How To Customize and Add Google Analytics To Your Empower Network Blog

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How To Customize and Add Google Analytics To Your Empower Network Blog

hey it’s michael wanna do a video here to show you how to take google analytics put them over on your empower network blogging system pretty simple to do here’s my empower network blog here as you can see I’ve I’ve customized it and really kind of tweaked it and changed it to make it look like make it look different everybody else’s and that’s what I like to do is make it look different than everybody else’s so that everybody is not promoting the exact same page so I’ve just changed the background I’ve changed I built a header here and I’ve changed the header course added my picture to personalize it of course you can see the blog post and stuff that I’ve been posting but anyway I’ve left this the same and have the reason I’ve done that is because this works I mean this is a proven platform right here that works somebody clicks is it takes them straight to your entire network capture page and down at the bottom same deal here i’m in the process right now building a bottom banner that’s going to be pretty similar to my top banner but just have a little bit more blue and the blues pretty attract even really kind of helps capture your eyes so that’s kind of things i’m changing right now but i’m going to show you how to do all this but the biggest thing for this video is course show you how to add google analytics that way you can track all of your results to see where your traffic is coming from and that way you can kind of see what’s what’s working and what’s not so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to go to our email now this is gmail you’re going to have to have gmail in order to to use google analytics and course gmail’s free so that’s a good thing you can just go to gmail com if you don’t have gmail and then sign up for a new account and then picked I like to pick something that’s you know like that my name in it sometimes you can’t but like this one here my filter was taken so i picked my filter 09 now I’ve got a google analytics setup on that so we’ll pick a different one here to use so what i’m going to do is sign into that account and I’m in that account so here’s what I’m going to do I’m going to go over to Google open up a new window hit google i’m going to type in google analytics and there you see it pops up right there so let’s let’s go ahead and and pick that all right so here it says access google analytics i’m going to click on that and we’re going to have to sign up so let’s click right here alright so see success now by being already signed in to your Google Account what it does it will automatically match that account right to your existing gmail account so that’s why I went ahead and sign in first that way it can match itself right to this same account it’s just easier to keep track of stuff so here’s the page you can land on it’s already sitting on website basically what we’re going to just leave this all set like it is and let’s just scroll down we’re going to set an account name so let’s pick a cat named let’s put my filter let’s go to the next my website name let’s just put now put whatever is on your website so whatever the name of your website is that’s what you want the toughest blogging system or its make money at home whatever it is that’s what you’re going to want to put so here here’s the commands that you’ve got HTTP then you got HTTPS we want to leave it set at HTTP because that’s what your blog is set it okay so here’s my blog let’s copy that let’s go back over here let’s drop that paste that right in there now see that htp we don’t want it twice so we’re going to take this out so highlight that hit delete take that out this is all that you want we could even take out that backslash there at the end so this is all you want because you’ve already got this command set here right now let’s pick industry so which industry business and industrial markets computer and electronics it fits that jobs and

education it would fit that internet and telecom yeah you could fit that online communities yeah people and social yes that would be a really good one so let’s for this example let’s go ahead and put people in society um let that said social society I’m going to put jobs and education okay so I selected that us is where I’m at so let’s select that will it or leave it the same I’m in central time so I’m going to pick central so that’s all that now let’s click get tracking ID now you’re going to have to scroll down through this this kind of proof you don’t have to read this word for word it’s just I have the first time I ever done this I read it all and took quite a while to read it but ok now we just go down here we hit accept ok page is loading all right so on the blogging system that empower network has up normally we would take this code right here we would copy it and that’s the code that we would put in our site now for this example because of the blogging platform they’ve set up this would be for like WordPress so in our WordPress site what we would do sites we would go to WordPress you know whatever our site name is we’d login we’d go to pages whatever pages we wanted to track we would go hit edit on that page go into that page and then you would go into the HTML editor on that page instead of hitting the visual mode to type in like wherever you’re going to make a post or whatever you would hit the HTML tag over the top right corner scroll down to the bottom of it and put this in at the bottom of that page and that would track that page so whatever page you want to track you have to add this code to each page that you want to track okay so we’re not going to do that in this video because this video is about the empower network blogging system so this tracking ID right here here’s the one that we want right here so let’s hit this highlight it hit copy that’s the code we want for our blogging system so let’s go here and login to our blog so you login your back office entire network all right so two ways to do this you can either go here hit edit my blog or like in this example I’ve got my blog opened up in a separate window okay see there’s no edit option here because I wasn’t logged in now I’m logged in empower network someone hit refresh on my blog and you’ll see right here a little tag is going to pop up that’s going to allow me to hit a drop down menu see there okay so now this is in the edit mode so see I could edit my photo and I want to show you this real quick before we go any further so if I want to edit my photo I would simply click right here and it’s going to open up in a browser like this I’d hit browse it would take me into my computer like this and I could pick a photo that I wanted to add that hit open so I hit the photo i hit open and i’m not going to do because i already got a photo on but it would add that photo right here and then if you like it you simply hit save image and you’re done okay on the header I custom built this header so I’m using a Mac computer you could do the same thing on windows actually Windows is probably just a little bit eat quite a little bit easier to edit and make headers then what the mac is so I i made this got it kind of sized the way I want it and then I simply loaded it by hitting edit and then what I did is I hit right here edit I went over to that that a image which I believe is right here yep right there this is the one I built and the size of this case you’re wanting to write this down the size that you need for this header is 960 x 2 65 960 x 2 65 that’s the sides you need to make it fit this platform absolutely perfect so i would click that then I would hit open now like I said in the picture I’ve already got that loaded so I’m not going to do

that so we hit cancel and then you would just simply hit save that’s pretty much it for a title what I wanted to have happen is when somebody puts their mouse anywhere on this header or clicks it I want it to open up in another window and take them to my landing page my capture page okay so what i did is i title it Mike Pilcher and then I put my capture page right here you could do the same thing with yours so destination URL that’s a website that you can take them to I recommend a capture page so you can take them to your empower network capture page or like if you’ve got the d IM if you’re on my team you’ve got d IM big idea mastermind marketing system because as part of our team you get it for free so you could take them to a capture page of that of the be i am so i built a capture page right here and let me just show you what the capture page looks like there it is so if somebody clicks on that header it takes them straight to this capture page I get a lot of leads by doing this okay so just something I highly recommend once you’ve got all that set hit save and you’re done with this this right here okay now to hit to change this background here’s what I did I hit this little plus and by the way for we go further you can do the same thing with this if you want to change this simply hit right there hit this and you can do the very same thing right here also tidal destination these are preset to go to your empower network capture page the one that’s got almost a secret embedded in it this is that’s why I left this blank because that’s where I want it to go okay so there’s that and then the last thing is your your header or your footer same thing you can just click this image right here it goes over to your computer settings you can find your pictures you like whatever same deal here set a title a destination just like we did up in our header and this is set to default which takes them to also my entire network capture page so I’ve left that alone because my entire network capture pages I’ve got set to go to my get response autoresponder so if anybody ops into any one of those capture pages puts them right on my list inside of my autoresponder which I highly recommend so that is that now let’s get down to adding this customizing the rest of it and then the code hit this plus you’ll drop down it gives you options here’s your background color right here so you see mine is black I just went right here I selected black I hit Save Changes that’s it okay you’ve got footer you can change your foot around if you’ll notice on mine I’ve changed some things I’ve added this I’ve changed a few other things here added my personal website my killer calm and my filter LLC then I’ve got one of my capture pages added there as well I’d hit Save Changes after I added all that and I’m done page page customization what I did here was I just added a title to help getting a few more places in the search engines that’s all I did so when somebody hovers over this right here this is kind of what’s going to show up so that’s why I did this custom domain now I’ve got this forwarded through this platform and it’s not really a Ford it’s kind of embedded but it’s called cname and I used my filter net so by doing this this this walks you right through it so excuse me when you first come in here it’s going to look a little different this because it’s going to have you fill out blanks you’ll have blanks all along here that you add your custom domain you want to use and just follow the step step by step because it’s real real simple to to do it so just follow the steps and it’ll walk you right through it and then you’ll hit verify and it will tell you whether it did it or not so it’s real simple to do it okay so that’s that’s pretty much it on how to do all that all the different settings everything is really pretty simple all in the other thing is in your site select right here

these tags different pages are set with these all right here when you first get your system I left home and I end check the rest and I set my own pages where I want people to go to and basically it’s all capture pages so i title it make money blogging so that’s a page name i sent it to one of my capture pages another page is 30 days to 10 cake and we have a program that’s name that i’ve got that going to capture page free marketing system we have a free marketing system if you’re on our team so that’s going to that autoresponder tools that goes to that join mike Pilcher and I’ve got to join my culture calm which takes them straight to my signup page for my Empire network after I added all that stuff I’d hit Save Changes and I’m done that’s that’s it I chose to uncheck turn off the blog search bar I just didn’t think it was all that attractive so I turned it off I turned off the empower network branding there again I don’t want the first thing in your face nothing i’m trying to hide anything but i don’t want the first thing that my prospects see is in power network I don’t want people to prejudge there again I’m not hiding anything I just don’t want people prejudging so I do that with everything I don’t really mention name of what I’m promoting on any capture page do anything blog or anything because I don’t want prejudging I want them to be able to see everything see some videos see some proof see some belief maybe success stories before they see exactly what it is ok so hope that makes sense after you select all that hit Save Changes and you’re done all right now SEO options set a name for your page ok you can set just a simple Meta Description tag it’s always good to have just a slight description this one says this is a mobile blogging platform that will transform the life of anyone that uses it every day true statement ok then you’ve got meta tag your meta keyword tags just use some basic simple like here’s mine mobile blogging mobile blog apps blogging system mobile blog basically that’s it ok so now here’s what the video is about remembered we copied this code right here in our mouse highlight right click copy let’s go back over here to our blog and right here where it says google analytics that’s where we’re going to drop this code in so see I’ve already got one in here so i would that would be blank for you so we would drop our code right in there so we’ve right click we hit paste there’s the code and then we hit Save Changes okay that’s it it’s that simple to change and add tracking to this platform okay so that’s pretty much it for this video I just want to kind of share those things with you and show you that it’s that simple then of course the other thing I encourage you to do is blog daily you just you just do exactly what the training inside and fire Network teaches your blog daily you know you’re not going to get tremendous results right away just being honest you’re not going to make thousands upon thousands of dollars your first day or your first week maybe because on you what you do but just put up what I do is I just put a good content something that would be helpful to people you know just like right here this post I made this morning like i said i’m using a mac computer so what are you doing to back up your mac computer are you doing anything or your Windows computer are you backing it up are you just thinking maybe that nothing will ever happen to it and then when something does happen you lose all your records you lose everything and you’re basically getting to have to guess and start from scratch with with another computer so what I do is I back up all my stuff on this passport now I got a two terabyte which is just an enormous storage that’s huge basically one terabyte is equal to a thousand gigabytes so this is two thousand you gigabyte which is just massive so I’ll back this thing up a couple times a month and then whatever is inside of it like my computer said I’m backing it up ever you know twice two month or whatever the older files

that’s the same as the newer files it will go ahead if it max that it would go ahead and delete the older files so it only does that on stuff that’s alike that’s similar so I just made that post because I’m just sharing people how use this simple device to back up my computer and then this other one right here is my wife’s because she uses a Windows platform so I got her this one that is is for windows she backs up hers as well that way if anything ever happens you know power surge and it mess up a computer or anything that way you got your stuff all backed up so you just never know it’s good to have stuff back def you can take this as portable comes a little carrying case you can pack it with you everywhere you go you’ve got you can you can download anything to it you want textures videos whatever and if you don’t want to keep it on your hard drive on your computer put it on this let this be your storage because what this is it’s an external hard drive so this is an external hard drive not only you can backup but you can store pictures and it keeps your computer fresh and fast by not having all that stuff on even though I’ve got a you know just like this mac computer mine it’s one terabyte hard drive so its massive massive hard drive but I still don’t keep everything on I let this keep all my stuff and it keeps my computer even faster and that way I don’t have all that stuff on there in case something what’s to happen so that’s just that you know here’s another post I made you know a lot of people ask all the time what what do you post about how do you how do you make post this is just a simple post that I went to Google I’ve got videos on my blog that shows you how to do this where to get the traffic how to how to blog what to blog about how to find what to blog about and you can go see that but this here was a airline commercial airline that I just went to Google typed in top stories today and this was one of the top stories is out there with about 10 million others but I thought it was pretty interesting it wasn’t full of a bunch of negative which I just I don’t like so i just posted about it but it was about south west southwest airlines lands at wrong air port and almost runs off the end of runway well the reason it did that because there was only about eight miles from the original destination but for whatever reason GPS or whatever it was air traffic control they went to a downtown airport this was in Missouri and downtown airports are not equipped to handle jumbo jets like this they’ve got shorter runways so the reason this almost went off the runway is because the runway was way way too short but it didn’t everything was good but I thought it was an interesting story it wasn’t full of a bunch of negative and garbage so I thought you know it’s cool to post about it it’s just just another way to get traffic and then what I did is I took just a little bit of the original story from one of the news channels and then I typed in the rest of mine in my own words and then I linked to their story so here it is I’ve got it linking right to their story which helps it helps my post so this this will pop up in several different categories of the search engines about this story so it’s just a good way to get traffic and it’s just a good post that things taken like forever but anyway that’s that’s where it goes it goes to a news page so we’re not going to yeah there you go so you can kind of see it it just it just links anytime you can link to another page that’s already got Authority you know just like this site here I mean that’s a news channel so it’s got Authority it’s already ranked good as far as Alexa ranking so that’s just going to help you and then then go here watch the video kind of a neat little video and they can see the rest of the story like I said it just it just helps you your post your blog get even better results so that is the end of the video I thank you for taking the time to hang out here with me and I’ll see you in the next video god bless bye bye