Webnar: Trabalho em pequenos grupos na aprendizagem remota

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Webnar: Trabalho em pequenos grupos na aprendizagem remota

what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up hi good night everyone always make yourself here we got back the program locked ticket there return in são josé we are new a feeling of pain of the simple and webinars and today we go to work the purchase by garcia the sizzle is the download is ours no no no na before so it’s a this is an activity is created inside the egg of the educational company we go and with across as it gives even structure has the hi hi u2 brazil which is a problem of training of educating teachers in health sciences and is also denethor trade zone health is a international association and adds a series of healthcare professionals and health time with ahan are training of human resources and health community empowerment and also school social responsibility and are some activities in total started on the 13th of May and we know ending July 21st every Tuesday and Thursday from seven to 8:30 at night which is where the brand is inscribed in the process on youtube channel the area channel educational sa lunch at the end of July we will count the frequency of people and also justification me for each activities that the person has participated our anitta even then people enter with the camera turned off with the sound roll presenter off OK the presentation peace during the drought of goals and we discuss about one hour and this signature is not mine I don’t know what is the microphones then will open when we can talk questions the legs keep off tea we have one running all the time on youtube too i’m here pa us studios from nova lima to valéria and it’s me helping she will ask the questions that appear on youtube here in the allusions then it has from the end of presentation of vera garcia whoever has interest raises your hand here in one or ask the question on youtube chat and people pass it to her and she will do today’s activity so the topic is the small group work on remote learning was to introduce him emma ivai is a specialty of her work and I’m really curious pa long hair she was comfortable do through here and if I can’t start the camera for you can unlock for me sorry is that you had I had left and I came back ready that’s it

in Brasilia, right, Paulo is here with you you know you are used partner many journeys right and then I ask for your or it’s something that he tends to land soon so I wanted to thank you for the invitation say i’m super happy but i used to to start and I needed to say hi for many people discovering is not like is that I didn’t see all the people but I’ve seen many how do you say kisses vera, right, I miss it, I couldn’t buy it one has the key that I do has a lot people right ok there’s almost you leaving with people s right but I wanted to send a hug for those I saw that is there that it doesn’t fail right and from other spaces that I I know then I saw that Flávio is there and the ufg tip I’ve seen simone a roseane clothes denisa the owner rose ti the message from lisa lisa that i miss you guedes vase or graziela zanoni also who is a friend of how so I wanted to thank you for the privilege of power is here but I wanted to also you thank for the privilege of being able find these people all here share a little experience right that we are living when paulo asked me to talk right about the issue within the theme, right, small groups was actually more experience for her that we have been developing over of the years once he starts to working with innovative methodologies right the active methodologies and there is an option that we end up doing, right is working edson works in small groups right then after you enter contact with active methodologies does not there is no way, you understand that work in small groups that working with tutorial groups is very cool and very powerful right and when the pandemic arrived, right? I work in medical course in the phono course and I I also work with tutorial groups on Syrian-Lebanese right at the teaching institute and research and then what happened was that so we have to have an outlet decision immediately right and to decide if I would continue, right the distance or if we paused and returned and oddly enough all institutions right they decided that the we had to continue so it was like a tsunami, right, because in the truth is, besides everything, is when you work with tutorial groups you don’t work with your group, right? a core of teachers, right? work with that discipline, you know? the one with that movement that you’re doing so you can’t take a decision just for you do you actually have that making a decision that is a decision it is joint, right, so you can choose what would be the methodologies then it was not easy at first the three in particular the first three weeks were weeks of a lot good experience right is in the sense of be able to identify for each situation that I lived from work a small group that it would be more suitable to work ok i will then share, right a little of the screen here I want to show only and hit me here with zoom and to be able to start have you heard about this subject my daughter is sharing right then it’s places that I work we one of the approaches that we have is a job with problem-based learning that there are the blessed 7 steps has more clarification of the themes expression problem definition analysis of the problem the storm of ideas systematization of explanations with hypothesis proposition the objectives of the the composition of the objectives of the learning and self-directed study after individual presentation of results and evaluation I’m bringing the baby right with a generic thing right no work specifically with the 7 steps but we work with the issue of problem-based learning then

we use the can problem the case a problem situation, right? thrift store establishes it identifies problems epoxy seek learning issues students do the searches bring the responses of learning questions to we process what we have again to simple and then we do the evaluation process, right? mind we use what is now the reasoning process, right than the people wake up so much in the Syrian-Lebanese when the name mar is a process of constructivist spiral then our students go through these steps right of law the problem situation identify the problems the needy of health in the true I think I like this one better extinction they formulate explanations and elaborate learning issues this process establishes what we calls that learning things there and make individual work point for individual sims information that builds new meanings from the collective point of view right and at the end of the snow already analyze right we managed to do the explanations that we gave was a case was a reasonable explanations this one we actually managed to answer the questions of learning we also do the evaluation process of all process and the specific good of the group teacher of students, right? So it’s a serious process that we lived in a nice way also in person, right, how do we will do this in a way that we there is no need for quality, right? lose the power that the groups had specifically right at the time of pandemic was a very what the groups don’t of late they don’t very constituted, the classes had practically started is very little time then the bond right the question of corporate image right processes agreed work plans were issues that the we were not able to solve the right we didn’t have it we didn’t have it properly, right, we had no way solve this immediately right and then this it was an important slipper issue work and outside that we have teachers who have never worked with remote processes, so if the we had planning, none for us the question of anemia was exactly like this key right what I’m going to do is right inside I know if it’s last minute the settlement for me is that moment for that situation and then we started experimenting some tools are the first tool that we used was zoom that the one we are using, right? that at first we used the tool that was a tool free right what’s up Hey what’s up and we had a great problematic, right, they couldn’t keep up on the connections, right, then zoom also was showing himself to students who shy all right they started to

participate more I don’t know if the lack of personal contact, right? could have greater freedom, right I don’t know if rate helped but I know students who we in the tutorial group always sought to speak sparkles for the absence process actually started to have a more expressive participation, right and the group in a way also managed manage the process of much more appropriate communication because they had the vision of all people and knew the difficulties is that that the communication process is sat to be managed by all of us right and needed to be shared in a way more what is based on verbal communication and basing little on nonverbal communication right because we’re just having images right of people when the camera is connected because some couldn’t even keep the camera could do that, right? anyway that management speaks management shared and well managed important ok we had here in managing time are of the time have to be totally modified to the room break from one after one hour and a half without 1:40 or sometimes the group want to maintain activities throughout the party period was not possible whatsapp beato winter value right

observe many students because in fact we realized there was a tiredness clear in the group with the level of attention much bigger than that which is the face-to-face activity she wants her demanded right then in fact we we need to review all pa clean right of activity intervals so start activities early horse farm on pasture to some activity in the middle to be able to navigate work with educational content and achieve the development of skills that we had just to point out, I think one of the most important things that we did to start working one is as was establish learning agreements working the agreements clear even face exam are built by group with the support of facilitators in consensus base right sharing the responsibilities and vision improvement but some agreements in this are going to be very many different and those that we had already done previously so a first moment I I made a deal with people that everyone had to let the camera turn on naivety right because obviously not even everyone had internet connection enough to be in the group tutorial with the camera on and gives the our duck was a pact for as long as the people had there everyone was tuned what does it mean to tune is that everyone is participating okay speaking answer right we have a synchronism in the educational process that that way we could evaluate the participation right some may say good but then he is doing something else until doing something else but at this point is because it was feasible for any of the courses that I’ve been to involved good, right, because I wanted to quality of participation, right? much more to value the quality of participation the synchrony of participation because all activities were not the symptoms unlike all activities are synchronous right at the same everyone is together so as far as possible we managed do this process is in the contract work these people don’t have to I needed they will need to be adjusted ok certain food issues by example of being able to drink coffee play and even the role of the group share the screen make a kiss felipe is ok when we are there screen sharing was fundamental so that we could have everybody synchronized everybody to same time on the same page the same issues that the situation I was a professional from the mountains and he find the peace that we are reshaping each day and organizing the every moment is in this direction do only problem situations, right, like people doing it is in person right took a very great tiredness both a course so when a course of medicine right and then we needed start thinking about a variety of teaching-learning strategies to take the same goals education is right and that was when the we had to break our heads a little then we went back to the spiral constructivist what they were right what is how do we teach how to people at the door right some tutorial groups and what other triggers we could hello I’m so problem right and we used narrative so for example in Syrian-Lebanese that I sometimes work much with residency preceptors right say if she does a narrative about the which is to be a preceptor right my students from speech therapy work with a language assessment means what which is to evaluate right then for you that experiences you have to experiences you the evaluation process is right so many times we use narratives as if they were the problem situations right in that sense or corrective actions we do a process that is a process of ten students each

student brings a copy of his narrative to people distribute the group do a reading individualized without preferably without identify who the person is doing this reading, right? narrative itself and then either choose one what I don’t like very much o or if you look for similarities and differences and if problems are built, iva boots and the issues of presenting that that way I think is a a collective and more powerful way of work some bahia we started to think of other girls so why example that we used as if travel we started using some documentaries as a trigger to process the problem situations right and way experience is quite rich life class for me it’s a board thing and were sometimes used within workshops is not within jobs that the people can collectively sue in group, right, how does it shoot reflection pains ok and then we also used some texts, right, that are not just songs but some small texts because it is the connection of the workshop is ok and what I most I learned okay, it was with exercise based on problems in the sad in truth already made this proposal of the problem-based exercise but I didn’t have much experience need me didn’t have a few times but not with very often right and as the people were in a process that is a distance process right this exercise does a very important exercise because he receives the problem situation he has that fill the problems individually after the issues of learning and then he has to ask questions not present moment the issues that are issues more with the individualized issues and that they produce collective issues right then I think this is a good exercise, right? and we process it later so that we like the subject’s uniqueness but that the people can also send after the collective work is many years in the new simple and started working with concept maps not because we has encouraged but because the need the lack of personal contact with people and the diagrams allowed the truth communicating to colleagues right better answer your questions learning then more along with the people started working with a map conceptual that I think are some very cool right use I learned a lot about the conceptual map of the mine right then I think it was really cool and in the course of speech therapy we had to work with grandson interviews anamnesis with evaluation right then we started I started doing some hello simulations online with two people one interviewee another was the patient the the workers and we managed work on some more focused issues for practical activity it is not clear more more for practical activity is videos right sharing material right were the important criteria that I I think that for speech therapy I had to eat right, but I found it worth it gave me a lot of work but I I think it was worth it because I think the big question is to ensure that what is a remote party also guarantee quality of the learning that we you want it so much, you know every day we did activities we did an evaluation then we was discharged from the paid amount and the fado those assessments were fundamental to identify tiredness to identify all needs right that the group had and also improve strategies from the point of view educational right we work with a criterion variation referenced with satisfactory or accurate concept improve and evaluations were also made as in person the student does

with self-assessment he receives assessment no facilitator is ours we do a group round on performance and we closed the concept of satisfactory need to improve inside here right I think that that was a lot of other things to do, right, once we did this is more for the middle, it’s already in May and now we are going to do late April and the beginning of May, right? now in July right another place very important and I told rosângela that I was going to visit her it’s true, right? We use it portfolio right for these small profits so I brought John’s material here it’s the furb sink in Santa Catarina right portfolio work brought a material from the rosemary and brought is a course on methodologies active in experience what is a person I I also learned a lot about oil and about active methodologies right and I think to start the discussion I think that’s it I think it may be running just a few but I think we can start the discussion I’m available for questions right and to tell a little more the experience that we have vivid the flashlight we don’t have that limit so so hard it’s not very bright thank you it was quite practical i think yes I like that part of the conversation people have praised it a lot so the carlos lazarini is as raised and the poor for him to ask questions and agnaldo is also no problem asking questions for you the two are from there ours and the great the great silvia and always participate let’s go silvia too the three are tea with the right to speak if you want i chose you discovers you who chooses you have feedback ability to make any way is dialogue can be the step by step colleague who wrote the First Paulo, I hope it’s okay, okay night you hear me huh guys how much time miss all right everything in order no is exactly one more question reflection we are working here also with the issue of remote education doing the tutorials using the a myth of the global ie an online platform and most of our colleagues too realized that those students who were more shy in person in that virtual space loosened more there and the people who have this side of research qualitative did not leave less and was try to invest give a little more what was happening I who called me attention in the speech of some students how I do coordination is over I’m thinking that there is that as we it’s basically just with the theoretical part of course our practice software is totally suspended right because of social isolation students report that they work much longer to study and they feel more prepared for holdings does not have much to do with that issue of being protected behind a screen in your home a safer environment he reported much more prepared you came to realize something of that with your students well then carlos i like that i think the students will go through a phase of adaptation at this stage these three first weeks they were very difficult for them and for us but I don’t I think it’s just a matter of being behind of the cameras but I think we already did buy the aforementioned group also then somehow we put just a little more comfort right maybe it’s charging then but I think which is also right from the point of view of small group listen to management more speakers good right I think they could too become aware of the need for all speak right, because there is that thing opens microphone closes microphone I don’t I I have no report that he feels

more prepared because they pressured yet he understands adaptation snow I have students from first year so they have the bar enter college and then they start in the tutorial groups so this is how I I think so he can have more time to study can be an issue true but I think it has I think which also has group management cooler understood it is on the part of students themselves who started to perform those assignments from there also all time with an online function focused right we have to talk about she Yeah, I think that must have helped more shots right then but I will then in this qualitative assessment that you’re talking about feeling more prepared in basal thank you I think I hit it he swap with you saw it is not with sure a hug for you to remember that in order so it was this is called then my congratulations, teacher I really liked your presentation is and it caught my attention the exercise problem-based exercise there a good one and you already have to know one understand a little bit better how it gets done ii and what is the purpose of it he is a assessment he is a he is a as if says a a strategy to complement what is done the mansion in other settings like that is so we actually do the constructivist spiral processing however they are well store, you have to stay in fact, in this state of health of problems there we do the right delineation even of the problems raises the hypotheses and asks the questions of only learning that studies us always did in the collective so I give the trigger that the problem situation for him that the student but I do not give more collectively and individually good so i do before i do collective processing I make the student do individually the analysis of the lakes the identification of hypothesis survey problems and the learning issues from the moment that he did individually on the device a sunroom and do everything analysis the we go back to the collective model right where I will share the problems to identify him there and then I will get to know right several students put it right if the problems I identified were the problems identified by my group or if I I forgot something is usually this what happens we see that the student sees some problems suddenly it gives a highlight a situation that others does not work but the other man can lift those most relevant problems and it highlights another one so other people in the group don’t good then the power of the collective it is very important because i will managing to enlarge my look from respect from the other’s perspective but I can also position myself about how I’m doing analysis of the problem situation my my group right I think this is a great truth the student can do a high rotation right on how does he makes the movement of the spiral itself the people later when you have the questions of learning and we do, right, we poses all the questions were elaborated and usually we ask for a two questions the maximum for horses otherwise we have the number of questions excessive to analyze and mainly by remote access is very tired and I can’t ask for many issues of letting him do 67 or when he wants then on today I’m going to bring up the two questions of each of the students are ten students are 20 issues thinks there is no small and I I’ll do it by blocks of meaning what are the issues that everybody pointed to that theme with that theme so that he pity from that the people choose a question, right? is that it can represent that theme

that the group will study or I can see elaborate the text so that I can congregate okay one and to use is this this new question so that all the group can make their feel individual its search and response to learning issue ok you me ask right if you ask me if I I can do this as an assessment summation i can I think the big question is evaluation formative right of the student understand the student the students understand, right, how is it that they are working with the group and he managed to understand the power of collective work because he can see diversity of looks right that each one brings forward those posting then the idea is always to think that exercise individual it clearly demarcates right the that as far as I went what I got from originality and what my colleagues managed to move forward and I managed understand his perspective, right? works with 10 students in marcio, right? ideal would be to work this is how the literature never work less than than four and never work more than that we work with 10 students right in the tutorial group eh you can work really well with that kind of strategy and you need to finish calm, right, because he have to do the individual work, right and then we have to bring this process for a more collective process ok but this is great so basically it’s very more formative who are active and this is always done before work the group does this exercise in all the problems the last forgiveness the people who processes the problem situation normally what I’m telling you is that it works right, we’re working for access remote we diversified separators look so i will use this edp and eventually I will not always use I will always use the problem situation but if I u and one of the issues important right thinking strategies

educational to know who the students are that are with you right you have an end right because I now in this period we have to think about it, right, have children need the computer too right you will need until that time this person will give you until time to do you the distance also with their own children right so I think this beautiful that gives you it is a good strategy I like a lot of it but I think we have to look at the context to use it with adequacy then for students some students I wouldn’t use for also medical students for incredible that seems right, how much we get time we stay a long time in front the computer is ok we too when I’m not doing many activities outside of the class period they have time protected to make your individual right, so it ensures that he doesn’t is taking time from somewhere else to study right I don’t understand resumes that are resumes there in innovative methodologies and we have a curriculum that has practically no I think the student’s right to make their own songs your synthesis I can’t think that way then the need of protected time, otherwise we carry it, right, I feel very tired of the students so I’m concerned with the room inverted it cannot be used eventually but not as a routine because otherwise I think we could he somehow overload the students even due to tired attention that the student had to have to stay online a lot of time during the day right is we are also at unimar that we have been advising also at the university of mine right to say so this has been really cool right what I think is that it has to be an experience of a lot of learning right for people who have tried to make this matter I understand that we really have to have one work right in the development zone proximal there looking to see you vigotski right so it’s for some students, right? I arrived to make an appointment at the outside right try to singularize the way of studying were two students that I had to do but it was portfolio meetings that

allowed me to identify this type of need folio right they also were very important exactly for be able to meet needs singularized right and that is problematizing the the education of students, right, so I I think so I think the portfolio he it has to be something I think more than the portfolio the meeting of portfolio is the big question, right? be able to listen to the displacements that person is doing from the point of educational view the needs that she has support right, the anguish that she it’s having a way, right, so she can also look at the grandson’s progress of judgment that she makes against the profile skills for that discipline for that series right for that module that she’s living, right, so I understand that yes right the dream pulse it can be collaborative I make a meeting the individualized but I do meetings in pairs and easy to buy the collectives from outside and now it has a record that has to be a singularized record which is that of shifts from individual challenges educational activities of each subject I think we can’t miss these sight challenges because exactly in this place, right, we will be able rightly support the students right and I think when we works with a tutorial group right though we in some moments we are makes the group more diverse mute groups right I don’t believe we do that this year because it would be very confusing for students we usually has a semester of class a certain group then we move and do a group change right I think we won’t not do that exactly because maybe we need to create, but the closest is more is more or least more connected with our students and their needs and things that we may not have realized that they were not developed how are we imagining that they are happening happening we will having to look at this trajectory, right? always an eye is not to check the people have no experience yet in this with this trajectory at a distance then the we will have to look and we will having to check later as ex learned to happened hi hi great maria helena had asked to ask a question and then the barbarian whom I accidentally took I lowered my hand but I have already given the right to speak hi maria elena and country is also brazil that people asked where she is going talk tomorrow I already put the link on the valéria put on youtube and I also put a connection from university of minho and has a group group called idea which is very good I follow on facebook they are always posting when it is the magdalene hi good night i’m all happy to see you hear Paulo hear the equivalent it’s there with a faithful squire I saw him silvia and mainly you will see a hug great to all and I have some more questions I will restrict myself to both very that I might have missed in the your exhibition I got a little bit later that is how long these students stay in front of the computer for day or week whatever you can me say I have a reference for us also here you know from sorocaba with a lot from a distance and it’s been a huge growth for us teachers has also for students I think this agreement that exists because they teach us a lot has been a lot interesting the second thing is yours evaluation mediated by criteria and very I’m interested because also what we do here and I wanted to ask you the the question of hers being summative maybe I have lost and finally a lot quickly what do you think will persist when we have some even in the new modernity what what will you

today already predicts someone who already works about it a long time ago it’s amazing me inhale many times saw vera so I I would love to know what you predict there as in your crystal ball big hug dear mariana do not hug very tight for you you know that you are a very very dear person right and i think i’ve learned a lot from you you were one of the people I I learned you Paulo are people who I learned a lot to start there in problem-based learning is students have a standard maria week helena then for example in Monday they are with me theoretically they are with me the day all but the day is more or less right try to understand they have an activity from nine o’clock noon and we do the 20 minute break and we kept that not remote access there after I have an activity with them too from 2:30 to 3 pm we have a period which is teacher planning and after 3 pm until 5:30 pm or less we have another period and we also do it in the interval in this period so I think that this day it’s a day drawn to them despite them have this interval and it’s so many hours so what are hours it’s 6 hours of work right by access remote right not all students are used to staying that long of course playing is a working thing a group I have another perspective he has a three-hour period where they do the tbl then how the classes are divided they have an activity schedule as a class when a group of students who are doing distance learning tbl right there in the socrative mentimeter right that the mário is super super good these questions is the other class is active self-directed because he made a new synthesis with me he has to have time to study and it is and so it doesn’t actually always exist as far as possible even from the serious in-person spaces where he can study and that he is not overloaded ok i can’t tell you grid all week but so are groups of clinical stations where they do simulation they are still trying to do a good part of the simulation it will not be able to happen because you need to do it in person right will have to rethink when back how do we complain right activities that really need the handball has no way, but I think that they spend about 6 hours in maximum maybe seven hours of course without counting the intervals more on average is this what i think is quite by to be is a full period in the phono course is we have around 4:00 4:00 is a long time so I have actually is done an activity I think a part of activity of some exercises in the break and then come back to finish about the reflection of the activity that they have done because it is not possible times but the sense of doing some workshop right on the site to do some more dynamic activity that allows people have the focus on this group tutorial ok this is your answer question we work with criteria so it has a competence profile, right do you have a competency profile to people will look at this profile of competencies what is expected by a first year student who wants the expected for a 2nd year student right and what are they? and what skills do I have that develop within that of that discipline then in the case of what I’m working I’m working with health need I’m working with identifying problem plan of care, right, so I work in leadership team right then so actually this competence profile that is in the project snacks travel notebook political-pedagogical course right now only it’s called a pedagogical course project

we will look okay how is it he is touching himself because we have the actions that are given and the performance are expected for that series right and the student has this profile and then he makes a self-assessment always always goes do the self-assessment and it will put right if he thinks he is developing according to this R&D skills that we have but it will look uniquely at him because he you have to see displacements, right? the big question yet the criterion referenced and not normative then have to do like the other he has to be shifting and he has to look also the challenges he has evaluation is also only native so in first moment it is formative to after a certain moment this variation in the tutorial group it becomes be summative if I can’t work as a team, I can’t do two searches I can’t answer the questions of learning what are the questions by the group, right? I talk too much, the agreements don’t are agreed not first moment I need to improve make the plan recovery and in a second moment I’m unsatisfactory that I have right from theory there are other ways of evaluation, of course, so portfolio is a form of evaluation they have proof for solving cases right trying an approach more critical and reflective – is for memorization, right? They also do the progress test but it’s the app right so of course there are a number of other assessment elements that happen within that year but in the tutorial group right the portfolio has a role right the question is this movement of these displacements either self-assessment or assessment of team regarding the evaluation of the facilitator right are important things we have the protocol so for example in the student protocol i’m going to talk about how is he doing so be temporary how is he doing in the new science is how is he doing portfolio and how it is making the pacts, right, how does he works in the group take place not the the group’s pacts are ok so I think there are many more moments, right? here that the weather giving evaluation becomes a summative evaluation and obviously people works with the disease issue satisfactory in substitution to the precise improve but I think the great question is the improvement plan the student lost of course i can ask for he recover sometimes he has some difficulties I have already transferred right it came from another we itution was in the first year anyway but there are some adaptation difficulties without wanting is okay so I think that question now what will Maria Helena persists and is i think i will see watch now is a question that it is possible flexibility is not possible here possible because we had many teachers very much only in the competition or not loaded right you wouldn’t be able to never do anything at the office and then people saw that it was possible so I think that this question of being possible, right and be possible to try I think that’s what remains from the point of view governmental concern that I have and it was a previous concern, right not wanting to get into the controversy here but this is where the educational leaders in p and not that we can discuss right health courses is pure to do distance activities, right, so I have a very big concern i think can’t right to replace everything, right, so it’s not possible we must always have good sense, right, we work with people for people to work for is people right for care right for collectivity I don’t think we can give up this process that the active methodologies innovative methodologies have this concern right with humanization as reflective critical work like the

knowledge of performed to everyone as text right I think we are not born I think maybe you can if you wanted to go but I think we will have to do a pretty big confrontation because we don’t walk this way direction mainly in the right and especially sometimes looking at that look like cnn, it’s okay to have a discussion from home it is possible to do telemonitoring is possible but do hearing exam has no way right that subject power in the cabin right and the student has to do it there I don’t know if you answer, but we you can then take the sparkling wine and still keeps talking about it is a great one has a crazy phono to do ask you to go see barbarian speak then barbarian and that beard my coming that good night good night a all all first congratulate again it’s not paulo and valéria and everyone who is in the organization of these web everyone is commenting a lot well it’s been really cool to participate update these discussions and always find everyone from dad a hug special for everyone makes mine colleagues and thank vera right that we hardly know each other, right? I am very fond of talking about you always because I always learn a lot from you always get a lot of inspiration from you you are a reference for all of us already spoke biology has a lot of shape here watching franklin kisses is so away so that watching participating good so for people who are a fan is not a honor to have you always representing us it is and then and always so practical right because one of the things I admire the most success in practicality, right, your way of explore things in such a way clear to everyone, everyone’s praising on the check also about with relation to that and i wanted it so you talk a little, you know that these times we have remote teaching to image we have faced several problems, right connection access is several issues related to that and always request that we teachers have is flexibility, right? student who sometimes at that time he may have run out of internet people have this clarity but I wanted you comment a little bit about the challenge of the participation of all members in these small groups and impact on their evaluation because a of the things that I have faced working with small groups like that at many students say that they don’t may be present or say nothing are simply not present I wanted to know from you if you have experienced that and if you have strategies to deal with it and thank you again for your lines so brilliant as always a kiss miss you miss you too barbara so go I think all of this is a good part of it that you said is within the contract work when we tell you do a employment contract right I just speak to maria helena here one of summative right formative assessment items this he fulfills the work ducks I place I do employment contract for all for all places for all all the groups I work with because I think I don’t understand, right? so we can wake up right I do and look we do collective work if you miss you miss because your look okay will be missed then the exercise of bp he was a lot it right realization that individually I I have to look and as I go, you know running right on the analysis individual I came back in the other salty so in a way it brings a little this question but I bring this a lot for work contact I put on employment contract that if the person does not is like I have 10 students right people do it I don’t like it that much whatsapp group for you love us i do contract look whatsapp group if you can’t come you tell him to read craving salad 10 minutes when the course in são paulo and it is for the group to start work if you are late you going to have that you can enter but you will come in very discreetly and will try to catch the thread until the people can put it in the right situation so I do a lot of the contract that’s the job, right? good so when I do assessment to

end of the activity I speak by so-and-so so-and-so look today you were late did not warn us, unfortunately because he has so far not right 6:35.530,1:06:37.940 away so that watching because the app is lighter town nanan is right and then we help, right not sharing by whatsapp he then we and tools to be able to maintain that connected student synchronized with the group but this is an effort that we have to do when brazil is the great too much the connection type is too big we have to exercise this right process the nigga is the advantage for us to use in group here some one is that it allows the cell phone the person can call here to the zoom room and you can enter by the site by skype is also right and you said an important average thing we cannot run the groups wanting people to work with several flowers because it is a group has no

the time to graduate, right, he has to go through all stages of the group’s constitution Maria Clara has an open microphone then fernando and ana flávia nobre also what’s up what’s up what’s up and it’s on flávia if you want ask question maria clara was waiting need to connect the microphone good I can speak, the colleague will speak i don’t think you can talk like that i I’ll take time I would like to thank the teacher vera for the generosity so much is a very great joy or village is an andré coast a hug dear this is how inspiring right at that moment when we we are always challenged heard other possibilities is really the reason for joy I wish you could talk a little more about of online simulation is how she is planned the ok so look at the route actually speech therapy we needed to do interviews right maria distance how is it that I was going to do an interview there so this was the problem and there was a big question does not mean how do I fulfill the educational goals with a tool I have ok then see you know yes we have 10 students sometimes i brought a person hopes it could be the person to be interviewed about determined the thematic about determined complaint right one of the students simulated you know there 10 minutes of this interview and then we were going to the brief ok then see I have and I nine students to the student who is a lender and the other person who is also online that will be the person interviewed right hi people have a common theme we have a common complaint which is right brand that we are discussing inside of the discipline and what happens to people have one hi friend that ends the simulation we have the person’s first evaluation who did the student interview after we have in how the person who was interviewed how did she felt and the observation of colleagues right about that interview, it’s in a first moment I had thought of do only with the student and I lender I the interviewing student, right and we did some experiences only from three people and then discussing with the group, right? understood that the power of observation huh ea and the power of the de britten was very great then we resumed this strategy, right, that’s what I’m trying to to make a process we resumed the strategy and then we managed to do everybody with microphone off the observation and considerations regarding how is the interview done right, so in a way this puts the student right in the practice activity clear stage because we don’t have nor is the objective of the strategy kind of right, there’s no patient at all of that but anyway and puts the much closer student, right? feeling of carrying out an activity sure he would the person the person right then you need to check what the contents are that are being discussed in represent we wanted to discuss for example child development interview she had to put some aspects of child development the student has to do a reasoning reflective clinical right to check if that development was a proper development or whether he was a development that had some delay and that deserved some kind of intervention then this is you annoys right and in fact the time you

do it sometimes you have a lot difficulty to concatenate right White’s questions, right, right, but observers they begin to value but we as a facilitator need keep in mind that debriefing there are two aspects it has to have aspects of the potency of that interview and it has to have aspects that are what need to improve the challenges that I I have it, so whenever we are working we need feedback appear active here conduct that student then of course, we will change roles right other students will also conduct interviews with different little cases but we also have to give to the student is the view that feedback has to be appear active that he is also committed to the development competence of the colleague is right, because otherwise we work new with a curitiba variation ok then I think this is one of the things important you have to say right to the his colleague what he did good and that that it can improve why is it that you think he can improve, truth we have no address in creating competitiveness hi and the criticism that is a criticism that be destructive i think the active methodology comes to bring the feedback issue within that formative assessment perspective I don’t know if it was just the question all that you wanted and I already disconnected the microphone from and now sorry sorry raise your hand i call again no problem is not new is fernando this is already connected and then Silvia is listening to me talking about the beast I I’m fernando de maceió I am I am professor of pulmonology health of the elderly in the fifth module period I am a pulmonologist I face and I’ve faced many barriers especially now, right, like the pulmonologist are facing and how teacher even more because it’s all stopped world did not return to activities I I made a proposal right in since March a proposal to make I will send what you said the case interesting there which is precisely mine the my my discussion I maybe I have was one of the first teachers of federal university of alagoas me and that the deceased apply the portfolio understood in the first in the first in the first the jury module at the bottom they went in there at the university and then what happens I started to delve into the oil cup and I took a course is there to hospital administration university students and such and that’s when I I delved a lot more oil mainly from the reflective portfolio the what do I do I do the following I do what you were saying there but to buy charge in portfolio and power making an initial assessment is like that group of students who are in four students what I do I give the only one they get together and discuss the case clinic asks for the necessary exams give the diagnosis and there are doubts above of these doubts we will work the doubts they have if doubts are very strong there what do I do send for bibliographic reference there they go for reference and go back to class when they go back to class we discussed this one again doubt still remains so I do the minnie conference on that subject so this is how we do it that I divide this into two weeks are two Mondays so don’t first Monday has the discussion the group to open the diagnosis and next Monday has the discussions of doubts and that provide the conference camille i don’t know if i I’m on the right path I loved your explanations knew for me the greatest pleasure ok cool good fernando thanks for the words right

fernando i think you work different some of us work with problem situations right in fact we try the perspective right to look right about health but biopsychosocial so bring the student right at the first in second in the third year for a perspective not only biologist but by a perspective of looking at the integration of aspects are cultural a religious economic financial issue and of course psychic physicists right what are you speaking is case study to ask me money i would say right you have the south case model that you work with students then students look a car argue about the exams that what will be ordered are available and make a diagnosis and make the literature search I think music in literature is one of the things important because we have to learn to work based on evidence right best practices the better evidence then right in curricular guidelines of our courses we have the issue of education permanent but i think i like too much to talk more than search process, right? and knowledge search for what is a good practice which is the evidence we do there are many practices they are they transit right from generation to generation but that we have necessarily seen the results the effectiveness right efficiency that the results would remain in practice in health that we have and I think that decisions, right, both clinical and in collective processes they have to be based on excess evidence then bring these references for discussion of the case she is very nice ok I think it’s me not from the point of view of the methodology that i work i wouldn’t give a mini conference ok i would forward new questions for a new search for students right for them to sign the difficulty I think silvia said about the inverted class so read the right rear material for discussion right on top of a case it can also be a strategy that you can use that dialogue more right with these with these questions right I think this is a important question now at the point of view of the case study you mean is a cool educational strategy and that we use it a lot, right at the boarding school prison states in the water and there and us processes of we know residency program ok now the portfolio for line to bring I think we have to do a division there than what is portfolio what which is a field diary, right, a polio koch he has to bring the student to the center of the portfolio, right? feel that professional he is that profile he will have to measure what he will be what speech therapist will he be that nurse he will be the reflection of body she has to come as seriously denies out yesterday in the field diary at However, I have many records of attended cases of activities developed and that I will actually exchange with my tutor exchange with my teacher group towards check and tomorrow doubts about the care procedures intentionalities, right? I had in each one of the calls then there will be a little in doubt if you do portfolio even if you do more daily because the portfolio square has that being reflective critical tends to reflection right I have to think about the there that I really like when we talks about internship supervision is not of course we talk about in the area of health we don’t talk so much hospitalized people talk more about it when I talk about internship supervision i’m exactly taking student to reflect on the blow and how I did it that way I did it that way I could do better, I think even from the point of view after our formation this would be the reflection on the practice it is fundamental there for people to establish processes are advancement processes in education permanent ok what’s up

i think it’s vera has been like that are very very precious moments to hear and reflect and an issue that we we are living he wanted to hear you from your experience teaching emergency remote is the issue of teacher training is not like move is in this time guys here is very little is I know we are in an emergency situation right I I understand that but I also feel involved with my colleagues who ask us more time right they ask us for more experience actions that ask us more courses and actually you’re at the top saying look there I need to do to learn to go fell here can call on cell is not my son right then I wanted have you hi how are you doing the training and the accompaniment is not because the spoon also teachers with all of us are in these environments for many of us absolutely foreign, right? that there was vera silvia i think since the time I had at yuske light right I think it was a learning experience very big that if i work with active methodologies right with a problem either whatever they are right programming pbl whatever they are i need everyday spaces is planning with all facilitators good then in grac we have is an hour an hour and a half or so of weekly planning so we has dedicated space for this is not Marcos the people there are very fond of working with the term of reference is very cool, right, son, we too works with reference peter right like that and the term of reference is everything comes written what will make the prints of screen everything right I think it’s cool darn work do term of reference right because it has to be a consensus of the activity that was agreed by teachers then it has to be a written detailing of everything that will be done it takes a lot of work to do this in so we have less people there so we can hold meetings right sometimes we have a weekend because there is no way right we needed of this process the work and we needed to be help is whatsapp all these things bad spot with me policemen on whatsapp from one another looks only with difficulty that’s ok, I managed to solve how do you record on skype, right? right we have teachers are a little more does not have as much diversity of data and experiences right with the question for remote access right but I think this is this is an important question fundamental we could have chosen a platform we could have chosen other technologies to make the tutorial groups the choice of methodology take into account the whereas all teachers in one of the cool then understood so for example the we consulted everyone internet in your house has computer you use and with ease you have already entered a platform and then yes it is in the part already had then this is a facilitator but you’ve ever done 99.9 web conferencing had construction I think some more is so we do these meetings weekly experimenting right simulate right some situations are also there for some students because incredible it seems they are young but some have difficulty with a tool ok so I particularly I had to sit with the students and do one more step by step with him because he had a hard time now as we enter the tool okay it’s like this is a unison right everyone teachers not students me help included hahaha it’s just I don’t know my brother lets that I share it right and put it there and then person goes and neither process and she goes understanding that that is also not a seven-headed bug she also has

competence to carry out only those prints right, just a reference term prints do not mobilize people that living really has to drink motivates is science is to live, you have to live, right? have to live but also have to support there we will do boxing again haha yesterday that is in the knowledge zone light document just try in the proximal development also with you work with you I saw that he will think that they bet more they play more right and I think that teachers have a little more than receiving a little more I think it’s really fear of the new right of change right then I can say for you that I was also the father’s staff market of that right I don’t work there I I started working a lot like the question distance education but before that I don’t know if I knew how to turn the computer but that’s it we have to play a little bit in the experimentation live and reflect survived right I think again right reflection on practice right and on the limits that we have is that we does if it went too far right if the group couldn’t answer we came back right we review and think and go back to a little bit closer to comfort zone that allows the group of teachers be all cool also that already everything I think this look is it is and leave everyone on the same page and feeling supported understood that it has support one of the others, right, we’re here as a group and that we can catch thank you very much vera thank you very much thank you vera thank you everyone is we are already we are already at 8:40 am I will launch the participation survey here on zoom room and wanted to ask for the people are on youtube, someone watching after you like the video, subscribe those things that all youtube says because it has helped us to show and it is worth investing in it I also wanted to invite vera to us talk another day about practices that now the national council of education and was approved by the mec approved to perform people have plastic that you can’t make a CD and talked about audiology i would promise sorry more there are many practices that not even you also said that they can be done is a discussion which is very important what the practice what the performance of skills i can work remotely and which ones I can’t but there is no time for today stay there for we talk another day then launching the vera research does its final considerations hi hi i wanted to tell you that i saw here I couldn’t watch the chat while I I was talking, I saw some moves some things but to say so about beauty which is to find so many people, right, like me I found here and we can’t give a hug right but anyway go a very tight virtual hug to you all also thank people that I had the opportunity to get to know people had the opportunity to talk and tell the poor how they are people with are leaders are people important in peace or even for us to be able to work, right, with education of health professions I think which is a really cool thing and I think just thank for the availability time right by the father and foot and for actually operationalizing right and this question is right ok I think the big thanks you and all the other teachers in the form program and it has come from the lecture that this is the success there at work in group and in the race for humanization in in these carts that come and go thank you so much we have half of people answering the questionnaire I I’m saving a little bit and in this I switched off the screen already has 99 more 99 messages the boring at sometimes you can’t follow people thank you very much thank you very much

who participates remembering that your certificates are to be made at the end and that we’re also making friends certification so each one will win the pads according to the activities that appeared from something that I I learned there at the University of Minho, right? I learned to use, right? what it is recently and we already managed to deploy that through is going to be certified by mercury message card so it’s by metro and it is also and the recordings are on the youtube channel of Asia and what we do is legend in Portuguese Spanish and English so now come come from vera but tomorrow we put the subtitles obviously the subtitles are machine translation google but it looks like people have received some feedback there from latin america and itá interesting thank you very much guys and the vote I will close and I will close room good night everyone until Thursday ok you have to show it just forgetting next week’s marketing the and today we had a blacksmith good so next Tuesday is preceptorship activity, right? technology-mediated secretariat with the professor jorge guedes of the university federal of bahia so thank you very much everyone who voted and who is with us will be with us a and now i’m going to show the results of the presentation the eighty percent clothing is fine technical quality 77 and apply the knowledge sixty per percent get deeper into the subject for sure small watch for sure and a overall rating of 66 by 110 very thank you so everyone and good night