The Walking Dead The Game / #003 Lee Heimat Dorf /Let´s Play The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead The Game / #003 Lee Heimat Dorf /Let´s Play The Walking Dead

aren’t here then we already had to work by the walking dead isn’t get TF on a farm and you start class has been seen yet house again well doesn’t finish high school then explore ago I wasn’t a mighty my admin person on Zane was on my cooking the news man must not want to come here version of this patient owner walking dad’s or shahnshah Spanish beyond a super graphic this is comics here look hey there oh my baby trucks run out of gas oh don’t they all know Oh mom ah those kinda Hannah Hannah I’m honest thing to ya 101 that’s gonna get it for the right to commit come dear money behind take risks like this and we can’t just let people die either when I say that door stays shut no matter what my fucking meaning we don’t know these people are they could be dangerous worse they cut a lot of right to us where the hell have enough ready we have kids with us I see one little girl what is it I I have to pee I’d go out there again in a second in a minute clear they’ve got kids Lily those things outside don’t care maybe you should go join him then you’ll have something in common god damn it Lily you have to control these people Carly and Glenn just ran out there she’s the leader Yan filler and what it looks like she’s losing control of her people if you were in my shoes you’d be the holy shit son of a bitch one of them is bitten ever any he wasn’t bitten hell he wasn’t we have to end this now over my dead body will dig one hole no I’m cleaning him up there’s no bite he’s fired you fucking people get it we’ve already seen this happen we let someone with a bite stayin and we all had the bitch shut up tomorrow if the dimness tori her she’s heavy what do we do about this guy dad it’s just a boy it’s Lily I’ll handle this your heart dad in mind fede need to calm down we kick his ass that’s what I’m thinking everyone chill the fuck out nobody is doing anything shut up lily and you shut the fuck up they will find us and they will get in here and none of this will fucking matter but right now we’re about to be trapped in here with one of those things what the hell are you talking about he’s bitten that’s how your turn now I have what an issue dissin please stop this it’s upsetting him oh I’m upsetting him the setting is getting eaten alive dad get it cuz I’m that big deal sit out that’s it you’re gonna whip me hit you and one homo parade this one that’s good little boy before you eat your mommy you can watch your dad get his nose broken I’m gonna kill him cat just worried about duck Lee yeah there’s someone in there it’s just locked keys behind the counter probably hey I’m not the bad guy here I’m just looking out for my daughter no you’re just the guy arguing for killing a kid he’s covered in muck she’ll find the bite watch she won’t and if she does the first thing you’ll do is sing that matter if I theater warden he could be the pool once she’s dead he’ll probably pounce on your little girl she doesn’t something else none must then there’ll be three did we deal with it then but right now we’re just freaking everybody out and get ready to deal with it because that boy is bit gonna happen Pettis hey we’re tossing about now 99 to stop now you don’t touch that board you don’t touch anybody I’ve got a little girl I’m trying to protect it here too you want to get violent oh fuck we’ll come on you better have a plan to kill me though because it’s me before anyone

else in here yeah oh oh shit after traitor Oh money oh she obviously outcomes remember the hidden ok wasn’t yang was clicking with me and I think about that see Lucinda a good one yes oh man get back Oh a nice short either they were nice the hot deals in ascii headed I die from piety okay yo Dougie just great thanks Oh guys Adam the term dinner 22 shots good khaki they’re gonna get in shot Paul doesn’t return check the bulletin I don’t know thank God for whatever it is we almost started because of this bitch and a Richie trigger finger that was stupid that was Oh Josh da house whipped up on they they’re short mass medium what’s wrong with it it’s his heart my pills um nitroglycerin pills yes we’re out we’ve been trying to get into the pharmacy since we got here please try to get in there behind the counter where the pills are meshoppen does AV will get in there somehow hey then it’s only after behavior I / we need nitroglycerin pills please get in there I’ll keep an eye on my dad everyone else should get comfy and look for anything useful we could be in here awhile I’m starting to think this drug store isn’t a permanent solution you’re right insane exactly Fort Knox what do you suggest we need as much gas as possible so we can all get out of downtown macon fast agreed and i’ll head out and get gas there’s a motel not too far from here out towards the end of peachtree I’ll work my way towards it and then loop back siphoning what I can kenza d stuck would you know your way around local born and raised if you’re gonna do that here’s a walkie-talkie if you get in a tight spot hopefully ok they gave me nuts one guy that’s all good fine with us the other one check in with her and get back here as soon as you can and you what’s your name it’s Lily my dad’s Larry keep a good eye on him these boys will work on getting you your medicine that’s right and you you keep an eye on that front door you’re our lookout it’s Doug you got it and I’m Carly okay Carly you’ll shift in with Doug when he needs it for now get some rest you’re a good shot I’d like to keep it there Oh disorder da house wounds and the most vital she’s Megan McCombs pills so beginning of the teen mom I swear mechanical you can’t see him pushing on Shawn gave a summer here on the zoo think everyone’s doing damaged where every place didn’t get looted okay did you vote on China keep your nutsack water garlic that over salmon and on say my mouth only go to Athens as good couldn’t move lightly on Nick enough Italian another oh he is no hay de namur climate we can’t let anything happen to ducky I know hun so what’s how many here showing this as I said your problem or what so the cook Marty what are you messing around with their a radio I can’t get it to work though here let me have a look no ma shan fontanilla down SHINee members with my cooking my power unya nothing ok to hear my mom doesn’t over some kind of battle internal another so my mafia he said was he so low batteries of this way what now you know that there are no batteries in that day yeah of course I mean yeah no I can try to find some leads to thanks I wouldn’t even really know what to look for does I was reflected in my voice was parodied in zona zoo me mabye ravine nothing here looks like nobody got a chance to donate anything before this all went down okay I don’t least ina him he made it off mouth so Clementine oh my dears nothing hi can I get you anything I’m okay maybe

I’m a little hungry i’ll see you about that will sit tight I the gentleman and give me a dogma and stain it again but here you go thank you of course then let us see marshmen clementines oh come on tomorrow Mia musait enoje Weaver’s game who won ji-hyun konkan zoo dance AOL back to Fort Lauderdale not warning sign no madam salvia Oh does no nobody sawa so called a hero melgen was here Stas okay somebody loaded yea biden try to get some rain we can day off is laden with those things out Thank You Me Mine only yeah bucks but here for the board oh thanks Lee he appreciates it that’s sweetly so I mailed it now okay zoo what’s going on mama get my head my ride I’m not sorry oh come on slide no marvelous mother I in about a env Zach may dismiss the saris are from Kent as in the alarm become for comes off online black gonzo here I can’t I can’t think about them in here you become of amy was fenton that’s mighty to leave the link and so hip toss myopia advies versus talked since I need a roomba some tempura zan coos enganado find anything tu foto the family Ole Miss place might help us track down the keys to the office I know who you are nearly Everett you’re a professor at Athens who killed the state senator who is sleeping with your wife this is your parents store folks around town know the owner’s son got himself a life sentence but I’m a reporter for wabe in Atlanta I paid attention to that trial maybe you’re a murderer but I don’t really care frankly that’s a skill that might come in handy hmm did you tell anyone out there who you were or that you were tied to this place night the world is ending out there who cares who I am if you don’t think people will find any reason to turn on you especially when the shit hits the fan you’re insane whatever you seem like an okay guy and the last thing we need is drama out there you’ve got this little girl to take care of it look don’t make me wrong on this I don’t plan to good because of this last longer than a few days and you’re a detriment to the group then we’d have a problem a few i’ll just keep it to myself Liz I’m danke Thanks don’t worry about it vignette ivan moffat town Alfred and I was the device banana to schley though was gonna know his rent money a medic over straight care in my mouth luckily there’s nothing I need in here hmm Stas over MOBAs Ida no I will palais i was i’m adding 1 the city of my fall into the sand house he made as mouth what’s that this was my dad’s gained he’d zip around here on it from time to time was he sick uh he was ok i actually saw him whoops shoplifters with it it was canes protected this place better than any guard dog ever could bless you knew how to make it look cool like you wouldn’t have my dad gave it to me so you dads are smart like that artist for nearly 24 leap though ok Sooners couldn’t forget the store clerk huh tima by zaida Yelich

ritesh like a day even sure here we go watch your fingers in the drawers it’s yeah yeah it’s not that heavy how about with everything outside it’s not good no it’s not but I think it’ll be okay okay here we go do you have kids oh i’ma can I know you don’t have a family loccent didn’t you have actually much just move this thing oh okay I’m sorry it’s fine all right a little further oh yes why don’t you want to talk about your family do they like hate you um why they told that because their dead raised in Honolulu motor to the clientele design I’m sorry you didn’t know I’m just sorry for being mean look my family’s gone and I just wish things would have been different yeah it’s video a stock vidani have even on the bathroom thank you I got into a fight once and what happened and it ended really badly after that I wasn’t allowed to talk to my family that’s so sad let’s move this thing yeah I’ve ever vomit aletheia as investing in lieu of kind 500 at the figure time ah love me I hurt my finger is it bleeding a little I’ll find you a bandage the currents of in farm decline is 0 and 11 of my years of a bunch cousins especially for no so mccune off some flaw salinas one of ours la serena zoo was home he is on so it’s the remote to make Odin a manatee have a gook Abajo Zhu Li yeah what if my parents home home and I’m not there Dev Anand fin e a machine hon leung hon leung an illusion uh and I’ve ma I’d wanna know dig about you a question they love track us down don’t worry yeah menton it does it tell you we should keep a lookout I’ve got my walkie-talkie in case they try that way stay close to me until then okay so at home all you have ping on my home let’s have a look at that finger oh it hurt let’s see if we can do something about it so if Lassiter yes please it all is good I have one of ours oh it proves it at auction it man so what’s curvy ladies man I’m dumber hang in its light we need to track down the keys if we’re gonna help Larry okay done give her to get to work wanna head back into the drug store with me okay Lee yeah hey you’re not bad right I why you asking me that that lady said you killed someone was that because he was one of the things trying to eat you oh um that’s his comp it is complicated sometimes things happen you do things in you can’t explain them let’s head back to the others okay I’m making me at work let’s go moto man trade yamaha yama not eat fiber a green zone every meal clinometer awesome chowin though this battery should fit the radio

great thanks and here’s another one should be able to get it to work now okay sorry I thought to view / mean calm da smell yummy clan are working yeah I can’t figure it out let me have a look at that that’s how sedan yet you Madonna she does as an odd uniforms in yet so am I your pardon this is Glenn I’m kind of in a jam here a little girl if you’re there and you put your daddy on the phone art on the talkee or whatever this is lee what’s up so I’m down a pen muttering and well I’m stuck stuck yeah Sarge hands to get some supplies for the group and a bunch of the Roman one’s got the jump on me I’m hiding what’s up Glenn’s trapped down at the motoring hey Glenn we’re gonna talk it over and send a group to come get you all right awesome I’ll sit tight till then sounds good I’m gonna hold onto this until we get Glenn Beck okay I’ll take good care of it what do you think I think Doug’s not great around some B’s you got your family here I’ll take Carly and her dead I down to the motor in get glennon get back here as fast as I can if that’s what you want to do somebody’s got to yeah i’m in good doesn’t sound too bad there right now let me know as soon as you want to head out I could use a jog okay Glenn hey stacked in there Clemmy i miss Miller to the heavens 08 whatever before you ta vie de NOS omnes muff what is not to ask my head’s here just ride your pheromones oh love me ma gonna let me ever look at that very go ahead though what I didn’t hear matters as new function yard so dreamers got 10 if I socialism and now how do we lock that I d better in fight song Magneton zomo vidi vici home went one and humic like persons aniline so clever to half a toad so your own brain verb 1 now the human version better than the idea so it’s on my toe on aah continues to spread unchecked the estimated death toll continues to skyrocket wabe urges you to stay indoors and avoid any contact with individuals you suspect may have been exposed the station is okay in the event of a fool my producers telling you we have to get off ok so what pants came in here hoping to survive but it looks like one of them was her I Wonderful’s my dad trying to be a hero maybe or protector at least he won’t move in fighting schlosser so give him one of my house so given on my phone a coke Marcello’s one aunt on my show enzo with your phone account amazon we’re walking dead to purge ph my niggas parts and wireless cific one nothing like dine and try to me again subha have a look around to take classes suicidal yet know the gate out there is closed we can hang out in front of the store and be fine Oh Donna to Devon unlessunless a Mons mom sure let’s go have a look around cool and we’ll keep it down don’t need to bring them back this way with any unnecessary noises agreed no doesn’t the magnet zombies khaki you just eat far as i can tell my daughter care of it before i’ll get you they eat you then whatever’s left comes back is one of them how fog i think it might be more than a couple days before all this gets sorted out yeah i think so too we better keep it down out of here so Sean’s a mom yet yeah that’s a hasty fortification job over there yeah didn’t work

that guy over there has the keys how can you be sure I found this in the office that boy in the photo worked here the keys being on him is as good a bed as we can make yeah I agree just need to figure out how to get out there and get them you wouldn’t need long right no just a few seconds maybe there’s a way to distract them and buy you some time that place is full of TV’s electronics did you guys try to get in there and get weapons I did but it was too risky and that a bunch of guys showed up and they tried and what happened I think they’re most of who you see wandering around out there okay we’re gonna throw died all right mystery not to one of those things to get out there and search for those keys safely totally maybe they could be lured around the building you go run out there and lead them away you don’t seem like guys cool track type I am fleet of foot abstractions not bad though okay so beginning definitely the line let’s see it back inside okay so let’s with meme economy really Haven Conn and the balls on the hip again strained what does not really any minute if IAM it as nzima good so show me roma my head behind hmm it was here and my husband okay well good the keys are on that zombie out on the street hey you’re calling it some of my home hmm charter Josh comedy no one here Hayley really gave that old man hell yeah we got pushed you know you don’t have to tell me I was ready to tear the man’s head off anyway we can’t and I appreciate your circle mm thank you given with makadi acquaintance then mama doesn’t Ed Lee you got a second sure back on Herschel’s farm yeah we didn’t even try to save him that blood is on our hands you know I think I ledesma it happened pretty fast I guess but I can’t stop seeing it in my head we can’t kill ourselves so we killed that boy we could have saved him together we did what we could bad things happen we didn’t make a choice that killed Sean you think you do when you look back on it Todd and he comes on in the mornings does a clannish day out of control you know I have any choice I guess I’ll mourn I try to let it go taj muhammad is iCarly him live in harlem right links collision with ointment is iCarly Shui namorado this is in here you’re a pretty good shot well you don’t fuck with a reporter especially one that’s three days out from her last cup of coffee this is what I forgot I was ready to head out you got it you yeah yeah let’s go okay veganize our laws

get down okay that’s why I taken up I done fought her down the bush did you see that sure did be ready to shoot guys oh man I’m glad you’re here Jesus Glenn alright dad wasn’t said I meadow planning for freedom sawa before any of these things missions not yet there’s a survivor trapped up there no way we gotta go now listen I was out here looking for gas and then up there in the corner room I heard crying coming from inside who is it it’s a girl we talked and she got frightened I was trying to get in to help her and she started yelling and saying I was bitten I tried to convince her I wasn’t and that’s what all these guys came out of the forest a couple almost got me and I ended up hiding in the ice machine lucky you now let’s go we can’t just leave her damn right we can you guys are suicidal in all members in the heaven over here from ken has a velocity Montauk here think about if it was you fine let’s go save Glen’s damsel in distress okay this is the plan don’t know how hard it’s gonna be to get her out of that room yeah it’s boarded up so we have to kill every one of them in here quietly always attracts these things let’s have a look around