[TAS] Wii Kirby's Return to Dream Land "1 player" by Elomavi in 1:30:10.85

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[TAS] Wii Kirby's Return to Dream Land "1 player" by Elomavi in 1:30:10.85

Hello everyone! This is the full Any% 1-player TAS of Kirby’s return to Dreamland! Now with captions! In Any%, the goal is to complete the game as quickly as possible. The TAS does not try to maximize score or collect any of the energy spheres. Using multiple players is forbidden Starting off on World 1, let’s discuss some of Kirby’s basic movement 🙂 In Kirby’s Return to Dreamland (RtDL), running while in the air is the exact same speed as running on the ground. However, sliding is faster than running. With no copy ability, sliding should be used whenever possible Sliding into an enemy will cause Kirby to bounce back and lose a lot of time, so we have to run past enemies for now With Cutter, we can now do a cutter dash (dash + 1) as an improvement over sliding We can slice through enemies and go slightly faster than before! Cutter is short-lived though, as we transition to using the Fire copy ability Fire’s burning attack (dash + 1) is even faster than cutter dash and can be used in the air multiple times before landing Energy spheres should be avoided at all costs since there is no purpose in any% to collecting them. However, this one is unavoidable so we are forced to collect it The same applies to super abilities. None of the super abilities will be used in this TAS (with the exception of defeating bosses) simply because obtaining them is too slow In most Kirby games, inhaling 2 enemies that give copy abilities at the same time allow Kirby to “mix” and obtain almost any ability in the game In RtDL though, this enemy limit is raised to 3 enemies. Luckily, there are 3 Sir Kibbles in the first level which we can easily inhale at the same time! With this mix, we obtain the Wing ability that we will be using for the majority of the run Wing’s condor head (dash + 1) is even faster and has more invincibility frames than fireball! One advantage that Wing has over all other abilities is that Kirby’s midair jump is replaced by a flap Flapping allows Kirby to move at running speed while in the air and also allows Kirby to ascend vertically much faster Another very useful move wing has is condor dive (down + 1) During the first part of the loop, condor dive actually moves faster than condor head! We can cancel the rest of the loop by touching a warp star or entering a boss fight, saving a few frames I’ll go into more detail about condor dive soon The fastest method of rising vertically is to continuously jump on a ladder. Holding jump the entire time maximizes the height gained Kirby has to wait 15 frames before grabbing the ladder again. This means that optimal ladder jumps involve holding up + 2 for 14 frames and letting go of 2 for the 15th frame Onto the first miniboss of the run! The best move to defeat bosses is easily condor dive. It is Wing Kirby’s highest damaging move (except for star throw), can be used in midair, and can be used often enough to deal lethal damage surprisingly quickly Another important part of optimizing this run is avoiding enemies and blocks whenever you can. Kirby is put into 1 frame of hitlag for enemies and 3 frames of hitlag for blocks Something interesting to note is that the number of blocks or enemies you hit at once does not affect the amount of hitlag. Breaking 3 blocks on the same frame is still 3 frames of hitlag Another interesting property is that if projectiles are used, Kirby won’t be put into any hitlag. The projectile itself experiences the hitlag instead Let’s talk about another one of Wing’s helpful moves, combo dive! (up -> down + 1) Kirby rises at a 45-degree angle into the air and down again, releasing a shockwave when Kirby lands. After hitting the ground, Kirby is put into a considerable amount of endlag Combo dive’s biggest advantage comes from its sheer versatility. You can cancel the move once Kirby starts descending by jumping. Condor head can also be canceled into combo dive at any time This versatility makes it the best move for entering doors, since Kirby travels at the same speed as condor head and can be jump-canceled precisely at an edge of a door, canceling any ending lag the move may have The shockwave counts as a projectile that can cancel some of the frames lost due to hitlag, but the loss of speed usually makes this option worse than just hitting the enemy with condor head The shockwave can also hit switches which is useful if it’s optimal to hit the switch from above

Now that things have calmed down a little, I want to discuss my thoughts on the production of this run Over these past 10 months, I have learned a lot about this game and about the tricks used in RTA speedruns The forums on Speed Demos Archives provided a lot of useful information to me early on! Additionally, there is a Kirby speedrunning Discord if you want to learn more! Despite that, there is very little documentation about TASing this game, especially in the non-boss areas. I have learned most of the optimization techniques myself by making the TAS =) Unfortunately, that means that the earlier sections are more sloppy and aren’t as optimized as I would like them to be I am very tired of TASing this game and I’m glad I finally finished. I don’t plan on fixing the optimization mistakes since most of them are pretty small anyway I hope someone uses what I have learned about this game to make an even better TAS and lower the time even further Anyways, here is the first use of the Invincibility candy! While Kirby does move faster while running, Kirby doesn’t get any additional speed when using condor head Sliding is actually faster than condor head, but It’s still faster to use condor head while moving in the air. Sliding into an enemy will still cause Kirby to bounce back off it You can jump cancel out of condor dive just before you start descending, and if you jump frame-perfect, you are invincible for the entire duration of the move Whispy Woods is the first true boss to world 1 and the strategy for defeating him is very simple “Just Spam Condor Dive” It’s that easy! Of course, the TAS does everything frame-perfect… but hey, who’s counting? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For Whispy’s 2nd phase, you do half damage to him when he’s inhaling but there is actually 1 frame right before he starts inhaling where you deal normal damage instead And just like that, world 1 is complete! When reading mashing through Magolor’s dialogue, English is the fastest language. It’s faster than the Japanese version of the game by around 3.6 seconds over the entirety of the run There aren’t many changes from world 1 to world 2. The minibosses get a bit more health, and some of the level design is more complicated but that’s about it The Invincibility candy sections are really fun to TAS. It’s cool to see how far Kirby can go while being invincible

Another small optimization: When Kirby Condor head’s into the top of a block, Kirby can actually snap pretty far up and save a bit of frames that way Water should be avoided at all costs if possible. Water slows down Kirby considerably and you can’t use any of Wing’s attacks Condor dive can reach the warp star so quickly that it appears like Kirby is just teleporting there For some reason, the hitbox on this fire breath actually persits for longer in the middle compared to the ends Did you know? The balls of sand in the background are actually 3-dimensional and fully modeled! Maybe I’ll do a stream where I use Dolphin’s free cam to look around and see the background in all the worlds in more detail Flap.png Ah yes, the first dark section. While it’s pretty easy to reverse engineer the layout and TAS effectively, it doesn’t make for a very good video 🙁

This is one of my favorite things to do in the entire TAS Condor head -> combo dive -> condor dive -> Jump -> Cancel jump with a ladder -> Move down -> Dash -> Condor head Something about bosses that’s really important is that while charging up or releasing an attack, they take less damage than normal. The amount of damage that is reduced varies based on the attack This applies to every boss, and it affects the optimal window for using condor dive slightly I purposefully wait to hit Mr. Dooter until he is finished with his attack so that way I can deal enough damage to defeat him If Kirby tries to condor head too close to a small enemy, Kirby will toss the enemy instead. However, this can be prevented by holding the opposite direction for exactly one frame and inputting the dash on that frame I just learned about that around this part of the TAS so I could have saved a bit of time if I had used this technique earlier in the run. 🙁 Unfortunately, it’s not worth it to get the Snow Bowl super ability. I timed the difference between getting it and skipping it. The link to that is in the description

Level one complete! And we barely touched any water! How bad could level two be? Well then… I guess now’s a good time to discuss Kirby’s optimal movement underwater Moving diagonally moves you at the exact same speed as traveling in a straight line. This applies both horizontally and vertically so no time is lost or gained by moving back and forth in the water, it’s just for style 😛 Kirby’s bubble shot slows Kirby down slightly, so you only want to use it if you absolutely have to The wing ability is completely useless under the water so movement is restricted to these 2 basic rules Since Wing Kirby’s invincibility no longer comes into play, we will damage boost off of enemies to save time Getting hit by these spikes will cause you to instantly lose your ability. Don’t hit the spikes lol Theoretically, getting the Parasol ability could save a bit of time on the water sections, since Parasol moves the fastest underwater. Unfortunately, there is no convenient way to obtain Wing again afterwards

Flying through these wind sections is incredibly fun to optimize. It kind of makes me wish the entire game was like this That’s about it for this world, enjoy the music! 🙂 Same thing as the previous two bosses. Now featuring overgrown sushi!

With that out of our way, we’re on our way to world 4! Fitting in between these Nruff is incredibly tight but actually possible! Unfortunately, this section can’t be sped up at all. There’s just no way to break out of the cannon section without another player I find this world with this music particularly soothing. There isn’t really much else to say at the moment so I’ll let you enjoy this

The first boss with a super ability! Unlike the normal bosses, you don’t have to spend time defeating them after they have died. They will just disappear automatically How close to the spiked balls can you go? Introducing: The wing-swim glitch! When using Condor head into a horizontal wall of water, it’s possible to jump and still use Wing Kirby’s moves underwater! Not only that, exiting the water will actually retain Kirby’s momentum so Kirby can Condor dive and get some insane speed! Unfortunately, you MUST condor head into the water to actually get this glitch to occur, so if there isn’t some ground you can run on, you can’t get the glitch to work When racing against this Carry Dee (Yes, that’s its name), it was interesting figuring out what was optimal. It turned out that for longer distances of moving horizontally while falling, flapping is more optimal but for shorter ones, sliding is more optimal!

This is because flapping allows Kirby to move at running speed in the air while sliding makes you move at walking speed This level is quite unique since it requires getting multiple keys and a bit of backtracking Running on Ice is faster than sliding on ice because of the extra momentum that the ice gives you. However, Kirby accelerates really slowly while running on ice, so it’s optimal to accelerate while in the air and then run on the ground Goriath is the first boss that proved quite challenging for me to TAS. His quick movement combined with the transition between rooms led to some movement optimizations that went beyond “Just spam Condor Dive” Onto World 5, Nutty Noon! 🙂

World 5 is probably my favorite world visually. It just looks so beautiful with its sunset and ocean-like planet Another small tidbit you may not know about: When using a condor head, it is impossible to do a condor dive until around quarter of the way through the move but it is possible to do a combo dive immediately after I have no idea why HAL would want to change the time you are able to cancel condor head into condor dive but not change anything else After timing it, jumping on the ropes is actually faster if done frame-perfectly than just jumping. It is only about 5 frames faster though so the amount of time saved is minuscule

Here, feather gun is utilized to hit the switch as quickly as possible since we are currently not running and the switch activates the transition to the next area slowly This level is a boss rush featuring several of the game’s many minibosses! This is also one of my favorite levels of the entire run mostly due to the music 🙂 Time to take on Grand Doomer!

This is the first instance where super abilities are required in the run! Grand doomer must be hit 4 times with the Ultra Sword in order to defeat it When teleporting, Grand doomer can teleport anywhere from 4-7 times before heading into the background. While Grand doomer can’t be hit between the teleports, it CAN be hit just before jumping into the background! And just like that, World 5 is complete and the lor starcutter is fully assembled! Morse Code 😮 A lot of world 6 revolves around cycles. TAS is able to skip a few compared to RTA simply because going for them is too risky this far into a run By hitting the corner of the moving wall, it doesn’t make you bounce back as far for some reason. You don’t get sent back into the cannon and can actually skip a cycle compared to doing the cannons as intended There really isn’t much that hasn’t already been said so I’ll go over more small optimizations that I’ve learned while making this

Bosses are given “Mercy Invincibility” every time Kirby hits them. This invincibility lasts 20 frames, which means that the fastest rate at which Kirby can damage an enemy is once every 21 frames Consecutive condor dives are exactly 17 frames apart When using a combo dive from a condor head on the ground, you have exactly 1 frame to jump before hitting the ground. This means that it isn’t possible to jump into a door from a combo dive if Kirby is below the door at all However, it is always possible to jump from a condor dive and go into a door that way as shown in 5-5. Condor dive is busted :V If Kirby jumps and doesn’t input anything else, Kirby will do a somersault on the way down. While in this animation, Kirby is considered airborne even if he visually appears to be touching the ground This means that it is not possible for Kirby to begin a dash or to do a grounded jump while in this animation. This is why it is faster for Kirby to jump continuously on a ladder but not for Kirby to jump on multiple platforms in a row Kirby can actually dash frame 1 when landing by not pressing a direction the frame before landing. (Compared to walking, then holding neutral for a frame, then finally dashing on frame 3) You can enter the trigger for a boss fight up to 2 frames earlier by doing a condor dive to activate the trigger This section was also a lot of fun to TAS. Is it faster to slide down the conveyor or take advantage of Condor Head? Here, Moundo will always be able to use a very long attack that makes him completely invincible. We attack him first and then attack King Doo while Moundo is attacking

Interestingly, the rule where hitlag doesn’t stack if multiple enemies are defeated on the same frame applies to bosses as well! We can save a good portion of time by defeating them both on the same frame! A lot of this level consists of long water sections like this one. It’s a shame that these aren’t more interesting, they’re essentially long autoscrollers 🙁 I don’t think anybody likes the dark sections in this game Very interesting collision right there… I’m able to barely skip a cycle here by clutching out the very end with a condor dive. Nice! These crushing sections are essentially auto scrollers so I’m just messing around because I can TAS Kirby shows his dominance over local fauna [HD] Now in theaters near you!

Onto the boss of world 6, the metal general! There’s nothing that special about this boss except for the damage display so I’ll talk about that The 3rd digit is made up to make it appear that you’re doing a ton of damage but in reality all moves do 2 digits of damage and then get multiplied by 10 on the display afterwards From there, the damage display is added by a random number in the range (-3,3) to get the final number that you see in-game You can reverse-engineer this process to get the exact amount of damage done to the boss! It seems like a good debug boss for testing moves and boss behavior for when RtDL was in development Kirby will automatically walk toward the middle of the screen after defeating the Metal General, so you want to finish the battle as close to the middle as you can and reduce the amount of time Kirby spends walking World 7 only has 3 levels and each level has a super ability that we will skip at the end of it! With way more blocks, a lot of time is spent optimizing how to avoid the extra frames of hitlag, if it’s even worth it at all Additionally, the minibosses now have more health than before, which makes defeating them before they attack pretty much impossible Unfortunately, this game is filled with tons of autoscrollers. I tried to make it entertaining, success varies 😛

Here’s another fun fact! Wing is actually faster at rising vertically than Hi-jump is! Hi-jump, you had one job The last dark section in this game. Now you won’t have to worry about not seeing the game! The final platforming level! :O Very small optimization but by condor diving into this little ledge for as long as possible, it’s possible to do this boss slightly quicker since less time is spent descending after every condor dive Now that speed isn’t a huge concern, but our DpS is, we’re switching to Ninja which has the best DpS in the game for airborne and grounded opponents and some nice invincibility frames with Stealth Slash

You can cancel the endlag of Stealth Slash into any other move, even another Stealth Slash! Ninja is also very stylish 🙂 And just like that, we’ve defeated Landia! In typical Kirby fashion, Magolor has taken the Master crown and has actually been plotting to take over the universe! This 2D shooter section is an autoscroller and you can’t make it scroll faster at all. This seems familiar This transition is actually position-dependent so you want to be as far to the right as possible when you hit the trigger. Other than that, there’s no optimizations you can do Nice 😉 There’s a precise TAS-exclusive trick where if you Spiral Dragon the same frame the bosses invincibility runs out, you deal damage but also cancel the invincibility the move normally gives you which allows for some insanely quick damage

Besides that, the best DpS Landia has is a fully charged star blast With the lor starcutter defeated, we’re now onto Magolor himself! Magolor is no match against the power of TAS. Ninja is able to bring him down to half health in less than 8 seconds! It would only take ~7 more seconds if Magolor didn’t hide in the background for this attack like a coward 😛 We want to keep our regular ability during this super ability phase as well because we want to be able to use Ninja against Magolor’s 2nd phase and skip a lengthy cutscene! 🙂 With a final swing from our Ninja copy ability, we’re now onto Magolor’s 2nd phase with Ninja instead of the Ultra sword! Luckily, Magolor is programmed to only dispel ultra abilities! 🙂 Using a very precise star throw, we can hit Magolor twice with the same star! This allows Kirby to defeat him before he’s even finished swinging his sword

Magolor has been defeated! Timing stops and the TAS is complete! Thank you so much for watching this far! I’ve worked very hard on this and I hope it shows. If you have any questions about this run or my channel (youtube.com/c/Elomavi), let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them 🙂 Special thanks goes out to DanDemolition14 and ThePerfectPenguin for providing tons of useful advice and insight. This TAS would be way worse without you both. Thank you! 😀 I’ll let the credits roll out and stop the captions. I’ll see you all later!