Inside The Xbox 360 Slim! Electronic License Plates – For Advertising?!? Convert RCA to HDMI, …

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Inside The Xbox 360 Slim! Electronic License Plates – For Advertising?!? Convert RCA to HDMI, …

coming up on tekzilla get that classic console or your old VCR running with your new HDTV inside the xbox 360 slim with it on shimpi one app to rule them all Veronica’s got the ultimate social app and the horror of electronic license plates and of course is stacking your viewer questions so chuckling over to the craft service table and nomnomnom cuz tekzilla starts now this episode of tekzilla is made possible by goto meeting Squarespace magic the gathering duels of the planeswalkers I’m Patrick Norton comprar niquette Belmont welcome to tekzilla hands on review the latest tech and how to make the most out of the gear you’ve already got whether beginner a tech support for your friends and family if you’ve got a question about tech or the most delightful flight between SFO to LAX we’ve got an answer for you and if we don’t we’ll track down someone who does I gotta say before we start veronica has actually been outside she just does not tan very I look so pale compared to you today I probably use a lot more sunblock tonight I use a lot of sun block see I’m still finally easing out of that hole 70s to start you know I wearing hats but I’m still kind of like SKF 20 or 30 every day every day yeah not necessarily on my arms your fix for anything but on my face you look all fabulous but I’m 50 I’ll look like a lizard from Baja did you hear del is in talks with Google about the Chrome OS of all things could the days of bloatware be over or more likely could the days of being really ticked off by Microsoft’s restrictions on well yeah I don’t want to give you get on a whole nother like stupid XP restrictions on memory supplies on netbooks but here’s the quote dell rep said there are going to be unique innovations coming up in the marketplace in 23 years with a new form of computing it’s called the ipad we want to be on that forefront so with chrome or android or anything like that we want to be one of the leaders no firm announcements no firm announces we del google but talks are underway google is said it expects to release this chrome computer operating system in the late fall as it aims competitive strike strike at rivals microsoft windows this is going to be really huge for them because yes if Dell is shipping hundreds of thousands of computers with the chrome OS on them it could be definitely a formidable foe against windows at this point I just want to see if anybody actually adopts the Chrome OS well it’s very bare-bones right you know but I like that because there isn’t going to be all that crap where that comes pre-installed on your computer all you’re going to get is a gateway to the internet a nice browser and some basic file browse you say you no longer have the ipad lust you’re going to dust off your HP mini fire it up with chrome OS and carry that around well I don’t know because a Jolie cloud also announced this week at they’re adding touch capabilities to the Jolie cloud OS Lee yeah so that could also be another competitor to chrome and also windows and you’ll be keeping the world’s economic engines turning as you’ll have to buy it touch but yeah some kind of touch android device so you can bro android device or jolie cloud device there’s so many options chrome OS i thought they were really gonna kind of bastardize chrome OS now the android has hit it so big so I’m glad that they’ve got a big deal like this and the works for Chrome what if well you know why don’t we hold our speculations we can get our happy little paws on the new OS one thing I read this week that is really freaking me out apparently in California license plates might go electronic that’s right ads on your license plates as if we didn’t have enough distractions driving around on the highway people talking on their cell phones yeah the california legislature is considering a bill that would allow the state to begin researching the use of electronic license plates for vehicles the move is intended as a money maker for a state facing a 19 billion dollar deficit would be our state that would be our state at least one company san francisco-based Smart Play is developing a digital electronic license plate that has not yet reached the production stage hmm so it won’t be it’s not gonna be like a big giant billboard but you’ll be able to support the brands that you care about on your license plate you can have like a Google license plate or you know 49ers like Sally that’s not too bad what I still use license please some kind of sound board like an LED sound board on the back of my car like me you don’t even have a car the back of your car well if I had one that’s when I get a license for your backpack clicking say watch it buddy back off dead flip and lanes here man 3.7 billion phishing email set in the past year you may not have beginning fished but people are still getting fisted large volume Steve Bernal is a senior I Tripoli member ahead of the Center for Security communication the network research to the university of plymouth said quote the increasing skill of the fraudsters and other online attackers is effectively raising the bar for what the average user needs to know in order to remain protected yeah it’s crazy because we used to just recommend that people make sure that all their

their virus registries are updated in there they’re my original website never click on a link send an email sure that it’s got you know you’re actually on the website that’s not you’re not replying to messages or that kind of thing but people are still doing it they’re actually finding ways to block spyware from updating to the most recent version there’s some crazy I had a friends computer they got infested somebody downloaded some stuff that’s not infected it’s infested with it was infested cipal malware yeah the the there’s an analogy I could use but this is like a g-rated show so I can’t use that analogy let’s just say bad smoking the hole where all the goodness should have been but it was amazing because they actually blocked every single application from uploading it installed fake versions of antivirus programs under brand names that were pretending to be real antivirus / it was it was I was a part of his like this is the most amazing feat look at the engineering in the time though maybe this’ll really and the other part of me was like hun party come on let’s get some heads on the wall well let’s get to the first email of the day and it comes to us from Stephanie she writes in I’m finally upgrading to either an LCD or plasma but I found very few except RCA connections even my new home theater didn’t have these connections I still love to play my older systems like my ps1 my ps2 my gamecube so is there a device that will interface between RCA and hdmi and do you think 120 hertz LCD is sufficient for gaming I’ve heard these can be muddy and I have to stick to my budget I’d like at least a 46-inch TV oh boy personally I think console gaming looks great on 60 Hertz hundred twenty Hertz and 248 280 240 240 Earth’s you know I work on a show we talk nothing nothing but HD TV at home theater and I can’t say hurts it’s early yeah because 120 sometimes people say there’s issues with high action sequences that they get a little bit blurred I I you know I have I have I personally have not seen seen it but I would think it would almost be a bigger issue with PC gaming with console gaming but if you’ve seen it email sin if especially if you can get us a picture I I think 60 120 or 240 hertz could look great 240 hertz by the end of this year is going to be as cheap as 120 hearth of pushing across all the models and by the way if you’re if you’re really on a budget check costco and check amazon com has free shipping and a pretty decent return policy so it’s a really great way to get a really good deal on an HDTV now what’s going on with getting composite video analog video into the HDMI port alright so it sounds easy enough you take the composite video from that single yellow RCA check or the s-video port on the back of your old console you bundle with the audio off the red and the white jacks and convert it into HDMI video that your new HDTV can use the problem is that you’re literally capturing digitizing in encoding that analog video and the audio on the fly and we haven’t seen a really cheap way to do it unfortunately okay well we have seen like a hundred dollar no brand boxes on HDTV supply calm and some other places on the web keep an eye on the customer ratings and reviews to avoid the real stinkers definitely going to be out there like 279 people have given it like a to not good not good not good yeah at like $225 the geffen TV TV composite to hdmi scalar isn’t cheap but geffen makes some of the best video gear in the world and it should do a solid job upscaling your standard def video into 1080p I mean it’s not going to look like bambridge d but it’s going to look pretty decent yeah it’s kind of like this there’s a weird part of me that almost things like the more primitive the graphics the better the awful because you’re basically you’re you’re doing a huge increase in size and you’re going to end up with artifacts but it’s almost like asteroids looks better up scaled at 1080p and say something more recent I need young drugs you really want to go over the top check out anchor Bay’s edge it’s an HD video processor it handles all your video inputs 500 bucks 225 hdmi inputs to component video inputs composite s-video coax several optical audio ports some and it just absolutely gorgeous top the line video scaling it’s also a really great way to add tons of ports to older HD TVs you’re not ready to get rid of its got the Robert Herron seal of approval it is it is a fantastic device for scaling all of your devices into a single box works with all of your favorite remote controls it’s a really slick way to do it what about a cheap way of doing it cheap way that’s very important if you’ve already got a home theater PC attached to your HDTV you could install a cheap capture card in it and use a preview mode to watch your favorite old video games and to play them that should do something right yeah I’ve actually done that where I’ve actually used like a home theater like a an analog video into a home theater capture card and outputted that they’re going to be any kind of leg in that kind of scenario I’m less concerned about Lex usually not bad because at least not too noticeable that I haven’t noticed a lag in the past who knows it may be laggy ER now but the other one to think about you’re talking

about this before is looking if you’re if you’re buying a new receiver yeah seeing if your receiver if the receiver accent is capture and encoding to spit the RCA capture out onto an hdmi port yeah she said she has a home theater at home so I’m guessing she probably has some kind of receiver she check on the back of that thing just in case there’s a port if you have any other ideas for how to get your old analog video outputs VCRs console games email us tekzilla revision still to come we talked to Don should be about Microsoft’s latest revision of the xbox 360 and what’s deep down inside but while we got your attention if you run a business that depends on far-flung colleagues and clients across the country or across the globe getting enough face-to-face time to be a real issue travel is expensive and time is short so what do you do you turn to our sponsor go to meeting with gotomeeting you can turn your pc into a virtual meeting room work and meet with clients no matter where they’re 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cool images to choose from how do you pick just one well don’t use desktop slides desktop slides automatically changes your desktop wallpaper at predetermined intervals from 1 2 3 6 12 hours all the way up to once a week you can choose to use your own images or select the live feature and images will be culled from the wallpapers y dot com website you can even filter images by resolution or screen ratio and select to have the images displayed sequentially or randomly so if you have a hankering for new wallpaper to reflect the change in time all the time you should be downloading desktop slides today it’s free people just last week microsoft unveiled the latest revision of the xbox 360 the iconic off-white game console has been replaced by a smaller and glossy ur black machine here to give us well a little deeper insight in what Microsoft did and didn’t do to the new box and antics own and then la shrimpy welcome back and then hey how are you good man you Veronica’s been obsessed about it you recently posted a feature on an antec com the new xbox 360 you kind of got inside and got a tight look at what’s going on well what are the first things you noticed about Microsoft’s latest gaming box um the exterior stuff is pretty I guess that’s obvious right they they went to a smaller case a much classier case obviously it uses less power compared to the first Xbox it’s like half the power compared to the previous generation you’re looking at you know somewhere between like a ten to twenty percent power drop it’s it’s not bad and and if you look at power consumption when you just have it plugged in there’s some significant savings there so like the older xboxes would draw about two wats app outlet at the wall mm-hmm just turned off just sitting there um Anthony would draw it’s like almost half a watt is that um so it’s it’s it’s not bad is it as loud as I remember like one of the most distinctive features of the xbox 360 was the giant cooling fans of doom if they has the power duction is that me they’re basically using parts that are generating less heat inside yeah it’s there’s a lot of Moore’s law that happened in there and we’ll get to that in a second um basically there’s now a single large fan like a slow spinning fan inside that cools the CPU GPU and all that stuff and and that doesn’t generate too much noise the biggest culprit actually in the the previous Xbox was the DVD Drive that just made an absurd amount of noise and they’ve gone to a new revision of the drive it’s a liteon drive this time around and they’ve actually put like a little rubber surround around the back of it to hopefully kind of dampens and vibrations and stuff like that the overall result from what I measured was about a five decibel drop you don’t measured about two two or three inches away from the device so it’s not silent like you can build an htpc that’s quieter but it’s I would consider it to be like bearable now it’s not like a ridiculously loud machine so they also bundled finally the the wireless adapter and n adapter in there and a 250 gigabyte hard drive seems huge compared to what they were selling just a couple years ago yeah the first boxes came with 20 gigs and obviously back then you couldn’t install games to the drive so

now you can and 250 gigs is nice it’s not particularly fast storage it’s still a 5400 rpm laptop drive it’s actually the old SATA 1.5 gigabit standard like this is this box is still all about kind of making sure Microsoft is as profitable as possible and not necessarily I guess delivering the best overall experience but it’s you know to Microsoft’s credit it is is still significant improvement over the the previous generation well when I took the thing apart there are a couple things that are pretty evident now on the old boxes some people got really really good at opening them up modding them and making it look like no one ever got into the machine that’s pretty much impossible to do now unless people get really really clever so there’s some tabs that you have to pretty much break on both sides of the box to actually get into it the box will still put itself like you can still put it back together and it works fine and it doesn’t look like it’s been tampered with but Microsoft can easily tell if you’ve been in and there are a couple of points during the teardown process that actually will indicate to Microsoft whether or not someone has been inside the Machine and I don’t know how much of a problem that really was you know online a lot of people were talking about doing it but Microsoft seems to have wanted to put actual effort into fixing it once you get inside you know Microsoft has used a lot of the kind of magic of Moore’s law to combine it used to be a discrete CPU package and a GPU + embedded dram package into a single chip and it’s now covered with a heat spreader which also avoids any potential damage issues if you’re in there mucking around trying to replace the heatsink ur put something else on there you won’t run the risk of cracking the core anymore but there’s a tremendous amount of integration that’s been done now you have a single chip with presumably one or two die on their fabbed it what I’m hearing is 45 nanometers at at globalfoundries and it results in a cooler box much more tightly integrated package and you also see a significant reduction in idle power so the whole box just when you have it turned on and you’re sitting at the dashboard it draws 70 watts compared to you know closer to 90 for some of the older ones and double that for the first one Wow the putting that in perspective though that’s actually not that efficient right so if you take like a clarkdale core i3 i5 system with a beefy video card those will idle around 70 watts but there’ll be a lot faster pull out the video card and those things are idling down at like 40 to 50 watts so it’s it’s good for a 360 it’s not as good in terms of what we have today on the pc side but then again it’s also a lot cheaper than a full-fledged pc i was going to say what have been into the core i three parts would have been nice and the lower power consumption have been great but there would have been a lot of clock cycles sitting unused because developers don’t want to develop console games that only work on the latest consoles but the expense on that would have been huge the integrated you mentioned earlier that the idle power is down the off of the basically is not sucking as many watts when it’s off how about when you’re actually full throttle gaming does the integrated CPU and GPU does that give you any sort of performance benefit at that point for anybody out there say maybe running folding cycles 24-7 or doing some serious out-of-control gaming um as far as we can tell it’s everything runs at the same clock speed it’s got the same functionality you know it’s it’s it’s all about reducing costs that there’s obviously powder power benefit either full load right like the the most I could ever get this thing to draw under full load was I think less than 97 watts um so it’s you know it’s it’s good it draws i would say on average about 90 watts full load and you know the latest games and that’s compared to over a hundred for everything else and you know nearly 180 in the first generation xbox 360 okay so it’s it’s quieter it consumes less power I mean do you feel like it’s a it’s a serious improvement to older xbox 360s because I mean certainly I think anybody like I said I’ve got three friends now who are swapping out there the recently replaced boxes from red rings of death and I think they’re all going to go for the new boxes do you feel like it’s a solid step up from the last generation of xbox 360 um yeah I do I mean it’s the type of thing where it depends on what you do right if you’ve got a 360 that works and only do is play games on it you know 300 bucks is a lot to spend even 200 hours is a lot to spend just wait till yours dies and then go ahead and get one of these um if you’re getting a new one obviously I don’t think there’s any reason to take the the discounted current ones that are on the market and go out and get one of these new ones instead I think that makes more sense if you are an owner of an Xbox that you know it works totally fine but you do use it for more of the htpc more than media center kind of features it is nice you know this thing is a lot quieter and and it is a bit smaller then there’s also the you know the last revision of the xbox 360 before this one code named Jasper that was supposed to be the one

that couldn’t read ring anymore in terms of that that failure wasn’t supposed to happen anymore and and so far reports have been really good on that so if you want a little more I guess guarantee that you’ll you’ll be able to have a lasting console this in theory should have none of those problems right it might have new ones but it shouldn’t have any of the original problems that were caused by faulty solder joints or defects in the underfill on the on the G fewer CPU that’s a big plus and on awesome awesome information as always thank you so much for taking the time to come out be on the show what’s coming up on a non tech com what should everybody at a tech Zill in the audience should be looking out for I’ve got like a ridiculously busy week so there’s all the smartphone stuff of course I fone for iOS four been cranking on the evo 4g from sprint and you know we’re doing our typical like super deep dive performance battery life everything full analysis there a lot of interesting stuff is happening in SSDs of course I’ve got a bunch of new SSDs on the test bench some exciting stuff that I can’t talk about yet and even some new mobile hard drives that came out so those are the things I’m predominantly spending most of my time with and then I’ve got you know the usual I’ve got some more CPU tests to run we’re updating our live benchmarking database with some more data there so a lot of stuff happening this week alone and on thank you so much I personally will be scoping with the website because I have to replace yet another notebook hard drive this one didn’t die it’s just gotten too small ladies and gentlemen graphics cards SSDs CPU smartphones of its hardware you need to visit a non tech com it’s the go-to site for pc enthusiasts everywhere people andand again thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today thank you guys coming up next Veronica Belmont goes deep inside the world of social networking she has one application that lets you manage everything yes people stay tuned for that one right now though I want to thank Squarespace one of our sponsors it’s publishing system right web hosting its web publishing it’s for anybody looking both a blah the portfolio pretty much any kind of website it’s really flexible and it’s really painless there’s no coding experience required can you drag and drop you can build an amazing website at and you’ll have the same functionality you find some of the most highly traffic pages on the web without having a code now if you’re in decoding that’s okay because you can get under the hood and manipulate code the old-fashioned way if you’re that kind of Gallic guy site importer tool makes it super easy to move your website over from another web service wordpress blog or typepad movable-type it’ll import your posts your comments your tags your authors and your media and it even preserves your search engine optimization efforts your users page ranks will update seamlessly and the move will have no impact on the SEO status so you’ve been working get yourself those google rankings now not only is it a pretty slick website for building stuff we can make it a cheap website now you want a discount of course you do you get two weeks for a free trial then they’re going to ask you to step up and pay for the service if you want to keep using it that’s when you come up with the code tekzilla when you check out you’ll score ten percent off for the lifetime of your order that’s forever people check it out now squarespace com and use that tech silico when you check out you’ll get ten percent off for life looks like it’s time for another website we just can’t get enough of a website that we just can’t stay away from because it’s too useful too funny or just too darn irresistible this week’s pick is parade JP in celebration of July 4th which is coming up quite fast I thought we’d show you how you can have your very own parade of twitter users it sprayed JP is an adorable japanese site that will be sure to brighten up your day here’s how it works just enter in your twitter username or a search term into the text field on the screen and wait for the festivities to start you’ll leave the parade is your followers march behind you playing various instruments and tweeting out their latest thoughts watch in wonder as they dance and play frolicking to the sounds of the band oh what’s this a statue in my honor you shouldn’t have if you’ve enjoyed your parade and want to share with your friends just hit the share button at the bottom to invite others to the festivities just visit is parade JP to get started Dave’s got a question I think Veronica might be able to help out with Dave right Sinha just watch the show and noticed in the credits you have a lot of outlets for the show like Facebook and Twitter wonder if there’s a website or software that will let you write one supposed to many social networking sites in a single go I’ve seen sites that let you review many sites from one page but other sites that take that one step further Dave in the United Kingdom Veronica well ping dot FM is probably what you’re looking for there are a few services out there that are similar but ping has been the gold standard for posting to multiple social networks here’s how it works you head over to ping dfm and create an account of course you choose which social networks you want to link to your pink dot FM account like Twitter Facebook Tumblr google buzz or even your aim status message there are literally there’s like a hundred of these things you can do Yammer is that company based Twitter clone that you can do Oh plur clerk still around see just lurk on the list no it’s not on

the list actually which is kind of funny but it is still around box which people don’t really use that much anymore photobucket for example pretty much anything you can think of that gets widely use these days you can then group your social networks like making Twitter and Facebook the default sites for status messages while flickr and photobucket for example can be defaults for photo sharing so if I want to upload to my facebook page and also want to upload to flickr at the same time you can do that in one fell swoop it’ll add them automatically but what about if you want to post to flickr and twitter and okay I have an etiquette question but I’ll ask you that later alright then of course you create a message and choose which groups or sites you want to post them to pink doniphan will automatically update those sites with your content it’s a great one stop shop for posting content to the internet but be careful it’s never fun to read repeat messages if you follow someone on multiple networks for example so be conscientious to not spam your friends across networks the same info all the time some networks are better suited for some things than others so you kind of have to tailor it to what you’re posting that was my etiquette questions I’m like you know what if somebody puts the same message on like 32 social networks simultaneously and then your your your aggregator gets all of them at the same time it’s like you know Bob becomes a black hole a black hole it sucked into a black hole of social networking status updates it’s not pretty not pretty at all so we have a part two of his question as well the difference between the UK and the USA he says PS what’s the deal with mobile carriers in the US in the UK the four main carriers give you excellent coverage almost everywhere unless you live out in the middle of nowhere we also get lots of good value bundles and free services too seems like US carriers are more interested in making money than providing good coverage and services what gives what does give Pat well Veronica let me I had a crib sheet here because there’s a whole lot of numbers here let me give this one for you United States of America 3 million seven or ninety 4101 square miles 309 million people roughly this is the scary part roughly twenty carriers welcome to the free market national and regional twenty carriers fighting over service the UK 94 thousand square miles with 62 million folks and roughly four carriers that’s numbers I got four carriers for the United Kingdom the USA has 40 times the area to cover five times the carrier fighting over the people and despite the much larger population in the United States the US has big empty areas that make for a much lower population than to the UK average population density in a square miles 659 people in the United States it’s just 83 which means in the you know as the areas get more thinly populated you make less money off the cell towers you post but if you’re going to be a national carrier you still have to have cell tower I don’t want to cover here national carriers yes yes yeah a lot of ground to cover yeah I mean high ground and low ground and messy ground and the thing is the higher density makes it much easier the higher density and the few number of carriers makes it a lot easier to make more money off of every cell tower and probably every user think about it the United Kingdom is equivalent in size to Michigan but it has six times the people stuffed into it I mean I think American carriers would love if the US carriers could just go to the really populated places i think the rates would be a lot of lower plus i think they just like to price couch well maybe the reason is just a girl coming up next we’re gonna fire up some viewer questions but first miss Belmont this is one of my favorite sponsors we probably ever had magic the gathering duels of the planeswalkers the hit strategy game magic the gathering duels of the planeswalkers is now available on your pc unleash an arsenal of fantastic creatures and devastating spells as you battle your way through a series of iconic planeswalkers diabolic puzzles and online challengers duels of the planeswalkers offers an unrivaled depth in which each game is different from the last with eight unique player decks deck customization with unlocked content extensive single-player and cooperative campaigns and more duels of the planeswalkers will offer up more depth and excitement to keep players challenged get magic the gathering duels of the planeswalkers for pc on steam J recently sent us an email asking I have an ati radeon HD 2600 xt with 512 megabytes that came with my dell desktop a vista 64-bit quad core system with 6 gigabytes of ram is this a good enough for after effects or can I do much better this might be a deceptively simple question but if I upgraded from a 2600 series to a 5,000 plus series would after effects run that much smoother it runs really well now but after effects has become my main program i use for animation so I’d like it to work as best as possible Jay in Chicago oh boy look Jay the truth is even with the latest versions of Adobe After Effects it’s still processor dependent it’s all about your CPU look faster video card will not really improve the overall performance of the application I say overall because with After Effects the GPU really only impacts OpenGL functions like previewing camera zooms stuff like rendering which

you probably spend the majority of your time waiting for on your machine still cpu-bound there are plugins that will take advantage of the GPU that will speed up stuff like real-time effects and graphics and after effects you’re going to pay some money for that but I got to say you’re probably more waiting for adobes push for GPU acceleration which like finally hit for flash on PCs and Macs but on the production tools side of things a lot of it’s actually more on the premier pro side at least on the video tools obviously Photoshop the big money earner that there they’ve I think they kind of pioneered a lot of the GPU acceleration there the truth is unless you have the latest version of after effects or lots and lots of plugins at support GPU acceleration and the compatible card you’re probably better off upgrading your CPU if you want an overall improvement in After Effects performance so it’s got to throw a little money down so you may be a little bit of money maybe yeah well you know a lot of times you can get a much faster cpu for the same price of video card so shop carefully alright well Paul emailed us this message asking I saw the segment with Veronica hatin on AT&T over the cost of the microcell magicjack demoed a femtocell for VoIP at CES would that work on an iPhone Paul yeah sure if it ever goes into production there’s been a few understandable legal troubles that have been going around lately mostly that they don’t actually have any deals with the carrier’s right well I don’t know if that’s legal troubles just some marketing opportunities to be yes and given that all of the carriers many of the carriers are using their own femtocells and all of them seem to be trying to crush on aftermarket devices sold by third parties doesn’t look like Wi-Fi boosters and femtocells that don’t get sold by the carriers I’m not holding my breath it’s too bad because we were actually pretty excited about the femtocell at CES last year the magicjack one yeah and then just never happened I remember you were pretty stoked on that who would not be stoked I know I lived in my house yeah we’re stuck with Microsoft and well you know I guess it’s working it’s I got phone coverage in my house and you can actually do the roaming have you tried that yet when you leave your house old switch over to a TV special coverage that seemed well I I know I promised talk about this week I’ll talk about that next week don’t need to hold on all right we’ll wait for it I’m doing some additional testing listen I did we got a lot of emails of people saying thank you for telling us about this because they really wanted to be able to use their phones and their houses and now they know there’s a way we got one of the guys like I practically weapon like dude I hear you and you know my mom called the phone rang on Sunday it was cool but any ten extent not my favorite thing in the world but what can you do and that iphone 4 you’re gonna come home you’re gonna pick up that iphone 4 you’re gonna be like where’s my microcell be nice if i can make calls on this thing finally we got a suggestion from joey about our computing in bed segment if you want to use a computer in bed and have an Android device the one app to rule them all is a gmote install it on your phone install the server computer side and you now have a media remote a wireless touchpad and a website pusher at your disposal you can even set directories or an entire drive to select media to play on your computer or phone really really awesome app from one bed surfer to another that’s Joey in livonia michigan and no cats required no cats required well I mean you could still put your Android you’re reaching by Sunday yeah that’s true I mean you may have heat issues over the cat isn’t overheating issues but you know hi pros and cons of having a cat as an ipad / gmote stand what’s that terrible panting noise the cat eating slowly cooking from the inside oh I’m sorry thanks Joey hopefully we’ll find something similar out there for the iphone ipad and will pretty much everyone else out there actually we should we should we should see if we get in all of these sort of lap bed computer devices and like a lot of links on those i would like that as well okay i’d be very nice i will get the crew working on that ladies and gentlemen revision 3 is 5 it’s going to kindergarten risen 3 is celebrating its fifth anniversary the best way we know how like all good kindergarteners throwing down in our hometown of San Francisco it’s a party on jun 25th if you can make it we’d love to see you there and if not you can still be part of the action by heading over to revision / 5 year you can experience it all from the pleasure of your own home where the floors won’t be sticky and the noise won’t be so loud and you’ll still be able to see all your favorite revision 3 stars with exclusive behind-the-scenes video streams updates via Twitter and more please help us celebrate our fifth anniversary joined revision3 at revision / 5 year on jun 25th i’m not going to be there you have a very special thing schedule I have another kind of quality life abuse commitment yeah that’s ryan’s birthday so we’re out of town sorry guys have fun for me throw a few back drink wise for me appreciate it take lots of pictures you’re not gonna join in on the Twitter and the boards and the thing I don’t think Ryan would like that very much if we were having a nice birthday dinner

for him and I was sitting there watching the revision three five year anniversary live stream just a hunch just a hunch doing after dinner for everybody watching we love in your questions so emails texts iLET revision tech he’ll probably use how to use your ascus will get them to you but we need your emails folks you drive the show you own the show don’t be shy send those suggestions send those questions in to tekzilla at revision even better send us in a video question think of all the fun you can have from the admiration of all your friends and family when they see your mug on our show just keep it to 15 seconds upload it to youtube and send us a link in an email with video question in the subject line and as always you can visit our forums at revision / forum share your thoughts ideas or comments with other fans of the show you guys so much for watching i’m patrick norton i’m veronica belmont till next time you’ve been watching tekzilla teleprompter me better than I did it I did it at tata what do you want me to do Roger just tell me I’m your monkey look the truth is unless you have the latest version of after plexus after in three