Kambodscha Motorrad Abenteuer – Episode 01

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Kambodscha Motorrad Abenteuer – Episode 01

Here we go I got to much luggage on me Flo in the snow Shortly he will have 33°C I am kind of jealous I am going to miss my little traveller I’ll miss you too But first, free the car from the snow It’s a great kind of snow, because it’s really cold With wanderlust that’s a thing who once has it, it will not let go At home in Vienna, the desire for adventure becomes more unbearable from month to month In January I once again packed my things and decided to fly to Cambodia to explore the country on mopeds together with a few other crazy people that I never have met before Cambodia is not unknown to me it is already my 3rd trip to the country on the Mekong Delta with its breathtaking Khmer temples This time, however, I start with mixed feelings shortly before leaving I learned that I’m going to be a father should that be my last big adventure? After more than 24 hours sitting in a tight airplane and endless security checks I finally landed in Phnom Penh a city full of history and dangers to which I have not the best memories so then, let’s start With a homemade Tucktuk I go from the airport to the hostel The ride through the barely organized traffic gives me a taste of what I expect in the next few weeks on the moped Phnom Penh, Day 1 the 3 flights were really exhausting but I somehow made it it was the most turbulent flight I ever had sitting for 10 hours in a small seat flying is annoying but Phnom Penh has evolved in recent years it’s not that fucked up, as I remembered nice here! so let’s see if I am able sleep tonight because it’s a little, just a little loud here for that I got my earplugs but after more than 24 hours of flights and sitting around and not sleeping I am really tired today tomorrow will be more comfortable let’s see what the day will bring good night I didn’t sleep much but the lively Phnom Penh is calling me so I spend the day sightseeing I also get to know 2 of my mopedgang buddies together we visit the Royal Palace After one day of acclimatization I am sitting again in the tuk tuk on the way to our agreed meeting point it is probably in one of the poorer quarters of the city the density of bars and shady massage salons increases significantly Once arrived at the hotel the participants of our expedition round are gradually arriving I meet Eliot from England Rolf from the Neatherlands Ed from C90-Adventures

Evan from California And the two Brits, John and Paul The lock to our hotel room is still being reacted, while we make ourselves on the search for our vehicles In Cambodia a challenge motorcycle tourism is hardly existent here Soon we find the first dealer who promises us to find the necessary mopeds until the next day We want to move like the locals our choice falls on the usual 125cc semiautomatic Honda Waves Let’s see if we are going to get the bikes here till now, we only got one The available Honda Waves and dreams are in rather desolate condition nothing that can’t be fixed with a hammer and a screwdriver Spare parts can be easily organized in the market and so we dive into the hustle and bustle of the city let us guide by exotic smells and strange noises In dense traffic first doubts arise whether I will make it here with loaded moped sun goes down early we buy some cheap moped parts at the market next to the big temple the next day, the search for the hondas or at least their parts continues it was somehow clear that our moped dealer did not keep his promise two tuktuks bring us to the Russian Market a bustling dark market with narrow corridors in which you can barely pass each other from Touri scrap souvenir to chicken pubs everything is offered here in this corner of the market

you can get all the spare moped parts and then build your own moped thats one big moped puzzle that’s great! they got everything here even self made rims The sweet pineapple brings back the energy that is quickly lost in the hot, sweaty vortex On the way back, we find another moped dealer where we put together the last vehicles for our trip None of our Hondas is perfect but together we somehow make a decent vehicle we pack our panniers pay our hotel bill and with noticeable excitement and enthusiasm we drive off into the chaotic traffic of Cambodia your stand is down The little hondas seem like they’ve been made for the upcoming adventures even if one or two brakes are not working or tires have already gone down to the carcass We use the opportunity to refuel at a last proper gas station The first few kilometers go slowly ahead but we quickly get used to the peculiarities of our bikes finally it gets out of the city thanks spaghettimonster you have to consciously focus on the crazy traffic here so many impressions wait left and right of the path which distract me which distract me Sometimes it gets really tight with oncoming vehicles or potholes The roads get narrower

soon the paved passages end Our goal today is an unused huge Airfield created by forced laborers under the Khmer Rouge it remains unused since the 70s it’s kind of semi legal to get here but we find our way My little Honda can finally show what she can do We reach the unused airfield and what would be better here than a small race Whether I have a chance with my 110 cc Honda against most of us with 125ccm? Actually, I do not care it just makes a lot of fun to heat the track even if my tank seems to be almost empty and this would be a very unfavorable place to break down After a couple of turns we try to find a road again

These are the moments that make such an adventure so special Finally, every dusty footpath ends in at least one direction at some point in a wider path in the next episode we load our bikes on boats refuel and get lost completely