Dazzle Land Dream Comes True | Anime Live Action Trailer,Halo Live Action Aeries, EP-51

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Dazzle Land Dream Comes True | Anime Live Action Trailer,Halo Live Action Aeries, EP-51

[GUSTO STUDIOS PRESENTS] [LIBRO COMES] [LIBRO OPENS] [BOMMI] BOMMI [TITLE MUSIC] Our dreams became true Happiness also came to us To live forever friendly Bom……..Bom………Bommi Bommi and friends To win over some lies To tell many truths We can live unitedly and show to the world Bom……Bom………Bommi Bommi and friends Friendship is priceless Taco,Remba,Maya,Yip and Boris will join in a friendly manner Bom….Bom…..Bommi Bommi and friends Bom….Bom…….Bommi Bommi and friends [BOMMI] [BOMMI’S HOUSE] [Bommi comes along with Libro] [and sits on the rocking horse] [Bommi opens Libro] Hey libro,we came back to our place Because,at Pintu’s house they missed you Hereafter,how can we go there? what? Do you think that where we are going? We are going to Adithya’s house Libro,you go first then i will also join you We both along with our friends can play with Adithya and his sister Akshaya Until then let us enjoy in this Dazzle land happily [BOMMI WALKS IN] Doozle dezzle dazzle ushhh [DAZZLE LAND] [BOMMI ENTERS THE DAZZLE LAND] Hello everyone Bommi come,welcome to the Dazzle land We feel very happy to meet you here once again You left Pintu and came here he wont be worried? Everybody will be sad But what can i do? They missed Libro and that’s their fault So,hereafter you are going to stay in Adi’s house? Yes,But when time permits we can go to pintu’s house also Okay.What can we do now? Let us enjoy in Dazzle land You said it perfectly,Bommi Doozle dezzle dazzle ushhh [THEY ARE ENJOYING A RIDE] Wow super [EVERYBODY FEELS SLIGHT DIZZINESS] Yes,but i feel hungry I feel very tired If i eat something i will feel better Even for me Food is ready Tasty food……Yammy food I prepared the food….Here it is ready for you It’s been so long that we all had food together! Yes Remba.I am very happy today We are all happy too Eat……Eat How is it? It is very tasty [Adi comes to Dazzle land] oh!I feel very hungry What is this place?Where am i? [YIP COMES] [YIP COMES TO ADI] Hey do you feel hungry? Yes,but……who are you? where did i come? This is Dazzle land and i am yip Yip……..? Yes [TACCO COMES] [REMBA,BORIS AND MAYA ALSO COME THERE] Hi [EVERYONE LAUGHS] Who are you people? I have seen you all somewhere! somewhere seen……?Think well and tell us!

yes [ADI IS EXCITED] You are all Bommi’s friends,right? I have seen in TV Infact,i used to watch everyday!I love you all So,don’t you like me? You too,i like all of you That’s why you are here That is fine,but where is bommi? She is waiting for you She was in Pintu’s house for so long She said she will freshen up and come Look at there,Bommi is coming [BOMMI COMES] Here comes Bommi Wow [ADI GETS HAPPY SEEING BOMMI] Bommi The same Bommi whom i watched on TV! Super!No chance So,Adi,do you like me a lot? Do i like you?i like you a lot Is there anybody who don’t like you? You are everybody’s favorite person,Bommi so,shall i come to your house along with you? Along with me….?To our house……? Won’t you take me along with you? Definitely!But What about the others? Maya,Remba,Boris,Yip,Tacco everybody Jolly[ADI IS EXCITED] Deal? Deal! Deal Bommi Deal!Come let us go home [ADI DREAMS AND PULLS HIS SISTER]Leave me………Mother Ahh……..Mom……..come fast.This stout guy is going to break my hand Leave me……..hmm Ahh……..Mom……..come fast.This stout guy is going to break my hand Leave me……..hmm Bommi Mom What are you doing there? Leave my hand…….hmm Adi…..take off your hand What are you doing with her? Imm……What happened? oh my god!so all these are dream?all these are not reality? Dazzle land,Maya,Yip,Tacco Remba,Bommi everything is dream? [MOTHER SIGHING]What are you telling? Why are you torturing her in the midnight? Leave him…Leave him Hey Adi,you dreamt,came from this bed to that bed and torturing her so much? That is too much Leave it dad…..leave it Achu,you go to bed and don’t get scared Okay dad Yeh Adi!lay down Pampering them too much and all these are happening see,if you get up and scream once again,that’s it!Sleep properly okay…come…..let us go Achu,it is an awesome dream,you know? Do you know that how nice dazzle land was! Bommi,Remba,Boris,Tacco,Maya Do you know that how nice dazzle land was! Bommi,Remba,Boris,Tacco,Maya i met everybody.it was great fun,you know Yeh stout guy……..don’t irritate me in the midnight.Be quite and sleep Oh my god!Not like that Achu Hey,this is your limit If i call our father good night will become bad night,hmm Get lost[ADI SIGHED] [ADI AND ACHU WERE GETTING READY TO SCHOOL] You packed everything needed for school? This is your lunch paper……..old paper pack quickly Paper vendor may leave,i will come [Paper vendor greets] Is there anything new? yes,i have some new collection These four have come What mom!Everybody used to sell books to this old paper uncle You are buying from him? Why don’t you buy in the shop? Bro,how can you tell like this bro? If you buy these books in the shop it will cost 20 rupees.but i give them to your mom only for 2 rupees,bro! Those books are brand new,right? Bro,what is special in books if it is new or old? Whether the story will change If it is old book? Leave it.He doesn’t know about this Take this,i will bring the money okay madam [ADI FINDS LIBRO] [ADI GETS HAPPY] Hmm………uncle This book is nice.Shall i buy it? Hey Adi!What kind of book is this?nice! Yes mom.Will you buy it for me? keep quite.he will charge 3 rupees for this What?Not 3 rupees,it costs 50 rupees madam 50 rupees?Give it ,we don’t want this.Take this and give me 2rupees balance Won’t you leave even 2 rupees! come,let us go inside Mom,get me that book Please get me that book Immm……what is this?she wont buy,it seems okay madam,it is neither for you nor for me give me atleast 20 rupees No 20 rupees.Can you give for 10 rupees? What!10 rupees!okay madam,i will give you for the basic price,give me 15 rupees [ADI’S MOM SIGHING]Please mom What Adi?Okay give that book

Take this Imm……..Take this 15 rupees Imm [ADI’S GRANPA ENTERS SINGING] Oh my god!Uncle has come.he may scold.Please leave [ADI’S MOM REMOVES LIBRO’S COVER] [ADI’S MOM WRAPS HER NOVELS WITH LIBRO’S COVER] [ADI’S MOM HIDES HER COVERED NOVELS] So,you have started buying novels again? No……no…….uncle Last week when i dispose the old papers,i have given Adi’s text book also He has come to return it So nice. Somebody else would have sold it for half of the price Even if he looks awkward,i think he is very honest Yes uncle Okay.Give me a cup of coffee please [She feels relieved]Come fast [ADI’S MOM IS SEARCHING FOR THE PERFECT PLACE] [AND SHE HIDES HER NOVELS UNDER A TEDDY BEAR] [ADI AND ACHU ARE LEAVING FOR SCHOOL] Did you pack everything?Do have your lunch Bye Achu.Bye Adi Mom…..one minute What? Mom…..you used to tell that lying is bad manners Yes But you lied to grandpa. Is it not wrong? [SHE COMES BACK TO ADI] Sorry Adi.I have lied and i am wrong Not only me,whoever lies they are definitely wrong Sorry Imm…..Bye mom bye…..bye [ADI’S SCHOOL] [GRANDPA IS WATERING PLANTS] [ADI AND ACHU ARE RETURNING FROM SCHOOL] Hi grandpa Hey Imm…………Imm How many times i told you that not to enter the house with sandals? Grandpa!what is the problem in entering the house with sandals? Hmm……we are walking on the dirty road with our sandals and our sandals are also getting dirty What will happen if we enter the house with dirty sandals? House will also get dirty Got it?so remove your sandals and get inside Okay grandpa Very good……very good Hey Adi Yesterday night you got up from sleep and were telling about colourful world and dream.what was that? Achu dear How many times i told you? You have to address your elder brother with respect Disrespectful addressing is bad manners Hereafter you should not address him like that Leave it grandpa. Its okay Why should i leave it? See,first she will talk to you without respect Tomorrow she will start the same thing with your mom and dad and then it will come to me Then she will talk to the neighbours without respect.It is not good for her dear! You should learn good habits in childhood Look at her.She is getting annoyed How many times i told you? After returning from you should change your uniform immediately,freshen up and then do the rest.Please go Go change your uniform Until then i will arrange some snack for you Okay grandpa Okay…..okay……..carry on…….good boys [ADI AND ACHU ARRIVES AT DINNING HALL] [GRANDPA BRINGS MILK]Imm This is your milk Take this biscuit dear Achu don’t you want biscuit? Achu dear Are you annoyed with me dear…….? Grandpa advised you,only for your well being dear if you finish your milk………..do you remember,that day i left a story incomplete……i will tell you the remaining Yeh jolly Very good.Drink your milk You also drink Go,finish your home works and studies Okay…? Imm Come on……come on……..go……go Very good…..very good [GRANDPA LAUGHS] [ADI SIGHING] What happened bro? Do you know that this book’s cover is very colourful? Mom teared this I don’t know where has she thrown it Leave it bro.we will ask once mom comes back Why is it noisy inside your room? Are you studying or not? We are studying grandpa Are you sure? Yes grandpa Okay okay.If you study sincerely then that’s fine Promise grandpa.We are truly studying Very good,very good.very good Ishsh……..ishsh [IT’S NIGHT] [HAVING THEIR DINNER]

Hmm……do you know something? Our GM called and told me”you are good.I am very much satisfied with your work” “You are a nice worker” He praised me a lot Hmm………..? MD,who is rooming around America,Japan and Germany…even he inquired about me by phone Oh…! My promotion is confirmed Super dad Imm….Even in my office everybody is praising me [Everybody is laughing] [MOM GETS ANNOYED]You can laugh One fine day i will get promoted and come with the sweet box Mom……don’t get the sweet box Why dear Because you used to buy the sweets which i don’t like [GRANDPA AND DAD LAUGHING] Get me ice cream Trying same side goal……eat properly Okay.Leave that matter We had a meeting with the colony people regarding the damaged road.Did you enquire about that? What happened dad? Nothing happened Imm…..What dear? [GRANDPA IS EGARLY WATCHING] Where is that book’s cover mom? Keep quite and eat What?He is asking for some book?What is that? Nothing like that uncle He is asking for english book Really?is he asking for english book?That’s good He is asking like a good student Okay,okay.Buy it for him Who knows?He may study! Dad,is he not like me dad? Hey!Finish your food before i get angry Your wife is torturing me……She made something in the name of CHAPPATHI Eating this is a punishment I will kill you Okay,okay.It is getting late.Go and wash your hands you should not scream saying dream.like yesterday Pray god before going to bed.Achu good night Good night mom.okay,good night mom [MOM GETS THINKING] Imm…..I have four books.some how i have to read those books.Imm [ADI OPENS THE DOOR] [ADI GETS IN TO HIS ROOM] [HE OPENS LIBRO] [HE GETS EXCITED] [HE GETS HAPPY SEEING BOMMI AND HER FRIENDS] Hmm…..Achu….Achu….come here Look at this.I have seen these animals in my animals in my dream Same thing is here.it’s very colourful.come fast Oh no!I cannot bear his torture Achu…Achu….Look at this.iI have seen these animals in my dream Oh no!I cannot bear his torture Achu…Achu….Look at this.iI have seen these animals in my dream Really?Is it true? Yes,truly Don’t lie Adi No.Promise Achu Why should i lie?Look at this Same Dazzle land…….Same animals………came in my dream These animals talked to me Ahh….Bommi also spoke with me Ahh………But what did they speak….?I don’t remember that You can remember that only if it is true If you lie,you have to cook the story.Think…..think Please believe me Achu Have i ever lied? Imm……..imm I know that lying is bad manners I am not lying Achu Imm….Imm…….[SHE IGNORES HIM] I believe you bro……i believe you [ADI IS THINKING] Don’t think too much.Due to lot of confusion your brain may get burst out Come and sleep.We have to get up earlier in the morning Hey Achu!If i have the same dream even today,i will get the complete information about Bommi Don’t be funny!Is it a sun tv serial which mom used to watch? To have everyday in your dream Please sleep.Good night [ADI IS SIGHING] Leave it [ADI AND ACHU ARE SLEEPING] [DOOR OPENS] [MOM PEEPS IN] [MOM ENTERS THE ROOM] [MOM WALKS IN STEALTHILY] [MOM TAKES SOMETHING] Attack [ACHU SWITCHES ON THE LIGHT] [ACHU LAUGHS] [EVEN ADHI LAUGHS] [ACHU IS STILL LAUGHING] What mom!You are entering like a thief in your own house? Why should i enter like a thief!It is a good story!

Then why did you come hiding in the night? No…..you kids are sleeping If i switch on the light you may get disturbed [ADI AND ACHU WERE LAUGHING] Mom,what kind of urgent work do you have in the night? Imm…….It’s my fate I happily bought four novels.I could not read them peacefully in this house To hide it from your grandpa i kept them in this shelf I was busy from the morning.i did not have time I thought i can read now.but you people are spying on me [LIBRO’S COVER FLIES DOWN] What is very important in this book mom? You are the only one didn’t question me.even you asked me now.i shall tell you Reading books will improve your knowledge Reading these kind of novels will improve your imagination power But at this age you should study only school books After you grow up you can read these kind books Mom why are we going to read these book? Look at it’s name “One night with blood” “Rathinammal without sound” “Ghost coming time” You can go mom.Good night You go…….[MOM LEAVES] [ACHU GOES TO WASH ROOM] [ADI RESTS] [LIBRO’S COVER GETS LIFE] Our dreams became true Happiness also came to us To live forever friendly Bom……..Bom………Bommi Bommi and friends To win over some lies To tell many truths We can live unitedly and show to the world Bom……..Bom………Bommi Bommi and friends