The Land of Stories By: Chris Colfer Chapter 2 The Longer Walk Home (Read along)

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The Land of Stories By: Chris Colfer Chapter 2 The Longer Walk Home (Read along)

chapter 2 the longer walk home I am so excited about this lesson Alex O’Connor as they walked home from school this was something Connor was used to hearing his sister Claire and it was usually his cue to stop listening mrs. Peters made a very good point you know Alex continued excitedly speaking a mile a minute think about everything children miss out on their unwanted hairs deprived of fairy tale how terrible for them don’t you just feel awful for them Connor are you listening to me yeah Connor lied his attention was forced on an abandoned snail shell he was kicking along the sidewalk can you imagine a childhood without knowing all those characters in places Alex continued or so fortunate that to having grabbed her mates such a good point of reading them to us from your mill very lucky cutter nodded although he wasn’t exactly sure what he was agreeing with every day after school the Bailey twins would walk home together they lived in a charming neighborhood that was surrounded by more charming neighborhoods I’m surrounded by another series of charming neighborhoods it was a sea of Siberia suburbia for each house was similar to him nuts but uniquely different at the same time to pass the time as I walked I also tell her brother wrote everything in her mind all her current thoughts and concerns a summary of everything she had going that day and what you plan to do as soon as I got home as much as this daily routine annoyed Connor he knew he was the only person the world Alex had to talk to so he tried his best to listen but listening he had never been calms Forte how am I ever gonna say what story to write about it’s so difficult to choose outside clapping her hands with excitement what are you gonna write your paper on Oh Connor said wrapping his head up from looking at the ground he had to mentally rewinding the conversation to remember what the question was you cry Wolfie said chosen the first fairytale that the kingdom mine you can’t choose that one I’ll accept shake her head that’s the most obvious one you have to select something more challenge to to press with computers you should pick something with a message hit him deeper inside one that isn’t so on the surface counter sight it was always easier to just go along with us instead of argue with her but sometimes it was unavoidable buying I’ll pick Sleeping Beauty he decided interesting selection else entry what do you suppose somewhere on the story was don’t piss off your neighbors I guess kind of said I’ll scribe to disapprove be serious Connor this is not the moral of Sleeping Beauty she recommended sure it is kind of explained if the king and queen had just invited that crazy enchanters to their daughter’s party in the first place not necessarily happened that could have stopped it from happening son Alex thatit ranchers with evil I probably would have cursed the baby princess anyway sleeping sleeping beauty is about track to prevent the after medical paycheck protecting her and had all the spinning wheels of the kingdom destroying she was so sheltered she didn’t even know what the danger was and she still pricked her finger on the spindle she ever saw Connor thought about this possibility of shook his head he liked his version must much better it is a Greek art older I’ve seen how upset you get when people don’t buy places and usually look like you would curse a baby too I always get counter and dirty looks mr Peters would have been proud of well there’s no such thing as their own interpretation I have to say that that is definitely a miss Reed Alec said I’m new say to be careful who you ignore Connor d-class clarified I always thought Sleeping Beauty’s parents had it coming Oh question and I suppose you thought Hansel and Gretel had it coming – yes Connor Youth feeling clever and some of the wit how so Alex s because Connor explained with the smirk on phase if you’re going to live in a house made of candy don’t move next door to a couple of beasts kids a lot of these periods canisters are missing common sense outside have another disproving grunts Connor fairy and he would get at least 50 more out of here before they get home the one shouldn’t live next door she lived keeping the for it did she live deep in the forest they had to leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind so they could find the way back remember the whole point of the house was to work who are the kids in and they were starving that’s her main at least have all the facts

straight before you criticize if they were starving over they do a waste of breadcrumbs economist sounds like a couple of troublemakers to me Alex Prince again and I’m your doing H mine what do you think the lesson of Goldilocks had three bears is Alex challenged an easy Connor say Huck your doors Robert Scott in all shapes and sizes you even curly-haired little girls can’t be trusted I’ll expect to get and cross her arms she tried her best not to giggle she don’t want to validate her brother’s opinion holy locks is about consequences music miss Pierce sets up herself excited although Alex will never admit it sometimes arguing with her brother was amusing what do you suppose Jacobean song is about yes kind of contemplated a moment and slappy grinned bad bees can cause more than indigestion he answered laughing hysterically to himself Alex pursed her lips to hide the smile what do you think the lesson low red riding-hood and she isn’t do you think she would just melt or grow a gift basket now that you’re thinking he said all that always felt sorry for her Little Red Riding Hood it’s obvious her parents don’t like her very much why do you say that Alex s wondering how he could possibly construct the bat from the story who sends her a young daughter and dark and wolf occupied forest carrying freshly baked food and wearing a bright jacket cameras they’re practically asking for the wolf to eat her she must have annoyed the heck out of him Alex held back laughter with all her might but as he caught her so light she let a quite chuckle slip she know you secretly agree with me Connors bump-bump either shoulder with his connor it’s people like you who ruin failed fairytales for the rest of the world I said forcing a smile on her face to fade people make jokes about them and suddenly the messages is lost Alex I’m we stopped walking all the color fades slowly turn your a soft light across the street had caught her eye something very disappointing what’s the matter come arrest train back to her I was staring at a large house it was a lovely home pizza blue with white trim and had several windows the front yard was landscape to perfection and just the right amount of grass catches the colorful flowers the large oak tree ideal for crying climbing if a house could smile this house will be grinning from ear to ear look Alex said and point it to a for sale sign next to the oak tree a bright red strip with the word salt had recently been added to it it’s so now I said slowly shake your head from side to side of disbelief its soul should repeat it not wanting to be true the little cutter counters to face round-faced drink to Detroit stare at the house for a moment and sings eats not knowing what to say to the other you balls Leo would happen eventually Conn said now why do I feel so surprised Alex that softly I guess I’ve been for sale for so long I think it was just so you know hating for us Kyra saw tears began to form in the sister’s eyes through the tears forward at a zero oh come on Alex Carter said they kept walking let’s go home she looked at the house for a second more and then followed him this house was the only thing the Bailey family had recently lost a year ago just a few days before their eleventh birthday Alex of Connor’s father died in a car accident on his way home from work mr. Bailey had owned a book store a few streets away named Bailey’s books but all it had taken was a few small streets for a big accident the twins and their brothers had been anxiously waiting for him at the dinner table when I got the phone call told their father will be joined up that night want anyway after that he had never been late to dinner before so as soon as to telephone me they had all known something was wrong I also kind of couldn’t never forget the look at their mother’s face when she answered the phone I looked up told them without saying a word that their lives would never be the same you never seen their mother cry like she did that night everything had happened so fast yeah it was hard for the twins to remember what order it all happened in they remember their mother making tons of phone calls and have to deal with a lot of paperwork they remember that their grandmother came to take care of them mother mother made all the funeral arrangements they remember holding their mother’s hands that they walked down the church I have the funeral they remember the white flowers and candles and all the sad expressions in everyone’s faces as they passed they remembered all the food people said they remembered how

some people told they were they never remember their 11th birthday because no one did the twins remember how strong grandma and mom had stayed for them in the following months the American mother explains them why they had to sell the bookstore they remembered that eventually their mother coming for their beautiful blue house anymore and they had to move into a rental house a little way down the street they remembered firmly them and once they were settled to the new smart house they remembered returning to school and how falsely normal everything appear to be but most of all the twins remember not understanding why any of it had to happen a full year had passed and the twins didn’t still they understand it people had told them it would get easier with time how much time were they talking about the lost seem to run deeper each day without their dad they missed them so much sometimes that they expected there it’s just swell other bodies they missus mine they missed his left and they missed his stories whatever Alex had a particularly bad date school the first thing she would do once she got home was jump on her bike and pedal to her dance store she would run through the front doors find her dad and say Teddy I need to talk to you didn’t matter if he was helping a customer or putting brand-new books on the shelves mr. Bailey would always stop what he was doing take a starter to storage room in the back and listen to what had happened what’s the matter sweetheart he would ask with big concern dice had a really bad day today daddy said on one occasion all right the other kids still teasing hands I can call the school and ask your teacher today I’m talk with them how many saw anything how I said it through sniffles by publicity persecuting me then felt insecure void caused by social and domestic McClay mr. Bailey’s practice said so what you’re seeing sweetheart is that there does jealous yes sir exactly how excited I read a psychology book in the library today and whoops I explained it mr. Bailey left out a prod laughs his daughter’s intelligence constantly made some I think you’re just too bright for your own good I’ll except he said sometimes I was like everyone else kind of confessed I’m tired of being lonely daddy if being smart and be a good student means I’ll never have friends but I wish I was more like Conner Alex every I told you the story about the curvy tree mr. Bailey I know Alex answer mr. Bailey’s eyes lit up he always said when he was about to tell a story well he started one day when I was very young I was walking around the woods when I saw something very peculiar it was another beech tree but it was definitely from any other evergreen tree I had ever seen instead of going straight out of the ground and its trunk heard and warned in circles like a large pine how utterly interest tranced that isn’t possible evergreen silver like that perhaps it’s all forgot to tell that to the tree mr Bailey said anyway one day the loggers came and cut down every single tree in the area except the curvy tree why Alex s because they figured it was unusable it was freelancer you can never make a table or a chair or a cabinet out of it you see the curry tree in May I felt different from the other trees but its uniqueness is what saved it whatever happened to the Kirby treat Alex s it’s still there today mr. Bingley said with a spot it’s growing taller and taller and curvy and curvier every day tiny smell of their own Alex’s face I think I get what you’re trying to tell me daddy she said I’m glad mr. mealy now all you have to do is wake her loggers to come and chop down all your peers Alex laughs for the first time and mr Bailey always knew how to cheer up it’s up to Torrance twice as long to walk home since they moved to the rental house it was a boring home with brown walls and a flat roof windows were for you in the front yard consisted only of a play grass lawn that was barely light because those sprinklers didn’t work the Bailey’s home was cozy the clutter they had more furniture Benny have room for and none of it matched the house because it was never intended to even though that they had lived there for more than a more than half a year unpacked boxes are still lined up against the wall none of them wanted to unpack them none of them why to admit they were staying as long as they actually worked the twins immediately went upstairs into their separate bedrooms outside your desk and started homeland car awaited

his bed and started a nap I’m spectrum could’ve been mistaken for a library if it weren’t for the bright yellow bed tucked away in the Carter bookshelves of all Heights I went why they’re holding everything from chapter books to encyclopedias the iris bedroom was more like a cave in which he apparently hibernate it whenever he could it was dark and messy patches of carpet could be seen in between piles of dirty clothes a half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich rested on the floor and I’ve been there far too long for anyone’s pee some right and our so later the twins hurt cells that let their mother was visiting from work and they went downstairs to join her in the kitchen she was setting that the table while on the phone welcome through a stack of envelopes she had just collected from the mailbox Charlotte pre Bailey is a very pretty woman with red hair and freckles skin that the twins undoubtedly hadn’t inherited from her she had a huge carried heart and loved her kids more than anything else in the world unfortunately hardly ever saw her there saw their mother anymore she wasn’t nervous at the local Children’s Hospital and was forced to work constant double shifts to support the family since her husband passed away mrs. Bailey was already gone before the twins woke up every morning and would get home after the twins have gone to sleep the only time she had with the twins anymore was too brief lunch and dinner break she spent at home miss Bailey loved her job and loved taking care of children in the hospital but hated that it took time away from her own in a way the Torrance felt they had lost both their parents after their dad’s death hi guys miss Bailey said two twins have him receiving and oh did you have a good day at school looks like I possibly kind of gave her an overly enthusiastic thumbs up yes I can’t work a double this money she said into the more phone speaking with someone from the hospital no problem she lied masa envelopes she was looking through had bright red warning stickers saying final notice or payment due if you’re working the hours she worked must be we had to get creative with money sometimes she put the on wheels facedown on the table hiding them from rich ones thank you Mrs Bailey cents and phone it clicked it off she turns to her children how are you guys good they said passively miss Bailey’s mom tuition turn on she knew something was troubling her what’s the matter she has died in their faces seem a little down I was Conner I looked at you you looked at each other I’m sure what to say there Myra knew about their old house should they tell her come on the mother so is it you can tell me anything Connor said you knew it was going to happen eventually what miss bilious the household Alec said we saw today on our way home from school there was a moment before anyone said anything this wasn’t news to mrs. Bailey but the tourists could tell she was just as disappointed about it as they were in head hope they wouldn’t notice oh that Mrs Bailey said brush-off yes I know you shouldn’t be sad about it though find out bigger and better house as soon as we catch up on things here and that was that Mrs Bailey wasn’t a good liar and neither would time still Alex cutter always smiled and died along with her where did you learn in school today their mother asked so much ask with a huge smile that much my Connor my walnut spell that’s because you fell asleep in class again Alex hello Connor gave out clip 30 letter not a cat miss Bailey says shaking her head what are you gonna do with you it’s not my fault Connor said mr. Peters lessons put me to sleep it just happens it’s like my brain switches off or something sometimes even though the intrigue doesn’t work remember band training this Pelias ever remember bad arming ways and stop every time you get sleepy Connor and swing and I was positive it was foolproof miss Bailey she shook her head well I’m used to anything well don’t forget how lucky you are to be in that classroom miss Bailey said with a good do seem not look all the kids in the hospital would like nothing more than to trade places with you to go to school every day they changed our minds they met mrs. Peters Connor sat underneath his breath the phone range estimates Bailey was about to continue scrolling her son hello it’s big Bailey said answering the phone the way I’ll answer for him became very permanent tomorrow no there must be a mistake I told him I couldn’t work at all tomorrow it’s the twins 12 birthday and I was planning on spending the evening with them Alex Connor looked at each other with the same surprise expression and almost forgotten their attorney 12 the next day almost B+ there’s no one else who can cover it miss Bailey has her voice more desperate

she wants oh no III understand yes of course I’m where the staff cuts see you tomorrow mice paly hung up the phone close her eyes and loud deep just point inside I got some bad news guys she told it looks like I had to work tomorrow night so I will be here for your birthday I’ll make it up to you we’ll celebrate when I get home from work the next night all right it’s fine mom Alex it’s just that your bleep trying to make her feel better we understand it’s okay come on you weren’t really expecting anything special anyway the situation made mrs Baily feel like the worst mother in the world their understanding made her feel even worse she would have much rather watch them throw a fit or get angry or show any emotion appropriate for their age you’re a to yell to be used to disappointment Oh miss Bailey said fighting back the sadness inside hey we’ll have done did a cake how would I say no I’m just gonna go upstairs for a minute before I head back to work she left the kitchen Erin her the stairs and into her bedroom the twin spot should wait a bit before climbing up the stairs to check out her they parents her my mother’s bedroom she was sitting on the bed crying and hold the balls of his shoes in both hands talking to a frank phone of her late husband John mr. Bailey said I try to stay strong and keep our family cool it’s really hard to do without you such good kids he’ll deserve this she quickly dried her eyes once she felt at once watching her Alex O’Connor slowly walked into her room and sat on either side of her I’m so sorry for everything miss Bailey said to them just doesn’t figure but you’ve gone through all this at such a young age it’s gonna be okay mom I’ll upset you don’t need anything special for birthdays birthdays are overrated anyway comer added you know things are tight right now Mrs Bailey put her arms around how did you two become so grown-up she asked them with fiery eyes I have the lucky among the world all their eyes follow the photo missus of mr. Bailey no way your dad would say if he were here miss feely acid Torrance said right now I just love in an ugly chapter of our lives but books always get better that’s one smelled at her hoping this is true all right that’s the end of chapter two I will do Chapter three tomorrow I