Ask the Expert Webinar: MS Office 365, Azure and more

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Ask the Expert Webinar: MS Office 365, Azure and more

welcome everyone to the Ask the experts webinar this is a new webinar series hosted by Today’s event features a panel of four experts who will answer questions collected by recent survey of the MS Exchange that work community today’s topics will focus on the office 365 measure but forms and if time allows will be taking its your life questions our webinar is sponsored by haven’t kept technologies number one price performance load balancer applications deliver controller used by thousands of businesses consider I’m he commerce let business applications as mission critical to their long-term success and helps companies rapidly grow their businesses by providing week there by seven infrastructure availability better web performance and secure operations almost streamlining IT costs my name is Roger I’ll be the event moderator we are recording today’s events at all this the lines and you did so if you need any assistance through the vent please use the questions or chat feature I’m intro panel a question checked routinely an ultralow as you can see we like the other day an excellent panel of four experts share their time and knowledge with you today Steve Goodman has worked in the IT industry for over 16 years and works as a consultant for one the UK’s leading Microsoft partners so the UK with a focus on exchange office 365 in steve is involved with the exchange will be as while I’m is also an author and also an exchange link in office 365 I yes all miss the architect’s my goal by Hornbeck is a Microsoft Certified solutions master and Exchange Server MVP from Belgium and what what’s written now a market leader in monitoring recording software from Microsoft technologies Michael specializes in exchange office 365 Active Directory and a bit like he is an active contributor to the exchange unity by writing articles for several web sites his own blog and participating in the UCR X I yes in exchange the actual score well shoot low well with Microsoft technologies and became an expert in certain want them with exchange and Lee up in the list although rightly 16 and technologies as a director product research and innovation and provides insight make them ABC’s even more awesome he was recently awarded Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Exchange and holds exchange won’t in CM and Exchange me MC SM certain patients he marries a sister company called Angeles at Microsoft for cloud and enterprise platforms he’s has over 10 years experience is a leader a complex IT projects he’s consulted in train thousands of my peoples worldwide on the design the No ice technology solutions is certified and several Microsoft technologies including private cloud System Center might not be window windows Server SharePoint and Exchange and it can be found online at he mayor that now okay because let’s dive right in I is a reminder for the benefit our audience Lisa state your name prior to any your response in your first question this one is the key is on are ard public television what is the biggest benefit to running as you’re with and missus office 365 he was a great question I everyone says Keith Mayer from Microsoft and at a really common question that we get from what the organizations that are currently running common business application services and office 365 applications like Exchange email SharePoint collaboration one drive for business for document storage link for instant messaging really what wanna think about measure as as an extension up that office 365 platform measure is our cloud platform for providing the ability to run customized business applications line of business applications application that you run your company on that are running on Windows Server or when X from a virtual machine standpoint but it also allows us to expand office 365 another innovative ways as well by developing custom web applications our website that can easily integrate into a SharePoint platform first surfacing those custom applications to SharePoint Online in office 365 for extending office 365 worst mobile custom mobile application support and also from the standpoint of pics and then Active Directory 9 a lot of view probably are running Office 365 Anna

already married up your Windows Server Active Directory with office 365 what Asher allows you do it take that hybrid Active Directory infrastructure and also extended across providing simple flying until literally thousands of other third Rd commercial staff applications that are across the border outside Microsoft ecosystem that allows you to really take your investment in office 365 today in by leveraging Asher align it is supporting those custom business that’s an an online at the supporting single sign-on and management security for brother Seth applications as well well greater arm next question and this one is for ski as ensuring office 365 make financial sense to run the whole infrastructure or 2500 user 2500 user enterprise Union approximately 200 servers and how wall close in the liability in here to VMware sleepy hello state government here so comparing VMware to as you and office 365 isn’t really comparing apples with apples they’re not the same thing so p.m. where in Jamalpur most organizations he’s combined with storage area network or shared nothing storage an axe as the platform the people use to run the service on office 365 is is in essence Software as a Service festival Yukon by at the office suites for the Office Pro Plus to stop but as part of VMware so you getting for star a whole different IP infrastructure you getting a multi-tenant messaging environment SharePoint environment link online home loser different parts that make up the different components office 365 plans and the same applies to as yours well so if we’re thinking about as Infrastructure as a Service then we can directly compare it to what you get with VMware for example we can mu PM’s into its was your and when those women’s asses however if we wanted to be more reliable look be on premises with VMware you might want to remark to as applications so we can save money and bill more reliable systems so it could cost more and be less reliable if you just move differently across but if you look to the way the you doing it now and thought is there a better way that you might find you can be cheaper a much much more reliable as in multi continent reliable verses multi dates into a model with family if you embrace all the different components was your office 365 so they the two services complement each other they’re not directly compatible to VMware and yes it can be cheaper a more reliable than a VMware infrastructure for approximately 200 service but you might have to rethink the way that you declare a good as a really great points to use this is our key from Microsoft and when the other aspects they hear a lot of a mars thinking about terms of reliability with quote services like office 365 and Asher is that I’ve Platform Services my catcher in office 365 provide a service level agreement is part of the core commitment to you delivering the services back to customer organizations and that’s something that her on promises deployment today really don’t have because you the customer organization are really responsible for managing in an on-premises environment all the hardware and software and so the ex service level agreements that are in place they’re financially back and provided as part of both Asher and office 365 are really intended do you assess in providing very stable platforms that if we’re not meeting service level objectives are financially backed in and really in our best interest to provide I’ll to reliability to customer nations as well something that something that you can bank on and then as you look at reliability of your applications leverage in terms of overall availability above your applications as well your good what thank you he’d been and Steve next question %uh bustles former Gov in this isn’t slowed last month maybe in it’s a two-part question so the first is what’s the difference we as you’re in office 365 ISO he message via it and add to that in the second part is how do you you compare how you click documents for legal walls from both measure and office 365 eight is by ago

so I’ll tackle the first question first what is the difference between ensure an office 365 so office 365 is obviously an office me too its offered as softer as a service now what you basically get rid of is 365 subscription is exchange link SharePoint and the office would products a run I in cloud he the softer ace Manish this the servers the softer is running is managed by Microsoft so as an administrator you have to manage your users and you have to manage licensing and subscription aspects of the softer it reluctantly takes of the administration up the service management bad chain updates up grades break fixes away from you you don’t have to worry about any of that when you look at it ensure ensure actually provides you multiple different options one of them is a two-run Platform as a Service if you’re never look for you can rate your own applications and you can publish it through measuring one of the many ways the the other option you have it here sure is infrastructure as a service where you have full control over which yen’s you’re going to deploy whether its Windows or Linux when to deploy where to deploy how to reply and a you basically are in charge of managing and the VM configuration the operating system installation all their sure helps you with the trust stuff installation of the of the operating system up but as an admin you have full access to it and you have full control of the behavior of the VM in the softer running inside the VM said gives you multiple options and quite a bit of her a flexibility and have you want run your software include out at the next question was how do you collect documents for legal hold from both ensuring office 365 so let’s look at office 365 1st in office 365 you hit the documents stored in one of the to are three possible ways one is a through exchange you have attachments you have emails just plain text I am then you have the documents stored in SharePoint an and and information that is stored in SharePoint with office 365 you help those products integrated and as long as the right the permissions are assigned a person who has access to legal hold features can use the Discovery Center from SharePoint Ward the commandments from I exchange say to run the query and find the documents find information find the emails that are relevant to you for the cuban ke’s for the given query for the cuban problem and once you find those information you can put the emails you can put the mailbox entirely or the SharePoint site and information that is relevant on the legal hold for preservation of data very good thank you margo next question at hand own this wants you Michael how r partners resellers integrators making business with office 365 an answer header this is the michael’s so I’m that’s an interesting question because I’m when talking to near several partners I get back question quite often so how can you make a business around office 365 measure and and typically I’d say they’re not many ways to go about am mostly it’s about adding add value to the offering obviously office 365 and measure our great platform they are very flexible as keaton he already pointed out there’s a lot of things that you can do with it especially you know using the one-child the other one is this something that I can see a lot of value in am so for instance I believe that a lot of partners are I’m leveraging their knowledge about those platforms to go back to the customer and talk to them about how to be productive using Office 365 how to best use of history 65 or how you can leverage for instance and her fiennes to deploy part of your infrastructure there to support for instance single sign-on for office 365 I’m mostly helping customers to get there is another’s way of doing business so I’m I’d say that migration services assist migration and expert level and information on how to use the services are great ways to to set up a business around that’s I’m and you could go on for hours and hours because

its there are so many things that you can do with Hyderabad I mean I just mentioned measure Fiennes is supporting I or as a possible way of supporting the as infrastructure of a stray 65 but obviously there’s much more within measure at within after we had the entire Harry D component which obviously is also used by office 365 but then you have the hasher Al eighty premium features you got the multifactor authentication features and then be able to I’m creates to deploy solutions around these am features that are available and creatine added value for your customers is is the way how you can be easily create value and business around these offerings from Microsoft great thank Michael I’ll let’s all go back to keep question is a reminder these are questions are right now that we’re covering that were you see from unisys change that more community specific to the edger but for that’s an especially do I set up a group I’ll the annals or set up a cloud service measure what what archery determines which you hi everybody this is Keith mare from Microsoft and and that’s a great question as well and really touches on a point that even mention a little earlier ground thinking about cloud architecture a little differently than you may think about architecture in the and promises world when you create as your VM I’m as your VM Ron insider the cloud service or were set apart services even a few just jump right in and create your very first BM as you’re behind the scenes will automatically create a cloud service they provide an environment that BM runs I’d what their cloud service and where men can provide our security firewall services for the a.m load balancing and availability for that p.m. running on the Azure platform generally the way that applications are architected and running as your BM’s if you think about it harmen maybe a to cheer web application where you’ve got said %uh VM’s that are running your web server in a set up the M’s that are providing the data the data bases but those web servers are presenting each other’s Cheers abiam’s which commonly run inside in a separate cloud service you might have a web here cloud service that provides load balancing and availability across although the comes that are running that cured your application and ever data here cloud service that provide load balancing availability and security around your database via and then inside each other’s cloud services you create your multiple VM hi them to a common availability that and Asher what that availability for peltier’s your fabric is here make sure that that we have mister automatically located inside separate fall an upgrade domain so that has any hardware faults were to occur or any platform upgrade need to be performed the VM’s being part of a common availability Sat are located in separate domain so that a failure an update button he now on all those load balance p.m. to provide high availability from that standpoint and firewall and load balancing and public IP addressing can also be associated with with those cloud services as well to think about the cloud service is really a container the trip will be and then as you get started you can certainly this run out and create a your first bi-monthly Asher platform in and allow you the fiato generated I service but but most eighty professional are taking that back thinking through the architecture for more complex application more %um application the find a quiet services first and then inside each club service the build-out the appropriate beyond center then load balanced across for providing that portion of the application great thank you are continuing on the topic of the Azure platform and our next questioner yes what exactly are the benefits as you’re all were and I’m from a solution it is fargo and when it comes to on Prem a let’s let’s just walked through the on prince in areas for so when EU a have any of the applications deployed on-premises and you’re looking at many different components a when you’re looking strictly at the infrastructure you’re looking at server networ bobber space in your data center but then you have to add to it the administration cost

the cost in Waldwick leasing replacing the service over time an air conditioning equipment and the maintenance of all the relevant components expertise of course tour on the system’s and as a people manage all those different systems you have to account for the certification our training ongoing updates to your knowledge you have to account for all those different components now compared that same to ensure all those different components still applied the difference here is and EU basically pay as a customer a a monthly cost of using the components for your application say she need a differently m sorry fear publishing your code that would run on X amount of resources weathered CPU memory networking components and everything else a you can pay for that monthly you get the access and the benefit here is you get there creeks enough of your VM’s compared to on-premise depending on how it’s laid out as your gives you the ability to spin up for example an entire SharePoint farm very quickly because it’s the a solution that’s pro-rated to the customers instead of spinning up singular VM’s in creating the company earns creating the Active Directory component and installing SharePoint on your own creating the farm and load balancing so that’s that’s huge benefit to rate their again when you compared to all the other costs that a mention earlier that are placed on Prem those are hidden from me you don’t have to deal with leases you don’t have to deal with the lease replacements of your servers you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to move their applications from end to a it is also possible as an IT person you are not responsible for those applications correctly so now you have to coordinate with the business units who may or may not have the same resources who were actually aware with the application deployment an application was actually deployed first time it ensure you don’t really have to take all those scenarios with leases so replacements and search and any component failures are hand or you’ll automatically a small and they are back like it mentioned earlier the the financial esta lace make you work out I will write okay went back up in and I at the crib point forgot this is a he from from Microsoft and I would I would add to that that from a business standpoint the other aspect with Barca at Mansion are huge in many business organization today because what I see when I customers is a rowing this ima between business requirements and traditional IT planning way I mean by that is many business organizations are under constant pressure to innovate and deliver solutions faster than ever before more quickly than ever before new your own own organization to probably heard about solution delivery in development teams looking at continuous innovation continuous improvement and delivery of solutions the challenges that in a traditional on-premises world the capital cost planet for providing in hosting your own infrastructure to work to protect to provide those eighty solution is generally a a very lengthy process that occurs on an annual basis an 18-month basis in some cases in some organizations still on a two to three-year process and the timing up there dozen allow in IT infrastructure organisation it be dynamic that level of being able to support new business application and the elastic rose that many business applications are requiring today and so where I see a lot of organizations turning is this a look we’re looking at cloud platforms like Azur to be able to offload the dynamic needs that we seek rolling in citing and lasted the expanding and contracting very quickly opting for a condom and work words for that have been passed new solutions for storage or a batch jobs for web facing application that may have unpredictable the man needs so that we can recapture somewhere that agility and at the same time continue to leverage your on prime investment in infrastructure for the traditional application that are 7 by 24 well-known Carolina business applications today that we don’t see that same level up dynamic Roach around and then so that the aspect of our got that mention

really allow an IT organization transform into being much more agile in terms of planning workin in US delivery continue simple group have new solution of the same time after my dinner on promises environment for continuing the hose your existing solutions thank you thank you are he and gonna we can now move on to are office 365 a happy questions and administered with one for Michael question is how about public folder migration from unsightly an assistant migration to office 365 if that scenario supported yes it is so I this is Michael again I’m interesting question because I am as more and more people are moving to to office 365 obviously they’ll be dealing with public folder soon earlier arm because despite what many people you know have been trying for many years there’s still a lot of companies out there that use public folders I do wrong she’s 2007 2010 an even exchange 2013 you’re not fully supported am when you’re already on a chase 2013 ad say that moving mailboxes at or public folder mailboxes to office 365 is relatively easy especially if you’re in hybrid deployment it’s it’s basically moving a mailbox and then there you go butts and moving from from legacy versions and by legacy I mean exchange 2007 or change disheartened then requires little bit more planning without going into detail or no explain the entire high-level process because that would meters way too far and it’s basically the same process as you would go through as when moving mailboxes from your own not on promises from your legacy burns to chase researching and but this time you’ll be new directing them you’ll be moving them to office 365 so it involves at six or seven different steps by exporting the public folder hierarchy its bring in the to a csv going through that CSV file and I you know reporting does that and then shipping them offer a migration which is he sorta one of I’m action that you do so it isn’t you know there is no way that you can move to mailbox to public folders in do a mother to public folders and while taking the key building tools at however out there are some third-party tools which me assist you moving public folders more easily to office 365 now by more easily I’m not really no mention that moving public forces extremely difficult but its definitely something that requires a little bit more planning and he need to take your time to do that’s I’m but once you’ve moved them no for the very first time I’m then go ahead and you’ll see that it’s you it’s very doable its downtick especially when you take a look at the information that is available how to move them you might think all my car Hama ever going to pull this off but you know if you actually do it once you’ll see that it’s okay to yes it’s definitely possible great thank you Michael continuing on the topic by office 365 I will throw the switch over to borrow what office 365 version is there in the cloud is exchange 2013 it is by go yes and answers the helen is relatively quick n Easy a the current version in office 365 for exchange is a change 2013 having saved that you get to remember a change 2013 has to respect the accumulated updates office 365 usually has a a faster kaden so it usually gets updates before the CU’s published a out in the open for Dawn Francis and and so aid definitely is to answer the question and it he’s running Exchange 2013 and the most current see you as soon as there might be additional updates that might be coming in the future snooze great thank you also this next one over to Steve when will there be to Active Directory sink for office 365 hello stay here so in theory that’s happening now so if you’re using directory sync order with those who wanted to represent all a number attributes especially through texts and hybrid pass income eyes back to you you on promises organization but they are that I think about seven attributes primary cancer proxy address December from the clout to on-premises but that I don’t think that’s what the the the person asking the question really means they mean when will they be able to edits attachments for anything in office 365 and that they’ll push back to the

on-premises eighty will similar is is coming at the moment so the park is your lady premium we have the ability to the password right back which allows the past with the intention of instance time and the password change to be passed through the test server to on-premises organizations the using perhaps a partner to help make them more got something experts in house already did developing their own custom solutions to allow synchronization over their own in house supported solution to allow synchronization actually from the cloud to the on-premises AD but in the future I will really be looking at where use your a decent tool is gonna come in and that’s something that seemed beats for moments one preview the the version that’s came out just a week ago and that’s where we’ll see those improvements way we’ll see more right back from the clout on premises but it’s not here right now so if you’re looking at the six months works likely to see some massive developments in the area you’re good fantasy on this question for Michael what are the pros and cons office 365 in and say greater than say persian missus change so I’m this isn’t very interesting question thanks so our Michael again here am I mean as Keith mentioned earlier we was talking about Azur out there are some clear benefits that you get way with office 365 I’m to kinda summarize everything you don’t care about the servers anymore that’s basically what you Microsoft takes care of they make sure that the servers are up and running that delays available that your mailbox is there when it needs to be there that you’re able to connect did it take care of been sure that the infrastructure which you you previously to Kairos on-premises is up and running so they make sure it’s secure that whenever you need access to your email you have access here email that’s a clear benefit because now you can focus on what really matters on your productivity are actually using the software instead of maintaining it this being said however I’m it is not a Charlie Bell but it’s a sort of you know one-size-fits-all and and I know it’s a dangerous expression because office racist 65 is extremely flexible and I mean you there’s a lot of things that you can do but you Congo in in to office 365 Intel Microsoft a we want you to setup a VPN with a side of our sad because we have no need better connectivity I’m just mentioning a and you know an example there this is something that you could be on premises and so there are things that you can do indian Prime is a software which you’re obviously not be able to do because it’s a shared platform in office 365 and if you ever have that need if you happy business niche heat which tells you I need to be able to do X or Y or N two integrate that application that we use our business application with exchange arm then obviously the on-premises solution has some more benefits over office 365 there are some other things to some limitations in service arm limitations to arts the at message sizes so for instance at that customer not so long ago that use their messaging system as a and the way of transporting larger files because they’re more drawing plans and they were able to use any other solution which means that day regularly send messages with you attachments that are really large larger than the item limit in cab office 365 well for it then be at pretty much no other solution in keeping it on promises so and I mean we can go on for hours and and mention the pros and the cons for the on-premises software but in the end its its basically the same software be changed 2013 especially that one is pretty much the same feature set on premises any the crowd however as Microsoft mention for an a while ago they will develop new features clout first and and love them recently got you know introduces is the people view and another feature that’s going to make it into office 365 for his first this clutter which may or may not come to the on-premises world and so I mean if you want the latest and greatest features and really have something that works beautifully an office 365 is definitely a happened look good platform and it’s not only for a change it’s also for lanes and for and for SharePoint even though there are some restrictions like for instance I’m phoning image link plane Voice doesn’t work in office 365 at this time maybe it will in the future so sometimes you have to revert back to the on-premises software for features that aren’t there but overtime im pretty sure we’ll have a feature parity any

everywhere may just comes back to where do you want to focus do you want to focus on managing your own karma yourself or do you want to focus on having you know I’m the ability to be more productive with it and just don’t care about the servers and the meetings anymore so thank you Michael I will go back to Argos really adjuster sure go ahead at this is David mister to up to some other cons to that as well the some other downsides a moving to the cloud versus office 365 is where apps you lose the ability all cars custom in-house applications which integrate with exchange or party solutions for example message classifications solutions that you rely on he might might no longer be able to use them a another example might be if you have a a large RDS such its infrastructure where you very reliance on plans being in online mode and although these we easy enough to overcome a few breaks all the technologies if you sometimes it can be a downside or potential rocket or migration to Exchange Online yes actually I’m that your makes me think of another thing I’m if you go to mccloud if you go to office 365 I’m you you need to be where the customer to that there is a certain cadence I mean their office 365 is a moving target at least that’s how I like to see it it’s moving forward new features are added frequently and this also requires you as a customer to kinda stay up to date with the software that you’re using on premises and even though that it’s perfectly fine for you to use outlook 2010 am you should know that if you’re using the latest version about software you always get the best experience and and as deterrence turnout is that sometimes or most of the time you really need to be up to date with the latest patches too because he contin- bug fixes for some other thing that didn’t work in previous releases so for customers that are aren’t used to being updating their computers regularly this might be a challenge to and it’s definitely something they need to take into account when they move to office 365 they’re good thank you both I am next question continue on the topic about the species by in with this one over to you are is there a threshold was that a greater than in numbers abusers when you would say you must definitely go to office 365 is by go so I am is there a Cheshire old answer to that I would like to say is not necessarily and it really depends how you look at the office 365 if you look at office 365 as away to be more engineered to be more I in front of old new innovations as well as many fitting your organization you could used office 365 offering and features starting from any user shop a very tiny start-up the going all the way to the large organizations so there is no a specific trash oliver et would like to say you know it the office 365 is rate and you must definitely guilty however I’ll let me lookit the smaller organizations bad I E like to say is a sweet spot again they care near say I think any organization is a good candidate for office 365 given the pros and cons that Michael and Steve lottery discussed am you can be any Cesar campaign go to office 365 the smaller organizations really benefit from it them most because a smaller organizations usually don’t have a budget expertise and the men Barbour to manage the Sonic an on-premises to be played a servers to manage the operating system delete leads to delete I’ll all that comes with the data center management on top of that to be an expert in exchange and to install it properly to maintain it appropriately I it brings a lot of overhead and then you’re a smaller organization you usually don’t have the luxury of having that benefit very good thank you burger unless one we will all a was for this one over to you Michael why would I wanna move to office 365 measure we have a small office about 150 exchange on exchange 2010 office 2010 users and we can see the energy moving so thanks for the question my clear again I’m I think I have to echo

bargains comments on hong you know is there a tipping point on on moving to office 365 I’m at icon speak to why that particular customer or no who asked the question Conte the value of moving but I can see a lot of value especially in smaller environments because the the heaven typically have the same requirements I mean most of the customers that I go to that have 150 seats a single Exchange Server the you have no available high availability I mean they have a single server so moving to office 365 immediately gives you a platform which as a much greater uptime which you don’t have to managing more and frees up time which in the end you know CT money I’m so at either many many advantageous especially through March at smaller environments but it all depends on what your requirements are or what software you’re using and and do you have any integration so it is really difficult to answer that one spot on but height see that typically it it these kind of customers should have mmm a lot of valuables office 365 forget thanks but yea a completely agree to the if I completely agree with that and I’m United example case in point you know we have extremely large organization and i’m looking up by measured a it won’t let the smaller organizations Microsoft in it specifically where were using Office 365 a darkie platform for 100 to 1000 field workers all all across the globe worldwide an affair the really great experience with the or for our users I’m so it’s not really pays and fighters as as Michael attention is really embargo the bench is really based more on features that and availability in and what you’re looking to capitalize on in terms of being more agile more elastic lower-cost higher availability I’m a lot more those the business related aspects than just your side stay here adjuster to add to that at that we’re talking about exchange 2010 office 2010 well there’s some clear advantages because just with office 365 alone you also get link online shop online 12 at the business the lace first Oval Office and are a stop and somebody else about this today see how many organizations are so for the last few years lots lots organizations me from 2003 2010 and up until about 30 organize for you quite common occurrence a and over the next few years they will think about what’s what’s next as exchange 2010 ages and for small officer 150 people on exchange 2010 there’s a very large chance that the running on a single Exchange Server perhaps on a a virtual machine so at the moment them I will be running up massive risk if that single exchange p.m. breaks the record restore from backup an email could be down for a day so there’s a massive advantage just to consuming Exchange Online and then if you had on all the other software you get with office 365 and of course all the stuff you can get is your then the the advanced chips pile will great thanks thanks everyone for 10 who for your insights and that and the question we’re working to get lots of questions and not see what you get with it every once the day but we’re gonna continue to push through under topical office 365 your next question is um in will through this number two seed when we go to office 365 what are the top notch is that we should without for stay here again that power so simply put this is one of those things where you could talk for hours just about got as meaning to it things to watch for on make a migration a success so as he simply port will for civil into the client office 365 network bandwidth what’s in between lot proxy service though those are key for example organizations that have many many sites and use a single output at out point or internet breakouts in a central data center at the moment the may need to rethink the way then it was organized me best use 360 up because its internet-based service having everything go through one point could be potential bottleneck a with with that the supposed removing and moving the mouse office 365 having a a good understanding of your involvement looking for oversize messages mailbox sizes Anna the key one understanding across the organization how sharing works who she is with who for example a ki gotcha is making sure the effort enough people use shared mailbox the

mailbox shared needs to go with them he’s a calendar sharing cost by missus is to be fine to we share a common but if you gotta PA that manages a number people secretaries has read/write access to those canisters making sure the term you move them all together so people share and collaborate together his team’s wanna move over together an easy way of at making sure people can move at the same time is to use speeches Chris stage we’ve set and doing a sink and then doing a final switcher you make sure all those people rates which are either quickly com greats making sure that other whole involvement all the cards the clintons change ready in no you know have any active she uses the law you know what that what the makeup is what steps will have to go in go through if you still gotta and al 2003 Nov are making sure what’s gone making sure that you upgrade to the latest version possibly can and as a bare minimum getting those consul camp 2007 office 2007 up to the ladies first to the patches to make sure the you not only me but exceed the minimum requirements and the one key areas often overlooked is making sure that you communicate with use this is an economy where you don’t have to to we don’t want to tell people you doing because not only moving things back in stuff like email which is a particularly disruptive you giving them a whole bunch new services and potential new software on the distal you giving them the ability to use office for iPad and link online spied new place to store share documents and perhaps using some of the features that you never have before like a some mailboxes or our mess so making sure that you investing use a training had a real good communications news and resources like a be inspire change management kit that’s available marks off to help with the planning and the adoption often people stop out the Exchange Migration go out with them in office 365 but from a user perspective the devil with all the good stuff and its thinking about how you can it drives a huge adoption because me tease all those are the services because few pain for effectively marks off to give you everything all the good stuff a and its all tightly integrated together might as well make sure people using to productivity suite as I think mark a massive it’s not about the technology it’s about what you can do with it now to making sure you think a user adoption now his really key well excellent thank you I think we got time for root for just one or two more questions a is next one we’re going to live through back over to you but go there has been one driving force for moving the office 365 other than we Boise’s you Boise’s office he or rather than using the always use of this argument what you think driving force yessir should be is margo again and is a great question and I’m going to take a little bit of a different role here I in answering that question not necessarily always have to be technical question because when you look at office 365 it’s a platform it’s a plaque from that he’s offered by makers of as a as a as a cloud service and a Software as a Service Platform when you’re choosing any of them you have lot of different decision points that you have to go through so let’s think of what the use of is 48 document creation presentations and it if you consider link it’s the instant messaging if you consider SharePoint is the collaboration it there are others who offer similar offerings you know Google and search the idea here is to look at the holistic picture of not only we have always used office and that’s what we’re comfortable with but who is offering that what’s their domain expertise into a given area what’s the completeness of vision of the company that’s offering it meant it comes to Microsoft all those pieces come together very nicely I of is that a your use to lawyer that’s obvious when it comes to management it’s backed by financial penalties if it’s down for X amount of time if it’s not meeting their silly guarantees Venice company comes to the roadmap the road map is clearly laid out there is a dedicated site that shows you what’s planned what’s coming and you as a customer also have the ability to opt in for early at testing so as as those features are rolled out you can opt to be the first ones to the start using those features or you can opt out of that so you get it in the normal kittens when the of his sweet is updated for although office 365 tenants and yet there are many other arguments like this

it but you want to work you want to look at is the holistic picture of the completeness of vision the track record of the company what you’re getting that hit the benefits in terms of software licensing and of course the usability many true a whole set of tools to the users who have no idea how to use that no matter how much money are saving with a given solution if you see if your productivity is is going to take a dive its not worth saving those money-raising and I would certainly like to make it if you have any insects here that would definitely I we welcome great point Barca hey everybody this is Anna key for Microsoft with the in addition to the point that are not but mansion with many of the enterprise customers and even small and mid-market customers that I work at work with there of course in in polling much the same situation that many have you are and where they’re looking to determine the ways that the eighty senior IT operations team can deliver that most impactful results back to the business and as part of that what they’re doing if they’re going through looking at the business application network services that are being delivered an IT organization and categorizing them as those services that are more general-purpose or ahmadi I services weather’s not heavy customization as a business that you’re doing around those package services versus the the customized application services that you as a business the it and and for running your line of business activities driving sales revenue or other business revenue and building the business forward and what many IT organizations are coming to the realization up there for that more commodity Services instead of spending significant after I’ve heard where infrastructure and hardware support cost moving commodity services like e-mail and document storage instant messaging and collaboration out to office 365 makes I’m a fan because it enables you as an IT organization that still have control over it ministering the security agreement that solution but Hicks of the people huge infrastructural hi from a hardware stamp wide they would otherwise be necessary to provide that same level as ailing reliability in on promises a buyer and then take those car that you’re saving and be able to refocus those resources and discussed an more customized network and application solutions that can deliver more unique business value into the organization and quite frankly some of those applications may organizations are deciding the to host true public cloud platforms like Asher as virtual machines are to the platform services the park up at Mansion well others are continuing to X all those application and and lead them remaining in Iran I’m a certain ireland-based and business factors that are really unique in many cases to the organization in the way that they run and and I’m your application and network infrastructure and that hybrid cloud approach being able to pick the best both world to cross public park platforms I that on-premises data centers Software as a Service Platform office 365 is wanna be unique differentiators customers and other industry analyst 30 being and it it’s one other reason completeness of vision that part of it mentioned for instance the is one other reason that industry analyst like like Gartner Group have identify Microsoft at the only clout and I’m promises provider best then listed as a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for rock on promises private cloud and virtualization across a public cloud for delivering Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service and operator so regardless of how you’re thinking about our architecture clout Microsoft’s really the the only consistent vander that appears across the board in everyone up those magic water reports i’m hopeful that gives gives you as well some comfort level that the pending an which direction you may take your own hybrid our strategy on you know we’re certainly from Microsoft perspective in this help provide the options that make sense to you and your business organization not not necessarily force every organization apo/ public cloud platform but rather provide the the mic Sebastian the crust and prime private cloud public cloud Software as a Service as an Infrastructure as a Service today you can choose the unit next up those elements that allow you to optimize your IT costs

and grow the business impact that you’re delivering back to your business well well thank you all we’re gonna a wrap it up with that response a you not going to turn it over to or go to talk a little bit more about him technologies and their free trial offer for them or grammar %um you perhaps yes I’m sorry and this is by gauguin from Camp technologists I’d just quickly go over the overly of the company who we are what we do at Camp was established in year 2000 currently the we have old over 22,000 deployments worldwide as a company the a are application delivery company so we focus on load balancers application delivery controllers and when it comes to the unit shipped to all the wage shipment now we r standing at a solid number tree for the last two years as a world waded units shipped and right after the major players that you know well and when it comes to growth we have grown tremendously over the last few years compared to five hundred percent growth over the past three and four hundred seventy percent growth or past five years those are some impressive numbers to sustain a year after year and we have done that for consistently for five years a reach helps us along with the at Microsoft in competences in partnership me very closely worked at Microsoft we a have achieved messaging and communication gun competencies and in fact I believe if I’m not wrong the Joshua you’re on so correct me if I’m wrong but I believe we also have ensure a competency with make urself and which basically just beats volumes of how closely worked with Microsoft in terms of their products make sure our products are up to the mark when it comes to different products that we work with I what do you really do I like you mentioned earlier its all about application delivery our focus is very sharp we don’t try to run in many different directions that you might see you with larger companies they tried to tackle all the checkboxes and and the features that they can offer but the tend to focus more on what we do in what we do best to provide the best price and performance or a the cost benefit that you can get out of her products and the parade here for near seven load balancing SSL offload comprehensive health checks at the application level I intrusion protection with the security snow rules all is different features bad you would expect from one of the best application delivery controllers at in the market and one thing that I do want to point out is application specific configuration templates for Microsoft applications and is is not limited to the I there we are always expanding our portfolio of an application-specific templates and health checks that are available for download from our website as we go on you would have more and more a applications for Microsoft that would have the templates along with the deployment kits that are already available today that makes your experience with the product very easy you don’t have to become a specialist in load balancing funny enough how I became overtime as I was dealing with Microsoft applications for makers of customers you don’t really have to be an expert in load balancing to understand how to play load balancer for exchange for example and that’s what we do best how you can actually go to next ledge rusher thank you and who how do you get a loadmaster and if you want to try out your loadmaster one thing that’s on the slate obviously is you can download a free trial offer virtual appliance from Kemp technologies dot com but I want to mention couple more things here we actually offer four different flavors 04 a ver Lord masters a 1e is we’re chillin appliance that runs on hyper-v we America send many different worth less efficient platforms that’s one option the other one is obvious a hardware platform that we had the appliance that you can just basically take a and put it in Iraq I’m elect to call them the cold boxes as the company called Color I am the third one is bare metal where you can take your Cisco UCS

or Dale and that we are expanding our portfolio of the platforms Lisa or Beach all-seeing will include HP shortly if it’s not include already all these different a platforms when we support that in bare metal what that means is you can take your own server that you have for example the Cisco UCS and use ever CE load master operating system and put it in an install it on your bare metal just like you’re installing your Windows Server and it runs natively at the benefit various you were able to use all powerful resources of the bare metal server that you’re using to create your own labor Roadmaster and then the fourth one he’s the cloud flavor where I’ll the actually have a fully functional layer 7 load balancer in answer um as you’re currently has the lair for load balancer which provides you the functionality of high-availability that you need for your virtual machines and other instances but at the same time n you want to ed more functionality such as content switching and inspection of traffic near seven awareness for applications we’re very nicely complimenting Azureus building load balancer with our product and adding the functionality that provides you more more power more features a to use with your cloud services that ensure loadmaster is completely free it’s not just a free trial the product itself is completely free that you can get from VM deeper and a it comes with free web support as well so you’re not to basically hunt ragweed the requirement to buy a support contract you can of course by a support contract received 24 /7 phone support if you deem it necessary but you don’t have a requirement of buying support the user free measured loadmaster reaches like a mention earlier it’s just a free product that you anybody can use right and to him or other I think this might be well no i i want to thank you for growth I in you have MS Exchange that our get picture texts II wanna thank all over experts up with the state they are quick to wanna thank her technologies for making it possible for us to bring you today said that the recording if this presentation will be available on the MS Exchange that hurts a very soon and please watch your mail for our next s the expert whether this concludes today’s about thank you for attending in you may notice that