Salon Privé 2009 – Concours D'Elegance at the Hurlingham Club

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Salon Privé 2009 – Concours D'Elegance at the Hurlingham Club

I’m at one of the most exclusive events in London, at the stunning Hurlingham Club If you want to see classic cars, supercars, fine champagne, beautiful food and some very interesting people, this is the place to be. On top of that we have some UK debut cars and one world debut car Welcome to Salon Privé Salon Privé is now in its 4th year and it has rapidly grown to be one of the most exciting events on the English calendar Running for three days, it is the most luxurious supercar event in the UK Now I’m going to have a chat with David and Andrew Bagley who are the founders of this wonderful event I want to find out how it all began Events are the only real consumer facing opportunity that manufacturers have and Salon Privé has always been – – its USP has been the exclusivity of the guest list And as a result of that the more immediate ROI that the manufacturers can obtain from Salon Privé is unmatched by any other event And from the guests perspective it’s such an easy one, Rissy, because we literally get ninety percent plus repeat business so the event has grown organically by about plus thirty percent year on year. Back in September when the Banks were having their ‘party’ we did not expect that we would be be seeing an increase in guest numbers. We had in fact budgeted for a flat year Which I think in this environment most people would be delighted with We now are over thirty two percent up We’ve got I think ten debuts this year We’ve got Aston Martin’s 177, Rolls Royce’s 200EX, Jaguar’s XJ, which literally launched to the world only a week ago in London. We’ve got somewhere in the region of an 80-85% retention rate on clients from the first year we launched it And that speaks for itself They come back because they sell cars Rather than going into a showroom you can come to a beautiful place like this, have a glass of champagne fantastic food If you think about it, if you want to buy a supercar, or a boat why would you go anywhere else? Why indeed? Geoff (Cousins), you’re the Managing Director of Jaguar UK You must have been pretty busy recently with the Jaguar XJ How has it been going? Yes the launch… we really started a week-and-a-half ago with a worldwide press and VIP Launch at the Saatchi Gallery in london It went extremely well. It went all around the world on the internet within two or three days. A lot of interest in the car When I look at Jaguars and look at the old style Jaguars I always see them as very long and sleek This is very different how did you come up with the new design? And what where you actually going for. Well, Ian Callum, our chief designer, really started the new design language with the XK and the XS last year. So this is a continuation of it He sums it up as beautiful fast cars So they’ve got to look beautiful They’ve got to be like a piece of art But they’ve got to look sporty. So even when they’re standing still they look as though they’re moving What is the cost of this car? The 3 litre diesel – a high performance diesel starts at £52,500 going up to about £88,000 for the top-end supercharged car So it’s very competitively placed with Mercedes, Audi and BMW What’s been the response so far? The response has been great We talk about making Jaguar Jaguar again, back when it was a beautiful product, a cool, sexy brand And this car doesn’t look out of place with any of the other exceptional cars here We’ve had something like two thousand people interested in the last seven days That’s an amazing response when you think it’s only been a short while It’s been out there ten days I wish you the very best of luck with it and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them on the road Thank you very much Thank you I’m so excited I’m just about to go and see the World Debut of The Veritas Now it’s only ten hours old. I’m off to meet the designer Michael Söhngen to tell me more about it Michael this is amazing. I feel like I’ve gone twenty years forward into the future with this car How did you come up with this design? The idea of the design of this car is it looks like an animal We have inside, the space frame. The space frame is for better traction I make design not for show Design is when you can make technique with a good styling And how much would a car like this cost? Three hundred and fifty thousand Euros Beside me is the Veritas which is ten-years old. This is ten hours old – which is just such a novelty. What’s the difference between the Veritas from ten years old to this one? This car, the old Veritas was

built with hand crafted, without computer And this car we built only with computer The inside of this car feels like a racing car. I know we have checked on the computer the car must have speed over three hundred Kilometers per hour And we have five hundred and seven horse power from the engine And ten cylinders 5 litre engine We have a pedal shift gear box with clutch, without a clutch pedal. And we have a push rod system for the suspension How long does it take to make a car like this? For this car from a white paper to you can sit here we need eight weeks. Do you know what I think this is the perfect car for me to go and do my shopping in I don’t think so Thank you so much and I really wish you the best and I think it’s going to be a really big success It’s very different. And it’s very unique Thank you. You’re welcome There are some truly mind-blowing pieces of engineering on display here and I’m not just talking about cars Hi Mike (Newton Wolf), this is your second time at Salon Privé with this fantastic Riva boat What’s the response been this year? Much better than last. People were uncertain what to expect last year And even with the current economic conditions people here have been fantastic. They love to see the Riva again – so really pleased Tell me how much work actually goes into one of these boats and how long does it take to make it? Once the hull is the laid, which is the longest process, it’s six months to put in all internal fittings. The longest part is actually the foredeck One man, one month, twenty one layers of varnish, hand applied, hand fed And he does it twenty one times to get the mirror finish that you can see on here How has it been for you in sales this year? We’re working twice as hard for half the reward There are still people buying. It’s discretionary spend You don’t need a boat of this magnitude and certainly this amount means half a million pounds But because it’s an emotional rather than a rational purchase, people justify it to themselves. They haven’t changed this model in nine years. I don’t think they’ll change it for another nine because it’s perfect Why change something that’s not broken I’m so pleased to see you here again I hope to see you here next year Thank you Rissy. Nice to see you Hi Richard (Butler), first time at Salon Privé Beautiful car. what’s the reaction? Everyone’s loving it so far The paint job, which was only put on the car two days ago, is going down a storm so we’re really happy with the reaction from everybody and the other manufacturers as well It looks like a racing car but you can actually drive this out on the road. You can definitely take this out on the road not necessarily for the shopping but to drive it to and from the circuit it’s an ideal machine. I think I’d look pretty cool going to Sainsbury’s in that The bags would match anyway How fast does this one go? It’ll take you up to 100mph in about five seconds. You’ll get from a hundred back to zero in about two seconds. (Up to) Sixty about 2.5 (secs) How many of these have been made so far? At the moment, this is obviously one of the production cars, there’s fourteen of those in existence And then there’s three prototype cars What would a car like this cost? for a basic T1 it’s going to be round about two hundred and six thousand pounds For a car like this, which has got all sorts of different data logging on it which not only logs the performance of the car but logs the performance of the driver as well, with some leather and the road number plates, that’s going to be round about two hundred thirty thousand pounds. It really does stand out here amongst a lot of the super and classic cars And I’ve got to hear the sound of this car So can you rev it up? Martin (Brundle) it’s been a pretty special day for you today because you’ve handed over some keys to a pretty special car I have indeed. It’s the Eagle Speedster It’s such a beautiful creation, so unique This is your first time at Salon Privé It’s a really classy event isn’t it? Very calm And some masterpieces around here And you know the designers today, with all of the regulations and the crash testing and what have you, can’t create cars like this anymore. So it’s great to see them celebrated and not under a dust sheet, tucked away where nobody can see them And I really admire people who allow their masterpieces to come out here so that we can enjoy them Now I’ve got to ask you – Formula One – a lot of politics kind of going on It seems a shame because it kind of takes away from why we all love Formula One

Our TV audiences are nearly double this year and I think people are excited to watch because you don’t know who’s going to win the race. And it’s not a Ferrari And it’s not a McLaren, probably. And people are very excited about Formula One again I know the politics have been a bit smelly But it keeps Formula One in the media in between races. You know they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. I think we’re verging into that territory now because it’s really not been very well-handled in Formula One this year. But the racing itself is brilliant I hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon at Salon Privé Thank you so much Twenty Eagles have been constructed and delivered to new owners all over the world There is a five year waiting list but definitely worth the wait (Dr) Rick (Velaj) congratulations you must be feeling ecstatic Well I’m absolutely over the top. I’ve always been in love with the E type since childhood and when I saw that this company Eagle was creating these cars basically ‘as new’, I was very intrigued by the idea. I think it’s absolutely beautiful and it certainly fits in very well here at Salon Privé amongst all these beautiful classic cars It certainly does. Well this is just a beautiful, beautiful event. You had the wonderful Martin Brundle hand you the keys That must have been pretty special That was just incredible it’s almost as if I was in a dream and I never envisioned that not only would the car be built but that it would be delivered to me in such a fashion Now I’m on my way to see a very unusual car that’s going to be available in the UK from January 2010 Hola! This is an absolutely beautiful car And very unusual and it’s the first time you’re debuting here at Salon Privé Tell me more about this car. What’s so special about it. I just love the design The car is representing a new step in sports cars The car meets the FIA spec That means you can take it from the garage, go to the racing track and at the racing track you will have the same safety as a world rally car or Le Mans car What’s really interesting about this car is that it’s quite light-weight and also it’s good on emissions. Tell me about that Yes we have IFR automotive, which is the mother company, introducing to the market four new technologies regarding breaks, suspension arms, chassis and a completely new electronics All of that reduces the weight of the car dramatically and consequently the emissions. Say nought to sixty can be done in 2.8 seconds Nought to one hundred miles per hour in 5.9 seconds It’s really, really very good values and the cornering performance is in the region of 1.6g It really is so unusual and it is a bit of a show stopper here. I’ve certainly not seen anything like this design. If I’m a member of the public coming in now and I want to buy this car how much would it cost me? OK this car with all the carbon and the extras it has got is in the region of one hundred and twenty thousand euros plus tax So is this available in the UK now to buy? It will be at the beginning of the year What we have here is absolutely the first functional prototype of the brand. I would assume it’s going to be a bit of a bestseller and I wish you all the very best of luck. Thank you very much Some of these vintage cars have come from all over the world and some from owners’ private collections It takes a lot of love, care and attention to maintain these beauties. Rob (Savin) tell me more about this fantastic car Well this is the new Lotus Evora it’s the only 2 + 2 mid-engine sports car available. We’ve just been showing it to the Press for the very first time And we’re starting to build production cars now so the public will be able to get their hands on it very soon. This car is an everyday usable car: practicality, 2 plus 2, a nice usable boot A car that you can drive everyday and a bit of luxury and refinement as well What’s the speed on it? Top speed is over 160mph 0-60 is less than five seconds and the handling and the cornering is where this car really excels. What’s the price? Starting from £47,500 If you really get carried away with the options you can just about make sixty. the technology is very much Lotus The aluminium chassis the handling the refinement, the brakes, the suspension is stuff we’ve really developed on from the technologies we’ve been using to develop cars for ourselves and other people for some time But it’s moving that on for a couple of generations now. The Press have loved the car and it’s been interesting because quite a few of them have been Lotus owners as well It’s been a very enjoyable experience to go and show them the car and get such good feedback A beautiful event with lots of beautiful cars but this is certainly one that stands out. Thank you very much. Thank you It’s lunchtime at Salon Privé and there’s a feast

being prepared Unfortunately I don’t have time for any of that because today is Ladies Day and it is the ladies chance to put on their best dress to complement these stunning cars The panel of selected judges will be walking around and attaching a flower to some of the best dressed ladies for the final shortlist I’m off to interview a couple of judges to find out what they’re looking for I’ll start with you Paul (Sackey). Rugby and ladies’ dress, how does that compare? And what’s your style sense and what are you looking for? I’m just looking for a little bit of elegance, maybe nice shoes, a hat maybe. An element of fun and happiness around them Linzi (Stoppard) you are beautiful and you have such a great style what would you be looking for today? Actually I’ve seen a couple of really Glam ladies seen one in a beautiful bright pink dress Just the same really: elegant, style, a bit of poise, originality, nice accessories Now this is the classic car and supercar event and as you know there are some stunning cars here and I know that you’re a car buff Which car has really taken your eye? If you’re looking at elegant and sexy and the whole everything, I think the Pagani Zonda’s got it If I came looking for something today I’d compare them with the Pagani Zonda That’s got a little bit of sex appeal for me. Linzi, I know that you have style and I know that you do like cars, would you go more for a classic or a supercar? I’d say probably classic actually. Even though I’m not hugely knowledgeable on cars But actually I did see that stunning sort of mirrored effect SLR – that Mercedes You couldn’t get lost down the road in that doing your shopping really. It was pretty spectacular. That was really ‘Bling’ It was a mirror for you ladies as well wasn’t it Now you (Linzi) – it’s fantastic news because you’ve just been signed and congratulations, you must be so excited It’s been years of hard work What can we look forward to now – in the next few months from you and Fuse? I think now the album will be coming out in probably January 2010 Yeah we’re just trying to just push forward, push boundaries and push forward a new sound that hasn’t been done before Hopefully people will see the violin as not so classical And you know, we’re going to try and do something really different, really original and very… very rock orientated. I’m really excited to find out who you’re going to choose as best dressed lady and I’m hoping that you won’t let me down There’s one there, look! With the hat on, look. It’s going to be a pretty hard job for you guys but I wish you the best of luck. Thank you You reckon I can enter? If you came with lipstick and a dress on Can I enter? I mean the hair’s almost there I’m getting there. If you’re willing to cross-dress! I’m sure that would go down really well Hmm… I’m sure his rugby team mates are going to love that And so the quest begins Can I pin this on your dress? The judges have made their decision The finalists have been chosen. There’s just enough time for a quick parade round the Hurlingham grounds to give everyone a glimpse of the potential winner And the prize? A Boodles pendant worth over two thousand pounds On behalf of Salon Privé and Boodles the 2009 best dressed winner is goes to you… come over Congratulations Well done Amanda (Wates) congratulations you have won Best Dressed Lady, ladies day at Salon Privé How do you feel? I’m stunned and amazed and very, very happy Tom (Evans) you’re the manager of Boodles and this is a really stunning piece from your collection What’s it actually called this pendant It’s called velocity It’s 18ct white gold set with diamonds You’ve been part of Salon Privé for a good few years now and what is it that you are looking for? It was about looking for absolute classics, elegant dresses, very, very sophisticated She looks fantastic – congratulations

Now I’m off to meet one of my heroes, the racing legend, Derek Bell Derek, it’s so wonderful to see you here at Salon Privé and I believe it’s your first time here as a judge How have you found the experience today? Well it’s something in fact I’m much better behind the wheel of a car. I’m more relaxed – what I do naturally To be a judge isn’t the most natural thing in the world. However it was very much easier than I thought and I had a good group of judges with me who took a lot of the load off me, made it very interesting and good fun to do. And in the end it’s been a piece of cake actually. Was there something here today that really took your eye that you haven’t seen before that perhaps you’d like to drive? There were lots of things I was really happy to see here I mean some fabulous cars. But to see the Le Mans group, these guys down here, was rather special. Particularly as three of them I raced And all of them were during my era apart from the cars right at the end. This is chassis one and I did the shakedown testing way, way back in the 1980s This car, subsequently, I won Le Mans with four times so it obviously means a lot Actually I lie I won it three times with this car, once with another porsche before that in 1976 and then the Ford before that And I won the Daytona twenty four hours three times in one of these. So you know it means something rather special to me. It really made my career Without it I’d have been nobody You’ve got this kind of tough time in the markets and clearly the car market has taken a huge whack How do you think the car market will change in the next two years? Well I personally don’t really know but I keep reading what all the experts say and I just do it by my gut feeling. But I think what it’s going to be is there’ll be fewer supercars out there fewer in number. And then on top of that, the people that do go and buy there will be people that go and buy the supercars, a rather more special, select group of people. I think the day of the super, supercar mass production won’t be there for many years to come from what I can see But they’ll still be able to produce wonderful, wonderful cars everybody whoever they are, whatever manufacturer and there are people out there to buy them Are you going to be coming back and judging next year? They haven’t asked me yet Have you behaved yourself enough? So far but it’s not over yet But no, I’ve really enjoyed it I’ve met some super people And you see all these wonderful cars You realise that’s part of your history And you’re really lucky to be part of such a magnificent industry really. And it’s a beautiful club as well Well you can’t even talk about that. It’s just to have something like that so close to London. It’s just wonderful. I’m a massive fan of yours and always will be and I hope you do come back next year So do I and you too Gary you’re the Managing Director of Audemars Piguet And you’ve been very much involved with Salon Privé right from the beginning How did you get involved with it and why did you want to get involved with it? We got involved because I had an association with the two Bagley brothers And we felt it was the right event to showcase all our products And we have now been involved with the brand since day one and we’ve got a strong association with the Bagleys with Salon Privé And we just believe it’s totally correct for our brand and for the marketing opportunities it offers The people that can afford many of the supercars that you see here are already wearing Audemars Piguet watches and it’s a perfect showcase, the perfect platform to present our products because people would normally expect to see them here And when you’re looking at products priced at one million pounds, per car, they expect to see watches at the sort of prices that we have: £50,000, £100,000 And it’s the perfect synergy between the brands I’ve been looking at cars, shooting cars for the last few days and call me biased but this is my favorite car I do think it’s absolutely stunning It’s called the Aston 177. Why? Because it’s 1 of 77 It’s a really exclusive product for Aston Martin. We try to take the essence of Aston Martin, turn it up to the greatest extent and pour that back into a car. And give me a bit more spec on this car It’s a stunning car to look at but what makes it unique? It’s a complete carbon fibre tub that’s handmade. That in itself takes two and a half weeks to make All of the panels are hand-beaten aluminium and that gives us the ability to make shapes and lines that you can’t make in other ways Then you come to the engine which is an Aston Martin V12

That’s been worked in partnership with Cosworth to 7.3 litres over seven hundred horsepower and over seven hundred and fifty Newton Meters of Torque so exceptionally high-performance, light-weight So, very, very quick. I’m wishing you the best of luck and hoping you’ll be on the winners post today Today is full of excitement It is the final day – judging day Yes, one of the classic cars will be crowned overall winner There are six classes. One car will win from each class And then the final winner will be announced This competition is taken very seriously And with the highly experienced judging panel with chief judge Derek Bell on the team I’m sure it’s going to be a difficult job One of the most fantastic things about Salon Privé that you started, and it has grown every year, is Concours D’Elegance And it is judging day so one of the classic cars is going to be the ultimate winner Tell me more about it. Every Concours d’Elegance that goes on around the world, they have their very special judging day, which is when all the class winners get appointed. So we have six different classes here today There are about eight cars in each class. Each will get a Best of Class winner You do have some fantastic judges here every year. Real characters like old-school racing drivers, people who really do have a knowledge of cars and really get into it. How competitive is it with the people that actually exhibit their classic cars here? Massively, Massively. These guys they are very, very, very passionate owners and they love showing these cars off Listen I wish you so much luck and I’m really excited to see who the winners are going to be later. So I’ll have a glass of champagne, hopefully, and get excited and wait and see the results. Thank you very much, by The first car that’s coming along is the peoples choice. It was a car that was voted for by all the public that have been here this past week. And it’s called a Veritas three. And it was 48 hours ago that it was completed The biggest moment in my life You need to take that young man And Class A American V8s. The winner was a Bizzarrini 1966 owned by Hugh James And we reckon that this car was American muscle meeting its hallion elegance Aston Martin DB GT Aston Martin DB4 GT 1960 – beautiful specimen Right, now the Class D Grande Routiers The style and panache of the 1930s and 40s The most beautiful Bugatti Type57 Grand Raid The Jaguar SS1 Coupe 1933 owned by James Howell Aston Martin DBR1 1957 In Class F – one of the famed supercars of the 1970s, Lamborghini Miura 1973 Probably the first of the real supercars an absolutely magnificent car 0:28:39.050,0:28:36.050 The owners was sadly not there to receive his prize So the founder of Salon Privé, Andrew Bagley, has accepted on his behalf He’s never driven it before You’ll appreciate that Whoops! never mind Andrew. Back to driving school I think One of only, I believe, four cars Ferrari 275GTs 4, North American Racing Team Spyder 3.3 Litre V12 engine whistling away like a sewing machine Sadly Salon Privé is now over for this year You’ve seen some supercars and some classic cars and met some interesting people I’m off to have another glass of champagne so I hope to see you next year For more information and ticket enquiries for 2010 go to