Terra Sonâmbula – Sleepwalking Land- [Teresa Prata-Mozambique- 2007] with English subtitles

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Terra Sonâmbula – Sleepwalking Land- [Teresa Prata-Mozambique- 2007] with English subtitles

Everyone is intimidated by a shark. Become a Card Shark AMERICASCARDROOM.COM BASED ON THE NOVEL What were they thinking? When we stopped the bus they thought weíre fools When I grabbed her she screamed! PRODUCED WRITTEN AND DIRECTED FOR MY PARENTS Hey. boy! Weíll settle right here This will be our home Here? In this burnt-out bus? Whatís already burnt cannot burn again But isn’t it dangerous to stay out here on the road? Wouldn’t it be better to hide in the bush? From here we can see who goes by You always know everything! Grumbling won’t help But another gang might come along If that happens we’ll pretend weíre dead, that we died along with the bus Theyíre well burnt Come on, these bodies have been purified by the flames Donít make such a face, boy If we show disgust weíll offend the dead This shade sure feels good I havenít had a rest since we left the refugee camp Will you come and rest? Uncle Tuahir Iím not your Uncle Donít you get fresh with me It’s just a way of talking You know that I don’t like it coming from you All right. I won’t say it again Let’s take the dead outside Why? Do they stink? That’s right I’ve lived among them for far too long Thereís another here This one doesnít smell Theyíve only just raided the bus Take it

Letís bury him with the others That’s enough, boy Don’t cover them too much so they can still touch life Come here Help me You try, Muidinga Look, notebooks I couldn’t care less about those All I want is food A ball! Leave those notebooks, boy Our feast awaits us Aren’t you going to eat? Yes There you go again, thinking about your parents Let me tell you something Your parents donít want to know you’re alive Why do you say that? In war time children are a burden No more talking Eat slowly so you can taste every colour What are you doing, boy? Can’t you see? You’ve got to be joking Read something out loud just to prove it “I’m writing this to get rid of my fear of going mad “The memories I have wonít come together “as if they wanted to flee out of my head “When the war started time was going by, slowly and gently “At first, we’d only hear some news of things happening far away “Then the firing got nearer and blood filled our fears “My name is Ktidzu. I was named after the small palm trees “bending with the wind by the seashore “It was my father, who was also a fisherman “and died from cholera many years ago, that gave me this name “to honour his great passion, drinking sura in the afternoon “I could see our family going to pieces like a pot of clay “smashed in the ground “I saw how much we had changed “when my mother threw out my youngest brother From now on, Junhito. my son, you’re going to live in the chicken-coop Your body and soul will begin to look like a chicken When the gangs arrive they wonít take you Mother, what are you doing? The first thing they steal is food -Donít complain -Mother, you canít do that to Junhito Junhito, my son, now we’ll teach you to cock-a-doodle-doo I’ll make you chicken’s clothes and they won’t see you Hi, Kindzu! Hello, Surendra Have you learnt everything yoy need to become a gentleman? Sure Hello, Mrs. Assma You know, my mother isnít well Today she locked up brother Junhito in the chicken-coop She says it will save him I couldnít change her mind It must be this war Good-morning! -I need some chicken broth -One chicken broth cube

Surendra, look! Whatís this, taking without paying? Half-caste, is this your country for you to talk to me like that? Get out. Now! I canít stand blacks, Kindzu Who do you like, then? Whites? Not them I know, you like Indians No I like men with no race Like you Give me some more, Uncle Itís good to get up this early We have the whole day to search for things Come on, Muidinga, get up Take those things inside Uncle Tuahir, this Micaia tree wasnít here yesterday Of course it was here No, it wasn’t Don’t talk nonsense, boy Why are you doing that? So no one knows weíre living here Letís go How could Kindzuís mother do that to her own son? She believes that one day the war will end and everything will be better It’s her way of surviving But to lock up her own son in a chicken-coop? She is a good mother Before, I’d have minded too But not now Tuahir. donít be angry if I call you uncle Yes. what is it? Tell me about my life Who was I before you found me? Uncle. Uncle, Uncle I donít like that word Tell me. Iím asking you You donít even have a story I found you in the camp I felt sorry for you when I saw you crawling about like a spider with legs so weak theyíd forgotten how to walk But did you know me? Did you know who I was? Not at all Iíd never seen you before Give me that ball now Let’s go A kid! Muidinga! Careful. Muidinga! Donít go there! Careful, come back! Have you forgotten about the mines? You must never run into the bush without looking I won’t do it again I promise The kid misses people And I miss the kid Especially here in my stomach -Are we going to eat it? -Of course! I donít want to kill it It’s like we’re in a village and not in the middle of nowhere You donít even know what a village is Never put your heart into anything Let alone into an animal Take it, take him so it gets fatter Come, Mody Dick Uncle! I just remembered my school! I remember, I swear! Remember what? The voices, the noise of the other children Listen to me once and for all There was never any other children, there was never anything Do you hear me? I was the one who found you, full of slobber and snot As if you were born just then I’m not your uncle I’m your father Not that one. Tuahir! Canít you see itís written7 What do I care if it’s written? I canít even read! I just want to get this damn fire going! Why would you want to read such a sad story?

You won’t read alone? “One night the bandits attacked Surendraís store “The news travelled fast “But no one showed any sorrow for his misfortune “He was a foreigner unworthy of any sympathy “I had to go to find out what happened.” Surendra Now. do you see what happened? Who came to comfort me? Just you, nobody else You canít leave me here all by myself Kindzu. you have ancestors They are here, living with you I donít have any I don’t know who they were But you belong here This is also your land What land, Kindzu? I have no place of my own You always say that we come from the same land Children of the Indian Ocean Take me with you That I can’t do Your place is here with your family You donít know what it’s like to be a runaway in other peopleís land I donít want you to suffer, Kindzu Goodbye, Mrs Assma What have they done to you, my brother? If you cry every time you’re faced with something sad youíre going to cry your whole life Stop crying! Perhaps the same thing happened to my whole family When you cry like that you summon the spirits Be quiet or It’ll beat the sadness out of you We’ll never get out of here Yes, we will Someday this war will end This road will be filled with people laughing and trucks rolling past just as it used to Now, get going Letís go, quick Whatís this? We arenít taking the kid with us! But it can’t stay here all alone, Uncle The kid is going to slow us down in our search for food But if we leave it someone might take it You’re right We will eat it later Don’t worry, Mody Dick Itís not going to happen Shit!

Don’t eat that! Can you see those bites? The mice got here before us They only eat sour yam roots That’s why you got a disease called mantakassa It left you with a limp and no memory Itís best not to remember the past I guess in the end you were lucky to have that disease You could forget everything I can’t Uncle! Tell me how you found me Tell me. Uncle! I was at the camp They asked me to help them bury six children When I dragged, you I noticed you were still alive The others thought it wasn’t worth saving a childís life to live in a world like this I had to lie and sai you were my nephew At first all you did was vomit, but then you learned how to laugh I named you Muidinga, after my son who lives in South Afriea Why didn’t you tell me that before, Uncle? “I have no family now I cried just like Junhito, “as I was running after the ball “Inside my head I could hear my motherís grief, my brothers “and Junhito inside the chicken-coop held by wire, just like a chicken “In despair I knew what I wished “I had to leave before I was pushed into that all consuming fire “Since I left the village my arms kept on rowing “And I rowed for endless days and nights and lost track of time.” Anyone? Is anyone there? Is anyone there? Who’s there? Have you come to man this ship? What do you mean by that, madam? Can you lower the ladder? I’m asking -What do you want from here? -Nothing Hey, donít give me that Everybody wants something from somebody Lower the ladder Please Can’t you see my boat is going to tip over? -It’s broken! -Can you fix this ship? I’m a sailor, that’s all I know! What were you doing lost in the sea? I’m looking for a place where there’s no war I’d like to find such a place myself What is your name? Mrs. Farida And yours? Kindzu What are you doing here alone? When l found out that this ship was stranded I asked the fishermen to bring me with them They looted the ship until their boats were so full they couldnít take me back to land I felt relieved It was exactly what I wanted Now I’m waiting for the owners of the ship to show up

to fix it, get the engine started and take me away far away from here Uncle! Uncle! Every time we read from the notebooks we’re taken to a different place Listen to me, Uncle The plain that was so dry yesterday became a little greener just overnight Thatís just dreams The fruit of your desire Uncle, have you ever been at sea? I’m glad that Kindzu found such a beautiful woman Are those diaries all you can think about? Itís driving me crazy Look! A tree full of fruit Muidinga. we found it Leave that damn kid alone Not that one, itís green Take that one instead Look at this one Where are we, Uncle? Where are we? Damn it! I was being so careful and yet we’ve fallen into this trap See if you can untie the knot Can you do it? It’s a pity we don’t have a knife What if nobody finds us here? Don’t be a pessimist, that will only bring us bad luck Someone will come along And Mody Dick? Alone in the middle of nowhere It doesn’t help to think about him now I was just testing to see if it still worked If we hear footsteps I will start blowing Donít say anything now, let’s listen to the sounds of the road Uncle, wake up They’re coming to save us! You’re runaways, the evil is in your teeth It’s the teeth that summon hunger Thatís why I had all my teeth taken out They’re all here, in this tin Are you going to get us out of here or not? I only miss them when I laugh you evil ones Cut the net! -Iím going to sow you -Sow us? I’m going to bury you like a seed When you pierce through the ground from each blossom a person will be born I want company The old man is mad He is going to kill us I need company. Me! Siqueleto! Not here, in my village Iím an old man Iíve seen a lot of misery But I’ve never seen anything like this here, in my village Now it’s empty Everyone died or had to flee Iím the only one that didnít want to run away This is the tree of my ancestors It looks dead, but itís not Itís living, very quietly Like me Cut the net! Cut the net, Siqueleto! I’m going to get the hoe to bury you Mr. Siqueleto, the war is coming to an end Mr. Siqueleto, the war is coming to an end The rich countries are going to help us The rich countries are going to help us You wonít have to dig the ground anymore Cut the net. Cut the net! I’m going to bury you, evil one Muidinga, hereís a cigarette Keep an eye on Siqueleto

Heís not coming now Heís looking for the hoe Help me! Help! Theyíve got away! Devils Let’s rest a while We were lucky we escaped, boy You’re right I didn’t even taste that cigarette Is it true what you said about the other countries? I was saying that just to cheer up the old man so heíd let us go The old man is crazy No. he isnít! He wants people to be born so he can show them where the sacred tree is, so theyíll pay their respects to the dead That is why he doesnít want to die alone So that everything wonít die with him Letís go now Look, Uncle Mody Dick! He was waiting for me! Letís go Do you need all that time just to find some cans? Thatís going to be much too warm Now I feel like a gentleman Farida this is yours I wouldn’t feel right in a dress like that How do you know without trying it on ? Come on, try it on Look You look beautiful Will you zip it? WeílI leave tomorrow No. I’m not going But why? I can’t leave without my son Your son? Do you see those shadows over there? It’s a lighthouse When the lights go on again my son will be able to find me The light of that lighthouse is my only hope One day I left Gaspar in a mission That’s why I like this place This sea and the sea that washes the beach where the mission is are one and the same Gaspar and I see the.same waves Why did you do that? My mother died very young I grew up in Matimati, in the house of Romao Pinto He had a large cotton plantation And Mrs. Virginia, his wife she always treated me like a daughter

She taught me how to sew and how to read But one day One day I got pregnant arid didn’t have the courage to tell her What happened? Donít ask me! Thereís no father After that I had to leave Mrs. Virginiaís house I couldnít stay there I walked around feeling sad, unable to say anything And then I decided to go to Xiquingula to Aunt Euzinha’s house But when Gaspar was born I couldn’t love him Was that a long time ago? Heís going to be twelve For a long time I wandered like a crazy woman You know I keep wondering where my little boy might be As time went by I wanted to be a mother One day I went to the mission to look for him but he had run away He tricked the nuns That means he’s very smart, don’t you think? Did you try to find out if he was with Mrs. Virginia? Of course not! And with Aunt Euzinha? No, she lives very far away I didn’t have the strength Thatís why I decided to leave Mozambique Find a faraway place to live, a place that accepts me and my son just as we are Iím tired of talking I’m going to the sea I’m going to ask Farida if she is my mother Muidinga. that’s just a notebook you found, nothing else But what about the sound of the sea that I hear? I need to know what that means You still hung up on that crazy idea, that you’re going to find your parents? I forbid you! I don’t want you to think about it Ever again Your parents are dead Killed by the bandits’ bullets Thatís why Iím telling you, get that stupid idea out of your head Be quiet. Mody Dick

You’ve eaten enough Letís go now Look, Mody Dick! Uncle is coming Why did you leave without telling me? You didnít want to come so I decided to leave alone Thank you, Uncle That’s no excuse to call me Uncle! Good afternoon, my friend Iíve been on the road so long, Iím beginning to see things Do you have any water to spare? What can you give us in return? I can give you a piece of cloth What am I going to do with a piece of cloth, man? Not man, Joseldo Bastante (plenty) Mr. Joseldo, what I want is something to eat Will a coconut do? Not one. two Are you coming from the sea? Iíve been walking for a week already Can you tell us the way? Yes. You keep walking straight ahead When you get to the first crossroad turn right Keep on walking You walk and walk and you’ll see Goba Mountain Then you are almost there Thanks Water keeps her bones flexible One day, moving back or moving forth will be all the same to her Take off your scarf, my child Artists like you don’t wear head cloths, Filomeninha Filomeninha isnít really her artistic name is Marilyn I’m training her to be famous, to twist her body like a snake.\ Father, Iím so cold Cold, my darling? How can you be cold when itís so hot? You ‘canít be rich without making sacrifices Many, many thanks When she becomes famous, youíll see We’ll fill boxes, suitcases, even pots full of money Look how pretty she is, Uncle Be careful A loving heart loses weight And love grows faster than the chest And you donít have enough ribs But Uncle, I hardly even glanced at the girl Enough! Enough! Eat slowly so you can taste every colour -Mody Dick! -Don’t go into the bush! Muidinga! Donít go into the bush! -Mody Dick! Don’t ever do anything this stupid again, do you hear me? Maybe nothing happened to Mody Dick I want to see how he is

Itís not worth it now Why didn’t I hold him tighter? Donít think about it any more Just think of yourself now Look, boy When you see the earth has been moved around like that, be wary You donít play around with something like that Never forget what happened to Mody Dick Canít you sleep, Uncle? No. I canít sleep Are you also thinking about Mody Dick, like me? I don’t think about it at all It’s just that I miss those stories Do you know who I’m thinking about? No, Uncle. Who? Farida Some women are like rain and others are like mist Farida must be one of those worth getting your hair all tangled up Are you going to read for me? If I fall asleep, don’t stop I can hear you even in my sleep “Farida gave me a new taste for life “I needed to save her because she was rescuing me “from the misery of an empty life “There was still someone who didn’t wallow in the same mud “as the rest of us “Someone who still had hope even if it was a bit crazy.” I just fixed my boat Farida, lets go ashore and look for your son, and then we can leave -Will you really do that for me? -Sure Do you know who led you here? I willed you I knew you would come I was waiting for you, Kindzu At first I couldnít see the lighthouse Now I can Let’s go ashore and look for your son No, I can’t abandon this ship But itís only a stranded boat Only the past lives here It’s like trying to light a burnt match That land hurts me This is my nest I canít go through everything again I couldn’t take it Do you promise to wait for me? Will you stay here until I get back? I’ll come back with your son I promise This is Matimati, isnít it? Didnít you see the ship? No. I didnít Didnít you see the ship? Weíre waiting for aid relief -Did you hurt yourself? -No

-Kindzu! -Antoninho?! Is Surendra here too? Heís in the shop Come with me I have to go there anyway to return the wheelchair, comrade I hate it when you call me comrade Don’t you want to sit in it? No, I donít. Why do you ask me that? I hire out the chair to amuse people The taxi belongs to everyone, see? I shouldn’t be the only one benefiting from it This brings me a few cents Thatís how we live these days You took your time Is my wheelchair still in one piece? Sure, comrade Look, not even a tiny scratch Hello, Surendra! Hello Well, arenít you going to ask me “Have you learnt everything you need to become a gentleman”? Those times are no longer What have they done to you I left for nothing Assma died of grief Look at the state I’m in I’m glad she didn’t live to see this How is your mother? And your brother, Junhito? When I got back from fishing, it was too late Uncle, now that we have gone past Goba Mountain, is it still far? Maybe not I think it’s going to rain Let’s hide under that piece of junk over there Come on, Uncle, quick Come on, Uncle Do you remember when Farida hugged Kindzu? Would you do the same as he did? Do what? Fall in love and then leave to look for her son Itís the need to have a family Missing his little brother. That’s all I didn’t know it was like that What do you mean like that? What adults do What you need is a woman Women are good when thereís no love involved, because love slips away We build a house for it, and it grows in the garden Better to have a whore, boy We spend our money, not our heart You never spend your heart on a whore You donít know of my love affair with Jorogina? I promised her everything and she left with another I was wrong about that woman, Muidinga Didn’t I tell you, Uncle? Hereís the rain I can’t take you to the girls, like my father did with me Just a minute, boy Let me get a bit closer Now, think of girls Uncle, donít do that Come on, do as I tell you But, Uncle, I canít Not like this That’s because you’re only thinking with your head Think with your whole body It won’t work, Uncle Think about Think about the snake girl Filomeninha? Her skin isn’t as smooth as a manís She has her own tattoos If you touched her belly it would feel like rough fruit skin Itís not the skin or the tattoos It’s just that I can’t Not like this, Unele

Itís the skin, I know Have you ever seen a fish without scales? Without tattoos the woman inside will not awaken Just by talking about it is waking you up Keep going, boy. Iíll help you Are we drunk, Uncle? No, itís just the joy youíve gathered inside you body Isn’t it dangerous to make so much noise? Just laugh, boy Laugh out loud and you’ll drive away the bad spirits This canít be! We’re back in the bus! Are we lost? Lost? You donít want me to find Farida Don’t talk nonsense, boy You are afraid that I will find her Because when I find her I wonít need you anymore! We just took a wrong turn. Thatís all Then why did you say that my family was dead? I was annoyed Even now I’m afraid We are walking because of some notebooks Whatís that? I give up. Iíll stay right here! What do you mean, you’ll stay here? Move. boy Pick up the toy You donít even know where the sea is Youíve never been there Once it gets into your heart it will never leave again -What did you say, Uncle? -Nothing Look, Muidinga Train tracks Have you ever heard the voice of a train? Never, Uncle It’s nice to listen to Pretend that a train is coming, boy I have to whittle hard so people will pay some attention Can you see over there? Can you? Can you? Let’s go. Run to the station, boy, the train is coming. Look! No, no, madam, this train is bound for Beira To Quelimane only at 4:30 p.m Expensive perfume, cheap tip I shouldnít have given her the right information Enough playing around I’m getting nostalgic I used to travel a lot with my children in the old days Do you know which way to the sea?

Do you mean Quissico beach? I don’t think it is very far but I’m not sure of the way Thank you, anyway Thank you Come on, Muidinga Did you see the motherís beautiful smile, Tuahir? She smiles like any other person No, Uncle She smiles like a mother full of tenderness Don’t let yourself be fooled Not all mothers are the same That I know But Iím sure my mother is And thatís how I met Farida I’ve come to ask a few questions on her behalf To try and find Gaspar If it was such a long time ago, the boy must be in the bush with the gangs Do you know where Romao Pinto lives, a Portuguese who owns a cotton plantation? Surendra, do you remember that Portuguese they killed? Everyone talked about it When the war broke out they set fire to his plantation He was really mean to blacks Did they all die? Only Romao Isn’t that right, Antoninho? His widow lives in the first house as you go into town Mrs. Virginia? Mrs. Virginia? Mrs. Virginia? I’m not Mrs. Virginia Iím Grandma. And who are you? I’m Kindzu Iíd like to talk to you Our tongue grows bigger as we grow oId Or was it my face that shrank? Do you remember Farida? With my tongue like this I can’t remember anything She asked me to find her son DonTtelf me you donít remember him! I found her alone on a ship She walks back and forth thinking only of her son Grief is eating away her insides Iím here because of her Quiet! I can’t talk here Why not ? If I do my little house will be filled with spirits Romao has forbidden me to talk about Farida Where are we going, Mrs. Virginia? We’re going to a place only known to me And don’t call me Mrs. Virginia, call me Grandma Because then I’ll think of you as a child Thank you This is my favourite place and also Farida’s

This is where I taught her how to read -Is my little girl all right? -Yes Jorginho, Luizinho! Go away, boys Canít you see I’m talking to someone? One morning I found a child lying unconscious here in the garden I gave him food He didn’t speak At first I thought he was mute Then he told me his name was Gaspar, that he had run away from the mission and was looking for his mother but no one knew where she was I invited him to stay here You know, heís almost my flesh and blood, he’s the son of Romao, my late husband Didnít Farida tell you? What happened to Gaspar, Grandma? He only stayed a couple of days Then he ran away, no one knows where l’m coming It’s time to feed my babies What will become of them when I am gone? Luizinho. Jorginho, hereís your food You too, Elsinha! Or youíll get thin Bye-bye, Kindzu Uncle Tuahir, after what Mrs. Virginia said, do you think my mother will still want me? My father is dead A Portuguese! Maybe that’s why she wanted to give me away First youíll have to ask Farida if she really is your mother What was it like when you were a father? That was all so long ago Iíve forgotten No you havenít Letís pretend that Iím your son and you’re my father -Your father? -Yes Right, father? All right, son What do you want me to do? Tell me a story Do you know how plants and animals were born? The first man and the first woman came out of a pile of dirt, much like this one that ants make The world was made only of people There werenít any trees, animals or stones The earth felt that the people werenít happy So many people were born, that God thought that they were all alike and that there were too many of them So He decided to change some men into plants, others into animals and others into stones See? We are all brothers Trees and animals, animals and people, people and stones You donít know this, son But when people sleep the earth is searching Searching for what? Is searching inside each human being, collecting dreams just like a dream weaver Uncle, thatís enough of this game My head is spinning Uncle? So now you call me Uncle? No, Father Come on, Uncle

Itís to the right Just look at that undergrowth Everything is so dry! It isnít dry The green has just leaked and the yellow filled up Nonsense This bird’s song is so sad I donít like to hear it This bird announces death That’s what this war has done This thing that doesnít even have a name Let’s go It’s not even a war because if it was a real war, it would have created an army But a ghost war creates a ghost army Feared by all and ruled by none In the country of the blind the one-eyed man… gets it torn off You’re too quiet, boy That’s hunger Yes, Uncle Do you know what you have to do? -Swallow hard -Swallow? Swallow your spit like this As if food was going down your throat Then you’ll confuse hunger Letís go It’s as if the road doesnít want us to reach Farida It’s not possible! This road goes around in circles It doesnít lead anywhere Water sprouts when it’s planted, doesnít it, Uncle? What are you doing, Muidinga? A river always flows to the sea. right? I’m making a river Look, Uncle! Look! A trickle of water is coming out already! And what are you going to call your river? Mother-Water Because this river will be such a gentle river that will embrace anyone who travels with it It will never overflow because it will never be angry And it will be so strong it will never stop running Look, Uncle. Look! The bus is moving, Uncle Let’s go!

Let me tell you something, boy I know itís the truth Weíre not moving, it’s the road thatís moving But I’ve said that a long time ago, Uncle No, not you. Iím saying it Everything happened near the bus The wohole country went past us, sleepwalking Yes, boy, weíre travelling in this bus that is standing still, we haven’t stopped travelling This reminds me of a train When the war came, trains stopped running I would arrive at dawn and stay at my post holding the lamp Then Iíd sweep the platform and repair the station planks I knew one day the train would come And when that happened I would be ready All organized and wearing my uniform You know I feel like cleaning this bus just like I used to do in the station But it’s not worth it now But donít you always say, something is going to happen, Uncle? I used to say that but Iíve lost hope now That’s a lie What are you doing. Uncle? Damned mosquitoes! Don’t let them bother you Take those notebooks It’s a good thing that you can read Without reading we would be condemned to loneliness Read it to me, boy Read while I’m working “The next day, I ran into the sorcerer of my village.” How did he show up there? How come he knows about Kindzu? I think I got the wrong page Well Kindzu, how did it go? The boy was there and Iím almost sure he went to an Aunt I’m going to look for this Aunt at Xiquingula village That village was attacked All the survivors were taken to the Xalala camp Be careful You can’t do it alone The roads are full of mines If it’s not the mines, it’s the gangs I’m going there tomorrow, anyway -You have a gun? -Of course not You find the boy, but you are forbidden to give him a pen or a hoe That’s no life It’s a gun that gives you a life What are you writing? I write as I dream along Is anyone going to read it? Perhaps Itís not good to teach people how to dream Gaspar! Are you there? Gaspar! Are you trying to get killed? Come on. Move forward Cut off this oneís ears Who are you? Why are you calling Gaspar? Was Gaspar among the children?

Luckily, no Why do you ask? Are you Aunt Euzinha? Iím here at Faridasí request My niece is still alive? Yes, sheís alive Oh my God Thatís good news No, no. Get back Only I work here Old women arenít wanted here The only ones kept are those that can work Those who suffer most in the war are not the ones licensed to kill Women and children they bear most of the suffering Do you know where Gaspar is now? Why would you want to know? I promised Farida that I would find him She wants to have him close to her again Iím happy that she no longer feels disgust for her son That she wants to be a mother Do you know what it’s like to be raped, to be alone and then have a mulatto son? The people from the village made her life hell They’d spit on the ground when she walked by It was a big misfortune for her Is this about love? Yes, it is Then, that’s all I need to know I thought this might happen, so I sent Gaspar to a safer camp Come closer Iím going to tell you a secret This is just between us I hope that camp is still safe Thank you, on Faridaís behalf Why did you do that, Uncle? It’s just hurting a little Do you have a fever? No. It’s nothing Iím just tired from all the travelling Sit down Look, Uncle, the river has people now Who are they? What are they doing? They are washing themselves so they can start the New Year as pure as newborn babies Uncle, have we been on the road for a year already? What difference does it make? A day. a month, half a year Youíll see, Farida will not be waiting for me any more You donít have to worry about that But you said yourself that in times of war, children are a burden Did I say that? A father is always a father, while the child is still in the womb and until the day he dies Now l understand why my mother wanted to leave me in the mission After Iíve heard Tia Euzinha’s words Didnít I tell you? She needed a lot of courage You never said that I never said it, but I should have Iím very proud of my mother now! Uncle, Uncle! We’re almost there Listen! It’s the sea The real sea Iíve heard the sound of this sea ever since we found the bus This fever isn’t from the mosquitoes

lt’s the birds singing that is making my head hot What birds? Canít you see them flying around? Do you know what youíre going to do now? You’re going to shoo of those birds of ill omen The birds that are giving me this fever All right? Don’t do that, Uncle Can’t you see it’s very dangerous? Itís something from my ehildhood I had thin blood. So, my mother used to hang me from the ceiling That’s enough now Eat slowly, so you can taste every eolour If I die here, push me overboard Donít say that, Uncle Stay here with me Iíll look after you Throw me in the water, son I want to die with water all around me, not dirt Youíre not going to die Meanwhile, just rest Look, Uncle! Look! It’s Farida’s lighthouse! Uncle, Uncle. Itís the ship What’s the name of the ship? You aren’t going to believe it, Uncle Why? Because it’s called Mody Dick Remember? Sit closer to me so you can get the warmth Take it. It’s yours I don’t want it, Uncle -Take it, for luck -No No more talking now How are you going to stop the train? Arenít you always saying, that something is going to happen, that the war will come to an end? Wait, Uncle. I’ll read to you How much more until that diary is finished, Muidinga? Not much more. This is the last one Don’t read it to me then Keep it, for when youíre alone No, Uncle. I can read it now Muidinga. everything you’ve read in the notebooks is it all really written there? I don’t know what you mean I only want to know if you made up any truths How can you think such a thing, Uncle? Leave it Now, read to me After seeing Tia Euzinha, I went to two different camps

“I feel that I’m going to find Gaspar it’s only a matter of time My strength is knowing that Farida is waiting for me, out there in the sea.” Tuahir… Tuahir! Tuahir, wake up! Please donít go. Tuahir! Don’t leave me here alone, please, Tuahir Tuahir! “I remember the day that we looked at each other “as if we recognized one another as the only creatures on earth “I knew then, “that a whole lifetime wasn’t enough to contemplate those eyes.” Pick them up! You thought you could get away Let’s go! Let’s go! Gaspar Hey, boy Weíll settle right here THE END

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