2019 Toyota Land Cruiser: FULL REVIEW | Is it Worth $90K?? ABSOLUTELY!

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2019 Toyota Land Cruiser: FULL REVIEW | Is it Worth $90K?? ABSOLUTELY!

What’s going on YouTube? Now, of course, the landcruiser is known for its extreme go anywhere abilities all over the globe But here in the US it’s also known for its ability to do so in total luxury That formula is one that very few vehicles have which is why we’re checking out the latest 2090 version today at Frankfort Toyota, of course If you’re in the market for any new Toyota be sure to stop by their dealership or visit them via their website which we provided a link to in the video description So what that all said, let’s check out an icon You So getting started with the exterior design This is obviously not a vehicle that gets redesigned very frequently. The last time we reviewed one was 2016 after its refresh and in the time since nothing has changed It still has the same burly look with a large chrome grille that extends into the chunky headlights Now the headlights themselves are fully LED besides for the turn signal and All models have headlamp washers as well as LED fog lights down at the bottom As Far as the rest of the styling it continues to be about a subdued as something this big can be Toyota keeps things simple with a small piece of chrome across the back and two large tail light clusters Which like the headlights are mostly LED Finally down at the bottom there is a single exhaust outlet and a full-size spare tire So overall, the landcruiser is a handsome-looking Traditional SUV that certainly appeals to a different crowd than its sibling the Lexus LX Now as far as all the other features it is important to talk about some of the off-road specs So for ground clearance, we always have eight point nine inches since it does not have an air suspension and you also have excellent approach and departure angles of 32 and 24 degrees respectively Moving on to the wheels that these are the only option which are 18 inch high gloss alloy wheels They are wrapped in snow and mud rated all-terrain tires Heading on up to the mirrors, of course they do come fully loaded as you’d expect for something with this price tag So you’ve got auto dimming heating power folding and integrated blind spot monitoring and speaking of safety systems This is one area where the landcruiser is decidedly not Old-school and that’s because it has all of Toyota’s modern safety systems including pre-collision braking with pedestrian detection Lane Departure alert automatic high-beam headlights and dynamic radar cruise control But anyways that pretty much does it for the exterior, so now let’s go ahead and move on to the surprisingly luxurious cabin So, of course as you would expect every 20 18 landcruiser does come standard with Toyotas smart entry system as well as this really nice key fob Now I haven’t been in the land cruiser since 2016 So I’m not sure exactly what year this was added. But definitely since then this is a new key fob design It is different from all the other Toyota. So it’s got a kind of a thicker Shape to it looks more premium and you do have these special landcruiser badging right there on the back now getting inside the vehicle itself. You do have a touch sensor behind the handle. So all you have to do is grab it And when you do the mirrors will electrically pull out Alright so checking out the cabin of the Land Cruiser as you can tell it definitely has a very premium vibe Though the design itself does not change this year Now the vast vast majority of equipment on the Land Cruiser is standard across the board However, you do have some choices including what type of interior color you want Now every model does have the really really nice semi-aniline leather But you get the choice between black or this a little bit more expressive color called terracotta All the models however will come with the open pour walnut wood Now turning over here to your door trim, it’s got though those same materials copied over to it

So you have some real leather right here as well as the open pore woods and the top part is soft touch. Of course All models will come with three person memory seating and all four of your windows are one touch automatic As far as your seats they are 10-way power adjusting across the board with two-way lumbar support Then like I was saying this does come standard with semi-aniline leather For those of you don’t know semi analine leather It’s pretty much the nicest grade of leather. You can get on any vehicle and indeed this does feel extremely supple It’s got a softness that’s really Special and definitely usually reserved for models with luxury badges. Of course, this does cost as much as many luxury vehicles though Now as far as getting inside the vehicle, you do have standard running boards as well as a hand grip here on the driver side Now beyond the seats the rest of the materials are definitely up to the price tag So across your upper dash here, you do have a soft touch plastic and then drop you down to the middle here You’ve got more of that open pore wood Through this middle part of the center console here you’ve got a really nice leather material It does have a detailed stitching design that travels all the way down here for your leg to rest against and Of course as you expect from a toyota build quality in here is exceptional There are no panel gaps and everything in here feels super solid and super durable Now start the landcruiser just press the button When you do you will notice the standard 9 inch display fire up Now checking out your gauges here You will notice that they look pretty much similar to the ones found in the lexus LX since of course, they are closely related siblings So you do have the analog gauges and the 4.2 inch multi-function display in the middle Now using the steering wheel button so you can just cycle through And it does have the standard affair of information that you expect to see including for your safety systems here on the last page Now coming back to the steering wheel we actually have the older-style hydraulic power steering and of course you do have a really nice feeling leather wrap steering wheel with the real walnut accents across the bottom and the top as far as your buttons These are for your audio phone and voice commands and then on this side you have buttons for your Multifunction display as well as some of your safety systems and then your adaptive cruise control down here As far as the wipers, they are standard rain-sensing and the steering wheel itself is always power adjusting as well as always heated Alright so moving on to interior storage the atlantic Cruiser certainly has plenty of it So starting out with their center console here it actually opens up into different tiers so you’re pressing on this top button and it opens up we have a Small bin here that could store something, of course small and then if you open up the second tier here You will actually find this car has a standard cool box So what you do is just press this button here and this because ventilate it and you can actually keep something materials in there Definitely a pretty cool touch like everything else. That is standard Up in front of that. We have two covered cupholders And then if we push this button here this tray drops down you might not be able to see it But this is actually a qi wireless phone charger right there. And then you also have a 12-volt outlet Now of course as Toyota’s traditional off-roader you do have a traditional aided shifter so you’re going to pull back for drive bump over here to the left for manual control, but you will not have paddle shifters and Then going into reverse you will find it very nice 360-degree camera system standard So you’ve got your regular view here on the left side and then on the right side, you got your 360 view of course both of them have The trajectory and you do have front and rear parking sensors Now being a land cruiser does mean you’ve got lots of offers systems and all those controls are kind of located physically in This L shape around the shifter. So you notice to get your four-wheel drive controls. You’ve got your

Buttons for your mountain or your turn assist a hill ascent and descent control crawl modes Various other things I won’t go through all of them But this is where this is basically your control panel where you’ll find all of the settings that you need Up in front of that, you will notice we’ve got a few more buttons. This is for the heated steering wheel I already mentioned but you do have standard three-stage heated and three-stage ventilated seats, and they’re also automatic So they synch with the climate control you got that for the passenger as well. And then there is your USB port and aux track Now moving on from that that brings us to our audio system So, of course, I don’t even hardly need to say it You do have a standard JBL 14 speaker sound system across all the models. So let’s go ahead and take a sample of that As you can expect sound quality of this system is top-notch Now going on up here The next thing we see are the climate controls. Now, this model actually comes standard with four zone automatic climate controls So for your driver and passenger, obviously, you just use this toggle to adjust the temperature You’ve got most of your buttons represented physically here, but some of them are not represented So you press the climate button and the rest of the buttons will come up virtually on the top display Like for example, your fan speeds that’s operated up here You can’t also turn on and off the rear climate control from here and then make the adjustments up there And I do also want to point out We’ve got a CD player that’s becoming more and more rare in new vehicles these days But we do still have a CD player, which is a nice touch Alright so now that brings us up here to the Entune system Like I already said this is a 9 inch display But as far as the software, it’s not really any different for the land cruiser versus the other Toyota models So you’ve got some shortcut buttons down here along the bottom This right now is our home screen so we can just quickly press on any of these things to go into that section Now we do have the Intune app suite on this vehicle which runs through your phone but as far as Android auto and apple carplay Those are still not available as of right now Of course like everything else we do have standard navigation This is not the newest dynamic navigation system This is the older style one, but it does still have most of the same functions. It just is not able to update Over-the-air and have live traffic and whatnot, but pretty much covers the main features I want to talk about with this land cruiser system But of course we do have a dedicated tech help video available If you want to learn more a link to that video is provided in the description Now moving on up you will notice a frameless auto dimming mirror with three Homelink Universal remotes built into the bottom of it and Then turning around here Naturally we do have a standard moonroof As you can see, this is just the normal size. Twitter doesn’t at this time offer a panoramic option, but we do also come While it’s closing I do want to mention just how nice this headliner is. It’s a really really soft and really really luxurious headliner, but Overall the cabin of the Toyota Landcruiser is definitely an awesome place to spend time it’s a really kind of cool how they’ve seamlessly blended the Extreme levels of luxury this isn’t for all intents and purposes a luxury SUV but it also still has that kind of rugged feel and both captures the Heritage and the luxury of the Land Cruiser lineup Those you probably noticed when I do turn the vehicle off the steering wheel and the seat does move back to help with easier entry and exit All right, so that does it for the front area So now I’ll go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason who would check out all back areas So checking out the second row of the 2019 Toyota Landcruiser you are going to find a good amount of space

you’ll find 34 inches of rear legroom and 39 inches of rear headroom and Turning over to the door trim itself It is really nice as you would expect so you do have a brown leather all the way through here and it extends up here as Well as some more of that faux wood trim Now in addition to that you do have a nice door handle as well as a fully automatic window Down below that you have some bottle storage as well as a little bit more storage And as far as the seat itself is concerned it is made of that same supple as semi-aniline leather feels fantastic And it’s also very comfortable Now to get in just step on the running boards Now here in the center area you will be very pleasantly surprised with the standard equipment of the Toyota Landcruiser So basically if you see it, you get it on all the models it pretty much has no options on this lane cruiser So all of them will have these rear vents as well as down below that you will find Your controls for the four zone climate control? So each rear passenger back here does have their own climate controls now in addition to that we do also have two-stage heated rear seats in high and low as was off functions and Down below that you will find a 12-volt power outlet Now here in the center you do have a nice fold down arm rest, so the rep inside you have a little storage compartment and Off in the end. There are some cup holders Up top you have some LED lighting a Really really nice headliner. This feels like a microfiber and off to the side You have an assist grab a coat hook as well some more vents Now I do also want to mention one of the very few options that the landcruiser does have and that’s a rear seat entertainment system it’s $2,200 and it includes dual 11.6 inch screens on the back of each seat back Obviously this model has not opted for that, but it is available if you want it Now like I was mentioning in terms of space, you know, it’s 34 inches of rear legroom And I’m very comfortable behind drew seating position at probably six inches of rear legroom and my feet can’t slide up underneath the seat All right, so now let’s go ahead and check out the third row So in order to get back here All you have to do is locate this little lever push it and it does fold up and out of the way It’s actually a very very simple process Now looking into the third row itself. I do not have the exact measurements I might insert them a little bit later with a text box However, let’s just go ahead and get back there and see what it’s like for an adult So first sitting back here my first impressions are it’s it’s pretty good Um, I have about an inch of legroom Which I am very impressed with however my feet do not have a place to really slide up under the seat and thigh support As you can tell is very lacking You know that happens a lot with these body-on-frame SUVs, you know, it’s just sitting on the floor and you know You don’t really have any thigh support So you definitely are going to be a little bit uncomfortable back here, but that is pretty expected for the class and you also have two cup holders as well as a little storage compartment and Toyota has not left you out. You still do get the rear air vents as well as an assistant and some LED lighting And in order to get the seat back into place just push it down and fall down They’re coming around to the tailgate of the landcruiser it is power as you would expect so just grab under the handle to open And of course you are going to notice that this is the two part tailgate design signature for the landcruiser So in order to open the bottom portion just grab this little handle and it does fall down Now as far as how the actual space is concerned in the Land Cruisers trunk You’re gonna find 16 cubic feet of space behind the third row seats Then it expands to 43 cubic feet if you fold them and if you fold all of the seats that expands to 82 cubic feet

Now as far as how the trunk is finished, of course, it is very nice design however, one thing I do want to point out is that In order to fold the third row. It is not power like in the Lexus LX. So everything is fully manual So you just have to fold it in a variety of different steps so in order to start the process you have to fold the headrest forward so push that forward and Then you have to grab this little string Pull it and then push forward at the same time Now that does fold the seat down However, you will notice that you know Obviously, this is the landcruiser so it does have a little bit of a weird folding process where it folds up So to grab this little lever And it folds all the way up and it is hydraulically assisted so you don’t have to worry about it like breaking your arm To get that up Go ahead and do the aside the same way And as you can see when you get used to it it is pretty simple, so it’s not really too bad that it’s not power Heading over to the passenger seat it is 8-way power adjustable And in front of the passenger you do have a nice material environment and down below that you do have a good sized glovebox has a shelf here as Well as a little storage area that goes back quite away Up top you have a Sun Visor with an LED light and mirror and it does also detach and extend And I do also want to point out a little something that I noticed you actually have a two part Sun Visor set up here so you can Attach it and scoot this over here and also fold this one down So you have two Sun visors, which is a really nice touch very few cars will give you that But anyway guys that sums up all of the rear areas of the Land Cruiser It’s not going to get on the road and see how it performs there All right, so let’s go ahead and talk about the powertrain Now Toyota does keep things simple when it comes to these Land Cruisers. They haven’t changed very much Quite a while and we continued to have a traditional 5.7 liter v8 As far as the power that’s gonna be producing 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque now at its last refresh which was 2016 the transmission did get upgraded to an 8-speed automatic instead of the previous 6-speed automatic and Then of course as you’d expect we do have full-time four-wheel drive and a Torsen limited slip center locking differential and as far as what that does is you’ve got a standard split of 60 and the percent in the rear power and 40% in the front but it does change the torque distribution to the individual wheel as needed now Naturally, you don’t look at this and expect to have good fuel economy, and it does not so what you’re looking at is 13 City 18 highway 15 combined which is Certainly an old-school type of number but that is what this vehicle is It’s an old-school body out frame and it’s all about capability But with all that said let’s go ahead and take it out in the road All right, so first taking off in the 2019 Land Cruiser This is this is a really big SUV It does feel big. It definitely feels big but the power does feel adequate for something of this size now 380 horsepower in a lot of vehicles would actually make it quite fast This is not fast for sure, but like I said, it does feel adequate But I do really like the sound of it giving an old-school v8, you know It has a very recipe sound to it and a lot of people really like that, especially in these big SUVs Yeah, I like Mesa so there’s a couple reasons that you would buy this type of vehicle

some people are genuinely looking for the capability, but a lot of people just like the old school feel of this and I think it as I talked about with the cabin the cabin is very luxurious You know, so it kind of like blends an old-school feel with having an upscale luxurious Cabin, so it is a really appealing formula But definitely having the naturally aspirated big burly v8 Really adds to the experience because it sounds so nice and it just it feels like a genuine truck Now speaking of the ride it is phenomenal it’s crazy good Now the shocks are you know Off-road soft so you’re gonna feel that when you brake. Yeah and accelerate there is considerable nosedive as well as the tail dive but of course that is the trade-off you make for the Capability you have such crazy articulation when you’re off-road and all the different wheels and You know you’ll get used to it I Drive a sedan. So that’s why I’m definitely noticing it but But when you do get it up to speed Wow, I mean really we I know he was mentioning how comfortable it is But this is really it probably is one of the nicest riding vehicles I’ve ever been in like it just feels like you’re floating Over top of the road like there is any type of bump you see it doesn’t make it into the cab and the shocks Take care of it before it makes it to the cabin, you know And it just is so quiet in here it I mean, it’s just really a really pleasant riding experience Also, there’s the steering as well that’s worth mentioning because this is hydraulic steering and I’m glad that it is because In a big vehicle like this You won’t have as much confidence as you can with where you have the wheels placed and stuff and we were just on a country road and there was really no time that I felt unsure of You know how the vehicle was placed on the road and that’s because I’ve got an authentic hydraulic power steering it Gives me all the feedback that I want You know, it just keeps you in touch with the road And of course if you’re off-road you need to be in in tune with your surroundings Let’s just say so having that be accurate You know, it’s a nice heavy setup. It just feels really good. It’s just another one of those parts of this vehicle that just feels authentic and genuine and and old school And even though it is an old-school SUV, it does have a lot of capability, especially when it comes to off-roading So this vehicle does have pro control which I do want to point out real fast, and that’s basically like off-road cruise control where you can set a speed and the car basically just does all the Off-roading for you and make sure you continue to go that speed and in addition to that It does also have something called turn assist So in something this big it’s kind of hard to maneuver around in a lot of different situations And turn assist will actually like keep wheel planted the end will keep it inside wheel Stationary and you makes you turn them around a lot faster. So it makes it a lot more maneuverable You know, especially if you’re an off-road situation, that’s tricky right, and this is massive So when you are off-roading in this vehicle having that extra Level to support you as certainly a nice thing So all-n-all what you’re looking at with the Land Cruisers driving experience is a classic SUV through and through This is an iconic vehicle and as its evolved over the years it’s Gone from just a hardcore off-roading vehicle to now a vehicle that both exhibits great capability But also great luxury and here in the United States. It really is a It’s a great formula It’s definitely an appealing package

And I understand having driven it now for the first time. I really understand why So many people continue to choose this vehicle year after year because this is a unique experience that you’re not going to get anyplace else All righty and you might be curious as to how much it’s going to cost you to get into a Land Cruiser since it is so capable and I want to be most capable vehicles on the road and the price is pretty simple It’s gonna start at eighty five thousand one hundred and sixty-five dollars And as we mentioned throughout the review, there are no trim levels. So that’s your starting price Now this particular model has opted for just a few accessories. So we do have all Weather Floor Liners for $323 as well as a cargo net for $69 and then finally when the destination charge is added in of 1295 this particular model has equipped comes in an eighty six thousand six hundred and eighty two dollars Which you know, it is a land cruiser. So it is going to be expensive from the start But this car is extremely capable And for that price it is still a a very good deal at eighty six thousand for what this vehicle is capable of Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching this in depth look at the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser, please Let those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you next time as we stand for more of the latest automotive delicacies!