones well this guy looks a bit drunk no matter where I go it’s the same menu the same people help I want new drinks n putt putt putt guys hmm there’s a human food different from monster food it does things like spoil and when you eat it it passes all the way through your whole body disgusting I’d love to try it sometime OSL turkey who is that what he does amazing I’m thinking of getting a spite scholar to show of my personality it makes a statement like attach a leash to me I’m take me for a walk please it’s playing poker against itself it appears to be losing my goodness I put out a line for some girls today someone told me that there are plenty of fish in the sea well I’m taking that seriously I’m literally gonna make up with fish lovely I guess I could ask out Undine but I think she likes someone already see what this guy’s the Capitals getting pretty crowded so I’ve heard that going to start moving here hmm I don’t want to see the erasure of our local culture but I definitely want to see some city slickers slip into their book slip onto their butts that would be quite funny girl be said that he had offer you a glass of water but he doesn’t touch the stuff this the jukebox is broken well that’s handy just check in the library and then we’ll go up and say oh this one looks like Mike Wazowski that look in your eye here’s someone that has trouble doing crosswords aren’t you I love working on the newspaper there’s so little to report that we just fill up with comics and games cough cough when I was younger my teachers gave me word searches when they ran out of assignments I thought they were a waste of time but look at me now I’m the number one word search creator in the entire underground monster history during the humans no longer we moved out of our old city home we braved harsh cold damp swampland and searing heat until we reached what we now call our capital new home again our King is really bad at names this must all be history while monsters are mostly made of magic human beings are mostly made of water humans with their physical forms are far stronger than us but they will never know the joy of expressing themselves through magic they’ll never get a bullet pattern birthday card welcome to the library yes we know the sign is misspelled oh it is as well I didn’t even notice it’s locked let’s see what’s down here oh I see it’s just like a quick shortcut basically okie dokie I wonder if we can travel through that way again I’m gonna see what’s up this way first though what’s this let’s play monsters and humans there’s a mustache ah to be young again the world sure felt boundless you are gonna make me the human again are you ah what a beautiful knock maybe if I don’t answer i’ll hear it again my patient rewards me and they just like knocks at their door oh this must be what that thing was why

is he doing that weird well this sounds unpleasant perhaps we have to use one of those blocks to travel along there or something I’m guessing we have to try and beat him again yeah don’t like how the screen goes very funky it’s like fog hello a game oh oh where could that human have gone wait it’s right in front of me hello I was worried that you have gotten lost it sure is a relief to know that you’re right here wait a second your aunt’s approach to escape get back there blocks away again too busy fighting oh we’re still blue okay so I think we must have to beat him to progress thinking about what to wear for his date he likes to say knew him yeah oh there we go thinking about what to cook they all right think it’s there it must just be sparing constantly whoo dab some phone clone of course oh I ran right into that one head of the Royal Guard I’m guessing we just have to keep sparing oh oh man oh man pretty hard to judge oh my goodness please you don’t want to hurt me oh my goodness preparing a bone attack oh my god upgraded it now so now we don’t want to leave doesn’t look very upgraded to me it’s too small to sleep on this is the same note please ash before you escaped when you went missing I got worried sick slightly burnt runo tired barbarous ok isn’t that hard to escape me you might as well use this quick teleport thingy boom so let’s sleep at the inn again and try again yes please let’s stay oh they’re still here goodness me

they are very noisy aren’t they got someone’s getting some sleep well I’m certainly not you