【English Sub】Emergency Physician – EP 32 急诊科医生 | Romance Chinese Dramas

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【English Sub】Emergency Physician – EP 32 急诊科医生 | Romance Chinese Dramas

[music] 阳光会被遮挡 Sunshine disappears sometimes [music] 想成为风 I want to be wind [music] 让天空再晴朗 To make the it shine again [music] 指尖闪烁微光 Fingertips are shimmering [music] 那是希望 Hope, as it is [music] 衬托生命的坚强 Sets off the firmness of life [music] 不曾动摇信仰 My faith never wavers [music] 守护你 All I wish [music] 是唯一的愿望 Is to be with you [music] 坚持心的方向 Follow the indication of my heart [music] 救死扶伤 Heal the wounded and rescue the dying [music] 负起担当 Take on burdens [music] 紧握住你的双手 Hold your hands [music] 想温暖你的胸膛 Warm your heart [music] 岁月绵长 Life is long [music] 时光静淌 But time is short [music] 还有爱在你身旁 Love is here by your side [music] 怀抱住你的肩膀 Cuddle you around your shoulders [music] 想平复你受的伤 Calm you on your wound [music] 看到你的 Your smile [music] 微笑模样 As I can see [music] 是眼中最美的景象 Is the most beautiful thing in the world 大夫 这两天挺好的 Doctor, I’ve been fine for two days 然后肚子也不疼了 Then my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore 这吃饭吧 也挺好的 I can eat normally, too 切口长得也不错 The incision is fine 再观察几天就可以出院了 You can leave the hospital after a few more days of observation 何主任 ChiefHe, 我们这到底是怎么回事啊 What the hell is going on with us 这什么原因造成的 What causes this 为什么会出血呀 Why is it bleeding 真是对不起 I’m really sorry 什么原因我们也不知道 We don’t know why 您也不知道 You don’t know 这两次手术可都是您做的呀 You did both of these operations 这要再出血怎么办 What if we bleed again 我们现在都不敢出院了 We dare not leave the hospital now 想想这事都挺害怕的 I’m afraid to think about it 这几天 These days 我们也一直在查病例 查资料 we have also been checking the cases and data 人体非常复杂 The human body is very complex 我们医生呢 也不是神仙 Our doctors are not gods 虽然说医学发展到今天 Although great progresses have been made 进步已经很大了 in the development of medicine today, 但还是有很多盲点 there are still many blind spots 大夫 您说的这些我都明白 I understand what you’re saying, doctor 但什么原因不知道 But you don’t know why 我们 我们心里确实挺害怕的 We are… We are really scared 何主任 Chief He, 我这两天查到一些 I’ve detected a few rare cases 极少数的病例 these two days 他的情况有可能是 His condition may 由影响凝血功能的 have been caused by a blood disorder 血液病引起的 that affects clotting 很多病呢 A lot of diseases 在常规的术前检查 are not detected 都是查不出来的 in the routine preoperative examination, 比如说 For example, VWF缺乏的血管性血友病 vascular hemophilia caused by VWF deficiency, 还有血小板无力症等等 and thrombocytopenia and so on 都是会引发自身出血的 can cause their own bleeding 何主任 Chief He, 这是不是可以给 does this 咱们进一步检查 give us a direction for 提供一个方向呢 further examination 什么 大夫 What…doctor 那您的意思是 So you mean 我们还得再去查个血液 we have to get another blood test 不过也有可能查出来不是 But it’s also possible to find out that it’s not 但是您放心 But don’t worry 如果不是的话 If not, 我们也一定会进一步跟进的 We will certainly follow up 所幸的是这次手术有惊无险 Fortunately, the operation was a near miss 而且现在看来恢复得也不错 And you seem to be recovering well 只要来定期检查 Just come and have regular check-ups 放心吧 不应该有什么大问题 Don’t worry. There shouldn’t be any big problems 好 OK 大夫 您要这么说我们就放心了 We’ll be glad to hear that, doctor 是是 这么一说我们就放心了 Yes, yes. We can rest assured of that 谢谢大夫 Thank you, doctor – 谢谢您 大夫 – 好好休息 -Thank you, doctor. -Have a good rest 好好休息 Have a good rest 怎么办 What do I do 我该怎么办 What should I do 梅梅 Meimei, 怀孕是件大事 pregnancy is a big deal 不可以跟你爸爸隐瞒的 You can’t hide it from your father 你可千万别告诉他 You mustn’t tell him 他应该知道 He should know 他会很生气的 He’ll be very angry 他会骂我的 He’ll call my names 怎么了 What’s the matter 怎么了 What’s the matter 是不是最近照顾妈妈照顾累了 Are you tired of taking care of your mother recently 到底怎么了 What’s going on 是不是病得很重啊 Is she seriously ill 晓琪 Xiaoqi, 到底怎么回事 what’s the hell going on 是你跟你爸爸说 You tell your father 还是我跟他说 or I tell him 你说吧 You, please 赶紧说吧 别磨叽了 Come on. Don’t travel at 想急死我呀 You want to worry me to death

刚做了检查 I just made a checkup and found 梅梅怀孕了 Meimei is pregnant 什么 What 爸 Dad, 我有孩子了 I have a baby 谁的孩子 Whose baby 我和我男朋友的 Me and my boyfriend 你妈那会儿跟我说你谈恋爱 Your mother told me you were in love 我就不同意 I disagree 多大点岁数就怀孕了 You become pregnant at a certain age 送你去美国是让你去学习的 You are sent to America to study, 不是让你去胡搞 not to fool around 说什么呢 What are you talking about 你跟我出来 You come out with me 躺一会儿 Lie down for a while, please 你这么激动干吗 Why are you so excited 我还不能激动啊 I can’t get excited yet 十九岁就怀了孩子了 My daughter is pregnant at the age of nineteen 她是做错事情了 She did something wrong 但你也不用这么跟她说话吧 But you don’t have to talk to her like that 有这么跟自己女儿说话的吗 Does anyone talk to their daughter like that 我哪句话说错了 Did I say something wrong 什么叫胡搞啊 What is nonsense 你告诉我什么叫胡搞 Can you tell me what nonsense is 十几岁就怀了孩子还不叫胡搞 isn’t that hooking up when she is pregnant as a teenager 何建一 我告诉你 He Jianyi, I’ll tell you 梅梅现在出了这样的事情 Meimei has such a thing now, 你不去正面引导她 but you do not go to direct her positively 就只知道骂她 and only know to scold her 她听了得多难受啊 How hard it is for her to hear 我一直以为 I always thought 你是一个挺理智的人 you were a reasonable person 没想到你遇到问题这么冲动 I didn’t expect you to be so impulsive and uncool 这么不冷静 when you meet a problem 你现在知道着急了 You know you’re worried now 你早干吗去了 What did you do earlier 梅梅现在出这样的事情 Meimei is not solely responsible for 不是她一个人的责任 for what happened to her now 你们作为家长的也有责任 You have responsibilities as parents 你之前有跟她沟通过吗 Have you communicated with her before 你有教育过她吗 Have you had education with her 你有问过她吗 Have you asked her 你们什么都没有 You don’t have done anything 上来就知道骂 You come up and scold her 我问你 I ask you 你知道她男朋友是什么人吗 do you know who her boyfriend is 知道他是干什么的吗 do you know what he does 你知道吗 Do you know 你在这儿冷静地好好想清楚 Think it over calmly here 我爸他怎么说 What did my dad say 我就知道他会很生气的 I knew he’d be mad 都是我不好 It’s all my fault 梅梅 Meimei, 你也知道 you also know that 你这个年纪的女孩子怀孕 when girls get pregnant at your age 作为家长的都会着急 parents are anxious 你爸爸这么爱你 Your father loves you so much 你可千万不能怪他 You mustn’t blame him 现在事情已经出了 Now it has happened 着急没有用 吵也没有用 It’s no use worrying or arguing 咱们得想解决办法 We have to work something out 梅梅 Meimei, 我其实很想知道 I’d really like to know 你是怎么想的 what you think 晓琪姐 Xiaoqi Sister, 我不想打胎 I don’t want an abortion 我想留下他 I want to keep him 梅梅 Meimei, 你确定这不是一时冲动 are you sure 做出的决定吗 it wasn’t an impulsive decision 我没有冲动 I’m not impulsive 你刚刚跟我说我怀孕的时候 When you just told me I was pregnant, 我第一个反应不是打掉他 my first reaction was not to abort the him 是留下他 but to keep him 如果这事放在从前 If this had been in the past, 我一定会毫不犹豫地就去打掉 I would have aborted him without hesitation 可是现在不一样了 But now it’s different 我妈现在每天躺在医院里 My mother is lying in hospital every day 生死未卜 我觉得 I think 也许这正是上天赐给我的礼物 maybe this is just a gift from god 赐给我一个亲人 Give me a loved one 让他来陪伴我 to be with me 还有 And 其实我特别爱我男朋友 actually I love my boyfriend very much 我有想过为他生一个宝宝 I thought about having a baby for him 你是想把这件事告诉你男朋友 You want to tell your boyfriend about it, 然后让他跟你一起来决定吗 and let him decide with you 没必要了 It is not necessary 我们分手了 We broke up 分手了 Broke up 他是我同班同学 He is my classmate 中国人 He is Chinese 二代移民过去的 and is a second-generation immigrant 其实他对我特别好 He was really nice to me 就是我之前太任性了 I was just too headstrong before

我总是因为一点很小的事情 I always quarrelled with him 就和他翻脸 和他吵架 and got angry with him 和他闹脾气 because of the little things 这一次也一样 Same thing this time 梅梅 Meimei, 可现在的状态是 But the current state is 你们俩已经分手了 that the two of you have broken up 你也不能确定 You’re not sure 你们俩以后会和好 对吧 you two will ever get back together, are you 那如果说未来你们俩 So if you two can’t 没有办法再在一起 be together again in the future, 你还打算要这个孩子吗 do you still intend to have this child 我要留下他 I’ll keep him 梅梅 Meimei, 其实生活中很多事情 in fact, many things in life 不会按照我们想象那样子发生 will not happen as we imagine 就像我吧 Like me, 我跟我的初恋男友 I had been with my first boyfriend 在一起十多年了 for more than ten years 我以为我这辈子就这样了 I thought this was my life 我跟他白头到老 I would live with him forever 可是后来 But then 我们俩之间出现了问题 we had problems 还是分手了 and broke up 然后我认识了你爸爸 Then I met your father 我想跟你说的是 What I’m trying to tell you 你现在还小 that you’re young 你不知道明天会发生 , you don’t know what’s going 什么样的事情 to happen tomorrow, 未来会经历什么 what you will experience in the future, 认识什么样的人 and what kind of people you will know 所以不要一时冲动做决定 So don’t make decisions on impulse, 好吗 OK 咱们不急 Let’s not rush 再好好想想 Think again 我会的 I’ll 妈 咱什么时候能出院啊 Mom, when can I get out of the hospital 闺女 My daugther, 不急 don’t worry 养好了咱们就出院了 You’ll leave the hospital when you’re ready 妈 我想回家 Mom, I want to go home 那咱说了也不算哪 It is not up to us 得听医生的呀 We have to listen to the doctor 可是我觉得我已经好了 But I think I’m all right 没什么不舒服的 There’s nothing wrong with me 你看我能吃 能喝 能走路 You see I can eat, drink and walk 啥啥都不耽误啊 I can do everything 妈 咱回家吧 回家吧 Mom, let’s go home. Let’s go home 好 OK 妈把你弄成这样 I am upset about 妈心里可难受了 what I did to you 那药还不如妈喝了算了 I might as well have taken the medicine 闺女 你可得好起来 My girl, you’re gonna be fine 要不妈就活不了了 Or mom wouldn’t be alive 大夫 Doctor, 大夫 我什么时候能出院 When can I leave the hospital, doctor 作业还没写呢 I haven’t written my homework yet 孩子 不着急 Girl, do not worry 先好好养病 You should get well first 我们会安排你尽快出院 好吗 We will arrange you to leave the hospital as soon as possible, OK 你们跟我来一下 Come with me, please 别乱动 Don’t move 我给你听听 Let me chek for you 大夫 Doctor, 我 我姑娘 my..Can my girl 能活不 live 我们已经给她做了 We’ve given her 两次血液灌流 two blood infusions 但是血药浓度一直降不下来 But blood concentrations never come down 还有没有别的办法呀 Is there any other way 虽然她现在看起来比较正常 Although she looks more normal now, 但是她的肺会逐渐纤维化 her lungs will gradually become fibrotic 多器官已经开始衰竭 and many organs have begun to fail 我建议你们带她出院 I suggest that you take her out of the hospital 让她在生命的 so that she can have a good time 最后时刻能开开心心度过 at the end of her life 她应该不到一个月了 She should have less than a month left 不是 No! 你 You 可是 But 我 我看她挺好的 I…I think she’s fine 吃喝都不耽误 She eats and drinks normally, 脑子也清楚 has a clear head 说话也利落 and a clear tongue 这怎么 Then 这一下就 Why she 就会死啊她 will die 我要知道她会喝药 If I had known she drank pesticides, 我干吗要说她呀 why would I have said anything about her 没考好就没考好呗 She didn’t do well in the exam 那又能怎么的呀 So what 你说这孩子脾气怎么这么暴 Why do you think the child has such a short temper 我说她两句她就喝药啊她 I said something about her and she drunk it 哪有当爹妈的不说孩子 There are no parents who don’t talk about children 你说你怎么这么不服管哪 Why do you say you are so unruly 你明知道她性子烈 You know she has a hot temper, 你还非得拿话刺激她 and you have to rub her the wrong way 你还敢说我 How dare you say me! 你给我闭嘴 You shut up 我想说她 我想让她喝药 Do I want to say her…Do I want her to drink this, 我想让我姑娘死啊 Do I want my girl to die 你说你一天到晚 You say 你在家一手不伸 you don’t do anything 啥活不干 at home all day 你管过姑娘吗 Have you ever done anything with our girl 你管过吗你说 你管过吗 Have you cared him Have you 我想管 你让我管吗 I want to but you won’t 你管得好 把姑娘管没了 You’re so good at taking care of the girls. But she will be gone 你个王八蛋 你这时候埋怨我了 You son of a bitch. Now you blame me for this

要不是你把药放到门口 Would she have drunk it 她能喝药吗 if you hadn’t left it at the door 她能喝药 她能喝药 Would she have drunk it…Would she have drunk it 她能喝药吗 你王八蛋你 Would she… You son of a bitch! 大夫 Doctor, 还有没有办法了 Is there any other way 对不起 I’m sorry 我的姑娘啊 Oh my girl! 何主任 ChiefHe, 怎么样了 how’s it going 情况还稳定 It’s still stable 你去忙吧 Go ahead 能不能告诉我 Can you tell me 你到底还醒不醒得过来 if you’re going to wake up 还是根本就不想醒来了 or if you don’t want to wake up at all 梅梅怀孕了 Meimei is pregnant 我不知道你听到这个消息 I wonder 会是什么样的反应 how you will react to the news 我很伤心 I am sad 江主任骂得对 ChiefJiang is right 是我们的责任 It’s our responsibility 我们没有尽到做父母的责任 We are not doing our part as parents 那会儿没离婚的时候 When we were not divorced 你总是跟我吵 you used to argue with me 说我只顾着工作 You said I was all about work, 不顾家里 不顾孩子 and was neglecting our family and our child 现在想想 Now I think 你骂得也有道理 you are right 可能作为医生 Maybe I’m a qualified doctor 我算是个合格的医生 as a doctor 可我真不是一个合格的丈夫 But I’m not a good husband 一个合格的父亲 not a good father 现在这样 Now 你躺在这儿昏迷不醒 you’re lying here unconscious 梅梅又怀孕 and Meimei is pregnant 我真的不知道该怎么办了 I really don’t know what to do 妈妈 小丽知道我今天要出院 Mom, Xiaoli knows that I am going to be discharged from hospital today 在家等我呢 and waits for me at home 回去好好跟同学玩玩 Go back to play with classmates 吃点好吃的 Eat some delicious 不过我也不能玩太久 But I can’t play too long 功课落好多了 I’m much behind with my lessons 刘主任 二位请留步 ChiefLiu, please wait 这些天多谢你们了 Thank you so much for these days 我们走了 We’re leaving 好 慢走 OK, see you 大夫再见 Goodbye, doctor 妈 我都出院了你还哭啥呀 Mom, I’m out of the hospital. Why are you crying 走了 Let’s go 你说这孩子 Why do you think 好好的喝什么农药 the girl is drinking the pesticide 这家长也是 Why didn’t the parent 干吗不把农药锁到柜子里 lock the pesticide in the cupboard 这孩子够不到的地方呀 where the children can’t reach 其实 Actually 这不是问题的关键 that’s not the point 关键在于 The key 我们整个大的环境 is our whole big environment 我们整个的教育 Our entire education 就没有重视起来性格的培养 doesn’t pay attention to character development 我指说的教育也包括家庭方面 I mean education also includes the family 你看 大人呢 You see adults 对孩子缺乏耐心 are impatient with children 孩子以死相逼 and the child threatened to die 今天她没有农药 Even if she doesn’t have pesticides, 照样可以找到其他的方法 she can also find other ways 寻死觅活 to die 太可怜了 It’s too poor 把你车借我一下 Lend me your car, please 干什么呀 For what 送梅梅回家 Take Meimei home 不用了 It is OK 一会儿我下班带她回去 I’ll take her home after work later 她说想去梅律师家呆两天 She said she wanted to stay at Lawyer Mei’s for two days 我本来想让她去我那儿 I wanted her to come to my place 她不同意 She doesn’t agree 我想也是 I think so, too 让你们俩好好安静一下 Give you two some peace

车钥匙在我办公桌抽屉里 The car key is in my desk drawer 你等我回来 When I get back 我跟你聊聊 I’ll talk to you 我跟你爸爸 Your father and I 每天在急诊室里 face death fighters 面对的都是和死亡搏斗的人 in the emergency room every day 死亡离我们每个人都不遥远 Death is not far from each of us 谁都不要以为自己可以活很久 No one should think that they can live for a long time 吃饭噎着了可能会死 Choking on food can kill you 摔个跟头也可能会死 A fall can kill you 睡一觉 第二天有可能醒不过来 During the sleeping, you may not wake up the next day 在死亡面前啊 In the face of death, 其他的事情都不算是事了 everything else is nothing 所以晓琪姐 So sister Xiaoqi, 我想跟着我的心去生活 I want to live with my heart 我现在只想选择 I just want to choose 我最想做的事情 what I want to do most now, 哪怕以后会遇到很多困难 even if there will be many difficulties in the future 会遇到很多问题 Even if I encounter many problems, 我也绝对不会后悔 I will never regret it 因为那是我自己的选择 Because that’s my choice 我要对我自己的选择负责 I am responsible for my own choices 我绝不会责怪任何人 I will never blame anyone 好 OK 既然你已经想清楚了 做决定了 Now that you’ve thought about it and made your decision, 那我就不再说什么了 then I won’t say anything more 反正你的选择 我都会支持 I’ll support your choice anyway 谢谢你 晓琪姐 Thank you, sister Xiaoqi 我觉得你这样的态度 I think you really love me 才是真的爱我 with that attitude 你爸爸也是真的爱你 Your father really loves you, too 但是你不能要求 But you can’t 每个人爱你的方式 ask everyone to 都是一样的吧 love you the same way 他有作为父亲的担心 He had 害怕和顾虑 fears and concerns as a father 这你必须要理解 You have to understand that 你只要知道他是爱你的 As long as you know that he loves you, 那你们俩之间的矛盾 the conflict between the two of you 就不会给你带来痛苦 not cause you pain 晓琪姐 前面路口给我放下吧 Xiaoqi sister, drop me at the intersection, please 我去买点东西 I’m going to do some shopping 然后我自己回家 Then I go home by myself 好 OK 你回家之后 When you get home, 洗个澡 好好睡上一觉 take a shower and get a good night’s sleep 什么都不要想 without thinking about anything 明天早上的太阳会照常升起 The sun will rise tomorrow morning as usual 放心吧 Don’t worry 那你注意安全 Then you pay attention to safety 拜拜 Bye bye 进来吧 Come on in 你怎么住这儿了 What are you doing here 我就住这儿 I live right here 要不是强强告诉我 If it weren’t for Qiangqiang to tell me 我 我还以为你住在 I…I thought you lived 你们俩分了 Are you two apart 是因为强强吗 because of Johnny 主要原因是吧 但是 The main reason is, but 也 也不全是 it is not all 你现在有时间吗 Do you have time now 能 能聊几句吗 Can…Can we have a chat 有啊 有时间 Yes, I have time 那 那你来来来 你坐这儿 So… come on, come on, you sit here 你坐这儿 You sit here 坐 Have a seat, please 你要是愿意 If you like 就搬回家住吧 you can move back home 你不怪我 You don’t blame me 我有什么资格怪你呀 How can I blame you 从头到尾都是我的错嘛 It was my fault from beginning to end 要不是我对你不好 If I hadn’t been bad to 对强强不好 you and Qiangqiang, 你也不会出轨 you would not cheat 你是个好男人 有责任心 You are a good man and responsible 爱孩子 爱家 You love our children and our family 对我百般忍耐 and you’ve been very patient with me 要是换其他男人 If it had been for another man, 恐怕早都跟我离了 I’m afraid he would have left with me 不是 你也不能这么说 No, you can’t say that either 其实呢 Actually,

你是一个挺好的人 you are a nice person 只是 I just don’t know enough 我对你的过去不够了解 about your past 其实我这几天一直在想 Actually, I’ve been thinking about it for days 你说你那么年轻 You see you suffered so much 就承受了这么大的痛苦 when you were so young 搁谁 谁也受不了的 It’s too much for anyone 真的 是我不好 It’s really my fault 千万别这么说 Don’t say that 你这么说 我就更自责了 I feel even more guilty when you say that 大梁 Liang, 你要是能原谅我 If you can forgive me 能接受我的女儿 and accept my daughter, 就搬回来住吧 move back in 要是不行 If you cannot, 那我 then I 我也可以跟你把手续办了 I can divorce you, too 但我还是希望你能够搬回来 But I still hope you can move back in 我先走了 你早点休息吧 I’ll go first. Go to bed early 你怎么才回去啊 Why do you go home so late 我刚处理完一个病患 I just finished dealing with a patient 何主任的车 ChiefHe’s car 刚送他女儿回家 I just sent his daughter home 你什么时候变这么贤惠了 Since when have you been so virtuous 我一直这么贤惠好吗 I’ve been virtuous, okay 好好好 OK,OK,OK 我 I 我前两天跟宇宁聊了聊 I talked with Yuning the other day 他状态特别不好 He is in bad shape 我和他真的没有可能了 He and I are really out of the question 没有爱情 总归还有友情吧 There is no love but still friendship 这么多年感情了 After all these years of dating, 不至于连朋友都没的做 you can’t be friends 我也希望这样 I hope so too 可是变成朋友关系 But I’m afraid 恐怕对于他来说太难了 it’s too difficult for him to become friends 真不知道该怎么面对他和他妈 I don’t know what to do with him and his mother 你早点回去休息 You go home early and have a rest 辛苦你了 你不跟我闹情绪我就不辛苦 I won’t work hard if you don’t get angry with me 你不理解 You don’t understand 我完全理解好吗 I totally understand, okay 你没孩子 You don’t have children 理解不是自己经历过才行的 那就不叫理解 叫体会 That is not called understanding but experience 你还记得你今天急冲冲地 You remember 冲进急诊室 how you rushed into the emergency room today 你问梅梅怎么了 是不是生病了 and you asked Meimei if she was sick 那我问你 Then I ask you 如果梅梅得了绝症呢 if Meimei had a terminal illness, 你还会像今天一样吗 would you still be like today 这是两回事 That’s two different things 那难道 So you don’t have to 你就不用管她的教育了吗 worry about her education 只要她能健康地成长 As long as she can grow up healthily, 其他什么都不用管了 nothing else matters 可是在健康成长的基础上 But on the basis of healthy growth, 是不是还得有点理想抱负 does she have to have some ambition 还得有点规矩原则 and some discipline 你这是抬杠 You’re being harsh 梅梅是个很懂事的孩子 Meimei is a sensible child 她没有杀人放火 She doesn’t break the law 只不过因为谈恋爱了 Because she was in love 不小心怀孕了 she got pregnant by accident 她是个女孩子 She is a girl 她现在很脆弱 She is very fragile now 你想过没有 Have you ever wondered 你今天这个态度 how much pressure you’re putting on her 给她多大的压力 with this attitude today 她妈妈现在已经这样了 Her mother is lying in the hospital now 她很痛苦 She is very painful 可你呢 But you 在这个时候不包容她 不理解她 don’t tolerate her and don’t understand her at this time 如果她一时想不开 If she doesn’t take it too hard, 抑郁了怎么办 what if she’s depressed 她做傻事了怎么办 what if she does something stupid 不后悔吗 Don’t you regret it 我父母去世那段时间 When my parents died 就剩下我一个人 I was left alone 我无数次地想过放弃生命 I’ve thought about giving up my life countless times 我就想眼睛一闭 I just thought 什么困难都没有了 there would be no difficulty if I died 那段时间 During that time, 幸亏有郑阿姨 有宇宁 thanks to Aunt Zheng and Yuning 所以就算现在我满心的怀疑 So even now I’m full of doubt, 就算我怀疑的一切都是真的 even if everything I doubt is true,

我都不会恨他们 我知道现在 I wouldn’t hate them 我们没办法成为亲人了 We can’t be family anymore, 但我也会感激他们一辈子 but I will be grateful to them all my life 因为他们给了我太多太多 because they gave me too much 我想跟你说的是 What I want to tell you is 亲人 that a loved one 就是在你最困难的时候 is someone who always unconditionally 永远会无条件地站在你身边 supports you and protects you 支持你 保护你的那个人 in your most difficult times 你好 Hello, 您好 Hello, 请问您有什么事吗 may I help you 你们这是 This is 仁爱器官移植中心是吧 the charity organ transplant center, isn’t it 对 这儿就是 That’s right. It’s here 那个 你看一下 So…Look at that 这是你们寄的吗 Is this from you 你是病人 You are patient 我是病人的家属 I’m a family member of the patient 来了解一下情况 to know something 您想了解什么情况啊 What would you like to know 了解你们这儿的情况呀 I want to know what’s going on here 您稍等一下啊 Just a moment, please 这儿来了一个病人家属 Here comes a patient’s family 想要了解一下情况 who wants to know something 你们这是检查室 This is the examination room 对 Yes 我们这里的仪器很全的 We have a complete range of instruments here 病人住哪儿 Where does the patient live 手术室还有病房全都在楼上 The operating room and the ward are all upstairs 我可以一会儿带你去看看 I can show you around later 你们这儿开展 How long 肾移植手术多久了 have you had a kidney transplant here 你好 Hello, 你好 Hello, 这位是我们这个中心的总裁 This is the president of our center 你好 Hello, 你们中心还有总裁呢 Your center still has a president 对啊 Yes 是这样 Well, 有什么事呢到我办公室说 好吗 Can I talk to you about something in my office 好 OK 请 Please 来 Come here, please 您说接到了我们的信是吧 You said you had heard from us, didn’t you 我能看看吗 Can I have a look 可以 OK 来 Come 是这样 因为我们都是网上联系嘛 Because we contact online, 这位病人说 他跟他的家属都不太会上网 the patient said neither he nor his family had much Internet access 所以我们只能以寄信的方式 so we can only send the letter 来通知了 to notice him 我是这位患者的女儿 I’m the patient’s daughter 所以我想详细地了解一下 So I want to know more about it 也希望你能够理解 I hope you can understand 理解 理解 Yes, yes 当然理解 Of course 而且我很高兴 And I’m glad 您能亲自来实地考察 you could come and see for yourself 一会儿带您去参观一下 I’ll show you around 我们手术室 our operating room later 好 OK 那我就想知道你们的这个资质 Then I would like to know 是由哪儿颁发的 which organization issure your qualification 有没有审批文件 Is there any approval document 文件啊 Document 是这样 Then 这个 我们这个中心啊 Well, our center 成立的时间不长 hasn’t been around long 又是跟别人合作 We work with others 所以很多文件 So a lot of documents 现在都是在审批单位盖章呢 are in examine and approve to seal now 您这样 How about 留个电话 you leave your phone number 等所有文件都齐全了 I’ll call you and let you know 我打电话给您通知 您再来看 when all the documents are ready 不就完了吗 OK? 那我给您留个邮箱吧 I’ll leave an email for you then 这样你的文件都齐了 So you can email me 你就发邮件给我 when you have all your papers 这 这文件怎么能随便发呢 How…How can this document be sent at will 你不都说是网上联系吗 Don’t you say it’s all online 是网上联系 It’s online 是捐肾人跟要肾人网上联系 网上配型 配型成功了 我们才发通知呢 We won’t let you know until we’ve matched up 可信里说我们已经配型成功了 But you said we’ve matched up in the letter 对呀 所以说多不容易 Yeah, it’s not that easy 我多长时间能知道 How long will it take me 你们这个肾源的资质 to know your kidney aptitude 这个我也说不好 I don’t know 时间这个问题的确说不太好 The time is uncertain 但是有一点 But one thing 我需要提醒您的就是 I need to remind you 我们的肾源是非常紧张的 is that our kidneys are very tense 如果您得到我们的消息 If you do not make a decision within one month 一个月内没有做决定 after receiving our information, 那么将会自动取消资格 you will be automatically disqualified 那我再问一个问题 就是 Let me ask you one more question 你们的肾源从哪儿来 Where does your kidney come from 来我们这里做手术的 Anyone who comes to us for surgery 心里都应该很清楚 should know 这是商业机密 that this is a trade secret 不是商业机密 Even if it’s not a trade secret, 那也应该算医疗机密吧 it’s a medical secret 接受我们的服务跟安排 If you accept our services and arrangements, 当然还是要签署保密协议的 of course you have to sign a confidentiality agreement

关于这一点 It’s all 信上都有 on the letter 这样吧 Why don’t 我呢还是给您留一个我的邮箱 I leave you my email address 不传文件的话 If you can’t transfer files, 传点资料也好 you can send some information 不好意思啊 接个电话 Excuse me, I’ll pick pu the phone 好 OK 喂 Hello, 实在不好意思啊 你看你这 I’m really sorry. You see 人呢 Where is the people 人走了 She’s leaving 走了 Leaving 咋了 What’s the matter 来 Come – 咋了 – 进来 – What’s the matter – Come on in 出啥事了 What happened 我跟你说啊 I’ll tell you 以后不允许 you’re not allowed 带着人随便到处乱看 to take people everywhere in the future 那之前不是你说的吗 Wasn’t that what you said before 可以带人来参观一下 We’re not allowed to show people around 展示一下咱们这儿的实力呀 to show our strength here 那也得是手术室 That would have to be an operating room 而且得看什么人哪 And you have to check who is she 那刚才那是啥人啊 So who is she just now 好像是个医生 She seems to be a doctor 问这个问那个的 你咋知道她是医生的 How did you know she was a doctor 那她要是个医生的话 If she were a doctor, 那她会不会举报咱呢 would she report us 没事 别害怕 It’s okay. Don’t be afraid 什么人都无所谓 It doesn’t matter who she is 只要她想让她爸活命 If she wants her father to survive, 那就得换肾 she’ll have to change his kidney 想换肾 就得求咱们 If she wants a kidney transplant,she have to beg us 她爸要换肾呢 Is her father going to have a kidney transplant 这个人 This person 就是跟你配型成功的人的女儿 is the daughter of someone who matches you well 不好意思 不好意思 I’m sorry. I’m sorry 对不起 乔医生 对不起 I’m sorry, Dr. Qiao. I’m sorry 不好意思 I’m sorry, 乔大夫 Dr. Qiao 你今儿不是歇班吗 Aren’t you off duty today, 刘大夫 Doctor Liu 你过来帮我看看 Come and check it for me, please 我怎么打不开啊 Why can’t I open it 什么呀 What 我刚放了一个优盘 I just put on a flash drive 移植配对表 这是什么 Migration Matching Table What is it 我今天去了一个挺奇怪的地儿 I went to a strange place today 什么地方 Which place 仁爱器官移植中心 Charity Organ Transplant Center 你去那儿干吗 What are you doing there 今天为大家介绍的是 Today we are going to talk about 食物中毒的急救方法 first aid for food poisoning 当我们在日常生活中 When we have food poisoning 出现了食物中毒的情况 in our daily life, 如果您进食的时间 If your eating time 在一到两个小时之内 is in one to two hours, 可采取冷盐水 姜汁等方法催吐 you can take cold saline, ginger juice, 也可用筷子 chopsticks, 手指等刺激咽喉部位 and fingers to stimulate the throat 使其催吐 to make it vomit 如果进食中毒的时间 If food poisoning lasts 超过两个小时 more than two hours, 那可采取服用番泻叶等泻药 you may take laxatives such as senna 使其毒物排出 to get rid of the poison 如果您食用了 If you have eaten 鱼虾蟹等海鲜类食品 fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood, 则可用食醋一百毫升 you can dilute it with 100ml vinegar 兑水二百毫升 and 200ml water, 稀释后一次性服入 and take it in one time 另外需要注意的是 It is also important to note 当您购买和食用 that when you buy and eat 包装类产品的时候 packaged products 要格外注意生产日期和保质期 you should pay special attention to the production date and expiration date 加工食物时要生熟分开 When processing foods, you need to separate them raw and cooked 隔夜食品要在食用前加热煮透 Cook overnight food thoroughly before eating 进餐后如果出现了 If diarrhea and vomiting appear 腹泻 呕吐等中毒症状 after eating poisoning symptoms, 应立刻进行自治 you should take care of yourself at once 如果症状没有缓解 甚至加重 If the symptoms do not ease or even worsen, 那就要立刻前往医院进行治疗 you need to go to the hospital immediately for treatment [music] 原以为人生故事平淡 I thought that life is full of dull stories

[music] 谁知转眼风云突变 Who knows it suddenly brings surprises [music] 昨天已成为过眼云烟 What‘s just passed is yesterday [music] 明天为何如此遥远 Why is tomorrow so far away? [music] 原以为人生路途遥远 I thought that life is a long journey [music] 谁知尽头已在眼前 Who knows the end is here already [music] 恩怨情仇就此了断 Grievance and hatred, let it end [music] 生死离别不忍说再见 Life and death, say goodbye [music] 今天的分分秒秒 Every minute today [music] 都是对生命最严酷的考验 Is a test of life [music] 今天的相依相伴 Your companions today [music] 都是对生命最深情的眷恋 Are your most affectionate devotion to life [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言 Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 爱的信念 Never give up your belief in love [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言 Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 生命的尊严 Never give up the dignity of life [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言 Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 爱的信念 Never give up your belief in love [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言 Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 生命的尊严 Never give up the dignity of life