سيوة احلى مكان شفته في مصر !!! Siwa..A paradise on Egyptian land

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سيوة احلى مكان شفته في مصر !!! Siwa..A paradise on Egyptian land

Good morning This place is 14 hours away from Cairo its in the middle of the desert, specifically the western desert and it has more than 200 wells Welcome to Siwa oasis Before I came to Siwa, some friends told me that there are some must try drinks so Eissa will tell us about the most famous drinks A mix of mango, lemon and basil its a mix There is also a Siwi drink consists of milk, dates, banana and nescafe I will try this Siwi drink because some friends recommended it There’s another drink, it includes guava, lemon and basil what is the most famous food in Siwa? I don’t know what its called in Arabic but I know the name in Siwi language Your language in Siwa is the berber right? yes – so you speak Berber language I read that people speak Berber language and they learn Arabic in school yes correct we mainly speak Berber Is it the same Berber language as Northern Africa or its different? I found people from Algeria and Morocco speak Berber language as we do Can you teach me some Berber language or its difficult? what do you want to know? the Berber language greeting for example Tan ta el hal lik? its like how are you? – yes Tan ta el hal lik Sharaftna fi Siwa – Welcome to siwa I’m Siwi by now Will have breakfast then have a tour What is this? – its lemon with basil it tastes like lemon and mint but tastes better and this is dates, milk and added banana to it its amazing I discovered that any place in Egypt that has water, has an old history as well and the oasis in Siwa is since the pharaohs and the well behind me called Cleopatra’s well Some say that Cleopatra swan here and others say it didn’t happen but for sure she had been to this place *Berber language* As the Nubians speak Nubian language, Siwi people speak Berber language “Wahy Amon” temple When Alexander came to Egypt, he wanted to endear himself with Egyptians and the easiest way was by religion so he came, stayed with the priests and entered to the holy of holies some said that he entered alone and some said he entered with the high priest and he won the Egyptian’s love and sympathy so for him, Egypt was an easy conquer he made Alexandria and many other places and this was Amon’s temple before Alexander – right This place is famous by the most beautiful sunset in Siwa they called it the sunset oasis because of that the sunset view from there is amazing this place is called “Fatnas island” and people come here to watch the sunset the sun sets from here, right behind the island so the view is beautiful lets watch it I just want to remind you incase you forgot that we are in the middle of the desert we are not on the beach Where are you from? – Im Siwi I hope you liked the sunset today, did you film it? The first day is over On my other channel, you will find a video in Siwa its about a game called “the hidden” all over Siwa by the group im travelling with

In each place in Siwa, there’s a riddle that we need to solve so the idea is we go over the places while playing so will leave you the link for that video at the end of this video We came here at night to have dinner its called ” Shaly old city” so we will have dinner and start a new day this city is thousands year old and the restaurant’s style looks ancient lets try a Siwi dish, chicken with olives as they are very famous for olives Will also come again in the morning to film it better Hello, how are you what is this? Tagine chicken with olives Chicken is cooked with olives and tomato sauce It tastes a bit like pizza, since it has olives and tomato sauce its nice but small One of the things you can’t miss in Siwa is the sunrise on Shaly old city which is the old city of Siwa and its thousands of years old people used to live here you can see the water far from here, and here as well and to be able to see them you need to go to the top of Shaly castle which is where we are now it was built in the 12th or 13th century and was built for Siwi people to defend themselves from the external raids Shaly city and the castle were built by something called “Caisheve” which is water, salt and cement. when it dries it forms something like cement i will show you Siwa on the map, you will see it as a spot in the middle of the desert specifically the western desert and close to Libya its very unique to find this kind of nature in the desert as we could feel like we are on the beach at Fitnas island and in Siwa the city, you will find palm trees everywhere and you can see water here and there, so it doesnt give you the desert feeling we will also check today 3 different wells salt water, hot water and cold water Hot is like Ras Sudr, the Sulfur well the cold water, which is very unique and different as its the first time to know about which is cold water no matter how hot the weather is will have breakfast and then head to these places and go safari, then camp in the desert lets go Salt is beneficial for the skin, it grasps the negative energy These salterns were discovered by one of the faculties in Cairo university as they wanted to do a project in Siwa oasis, they decided on the project and came to implement it in this saltern they didn’t know that these are saltern areas and they repeated the project several times with failure until we figured out that this land is very salty then we discovered that we have salterns which is a great thing its very cold we are at a unique place in Siwa which is the salty lakes yes, or salt mine of Siwa the intensity of salt exceeds 56% which exceeds the density of salt in the dead sea and because salt is dense in water, it makes you float like him yes same as how Fouad is floating Fouad is having fun lets give it a try its my first time to swim

i learned how to swim in a minute the mine above the water is brown we remove the brown surface step by step so we get the salt underneath look like the one we’re standing on in the past it was all brown – like the brown we see there? but some white and some brown, not all of it so we remove the brown surface and get the underneath salt layers we get alot of salt which forms hills of salt like the ones we saw earlier and then we use it to let people swim in it when you look at it, don’t think you’re going to get salt as you go, you will find yourself walking on salt it glows like crystals we are done with this area, lets take the cars and go to safari and will head to the hot and cold wells they are different and both are in the desert so its a unique experience lets go we are now away from the water and went to the desert we played with the cars and had some fun with the hills In the middle of the desert, you will find the cold lake area why is it always cold? we need to know I guess its enough to stand here and not to continue really cold we’re in the middle of the desert and its as if you took the water out of the fridge I believe its time to go to the hot lake area we arrived to the hot lake the cold lake was big as you saw, but the hot lake is small and its busy since its winter In Ras Sudr, the well was big and I was alone there but now there are alot families so I wont be able to film inside but as you can see its small but its sulfate water, and its 1 minute away from the cold water today we were able to swim in the salty water, hot water and cold water and they were all next to each other it was a great experience that you won’t live elsewhere Nour come see the shell this is a geological discovery, that we don’t need to discover but there are shell fossils in the middle of the desert those who watch Wadi El Hitan video should know, if you didn’t please watch it because many of the deserts in Egypt were oceans from millions of years

this rope is for those who want to sandbord so when you go down, you can go up like Mo’men you can do it not because he’s going up fast means anyone can do it your hand should be touching this by hugging your legs so you can control your balance wherever you go in Siwa you will find something called ” shay zarda” which is how we are sitting here now its around 5 pm, sitting on the sand and having tea is Zarda one of the team should be in this rectangle and on their both legs and the other team, each member should get in on one leg and try to let the othet team go out or touch them using one leg we won we won’t go to the hotel today, but we will camp in the desert and will see how they bury the food to cook and then take it out even the rice is cooked that way? wow This dish called “Mardam” which is rice and chicken buried in the sand for hours, don’t know how many hours but alot above it they put the fire, and a piece of an olive tree there’s definitely a reason behind it, but this is how they cook “Mardam” tickle him this is the camp we slept at, and this is the “Mardam” they cooked in yesterday After the safari, we came here and slept our trip is coming to an end, but we cant leave Siwa without shopping from its market you must buy olive oil and oil and there’s also something called “Debs el balah” Molasses this is hibiscus jam After I injured Fouad yesterday, he will tell us what to buy from here since he’s an expert Dates jam, hibiscus jam and the best is olive jam what’s that? eggplant jam? I tasted it before and its amazing, trust me ok so we will get eggplant jam, olive jam, dates jam and hibiscus jam get me lemon grass they add lemon grass here to Tea and in Siwa they drink tea alot so they boil the lemon grass with tea I got lemon grass, olives, olive oil and all jam flavors will take a look at the handmade crafts they take salt from the salterns we had been to and make these lighting units or closed units, some for candles and some are colored to red, green, yellow these bags are normal ones but it all has Siwi embroidery you won’t find these patterns elsewhere the Siwi society is a closed one, which helped in keeping the traditions last whether their handmade crafts, building material, salt production, food cooking techniques

as they still cook with “Mardam” and use olives they don’t allow other things interfere with their culture and it makes it parallel to any other city in Egypt Fouad is an old traveller, i will leave his instagram below follow him, he has alot to share and he travels everywhere I’m with him Im the one who connected them we reached the end of the video, from Siwa oasis no it didn’t end yet this places deserves to be visited or even lived in I met some people from Cairo living here i hope you liked the video, please tell me in the comments where you want to go next if you’re new to the channel, subscribe so you don’t miss any videos see you in the next video bye