ENG SUB【斗罗大陆 Soul Land】EP40 | 小舞在战斗中受伤了

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ENG SUB【斗罗大陆 Soul Land】EP40 | 小舞在战斗中受伤了

♪The past is buried with farewell tears♪ ♪Tang’s belief is regained in the Soul Land♪ ♪Ghostly Trace, from place to place you run♪ ♪Xuan Tian power burns♪ ♪Never look down at the shabby wooden house♪ ♪Create our glorious miracles in the Soul Land♪ ♪When seven creatures combine, hope is what we get♪ ♪Never give up as it’ll be unforgettable♪ ♪For a hundred thousand years I’ll search and grow with you♪ ♪I’ll turn into a sky of bright stars when I think of you♪ ♪Life is full of wars, battles, adventures♪ ♪and I’ll still protect you♪ ♪I’m still the King no matter the Black and Blue are awakened or not♪ ♪The darkness is all released by clouds and mists♪ ♪I’ll never forget my promise♪ ♪even if the sky and earth changes or the sea roars♪ ♪I’ll stand up high even the Gods have to look up♪ ♪My invincible legend right on this Soul Land♪ [This animation is based on the novel Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] The background of Emperor Team is overwhelming! During the battle, we must focus on the soul master of Assisting Branch of the opponent This is an almost perfect combination This time, you’re going to encounter a strong opponent We can win In the previous battles, we won by defeating the strong opponents We, Shrek Seven Devils are never afraid of anyone else Yes, Shrek Seven Devils will surely win Win! Soul battle begins [Soul Land] [Episode 40] Blue Lightning T-Rex He is indeed powerful Remember Only by combining all your strength, you can make up the gap between the capability difference It’s odd How can he control every strand of Blue Silver Plant like his limbs? Pulling requires strength It isn’t easy to control it well

Let alone controlling six teammates at the same time It’s hard to control Blue Silver Plant only by strength But I have the skill from Tang’s clan, Controlling Crane Catching Dragon I have the whole situation in control Mister is right. You should be paid more attention Thunder Dragon Claws Purple Demon Eye Oh, no, I’m tricked Our opponent’s level is too much higher than ours Therefore, we can’t have a head-on fight Brother San, what idea do you have? The key to victory is on him Yu Tian Heng? His strength is very mighty He’s the captain of Emperor Team, and the sharpest spear of Emperor Team If we can first break this spear, the scale of victory and defeat will be tilted But how should we defeat him? Yu Tian Heng is from the clan of Blue Lightning T-Rex He must be very arrogant We can take advantage of this San, you’re indeed an expert in tactics Using Mu Bai’s attack as a bait, and Blue Silver Plant is used to help Mu Bai neutralize his attack That’s not just for saving Mu Bai, most importantly, it is to attract Yu Tian Heng’s attention to yourself Lure the enemy into depth As the captain of Emperor Team, you’re indeed calm, reliable and strong However, in your heart, while facing this obviously weaker team, you’re indeed a little reckless You’re tricked eventually Tian Heng, the pride of Blue Lightning T-Rex makes you belittle your opponent Intertwine Excellent combination How can Yu Tian Heng overcome this plight? I’m waiting for this moment I don’t have to retreat Your joint attack is the chance for me to destroy all of you in a blow White Tiger Intense Light Wave Fury of Thunderbolt Is this really a soul battle among soul honors? Blue Lightning T-Rex shouldn’t be looked down upon Powerful. Blue Silver Plant doesn’t conduct electricity normally But the energy of Fury of Thunderbolt is too humongous Blue Silver Plant can’t take it The tactic of luring enemy of Shrek Seven Devil was effective, but it has also put them in crisis Fury of Thunderbolt of Tian Heng can double the power of lightning His second soul skill, Mighty Thunderbolt, has a bursting attack It can injure Shrek Seven Devils in all dimensions Pretending to progress while retreating However, Shrek Seven Devils can win all 27 battles in Suo Tuo Soul Arena, they won’t be defeated so easily Blue Lightning T-Rex Martial Soul is brutal, but you’re fighting alone after all Mighty Thunderbolt may be frightening, but it attacks in all dimension Mu Bai’s attack is monosomic In coherence of soul power, White Tiger Intense Light Wave is more superior But Yu Tian Heng has only fallen one step further back than Mu Bai Blue Lightning T-Rex is apparently very overbearing Due to the fire wall, teammates of Emperor Team can’t help Although Wu’s soul power is eight levels lower than the opponent, Tian Heng’s body condition is at its worst Wu has an increment of 30% with the help of Qibao Amber Pagoda Tian Heng can’t resist Wu’s Rou Skill First Soul Skill, Arched Body From Tian Heng overtook Black Martial Turtle to attack,

to Shrek Seven Devils completed the surround to inflict Tian Heng, all of these only are done within little time However, this is the key moment I’ll kill you all! No, Yan Zi Do not use Jade Phosphor Serpent Venom Du Gu Yan’s best skill, Jade Phosphor Serpent Venom The venom of Jade Phosphor Serpent is extremely venomous Even Tian Heng is strong, he wouldn’t touch it Let alone that she released the venom with third soul skill, the toxin will be in effect very quickly Once touched by the venomous fog, that part will be inflamed immediately It’s indeed Jade Phosphor Serpent Venom This girl is just like him, cruel and vicious Don’t know if San Get back Yan Zi is a little lazy normally, but when someone hurts Yu Tian Heng, she’ll be infuriated Now she has forgotten my deploy The lives of Shrek Seven Devils are at stake Are the little monsters okay? It’s just the Jade Phosphor Serpent of the Five Toxins Jade Phosphor See how I neutralize your venom Boss. Fatty Pointless struggle White Tiger Intense Light Wave Phoenix Firing Line It’s alcohol No, this is impossible How could you neutralize my Jade Phosphor Purple Venom? Jade Phosphor Serpent Venom is just an insignificant skill Venom is the unique skill of Tang’s clan I added realgar powder into the alcohol Then it’s ignited by Fire of Phoenix Although the serpent venom is strong, it can be neutralized Turns out there’s such an intelligent way to neutralize it Do these small obstacles make you afraid of the opponents? Nine Heart Flowering Apple Nine Heart Flowering Apple We’ve neglected the existence of this soul master That’s not good Shrek Seven Devils could strike first, because they took advantage of their recklessness But this time, we’re the reckless ones Shrek Seven Devils have good teamwork But Emperor Team isn’t half a penny worse Ling Ling is usually cool and detached In fact, she cares about her partner more than anyone else Because of the recovery power of Ling Ling’s Nine Heart Flowering Apple, Tian Heng and the others can charge forward without worries You’re reckless. Though Jade Phosphor Serpent Venom lost its function, it has gained the most crucial time Oh, no Ling Ling is right What are we waiting for? Fight! The favorable situation that San established is useless now The real battle starts now! It’s venomous gas. Oscar! His body isn’t recovered to his best condition Although his wounds are healed, his soul power isn’t recovered His fractures didn’t heal completely either The Black Panther soul master is faster than Zhu Qing Besides, his attack is fierce He wants to use up Zhu Qing’s soul power with continuous attacks Osler may be arrogant, but his tactic is implemented thoroughly Especially when he faces opponents of the same type His nature of breaking the opponent completely is released The angle of attack is cunning

This person looks smiley Why is he so cunning? The opponents that Zhu Qing and Hong Jun face have way higher soul power Despite the help of Qibao Amber Pagoda, the gap of a soul ring can’t be made up An extra soul ring isn’t just about an extra soul skill When the soul ring is absorbed, everything is improved comprehensively Black Martial Turtle soul master has undoubtedly the shell as defence Now that the shell is here, their defence will decrease greatly The turtle shell is cutting Silver Blue Plant Black Martial turtle and Blue Lightning T-Rex are both top Martial Souls It seems the Shi Brothers are stronger than imagined All along, the most eye-catching one in Emperor Team is the Blue Lightning T-Rex soul master, Captain Yu Tian Heng But in terms of the combat ability, Shi Brothers aren’t much worse than Tian Heng Without turtle shells, how will you defend yourself? Wu, watch out! Oh, no! Wu can’t move in the air No! I promised you, I’ll protect you forever Brother Wu Wu No! Wu Brother Don’t talk Xuan Tian Strike has protected your cardiopulmonary arteries The blood has been stopped How dare you injure Wu? What’s going on? Surprisingly, I feel a unique pressure from him Third soul skill, Raging Storm [Next Episode]

The toxin is getting near the cardiac artery That’s the fact Comparing your actual strength, you’re no match to Emperor Team Alright, Frander. That’s enough The kids have worked hard lately You are Frander, I’ve repeated many times I have nothing to do with Blue Lightning T-Rex clan anymore