Kesaksian cara TUHAN bekerja saat aku gagal mendapatkan Resident Visa New Zealand

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Kesaksian cara TUHAN bekerja saat aku gagal mendapatkan Resident Visa New Zealand

I was so confused at that time guys What I had in my mind was the two years I spent to study in New Zealand would be useless. There was only one thing in my mind; I would have to go back to Indonesia Community-contributed English Subtitle Whilst attempt have been taken to ensure clarity of meaning and accuracy Kindly excuses for any grammatical and typographical errors Well, meet us again, the Saputra family In this vlog, I’ll share how I got my residence visa If you watch the previous video, I’ve shared to you about my experience of getting my residence visa But, behind all of that, there’s a moment when God tested my faith Well, after I graduated from my school, if I’m not mistaken, in November or December After that, I immediately got a job before I graduated from my school guys So, when my friends celebrated their graduation, I wasn’t there because I was working a full-time job at my company at that time In New Zealand, there’s a job term of 90 days probation period guys 90 days probation period is when you get a full-time job offer. Then, after you finish the 90 days probation period, you’ll be a permanent employee at the company At that time, I thought this way “If I can finish 90 days probation period, I’ll be a permanent employee in which I can apply for a resident visa.” Is it true that I can apply for a resident visa? Yeah, that’s true. Then, I eventually applied for a resident visa in New Zealand in January Anyway, I had a company back in Indonesia, and I was the technical director of my company guys So, I never work for another company before. The first time I work for another company is when I work in New Zealand guys Well, When I worked at my company at that time, I was kind of show-off person… I mean whatever my manager could do, I could do it too Well, in my job offer, there’s a rule that I had to report directly to the boss During my 90 days probation period, I always showed off. So, whatever my manager could do, I could do it too Then, I could handle everything about my job guys It turns out that I guess my operation manager felt insecure guys He started complaining to the boss. It’s only my assumption, and I didn’t know as well He probably said: “Starting from now, I think it’s better if Andy should report to me.” My manager and I were super close guys Then, I even had a new year eve party with him because we were so close You can imagine how close we were. When we have a new year eve party with someone, it means we are like a best friend Then, I checked with my manager: “What do you think if I apply for a resident visa after I finish my 90 days probation period?” He answered: “Oh, you deserve it. Go for it, and we’ll support you.” Then, I, with high confidence, applied for resident visa after I finished my 90 days probation period He said that he would support me. That’s right But, then, my manager asked my boss: “It’s better if Andy report to me.” After that, my superior told me to do so, and I had to report to my manager. Well, I think it’s okay for me Since then, I had to report to my manager instead of my boss, guys Long story short, I’ve applied for a resident visa, then, in a beautiful morning, there’s a server down At that time, I worked at a transactional company guys A transactional company is like… Let’s say EFTPOS company. In Indonesia, they are like Debit BCA, Debit Mandiri, something like that guys EFTPOS.. There’s a minimum 15 transactions in a single second (For example, a single second x 15 transactions. Let’s say there are 15 transactions of the cheapest coffee $4. So, 15 x $4 = $60 that can’t have transactions in a single second? Well, I managed a server that can’t be down

Server down is not something impossible to happen. Server down can happen as well The reliability demands to someone who works in the IT Department is 99.9% (Availability 99.9% means a server can be down for 8.77 hours in a year or it can be down for 43.84 minutes in a month) Well, in a beautiful morning, the server was down guys When the server down, I’ve followed the SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) But, at that time, because I super close with my manager, I only sent a WhatsApp message to my manager to inform him that the server was down I thought the problem was solved because I’ve followed the SOP about what I should do if there’s a server down in which I should escalate the problem to my manager I’ve told my manager “Hi, the server is down.” That’s it After that, I felt something odd guys. Whenever I send him a WhatsApp message, he’ll reply it to me. But, at that time, he didn’t reply to my messages Then, I thought it was fine because he’s eventually read my message because there’s a double blue checkmark I’ve confirmed that my message has delivered and he already read it. So, I was cool again and business as usual After that, my boss came to me on that beautiful morning He asked me: “Andy, ladies downstairs complain that the server is down.” / “Yes, that’s right.” I replied. Then, he asked me again: “Have you escalated the problem to your manager?” / “Yes, I’ve done it.” I replied 10 minutes later, my boss came back to the office Well, my desk was next to my boss. I mean, my boss was in the inner office, and my workstation was right outside of his office, guys Then, my manager’s desk was next to me guys After 10 minutes inside his office, my boss came out of his office and asked me: “Have you escalated the problem, Andy?” / “Yes, I have. I’ve sent him a WhatsApp message.” I replied So, I’ve sent my manager a WhatsApp message about the problem Then, my superior started blaming me by saying: “According to the SOP, you should give him a direct call.” According to the SOP, I shouldn’t inform my manager by sending Viber, WhatsApp message, LINE video call, etc. But, I should directly call to his mobile phone But, it’s still the same guys. I mean that’s not a big deal since my manager has read my WhatsApp message From that problem, I’ve learned my lesson that if we work, let’s work professionally. Let’s say we have to follow the SOP of our job After that, about 40 minutes later, the server was up again But, my manager seemed odd since he didn’t come to the office (As an example, the loss estimation because the server down, if we sum it up $60 x 60 seconds = $3,600/ Minute. Then $3,600 x 40 minutes (Downtime) = $144,000. It’s the total money that can’t be transacted I felt something wrong with such a condition. That happened at twenty to nine o’clock Then, around 11 AM, my manager came to the office in a black mood He came to the office and went straight to my boss’ office. My gut feeling said it’d be bad for me Shortly after that, my manager called me to my boss’ office In there, I was like in a court guys I was guilty but you; my manager should follow the SOP as well Well, basically, I was found guilty by them But, it doesn’t end there, guys, my boss has moved on already and said “Andy, that’s okay. This is your first mistake anyway.” I didn’t even receive any formal warning letter at all, guys Well, at my company, there’s a procedure that if I made a fatal mistake, I should have been received a warning letter. But, I didn’t receive the warning letter guys Because it was my first mistake during 4 to 5 month I’ve been working there At that time, I didn’t even receive any warning letter. But, the odd thing was… Well, I’ve dismissed from our meeting at my superior’s office since the meeting was over Then, I went back to work as before. But, the odd thing was my manager didn’t give me any tasks guys It was odd, indeed. But, I tried to be positive that he might still be mad at me and it’s okay then Then, I just chill out. I did browsing since I had nothing to do that time And at my company, if there are no tasks, we normally just chill out. My friend next to me, he worked as a software developer. If he doesn’t have any tasks, he’ll just play DoTA2 with me But, the condition I had that time didn’t be better guys

It happened for about 3 weeks. So, my manager should have given me tasks, but he didn’t give me any of it We didn’t even have any conversation at the office. It’s odd, aye? My manager was a guy, though, but why was he so sensitive? (Chuckles) He didn’t give me any tasks. Then, he and I didn’t have any conversation as well. But, we only had a conversation as necessary Moving on, the immigration sent me a letter as I expected The letter was about questionnaire guys So, the process of applying for a resident visa in New Zealand… Well, the first process is we submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) The second process is the invitation to apply. It’s a form that we must fill and provide all evidence in the Expression of Interest as we claimed in the first process Then, we send the documents to the immigration, guys After we fill the invitation to apply, the immigration will send us another questionnaire It’s a confirmation questionnaire. Basically, I must fill the questionnaire about my daily duty at my company Then, I filled my daily duty at my company and resent it to the immigration Moreover, the immigration would send another questionnaire with the same contents as before and it’s addressed to my company guys Basically, that questionnaire was used to reconfirm my daily duty at my company My boss should have been responsible for filling that questionnaire But, since I should report to my manager, it means he was also responsible for filling the questionnaire I’ve asked my superior to fill the questionnaire, but he said: “Andy, I no longer oversee what you do. So, this questionnaire has to go to your manager.” Then, I was like “Oh no… I’m headache.” It’s such a big problem, guys. If I could say, it’s now become real trouble It’s because… Mmm… Well, at that time, I asked my manager I asked, “Hi manager, do you still remember about a few days ago when I asked you before applying for a resident visa, you said you’d support me, aye?” He replied me while giggling sarcastically “Don’t worry, Andy.” We talked through e-mail guys. Well, I sit here, and my manager was in front of me He replied to my e-mail: “Don’t worry, Andy. I’ll fill the questionnaire for you.” But, he replied, while evil giggling. He probably says silently: “I got you.” My gut feeling said “Oh no… This is bad.” But, I still prayed, and I even prayed to God for him as well It turns out that my manager didn’t acknowledge all of my works and daily duty, guys He wrote this way… Anyway I applied as a systems administrator level 2 in the questionnaire systems administrator level 1 can’t apply for a resident visa, guys My manager filled the questionnaire that I only did systems administrator level 1 Then, my manager resend the filled questionnaire to the immigration Well, in 1 or 2 days later, the immigration sent me a letter right away after my manager resend the filled questionnaire to the immigration It said: “Based on the questionnaire, we’re unlikely able to grant your resident visa application.” I was so confused at that time guys What I had in my mind was the two years I spent to study in New Zealand would be useless There was only one thing in my mind; I would have to go back to Indonesia I always prayed, and I prayed for him as well I didn’t stay away from God, and I prayed for my manager. Then, God eventually gave wisdom to me God said to me: “If your manager won’t move on, why don’t you who move on, Andy?”. I got wisdom from God like that guys I decided to find a new job by applying my job application to some companies And I also looked for information about how to… Anyway, my work visa was a lock visa in which I only could work at that company I looked for information about how to change my work visa for a new job, and I eventually found the way guys I’ve explained the way to change my work visa on my previous video; how I got my resident visa Well, I applied for a new job at that time guys. God has been so kind to me since I got a call for an interview right after I applied for the job

The process was quite fast. It’s kind of a miracle guys The process of applying for a new job usually takes a lot of time guys The company called me the night after I applied for the job There’s a guy asked: “Your name is Andy, right? You applied for this job at this company, right?” / “Yes, that’s right.” I replied I was invited to have an interview. Well, in the morning, I still came to my company at that time, and I had my interview at that company in the afternoon That company was so close to where my current company at that time guys. It’s only 700 M away I went straight to that company after I got off from my work at that time The job interview is usually conducted during working hours guys At that time, I requested to have the interview at half-past five PM? He said: “It’s okay. I’ll wait for you at the office.” After I got off from work at that time, I went straight to the company where I applied for a job there Then, I had an interview, and I had a test there from my new boss. It lasted for about three and a half hours I had a test to create a server and other tasks for about three and a half hours So, I arrived at home at 8 or 9 PM guys I passed the test well. Then, I went home at 8 or 9 PM The next morning, he called me again by saying: “Well, I’m interested in hiring you. When can you sign the contract?” It’s such a miracle guys. It’s something that not commonly happen guys And I stayed in New Zealand by using a work visa at that time He also asked me: “When can you process your work visa to change it into my company?” Then, I was like, “Oh man…” I did call sick to my company at that time and immediately took sick leave, guys I called my company at that time and said: “I’m feeling sick. I can’t come to the office right now.” Then, I went straight to my new company and signed the contract. After that, I went straight to the immigration, guys The content of the letter from the immigration of New Zealand was: “We’re unlikely able to grant your residence visa application if your situation doesn’t change.” I was given a deadline from the immigration. If my situation doesn’t change until the deadline’s over, they will reject my resident visa application At that time, I directly processed to change my work visa After I processed my work visa from immigration. Then, I went home In the next morning, I wrote a resignation letter for my old company at that time My boss called me and said: “So, Andy, I’m really sorry that it has to end in this way.” He was also feeling sorry to me for what I’ve been through, guys Well, I’ll tell you once again guys, you should submit your resignation letter a month before you leave from your company in New Zealand So, you have to keep working for the company for a month to hand off your job into the new employee later on At that time, my boss was kind. He said: “It’s okay, Andy. You don’t need to come into the office since your manager doesn’t give you any tasks, right?” Then, I didn’t need to come into the office, but I still received my full salary for a month guys So, my financial was quite good I sent a letter to the immigration, to my case officer I said: “This is my situation right now. So, starting from now, I’ve resigned from my previous company and I’ve applied for a new work visa for working at my new company.” (Old work visa) And I also wrote my position at my new company My position in my new company was higher, and also I received a higher salary Well, at that time, my work visa was approved in such a quick time because my new company processed it in such a quick time as well Then, I gave it to my new company. I said: “My work visa has approved. Here is my work visa.” So, at that time, I always prayed at my home. I always praised God I prayed for my manager Then, after 3 or 4 days later, after I sent an e-mail to my case office that my situation has changed… I mean I’ve resigned from the old company, and I’ve got hired at my new company Then, this is the job offer, and this is my work visa as well At that time, I sent another e-mail to send my new work visa that has approved Three days later, my resident visa application got approved, guys

It’s really a miracle for me. I directly kneeled down at my home Gave thank to God for He has answered my prayer I made a vow in which I promised to God that if God approved my resident visa, I would tell my friends about that story And this video is the answer of… Well, I also improvise my vow that I’ll tell this story to the world that God has done great things to me So, God has given me His wisdom. If we have the skill, don’t use it to show off guys. Let it be God’s time that will lift us up Let’s take an example from Joseph. When he was a kid, God gave him His wisdom that Joseph would be bigger than his siblings But, at that time, Joseph told all his siblings: “I’ll be bigger than all of you.” Then, because he showed off, God gave him a process to put him in the well. He was even sold to Pharaoh, guys That’s the wisdom I got from God guys. So, if we’re equipped with good skills, then use those skills wisely. Don’t be show off But, we should use our skills to praise God’s name, to create a masterpiece So, we can use our skills to create our masterpiece in the world guys Well, that’s all our video about sharing my experience and my testimony of how I got a resident visa in New Zealand You may look at someone’s life that the grass is always greener guys It’s because, you know, if you see I’ve been successful here, but you don’t know what I’ve been through Well, in this video, you can know what I’ve been through and how I react to that problem I reacted to that problem by staying with God, I didn’t leave God, and I prayed for my enemies Well, that’s all our video. Hopefully, this video can be a blessing for you and this video can inspire you If you like this video, don’t forget to click like, share, and subscribe And also make sure to click “Bell” notification, so you’ll get a notification when we upload new videos Thanks for watching guys. God bless you all. Bye-bye