Flugzeug im Flugzeug! | GTA 5 Let's Play #45

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Flugzeug im Flugzeug! | GTA 5 Let's Play #45

i’m at Lausanne appeal at my dad’s if we come to get e Andy’s mother Shannon hi doc yeah in fact Charlie and don’t try char them yeah we are having else could we have are not a victim whose name I burstyn golden son Hunter Mike lamb wanted and what an email of francophone Lucas bogna to tear it all stew not contain the ave schumacher becomes by as a pastor’s kumar get off ya shahe no fellowship a cannon arms language by dr even by us in coolest is Marcus dish on years old is of kind 5mm water waster by woodfield vallière cash market opens first and as Oscar can try yeah swing canisters of tigers who lied on each band button a apt are such tenderness ravenous hunger on equal out of an awesome hours of which brush we as for me it consists MEA Ralph tired on let me finish off suboxone good yeah so next year a link and it’s because my leaf I guess I prioritizing and think the patient was like a team outside a lot yeah taxi so far though I’m sure aware that i might go to Zach my God where you at man your house is in hey I had to kind of little low for a while yeah that nice Mexican we met me and teeth did that job for him we fell out you’ve gotta meet you i wish i was so desert out by alamo see fine absolutely ah oh hey Trevor’s got his wife Jarvis got a wife no the Mexicans wife yeah nothing nothing to say about that I’m back cover I’ll bring me my coffee I’m gonna cut your arm off hell’s that your maid loses partner good guy very loyal Ron Ron that is Michael and this is Patricia ah listen beautiful I’m sorry about everything that’s happened and you know I can’t guarantee no arms gonna come to you might have to chop you up into little pieces before spraying your pulp mess down the drain but I really hope it doesn’t come to that I appreciate your honesty you’re a good man I can see that you need your eyes examined then you miss me yeah Trevor a bit i mean cause the fucking business I tried if you’re gonna give me a sob story I’m gonna rip your fucking throat out and shove a turd down the hole it’s not a sob story it’s just not quite come good yet better hurry about something to do with Meriwether OHS asshole hey cache of weapons they got coming in so I thought you might want to uh requisition it tastic let’s go man well no not you sit down you’re wanted man stay low and watch her okay she’s good lady let’s go Ron good to meet you Michael fucking come on let’s go hey the weapons are coming in by air okay got a plane over at the airstrip all right let’s go but we’re good as a musket understand plans of action what are you going to do we’re not gonna take out a private army on the ground Ron we gotta meet him in the air I ok well I knew that you were pissed after the Meriwether heist give him back the hardware that was bullshit right right so I’ve been monitoring chatter tapping into Merriweather networks feels good to be back in the company of a professional i gotta say i got i was expecting something a little more impressive the late great Michael Townley not so late and not so great right no longer called Townley the years have not been terribly

guy what’s the end game man we had a good thing going without him if it’s such a good thing where’s my money huh where’s my consultants fee in my big fat dividend I want a franchise network Ron I want reward cards merchandise I want to make gun violence and drug dependency accessible to every man and beast from 0 feet the booty a one country clubs and a depressed wife blonde hair in a hot little secretary crop duster that’s the best we can do hola not alone touch with my Mexican contact tell him we got some guns to sell okay initially popular okay LOL amazi meza stinking gasps gasps gasps gasps gasps oh oh oh esta okay okay got em chief Luke this is a buckaroo nesting zor-el on hambo no rolling stones or beatles okay Rolling Stones yeah Liz I whoa one step at a time Ronald let’s just get there first I altitude corrected it if it’s British i sting at this good enough the known as oh you got bad information brother I’m fine by the military base now don’t fly over yeah yeah yeah though lalalalalalalalalalalalala Lord oh Lord oh Lord oh Lord yeah yeah and I’m in a crop duster this is something I’m a few tlie aware of enough he will fling me length and find more muscle and flee what is this in life good something huh yeah when I fitness wish limba new selfie flogger man you borrow please yes Shawn okay good and the hunter classica it’s good to be working together again Oh rubbish wish Scott Scott Scott center making writing a fun banter will assume it off I the enzyme an engine name or distributed as of unifying horses Meza with lightness a good run the moment and keep it alive and soft candy Street you should transmit dumped as okay as a Oh are we having safe point the latinas oka okay as well design a new student traditional

political seven want you know Ronald Ronald Munoz for let alone think it but it’s good to be working together again I can tell you what a pleasure is having back every team needs a leader a leader and a mindless forward to the candy might be Syria will vanish got so chief Ling muslim ah ok or without Belinda desh hai sky in the jab I’m low enough fraud you speak to Oscar the Mexicans this deal on I let them know again the one the work I’m not risking life and limb fresh lemonade full are you sure Oscar don’t like getting men to steal the guns are Buddhist ours okay okay do so to physically space kombucha affect farmers in via midi flag instead a vial that’s all live yeah what was missing from me Adam that’s what we serve a queen if I Scott sup yeah nothing forget you could just reach the house side instead this is Captain Tina 1989 crop-duster just enjoying the beautiful san andreas mother uh shoot me down now that’s not very sociable the morning die hard or you will be grounded I’m gonna take the chance to tell Oh you engage hmm you’re actually firing rocket oh ok that’s at least of up to the priestess water a note on love that’s why God is a nice reverse with avocado atrium abba racing Christopher stop music aslam ice before missing let me kill me mr. order David Bowie flower lame let me your abiding mix tools their stock or validation if you from there Mosley probably else’s pobresito be a soy chai to watch out inclined by Meghan clatter by my own Clara be my own cost of living room hi go I think I himayath shop ok pop pop pop pop aah bhi kabhi stay at all f um at all hello hello oh yeah whoo I’ll attach me

today oh fuck I can’t look at you let’s play is it if I’m go since we go yet control please be advised him a change of destination we are now landing at Mackenzie feel okay but a day might end of my gun style changing frequency over Ron Ron you there I got the jack you with the buyer oh dude make it a reason Bertie I’m start let’s go no my mom I’m busy 15 are you could get all your self Iran so um the freaking Air Force Iran me all right retaliation hey give you a ten percent of what’s in the hall and we’re all happy and may fly like nigga it AP oh sorry get squat he always had to box up this ooh though Isaac who hides or DOMA Agni Kai stage I don’t think you understand the effort I’ve gone to be here pal Oh survival morning her now I’m being engaged hey you wouldn’t shoot me down anyway think of the ground casualties okay mr. chairman or miss Mao a good man that’s had its really process complete he’ll to Fox you but I was kinda hey Oh goose is cooked run run God you hear me your engines gone the guns and theft ventrilo they’re useless that ain’t for the dirt I’m getting a shooting I’m failing got one hey shit hey does kind of garnish the whole thing instead of up shirt list I had with us at cyclically London Conn I finished I either have often shy Smith demaree relegating receive and I was sinfully Oh in say a vandal of the support lord I stopped mm-hmm who isn’t on the Towser club audacity of asthma p pull-off d rekt so how’s ur up oh oh I it can be a za and yet pushed an o-ring of here later wait yeah we cut such as far as I could from it hit laughing oh here’s one and a half a yard I beseech person at not good sooo Trevor shit are you okay I saw the plane go down I survived and lizard army didn’t do so well so that’s something oh thank god the fuselage went into the

Alamo see you might be able to salvage the hardware with dive gear or something yeah good idea but it’ll take time tell Oscar he ain’t getting these guns okay look I gotta ask are you in with the federal government an agent Sanchez was round here saying you and Michael had to meet his supervisors at the garage the cook site fuck I gotta do this okay but i’m using them all right they using me let’s make that clear yeah I claw good LaFell is too good first man until 16 Ibaka vida let me talk miss vida heist we go talk to Katie yeah