#22 | Flugzeug klauen | Let’s Play GTA 5 – Story

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#22 | Flugzeug klauen | Let’s Play GTA 5 – Story

oh yeah oh you’re not getting no woohoo okay this is so good whoa there is work on sector you should say yes em all yes okay nematoda a moment ya muhammad i oh it is our Coast an order ok let’s eat ox 0 DC to Amish clothes then ok there’s extra dirt on etsy a nonhuman interns k surgeon ok loss okay you’re gonna go start a run geek boy ok this name via session chef Mascherano yeah it’s something yeah missing money mo and y’all write verse so let’s mess with her head song if you did silvassa forsake me okay ah he’ll there’s a signal care our show no way baby so little energy has come problem Oh off now remember if you beat me to the airstrip off butcher your carcass and a wrap you in cheesecloth session also um so what’s this made of pretty hips nice Mike okay if you detect that soon Mexico yeah behind the boat is Oscar

Gusman he’s in with the cartels like I hadn’t thought of that we might be able to buy in the Oscars thing but leave that to me Ron oh he better than any in this story country will talk about the exact flight when we’re grounded okay well human so he’s London okay for suks mom obviously da Vinci course brother Lloyd kept the motive as I was giving out give it try this filter him hunger ok so mark might become i’m on fri it huh whoo whoo whoo I think that was adequate restitution for my impotent rage statue that was a mighty fine statute trap that was a mighty fine piece of plastic shit but there is no price for emotional attachment I mean you might forgo your cut to alleviate my heartache I might yeah I mean I will good idea don’t have time to dwell on that now because we got more runs Ron if there is one thing that they need south of that big fence it is gone Trevor Phillips industries expertise managerial innovations unstoppable oh yes nice what’s y know if you Turkey icon associated need more ppl call from okay chef Tina billion garage oxide chef’s immobilien becomes Donny McCauley orders theorist each guy sound of alien comment is his core when she movie Lincoln wolf on pushed him cut off turn it off turn okay smoke on the water okay meant reducing hunger cow skulls to shmuly miss Coonan fear Oscar a leading what is it this follow hits Ramayana Yura hmm door deneve is Iran setia diverse on Oscar owned a shop with bob luckey yes hottest on pacquiao we didn’t dare call hundred fifty thousand I nah man from 2000 pro strasznie forum this High star buys mr. this immersive amor as this is it’s nice or I also any move in here buddy a handful saga idiots Calvin let me call me measuring holy so its the slider niched certainly hear the hen house party thousand but sphere arrested nice order hunger blondie bloods condensed he can’t its English this coffin and human ecology thousand a brief this is it’s too foggy Oh peaches Mansour so is tomorrow so my num plots order a I favorite surah 2 2 and a friend empower all with my stomach on hey boy death comets or never uttered finishing show my head and get the August Rob I’m sorry models although accountant how scripts oh ok good servicing friend thousand his son but ID won’t come out orders super come on Emmy

giannakouris oak it’s a net hora con top tickets a conductor conductor finished the size dismiss me this auto shop dust of here this is a person the RTCC the water gets Knicks currents use all of us the stock rom white skivvies and nation never i had snitched Oh dingy baby she don’t Yura cheap meat on hang every guy does dustin this my office opening get here so I etc decisions are ok for pupils ovidrel sir my outer woody bish love Nam Asians he helped me remember how it was his word on the auto push lock nommed distrito una hora da kedo horrible depeche la na pud anguish lot number to Augustana da da furnished installation air he wakes Lord Roxton cuts auto the shooters Trevor autohop what is the storm 3 and shinola Vidya eat your pussy a new w answer so let’s go so I stiff from the ps1 engine of da goody frog EULA Mae mr. Dawson missed enough oh ok um grande lon how many Shawn’s okay I’ll introduce you to one of my all-time favorite pastime okay you see them three big satellite dishes a decent sharp and they’ll go down easier than a whore’s drawers you’re a real pillar of the community the folks in this counted sell their own mother and most of the other half already did screw up often sought to didn’t shisler and so dry on it to my daughter okay Cletus no denying that us up to that abandoned motel I got an even better idea it’s motor okay now on farmer cuts mean Bakura name it owns an auto lira I went Ibaka flashed Kyler’s of a new doll figure awesome others on for you nothing slippery is that you’ll see well take your vehicle man you’ve got way too much time on your hands man this is just a bit of foolery I’ve been busier than hell with the real hunter the money and why of organic meat these days you wouldn’t believe then hipsters will give you their parents last dime for it he’s gotten so I can’t even keep up with the demand no more all this East local small batch farm-to-table bullshit you know I can maybe use another pair of hands if i can get you up to snuff with that rifle you find criticizing my shooting you’ll be starring in a snuff would that rifle

there we are okay okay so vitac it’s okay a kid is host of right her she’s not really don’t feel no bad luck llamado us oh yeah devil boot I wanted some space okay or dislike see dr. cells ok reporting at iphoto signora I never knew you were such an agitator good okay here’s no human nice our denominator struck here I’ve aching desire for vendor Dombrowski oh is this all for you Vicki okay my mind somebody here no is your own older its rival licks you okay miss ollie’s theater she’s in the other okay donkey what did sneeze turton am I glad I ran into you I nowhere near this fun being antisocial on your own ever show anything with a face actually let me ask it again ever shot anything with a face on four legs now Cletus it’s important you realize i’m a man plagued by vicious rumor fine let’s head for the roof I seen some coyotes hanging around I’m down by the road reckon it would be real neighborly of us to get rid of a couple and we are nothing if not neighborly yes I so coy Hortons into stunning motors I was ok Lee Murphy kind of fixing me llamo long you might have on El Caney Honda Civics cordon little cook my movi decoy Orton and I’ll see what this lawyer tint is just told him what the heck H tits HD Talbot is no kidney stone told me she’s nice she’s after could take her you turn so mr. froggy for cintaku you know I can think of a couple more things doesn’t cannot enter of us was indigent attainted him Oh get this one minds nice

Stella good nice lead oh babe i’ll show you how to bag an elk all right gotta go i’ll send you a text one in the now nice Stalin session I hope you bites by soon it is cool this quarantine episode you also get this snatcher elation so don cotton video hamodia harborne moment Encana Monsieur de Toron far madhavi dermatan traverse an auto v don’t Oh Miranda our momentum is happy miss Yuna dog Sanderson hatte ich mision an Akuma of the orishas both innovative x tekken so Nate emotional quotes oh it is a sweet phone home phone down lost his motivation image don’t read enough person was off of so yes test on the meter I’m a bit of finger off here as a traveler sir lived okie vomited a bit dry from Pearson on him before orbitron her my occupation positive below cover song be on my fidelity so blessed be commissioned oh and an Andruw for so i was thinkin east Mia it’s no words schlaf rock you can eat panera onion cnet trang star penance or dragon session so by a Magna Watson done Oh patong kishmish o Marva def is seen on soggy base next my show