Meiner Lebensgeschichte Teil 9 – meinen Lungenkrebs und meine Reise nach Han sur Lesse

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Meiner Lebensgeschichte Teil 9 – meinen Lungenkrebs und meine Reise nach Han sur Lesse

hello YouTube will come in in – six sent a video in Dutch this is Fidel is uber mine mine ain’t leavin on site swipe once when zyk September 5000 under fancy cattle pump and when zyk a Kabaddi slim stone monitor in minun Leoben on swear on his friends ik september as i EK eight-month walking iron and houston burns bingsu my name oxen key Gannon she hacked me medicine geek even when to me but I though Lance x-ray the word is so long in Auto leakin Krankenhaus on nexton tag his sect gets it it been on dry on 20 september knock up butch husky gangin and don’t heaven see loose kite in mine a lincoln young a defendant she brought and make in d not humor but not not to know me and haven the flutes kite instant alert yes have i iike i know as a problem I’m in lately lung-lung a bump seek % it have been arched Turgay don’t believe him and down been in sports host K parts Payton House in Zune from on London he gang a cat a sway the Osmani Lengai in einen be holt a keaton key gingham because a shouldn’t see hedonism on person October as I eat the operation it has a neat function it because a destroy tax take a extreme Jimerson abdun rice in October for it okay it has a ever natural ik ina aunt Lettie young a laugh out loud the art sad sad see me this week on next and tag knock house say your phone came over hob season hat me mine arts cassette that’s it second Aryan Lankan cat learn crabs in a Lincoln lungo hab okay his first coining operation eben nor chemotherapy it kept a Johan and Josh de burns result Johan had sick the lesson dry Walken jeden Arvind I know stood a SMS meet me under Halton burned for my beretta Josh had me is Eve okay and weapon my name mother family and fun day heaven Mick jeden tag in Krankenhaus business yeah it’s been a keeper the permit on Nexen tag Verdi ich and lesson it be Nick back her psyche Kangin yes can’t I please video done ik get his butter meat mine a Leoben shortly hello lenient you walking this way

I’m not sure where these days and accordingly ancestry I know what’s happened to me since she was three and when a releases federa need you to be out of the office as contributed army lips cross which the hospital in London I’ve got very important because some over cautious person Germany I told you I had seabird tuberculosis none of the others that are consisted of course are negative but I got by every matter so I chose to complain Herbert RJ is not in a good way here is surgery here is me of Jonas is to do with my lips below and you see two boxes one says o liquid fluid on a dime or outside it’s interesting too and the other is like effectively those are the clips I explained it’s happened to me hello YouTube welcome to part 2 of my health series part 1 is in description where I described the events that happened since the 22nd of September and thank you in advance for everyone who loved it and since I mr. sport if you haven’t watched it please do as this will explain the events which I’m trying to describe that’s happened this week to me part 1 covered my ignition to which cross are in the x-ray my fears the operation and getting all clear from the doctor that’s how past 12 on Tuesday the 13th of October I’m not giving up smoking I’ve kept in part one was with an e-cig parties with a lil one okay the doctor came and our bus fall and he said when will the mum be next thing because up to that point most decisions Hadley made with him and my mum there I said she’s not due until tomorrow and probably late afternoon when um just be released oh he said I really need to discuss things with hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning so I reply to him the following does he concern my release which was scheduled Wednesday lunchtime he said no the release is and 99.9% subject to the panel x-ray so I said does it concern cancer and he says yes the biopsy results on my left lung is as follows I have got secondary cancer on the left lung is spread from the lung suggests wall on Arts in October have I Iike on YouTube videos uber Milan London Krebs Jamaat this video het mere Oh sky thousand at sicken and uber iron hundreds legs asleep bd+ common knick-knack vixen burns at commentary it been in it Arlene they don’t her oak this oak mine long encrusted look good for a tank up oke Oke her lawyer and test engine and neck written and Facebook it leave a stock beaver den krebs decision and knock relay videos Megan on nine lips and swing Zika October chef Elliott my name beretta she’s here optimistic BC

bleak minor chemotherapy it have a nine a birthday chemo on 7 November it’s it’s them direct Arts London are a drive walkin she hacked me cassette in the earth Moroccan but Berlin see sick Seidman on see in de swert a rock a feeling sea sick dry pond sing enjoy some food in seasick ninth on sting in the dish ate an average yes okay eek Sivan secretin per tag just I’m an East Sea Girt okay a by eek dry seek sequestered first tag devote it have a prevail ebay from my name family and minun friendly become – a struck dumb good local cattle six months when zyk my no BC knock on sir less equal a in October knock on Felicity farm Nick have a a beurre blanc herbs and just help the reefs a discussion minor matter and minor buddha wasn’t me help them helping to Johan to thorn and just help since II meet me meet be comin we sinned ever faced seen get on joy from hundred kilometers Calais no numa the helps that in Susan Berman’s mine a mother earned my brother Leoben dry not a touch and go home after Mick um Oh dry bad people in Ireland sister’s death funk minute on to push from house Sinai Elton in spent for the since MIT seinem auto knock boolean guitar I’m dog in Ireland tell fancy promised a suit lick from Hustlas ask it I know fantastic blick von Berg the one oak in seinem local low : tobacco Laden when in dome be wrong to Hollen bunt on Celeste we Mactan Island spare Segen missing impound chestnut we Haven och early Earth’s doomed leaky sang-gui sang goin tight Bella in concert Casilla ice for mine Shan sir gulab Boober my name mutter and mine Buddha at a Buddhist art in humor yes come I’m cursory video Dalek this is brighter MIT my name Leoben this okay hi guys oh god my mucus things wine you know in seasons last year or even the year before or even five years we known each other three three years three years but first a peck whopper relationship no new bit deeper that’s still mysteries well what he does mean by deeper is not what you think actually

and we don’t do so many [ __ ] and today we’re gonna make her that’s a gonna be a softer Q&A but we have a blessed sorry again smoke admire but it’s gonna be sort of a freestyle one I question yeah Rob why are you always wearing square shirts shirts with squares or not only that most of the time why never a plane trip not that I’m wearing one but because I’m not playing person I’m an interesting person the only thing we like cleaning I’m just always noticing they throw a brick like or cigarettes clean but you getting nose of plain t-shirts too much of plain packaging nuts and pull soon you’re gonna happen next year so since you are getting two planes as well okay next question would you it’s very yummy are you gonna make a fully naked video for your fifty thousand by one dunno I’m ready I know he has done so the past videos 2012 when his channel became a more serious occasion I long starts just smoking priority you type it in the description you’re gonna see all the wheels okay there’s 20 videos there which I can’t delete who’s that got me bloody password and it’s me Sookie in her underwear so just know P by OJ I said this is gonna be totally honest at least see her underwear it won’t be and you’re not going to type that in either of the resurgence any part of you change what would you change this is Sookie Venice I know I think there’s actually wrong with waiting this is wait well I’m happy for your questions is my deep big enough I’m happy with its size it’s nothing tremendously enormous but I’m 6 foot 3 misses right size compared to to the the height so that you know but otherwise that maybe be a little bit Skinner because you know we ain’t a lot this time last three days and he has two paths to put a few pants on him yeah few killer the panel whatever and I’m the one who did it yes sir I put probably an extra panel to do you think though the last week you cackles Sieben on forensic minor chemotherapy on Sieben season November um sex fund Sieben and 20 December and um beer and forensic Yaya as I eat chemotherapy six six injury in the Earth’s and Waka feel a kick mine art um same English Wesson Walken feel a week seven from the same in the Triton okay Billy it Mick nine policy in this a America own Latin for in mine a Triton okay me for on next and tag for Pia Sternin Boober he feel I make normal ever see a moody ik have a kind anger and even be Kangin be slightly have iiq bouncing curbs videos blogs Jamaat on swings ik November have a kick Milan

arson block of bergamot in Yahya as I pick Island CT so minor crepes had sick stabilize it and light would you see it it been see glue clique aqui zu meinem Russia on season Mars where they dish on under the death video result she brought a meek unto sukham front of me sagen be my night behind young fighter gate Quechua art on Swayze mine fell no actin and knock Wert ik have a I’m Tallis by Nexon first week MIT meiner firmly as far as each horse games besonders we hadn’t oak semester lucemon Amata Pike and Harlan mining boom done for here Lee Bay and understood jim duncan ik have a Lucy sites October dry mouth Gaussian we version comes in April beldo trepan it have a silly and Peter by ina I’m stronger cremation Casilla it further dismiss this is your Nick noch einmal to earrin phone him up to mine a sight met Vincent for bringing d’emic leavin site is Costa for me hick hop a dust it a burden Oh Aqua Verde Albertus on cane when you look telling Easter old Gundam don’t poke Indy he car in my Erasmus Peter knock Brighton burnt be burden in einen hotel uber nekton it far in Apple mix my name mutter bruiser moon sniffing knock brighten the over nuttin in both phone wagon my name mutter he far in May knock on solace and trip young in usually further it not dealt in Holland on big have a yet to I name and let a young a this help can eat knit Leegin he can meet him auto too far a and sook capsule nine on 20 pant Fagin and and Burton bin ich Jimmy’s the offset version yo in your 1900 when Isaac for it my moments here be trunk on the night bus ethnic and and Horton a king of distress they went have a loose protest then vehicle Gestapo if a verb retain the net overdue please I say avert a on next in tag where they breed legally we get Brigade Leeson thus be versed do on Mason knit Philip pool a my night d’hubert’s mister

still sook sook on it once day ik het a in your 1990 research look at it and see japan first is mine blue glister moment on thing Apple try thousand I was it my [ __ ] Bert’s matter soon person male truth s4 wonderful but it’s mine first Fuji sister movement on thing October Asik meet second Aryan London Krebs diagnosis least site birthday feebly stock the tanker oak four-way Lieber went understood you I know struck dumb girl open boo you b-boy dick the strokin 9 it have a his e-cigarettes unison the it Gert have a diversity mine we burn it and nose leavin it work a site hick 12th your alt been captured rice ik network the cafe des here mine I’d leave and disgusting interessant he found on hat a skit I’m a Deutschland English ebook booth Amazon C cotton I’m oil zu kaufen MC ended described it boom clickin proceed they skipped photos on Endor Dust Bowl pendant videos he thanked her Ike this it dust video ACM head jerked bitter of defaults me still it I incur cease update on season Mars for it by minor the lesson she is MIT meinem GU sunt hip height Lincoln zoo stand zoo freedom in Apple verdict ich eine Breton CT Stonehaven incurs I see on rotten may builder Sein she heard me then uber tea Barthe be handin informer in state you