Yemin (The Promise) 7. Bölüm | Season 1 Episode 7 (English)

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Yemin (The Promise) 7. Bölüm | Season 1 Episode 7 (English)

Nigar get me a glass of water Are you okay? Open your eyes! Mom! Nigar! Where’s everybody? Open your eyes! Are you okay? Son, what happened? I don’t know. I found her like this Let’s get an ambulance! No ambulance Do you hear me? It’s best to go to the hospital as soon as possible Will she die? Listen If I hear one word from you I’ll kill you! Nobody will know this! Understood? Are you okay? What did you swallow? What did you feed her? We were just having pudding she started coughing Hospital! Sir! Peanut! Peanut! Needle! Is it the peanut? She’s allergic. Boss never told you? I wish I did! Masal! It will pass honey! Breathe my dear! It will not hurt It didn’t hurt, right? Take deep breathes. Good Hold her head! Let her breathe! You’re okay. My brave girl! My brave little princess I’m so sorry Masal, I didn’t know How could you do this? I didn’t know I thought peanuts would go well in the pudding! Those were mine! I was gonna take them home I’m sorry I didn’t know What do you mean sorry? Masal can’t be babysitted like other kids! You will pay for this irresponsibility! I’m sorry Mr. Emir doesn’t answer

When I first called he told me they were going to take a tomography She must still be in Nigar, how did it happen? Did you see it? Melike How many times I told youi nobody saw it! How many times you’re gonna ask? My god Stop making me upset! I’ll be in my room dad What are you gonna do all alone dear? Come, let’s have a chat Sure. I’ll just go change Okay dear Hello ladies Welcome Mr. Hikmet Welcome What is it? Something’s wrong Hikmet. There has been an accident Accident? Everybody okay? Didn’t you hear me? Reyhan? Where’s she? Reyhan, are you okay? What happened? Reyhan. Tell me what happened Who was at home other than Reyhan? I fell down uncle Dad I lost my balance Did you sick my dear? Is something wrong? No, I’m fine My blood pressure just dropped Emir, what did the doctor say? Just a little concussion dad. Nothing to worry She will take pills for a few days Melike! Yes Mr Hikmet You stay with Reyhan until she feels better You take very good care of her Don’t worry Mr Hikmet. And not just pills I’ll also prepare her very healthy soups She’ll fell better Reyhan be careful You are your mother’s legacy to me Okay I’ll be careful Hikmet Don’t worry. I’ll take care of her myself I don’t want anything to happen to her Oh thank god! You know Mr. Hikmet bought a bird as a gift to the bride That suits the peasant really well But still she gets a ring and jewellery too Stop it they will hear you! So what? After all she’s just a village girl! What?

Mr. Emir Don’t bother Sefer. Keep eating Do you need somethig? What are these? Oh yes Mrs Reyhan’s The instructions are written on the box But she should eat first Sure. First food, then pills. I’ll handle it Do you see Nigar? He’s so fond of his wife! And I have to serve a village girl! What a life! They will hear you! Stop! What are you saying? I had enough! The mistress bangs the bride’s head to the walls and I’m the one who has to take care of her! What a destiny! You have to be grateful! What if she died? Oh! What did you say? We’re dead! That’s better I’m such an inconvenience sister Melike! I’m embarassed You heard Mr Hikmet! I’ll be in trouble if I don’t take good care of you We don’t want that! Can I come in? Sure. I was resting Oh! What a beautiful little thing! It’s for Reyhan Is this really mine? She loves birds! Not just birds. All animals! So? What will you name it? Where’s Emir? I’m here dad Mr Hikmet bought it to Reyhan We need a beautiful name for you Mr Emir loves animals too Did you find a name? Your name is Incir Incir You may be up all night because of the chirping! Anyway. Have a nice chat You obviously have things to talk with Incir You’re running out of food I’ll go shopping tomorrow. I’ll get some birdseed So you have to be patient until tomorrow Mrs Incir! Is that a girl? Yes What if she died? Have you ever thought about that? I gave you this list for you to read it! Article 14: Allergies! Masal is allergic to all nuts! I must have read it too quickly You irresponsibility could have costed her life! Maybe it’s a game to you but I didn’t write this to entertain myself! Understood? Understood This is not acceptable for me. But Masal she reacts to you. If I don’t fire you it’s only because of Masal! I hired a thief as a babysitter! Do you know what that means? I know how Masal is important to you You’re here because you’re good for her If it weren’t for her, we would be talking something else now You would be where you’re supposed to be. Understood? Understood? Understood I should just spit into the peasant’s food! My god! She’s the bride of a mansion she couldn’t even enter as a maid! Nigar Yes What’s this? Where is it going? It’s Mrs Reyhan’s

You’re bringing her food? Why doesn’t she come to the table? Mr Emir said so. He also left her medicine to the kitchen And ordered me to give them on time He obviously cares for his wife I’ll cut your tongue out Nigar Take this back to the kitchen! There’s no room service in this house! But Mr Emir Do as I say! You started to push my buttons lately Behave! Sure. Excuse me I will not let you have my son, little peasant! Your seed is not much At least have some water You know from now on, you’re my best friend here How are you? I’m better You can fool Hikmet You can even fool Emir But I know what you’re up to Don’t keep on with this ‘sickness’ nonsense Nonsense? You banged my head to the wall I gave you a chance to reconsider your decisions You can’t be at peace in this house I hope you understand me I understand After what you did today So open up your ears, and listen to me Because it’s the last time I’m speaking with you After you get better, get out of my house Go back to your village This place is not like your dumpster Here, in this mansion, nothing ever happened that I didn’t approve of And I will keep it that way Believe me You haven’t seen anything If you don’t do as I say I will really smash you empty filthy head this time And I never never leave a job undone Mrs Cavidan I’m trying to understand you I understand you despite your hating, and your hurting You think I’m not worthy of your son You see yourself worthy of this mansion of this life? You don’t know me That’s the only subject I don’t understand you and don’t think you’re right It’s not easy for me either Can’t you try to look from my point of view? Oh, you ‘understand’ me? You understand me? Who are you? Who the hell you think you are? I am Reyhan Tarhun Hikmet Tarhun’s bride Emir Tarhun’s wife You like it or not I’m you bride Look at that! And you challenge me? I told you what I got to say I hope you understood what’s waiting for you You will, get the hell, out of this mansion! No I can’t go anywhere If you want, you can continue right now your undone job But I’m not going anywhere I’ll never forgive you

Hikmet For bringing this peasant in our lives! I’ll never forgive you! The project documents are here Did you control everything? I prepared everything myself. It’s all here The drawings are in the file. I also sent them by email Is there a problem? No, no problem I really like your skills If you can just be a little willing to work you’ll be a perfect businessman Are you going tomorrow? Yes. It’ll take two days. It’s gonna be tiring I can go. You can join the meetings on camera No, I promised them After the meeting we’ll go to dinner Let’s go together No son. You just got married Stay with your wife. Leave the meetings to me I brought your coffees Thank you Melike Thank you Did you check Reyhan? How’s she? I was just there. She’s fine She loves the bird so much! Incir? It’s good for her She was like this as a child too. Her hand is magic The animals looking for a shelter would always sleep on her lap Have a nice day Emir Reyhan is feeling better. Take your wife out to eat Don’t neglect her We don’t have to go to eat Aren’t we going back home? We will after some time Dad thinks we’re at lunch What a day! Thank god it finally ended! Wait! I talked too fast… Yes Mr Kemal You forgot this I didn’t forget it. As you said, I read it all and memorized it So read it again. And again, then again! Memorize every comma! Mr Kemal No objection! Memorize it well so that we don’t face these situations again!

I feel like I’m about to lose it God help me It’s the first time she sees the bosphorus She din’t want to listen? Shall I turn it on? Hello, Hatice nanny? I’m fine. And you? Your pills? My god! I forgot them! Okay I’ll bring them right away Don’t worry Sorry I came uninvited. I was in the neighbourhood I wanted to see Masal You are always more than welcome Actually I wanted to talk to you too Really? Sit please What is it about? Masal spoke! She said ‘dad’. In a moment of shock I think she was scared. Or nervous It’s hard to understand her feelings But in the end, she spoke! This is great news. It’s a miracle If I could stop the time I would stopped it at that moment This is a big step for someone as Masal But she didn’t say anything else I didn’t know… I saw the peanuts and thought they would go well with the pudding Those were mine! I was gonna take them home I’m so sorry I didn’t know This is not something to be sorry! You can’t babysit Masal like other kids You will pay for this irresponsibility Except for a reaction she gave today Masal has still no reaction or voice Whatever shock she has been through, it somehow activated her So she has to go through the same things for now That’s what I’m trying to do I hope it will work Kids have a higher perception than grown ups She will realize that she can change things when she’s expressing herself I’m sure it will come Don’t lose hope I never lost my hope for Masal Especially after hearing her It was priceless I’ll do everything to hear it again By the way, I forgot to ask! Would you like a coffee? A coffee will go well after such a good news! Sure I would Excuse me Did you find a babysitter? Someone started today Good, you found very fast this time. I hope it’s someone good So that you won’t look up again Fine, she’s fine Except the fact that she’s a sloppy thief she’s fine! He’s a despot! He’s so obsessive that he lost his mind What else? What else… He’s always anxious he’s frowning all the time His name should be Grumpy instead of Kemal I’ll call him Mr Grumpy from now on

Be patient, you have to stay there Dad If you think we will finish what we started there that’s not gonna happen This Grumpy Kemal will never let us rest in peace No! There’s no robbery! Good god Are you sick? Why are you talking like that? I’m telling you the man is a weirdo! Save your daughter! If he didn’t take back his complaint, you would be in jail right now Be patient! He will soften over time, then you’ll get out! What was the girl’s name? Masal? Yes, Masal. She can’t talk? It’s not that she can’t, she doesn’t talk. Her mom left her Since then, she’s silent she doesn’t even say a word Doesn’t she react at all? No That’s why her father is so obsessive Actually, he’s also right God forbid, if anything would happen to her, nobody will hear it So… she’s like a cargo package you can move it… and nobody will know about it! Why are you asking about Masal? No reason! I got curious when you told about the pudding incident Welcome So many things happened Hatice nanny I forgot your pills Why didn’t you call me before? How could I know? You never forgot all these years You would send them out with friends when you were abroad I thought you would come Next time, you call me no matter what Sure. Now come on. Have dinner before you leave I made rice with chicken stock My god! Did you spare me the wings? Of course I did! I have to pass today Why? Her She’s in the car Who? You know… I’ll come alone later My dear bride? I will hunt you down You will bring her up to here and I will not get to kiss her? You bring her here right now! Come on! Fine It’s time for her pills anyway She might as well eat here Nanny’s waiting for us to dinner Nanny? Yes, nanny. Come on Is this gonna take all night? Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite What? Nanny… she’s a nice lady Don’t be stressed But we came unannounced She likes guests Oh! It’s my bride! Get in, welcome! Good to have you here Hello Thank god! My son has grown up… and he rings my bell with his wife! Emir loves the wings. I always spare him some

And that’s yours my dear If you love that much That’s enough for me Thank you my dear Your hands sweetened our yoghurt Enjoy You are so good in the kitchen May god protect you from evil eye! I thought I would never see these days Emir was saying he would never get married And made me upset Thank god… Thank god I saw this day! Come on Don’t! It’s tears of happiness! My good hearted son found a beautiful faced bride! Thank god! Look I was so scared Of what? Those girls Don’t look at me like that! You were surrounded by crazy, low girls! I was scared it would be one of them! But thank god! I almost forgot! I’ll be right back You go ahead and eat I almost lost my little mind! Out of happiness! I’ll be right back I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to your wedding Mr Hikmet told be but my health wasn’t well Don’t be sorry please Nanny you shouldn’t think about gifts or anything A souvenir from nanny Something to remember me by It’s very beautiful, thank you so much Use it happily my dear Now that I saw this day, I might as well die My son came here with his wife they enlightened my house! We’re leaving if you’re gonna cry No, I will not. Old days are in the past now You’re not single You take good care of her She’s a godsend jewel You will protect your wife from the evil eye, from the bad hearted people And my dear girl here will take care of her household patiently My dear children Shall I kidnap you from the mansion? If you do, I’ll be out of a job I’ll take care of you I’ll never let you miss anything! I’ll protect you Why don’t you look for another job Suna? You can get a better job than a maid The householders are nice people it’s a comfortable place, don’t worry Still, consider my kidnapping idea I’m so curious about you When will we meet? Mom? You’re here? I didn’t see you I’m here since twenty something years Don’t start Suna. I’m not in the mood You’re right You have a priority list I’m not even on the top ten Suna My head is gonna explode Let me guess

You’re crazy because my brother went out with Reyhan It’s because of your father! Did they really need to go out to dinner? What’s wrong with this? They need to get to know each other They have to hang out together They don’t have to! Please, enough with this Mom you better accept this… Reyhan and my brother are husband and wife. They are… married! Are you doing it on purpose? You want me to go crazy, just like your father wants You know I can’t stand her I’m just making a point Go to your room! I don’t want to break your heart. Go! This is my house too. I’m not gonna ask for permission to hang out in the living room! Suna go to your room Where are you Emir? Where are you? My dear son If you want, or need anything you call me right away I know. Don’t you worry Thank you for everything. We were trouble for you What trouble? You didn’t even let me touch anything! You shouldn’t have washed the dishes! Please don’t say that! It was just a few plates! Mt dear bride! Thank you for everything Don’t wait for Emir, you come visit me alone too You know the place Sure. I’ll come, don’t worry Good evening Good evening Good night Hatice nanny Good night You are such a lucky man I love her, she’s so nice! May god give you a beautiful life Look at the time! They’re still not here Oh Emir! What are you doing with that peasant since hours! I’m Reyhan Tarhun Hikmet Tarhun’s daughter-in-law Emir Tarhun’s wife You like it or not, I’m your daughter-in-law Look at that! You challenge me? I told you what I had to And you must have understood what’s waiting for you You will get the hell out of this house! No I can’t If you want, you can finish your undone job, right now But I’m not going anywhere Little peasant! She’s determined to entrap my son and attach him to herself There’s no other explanation to this I will show her. But how? How? Zafer! What’s up Emir? Everything all right? I’m fine. And you? I’m at home I was curious about you. But… you sound nice I’m driving. Can we talk later? No, I’m going home I’m not

Sure I’ll be right back They’re still not here Welcome Mr Emir, Mrs Reyhan Good evening Welcome Hello… Mom? Why are you still up? I was wondering about you. I couldn’t sleep Here we are I’m not gonna get lost in Istanbul! Excuse me Emir Can we have a little chat? Mom let’s talk some other time. I’m very tired I promise we’ll talk! See you She cast a spell on him! He hasn’t spoken to me for days! I shouldn’t have allowed this marriage! Hikmet! Get your luggages Cavidan! No! I’m not leaving my son with her! This is my last warning I’ll not say it again You either get your luggages or we’ll divorce! Divorce! I will shoot you with Hikmet’s own gun little peasant You’ll see! Open up, open up! Don’t you want? Fine Let’s eat something else A little cheese It’s delicious! So… Masal! Do you know the story of the strawberry who wants to be jam? Not everybody knows this story I’ll tell you Once upon a time in a kitchen there was red, beautiful strawberry Wanna eat? Good job! The biggest dream of the strawberry was to become jam!

İt thought about it for a long time… And realized it can’t be a jam alone So it decided to talk to the sugar You heard it right, Masal! Strawberries and sugars can talk! So it went to talk to the sugar and finally convinced it! So they agreed to collaborate and become a jam! But they had another obstacle: they had to talk to the saucepan By the way, the saucepan was a little grumpy They went to talk to it The saucepan said: Leave me alone with my lid! The sugar was quick to answer: Come you let’s talk next to the lamp Rule number 2: No bad words What was I saying? They all became jam Then they got spread on cheeses they got eaten by sweet little girls like you! Come on But jam is not enough What’s wrong? Nigar Yes Mrs Cavidan I want you to do something Yes Now listen to me well Hikmet is in his working room Bring him coffee Tell him I pushed Reyhan she banged her head and passed out Who? What? But Should I repeat? Are you telling me to tell Mr Hikmet everything that happened yesterday? Not as you saw it personally Tell him that Reyhan told you this Mr Hikmet will be so angry Reyhan didn’t tell anything to me Why are we telling him? Nigar! Don’t ask, just do it! You didn’t see that I pushed her She came and told you this Understood? Sure Masal’s nap time Already sleeping She must be dreaming now Mr Kemal I read the rules at least ten times If I gave maths this much attention, I would have become a space engineer Good. You studied well And I’m very sorry about yesterday I couldn’t sleep all night From now on, I’ll pay extra attention I promise One more thing I’m listening It’s like I’m at school again What’s the one more thing Masal… was very calm today She was sad. She was still Is there something that she’s sad about? Are you trying to prove your interest in her? Prove? I’m not trying to prove anything That’s what I saw Masal doesn’t express her feelings She was like this before you too She just had jam at breakfast! So? So… she was hungry But she just had jam. That means your daughter means serotonin The happiness hormone! And? And… your daughter is unhappy Mr Kemal! You don’t need to be a professor to see this! She ate well last night It’s normal she’s not hungry Look at it that way But the human body, after five hours I would have gone to the hospital if I needed a doctor’s advice! Mind your own business Cut the internet surfing. You’re full of useless information I learn from the books, not the internet

Why won’t you just listen to me? She’s unhappy! God! The luggages are in the car I’ll be right there I don’t have time for coffee Nigar. I’m leaving I know but I thought you would want to drink before leaving Is there a problem? Actually Mr Hikmet How can I put it I should just leave, and not keep you Wait a minute! I have time to listen to you Tell me Mr Hikmet you know Reyhan fell down yesterday Mrs Cavidan pushed her What are you saying? It’s the truth What do you blame her with? Not me Mrs Reyhan told me this I was in her room to give her pills. She told me then Are you sure you heard right? Where’s Cavidan? Tell her to come right now Now! Reyhan would never lie I hope it’s a misunderstanding Cavidan! If you really did this Oh! What a great smell! What are you cooking? Yoghurt soup. You like it? I love it! You can’t live without loving this! Really? Dear god! You know you’re sure different… but you’re sweet too! Masal loves yoghurt soup too! After yoghurt soup, she only loved you! Sister Şehriye! Tell me about Masal. Why doesn’t she talk? She just stopped after her mother left Okay but why wouldn’t she talk at all? I’m telling you, it’s because of her mom! I can understand that. But what did she see, or heard that she would stay silent like this? Okay You don’t know it either Let me put it this way Where did her mother go? Doesn’t she call at all? That woman… so-called mom Is the food ready? It will be ready on time. Don’t worry If everyone does their job, the rules won’t be broken See you Yes sister Şehriye? You were telling Don’t you see? He doesn’t want anyone to talk about her. Leave it We’re not doing anything! Maybe we’ll find a cure for Masal! Oh my dear girl Come on, let’s work We made sir angry I did it Mr Hikmet is very upset. He’s waiting for you Good job. Now I’m going to his room In five minutes, you go to see Emir Tell him this: Your mother is waiting for you in the study room for coffee But make sure he’ll come

What about Mr Hikmet? You’re doing it again! Just do what I say! Mr Hikmet will be very upset! And she’s still worried about Emir! I don’t care! They might as well kill each other! And mostly the village girl! Masal Why don’t you make braids in her hair? Do you know how to make braids? I’ll show you You pull this pass it through Did you see? You wanna do it? They look so much alike! They must be mother and daughter Let’s name them The mother should be Ayşe. And the girl Neşe You like it? Ayşe will braid Neşe’s hair, and I’ll braid yours Come Silky haired girl you have very beautiful hair! Do you also look like your mom? You! What do you think you’re doing? What did I do? Her mom is none of your business! This is forbidden too! Yes! Sorry, I didn’t see it on your list! Watch your mouth What did I say? I just asked a question. I didn’t commit a crime! It’s none of your business! You just babysit! Don’t ask about our private life! You can’t yell at me everytime you feel like it! I’m not a kid! I’m a human being! You know what that is? Don’t cross the line! I’m not gonna learn my lines from you! You can’t even talk properly! You can only threaten! Watch your mouth when you’re with Masal! I wish you could be as nice as you expect people to be You’re nothing but a grumpy man! Even I can’t stand you! What did you say? I’m sorry Masal my dear. If I could I would take you out from this mental institution I’m sorry What did you do? sister Şehriye! I’ll be right back Masal I can’t leave like this? Then watch me leave! Psycho, grumpy, maniac! Nobody can handle you! You wanted to see me? I’m just gonna ask once And I want only one answer Yes Did you push Reyhan? What kind of an accusation is this? Answer me Of course I didn’t! Cavidan! Don’t you know me? When have I ever denied something that I did? This is very serious We’re talking about Reyhan. Our daughter-in-law Who made this lie up? I want to face that person! Reyhan told you? Who else can it be? Call her here! If this is true She’s a shrewd! She can’t be underestimated I know this would happen Watch your words Do you know what you’re saying? I know everything. I wish you would know too This marriage was a mistake since the first day She didn’t just ruin Emir’s life she’s now aiming our marriage! This is just the beginning She lies because she knows you’ll believe her Tomorrow she’ll lie even more! She’s breaking down our family! Enough! I don’t want to hear anymore! Sir, wait a minute! What’s all this?

I’ll clean up, give it! Masal? Where’s Masal? What? Masal where are you? She must be in her room! She was here one second ago! Look in the garden! Masal My dear! My little… Masal! Where are you? Masal? She’s not here! My god! Where did she go? Let’s look everywhere! You look in the bathrooms! Come in You mother is waiting for you in the office Oh yes… I promised her yesterday. I’ll be there The coffees are ready They’ll get cold Let’s go Come here Here I’m going crazy She deserves a lot of things, but I always held back She’s slandering me! I wish I pushed her! What are you saying? She deserves it Are you protecting that liar? I can’t believe you! I know Reyhan very well She will not lie in her life. Do as I say I can’t promise anything from now on I don’t care about Reyhan at all I don’t ask you kindly I order you You will be kind to Reyhan What if I don’t be? Will you divorce me for that peasant? Yes I will If needed I looked everywhere! She’s not here! She must have gone outside! This is my last warning Get yourself together. You have time until I get back from my travel Either you find a way to get along with her or I don’t take responsibility Mom! What happened to you two? Your father has changed Emir I hear what I haven’t heard for thirty years How did we end up here? Can you tell me what happened? Ask your wife. She’ll tell you My marriage is ending because of her Hikmet will divorce me She will break my marriage Emir your wife slandered me