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İçerde 1. Bölüm

INSIDER Episode 1 Welcome to the graduation ceremony of the 2014-2015 academic year We are gathered here today for the students of the police academy, responsible for producing many heroes for this nation -Eylem, where is he? Can you see him? -No If you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known. What’s he trying to do? This is Sarp, aunt Fusun. You never know what he’s gonna do next Why did he lie and say the ceremony had been postponed? At ease Attention! Take ceremony positions To the Turkish constitution -To the Turkish constitution -To Ataturk’s principles and reforms -To Ataturk’s principles and reforms -National -National -Democratic -Democratic -A secular state of law -A secular state of law Sarp. What are you doing here? The ceremony is about to start I am aware of my duties to the republic of Turkey I am aware of my duties to the republic of Turkey -I swear that I will fulfill these -I swear that I will fulfill these -As best I can -As best I can At ease Congratulations to our nation -Thank you Chief Yusuf! Don’t. No, no One week earlier

She’ll be so surprised Pssst Sarp. Where did you come from? Son, why didn’t you tell me you were coming? I wanted to surprise you, is that so bad? I think he came here because he was hungry, aunty Fusun I guess the bad food in the academy wasn’t enough for him Don’t you know it all Come on. The customers are waiting to be served -First work -You have to earn your food -I’m here -What about our dry rice, inspector? Coming up, be patient Nothing like just pushing the button of the camera like you normally do Is this even working? Who do you think does this when you’re not around? -You’re saying it’s child’s play -What did you think? Here you are Off you go Son, why don’t you carry these for the girl? Don’t, aunt Fusun. He’s gonna think he’s something special Well done I didn’t do it You did good to bring me my boy Of course, aunt Fusun As long as you feel good -So, you used me to get popular -Well Oh man. That hurt right in the heart Hello -Sarp Yilmaz? Yes Yusuf Kaya. Come to Organized Crime now. We have stuff to talk about Yes, chief What happened? I don’t know The chief of Organized Crime called -What did he want? -I don’t know. He asked me to come Oh no! Did you get in trouble with the police, or what? Can’t you be serious for once? Wow. Look at that So, this is what happens when the chief calls an inspector candidate -Hope it’s good news -It is, aunt You know, he’s graduating top of his class from the academy, so now everyone’s after him My son will go to great places Mom, I’m not gonna let you work this much anymore You make a life for yourself, son I don’t want anything else Let me go and see what he wants -Let me know what happens -Bye -Hello Sarp -How are you? Neighbor, you have a big smile on your face How can I not? My son is finally becoming an inspector Thank God we have someone like him in the neighborhood. He’s an example Thanks But I can’t believe a father like his had a son like him Come in Are you nervous? A little Why? What do you think will happen? -I have no idea, chief -I think you do. You’re humble You’re the top of your class, and the chief of Organized Crime calls you If I were you, I’d be happy I’m guaranteed a job. It’s a cool job huh? Yeah You wanna play a game, Sarp Yilmaz? I’m gonna tell you about someone, and you’re gonna guess who it is 8 murders, more than 20 assaults A member of a crime syndicate, I’m talking about the right hand man of mafia father Celal Duman Who do you think this man is, Sarp?

My dad But I have nothing to do with his dirty work. He doesn’t exist for me Really? Do you know him? -Celal Duman -The quintessential The famous Celal Duman, the Mafioso for whom your father is a hit man Your father is very loyal to Celal When he was in prison, he didn’t speak a word He didn’t give his name Will you do the same? What? I don’t get it When you become a cop, you’re gonna become Celal’s man like your father What are you saying, chief? Don’t play stupid Who are you trying to fool? Don’t do this. I haven’t kept this information from you, I told you That’s not what we’re talking about We’re talking about you trying to infiltrate the police force Aren’t you being unfair, chief? Listen. You know the saying “Throw the baby out with the bathwater” I would throw the baby and all his toys out with the bathwater to have peace of mind You’re kicked out I’m kicked out? Why did you wait 4 years to tell me this? You shouldn’t have accepted me to begin with Are you asking me to account? You say I’m kicked out, should I just accept? Know your place. You’re forgetting who you’re talking to I’m not forgetting anything What wrong have I done apart from being the son of a murderer? Stop Maybe you should calm down I’m no one’s man I’m not here to serve the mafia F*** Celal! I’m here to become a cop! Be grateful we’re in the ministry, chief Yusuf If not, no one could save me, is that right? You can’t become a cop when you’re this mad anyway This does not end here Mom Mom

Sarp. Brother -Good evening, gentlemen -Come have a beer -Thanks -He’s a cop? Nah, man. He’s from our neighborhood. He’s a good guy Son, why don’t you answer your phone? It was on silent, I didn’t hear We can continue the interrogation upstairs -You hungry? -Nope What did you talk about? I’m curious, tell me We had a chat, that’s all He wants you on his squad, right? That’s why he called It’s not sure yet I have a surprise for you now Here we go Put it on, let’s see what it looks like What? Are you upset about something? What’s going on, son? Tell me They postponed the graduation 2-3 weeks -Is that the reason you’re upset? -Yes Darling, we’ve been waiting for years What is a couple of weeks? Mom I know you don’t like talking about dad, but can we talk about him? Why did you bring him up all of a sudden? The evil one Do you think I’m like dad? Stop saying that You’re merciful, honest you have a good heart Did you really not know about dad’s work? I swear on God, until that day, I thought he was a truck driver What if you had know, would you have been understanding? -Towards a killer? Never He had ruined so many families How could I be understanding? Darling. You’re not like your father You’re never gonna be like him Come Dad, give me the ball Things don’t just fall into your lap, Sarp You have to work hard to win. Come on -I’ll show you -Umut. Catch him Come on Dad! -Metin Yilmaz? -Yes We’re from Homicide. You’re arrested for shooting a man for Celal Duman Metin. What’s going on? -Nothing Officer, why are you arresting my husband? He hasn’t done anything That’s what you think. Your husband has committed 8 murders Metin? Say something Why are you quiet? Say it’s not true. Say it’s slander

Let my dad go Take the child, woman. Sarp, son Calm down. Everything will be OK I’ll come back soon -What if you don’t? I will, son. Look after your mother and brother until I come back Let go You don’t know who you’re messing with You’re gonna come to me and apologize You may be the son of a bad man But don’t forget, that isn’t your choice. You have not sinned We wouldn’t have seen him again If we hadn’t been forced to that day You wanna play hide and seek? -Is this really the time? -Please Just once. OK? -OK And shoot! Don’t say anything, or I’ll understand where you are OK 1, 2, 3, 4 -4 -5 -5 -6, 7 -7 -8 -8 -9 -9 10 11, 12, 13 Don’t say anything, or he’ll find you 20 I know where you are You’re here! Umut? Umut? OK, you win. Come out Umut? Where are you? Umut! Umut! Umut, where are you? Umut, come out! Umut! Darling. Son I know you always blamed yourself But you didn’t do anything wrong I never blamed you Don’t do this to yourself anymore It’s my fault, dad I couldn’t protect Umut What could you have done anyway? Don’t cry. What’s done is done We’ve looked everywhere Metin. Did you hear me? Do something Find our son. Find Umut Have you gone mad, woman? How am I supposed to find him from in here? You know very well what I mean Call Celal, who is the reason you’re in prison, he can find him He has connections Say something Tell Celal to find my son Don’t get started on Celal You should have looked after the kid Dad, please, find my brother Don’t cry like a girl What can I do? Are you trying to drive me mad? The child is gone! Leave me alone! Get out of here! May God punish you, Metin Don’t come near me or to my house Son, we’re going Come, son Any news? Did you find my son? Madam We’re here to show you something What? We found this shirt by the sea Does it belong to your son? Your brother is always here

Inside For him, we haven’t lost it any time When you wear this uniform and graduate, I’m gonna see both of my sons OK, my darling? 1 week later Chief Yusuf! No, no Don’t Let go of your gun! Sarp! Son! Mom, what are you doing here? Get out of here Lower that gun. Please What is your problem? Mom! I said don’t get involved Get out of the way Sarp, what are you doing? Get a grip of yourself! -Get out of my way! -Darling. Why? Why? Scumbag! That scumbag ruined me, mom One week before graduation, he kicked me out because of dad They’re not gonna let me become a cop You know you deserve getting kicked out. Lower that gun at once I told you this doesn’t end here Please, don’t ruin us Please, don’t ruin our lives Mom OK Pull the trigger Pull the trigger Pull it Son. You’re never gonna get out Scumbag. Take him away. Officer. Officer -You should call me chief -Chief I see, we’re not gonna get rid of you What do you want? My son made a mistake Please, forgive him So, the whole family has become my problem The father, the son, and now you Please, be the bigger man and forgive him He already regrets it -Of course, he does Your son pulled a gun on me, woman You say he made a mistake You should be grateful to me, the other police officers were about to shoot him to pieces -Please. Forgive him -Don’t you understand words? Be grateful he’s alive He’s not like his father He has a big heart Don’t stand here crying Everything that’s happened to you is Celal’s fault. Ask him to account What kind of person are you? Don’t you have a conscience? How can you talk like that to her?

You were the only one missing Get out of here I don’t wanna deal with this You’re gonna have to deal with me This isn’t the last time you see me Take them out Come, aunt Fusun The fact that the defendant voluntarily let go of the gun, and did not fire at the victim, has been assessed as voluntary surrender by clause 36 of the Turkish Penal Code Taken together with the defendant’s lack of a criminal record, it has been decided that he will be sentenced to 12 months in prison Son Son Son. How could you do something like this? You’re all I have left Don’t talk like that mom It’s not a long time It’ll pass in no time Look at this Mr. Ahmet, the meat taken from the sheep’s ribs and legs, should be cleaned of the nerves, OK? Then, until we’ve turned it into minced meat, we chop it up We mustn’t forget the tail fat After adding the tail fat, you go again, chop chop Anyone can do it, it’s not hard But what is it that makes my kebabs different from others? I don’t know Could it be your marinade, Celal? Nope -Spices? -Nope This is my secret, Ahmet. Brother I never kill an animal before stroking its head I keep on good terms with my enemies, so they come to me on their own, like you My corporate sheep. Baa baa! -Nestan -Yes, dearest father? I like it when they think less of me -He’s like that too -Yeah You and I went to see him? We felt bad talking about it in front of his wife Yes, father. You even said “Please, Mr. Ahmet. Could you do the work?” We made him feel good, huh? Nestan You know what you’re doing, father Who knows what you thought Is this the Celal that everyone fears Did you think that? I remember the day your men walked through this door The prick was gonna leave me a tip You know, I’m making kebab for them A real man knows his place, father Relax. You’re very tense. Relax Shall I make a portion and a half of Adana kebab out of you? OK. I’ll do whatever you want Let me go You’re not in a hurry God damn it No one has ever been late for their own funeral

I can’t sign this You can’t take my company away from me I devoted years to this shipping company Don’t drag it out You’re in debt I’m taking over all of it I’m gonna give you some money too Think this through. You can’t take it with you when you die Celal Celal the kebab man. Where are you? Where are you? Get out of here You stay here Do you remember me? You ruined my life I only had one son left You took him too He’s rotting in prison because of you I hope you suffer the greatest of God’s pain What are you talking about woman? What do I have to do with your son? May this restaurant collapse on you, then you’ll understand how you have something to do with it Back in the day Metin told me He said “Celal has forgotten how to be a human” A killer said that You’re so powerful, right? You’re steady as a rock But you have a lot to lose, kebab man What do I have? One son If I lose him too, my maternal suffering will burn you badly Then all your power will be gone Don’t forget my words You’ll remember one day Get off me. Let me go -May God save you, boy -Thanks I knew your dad. You’re just like him -Don’t mention him to me -Why? It’s private Your late father was a good man A son doesn’t hold a grudge against his father Boss. Are you bored or what? You don’t have anything to do? You’re as hot-headed as your father Look. You’re my elder, let’s not upset each other You said “May God save you”, I said “Thanks”. OK? OK, OK You’re really famous here You scared the shit out of the chief Look. You were even in the newspaper. Well done Frenzy at the police school You shouldn’t say well done I couldn’t do anything to the guy But I have to do time anyway If you don’t mind me asking Why did you do it? I made a bet with a friend He said you can’t get kicked out of school I said “It’s easy” Why did this scumbag of a chief

wait 4 years before he kicked you out of school? We have to talk, son Here, time does not pass otherwise My name is Hasan They call me Red Cheeks I’m here for another couple of months If you wanna talk, I’m here Don’t be shy One week before graduation, he had a look at my file He chooses his men accordingly When he saw that my file was connected to Celal Duman through my dad, he told me “I won’t make you a cop” -Scumbag As you can understand, I was kicked out in the last week Sarp Yilmaz You have a visitor Who are you? Attorney Melek Yildiz OK. But I already have an attorney He can’t save you And you can? You can be sure of that Cutie Go powder your nose. Don’t get involved in things you know nothing about Are you aware of who you’re talking to? Ah. I’m sorry I was wrong. You can get involved in business you know nothing about Melek At least it’ll make the time pass Look at me I couldn’t care less about you My client Celal Duman asked me to come here You have an upset, tearful mother Let me remind you of her So? So, I’m your chance of getting out of this hole Do you know something? You and your client are the reasons I’m in this hole You wanna play hard to get? Cutie, you wanna know a secret? I’m here because of Celal Duman Then you come here and say you’re gonna help me If you call me cutie again, I’ll make you pay for it I’m so scared Cutie Leave my mom alone, or I’ll make you pay for it Who do you think you are? Nothing. A nothing who has nothing to lose Get out of here, I never wanna see you again -How is he? -A madman He said he never wanted to see me again OK, then he can deal with it himself But actually, he needs a good lesson,

because he upset my sweet daughter Who came to visit you? No one important. Never mind Never mind that, Hasan. What should we do about your curiosity? You’re way too brave, Sarp, brother If I were you, I’d get to know the person, then I’d speak accordingly But I can’t do that I’ve noticed that What’s going on, man? Hasan stay out of it. This has nothing to do with you. We’re here for him You pulled a gun on the chief Did you think you’d get away with that? Regards from chief Yusuf Say hi back -What’s going on here? -Come here, all of you Wow. What are you, crazy boy? 1 year later Aunt Fusun. Relax. It’s over Look, he’s being released Hopefully he won’t do something crazy like this again Nah! He won’t do something like this again And you know, maybe it’s good he didn’t become a cop. It’s a hard job You work around the clock, your life is in danger -This does have a silver lining, huh? -Mmm-hmm Why didn’t he tell us he’d be released today? I don’t get it I don’t know, aunt Fusun If I hadn’t talked to his attorney, I wouldn’t have known either Hey! Come on. Don’t be upset Everything is gonna be great, like before. You’ll see He’s coming Come here, dumbass

What are you doing here? Why did you drag mom all the way here? How can you say that? Hope you’re feeling OK, madman Drop off my stuff at mom’s place Son, we came here for you OK, mom. I’ll come in the evening Aunty, the boy should get around a bit, get his mind off things -Son, why would you go with this man? -Come on, mom. I’ll come home tonight -Who’s that man? -Metin’s friend He’d come to our house from time to time. Trucking buddy What’s this guy up to? I guess we upset your mom a little I can’t do anything about that. She needs to get used to certain things What does she have to get used to? What are you planning to do? I don’t know what I’m gonna do, Hasan But I know what I won’t do I’m not a cop anymore Get in Didn’t you go to bed yet? What do you think you’re doing? Do you know who that man is? -I don’t care -How can you say you don’t care? That man is like your father I don’t care anymore How can you not care? That man is everything we hate Did we struggle for nothing, son? Did I send you to school for nothing? Did I feel bad, suffer all these years for you to turn out like your father? So what if you sent me to school? They didn’t even make me a cop Whether we accept it or not, I’m Metin Yilmaz’s son What a shame Hearing this from you Son Darling Your brother Umut lives through you If you go down the wrong path, you’ll make him impure too If you don’t have respect for yourself at least have respect for him Don’t involve my brother, mom This is what I am now. End of story -Get a grip of yourself -I have a grip of myself More than I ever have You will accept me like this They didn’t give me another chance than being like dad Look at me What do you think you’re doing? Get a grip of yourself, girl Don’t get involved Sarp. This isn’t you. You’ve gone mad Get out of my life, Eylem Stop giving mom hope Why did you bring mom to my graduation? To prison? Don’t you have a life of your own, girl? Leave me alone! Leave the woman alone Sarp Joke. This is a joke, right? You could not be saying these things From now on, my life is a joke You can laugh at me behind my back Oh, what are you doing here at this hour? You wanna have some more fun? I need somewhere to stay. It’s obvious there’ll be trouble at home Of course We’ll check for a place for you No, I’m fine staying in the car park Come on! Nah, really Just tell me if you’ll let me stay But of course! Prepare the room in the back

OK, brother -There you go -Cheers He’s his father’s son Let’s put you in a good mood Let’s go out on the town Leave me out of it, I’m gonna sleep You’re like a nightmare in the car park Those who look at you get depressed Get up Alper Let’s tidy you up Hurry, get dressed. I’ll wait outside Desire on your lips, only me in your arms A pair of eyes looking at you, it should be me, darling. Babe Sing one of my songs -OK Wow. What a coincidence What’s he doing here? What do I know? Oh, if the day comes when you know something, Selami! What do you think about the place? Are you good? Are you feeling alright? No problem, brother Boss -You ruined my song -You have to wait for your turn -May I? -Sit down You’re in good shape again You jazzed up the place Who’s your friend? You’ll hear about him soon They’ll call him mad Sarp Great We’re introducing him to our circles. Our new transfer Good luck, kid But be sure you practice fair play Huh By the way, congratulations on the new job He’s like this, he starts talking about work right away Stop kidding around, boss You bid for the digging job I was going for Your offer was so high that you killed the job So? What are you saying? What can I say, boss? Is that the way you do it? He bought it

Kidding. Kidding Boss, let me do you a favor I’m bored working with soil I don’t earn anything from it anyway I’ve had enough, you’ll need trucks Come, I’ll give you my trucks What do you say? -Are you serious man? -Of course I am Take them and work for a while Look, I put a bomb in your lap Ah, by the way. I’m gonna make you a real good discount That’s it. Come to me with stuff like this So tell me. How much do you want? Come to my place tomorrow, have a look at the trucks, and we can talk. Huh? Babe Play the song my friend asked for, but a discounted part of it Let’s drink So, this is what it is now? You don’t dare going into your mother’s house? I thought you may be sleeping I didn’t wanna disturb Sleep? I don’t sleep anymore, son You killed me What sleep are you talking about? Mom. Don’t say that I didn’t care about the difficulties I thought, “I can handle it” and I did I made sure you never depended on anyone But I never thought you’d be the one to upset me the most I wasn’t ready for this Mom, there’s nothing to be sad about Your son is here. I’m not leaving you My son who hangs out with killers, is that right? By my side? If this continues, there’ll be nothing left of the Sarp that I know They didn’t make a cop of the Sarp you knew, mom OK, they didn’t know me Don’t do what they did. Please Whatever. I’m leaving Leave. That’s the only thing you’re doing When you were in prison, I was too I counted the days, the hours Then you got out, became free But you left me alone in a dark dungeon Leave, son. Leave Good luck Wow, wow, wow Well done You gave life to this old one Is there anything you can’t do, man? Don’t say that. It’s a good car But no one had taken care of it

-Get ready, we’re going -Where? To the dig of the man you met last night Let’s have a look at the trucks Here. Take my old one for a ride This will work out well This is Sarp This girl is an attorney We’ve met before What are you doing here Miss Attorney? Are you dealing with trucks now? What are you gonna tell them? Are you their chance to get out of the garage? You woke up like a teenager again Ah! Everyone’s messing with you, huh? What an important man you are! You were unlucky for me What do you mean? After I last saw you, the guards attacked me Let’s see what’ll happen now It’s just an unpleasant conversation What else can you ask for? Hey. Continue your sweet talking later Let’s sort out the documents Wait here Geez! Where is this man? He said he’d be here Brother, isn’t Omer here? Go in Sarp! Sarp! The bastards ran off You bastard! I’ll show you! And you wanna buy the trucks? Come! Omer Don’t get yourself into trouble You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into What if you’re the trouble? You can’t do me any harm even if you wanted to Jump in Come here! Clear the road! Clear the road! Turn on some music, Miss Attorney I got excited What kind of person are you? Hasan! Are you OK? Wow, wow, wow Specially prepared for father It was just flown in -Melek first -Of course Thanks -Here you go, father -OK, give the rest to Mini

Bring it to him. Now -Of course, father So, they didn’t leave me alone Father, I didn’t get it That prick Omer set a trap Why did you bring my daughter? My daughter You are doing the funniest things, just to earn peanuts It’s not his fault, dad I wanted to go myself He made a big mistake Haven’t I told you not to do a job without me I didn’t know. Since it was paperwork, I thought it was better to bring Melek That’s what you thought? -Nestan -Here you go, father Find that scumbag Omer I’ll handle him myself My dearest I will ask them to search all over I’m also looking for him, father. I’m gonna deliver him to you myself -Here you go -Cheers So, was it Metin’s son that saved you? Isn’t that the boy you met in prison? -It is indeed Sarp. His name is Sarp If it wasn’t for that madman, we wouldn’t be here now Where’s he then? Why didn’t you bring him? Talk Are you trying to make me mad? Father, I was gonna introduce him -But? Father, it’s not what you think The madman said bad things when he heard your name What? He didn’t wanna come He said “I want nothing to do with him” Look at that He holds a grudge because of the past Now you can talk? My dearest father Should I go get the guy? -Cheers -Cheers I hear we’re on bad terms True I heard your story You’re fearless You’ve learnt the rules of the business You saved them from the line of fire But there’s something I don’t get Why didn’t you do this before? -What? -This work If you were gonna defy the system, why did you decide to become a cop? That’s personal But I’m gonna ask the person who wasted 4 of my years to account You’re not at all like your father

Really? I’ve been hearing the very opposite the last few days They’re wrong You’re different from the late Metin Yes Let’s get to the thank you You saved my daughter’s life I owe you I’m not the type of man who pays my debts late. Make your wish Give me this one My daughter’s life is worth much more Then let’s consider Hasan’s debt paid Yes. That works Right, Red Cheeks? But, I still owe you I didn’t do it so I’d get something, a thank you is enough Continue hanging out with Red Cheeks You can come when we need you? We’ll see He is different, Mini Don’t run away. You owe me You can’t get out of this so easily Excuse me? I mean the car. When I’m done with it, we’ll go for a ride, right? I divide my enemies into two groups, chief One. Those who would be my friends under other circumstances Two. Those who’d always be my enemies Sarp is of the second kind I knew he’d do something dodgy Then in graduation, he pulled a gun on you Chief Yusuf! No. Don’t. No. He’s crazy Sarp! Son! If my gun had been loaded, I’d have taken that madman out in the yard Yes Mert. Do you know why I called you? -I have a guess -I’m listening Probably the chief of Organized Crime is gonna ask me to join his squad Mert. Who do I ask to join my squad? Only those who graduate top of their class Son. Did I miss that you graduated top of your class? No, chief. Sarp was top of the class. I was second -So if Sarp hadn’t done what he did -Mert wouldn’t be here today I promise, if you ask me to join your squad, I’ll buy a big tray of Baklava My buddy must have missed it in prison, now he can enjoy it with his friends Listen, boy I’m gonna give you an opportunity I’ll give you 6 months If you do what I want in that time, you’ll join the squad Otherwise, this will be our last talk You’ll never walk through that door again

You’ll never see me again. Understood? -Cheers, chief -Off you go -We got the guy, we’re coming -Roger that I don’t want any journalists around Is that clear? -Roger that. Use the backdoor -We will Hurry. Don’t drag your feet Come on, brother Geez Where did you come from, reporter? We trick the press, you trick us. Well done Give me that, I’ll give you a Pulitzer -Let go of that -Wait -Give it to me -OK, calm down Her you go -Ah! I can’t believe it You deleted them all. You twat! Twat! Nice to meet you too, I’m Mert Is that right, Mert? You know what? I’m gonna take more pictures Don’t, reporter. Listen What’ll happen if you publish pictures of this man? The operation will be ruined Who’d want that? Those connected to this man You see, we can get on Ah, one more thing Don’t put your hair up, leave it down Let’s go -What? -What are you saying? -Try, you won’t regret it You know you’re a twat, right? Like you know anything I’m done! Mert deleted all my pictures. What am I supposed to do? I’ll lose my job I’ll get fired. I’m really bad Come in You asked for me, chief What is this about, chief? This is about the reporter crying in the corridor Crying? You deleted all her pictures All the pictures for all her stories were deleted I was only gonna delete -Mert -Yes, chief? What if she publishes a bad story about the department one day? We’re in a pretty scrape Excuse me Is this what we discussed, Mert? Why are you attracting attention to us, son? I’ll handle the situation It’d be good if you did It’d be good for your future here That’s all You’re such cry baby You immediately went and complained You’re gonna make me lose my job for 2 pictures If you talk like this, nothing will happen to you. You’ll find a way Look. You deleted all the pictures I had What am I supposed to tell the editor? He’ll sack me for sure You want a story? OK, just this once, I’ll let you come with me I don’t want anything from you Just stay away from me The man we arrested spilled the beans in interrogation He has a pick pocketing gang I’ll organize and operation, and the story will drop like a bombshell You won’t get fired You may even get promoted

Hmm Put it in your bag Don’t forget. You and I came here for fun, we’re a stupid couple Why are we stupid? Who’d come to a fun fair on a date? -Hello brother -Go ahead. It’s loaded Cheers You see these guys? They’re our target Is it just the two of us? We’re not alone, there are civil police here too They’re coming this way, we have to kiss -No way! -Did you forget we’re a couple? A person who shoots to get a toy can’t be my boyfriend You know what, they’re just high school kids Are you pulling my leg? There’s no operation, right? Never What gang is this about? What operation? You lied to me, right? “There are civil police here” and so on You played me The suspect is making a move We’re getting started, guys What? Cafer! Hurry, get your camera! Come on. I am stupid! Stay still. OK. Selami! Bring him here, we’re gonna have our picture taken Reporter! Take our picture You know you owe me dinner, right? I found the street, but where’s the restaurant? Stay where you are? Why? -Wait for me. Let’s go together Where are you? Just behind you What’s up? If you’re gonna go on staring, let’s step aside. We’re blocking the road Come. The restaurant is here Eylem. Welcome Thanks, aunt Fusun This is Mert, a friend of mine -Welcome, son -Hi. Thanks Sarp! Son! Sit down Listen up, reporter. I don’t do bulgur salad, stake tartar a la turca, eggplant salad and stuff, I want real food Look at what you’re worried about Aunt Fusun What are you gonna give us? Today I have wedding soup, sultan’s delight, I have very nice rice and mixed compost -What do you think? -I think “Oh my god.” How can you eat like that? Eat slower

A habit from boarding school You had to finish before someone took your plate Delicious -Hmm How do you now aunt Fusun? We lived in the same neighborhood when I was a kid Her son Sarp is a good friend of mine And? Then we moved, since my family can’t stay put When I came back to Istanbul for uni we started seeing each other again I see. But why can’t your family stay put? That’s what they’re like. They don’t like staying anywhere for long They live like there’s no tomorrow I’m not their daughter anyway I mean, I’m like a friend of theirs, that’s how they see me Great, what else do you want? I want a family Let the guy eat Sure, aunt Fusun. But this isn’t eating, he’s fighting the food Did you like the food? Aunt Fusun, I didn’t know what mother’s food tastes like, but now I do. Thank you Glad you enjoyed it Do you work together? Are you also a journalist? No, I’m a cop Did I say something wrong? No, my child. Why would that be wrong? I have a son too. He was also gonna become a police officer I remembered that I don’t wanna make you lose your appetite Go on eating -What’s the story? -Never mind No, tell me. I’m curious -You know she has a son called Sarp -Yeah, your childhood friend Mmm-hmm Sarp was kicked out of the police academy a week before graduation Sarp couldn’t accept that. He pulled a gun on the chief in graduation You know, chief Yusuf -Our chief Yusuf? -Exactly Then he was in prison for 12 months Now he’s hanging out with these odd types -Odd? -Dodgy guys So, doesn’t she have any other kids? She had another son. Umut He was kidnapped as a child -Then what happened? The police brought home his bloody shirt What are you saying? What a story So, doesn’t she have a husband? Did she deal with all this on her own? Let’s not even get into that. She’s been alone as far back as I remember But aunt Fusun is the strongest woman I’ve ever seen -Do you wanna buy napkins, Sir? -Madame? Do you wanna buy napkins, Sir? What about you? Madame, buy napkins -Sir, you buy -Please Come on, Sir. Get one, I need bread money Mert, enough. Come on, let’s go Like he will die if he’d buy one -I know why they don’t buy napkins -Why? None of these people are dirty Well done, girl What’s this, man? Are you giving money to the beggar? -This is all, brother -Give it to me -Really, this is all -Give it to me This is all Come here -Really this is all -Take off your shoes Brother, don’t you believe me? Really, this is all Take off your socks Take off the other one So this is all, huh? Look at me What are you gonna do with this? If you tell the truth I won’t hit you I was gonna buy bread for myself I’m sick of eating left over bread Well done, you’re honest I won’t beat you The boss will beat you Pssss

What are you doing? What’s this? Oh. Nothing A habit from my childhood You got lost in thought When I heard aunt Fusun’s story, I also went back in time Well done to the woman Can we have the bill, aunt Fusun? Stop! This dinner is on me Did you forget? I owe you Owe me? Come on! Come on. Stop You don’t have a bill, no need to fight No, please aunt Fusun. We ate a lot -You can pay next time -OK. Thanks I have to go back to work? Maybe we can go together Yes, chief? Yes, I know I see. I’ll be right there, chief -You have to go? -Yes Reporter, thanks for dinner You’re welcome See you later See you later -Chief -Get in There are full body shots of you in the paper You mean the fun fair incident Did I make a mistake, chief? You killed two birds with one stone I like it You both caught the gang and improved our relationship with the press If you’re still interested, I can take you on my squad Of course, chief. I’d be honored Then you’re honored Now I’m bringing you somewhere -Where? No questions From now on, no questions OK Sir, do you wanna buy napkins? This is what happens if you steal from us! Get it? Get out of here! Stay on the street tonight so you’ll learn your lesson Don’t hang around. Get out of here Give me the money I assume you’ve learned your lesson. Give it to me What are you doing? I’m not crying

I know. I’m drying the rain drops -Who are you? -One of the new ones -What’s your name? -What are you gonna do with my name? Let’s say I’m Melek, it means angel Take it -Hide it. Don’t give it to anyone -OK Have you heard about Celal the kebab man? Of course I have, chief I knew his life by heart when I was in the academy Great Turn these. Don’t burn my dear meat Ah -Hello -Hi Are you hungry? I’ll have them make you skewers We don’t have any appetite, father You can’t find Omer? No, we’ve checked all over What about Nestan? -He’s checking too I wonder if Omer went abroad or something? What do you think? What do I think? I think you should stop looking, Red Cheeks But father, we have to find the scumbag We have to ask him to account -Red Cheeks -Yes I’ll deal with it now You’re stepping back As you wish, father But I feel really embarrassed Don’t pull a face. Come here Open your mouth You come here too Cheers Let’s check for Omer ourselves then Brother, Celal and Red Cheeks are in there, and you know the man we saw that day, he’s there too Great Then we get started What are we starting, brother? Fuck their past and future Their deaths and their lives We have all three of them in one place. We shouldn’t miss our chance Omer, are you talking about taking down Celal the kebab man in his place? Do we have another choice? Either they kill me, or I kill them OK, but as soon as we go in, they’ll take us down The man is the king of the place Come with me I’ll show you how a king is buried Let’s see tonight Celal! Omer! Who do you think you are man? My friends can tell you -How did you do this, brother? -Hush

Hey! -Give me the gun Leave You leave too, you’re not needed Today it’s self-catering. Come I’m sure you’re thinking “I wish we had made peace” Look, old man. I won’t only put this bullet in your head, I’ll put this bullet in history I’ll be in history books Omer Soon you’re gonna say “I wish I wouldn’t have gone this far, man.” You have lots to learn, nephew Man Man. What’s going on, man? Let me explain to you what’s happening We like to bring the man to our feet, by his own accord You delivered the cargo in one piece, guys. Thank you Make your wish Lower the gun. Lower it! Didn’t you hear him? Lower your gun Man! What’s going on, man! Mini. Take these and bring my tool I’m gonna beat you to death with this Omer You’re not gonna write history Son, give me that chair Yes Maybe one day, the youth of the neighborhood What do they call this, Mini? -Snooker, father -Cheers While they wait for their turn in snooker, just to pass the time, they’ll chat and say, “Man, you know what? Celal the kebab man killed a man with a meat mallet.” They won’t even mention your name. No one will remember you Guys Leave Leave the two of us alone This is our target’s place Our target? Celal the kebab man For years, I’ve been living and breathing this man I wanted you to see him with your own eyes. Get to know him -Chief -Come Come with me inside Father Celal, I beg you I did it, please don’t do it to me -Red Cheeks, close that door -Yes, father

Father. Father Celal Celal What’s going on? What’s going on here? Oh chief, welcome. Good to see you I asked you what’s going on here, Celal? He can tell you himself Hey, what’s going on? Nothing. We were talking business Talking business? Begging on your knees? He has a debt. He was begging father to help him out Right, brother? Exactly I was gonna introduce you to the famous chief of Organized Crime, but you already know each other, right? You’re back where you belong. Now you wear your heart on your sleeve You’re the one who was gonna wear your heart on your sleeve, literally Be grateful to my tearful mom Watch your tongue Don’t get involved Or what? Are you gonna shoot me too? I haven’t hurt a soul up to this day If I shot at someone, it’s because they deserved it You know who I’m talking about Come on chief, what do you want from the man? You’ve ruined his life, isn’t that enough? It’s obvious I didn’t do it for nothing. He ran straight to you I guess he didn’t come here for kebabs So? What are you gonna do? Kick me out of here too? You still haven’t learned how to talk to a superior officer Come along, I’ll teach you a lesson You’re coming too Maybe there’s something you couldn’t tell us here Come and tell me in private Father, what are we gonna do? Look at him carefully, he’s an example Sarp Yilmaz, top of his class at the police academy, a Mafioso Stay here for some days and come to your senses If you don’t, we’ll find a solution I’m curious, chief Can you sleep at night? Eylem! What is happening They’ve taken Sarp into custody God help him. Mert, son Why did they arrest Sarp? Mert Back to work Chief. Please, what’s going on? What do you think, woman? You can’t look after one kid Your family is causing trouble for me again What’s the problem? What did Sarp do? Sarp didn’t do anything wrong The chief is out to get you. He arrested him due to something he said -Who are you? -I’m Sarp’s attorney Attorney She’s a mafia attorney. She takes care of Celal the kebab man’s dirty work If the briefing is over, I’d like to see my client, officer I’m not an officer, I’m an inspector, darling Darling? Get him out of jail Let them do what the hell they want, as long as they stay clear of me Can you open this, brother You’re getting out Your poor mom. You make her suffer Son -Are you OK? -I’m fine, mom

Son, what kind of things are you involved in? Nothing to panic about Don’t upset yourself for nothing For nothing. Am I gonna have to pick you up from jail like this? You’re wasting yourself, and us Whatever. Let’s go home Don’t look at me like that. I won’t let you go now. Just so you know OK, let’s go then Can we talk? Sure Go to the car, I’m coming -Sorry you had to go through that -Thanks -Father Celal sent me -Nice of him As you remember, he sent me once before But this time is different -Like what? He said “I won’t let Yusuf have Sarp, go and get him out.” Celal wants you to know that if you’d like, you can be his son He doesn’t say that to anyone Cheers I had the car you fixed in the car park brought here. It’s there Omer I’m gonna let you go But first, I have an offer for you It’s obvious that there is a trouble between Celal and you You’re in trouble Tell us everything about Celal, and we’ll protect you Chief, do I look like a snitch without honor? Do you think honor is gonna keep you alive when you leave? Look, I give you the guarantee We’ll protect you He won’t be able to touch you But you But I have to give you Celal the kebab man, is that right? No way. Let me go Best of luck As you make your bed, so you lie in it -Chief, if you don’t need -You and I have work to do -Here we go -You forgot the bread -Well done, everything’s delicious -Bon appetite Son, why aren’t you eating? He must have eaten when he was out -Hello -Hello

-Yes -Yes -OK -OK. I know the place I’ll be there in half an hour What happened, son? I have to go Enough! I won’t let you go -Mom. Don’t do this, please No. Don’t ask me for this I won’t let you go Mom, I will go whether you want it or not Sarp, at least don’t go tonight Don’t ruin the night Don’t get involved Mom, get out of the way You guys are dragging this out! You look just like your father now Son Darling I don’t recognize you What happened to you? Nothing’s happened I have stuff to do, I need to go This is not what you do, this isn’t you I told you not to get involved Shut up Let him go, sweetheart Let him go Let him do what the hell he wants Go, son You are free to go I’m already used to it Losing. Everyone. Everything You go too Go Go wherever you wanna go Go Go Go Go Aunt Fusun. Come, let’s go upstairs. He’ll come soon -Chief -Father Celal

-My boy -My child Now tell me Are you in? I’m in Now tell me Are you in? I’m in End of episode 1