#86 Przez Świat na Fazie – Wyjazd | Europa

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#86 Przez Świat na Fazie – Wyjazd | Europa

What a stench Oh fuck What’s this… inhuman place? At Polish gas stations or on the highways it looks much much better [Poland – Zory] Dunno what to say, but the time has come to depart Cause I want to Fuck, it’s dark Yep, that’s the first disadvantage of my journey, ummm, I had no idea that it’s still dark at 5 AM cause how could I when I’m always asleep at 5 AM Gotta make sure I took everything I need The first thing I know that I’m lacking is the energy But I gotta get into it I though it’d be chilly, my mom said so But it’s not God, people walk their dogs now Oh well. This is my neighborhood All’s good So what can I say, it’s on, I’m trying to leave the city My bro and mommy went to work to the mine in Zory, so they gave me a lift and now I’m trying to catch a ride It’s the Wislanka road, so around Skoczowo I will go straight to Cieszyn and then to Prague Oh well, I’m trying to hitchhike, it’s my first adventure Africa 2019. The Western one, of course Przez Swiat na Fazie – it ain’t no end, it’s a new beginning And all’s good [Zory -> Czech Republic] I’ve just crossed the Polish border and am in Czech Republic It so happened that I gotta catch a ride, anyone coming this way is basically from Poland So it should be, ummm, easy to hitchhike I asked my previous driver to let the other drivers know on CB radio so maybe somebody’s gonna stop And this is Cieszyn So I’m at the gas station now, obviously, a few kilometers away from a few kilometers away from Brno It was an easy ride The first thing I asked here was where I could get some cardboard and I’m gonna write “Prague” on it So yeah, gotta continue my trip All’s good “Praha” “Praga” or “Praha” Fuck I dunno, gonna write “Praha” I’m no artist, gotta do it fast The faster I catch a ride, the faster I’m gonna leave Europe That’s all that matters, to reach Giblar- Gibraltar as fast as possible Because, well, I gotta reach Africa I’m gonna show you some things in Gibraltar, cause there will be only gas stations on the way and… there’s nothing else to see Look how nice it looks Oh well, time to hitchhike, I’ve just talked to Mr. driver from Myslowice, umm, he asked me where I’m going and so on, sadly he was going to Bratislava so he couldn’t take me with him, and I just… gotta try and catch something Even if I don’t, all’s gonna be good No biggie [Germany – Nuremberg] Hey, you know what? I’m reall- so lucky, I met a Polish guy he gave me a lift almost all the way to Nuremberg, my God, it was a really long drive, in 9 hours I rode really… really, really far, and hopefully, if I get another Polish driver, maybe I could ride a truck… maybe… all the way to

well… maybe all the way to the French-German border, that’d make my day Uhh, but oh well, we’ll see Uh. Oh well, hopefully I find a Polish driver here Our dudes never let us down Right? The only negative thing right now is the weather It’s too much. There are only Turkish Ah. Know who just passed by me? The most beautiful German girl I’ve ever seen. You know She’d be also considered a beauty in Poland, so I’m not sure… what the deal is But she was German, really I know what we say about them, it’s not really nice But that’s how it is. Yeah What can you do? The truth has The truth always wins But she was a total exception Oh God She could be my wife But oh well, her man was rich. But as ugly as me [France] Greetings from France, it’s 1 AM I can’t be too loud, because the truck drivers are on a break and they’re all sleeping So… I shouldn’t wake them up. I’m going to use the bathroom, to put it gently, and set up my tent and go to bed Dunno for how long, prolly will wake up at 6 AM I should be hitchhiking at 7 AM Oh well, I’m Umm, dunno, about 200 km, maybe less, away from Lyon, so it’s really good, I rode about 1,300 km in one day So… well, I shouldn’t congratulate myself but congrats Really, it’s all.. good, and now I’m well, surrounded by, if I’m seeing it correctly, majorly Polish trucks, so all I gotta… do Fuck, they have showers and shit Let’s see inside What a stench Oh fuck What’s this… inhuman place? At Polish gas stations or on the highways it looks much much better I can’t make too much noise, gotta set up my tent The place I’m at… Dunno if it’s safe I’m not sure But I still need to get my tent up Oh well, it’s done Umm, I gotta sleep, even though the weather is horrible I’m not facing the camera because of the flashlight- Let’s do that So yeah, we ho- I we- hop- I hope it’s gonna be alright It’s not as bad as in Iran when it was freezing, it’s still above 0°C here Oh well, the earlier I go to bed the sooner I’m gonna wake up And I need to go past Barcelona That’s all that matters Good night So what, what can I say I froze, I completely froze at night I decided to wear sandals with socks because it’s too warm to wear normal shoes but it’s too cold for sandals So sandals with socks are a perfect solution that might help me catch a Polish ride cause they’d know I’m from Poland On a serious note… It’s just a perfect solution for this temperature Dunno what I expected, that it’s gonna be as warm in France as it’s in Southern Spain? Dunno Gotta clean up my tent, it’s all wet from the dew By the way, all trucks here are Polish ST. STA I’m outside the parking lot trying to catch a ride Umm, to put it gently, umm, I’m about 80 850 km away from Barcelona, I want to drive past it, take a break, and then I’m gonna, I’m It’ll be no problem to… Well, maybe not really, but if I’m lucky, I’m gonna reach Giblartar tomorrow Umm, Gibraltar Uhh, well, it was freezing but the sun’s out now so maybe

in an hour It’ll be warm Time to catch a ride cause a truck is coming. Yo Oh well, I caught a ride right after I turned off my camera Couldn’t even eat breakfast before so I ate in the truck It’s a Polish truck, the driver’s Ukrainian, and We’re going to Barcelona It’s… about 600 km away, so it’s really… great Um, forgive me for not talking about Germany or France while I was there, but… I don’t really like them, I don’t want to talk bad things about them, if I don’t have anything nice to say I’d rather not say anything at all So… That’s why I don’t talk about them at all Um, I might go there once I buy myself a camper, cause then I won’t have to hitchhike and be around people Just… um, I will just drive by and… tell some stories- Frick, it’s so nice Yeah, so… We rode past by a vineyard area- Where they have a lot of vineyards, because France is known for their good wines But the best wine is jabol [Polish cheap wine] So… I like them the most Oh well, we’ll see, I’ll be happier in Spain because I’m more neutral about Spain cause we were never on bad terms and they never let us down, they’re too far away after all Oh well. Let’s go and see what happens Hey guys, anyone going to Barcelona? I need a ride I’m nice and harmless Too bad The driver is watching my show We’re crossing the border now We’re at the French-Spanish border We’re entering Spain, what a joyous event I’ve reached my goal But I still gotta reach Barcelona Yeah, but as you can see It’s all nice, he’s watching my videos From Pakistan. Look I’m at the gas station and believe me, the girl that works here is so, so pretty I asked her if it’s safe to sleep around here, you know, I had to show her I know some Spanish, I did well, I tried my best to build pretty sentences, I usually suck at it but I did it now Wait, he’s calling me He told me I dropped something, all because of this girl So what can I say, I’m truly impressed She was like straight from a TV show And I bought this, was expensive as fuck but I wanted something sweet It’s PowerB, or Powerade, sugar-free I know it’s crap, unhealthy, with aspartame and shit But I’m on a diet so no sugar for me But I need some sugar-free taste No more water Wait, I see a restaurant The prices are fucked up. Alright I set up my tent Now I’m gonna show you where I’m gonna take some water to wash myself Well. With a bottle Gonna be tough But this is Przez Swiat na Fazie and not some shit Gotta wash socks cause I only have two pairs The third one is too smelly That’s why I don’t wear shoes, it’s pointless The water… is okay I know I’m fat But I’m still a smooth talker

Hopefully the cops won’t come Fuck everything else Hygiene Hygiene during trips is crucial Gotta take care of it because you always meet strangers and they’re gonna judge your country based on the impression you make They’re gonna think that Poles are animals cause they take baths in a sink But they still take baths! So it’s alright I’m in my tent, it’s still quite early To put it gently, I washed myself, I feel comfortable, I did it in the morning because- I mean, I did it at night because it’s always harder to do it in the morning, especially when it’s so damn cold So it’s better now So I’m just gonna clean myself roughly in the morning Not like I’m gonna get dirty here Gonna wash my face, arms, brush my teeth and so on It’s a little chilly, but it’s not as cold as it was yesterday so all’s good, I’m gonna sleep now, hopefully I’ll have an easy morning. Gotta wake up at 6 AM Was supposed to wake up at 6 Am yesterday, but I kept hitting the snooze button Hopefully I won’t do it this time. It’s weird, the days are longer here than in Poland, but the sun rises officially at 7:51 AM And our sunrise is at 6:50 or something Why is it one hour later… I don’t get it, the explanation is prolly extremely simple but I dunno Time to sleep Turned out my pillow is fucking shitty, it has a hole through which the air escapes I gotta buy another one Take care It’s morning. I wanted to wake up at 6 AM I woke up at 8 AM That’s it Oh well, I caught a ride in I caught a ride so fast that I didn’t even manage to film anything The driver is from Bulgaria but he lives in Spain and we talk in Russian and Spanish We mix those two languages so if I dunno a word in Russian, I use a Spanish one So the communication is good Oh well, we’re in Catalonia A somewhat autonomic part of the… of Spain, but, oh well, I should reach Valencia today so it’s all good Oh well, the views are… well, nothing interesting, really And I’m just on my way [Spain – Valencia] Yeah! Where am I? In Valencia! Imagine that this place is quite tough when it comes to hitchhiking My destination – Giblartar – is still 700 km away from here Yeah, and this dude was going to Morocco and it’d be nice if he took me but he didn’t What can I say, it sucks. The sun is just Right, the hell has begun Cause of the sun, but at least the views are nice, check out these mountains It’s nice Gotta admit, I’m really damn lucky I caught a ride, well, I approached the man and told him where I’m going and if he could give me a lift cause I’m screwed He said it’s forbidden and so on, explained it with words that weren’t… international That it’s forbidden and he can’t take me, but I said another Spanish man just brought me here and that it’s no problem, never mind he was from Bulgaria, and so he took me and I’m going to Murcia So it’s all good I’m lucky, but remember, I can’t take it for granted Turns out I’m extremely lucky because this lady is taking me to a camping site And… We’re gonna leave tomorrow, she’s going almost towards Gibraltar so all due respect, but I’ll be going all the way there, so

So I’m really lucky, gonna stay at a camping site today and leave tomorrow, so really It’s great, so tell me I’m not a lucky guy Be honest Yeah, a man is born with such luck, so Gotta enjoy Oh well, we’re gonna… drink some wine on the beach, the lady is in her 60s but we’re still gonna drink wine on the beach With three dogs Now we’re trying to find the road to the beach, but I think I’ve found it I’m opening the wine With my girl~