WATCH- Women for Trump Empower Hour with Katrina Pierson, Cynthia Garrett, and Dr. Scott Schmidt

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WATCH- Women for Trump Empower Hour with Katrina Pierson, Cynthia Garrett, and Dr. Scott Schmidt

and that is something that the ikea the leftists are trying to push here in america as well which is forget the past before this coronavirus hit he had the economy booming and red yellow black and white americans of all stripes were able to take advantage of american prosperity despite president trump’s common sense approach joe biden and democrats aren’t coming around to the same reality they want to keep the schools close this is joe biden this is a man who wants to be president and he can’t find the time in his little video to say he’s proud of this country we’ve never lived up to it he says i don’t think that if joe biden was president we would see these types of gains it is because of donald trump’s policies and what he has done to help our country grow again thank you mr president it’s an honor to be here with you and to hear these stories on why the fight for freedom can never be forgotten what is happening in our backyard today i experienced as an 11 year old a guy named castro republicans are the party of freedom democrats are the party of socialism and worse we are one people one family and one glorious nation under god we will make america great again welcome to team trump online good evening everyone and welcome to women for trump empower hour i’m katrina pearson advisor to the president’s reelection campaign and tonight i’m joined by the founder of cynthia garrett ministries and the author of the newly released i chose victory moving from victim to victor cynthia garrett as well as behavioral health expert and psychiatry and psychology dr scott smith thank you both for joining us this evening hi katrina it’s nice to see you well we’re excited to have you both here this evening there’s a lot going on in the world so let’s dive right in one of the most important issues we’re facing across the nation right now is sending our children back to school parents need to get back to work to provide for their families and children need to be back in school with their peers let’s be honest the radical left is playing political games with our kids and they think that keeping kids home will hurt president trump this november in cynthia what’s the end game for democrats in this push to keep children at home and how long do you think this will last i think the end game is power to be quite frank with you i think it’s all about power i i you know i raised a bunch of boys right one that i birthed and then a bunch of adopted boys and then i picked up more and more and more along the way because my son played basketball at a very very high level as did his friends and do his friends and one of the interesting things that i have seen is this violation of a lesson that i taught my my boys growing up never be a sore loser when you lose you brush off your shoulders and you move forward you reassess your game you work harder and you go out prepared to win unfortunately you know i was a lifelong democrat before i took the beer goggles off right so unfortunately what i have seen is a party that has been stuck in something that would never be allowed on a field of competition and that’s called being a sore loser and when you’re a sore loser you don’t move forward you don’t offer solutions you don’t reassess your game plan and come back stronger you just attack the other person and you know there’s one of my favorite sayings is from eleanor roosevelt and she talks about how great minds discuss ideas but small minds discuss people i’m sick and tired of hearing the democrats only discuss president trump and not discuss anything else so the end game here to me is i’m a sore loser i lost four years ago i’ll do anything to win even if i have to tell you that you can’t send your kid to school and even if statistics say that this is damaging to your kids power it’s a power grab yeah you know and we’re seeing this more and more through the democrat spectrum whether it’s kids or masks for that matter um you know and there is something to be said with you know the the negativity will use the word when it comes to

losing and not processing that internally and figuring out how you can be better at something and so i think that is a huge point to make and i know it’s really hard on my kid who’s now 23 but you know he was right there in that generation where everybody got a trophy and i just was adamantly opposed to that so you know dr schmidt in that vein you know as an expert what are the dangers of having children isolated for such long periods of time yeah katrina it’s so so damaging i think that kids more than anything else need to develop their social skills school is more than just a catalyst for learning reading writing math geography english skills literature skills this is a place where they’re learning how to socialize this is the most important fundamental component of school is learning how to play nice learning how to have dialogue learning how to have dissenting opinion in conversations this starts at a very young age when a little kid goes and steals cancer on says throughout our entire time developing and um it really requires peer interaction and unfortunately with schools being closed i’ve seen it in my own practice this has been really detrimental to people’s health especially kids but not just kids adults too parents i love what dr schmidt just said about socializing thing katrina if i might add this because because i’ve noticed when i go out walking in my neighborhood through this pandemic people go out and they take their dogs to the little doggy park area right the doc doc we know dogs need to be socialized in a dog park to learn to get along and not bite other dogs right so i’m i’ve often stopped and said are they trying to make our kids like dogs like our kids don’t need to be socialized but it’s okay to go to a dog park and socialize your dog like there’s so much of this that’s so rooted in hypocrisy and and absurdity that i just wonder if i just wonder if the democrats honestly as a party think that we’ve lost our minds and that americans are really stupid i do i think that’s exactly what they think i mean even if you know you’ve heard the home school uh argument really about you know well there’s a lot of people that homeschool their kids their home just fine and but the thing is what they don’t know about homeschool children is that their parents also put them in other activities to socialize them with other children and so i think it’s been truly eye-opening for many people who at least consider to call themselves a democrat prior to all of this chaos but you know president trump has met with parents educators and medical professionals and they all agree that it’s imperative for our kids to get back in school this fall but meanwhile joe biden and the democrats are ignoring that advice and want to do exactly the opposite so cynthia we were just talking about do do people see through this do you think they are seeing through this or do you think that a lot of people just aren’t saying anything or do they even know what’s happening you know what katrina i think it’s a combination of all three i think a lot of people are so used to being able to trust that you know even people who didn’t trust government have some level of trust for the government i think that one of the things that’s been incredibly difficult is realizing how egregiously deceptive so much of what our government has been about is really that that’s really occurring right now and so i think that parents you know need to understand at this point right now like it’s critical that we understand that this is really about the onward push that exists fundamentally in in the liberal party to tell you what to do to control your life it’s about power and control for the elite and those who have over those who don’t have and it’s it’s it’s you know this deception of well it’s really the republicans who want that i i have found in my experiences and it’s just not true you know and and you know beyonce made a statement at the bet awards recently and she said you know you gotta vote like your your life depends on it well i think that’s true but if you vote like your life depends on it that means you have to wake up and start looking at what’s really going on and that means you got to be open to the fact that maybe your paradigm has to shift from one way that you’ve been thinking about you know the party that you pledge allegiance to and sadly it’s huge you know there’s this huge pledge of allegiance by african americans to the democratic party and i think you just have to wake up and

and you know if you want it then you should have put a ring on it and when you’ve had decades and decades and decades to put a ring on someone and you still haven’t then you have to sing the janet jackson song okay liberals what have you done for me lately and the answer is literally nothing right but here’s the thing maybe someone’s you know paradigm doesn’t need to shift maybe they just need to open their eyes and see what paradigm is playing out right before you because if you’re going to vote as your life depends on it you might want to look around and see what’s actually impacting your life and make that decision accordingly and but you know understandably uh there are some parents who you know with reason are worried about their children going back to school so dr schmidt you know what are some precautions that schools or parents should even take to ensure that everyone is safe even those for the children who may be more vulnerable yeah i think it comes down to at the end of the day you have to weigh the pros and cons this is how we practice in a professional medical setting we say do the risks outweigh the benefits or do benefits outweigh risks and we really need to measure that wholly i think a lot of these measures that have taken to prevent risk um you know there’s some some warrant to what we’re doing however we’re introducing so much more risk from other health issues specifically cardio metabolic disease which we talked about last week you know 650 000 people died a year from cardiometabolic disease where these are huge huge numbers not to mention people not getting cancer care treatments and for parents the other thing there is a risk we know that when people we know this from 2008 2009 during the financial crash that there was big spikes in stress-related disorders big spikes in suicide people when they have trouble being able to provide for themselves provide for families that introduces a whole gamut of risks and if we keep people at home from school well parents are going to have to stay home too and when they’re staying home it’s not i my sister-in-law stays home with pretty young children and it’s not easy for her to maintain her livelihood staying home doing her work can she even do her work effectively while she’s managing three kids at home schools play such an important part in that socially beyond again reading and writing and their own socialization but it does provide a social structure and net so that it allows adults to go to work um yeah so it’s it’s definitely a big concern i think we you look at things on a case-by-case basis if somebody when i admit them to the hospital i say they need to be on this medicine as they were into a hospital that would be very myopic in terms of how i practice i have to say what is this person’s unique circumstance and what treatment does this really warrant if any and how are we going to make those interventions but we never make blanket policies in terms of caring for the health of people that i serve so i think in the same vein we’d have to look at things that way but i am really concerned of having a virtual classroom kids are already disconnected through being on social media for over a decade now we need to make sure we’re doing our best to integrate kids as people not virtually you know that’s a great point you know i had never considered the fact that this generation coming up has really their whole lives are already digital and so they’ve lost that you know person-to-person contact even at the dinner table you see some children still you know on their devices so i think that’s probably why things are worse now that they haven’t been in school that’s a really great point and you know it is sad and it’s unfortunate that but there are a lot of people who are out there trying to get their kids back in school for a whole host of reasons um but we we have a candidate in joe biden who has sworn allegiance to teachers unions not students or parents teachers unions and they want children to stay home and they’re playing into the fear and they’re really pushing this narrative and they actually have no interest in protecting children because there are no solutions that come along with this um so while the teacher unions are pushing democrats like joe biden and others to adopt these anti-school stands because that’s really what it is here there’s a lot of children who can’t even get access to some of the resources that they need so cynthia why don’t the unions want the kids back in school well i i because i think unfortunately unions which started out for the people by the people

just like our country has become about for those in control for more control for those at the top for more money and that is the problem teachers unions there are some great teachers out there i come from a family of educators and teachers and i think great teachers should be paid more money the problem is i don’t understand how those great teachers have become as blind as the many great african-americans and african-american stories that are bamboozled by this liberal thinking that someone’s going to come in from outside in a party and save us no one’s saving teachers teachers have to save themselves and the best way that they can save themselves is to stop believing this rhetoric of these unions that were formed for education which is about an industrial era it’s not about the future so teachers really and truly are thinking about themselves and that’s a problem it’s a problem spiritually it’s a problem systemically if i might use that word and it’s a problem mentally that people have we’ve become a nation of victims victims are they live in blame they live in anger and they think only about themselves when you really and truly do start thinking about other people you say i can’t tell dr schmidt what to do in his home i can’t tell katrina what to do in hers it’s his choice whether or not he wants his child to go to school by the way it feeds into the bigger passion of mine that i really believe in is that it’s really parents choice to choose their their schools so all of this really it’s like i don’t understand how we have leaders who think that it’s okay to tell us as parents that our kids can go and get an abortion without our consent yet we have no right to keep them home from school it’s just it’s it’s completely hypocritical and again it’s a power grab and it’s what unfortunately the democratic party is about bigger government bigger control over people and over homes and over families will give you ten dollars so that you can live on rather than give you the ability to choose where you want to live and how you make your ten dollars which is the foundation of capitalism and globalists hate capitalism and biden has been a part of this push for all of that for so long that i just it’s time we wake up and stop being you know blind sheep yeah just that that going along to get along since that that seems to be out there and you know dr schmidt mentioned this you know there’s no one-size-fits-all but to your point sofia that’s exactly what the democrats policies always are one size fits all healthcare for example one size fits all everything for these guys but the best part about it is i’ve often wondered why no one in the press ever asked these politicians if this one size fits all is so great for everyone are you going to give up your cadillac insurance and go into the exchange with everyone else because that has not happened so it makes you wonder what would also happen if we continue down this path of one size fits all and you’re right this is ultimate control of everything and when someone wants to control everything about everyone else dr schmidt that sounds a lot like narcissism yeah it’s it’s a slippery slope for sure i mean the same vein we know what happened to george floyd and watching it was really really terrible um but if we do a one-size-fits-all approach this is what we see now we see oh defund the police all police officers are bad we know that that is not true um if if we said that about teachers i’m sure there are i believe those teachers i come from a family of myself too i suppose i i am an educator myself faster than colorado but i i do know there are some bad apps out there and there are some bad teachers we’re not talking about defunding teaching defunding uh educators maybe we should be and and we should but i think it goes back to the point unions started out in a really good positive way we don’t want seven-year-old kids turning wrenches at steam factory right we want it for for pennies on the dollar but it has transformed into something where it’s not about the worker anymore these unions are really about power and control so it’s um yeah it’s definitely a slippery slope i am baffled by the fact that people time and time again just side with these unions uh it’s also concerning too a lot of teachers i’m seeing on social media saying no like we shouldn’t go back to school because it’s unsafe um but in healthcare i i don’t hear a lot of my colleagues saying oh we shouldn’t go to the hospital because it’s unsafe they

say we need more preventative measures we need more protective we need better testing beforehand and that’s in higher risk population hospitals always have sicker people than in the school so yeah that’s my take on it really um but yeah definitely disturbing trends over the past few months well thank you both for that insight and you know perhaps maybe taxpayers should have a refund of their property taxes since our kids haven’t been in school and then maybe just maybe the elected officials when the tax revenue begins to drop will will reconsider these types of things so with that we are going to take a short break and be right back after this little commercial break stay right there seattle’s pledged to defund its police department by 50 even including a proposal to remove 9-1-1 dispatchers from police control joe biden said he’s absolutely on board with defunding the police listen closer yes hello you’ve reached 911 i’m sorry that there is no one here to answer your emergency call but leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can we know you want to give donald trump four more years to fight for you in washington but he isn’t just up against joe biden he’s up against the democrat fundraising machine and he needs all the help he can get don’t just assume because his opponent hasn’t completed a single sentence that this campaign is over crazy things happen like this woman becoming speaker of the house support the president today by texting trump to 88022 donald trump is counting on every single one of his supporters to text trump to 88022 now i’m donald trump and i approve this message and welcome back to women for trump empower hour i’m katrina pearson back with cynthia garrett and dr scott smith you know guys in recent months joe biden has become a vessel for the far left radicals within this party it’s undeniable what this is now and you know it’s become more obvious and now it’s actually brought to the forefront of the 2020 election with his new socialist unity platform with bernie sanders so rather than be an advocate for america’s children joe biden has become the advocate for radical policies like defunding the police so cynthia what is running through joe biden’s mind if we can even ponder that um because silence is consent with regard to policy so why is he advocating for these insane far left policies oh because i think what’s i think what’s running through his mind katrina is how do i win what do i have to do to win how do i get in power and his party is trying to squeeze him into whatever platform they think will work to get him elected and that’s really been biden’s thing all along you know in his he biden was big against anti-bussing and and integrating our schools back in the 70s and i don’t know why i’m the only one that remembers this or why i’m the only one who reads his con his statements you know in congressional records where he’s just like you know why should we send our white kids over there to their subpar schools why should we bring them into our neighborhoods to our schools because when they see how the other half lives they’re going to be angry and they’re going to go back to their ghettos angry well guess what you know biden and all of that kind of rhetoric and thinking is why you have these kids now running around with black lives matters banners and yes black lives matter the statement matters but they have no idea what organization they’re pledging allegiance to at all so they’re running around and they hate their own neighborhoods and they hate your neighborhood too and it’s like biden i think really and truly he’s such a puppet at this stage of his life and it’s really sad because i’ve often looked at him and thought you know this man’s had a lot of drama and grief in his life he should be at home really and truly living out the rest of his life instead he’s with this party that’s willing to prop him up open up his eyelids and tell him the words to speak and that’s what i see when i see him and it’s very very very scary because to me the only thing running through his mind is how do i get in power and if i have to pretend to be on the very far left and change everything that i’ve said that i believe and am for decades to get there then i’ll do that and and and it’s just the only people losing are is us there’s we’re losing and we’ve seen that though right i mean 50 years of joe biden’s policies uh the minority community has taken the hit the working class is taking a hit whether you talk about trade i mean

there’s just we don’t have enough time in the programs that we have even combined to talk about the number of policies that joe biden has advocated for that has destroyed families who’ve separated minority children many times permanently from their parents and the list goes on and on and on and speaking of advocating for children as president trump has done since the beginning july just happens to be minority mental health month and we’ve seen their experience um that keeping minority children at home is very disproportionately impacting as everything disproportionately impacts minority children but dr schmidt what are some of the effects they’re actually taking place and keeping minority children home and could you just explain to us why it’s even more essential for minority children to get back in school yeah i would say it reaches even beyond minority but those of low socioeconomics status one thing that schools do provide that’s predominantly in inner city schools is they provide two meals a day and that’s a huge huge burden that parents might have to shoulder if they’re teaching kids remotely from home let alone when will they be able to work these again it’s just becomes this issue of we’re reducing people’s livelihoods um and and i think the nutrition too health behaviors kids learn from school how to eat healthy because two out of three or four meals a day are coming from schools i used to research this at the university of pennsylvania and health behaviors are really ingrained in during the school setting and without having structured recess without having an ability to have these healthy meals multiple times a day that’s where i think specifically inner city youth are at greatest risk um from just a practical standpoint again we talk about the socialization we obviously know that learning the basic reading writing fundamental skills are important but yeah that is one big piece that i worry about for kids yeah it’s it’s really sad and you know in that same vein uh you know this is the women for trump and power hour so let’s talk about women cynthia i mean president trump has made it his mission to empower women especially single mothers like myself you know it’s really hard right now for single moms to stay home and teach their children when they are the sole prima financial provider for their households so i know that this is also an issue that is uh very close to you and you’re very passionate about it so i’d like to give you an opportunity to take a few minutes and just discuss with our audience how you see this impacting single-parent households you know katrina i you know i was a single mom until my son was 15 years old and my yeah i was raised by by a single mother you know my my parents divorced when i was around 13 and and i remember the impact of that and i i remember thank god i had two parents who stayed friends until you know one of them went to heaven but i have such a heart for single moms because i realized something you know i worked i worked i had to work you know sometimes i had to take the work trip because i had to pay for school or i had to pay the bills right sometimes i took the show that i didn’t want to take you know because i had to to tell someone you now have to stay at home you know and you have to effectively teach your child which is which is teaching is not a job you can so easily marginalize and that’s why i don’t even understand teachers unions being behind this they’re marginalizing themselves is it if it’s that easy for us as parents especially single moms to stay home and teach our kids then i really don’t need you and we really should be talking about what i spoke about in my newsweek op-ed a few weeks ago don’t defund the police defund the schools give me the money that’s allocated to my child and let me choose what school that i should go to unless you’re thinking that single moms and single parents and poor people are too stupid to choose their own schools for their children that’s what i feel like the very liberal elites are saying to us because they refuse to allow us to control the choices that we want to make for our children i think that you know single moms know a lot about faith right takes a great faith to get through a lot of challenges and a lot of the things that we have to go through and that we have to confront i i i know you get this you know and so for me it becomes really really really angering to have someone basically try to play god judge and jury for my home and my life and if you’re going to be like you know

if you’re going to play god judge and jury for my home in my life then you better be a better god a better judge and a better jury and i don’t see anything in years and years and years of my experience unfortunately with the democratic party that is about anything more than give the people everything they need throw the sheep some crumbs but just don’t let them get through our private community gates keep them out of our neighborhoods and i’ve seen too much of the hypocrisy especially inside of the hollywood elite system to sit here and lie to myself and pretend that it’s something different well most of the time it’s not and that’s not to say that there are bad people who are democrats there are some good people but there are a lot more good people who are misguided by this point today in my mind than not so for single moms i think it’s just outrageous to think that you can burden a single mother with the added burden of now you have to educate your child we do enough to try to educate our kid we do enough to try to feed our kids we do enough to try to build a good life and and exemplify values and morals that they should have through our own behavior without saying stay home and on top of stay home and educate your kids that means you don’t have a job that you can go to i know that mothers want schools open because both my sister and my mother have their daycare providers they’ve got 20 30 young children with parents calling them every day saying are you open this week are you going to reopen my mother’s 76 she has a very real sort of reason for kind of going need to think about whether or not i should expose myself to this and you know i’m the oldest of six kids dr schmidt and katrina so my thing is mom you’re 76 if between the six of us we can’t figure out how to take care of you you did something wrong so but my sister is a lot younger than that and my sister’s going i’m healthy i can reopen these mothers are going crazy they want to go to work they need to go to work their their inner city poor single moms the majority of them how on earth are we how on earth could people be so desensitized at the top of liberal leadership how has j i know joe biden doesn’t really like black people and i i know that’s a statement in a vacuum you’re right we don’t have enough time to unpack the 19 reasons why i say he’s racist and he doesn’t care about african-americans and only someone who doesn’t care about african-americans can say basically if you don’t like me you know you’re not black i mean that’s crazy but how on earth can they be so desensitized to the fact that single moms especially need to go to work and if given the choice a single parent and most of the parents that i know are saying hey let us decide whether or not we’re going to expose ourselves to our kids going to school and coming home with covet 19 which i got a lot of theories about that anyway because when i follow the science i’m not so sure i travel all around america and in a lot of small towns in america where kids really and truly can return to school they don’t have this problem you know they just they it’s not the same in franklin tennessee as it is in you know downtown los angeles maybe why are we trying to put this one-size-fits-all form of leadership on this nation it’s not about that man don’t tell me what to do with me and mine you know it’s that whole cherry picking of information that seems to be driving this narrative um we won’t get into that but i will say that a lot of people um are very much having their eyes open and perhaps that is the divine way to wake up this country to see um just who these people are whom they’re being governed by and have been for so many decades because you know it’s not just joe biden it’s the party in general they have taken full advantage of minority communities and yes they do think that minorities are stupid you have to think that they are stupid if you don’t think that they are incapable of feeding and clothing themselves and taking care of their own children dr schmidt do you have any advice for single moms who are dealing with this issue right now i would say say strong for sure it’s it’s very challenging and a lot of this is at the behest of what happens on a policy level truly um but i think it really does need to start with considering reopening schools that will really leverage people’s ability to actually go out work and provide for their kids while their kids receive an education i

agree with cynthia it’s not easy for us to say oh even seventh grade algebra i remember foil i remember that but it’s really difficult to go and sit down and start helping your seventh grader with math um if you have other things on your mind these are not easy concepts that’s why we need to so it’s important that we have kids in school so that they can continue to progress well especially with the funny math that they have now i have a degree in biology i took calculus based physics and i could not help my niece in the third grade do division they don’t do math the same way anymore she was teaching me this new weird way that they’re doing simple division so i feel horrible for the single moms who are having to try and figure all this out i mean i’ve been there and i’ve done that but things are so much more different today than they were back then so thank you both um for that insight as well and i’d like to get your final thoughts now but before i do i want to give our audience several ways to get involved with the trump campaign because the election is only a few months away and there’s still so much more that you could do from home to ensure four more years of president trump and first download the new trump 2020 campaign app it is available on apple and android and sign up at to get more involved to stay in touch with the trump campaign text trump to 88022 and to get involved with our wonderful women for trump coalition text empower to 88022 and now i’d like to get our guests final thoughts dr schmidt let’s start with you what are your final thoughts for this evening yeah i think the final thoughts are for women specifically and single mothers but these are the rocks of a family unit and it’s so important for them to thrive and finding ways to take care of yourself if you are a single mother or if you’re a mother that’s ahead taking care of kids at home um really important to take care of yourself find those ways to stress find healthy outlets find ways for you to connect with your children try to find opportunities in this inopportune time for sure and then be advocates really be critical thinkers and speak your voices speak out i think it’s so easy to be silent because a small majori majority of people i would actually say majority of people are making so much noise that it’s scary to actually speak our minds so um don’t be afraid to vocalize your real concerns because that’s the way that people actually have those oh yeah if there is ever a time to be bold it is now um and not being that advocate for your children could cost us everything cynthia what are your final thoughts you know uh katrina i think i i often go back to the foundation of this nation and it really you know it doesn’t it doesn’t matter what you believe it it doesn’t matter whether you’re a christian or not i will say this though 90 somewhat percent of this nation professes to have faith and faith is not about being stupid as i think unfortunately a lot of liberals want to paint the crazy cuckoo evangelicals who believe that by faith they won’t get covet you know out here in california governor newsome actually said that we we shouldn’t sing in church you know i look yeah it’s it’s almost like as a mother if i had you know i would slap him in the back of the head like my grandmother used to do me right you know or my brothers and say boy are you stupid have you lost your brains you know because the reality is that it’s really and truly a return to faith that gives people strength to get through difficult circumstances and and we don’t have time to go into all of that but i founded my ministry because i believe that faith makes us better human beings for me it’s my christian faith you know for a majority of americans you know where is the faith in living in fear that’s what terrorism is about and i feel like unfortunately i turn on this very convenient leftist argument you know and it’s all about instilling fear in americans this disease exists you are smart enough to have you know the balance of faith and medical advice and science on your show i mean kudos to you because i’ve always believed and in my study of the bible science lines up with the word of god and the word of god lines up with science most people just don’t really know that but right my husband and my son are such severe

scholars and intellectuals that they pick apart everything until they come to the exact answer and i always i always say i dare anybody to argue with either one of them and come out on the other side of what i just said science and the bible line up perfectly now that said we have to be careful and you know i flew in yesterday i put my mask on on the plane i get it but the reality is we’re not being told the truth i’m on a plane with people sitting who don’t know each other sitting three by three or you know two by two well where’s the social distancing there in an airplane i don’t i mean i don’t see anyone you know shutting down the airline industry but yet we want to go after the smallest group of people that children you know they’re they’re not affected by this disease in the same way follow the science we know that but why i believe the agenda is and will always be about our children you know in the bible it says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities that’s going to be way out there for some of you but let me just quickly explain our fights not against each other our fight is against evil agendas it is an evil agenda to try to lock children in their homes and basically start to prey on their mental health it is an evil agenda to assume that all single and poor parents across this nation even have computers they don’t many people don’t have cable many people don’t have internet there’s such a disconnect from the heartbeat of what makes america america and i saw it when i was living in kansas and left hollywood for a good six years and i traveled all through the midwest for the first time in my life and my mind was radically open and my i it was blown because i met americans who love this country and they love this country like i do and they have faith and they worked hard and for the first time in my life i saw young people who couldn’t get a college education you know because their parents didn’t have the money to do that and this isn’t a black issue or a white issue this is not a liberal issue or or a conservative issue this is an issue of us walking away from the foundation of faith and greatness that makes us america and that’s why that’s why i said you know what i gotta look at donald trump i gotta look at his actions permanently funding hbcu and increasing their budget is a really good action prison reform is a really good action you know he he’s done things each day i mean tim scott tried to offer a a police reform bill we don’t need to defund police do we need to reform things sure but defunding the police falls back on the communities that need the police the most black and brown communities my mother who is a lifelong democrat looked at me and she said i want to pick up the phone and i don’t want 9-1-1 to be a joke you know what i’m saying like it’s most people won’t catch that but i caught that thank you okay exactly yeah i grew up in a musical family as well so a lot of my references will always go back to music in some form or fashion you know but it’s like come on you know i’m only opening my voice and using my mouth because i really care about my nation and i care about my son and what my grandkids are going to get and we’ve got to radically look at our conservative values and re-embrace the faith that we claim that we are and we have and we’ve dropped the ball in that way you know we have we did i think it’s it’s time that we come back you know the american spirit um is alive and well and i think that a lot of people are now you know doing what they’re supposed to do as american citizens and that is to hold your government accountable and all politics starts local and i think people are really understanding what that phrase means now and how important it is to look at home before you look at the presidency and blame someone who’s only been in politics for the last four years and instead looking at those who’ve been in politics and actually controlling your life for the last four decades so thank you both so much for joining us this evening and i want to thank everyone at home for tuning in tonight and check out our online schedule for the next episode of women for trump empower hour and the other team trump online broadcast and remember we have to bypass the fake news media so please like and share our programs across all social media platforms and until then stay safe stay healthy and we will see you next time