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The Younger After Show: Getting Younger Ep. 4 | TV Land

– It’s time, Younger fans! I’m Taylor Strecker, and this is the only place to be for an inside look at every week’s new episode of Younger Welcome to your Getting Younger Aftershow (upbeat music) Tonight we have three of the show’s stars here to break down the episode with me: Charles Michael Davis, Miriam Shore, and Peter Hermann, and FYI, Miriam not only plays Diana Trout, but also directed this episode, making it her second time as a director on Younger So fab, girl Round of applause, and welcome, guys! – You guys, stop, stop, stop – [Taylor] Hello, hello – No, you were great – Aww – Here’s (Taylor laughs) – I gave him 20 bucks to say that – And while you’re watching, we’d love you to get in on the action and the conversation by sharing your thoughts on tonight’s episode in the comments section Okie doke, so Miss Thang, first thing’s first Miriam, tell us about directing your second episode of Younger – It was amazing I love it I had a great time the first time, and it was challenging, and difficult, and wonderful, and, in all the greatest ways, difficult, and it was very different from the last episode I directed, so I’m really happy they let me do it again – How did it differ from the first time around? – Well, the first time around, I had several big parties I was shooting, I was shooting outside in Bryant Park, in the middle of the night, there was a lot of large things that I had to corral and this one was much more intimate and was much more about interpersonal relationships and the humor from that, as opposed to from literally slipping and falling, which happened in my last episode – [Taylor] Yes, it did – So just trying to figure out how to tell that story It was good, it was fun to try to put that puzzle together – Also, how do you direct yourself? – Yeah, it’s horrible (Taylor laughs) I’m a horrible, horrible actress to direct, I’ve discovered No, it’s really hard, especially, how do you direct yourself clomping back and forth in 65 pounds of jewelry and heels, and to the monitor, and look, and then to clomp back, and be like, “Okay, action,” and, it’s– (Taylor laughs) It’s trying and challenging I think I’d prefer not to have to be in the scene, but you do get an interesting perspective in the scene that you wouldn’t get as a director, otherwise, when you’re right here, you know? – And speaking of which, how was it to be directed by Miriam, guys? – Guys (Miriam laughs) – It was great, it was great Where’s that 20 bucks? – Last year, when Miriam directed her first episode, Sutton and I were in her very first scene – [Taylor] Right – And in the first shot of the first scene, called action, and cut, and then came over and gave Sutton a note, and gave me a note You know, immediately, someone who knows how to talk to actors and that’s such a gift And she’s great with story, and she’s great with picture But for the actor, there is such a relief when when we already know that you’re one of us, but would also have been possible that that would’ve gone away as a director, right? – [Miriam] Yeah, I know – That actors who direct who don’t really know how to talk to their fellow actors And you really do, and you just know it, immediately, and (snaps fingers), you’re the best, the best – [Charles] Mm-hmm – So great – I was so worried about that I wanted them to feel like I was communicating well, and I was able to help in any way, not that they need a ton of help, ’cause we’re in season six at this point too, that you guys know your characters better than anyone And you know what you’re doing, and it’s beautiful, so I felt like my job’s sort of to get out of the way But any time the story needed to be clearer, that would be when I would come in and give a note, but I was so worried that it wouldn’t go well, I wanted them to trust me and to believe in me And then it went so beautifully, and then again this year I’m really lucky – Yeah, she’s great – Who gave you the hardest time? – Fucking Miriam Shore (Taylor laughing) That diva – [Taylor] Yeah, I heard about her – That diva (Taylor laughs) She’s tough You know what? She’s a lot – She really is – She never hits her marks – She’s a lot – She’s a lot – Well, the big bombshell of this episode is that Charles and Zane have teamed up to make a mutual comeback, via Mercury Mm, mm, mm Charles has resigned from Millennial’s Board, and now they’re in direct competition with the ladies, so– – I mean, it’s not really a competition – [Taylor] Ooh – Ooh – Them fighting words – What? – Yes, they are, sir, I will come back and get you on that one Peter, what’s your take on his decision to get back in the game like this? – When I first read that part of the arc, that he is doing this, and that he keeps it from the woman that he loves, right? And that he is dishonest about something, or not completely forthright about something that, in this relationship, with this woman, where truth plays such an important role, I at first thought like, I thought, that’s so out of character for Charles, right? ‘Cause I like the idea of him as a man of integrity And then I thought, I think that I have an overdeveloped sense of consistency of character I think if somebody had said to me 20 years ago, had written out the script of the next 20 years of my life, I would’ve looked at so many things, the things that actually ended up happening, and I ended up doing,

I think I would’ve looked at so many things, and said, “My God, I would never do that, that’s so out of character.” Right? But we do things that are out of character, and even though we think that they don’t quite fit So this is out of Out of my idea of Charles, but very much a part of who he is, because as he says, he wants to build something of his own, and this is his chance – [Taylor] He always maintained that He did – Yes – He did – Yes, yes, yes And I think that, again, as always to the credit of our writers, it’s not a device that they now introduce in this episode, it’s another stitch in a thread that they’ve laid out for a long time, over his entire arc in the show – I love when you say to her in that scene, when you’re like, “You of all people, I’m trying to reinvent myself here, and this is new to me, and you of all people, should understand that.” And you’re like, “Ooh.” – [Taylor] It’s like, “Well, now Liza’s got you there.” – You got me Exactly, like, he has a point – Charles, Zane always lands on his feet like a cat with nine lives, but somehow knocks Kelsey down in the process a little bit – [Charles] Yeah – Oh, I told you I was coming back for you (Miriam laughs) – How do you see their relationship? Are they destined to destroy each other? – Well, maybe, in a way, like the phoenix that comes back rising from the ashes, so it’s kind of a beautiful, mythological thing Yes, then the answer’s yes – [Miriam] So poetic – Wow, way to spin that around on me – So pretty – Yeah, gotcha – All beautiful and stuff – It’s a pretty image – I know, right? – Okay, well we have a lot more to discuss After Kelsey decides she’s done with Zane, she has a tough time on dating apps, Lauren says it’s because her job’s too impressive, and I believe she puts it, “She’s got that big dick energy.” Mm-hm, remember that? – BDE – BDE – It’s a real thing – BDE – So, what do we think about that argument? So, BDE’s a real thing with guys, but can women also kind of project it, and is it a turn on or turn off to guys? – Look, I don’t think all guys are the same, I don’t think all people are the same, I think for some men, that would be a giant turn on There are a lot of people, and male people, who I have found get intimidated when a woman has more, seems to have more power than them And there’s others who don’t – A turn on for men, but a turn off for boys (all exclaiming) – Yes, I want to high-five you, and that’s so not like me, but give me one there (Miriam laughs) (Taylor laughs) – It’s true Well, Kelsey’s so stressed her hair’s literally falling out Diana commiserates by sharing her own list of self-induced, physical ailments How do you guys– – It’s the perfect episode for me to direct, ’cause it was the episode of ailments, and I’m always like, “I have an eye, and a back, and my knee.” Yeah, it’s a hypochondriac’s dream – Ooh, but how do you deal with those ailments and then that stress in your actual life? – Oh, I complain I’m an active complainer I think if there was an Olympic category for complaining, I’d for sure have at least a bronze – [Taylor] Oh, girl, I would be in competition with you – The crutching competition? – The crutching competition – I’m a professional crutcher I just, with the pain, and the sciatic, and the eyes, it was great I was like, “Oh, nutcracker’s esophagus is a thing.” (Taylor laughs) That’s why my character has something called nutcracker’s esophagus – Yeah, is that a thing? – It’s a thing Oh, everything– – What is it? – This is your esophagus, and nutcracker seems like it would be just a bulge in your– – [Taylor] Yep – Yeah – [Taylor] Mm-hm – I also think that with ailments, and getting older, you also know, it’s a gauge of how long you’ve been married, – Yes – You can judge it by the stuff that you ask each other to get at the pharmacy (laughing) – Like, when you start off – Can you get me some– – Sexy things – Oh my god, I just said that We’re so old – [Taylor] Preparation H please – For the eyes – [Taylor] Obviously – It’s so funny And then you’re like, “Oh my god, this is so undignifying.” You’re like, “Oh screw it, I’m just gonna ask.” – [Miriam] Dignity’s for wusses – It’s so great – Can we talk about the garlic scene in Maggie’s apartment? (Taylor giggles) – [Peter] Speaking of the pharmacy – Yeah, speaking of the pharmacy – Speaking of ailments Natural remedies for an ailment – Oh, that scene in Maggie’s apartment So special, so epic – That is based on true stories from our writers – [Taylor] Really? – Yes – [Taylor] You know what? – [Peter] As so many things are – In that case, let’s double take a look – Okay – Oh, oh, I just got a really big hit of it again Oh, it’s like a garlic knot – [Kelsey] Yes, you guys have a garlic knot haunting your apartment – [Liza] Oh my god – Or escargot – I love escargot – People are smelling me – It’s okay, it’s natural – You know, Kelsey, about Zane, that’s just business I’m sure it’s not personal – Well then, you clearly don’t know Zane very well, because he’s up to something And he’s not working alone, but he wants to make it seem like he is – [Liza] Yeah, it is strange Someone is clearly giving him money – [Kelsey] I know

But who? Who is it? Seriously, who is it? – It’s me, I’m the garlic knob It stuck a clove up my pussy – It’s plant medicine, and I think it smells fine – Maggie! (all laugh) – Oh, you just missed the king princess singing, “Your pussy is God.” (Taylor laughs) – Peter, how did you not laugh during that scene? Or did you laugh during that scene? – I think I did okay I held it together I’ve taken production days like two hours over with my apocalyptic meltdowns I don’t know I summoned all my strength, my inner strength – To be fair, that’s a lot of people around a table, so you need a lot of coverage for that So that’s a long scene to shoot – And I will also say it also takes a director who is able to strike a balance between being really in command of a set, being able to get what she needs, and being able to keep it fun for the actors That’s a really hard thing to do, and I thought you were just great – Well, that’s nice – That’s super hard – I also got a pizza truck (laughs) – [Peter] And a pizza truck – I was gonna say, “Miriam, how did you approach this scene?” But you just explained it – pizza truck – Yeah, I got a pizza truck and a coffee truck – Get a pizza truck – Yeah, no, this was the scene that I was really thinking about, ’cause you’re trying to tell story, you’re trying to be funny, there’s another story going on that’s really important, that’s your story There are two secrets that are being kept at the same time, and one is very funny, and one is not funny at all And you’re trying to balance the storytelling there where you, of course, want the funny one to be, but you’re trying to crisscross those and tell those stories at the same time and get everyone’s coverage That’s the challenge, you trying to strike the right balance – [Taylor] It was really well done I love that scene – Well, it’s a pretty, They’re all so really funny I had to stick in that shot of Debi going (blowing) (all laugh) It just made me laugh so hard Then I was like, “We must put that in at some point.” But it worked, ’cause you want her to not be hearing what they’re talking about and so she’s concerned – But it’s funny because there’s some scenes that I’ve had with Sutton and some scenes that I’ve had with you where you’ll both do stuff and I’ll just say afterwards, and I’ll break ’cause it’s so funny And I just say flat out, “You can’t do that.” (Taylor giggles) You just can’t– – That’s not the choice you can make – You can’t be that funny ’cause we won’t get through the day (all laugh) And so they have to dial it down just so that everybody can go home – Well, I was really pleased with that I like everyone’s performance I loved seeing Charles, the character of Charles playing, being able to seem relaxed and then realizing, throughout this, you’re very relaxed, you’re so happy to be with girlfriend and friends We don’t need to talk about work I mean Charles is saying we don’t need to talk about work You know what I mean? It’s great, he’s like, “Ah, I’m free.” Also, he’s trying to deflect, but then he’s trying to be relaxed Charles and he’s realizing– – Doesn’t go so well – He’s realizing– – The implications – Yeah, exactly – And, Charles, how did it feel to be talked about behind your back? – I just noticed that, yeah (Taylor laughs) – So Zane – Thanks for not throwing me under the bus or anything – Hey man – Yeah, appreciate that It’s good to know, yeah – I love that Kelsey is just so sure it’s all you, and it’s Charles – Yeah, up to something Scheming – Ooh, the schemer isn’t Zane – Wait, is the line still in there? Is the line still in there about Mercury? – Yeah – Yeah, yeah, yeah – She’s like, “Mercury, the god of trickery,” and she’s like, “That’s so Zane.” You just know that it’s Charles like, “I came up with that.” – [Peter] I had to go with that That was a great note from you – Oh, that was clearly my idea – Speaking of Mercury, when Liza confronts Charles about Mercury, Charles explains it as a need to reinvent himself, which is probably fair given all that Liza’s done for her own career So, what are your predictions for his new competition between them, and how it might affect their relationship? – Relationships are complicated, because people are complicated And so, this adds another layer of complication between them, but it is two adult human beings trying to work out their future, and who they are, and who they need to be, and what they feel like they need to insist on, and what they’re willing to let go of And, again, and again, and again, to the credit of our writers, they write human beings And it’s a really fun thing to be able to play – I like seeing every character make a misstep, but I really like seeing Charles make mistakes, because, because he is so capable, and thoughtful And so it’s really great to get to see You’re like, “Yeah Yeah, we all mess up.” We don’t always think about the whole thing when we’re in the middle of it, and that’s human So, I really enjoyed that

I like the same thing for Zane, ’cause you’re so unflappable – [Taylor] Mm-hmm – To see these two people who are really in control and unflappable suddenly be caught in something, it was fun – So, also Charles, what do you think about Zane and Kelsey? How is this gonna affect their relationship? – I think when they’re together in a relationship, then it’s kinda like, I forget what the type of fish is, but when they transport them on the train or something, by the time they get to the destination, the fish have atrophied, so they’re weaker because they’re just– – Floatin’ – Floatin’ around so they put catfish in the tank to scare them, so they have to keep swimming and they stay stronger – That’s Zane? – That’s Zane (Taylor laughs) All right, yeah, that’s Zane – You’re the catfish – He’s a catfish – I need a catfish to sit with me on the couch (Taylor laughs) Otherwise, I’m just gonna atrophy (Charles laughs) Just a catfish next to me like, “Hey!” – What’s that? It’s my catfish – Well, as catfishy as Zane can be, you also had an amazing moment in the first episode in the season, where you, kind of, give Kelsey the heads up about Diana possibly leaving – [Charles] Yeah – [Miriam] I love it Where you call me the best person in marketing there is – Yeah, best marketing– – Yeah, marketing director we ever worked with – Yeah – [Taylor] You’re really leaning in for the women That was an amazing moment for Zane – Yeah, it’s not anything about gender It’s just about what’s best, and Diana is the best, and so he recognizes that – [Miriam] You heard it here – He has no problem recognizing someone’s greatness and potential – If he had to pick, would he pick his career or Kelsey? – That’s not even a que- he’d pick his career – I don’t know I feel like deep down inside – Yeah, really? What gives you that idea? – Just the fact that I’m Superfan, and I want you guys to be together forever and ever – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah And you probably like chasing those– – What about the fact that you said you loved her? – Oh yeah, in the past tense, though – Yeah, just sayin’ – [Taylor] Whatever, I’ll take it (laughs) – It’s a possibility – What’s interesting about this episode is Kelsey is really angry with you about you taking Audrey Colbert But the betrayal of Charles, – Yeah – Is unthinkable – Uh-huh – You know? So, that’s when they’re combined – Yeah, but that’s why she’s gotta toughen up because that’s the reality of the world, and that’s why I like the fact that iron sharpens iron, so Zane’s driving her So, it’s a friendly competition, at least, within two people who care about each other And she’s gonna have to watch out for people It sucks that she has to watch out for the people who are kinda closest to her – Yeah, exactly I was like, “No, I don’t think that’s really how she’s seeing it.” – Pull a George Clooney, you never know – Ooh, find your Amal – Yeah – Who is Kelsey, okay – Yeah (Taylor laughs) – Amal is Amal (Taylor laughs) – Is that one of the lines? – I had a line like that (Peter mumbles) – Amal is Amal – Yeah, but she’s Amal – Okay, guys it’s game time – Oh, boy – We’re playing a little Would You Rather Okay, so while whatever happens, it’s clear that Charles would rather get into risky business, than be Liza’s stay-at-home bae So, now, let’s find out what kind of choices you guys would make with a round of Would You Rather, so real life Would You Rather – Okay – Would you rather have to wear one of Diana’s statement necklaces all the time, or have Lauren follow you around posting everything you do on social media – Necklace – Stay with necklace – I would kill Lauren (laughs) – Then you’d have to go to jail– – But I love those necklaces – Okay You love them having never worn them, so I know what it means to wear the necklace, and I still say wear the necklace (laughs) That’s not anything against Lauren, and everything against social media – I just need some personal time, and privacy – Privacy (Taylor laughs) Privacy wins – Become a huge success by ruining your significant other’s career, – [Miriam] Oh god – Or be Diana Trout’s assistant for the rest of your life? – Diana Trout’s assistant– – Diana Trout’s assistant– – Oh, I was gonna say ruin the– (laughs) – And there we have it – Which one of us isn’t married? Someone who might watch this program (laughs) – I didn’t even need to hear the other one I was like, “Number one Sold.” (laughs) I definitely would rather do that I got outvoted – Two against one – Be painted by Maggie or tattooed by Josh? – [Miriam] Painted, are you kidding me? That’s not even a question – Painted – Which one is a thousand needles going into your skin? Which ones is a painting? Painting, right? – [Taylor] Okay Have to perform a cabaret act at every social function you attend, or only be able to express your feelings through show tunes? – I would pick the first – I think so – And go to even fewer social functions that I go to already Yes, like, “Ah, sorry, can’t make it.” – Because, sometimes, show tunes aren’t enough I’m sorry Broadway, I’m sorry (Taylor laughs) – You just said that, “Sometimes show tunes aren’t enough.” – Would you rather always have to carry a pork chop in your pocket, or always smell like garlic? – Carry the pork chop – Carry the pork chop – Snack It’s fantastic – I don’t eat meat – Like a small pork chop – Like a miniature pork chop I guess you could Always, though?

– Always – The same one? (laughs) Is it the same pork chop? – Because garlic’s gonna smell better than that at some point – You could rotate fresh ones in – Fresh new pork chops – Fresh snacks – And you always got a snack – But then you always either smell like garlic, or smell like a pork chop – But can you wrap the pork chop up in saran wrap or– – No – But hold on, it just says pockets, so you can have a pork chop proof pocket – That’s true – Right? – Here’s the thing, do you guys wanna smell like a pork chop, do you wanna smell like garlic? – But you won’t smell like pork chop if you have the pork chop pants – Pork chop pants! Get your pork chop pants (Taylor laughs) – “Oh my god, I’m so hungry, right now.” “Here, bro, have a pork chop.” (Taylor laughs) – “Aw man, you got pork chop pants?” (laughs) – “Pork chop pants, you got pork chop in there, right now?” “Yeah, lemon pepper.” “Aw, bro!” “I’m so glad I invited you to this function, now sing a show tune.” (laughs) – Ooh – It’s perfect – Okay, would you rather wear Pearl, the advice-giving dog’s merkin on your face, or have your private parts burning from jalapeno dip? So pube wig on your face, or– – For how long? – Burning privies – [Peter] For how long? – For just a weekend – I think I’d go with the pube wig – I think so too – Yeah – You could accessorize anything (Taylor laughs) – You’d already have the necklace on – I don’t like the burning – No – Burning sensation – Not so much – Before we wrap things up, could each of you please give me one word to describe next week’s episode Go! – Superb – [Taylor] Superb – Public urination It’s two words, but– – Hyphenated – [Taylor] It works – Cashlike-public-urination (Taylor laughs) – Spank (Miriam laughs) – And there you have it Thank you guys so much for joining me! – If you don’t wanna watch next week’s episode after that, then what kind of a viewer are you? – Superb-public-urination-spank (Taylor laughs) – Superb-public-urination-spank – So many different things – God – Thank you You guys are too much, I can’t I’m sweating, and crying, and laughing And thank you, Younger fans, for watching and share your comments I’m Taylor Strecker, and this is Getting Younger Join me again, right here, right after next week’s episode for more behind-the-scenes stories and insights from the cast Until then, here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come – Can I give you cowgirl’s some pointers? I’m the resident ax-pert Okay Step one: affirm grip (Diana clapping) – I think we’ve got it covered – We have a lot of rage – I see that Leave you to it (Kelsey grunts) – You know, if only Charles was that easy to beat He’s buying every book that we want It’s not my fault that he got ousted from his own company It’s like he has a vendetta against me He wants to see me fail And the person who I need the most is sleeping with the enemy – You gotta get a handle on this, Kels Because Liza and Charles dating, and her working with us, that is not compatible – Do you think that she’s actually helping him land these authors? – Maybe not consciously, but as publisher, you deserve to know where her loyalties lie She has to choose, yeah! (upbeat music) – Subscribe to Younger Uncovered – The podcast dedicated to all things Younger