Napoleon Hill's Master Course – Complete Series (Original Audio)

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Napoleon Hill's Master Course – Complete Series (Original Audio)

(tape clicking) (applause) – [Napoleon] Now then let’s break down the lesson on definiteness of purpose and see exactly what it means Why it’s the starting point of all achievements, because it is the starting point of all individual achievements And then, a definite purpose must be accompanied by a definite plan for entertainment followed by appropriate action Now you have to have a purpose, you have to have a plan, and you have to start putting that plan into action And ladies and gentlemen, it’s not too important that your plan be sound It isn’t, in fact, it’s not too important Because if you find that you’ve adopted a plan that’s not sound, it’s not working, you can always change You can modify your plan, but it is very important that you be definite about what it is you’re going after, what your purpose is That must be very definite, can you now think around about it, and you’ll see before you get through this lesson, why it’s got to be definite Now just to understand this philosophy, to read it or to hear me talk about it, it wouldn’t be a very much value to you The value will come when you begin to form your own patterns out of this philosophy and put it into work in your daily lives, in your business, in your profession, or in your job, or in your human relations, that’s where the benefits will really come The second premise, all individual achievements are the results of a motive or a combination of motives I just love to impress upon you that you have no rights to ask anybody to do anything at any time without what? – [Students] A motive – [Napoleon] Without giving that person an adequate motive, and incidentally that’s the word and the move of all salesmanship, the ability to plant in the mind of the prospective buyer, an adequate motive for his buy Learning to deal with people by planting in their mind adequate motives for their doing the things that you want them to do Now, there are a lot of people who call themselves salesmen, who have never heard of the nine basic motives, who do not know that they have no right to ask for a sale until they have planted a motive in the minds of the buyer for his buying The third premise, any dominating idea, plan or purpose held in the mind through repetition of thought, any dominating idea, plan or purpose held in the mind through repetition of thought, and emotionalized with a burning desire for its realization, is taken over by the subconscious section of the mind and acted upon through whatever natural and logical means that may be available Now in that paragraph, you’ve got a tremendous lesson in psychology If you want the mind to pick up an idea, and to form a habit, so that the mind will automatically act upon that idea, you’ve got to tell the mind what you want over and over and over again Know into it When Mr. Coue came over here some years ago with his famous formula day by day in every way, I’m getting better and better, he cured thousands of people but a very great number more than that he didn’t cure And I wonder if you would know why? – [Student] There was no desire – [Napoleon] There was no desire, there was no feeling for the end of that statement You might just as well blow in the wind as to make a statement, unless you put some feeling back a bit, unless you believe it And incidentally, if you tell yourself anything often enough, you will get to where you will believe it Even a lie (laughs) It is funny, isn’t it? But it happens to be true You know, there are people who tell a little white lie and sometimes they’re not so white at that, until they get to where they believe them themselves Now the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between right or wrong, it doesn’t know the difference between positive or negative, it doesn’t know the difference between a penny or a million dollars It doesn’t know the difference between success and failure It’ll accept any statement that you keep repeating to it by thoughts, or by words, or by any other means And incidentally, it’s up to you in the beginning to lay out your definite purpose, write it out so that it can be understood, memorize it and start repeating it day in and day out until your subconscious mind picks it up

and automatically acts upon it Now, this is going to take a little time You can’t expect to undo it overnight, but what you’ve been doing to your subconscious mind, where back down through the years, by allowing negative thoughts to get into it, you can’t expect that to happen overnight, but you will find that if you emotionalize any plan that you send over to your subconscious mind and repeat it in a state of enthusiasm, and back it up with a spirit of faith, if you do that, the subconscious mind not only act more quickly, but it acts more definitely, and more positively And the fourth premise, any dominating desire, plan or purpose which is backed by that state of mind known as faith, is taken over by the subconscious section of the mind and acted upon immediately That state of mind ladies and gentlemen, is the only state of mind that will produce immediate action through the subconscious mind And when I say faith, I don’t have reference to wishing, or hoping, or mildly believing, I don’t have reference to any of those things I have reference to a state of mind where in, whatever it is that you’re going to do, you can see it already in a finished act before you even begin Now, that’s pretty positive isn’t it? I can truthfully tell you that not ever in my whole life have I undertaken to do anything that I didn’t do it, unless I got careless in my desire to do it, and backed away from it, or changed my mind or my mental attitude I have never failed to do anything that I made up my mind to do, and I’ll tell you that you can put yourself in a frame of mind where you can do whatever you make up your mind to do, unless you weakened as you go along And so many people do Now, let’s get back to this fourth premise again, any dominating desire, plan or purpose, which is backed by that state of mind known as faith, is taken over from the subconscious section of the mind and acted upon immediately I don’t know for sure, ladies and gentlemen, but I suspect that there’s a relatively small number of people in the world at any one time who understand the principle of faith, who really understand it and know how to apply it And even if you do understand it, if you don’t back it up with action and make it a part of your habit life, you might just as well not understand it, because faith without deeds is dead Faith without action is dead Faith without absolute positive belief is dead I don’t know how you’re going to get into results through believing, unless you put some action back at that belief And incidentally, if you tell your mind often enough that you have faith in anything, the time will come when your subconscious mind will accept that, even if you tell your mind often enough that you have faith in yourself, have you ever thought what a nice thing it would be if you had such complete faith in yourself that you wouldn’t hesitate to undertake anything you wanted to do in life? Have you ever thought about what are the benefits that would be to you? You know how many people there are that sell themselves short all the way through life because they don’t have the right amount of confidence let alone faith? Give a guess as to the percentage [Students] 98% – [Napoleon] Well, it’s somewhere between 98 and 100 (laughs) The margin who do is so small that I wouldn’t begin to guess just exactly what it is, but judging by this good many thousands of people that I’ve come into contact with and you know without my telling you that my audience is, my classes are always above average, judging by those people, I would say that it’s well over 98% of the people who never and our whole lives develop a sufficient amount of confidence in themselves to go out and to undertake and to do the things they wanna do in life They accept from life whatever life hands them Isn’t it strangely how nature works She gives you a set of tools Everything that you need to attain all that you can use or aspire to have in this world She gave you a set of tools, adequate for your every need And she reward you bountifully for accepting and using those tools That’s all you have to do, just accept them and use them She penalizes you beyond compare if you don’t accept them and use them Nature hates vacuums and idleness She wants everything to be in action And especially though she wants the human mind to be in action The mind is not different from any other parts of the body,

if you don’t use it, if you don’t rely upon it, it atrophies and withers away and finally gets to where anybody can push you around, anybody And oftentimes you don’t have the willpower to even resist or protest when people push you around The fifth premise, the power of thought is the only thing over which any human being has complete unquestionable means of control, a fact so astounding that it connotes a close relationship between the mind of man and infinite intelligence Now there are only five known things in the whole universe, ladies and gentlemen, just five, and out of those five, is shaped everything that’s in existence, from the smallest electrons and protons, or matter, on up to the largest suns that float out there in the heavens, including you and me Just five things There’s time and there’s space, there’s energy and there’s matter And those four things would be no good without the fifth thing, they’d be nothing Everything would be chaos You and I never could have existed without that fifth thing What do you think it is? (muffled speech) A universal intelligence and it reflects itself in every blade of grass, everything that grows out of the ground, in all of the electrons and protons of matter, it reflects itself in space and in time, in everything it is, there is intelligence Intelligence operating all the time And the person who is the most successful is the one who finds ways and means of appropriating most of this intelligence through his brain and putting it into action This intelligence permeates the whole universe, space, time, matter, energy, everything else And every individual has the privilege of appropriating to his own use as much of this intelligence as he chooses He can only appropriate it by using it, just understanding it or believing in it is not enough You’ve got to put it into specialized use in some form And the responsibility of this course mainly is to give you a pattern, a blueprint by which you can take possession of your own mind and put it into operation All you have to do is to follow the blueprint Don’t just pick out that part of it which you like best and discard the other Take it all as is The sixth premise, the subconscious section of the mind appears to be the only doorway of the individual approach to infinite intelligence Now, I want you to study that language very carefully I said it appears to be, I don’t know if it is, I doubt if you do, and I doubt if anyone knows definitely, a lot of people have a lot of different ideas about it, but from the best intelligence that I have been able to use, best observations that I have been able to make through thousands of experiments, it is true that the subconscious section of the mind is the only doorway of individual approach to infinite intelligence, and it is capable of influence by the individual through the means described in this subsequent lessons The basis of approach is faith based upon definiteness of purpose Now that is one sentence that give you the whole key to that paragraph Faith based upon definiteness of purpose Do you have any idea why it is that you don’t have as much confidence in yourself as you should have? Have you ever stopped to think about that? Did you ever stop to think about why it is when you see an opportunity coming along, or what you believe to be an opportunity you begin to question your ability to embrace it and use it Haven’t you had that happen to you many times, does it happen everyday? And if you’ve had a chance to be closely associated with people who are very successful, you’ll know that that is one thing that they are not bothered by If they wanna do something, it never occurs to them they can’t do it I hope that in your association with Napoleon Hill Associates, you’ll come to know my distinguished business associate Mr. W. Clement Stone better because if I ever saw a man that knows the power of his mind and is willing to rely upon that mind, Mr. Stone is that man I don’t think Mr. Stone has any worries I don’t believe he would tolerate a worry I think it would be an insult to his intelligence if he recognized that anything would worry him Why, because he has confidence in his ability to use his mind and to make that mind to create the circumstances

that he wants created And that’s the condition and the operation of any successful mind And that’s gonna be the condition of your mind when you get through with this philosophy, you’re gonna be able to project your mind into whatever objective you choose, and you’ll be never any question in your mind as to whether you can do what you wanna do or not, never a question in the world (upbeat music) The seventh premise, every brain is both of a receiving set and the broadcasting station for the vibrations of thought, a fact which explains the importance of moving with definiteness of purpose instead of drifting, since the brain may be so thoroughly charged with the nature of one’s purpose, that it will begin to attract the physical or material equivalents of that purpose Get it into your consciousness that first radio broadcasting and receiving set was the one that exists in the brain of man And not only does it exist in the brain of man, but it exists in a great many animals I have a couple of Pomeranian dogs, and they know exactly what I’m thinking sometimes before I know They’re so smart They can tune in on it They know when we start off for an automobile ride, whether they’re going, whether they’re not You don’t have to say a word, not a word, because they’re in constant attunement with us Your mind is sending out vibrations constantly, and if you’re a salesman and you are going to call on a prospective buyer, the sale ought to be made before you ever come into presence of the buyer Had you ever thought of that? If you’re going to do anything requiring the cooperation of other people, condition your mind so that you know the other fellow is going to cooperate Why? First because the plan that you’re going to offer him is so fair and honest and so beneficial to him that he can’t refuse it In other words, you have a right to his cooperation You will be surprised I know, what a change it will be in people when you convince them to hand over this broadcasting station of yours, positive thoughts instead of thoughts of fear Now, if you want a good illustration of how this broadcasting station works, you need $1,000 real bad then you go down to the bank somewhere and you’ve got to have that 1000 by a day after tomorrow, they’re going to take the car back, or the furniture or something else You just have to have that $1,000 Well, the banker can tell the moment you walk inside the door is that you just have to have it and he doesn’t want you to have it Ain’t that funny? No, it’s not funny, it’s tragic You carry the matches around in your pocket oftentimes to set your own house on fire You broadcast your thoughts and they precede you, and when you get there you find that instead of getting the cooperation you went after, the other person who reflects back to you what, that state of doubt, that state of mind that you set out ahead of it I used to teach salesmanship, I made my living that way for a long time, while I was doing the research on this philosophy And I have taught over 30,000 salesmen many of them now MetLife members of the coveted Million Dollar Round Table in the life insurance field And if there is one thing in this world that has to be sold it’s life insurance, nobody ever buys life insurance It has to be sold And the first thing that I taught those people under my direction was that they must make the sale to themselves before they try to make it to the other fella And if they don’t do that, they’re not going to make a sale Somebody might buy something from them but they’ll never make a sale unless they first make it to themselves Every brain a broadcasting station and the receiving set And you cannot tune that brain so that they will attract only the positive vibrations released by other people That’s the point I’m coming to that I wanted you to get By habit you can train your own mind to pick up out of that myriad of vibrations that are floating out there constantly, train your mind to pick up only the things that are related to what you want most in life And how do you do that? Why you do that by keeping your mind on what you want most in life, your definite major purpose So this by repetition, by thoughts, by actions, until finally they brain will not pick up anything not related to that definiteness of purpose Now is that a marvelous thought You’re gonna educate your brain so that it will absolutely refuse to pick up any vibrations, except those related to what you want And ladies and gentlemen, when you get your brain under control like that, you will be on the path, really and truly on the beam Now let’s see what are some of the benefits of definiteness of purpose First of all, definiteness of purpose

automatically develop self-reliance, personal initiative, imagination, enthusiasm, self discipline, and concentration of effort, all of these being prerequisites for success of vital importance Now that’s quite an array of things that you really developed, you developed through definiteness of purpose That is to say, knowing what you want, having a plan for getting it, having your mind occupied mostly with the carrying out of that plan And if you have to adopt a plan and unless you’re an unusual person, you’re almost sure to adopt some plans that are not going to work so well, when you find that your plan is not right immediately discard it and get another one, and keep on until you find one that will work And in the process of doing this, just remember one thing that maybe somewhere along the line, that infinite intelligence being gifted with a great deal of wisdom might have a plan for you better than the one you had yourself, have an open mind If you adopt a plan to carry out your major purpose or a minor purpose and it doesn’t work well, dismiss that plan and ask for guidance from infinite intelligence You may get that guidance, What can you do to be sure that you will get it? While you can believe that you’ll get it You can believe that you’ll get it, and it’s not gonna hurt if you just say out loud orally that you believe it I suspect that the creator can know your thoughts, but I found that if you express yourself with a lot of enthusiasm, it doesn’t hurt any And I’m sure that it doesn’t hurt in arousing your subconscious mind When I wrote, “Think and Grow Rich,” the original title of it was “The 13 Steps to Riches” and both the publisher and I knew that that was not a box office title We had to have a million-dollar title Well, they went ahead and set the type, set the book up and type, and the publisher kept prodding me every day to give him the title that I wanted and I wrote five or 600 titles, there weren’t any of them any good, not any of them And then one day he scared the Dickens out of me, he called me up and said, well, he said that tomorrow morning I’ve got to have that title And he said, if you don’t have one, I have one that’s a humdinger, I said, what is it? He said, we’ve got to call it use your noodle and get the Moodle, I said, my goodness, you annoy me (students laughing) Why is it that, this is a dignified book, and that flipper title, well, that will ruin the book and me too, and he said, whether it will or not, that’s the title, unless you give me a better one by tomorrow morning (students laughing) I want you to follow this incident because it’s potent with the food for thought, what I’m not telling you I went in that night and sat down on my bed as I was going to on the side of the bed, and I had a talk with my subconscious mind and I said, now look here old sub, you and I have gone a long way together and you’ve done a lot of things for me and some things to me, thanks to my ignorance Well, I’ve gotta have a million-dollar title and I’ve gotta have it tonight, do you understand that? I got to talking so loudly that the man in the apartment above me funked on the floor, and I don’t blame him, because I guess he thought I was quarreling with my wife or something Well, I really gave the subconscious mind no doubt, as to what I want Now I didn’t tell him, I didn’t tell the subconscious mind exactly what kind of title, I said it’s gotta be a million-dollar title I went to bed when I had charged my subconscious mind until I reached that psychological moment where I knew it was going to put in what I wanted And if I hadn’t gotten to that point, I’d have been up there still sitting on the side of that bed, talking to my subconscious There is a psychological moment and you can feel it when the power of faith takes over whatever you’re trying to do, and says, all right now you can relax This is it I went to bed and about two o’clock in the morning, I woke up as if somebody had been shaking me real hard, and as I came out of my sleep, think and grow rich was in my mind Oh boy, I let out an (indistinct) I jumped in my typewriter and wrote it down, and I grabbed the telephone and I called the publisher He said, what’s the matter, we’ve talked on the phone all night, about 2:30 a.m. in the morning by this time, I said, yes, you bet it is with a million-dollar title He said, let’s (indistinct) I said, think and grow rich, he said, boy, you’ve got it (students laughing) Yeah, I said we’ve got it That book has gross outside of the United States, over $23 million already and probably will roast over $100 million before I pass on

And there’s no end to it A million dollar, a multimillion dollar title Well, after this thrashing that I gave my subconscious, I’m not surprised that it really came over and did a good job Now, why didn’t I use that method in the first place? Isn’t that a funny thing where I know the law, why did I fool around about it and temporize? Why didn’t I go to the source and get my subconscious mind all heated up, instead of sitting down at my typewriter writing out five or 600 times Why didn’t I? Well, I’ll tell you why, for the same reason that you will oftentimes know what to do, but won’t do it There’s no explaining the indifference of mankind toward himself Even after you know what the law is You know what the score is And you fool around until the last limit before you do anything about it, just like in prayer, fool around about prayer until this time of need comes, and then you’re scared to death, and of course you don’t get any results from prayer And if you wanna have results from prayer you condition your mind so that your life is a prayer day in and day out every minute of your life, a constant prayer, because it’s based upon belief, belief in your dignity and your rights, that you need on infinite intelligence to have the things that you need in this world And so it is with this human mind you’ve got the condition the mind as you go along from day to day, so that when any emergency arises, you will be right there ready to deal with it Also the depth, there’s a purpose induces one’s budget, one’s time, and to plan day to day endeavors, which lead to the attainment of one’s major purpose If you would sit down and put out an hour by hour account of the actual work that you put in each day for one week, and then an hour by hour account of the time that you wasted, you could devote to anything you want if you wanted to, badly enough, you’re going to get one of the shocks of your life We’re not efficient You don’t have three hour, about eight hours to sleep, about eight hours to earn a living, then have eight hours of free time, but you can do anything that you want to do it here in this country, where we live And then, definiteness of purpose makes one more alert in recognizing opportunities related to the object of one’s major purpose And it inspires the courage to embrace and act upon those opportunities We all see opportunities almost every day of our lives, which if we embraced them and acted upon them could benefit us But there’s something innocent we call procrastination We just don’t have the will or the alertness, the determination to embrace opportunities when they come along But if you condition your mind with this philosophy, you will not only embrace opportunities, but you’ll do something better What could you do better than embrace an opportunity? – [Student] Make it – [Napoleon] Make the opportunity, that’s the idea One of the Napoleon’s generals, the other Napoleon, came to him one day and they were fixing to attack the next morning This general says, sir, the conditions, the circumstances are not just right for the attack tomorrow And Napoleon says, circumstance is not right, hell, I make circumstances, attack And I have never seen a successful man yet in any business, that didn’t say when somebody says it can’t be done, he says, attack, attack, start where you are And when they get around to that curve in the road even though you can’t see by it until you get there you’ll always find that the road goes all around, attack Don’t procrastinate, don’t stand still, attack And definiteness of purpose inspires competence in one’s integrity and character And it attracts the favorable attention of other people Did you ever thought about that? I think the whole world loves to see a person walking with his chest sticking out, walking an atmosphere that tells the whole doggone world that he knows what he’s doing and he is right on the way doing it Well, you know, people will get out of the way on the sidewalk and let you go by if you are determined to get by, and you don’t have to whistle at them either, or holler at them or anything of that kind, you just have to send your thoughts ahead with determination as you’re going through that crowd, and believe me, they stand aside and let you go through And the world’s like that, the man who knows where he is going and is determined to get there, will always find willing helpers to go operate with him Now that’s another very important thing The greatest deed of all its benefits, that is definiteness of purpose, it opens the way for the full exercise of our state of mind

known as faith, by making the mind positive and freeing the mind from the limitations of fear and doubt and discouragement and indecision and procrastination The very minute that you decide upon something, you know that’s what you want, you’ll know you’re going to do it, all of these negatives that have been bothering you, they pick up their baggage and get out, they just move out They can’t live in a positive mind Can you imagine a negative frame of mind and a positive frame of mind occupying the same space at the same time? Could you imagine that? No, you can’t, ’cause it can’t be done And did you know that the slightest bit of a negative mental attitude is sufficient to destroy the power of prayer Did you know that the slightest bit of of a negative mental attitude is sufficient to destroy your plan, whatever it is you’re doing? Carrying out your definiteness of purpose? You have to move with courage, with faith, with determination, in connection with carrying out your definiteness of purpose And next, definiteness of purpose, makes one success conscious You know what I mean by success conscious? If I said that it makes one also health conscious, would you know what I meant by that? What do I mean? [Student] Thinking helps – [Napoleon] Why your thoughts are predominantly about health and with reference to success consciousness, your thoughts are predominantly about success The can do part of life and not the no can do Did you know that that 98% of the people who never get anywhere in life that we’ve talked about a while ago are no can do people Any circumstances you place before them, or that is placed before them, or that overtakes them, immediately they fasten their narrative upon the no can do part, the negative part I’ll never forget as long as I live, what happened to me when Mr. Carnegie surprised me and gave me a chance to organize this philosophy I tried to every way in the world to give him all the reasons I can think of, and I had about six, about six reasons why I couldn’t do it I didn’t have a sufficient education, I didn’t have the money, I didn’t have the influence, I didn’t know what the word philosophy meant Well, and there was about two others that immediately popped into my mind and I was trying to get my mouth open to tell Mr. Carnegie, that I thanked him for the compliment he paid me But what is going on in my mind while I was doubting that Mr. Carnegie was such a good judge of human nature as he had been reported to be when he was picking me to do a job like that Now that’s what went on in my mind But there were silent person standing looking over my shoulder and he said, go ahead and tell him you can do it, spit it out And I said, yes, Mr. Carnegie, I’ll accept the commission and you can depend upon it, sir, that I will complete it He reached over and grabbed me by the hand, he said, I not only like what you said, but I liked the way you said it That’s what I was waiting for He saw that my mind was on fire with a belief that I could do it, even though I hadn’t the slightest asset to give me a beginning, other than my determination that I would get the assets necessary to create this philosophy And if I had wavered in the slightest, if I hadn’t said to Mr Carnegie, well, yes, Mr. Carnegie I’ll do my best, I am sure, I never asked him about this, but I am sure that he would have taken the opportunity away from me instantly, because it would have indicated that I wasn’t too determined to do it Yes, Mr. Carnegie you can depend upon me such to complete it, and you’re living witnesses here, although Mr. Carnegie is long since been gone, you’re living witnesses that Mr. Carnegie didn’t peak wrongly (applause) He knew what he was about, he found something in the human mind, in my mind, that he’d been searching for, for years He found it, I didn’t know it’s value but I found out the value of it later And I want you to recognize the value of it, because you have that same thing in your mind, that same capacity to know what you want, and to be determined that you will get it, even though you don’t know where to make the first start, and what does make a great man Give me a good definition, what makes a great man or a great woman? Do you have any idea of what greatness is? (muffled speech) Greatness is the ability to recognize the power

of your own mind, to embrace it and use it That’s what makes greatness And in my book of rules, every man and every woman can become truly great by the simple process of recognizing his or her own mind, embracing it and using it Now, here are instructions for applying the principle of definiteness of purpose, and these instructions are to be carried out to the letter Don’t overlook any part of it First, write out a clear statement of your major purpose, sign it, commit it to memory and repeat it overly at least once a day in the form of a prayer or an affirmation if you choose You can see the advantage of this because it places your faith in your creator squarely back at you Now I’ve found from experience, ladies and gentlemen, here is the weakest spot in the students activities They read this, they say what simple enough I understand it what use to go to the trouble writing it out You might just as well not have this lesson if you’re going to take that attitude with you You must write it out, you must go through the physical act of translating a thought onto paper, and then you must memorize it, and then you must start talking to your subconscious mind about it, give that subconscious mind a pretty good idea what it is you want And it won’t hurt and if you remember the story I told you in the first half of the lesson tonight about what I did to get my million-dollar book title It won’t do a bit of harm if you give your subconscious mind to understand from here on out that you are the boss, and that you’re gonna do something about it Would you guys expect your subconscious mind or anything else do help you if you don’t know what it is you want If you’re not definite about it 98 out of every 100 people taking cross section of humanity in general, do not know what they want in life and consequently they never get it They take whatever life hands them In addition to your definite major purpose, you can have minor purposes, as many as you want provided they lead you in the direction of your major purpose Provided they are related to or lead you in the direction of your major purpose Your whole life should be devoted to carrying out your major purpose in life Find out what it is you want, and incidentally, it’s all right to be modest like I am (laughs) when you go asking for what you want, but don’t be too modest Reach out and ask for a bounty, ask for the things that you are sure you’re entitled to, but in asking be sure that you don’t overlook the subsequent instructions I’m gonna give you about what it is you’re going to give in return for what you expect Second, write out a clear definite outline of the plan, or plans by which you intend to achieve the object of your purpose, and state the maximum of time within which you intend to attain it, and describe it in detail precisely what you intend to give in return for the realization of the object of your purpose Make your plan flexible enough to permit changes anytime you are inspired to do so, remembering that infinite intelligence may present you with a better plan than yours and oftentimes will, if you are definite about what you want Have any of you ever had a hunch that you couldn’t describe, you couldn’t explain away? You know what a hunch is? – [Students] Subconscious – [Napoleon] It’s your subconscious mind trying to get an idea over to you and oftentimes you are too indifferent to even let the subconscious mind talk to you for a few moments I’ve heard people say, well, I had the darn good idea the other day, but that darn good idea, you know, it might have been a million-dollar idea if you would have listened to it and have done something about it I have great respect for these hunches that come to you, because there’s something outside of yourself trying to communicate with you undoubtedly I have a great respect for these hunches that come to me, and they come to me constantly And I find them always related to something that my mind has been dwelling upon, something that I wanted to do, something that I am engaged in Write out a clear definite outline of the plan or plans, and state the maximum of time within which you intend to attain it Now that timing is important Very important Don’t write out that you definitely dream that I intend to become the best salesman in the world Or that I intend to become the best employee in my

organization, or that I intend to make a lot of money That’s not definite Whatever it is that you consider to be your major objective in life, write it out clearly and time it I intend to attain within blank number of years, so and so, and then go ahead and describe so and so, what it is, and then in the next paragraph, down below, I intend to give in return for the thing that I request, so and so, and then go ahead and describe it Now this business of timing, you know, nature has a system of timing everything If you go out, if you’re a farmer, you wanna plant some wheat in the field, you go out and you prepare that ground, you sow the wheat at the right season of the year, and then after you sow it you go back the next day with a harvester and start harvesting Very next day Well, is anybody gonna catch me up on that one? – [Students] You wait – [Napoleon] What do you wait for? For nature to do her part Infinite intelligent or God, whatever you want, it’s all a matter of what you call it, and we’re talking about the same thing, but there is an intelligence that does its part if you do your part first Intelligence is not going to direct you to or attract to you the object of your major purpose, unless you know it is And unless you properly time it, it’d be quite ridiculous if you started out with only a mediocre talent and said that you’re gonna make $1 million within the next 30 days, it’d be quite ridiculous In other words, just make your major purpose within reason of what you know you’re able to deserve And then keep your major purpose strictly to yourself, except insofar as you will receive further instructions on this subject, in the lesson on the mastermind Now why do I suggest that you keep your major purpose to yourself? Well, the reason of course that you don’t disclose your major purpose to other people is that there are a lot of, I know curious people in this world who like to stand on the sidelines and stick their toes up when you go by, especially if you’ve got a high head and look like you’re gonna accomplish more in life than they are And for no good reason at all, as you go along, they stick their toes out and just to see you fall They’ll throw a monkey wrenches in your machinery They don’t have monkey wrenches, they put sand in your gear box But they will slow you down Why, because of the envy of mankind The only way to speak about your definite major purpose is in action after the fact and not before the fact, after you’ve achieved it, let it speak for itself Let it speak for itself The only way anybody can afford to boast or brag about himself is not by words, but by deeds And then if you do, if the deeds are engaged, then you don’t need any words They speak for themselves About making your plan flexible, don’t become determined that the plan you’ve worked out is perfect just because you worked it out, you’ll make a mistake if you do that Leave your plan flexible, give it a good trial, and if it’s not working properly, change it Next call your major purpose into your consciousness as often as may be practical Eat with it, sleep with it, and take it with you wherever you go, keeping in mind the fact that your subconscious mind can thus be influenced to work for entertainment while you sleep Your conscious mind is a very jealous mind It stands guard and doesn’t want anything to get by, except the things that you are afraid of, and the things that you’re very enthusiastic about And especially the things that you are afraid of, it does let those get by sometimes too But generally speaking, if you want to plant an idea in your subconscious mind, you have to do it with a tremendous amount of faith, tremendous amount of enthusiasm, you’ve got to arrest the conscious mind so that it steps aside and let you go through to the subconscious, because of your enthusiasm and your faith And then repetition is a marvelous thing too The conscious mind finally gets tired of hearing you say a thing over and over and over, it says, all right, if you bound to repeat that, I can stand here and watch you forever go on in there and take it into sub and see what you do with it That’s the way it works This conscious mind is a very contrary thing And you know, it learns all of the things that won’t work Did you know that it has a tremendous stock of things that won’t work and things that are not right And it has a tremendous stock of old pieces of string, horseshoes, nails, like some misers gather up a whole stock of those things lying around, useless trash that it’s gathered, impedimenta that you don’t need

And that’s the kind of stuff it’s feeding to your subconscious mind Every night just before you go to bed, you should give your subconscious mind some sort of an order for the night, what it is you want done I should say the healing of your body certainly the body needs repairing everyday When you lay the carcass down for sleep, by turning it over to the infinite intelligence and request your subconscious mind to go to work and heal every cell in your body, every organ, and to give you tomorrow morning, a perfectly conditioned body in which the mind may function Don’t go to bed without giving orders to your subconscious mind, tell it what you want Get in the habit of telling it what you want If you keep on long enough it’ll believe you and deliver what you ask for And therefore you better be careful about what you ask for, because we keep on asking for it, you’re gonna get it I wonder if you wouldn’t be surprised if you knew right now what you’ve been asking for back down through the years You ever thought of that? You’ve been asking for it, sure you have Everything that you have that you don’t want you’ve been asking for it Maybe by neglect, maybe by neglect, maybe you didn’t tell the subconscious mind what you really wanted and that stocked up on a lot of stuff you didn’t want It works that way Now, here are some important factors in connection with your definite major purpose First of all, it should represent your greatest purpose in life The one single purpose, which above all others, that you desire to achieve and the fruits of which you are willing to leave behind as a monument to yourself Now, that’s what your definite major purpose should be I’m not talking about your minor purposes, I’m talking about your major, overall purpose, your lifelong purpose And believe me, friends, if you don’t have an overall lifelong purpose, you’re definitely wasting the better part of your life The way our entire living is not worth the price you pay for it, unless you really are aiming for something, unless you’re going somewhere in life, unless you’re doing something with this opportunity here on this planet I imagine you were sent over here to do something I imagine you were sent over here with a mind capable of hewing out, attaining your own destiny And if you don’t attain that, if you don’t use that mind, I imagine that your life to a large extent will have been wasted, from the viewpoint of the one who sent you over Take possession of your mind, aim high, don’t leave because in the past you may not have achieved much you can’t achieve in the future Don’t measure your future by your past If you do you’re suck A new day is coming, they’re gonna be born again You’re setting up a new pattern You’re in a new world You’re a new person Or if not, why not? At the end every one of you shall be born again, mentally, physically and maybe spiritually A new aim, a new purpose, a new realization of your own individual power, and a new realization of your own dignity as a unit of mankind If you asked me what I believe to be the greatest sin of mankind, I bet you’d be surprised at what my answer would be What would yours be? What do you think the greatest sin of mankind is? (muffled speech) The greatest sin of mankind is neglect to use his greatest asset That’s the greatest sin of mankind It’s bound to be that, because if you use that greatest asset you’ll have everything you want and you will have it in abundance You notice, I didn’t say you’ll have everything within reason, I said, you’d have everything you want and have it in abundance I didn’t find any qualifying words in there You’re the only one that can put qualifying words in there as to what you want You’re the only one that can set up limitations for yourself, nobody else can do it for you, unless you let them Your major purpose or some portion of it, should remain a few jumps ahead of you at all times as something to which you may look forward with hope and anticipation Now, if you ever catch up with your major purpose and attain it, then what, what are you going to do there? – [Students] Get another one – [Napoleon] Get another one ofcourse, and you will have learned by having attained your first one that you can attain a major purpose, and the challenges are when you select your next one, you will make it a bigger objective than you did your first one If your objective is to acquire a material riches, well, don’t aim for too high for the first year, and work out a 12 month plan within reason, and watch how easily you can attain it, and then next year, double it Then next year, double last One’s major purpose should keep a few jumps ahead of him, what’s the purpose of that? Why not lay out a definite purpose that you can catch up

with well just tomorrow say Well now obviously if you do that, you’re definitely made your purpose not gonna be very extensive is it? And you’re not gonna have the fun of pursuit You know the fun of pursuit is a great thing If you found success, if you found your objective, then there’s no fun in, but you have to turn around and start into something else Life is less interesting when one has no definite purpose to be attained other than that of merely living The hope of future achievement in connection with a major purpose, is among the greatest of men’s pleasures Sorry is the man indeed who’s caught up with himself No longer has anything to do I found a lot of them They’re all miserable No, you’ve got to keep active, keep doing something, keep working, have an objective ahead of you Once major purpose may and it generally does consist of that which can be attained only by a series of day to day and month to month and year to year steps, because it is something which should be so designed as to consume an entire lifetime of endeavor It should harmonize with one’s occupation, business, or profession for each day’s work should enable one to come one day near to the attainment of his major purpose in life I feel sorry, indeed I feel sorry for the individual who was just working day in and day out in order to have something to eat and some clothes to wear and a place to sleep I feel sorry for that kind of a person who has no aim beyond just enough to exist on I can’t imagine anybody in this class satisfying himself, sitting down with an existence I think you wanna live I think you want abundance I think you want everything that’s necessary for you to do the thing you wanna do in life, including money One’s major purpose may and it generally does consist of that which can be attained only by a series of day to day or month to month aims Now remember that when you start in pursuit of your definite major purpose One’s major purpose may consist of many different combinations of lesser aims, such as, the nature of one’s occupation, which would be something of his own choice When you come to write out your definite major purpose, you write it out like the planks in the platform Number one, so and so, number two, so and so, and somewhere along that right near the end, be sure that you include in your definite major purpose, perfect harmony between yourself and your mate Think that’s important? Do you know of anything more important than that? Do you know of anything, any human relationship more important than that of a man and his wife? No, of course you don’t I’ll answer that one for you Nobody does And have you ever heard of a relationship of man and wife where there was not harmony? Have you ever seen a thing like that? You have, huh? Yeah, I’ll answer that for you too I know you have Not pleasant is it, not pleasant even to be around people who are not in step with one another Well, you can be harmonious, and there is where you ought to start applying your mastermind relationship first Your wife or your husband should be your first mastermind ally, maybe you’ll have to go back and court him or her over again, but all right, that’s nice too I don’t know of anything I ever did in my life that I enjoy as much as courting It’s a wonderful experience, go back and court the girl over again, or the man It’s a wonderful experience, or if you’re not on the right kind of terms, your business associate, or your fellow worker, or the people you work with everyday, go back and rededicate yourself to the business of striking out on a new bases You’ll be surprised of a little confession on your pride Alou Wonderful thing, the confession is really a marvelous thing Most people claim they have too much pride to confess to their weaknesses I’ll tell you it’s a good thing to get to that out, it gets so many weaknesses out of your system by confession Acknowledge that maybe you’re not perfect, or well I’m perfect but not entirely perfect Maybe the other fellows say, well, come to think about it, neither am I And then you’re off to the races Rededicate yourself to a better relationship with the people that you come into contact everyday, whoever they may be What a wonderful thing it is You can do that You can handle it, you can handle it, I know you can You know most of these inharmonies in human relations is due to the neglect of people You just neglect to build up your human relations You all could do it if you wanted to do it And the budgeting of income and expenses, so as to provide for the accumulation of a definite amount for old age and security, the security of loved ones and so forth, and the budgeting of time so as to provide whatever income

that is necessary to support one’s plan for the attainment of a definite major purpose That should be a part of your definite major purpose Write out your platform a lot, and include that down under these minor purposes the things that are related to your major purpose, the things that you’re going to have to get in the step by step move it up toward your major purpose And a definite plan for developing harmony in all of your relations And especially these, in the home, where one works, where one plays or relaxes The human relationship leg is the most important one in connection with one’s major aim since the aim is attainable, very largely through the cooperation of others Have you ever thought of that, that the things that you do in life that are worthwhile, have to be done through harmonious cooperation with other people And how are you going to get that harmonious cooperation if you don’t cultivate people, if you don’t understand them, if you don’t make allowances for their weaknesses Did you ever have a friend that appreciated that you’re trying to reform him or change his mind about something? Do you like to have a friend come around and try to reform you? No, you don’t, nobody does But there are certain things you can do for a friend by example that might be the effective way of doing it, but start in to tell the man where he is wrong, and chances are that you have business around the corner The next time he sees you coming, he’ll get on the other side of the street In your human relations, you can develop a marvelous relationship, but you can’t do it by criticizing people, harping upon their faults, because we all have faults A better thing to do is to talk about a person’s virtues, and his good qualities, I have never seen a person yet, so lowly that he didn’t have some good qualities And if you concentrate upon those good qualities, that person on whom you are concentrating will go out of his way and lean over backwards to make sure that you’re not disappointed, one that should not hesitate to choose a major aim, which may be for the time being out of his reach, for one may always prepare himself to obtain pretty much any desired purpose in life Certainly when I chose is my definite major purpose, the organizing and taking to the world of the first practical philosophy of the individual achievement was a way beyond my reach And what do you think it was that kept me down through 20 years of unproductive effort of research What do you think it was that kept me striving and struggling in the face of the fact that the majority of people I knew were criticizing me Why do you think it was? I had to have an abundance of faith and I had to keep that faith alive by moving, moving always as if I knew in advance that I was going to complete the task that Mr. Carnegie assigned to me There were times when the, it looked as if what my friends and relatives were saying about me was absolutely true And in a sense it was, that I was wasting my time, from their viewpoint and their measuring stick and their standards, I was wasting 20 years of my time But from the viewpoint of the millions of people who have benefited and will benefit by my work during those 20 years, I was not wasting my time You can’t fail unless you think you can, if you’d like you can fail and you can If you stay around me long enough, I’ll get to you so you’re not gonna think you can fail, you’ll know you’re not going to fail Our greatest demonstration of the universal application of the principle definiteness of purpose may be seen by observing how nature applies it as follows And there is a great string of applications The way nature moves was definiteness of purpose And ladies and gentlemen, if there is anything in this universe that’s definite, it’s the laws of nature They don’t deviate They don’t temporize They don’t subside You can’t go around them, you can’t avoid them And however you can learn their nature and adjust yourself to them and benefit by them Nobody ever heard of the law of gravitation being suspended, not even for fraction of a second, it never has been done and never will be, ’cause nature’s whole set up throughout the whole universe, system of universes perhaps, is so definite that everything moves with precision like clockwork, if you want an example of the necessity of an individual moving with definiteness you only have to have a smattering of understanding of the sciences, to see the way that nature does things, and then you’ll have that example The orderliness of the universe and the interrelation of all of the natural laws, the fixation of all of the stars and planets, in the immovable relationship to one But yet this is a marvelous thing to know that the

astronomers can sit down and with a pencil and a few pieces of paper, predetermine hundreds of years in advance the exact relationship of given planets and stars, right where they will be with relationship to one another, in advance And you know, they couldn’t do that if there was not a purpose, a plan under which we’re working, we want to find out what that purpose is as it relates to us as individuals That’s why you’re in this course That’s why I’m teaching you I’m giving you that little bit that I have picked up from life and from the experiences of men, and from my own experience, so that you will learn how to adjust yourself to the laws of nature in order that you may use those laws instead of allowing yourself to be abused by your neglect in using them To me, one of the most horrible things to contemplate is, the possible cessation of natural laws Imagine all of the chaos, all of the stars and planets running together, while they make the H bomb look like a firecracker, if nature allowed her laws to be suspended, but she doesn’t do that She has very definite laws to go by, and you’ll find that if you check these 17 principles, they check perfectly with all of the laws of nature We get over to that to principle of going the extra mile, you will find that nature is profound in their application of the principle of going the extra mile When she produces blooms on the trees, she doesn’t produce just enough to fill a tree, she produces enough to take care of all of the damages the winds and the storms When she produces fish in the sea, she doesn’t just produce enough to perpetuate the fish, she produces enough to feed the frogs and the snakes, and the alligators and all the other things that still have left to carry out her purpose She has an abundance of things, over abundance, and also she forces man to go the extra mile or else she’ll perish, she would perish in one season if you didn’t go the extra mile, if nature didn’t compensate a man when he goes out and puts a grain of wheat in the ground, by giving him back 500 grains, to compensate him for his intelligence, we would starve to death in one season If you do your part, nature does her part And she does it in abundance, in abundance, in super abundance And one of the strange things about nature is that if you keep your mind focused on the positive side of life, it becomes greater than the negative side Always does that If you keep your mind on the positive side, it becomes greater than all of the negatives that may try to penetrate your mind and influence your life Look around and you’ll find examples, living examples, all around you, of people that you wanna emulate and people you do not wanna emulate, people that are failing, and you’ll be able to tell why they’re failing I dare say that from this time on, you will be able to use this philosophy as a measuring stick and wherever you find a success or a failure, you’ll be able to lay your finger right on the cause of it, right on it, and that includes you too First of all, the first premise is that the mastermind principle is the medium through which one may procure the full benefits of the experience, the training, the education, and the specialized knowledge and influence of others as completely as if their minds were in reality one zone Isn’t that a marvelous thing to contemplate, that whatever it is that you lack in education, or in knowledge or influence, you can always obtain it through somebody who has it The exchange of favors, the exchange of knowledge is one of the greatest exchanges in the world It’s a very nice thing to engage in business where the exchange of money makes you a profit, but I would a whole lot rather exchange ideas with somebody, give a man an idea that he didn’t have before, and receive in return one that I didn’t have, and I would do it make an exchange of money You of course know that Thomas A. Edison was perhaps the greatest investor the world has ever known He was dealing all the time with many of the sciences, and yet he knew nothing at all about any of the sciences You would say it would be impossible for a man to succeed in any undertaking unless he were educated in that field I was astounded when I first talked to Andrew Carnegie to get to hear him say that he personally didn’t know anything about the making or the marketing of steel And I was so astounded of that secret, I said, well, Mr. Carnegie just what is your part in this job here What part do you play? Well, he said, I’ll tell you the part that I play, my job is to keep the members of my mastermind alliance working in a state of perfect harmony And I said, is that all you have to do? He said, well, have you ever tried to get any two people to agree on anything for three minutes in succession in your life? I said, well, I don’t know that I have, well, you try it someday and see what kind of a job it is

to get people to work together in the spirit of harmony, is one of the greatest of human achievements And then Mr. Carnegie went on to break down his mastermind group to describe each one individually, to tell what part he played One was his metallurgist, one was his chief chemist One was his plant works manager And one was his legal advisor One was the chief of his financial staff And so on down the line there were over 20 of those men working together whose combined education, experience, and knowledge constituted all that was known about the making and the marketing of steel at that time And Mr. Carnegie said well, it wasn’t necessary for him to know about it, he had men all around him who did understand the making and the marketing of steel And that was his job to keep them working in perfect harmony And the second premise, an active alliance of two or more minds in a spirit of perfect harmony for the attainment of a common objective, stimulate each individual mind to a higher degree of courage, and that which is ordinarily experience, and prepares the away for that state of mind known as faith When driving an automobile every so often the battery runs down, and you have to do something about it, you come out somewhere and you step on the starter, nothing happens I know people who get out of bed in the morning, do the same thing Nothing happens except they feel badly, and they don’t wanna put on their shoes They don’t wanna get dressed, they don’t wanna even eat breakfast Now they need a, what do they need? – [Student] Battery – [Napoleon] Need their batteries charged of course, and they have to have a storage for doing it So my defining thing of a man gets up in the morning feeling like that, unless he can have a little talk with his wife for instance, and she’s a good coordinator, and she helps to charge his batteries The chances are when he comes home that night, he will come home with all these rabbit skins that he went out to get The third premise, a mastermind alliance properly conducted stimulates each mind in the alliance to move with enthusiasm, personal initiative, imagination, and the courage to a degree far above that which the individual experiences when moving without certain alliance In my own early beginning I had them mastermind alliance of three people I had an alliance with Mr. Carnegie, and with my stepmother, and we threw three people nurse this philosophy through the stages when everybody else was laughing at me, and making fun of me for undertaking to serve the richest man in the world for 20 years without any compensation And there was a whole lot of logic to what they were saying, because at that time I wasn’t getting very much compensation out of it in the way money at least There came a time however, when the last thing was on the other side of the face, but that took a long time, and there was plenty of blood and tears shed I’ll assure you before I got to the point at which I could laugh back when the people laughed at me, but the relationship between we three people, my stepmother and Mr. Carnegie and myself, enabled me to offset all of this fun making that was thrown at me by my relatives, my friends, and everybody who knew who I was engaged in Now, there are times when if you undertake anything above mediocrity, you’re going to meet with opposition, you’re going to meet with the people who are chimed in to poke fun at you, and most of them will be right close to yourself, some of them perhaps your own relatives You need some source to which you can turn when you’re going to aim above mediocrity to get your batteries charged and to keep them charged so that you won’t quit when the going is hard and so you won’t pay any attention when somebody criticize you Criticism falls off my back just like a water off a duck’s back, or more than that, like a bullet off the rhinoceros’s hide Absolutely immune, absolutely immune to all forms of criticism, whether it’s friendly or unfriendly, it makes no difference to me whatsoever I’m just immune to it that’s all And I became immune because of by relationship with certain people through whom I built up an immunity, under my mastermind alliance If it had not been for the relationship with my stepmother and Mr. Carnegie, I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you folks tonight, you wouldn’t be here as students of this philosophy and this philosophy would that be spread all over the world helping millions of people ‘Cause I had a million opportunities to quit, at least a million opportunities And every one of them looked very alluring, and almost sometimes it seems as if I were stupid if I didn’t quit But this marvelous relationship, I could always go back to Mr. Carnegie, I could always go running into my stepmother and we’d sit down and have a little chat, and she’d say, stand by your guns You’ll come out on top I know you will She once said at a time when I didn’t have two nickels to rub together, as my enemies were saying, she once said that you are going to be the richest member of your family far and away, I know it,

I can see it in the future Well, if you were to take all of my riches and put them together, I suspect that I have more riches than all of my relatives put together for three generations back, on both sides of the house, that’s true And my stepmother could see that, she could see what I was doing was bound to make me rich And my heart don’t have reference alone to monetary riches I have, reference to those higher and broader riches that you find when you get to where you can render services to so many people And the fourth premise to be effective the mastermind alliance must be active It must be active You can’t just form an alliance with somebody to say, that’s it, we’ve got it I’m lined up with this person, that person, the other person, we’ve got a mastermind alliance, it amounts to absolutely nothing until you become active Every member of the alliance has got to step right in there and start pitching, mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, every way that is necessary, they must engage in the pursuit of a definite purpose and they must move with perfect harmony Do you know the difference between perfect harmony and ordinary harmony? Do you know what it is? How many of you know the difference between perfect harmony and ordinary harmony? How many of you have ever had a relationship with perfect harmony with anybody? I’ll tell you the truth I suspect that I have had the harmonious relationships with about as many people, maybe more people than any person living today, beyond any question for now, but I want to tell you that perfect harmony in a relationship is about the rarest thing in the world And I think I could count on the fingers of my hands all of the people that I now know with whom I have a relationship of perfect harmony I have a speaking acquaintance very nice polite speaking acquaintance with a lot of people, but that’s not perfect harmony I have a working alliance with a lot of people That’s not harmony, perfect harmony Perfect harmony consists only when your relationship to the other fellow is such that if he wants everything you have, you willingly turn it over to him Now, it takes a lot of unselfishness to put yourself in that frame of mind Mr. Carnegie stressed time and time again, the importance of this relationship of perfect harmony, because he said, if you don’t have perfect harmony in your mastermind alliance, it’s not a mastermind alliance after all it’s just cooperation or coordination of effort Without this factor of harmony, the alliance may be nothing more than ordinary cooperation or friendly coordination of effort The mastermind give one full access to the spiritual powers of the other members of the alliance I want you to underscore that part in your notes The mastermind gives one full access to the spiritual powers of the other members of his alliance I’m not talking now about just the mental powers, or the financial powers, but the spiritual power The feeling you have when you begin to establish the permanency in your mastermind relationship is gonna be one of the most outstanding and pleasant experiences of your entire life When you’re engaged in the mastermind activity, I wanna tell you that you have so much faith, you will know that you can do anything that you start out to do, you have no doubts, you have no fears, you have no limitations, and that’s a marvelous frame of mind to be in And the sixth premise – [Students] Fifth – [Napoleon] Yes, I just wanna know if you’re following, it is the fifth Is the matter of established record that all individual successes based upon any kind of achievement above mediocrity are attained through the mastermind principle and not by individual effort alone Just imagine how little you can accomplish if you didn’t have the cooperation of other people Suppose that you’re in a profession, suppose you’re a dentist, or a lawyer, or a doctor, or a boss in your path or anybody in the profession And suppose that you didn’t understand how to convert each one of your clients or patients into a salesman for yourself Imagine how long would it take to build up a client deal or a following The outstanding professional man understand how to make a salesman out of person that they serve, and they do it all by indirection They don’t go about it directly They do it by going the extra mile, by going out of their way to be of unusual service But they do make salesman out of all of their clients Emotional accesses are the result of personal power, and personal power of sufficient proportions to enable one to rise above mediocrity is not possible without the application of the mastermind principle During the first term of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the White House, I had the privilege of working with him as a confidential advisor, and precisely laid out the skeleton of the propaganda plan that took the words, business depression off of the, out of the headlines of the papers and substituted

in their stead business recovery Those of you who remember what happened on that black Sunday, when we had a meeting down at the White House, when the banks were closed the following Monday morning, remember what a stampede there was in this country People were lined up in front of the banks, all over the country to draw out their deposits They were scared to death They had lost confidence in their country, in their banks, in themselves and in everybody else Supposed we still had some confidence in God, but didn’t show much signs of it It was a scary time I’ll tell you And we sat down there and worked out a skeleton of a plan and procedure that created one of the most outstanding applications of a mastermind that this nation has ever seen, and I doubt that any nation on earth has ever had the equal of because it was only a matter of weeks until we had taken all that fear out of people It was only a matter of days until salesman on the road who had to run out of funds, who couldn’t get money, were laughing about it, not in any way scared about it My own funds were closed, I had no money, none at all I had, yes, I did, (laughs) Let me tell you, this is funny I got very smart when I found out what was coming and I ran down to the bank got $1,000 bill Well, I might just as well had only 10 cents, nobody could change it It was not a nickle, not a nickel But I wasn’t scared because everybody else was in the same boat as I was in, but something has to be done about it And Franklin D, Roosevelt was a great leader He had great imagination, he had great courage And here’s what we did First of all, we got both houses of Congress working in harmony with the president The first time in the history of this nation that both houses of Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike got behind the president and forgot about their political fates happened to be In other words, there were no Democrats, there were no Republicans, they were just Americans down there backing the president, everything he needed in order to stop that stampede of here I have never seen anything as equal in my life I’ll never hope to see it again I wish I could, but I don’t hope to, because there was a great emergency on them and something had to be done about in seconds the majority of the newspaper publishers of America, everything that we set up, the newspapers published it, they gave it marvelous space, and then the radio station operators, they gave us marvelous despite their political beliefs, and the churches, all that was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in this country, Catholics and Protestants, Jews, and Gentiles and all of the rest, pulling together as Americans I want to tell you it was a wonderful sight A wonderful sight What a wonderful thing it was They all got behind the president Everyone must have made some sort of a contribution toward re-establishing faith in the people of this country But during these hectic days I wanna tell you that there wasn’t any doubt in the minds of the majority of the people, I don’t know, I didn’t come in contact with anybody who didn’t think that Mr. Roosevelt was the only man, the finest man that could possibly have handled that chaotic condition Don’t get me wrong politically I’m just talking about a great man who did a great job at a time when it needed to be done And he did it because he had a mastermind alliance right out there that was unbeatable Now let’s pick up the different kinds of mastermind alliances that you may have First of all, there were alliances for purely social or personal reasons Consisting of one’s relatives, friends and religious advisors where no material gain is sort The most important of this type is the mastermind alliance, which may exist between the man and his wife I couldn’t emphasize if I were brilliant, and if I had the great magnetic powers, I couldn’t overemphasize the importance to you who are married, of going into work immediately and rededicating that marriage to a mastermind alliance based upon this lesson tonight It’ll bring joys into your life that you’ve never dreamed of it’ll bring success into your life, that you never dreamed of It’ll bring health into your life that you never dreamed of It’s a perfectly marvelous thing, when the real mastermind alliance exists between a man and his wife I don’t know of anything that equals it Then there’re alliances for business or professional advancement consisting of individuals who have a personal motive of a material or a financial nature, connected with the object of their alliances Now, I imagine that the majority of you who are in this class now will be forming your first mastermind alliances for purely economic or financial advancement purposes And that’s perfectly legitimate That’s one of the reasons why you’re taking this course You want to improve your economic and financial condition, and you should start in immediately now to form a mastermind alliance for that purpose

And if you can find to begin with one person, that’s all right, start off with one, and then look around until the two of you select another Now you can select these other one, but the two of you, when you go to select the third party, be sure that the second one that you’ve already selected is in the card You understand that, that’s important And then when you go to select the forth, the three of you then will place on the fourth Then you’ll go over the matter very carefully before you make him a member of the alliance And then when you go to select the fifth, the four of you will select the fifth You see the mastermind alliance, there’s no such thing as one person dominating, except in this respect that generally speaking one person is the leader He’s the coordinator and the leader, but he at no way undertakes to dominate his associates Because the very moment you start to dominate anybody, you find resistance and rebellion, even though it’s not open rebellion, it’s rebellion nevertheless And in the mastermind alliance, it must be one continuous spirit of perfect harmony where you move and act as if you were only one man The American system of free enterprise is another example of efficiencies through the mastermind principle This system is the envy of the world because it has raised the standard of living of the American people, to an all-time high level And that’s despite the fact that there’s not perfect harmony, but there is motive There is motive that the American system of free enterprise to inspire every individual to do his best There is a motive there, and incidentally more and more industry and business is coming to understand that they can go a step further, and instead of just having cooperation or coordination of effort between management and the workers, that they can have the mastermind principle by sharing the management problems, by sharing profits, by sharing everything, and wherever I have been successful in influencing any business to adopt that policy, the business has made more money than it’s ever made before, and the employees have received more wages and everybody’s happy General instructions for the forming and the maintenance of the mastermind alliance First, adopt the definite purpose as an objective to be attained by the alliance, choosing individual members whose education experience and influence are such as to make them have the greatest value in achieving the purpose A lot of times my mastermind students, what is the most favorable number for a mastermind alliance? And how do you go about selecting the right sort of people for your mastermind alliance, and your answers if I can give you that, is that the procedure is exactly the same as if you were starting into a business and you are choosing employees, what kind of an employee would you choose? (muffled speech) Marvelous, I see the sparks flying Wonderful, wonderful – [Student] Integrity – [Napoleon] Dependability at the top of the list If a person is not dependable, I don’t want any part of him in a business transaction No part of him no matter how brilliant they may be, no matter how well educated he may be, the more educated he is, the more dangerous he may be, if he’s not dependable And if he’s not loyal, I would say the same thing If an individual is not loyalty to those to whom he owes loyalty, then to me, he has no character whatsoever, and I want no part of him Dependability and loyalty And then after that comes what? Ability to do the job Ability Notice where I placed ability, down at third place I’m not interested in the man’s ability until I find out whether he’s dependable and whether he is loyal And then what would you say came after that in my category, in my book rules (muffled speech) Number four, positive mental attitude of course What good is a negative, wet blanket around you? Why, you could pay him to stay away and then be ahead of the game And number five, what would that be? (muffled speech) Going the extra mile, that is right And number six? (muffled speech) Why would you say that is? (laughs) Applied faith (laughs) Now let me tell you, when you find people that come up to all of those six traits, I wanna tell you, you’ve really found somebody, you’re in the presence of royalty Some businesses, if you were running a peanut stand, to you maybe need only one person, but if you’re running a chain of peanut stands, you might need 100 persons And then as to the qualifications of a mastermind, I like to first of all, take those six points that I gave you they are the qualifications for your mastermind Now there must be dependability, there must be a- – [Students] Loyalty

– [Napoleon] Loyalty (muffled speech) Must be ability (muffled speech) Must be positive mental attitude – [Students] Going the extra mile – [Napoleon] Must be willing to go the extra mile – [Students] Applied faith – [Napoleon] Applied faith Now there you are If you want to know what the qualifications of your mastermind alliance, there it is And don’t settle for anything less If you find a man that has five of those qualities, and doesn’t have all six of them, you better be aware of him before you start, because they’re all central in the mastermind relationship, you can check very carefully and see that that’s true You couldn’t have perfect harmony unless you were working with somebody who’s checked 100% on all of those six qualities You just couldn’t have a mastermind alliance You might have a working arrangement like so many people do, but it wouldn’t embrace all of the potential values of the mastermind Next determine what appropriate benefit each member may receive in return for his cooperation in this alliance And remember ladies and gentlemen, nobody ever does anything for nothing No, they never do You see when you give love to somebody you don’t want to get anything out of that, you don’t do that for nothing Well, let me tell you something, you get plenty out of that, because you’ve had the privilege of loving, is a great privilege And even though the love is not returned, you still have had the benefits of that state of mind, of knowing this love and you’ve enjoyed the development and growth as a result of it No, there’s no such thing as something for nothing Nobody works without some sort of a compensation There are very many different forms of compensation So don’t expect that your mastermind allies are going to jump in and help you make a fortune, or help you do anything unless they are equally participating in the benefits that come out of that mastermind alliance Now, there is a criteria by which you go, they must approximately, each individual must approximately benefit equally with yourself, whether it’s a monetary benefit, or a happiness or peace of mind benefit, social benefit or whatever it happens to be Never ask anybody to do anything, if you wanna be sure if he’s doing it, unless you’re giving him an adequate motive for doing it If I went down to the bank and wanted to borrow $10,000, what would be an adequate motive for the bank lending me that money? (muffled speech) Two motives Or I’m under the heading of a desire for financial gain (muffled speech) Now they’d want to, bank would be delighted to allow me as much money as I can take away if I give them three for one security- – [Student] Collateral – [Napoleon] Collateral, they want collateral and they want the profit on that loan That’s what they’re in business for Now there are other transactions not based upon the monetary motive For instance, when the man asks the girl of his choice to marry him, what’s the motive there? – [Students] Love – [Napoleon] Sometimes (laughs) Theoretically love, yes – [Student] Money (laughs) – [Napoleon] This is interesting I bet out of all the people sitting here, everyone would have a different idea, or definition as to what the motive is when a man asks a girl if she wants to marry him and she accepts Why does she accept him? (muffled speech) (laughs) I wanna tell you that when my father brought my stepmother home, he was just a farmer, he never had had on a white shirt or a tie, he was afraid of white shirts and ties, he wore a blue cotton shirt And my stepmother was a college woman, she was well educated and they were as different as the North pole and the South pole And I wondered all of my life until one day, just how he happened to be able to sell himself to her Of course, she cleaned him up and put a white shirt on him, made him look like somebody But nevertheless, it took her quite a little while to do it And she finally got him into the money, and he became an outstanding man And I, at that point, I said to her, how in the world is my father, I remember what he looked like and what he would talk like, he used the Queen’s English, ’cause I’ve seen him becoming I’ve done my duty, and all that sort of thing, I said, how in the world did he ever sell himself to you? What was the motive? She said, well, I’ll tell you First of all, I recognize that he had good blood in his veins as he had possibilities and I believe that I could bring them out And she did bring them out Mrs. Henry Ford and Mrs. Thomas Edison, are two of the outstanding examples that I use time and time again, to show what the woman can do to make her husband successful Had it not been for Mrs Ford’s understanding of the mastermind principle, although she didn’t call it by that name, Mr. Ford would never have been known, they all have a Ford automobile, never would have been here And I doubt if the automobile industry would have been ushered in as it has been It was Mrs. Ford, more than it was Mr. Ford,

that kept him going, kept him alert, kept him filled with confidence in himself, when the going was hard, and when other people were criticizing him in connection with these contraption as they call it, that was only designed to scare horses Just as I was criticized for pulling away my time with the richest man in the world, working for nothing Mrs. Ford, sustained him through those trying hours, when the going was hard, as all of you will experience that period in your life The going is hard at some place with everybody A lot of times a woman will marry a man because she sees there’s possibilities, you can do something with him, make something out of him Sometimes it’s monetary consideration Sometimes it’s love Sometimes it’s one thing and sometimes another, but every time anybody engages in any transaction, there is a motive back up you may be sure of that, as whatever it is that you want anybody to do, pick out the right kind of a motive and find it in the mind under the proper circumstances and you’ll become a master salesman Next Establish a definite plan in which each member of the alliance will make his contribution in working toward the achievement of the object of the alliance as a range of definite time and place for the mutual discussion of the plan In definite this year will bring defeat keep a regular means of contact between all members of your alliance Did you ever hear of a great friendship existing? Let me rephrase that Have you ever had a great friendship with somebody and then suddenly saw it grow cold and then finally die? How many have had that experience? Of course, most of us have, to be sure And what do you think was the reason for it? (muffled speech) Neglect That’s all neglect If you have very close and very dear friends, the only way you can keep them is to keep in contact, counsel, it’s nothing but an occasional postal card I have one student who was a member of my class in 1928 in New York city And she never has missed a single one of my birthdays to send me a card One time she was off on her vacation and she forgot it until mid afternoon of my birthday, and she sent me a telegram congratulating me on my birthday In other words, she has been the most constant student that I’ve ever had out of the many thousands all over the country Well, as a result of that close attention that she’s given me, there’ve been times when I’ve been able to help her in a business way too Lifetime I got her a promotion it was amount to about $4,000 a year, which is quite a little bit of pay off for the business of keeping in contact Quite a nice bit of pay off But you have to keep in contact with your mastermind allies, you have to have regular meeting places You have to keep them active If you don’t they grow cold or grow in different, and finally they’re of no value for you If you had a definite major purpose, knew exactly what you wanted to do, had a mastermind alliance of people that could help you do it, and then have the sufficient place to keep you going while you did it Don’t you see that would be about all you would need Why then do we need the 14 additional principles do you suppose Well, I’ll tell you why We need 14 additional principles to induce you, to make use of these three You need personal initiative You need the imagination You need enthusiasm In other words, this philosophy is something like baking a cake When you go to bake a cake, you don’t have put in just one ingredient You put in a pinch of this, a pinch of that, a dash of the other thing Then you put it in the stove and bake it If you took out any one of those ingredients, you wouldn’t have the same kind of a cake And it’s the same way with this philosophy You can’t leave out any one of these 17 principles It’d be just like taking a link out of a chain You wouldn’t have a chain anymore, you’d have two parts of a chain but not a whole chain And these are the 14 principles, supporting principles of the three Faith is a state of mind that has been called the mainspring of the soul through which one’s aims, desires, plans and purposes may be translated into their physical or financial equipment And here are the fundamentals of faith Now, when you speak of applied faith ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about something vastly different from just mere belief Applied, the word applied means what? – [Students] Action – [Napoleon] Action That’s the action part of faith And without action faith is nothing but just daydreaming And there are a lot of people, who believe in things, but they don’t do anything about them They are engaging only in daydreaming Applied faith is an act of faith Now the fundamentals of faith are first of all, definitely it’s a purpose supported by a personal initiative and action, action, action The more action, the better That means continuous action Not only on your part,

but on the part of those that may be cooperating with you, or may be masterminds allies of yours And next, a positive mind, free from all negatives, such as fear and the hatred, jealousy and greed, is essential Mental attitude determines the effectiveness of faith Mental attitude Did you know that is a fact, the frame of mind that you’re in, when you go to pray, determines what happens as a result of that prayer, there’s no two ways about that You can test it for your own selves and find out, I have no doubt you have I have no doubt that you’ve had the experiences I’ve had of sending out prayers that didn’t produce anything but a negative result You’ve had that experience haven’t you? How many of you have had that experience? Oh come on now, be modest Do you suppose there ever was anybody that didn’t have that experience at one time or another? I want to tell you that when you go to prayer, unless you have such absolute faith that whatever you are going after that, you’re going to acquire, that you can see it in advance in your possession before you start asking for it, the chances are that the effect of your prayer is going to be negative And next, a mastermind alliance with one or more people who radiate courage based on faith and are suited mentally and spiritually, the ones needs in carrying out a given purpose I’m talking to you now about the elements or the constituent parts or the premises that go into the business of applied faith And next, recognition of the fact that every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit and temporary defeat is not failure until it has been accepted as such Do you know where the majority of people fall down in connection with their application of their faith? It’s when they’re defeated, then they accept that defeat as being something they can’t do anything about Instead of beginning immediately to search for that seed of an equivalent benefits that’s in every defeat, they begin become moody and broody, they become discouraged, they build up inferiority complexes instead of a reversing that order and using that to defeat as nothing more than temporary and making another effort And next, the habit of affirming one’s definite major purpose in the form of a prayer at least once daily The subconscious mind only knows what you tell it, or what you allow other people to tell it, or what you allow the circumstances of life to tell it And it doesn’t know the difference between a lie and the truth, it doesn’t know the difference between a penny and a million dollars It accepts the things that you send over And if you send over a predominating thoughts on poverty and ill health on failure, that’s exactly what you’ll get No matter how much faith that you may have later on, you find out that the subconscious response to the mental attitude that you’re maintaining during the day, and it’s necessary for you to affirm over and over again, this object that you are going to attain in life, until you educate your subconscious mind to attract automatically to you, the things that are related to what you’re aiming to attain in life, you’ll find that your mind is like an electromagnet And once you charge it with a clear picture of what you want, it will attract to you from the highways in the byways, the things that you need to carry out that purpose And next, recognition of the existence of infinite intelligence that gives order and a list of the entire universe That’s the individual you, that is, is a minute expression of this intelligence, and as such, you’re the individual, your mind has no limitations, except those excepted are set up in your own mind Your mind has no limitations whatsoever, except those that you allow it to be stabbed as the arrow that you deliberately set up in your own mind or accept Now, that’s a pretty broad secret, isn’t it? But the achievements are men like Mr. Edison and Mr. Ford and Mr. Carnegie and Napoleon Hill if you please, certainly, definitely supports the idea that there is no limitation except that what you set up in your own mind And if I had ever wavered for one second, from the time that I started with Mr. Carnegie, up until the time I gave this philosophy to the world, if I had wavered one second, in my belief that I would do it, I would never have done it How did I happen to do it? Do you have any idea about what played the strongest part in what I’ve achieved? It wasn’t my brilliancy, it wasn’t my outstanding intelligence, I have no more brilliancy than the average person, no more intelligence than the average person, but there was something in there that was responsible for it (muffled speech) (laughs) right In other words, I believed I could do it and I never stopped believing it The harder the going was, the more I believed I would do it And I wanna tell you that if you can take that attitude towards yourself, if you can throw herself over on the side of yourself, so to speak,

when you’re overtaken by adversity, when people are guessing, if you can do that, if can stand by, and not also go over against yourself, then you’re using applied faith, and you’ve got to do that Do you know, they’re testing times for people? Had you ever thought of that? Nobody is permitted to attain high state in life and stay there without being tested, any more than anybody is allowed to go into a well managed business and to go up to a high position and stay there without even tested with lower position step-by-step until he earns the right to be up to the top I don’t know how the creator runs his business entirely, but I can catch a pretty good idea of how he does it from observing that part which I can understand Of course, there’s much more that I can’t understand, but I can see definitely that he allows nobody to attain to a highest stage in life without giving him severe testing And one of the most astounding things that I found in my research was that the men of great achievement in all walks of life, back down to the ages were great only in proportion as they had been defeated and as they had met with opposition Now that’s an astounding thing It couldn’t have been a coincidence that every one of these outstanding men was great in proportion exactly as he had been small, and that he had been opposed, and as he had had the struggle I used to tell him my early struggles and tell him some of my defeats, my business management asked me about and said it wasn’t a good idea I still think it’s a good idea I think it’s a fine idea because if you only do the amount of major defeats that I had met with and still get my head above water, and still we have to deliver this philosophy, you’d say if Hill can do it, I can do it too And that was the only reason of course that I ever spoke of The habit of affirming ones definiteness major purpose in the form of a prayer at least daily, and the recognition of infinite intelligence I don’t mind what terms you use You can call that God, or you call it Jehovah, or you can call it a Buddha, or you can call it Muhammad Anything you wanna do, no matter what you call it we’re all talking about the first cause there isn’t two first causes, there is only one There couldn’t be two, there’s one first cause that’s responsible for this great universe we’re living in for you and for me and for everything that’s in the universe I call it infinite intelligence because I have students of all faiths and all religions all over the world as my students and the infinite intelligence happens to be a sort of a neutral in between term that nobody can object to, nobody at all But unless you not only believe in that, unless you can prove yourself, unless you can absolutely put out on paper evidence that there is first cause if you can draw on then you are no going to be able to make the fullest use of applied faith One of my students asked me one day about my concept of God, my concept of infinite intelligence and if I meant the same thing as God, I said yes, I do, he said, can you prove the existence of your concept of God? I said, everything in the universe is the finest of the evidence of the existence of it, because of the orderliness of the universe, everything’s orderly from the electrons and protons of the smallest part of a matter on up to the largest suns that float through the heavens Everything’s in orderliness, no chaos, no running together the planets There’s more evidence of a first cause than there is of anything that I know of And if you don’t believe that, if you don’t accept it, if you don’t see it, if you don’t feel it, if you don’t know that, then you won’t know that you are a minute part of that infinite intelligence expressing through your brain And if you want to recognize that, then you recognize the truth of what I said, that your only limitations are those which you set up in your own mind or permit somebody to set up there or circumstances to establish for you Next, careful inventory of your past defeats and adversities from which it becomes obvious that all such experiences do carry the seed of an equivalent benefit Just to hear me say that every adversity carries with it the seed of equivalent benefit That every defeat everything there carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit, wouldn’t mean a thing in the world to you, unless I made application of it, and gave the illustration after illustration, unless you examine enough illustrations in your own experiences, to see if it always works out that way That’s why I want you to examine these adversities that come to you Do you know that oftentimes your adversities are your greatest blessings? You have any idea? Do you have any idea the greatest blessing that ever came into my life, those of you who know considered about me, would you have any idea what it is? (indistinct) Of course it was the loss of my mother, and ordinarily you would say that would be the greatest catastrophe that can overtake a child would be to lose his mother at the age of nine years Why do I say that was the greatest blessing? Because it brought me a new mother to take her place that’s been responsible for everything that I’ve achieved, everything that I shall achieve,

very largely responsible at least, and without her influence, I’d still be up there fighting rattlesnakes, drinking mountain liquor and fighting fuse, where my relatives still are doing that same thing, no reason to expect that I wouldn’t be I’ve had a lot of other adversities And I wanna tell you that without some pretty major adversities I’ve gone through I’d never been able to approve the soundness of this philosophy and that there is the seed of an equivalent benefits in every adversity Can you imagine any worse adversity coming to a man than to walk down to the hospital and to be informed that your son was born without any sign of ears, and that he would be a deaf and dumb mood all of his life Can you imagine any worse adversity than that? I’ve always be thankful that that happened because by my contact with infinite intelligence, he was improvised with a hearing system of some sort that gave him 65% of his normal hearing And with a hearing aid 100%, he just learned to live a normal life and I got the greatest demonstration of my entire experience of the power of faith, I couldn’t have gotten it any other way I couldn’t have gotten it second hand I had to get it first hand I never accepted that affliction of that child, not even before I saw him, not even after I saw him, I never accepted it His relatives accepted it They wanted to put him in this school of underprivileged, where he learned the sign language, learned to lip reading, I didn’t want him to know there were such things And when he got up to where he was old enough to go to school, I had a fight with the school authorities every year just as regular as the time came around, they wanted to send him over to school for underprivileged children or he’d mix with the other children and see that there were afflictions I didn’t want him to know there were such things And I told him from the very beginning that he not having any ears was a great blessing And he believed it and it turned out to be, because people took compassion on him They did things for him they wouldn’t have done otherwise He got a job as a salesman for the Saturday Evening Post, and he led every salesman throughout the United States Oftentimes he’d go out and with $5 worth of merchandise and come back with $10 in cash He did that many times People would look at him that poor little fellow and he is out selling papers, I guess his parents were poor (laughs) Gave him a dollar bill, instead of giving him back $0.95 they’d say, oh, it’s alright just keep that And very often he’d get a dollar a piece for Saturday Evening folks Not at all conscious today of any affliction, he’s living a perfectly normal life because I taught him, that an affliction, any kind of an affliction, can be transmuted into a benefit That’s an astounding thing isn’t it, to consider that, that is true But it is true As I said, you’re just hearing me say that won’t mean the thing in the world unless you begin to look around in your own experiences, take inventory and watch what happens in the future There’ll be some things happen to you in the future that are unpleasant and maybe some to me too, but I can tell you what I’m gonna do when anything unpleasant happens to me, I’m gonna immediately transmit it into something pleasant Immediately, and then I’m still talking about the fundamentals of faith Self-respect expressed through harmony with one’s own conscience is certainly an important factor in applied faith Self-respect expressed through harmony with one’s own conscience, isn’t it a marvelous thing that the creator set up in everybody a judge advocate that tells you the right thing and the wrong thing, you don’t have to ask anybody Isn’t that a marvelous thing You don’t have to ask anybody what’s right or wrong, your own conscience tells you, unless you convert it into a conspirator instead of a collaborator by choking it off and not responding to it as so many people do Your conscious can be not only a guide, but it can all be corrupted towards a conspirator to help you cover up your meanness And a lot of people use it for just that purpose who believe me they have it choked off If that were true there couldn’t be so many brutes loose in the world today concocting plans for starting bigger and better wars They have no conscience, they’ve killed off the conscience That conscience is a marvelous thing And next, to create a mental attitude favorable for the expression of faith Now, here’s what you do First of all, know what you want and determine what you have to give in return for it Know what you want to life And I mean not only in your major purpose, but in your minor purposes What kind of a house you wanna live in? What kind of a car you wanna drive? What kind of a wardrobe you want? What kind of an education you want your children to have? What kind of a present you’re gonna buy your wife for her birthday? And you better be sure to buy her one every time

if you wanna keep on good terms with her What kind of a cake are you gonna bake for your husband on his birthday? And you better make it a good one (student laughing) Did you know ladies and gentleman, married ladies and gentlemen in particular, did you know it’s not the big things in the relationship between a man and his wife that count, it is the little niceties, the little things that count Well, it’s a little niceties, the little things The little things that my wife cooks up for me, and I don’t mean in food, but the little parties, the little visits, the trips that she cooks up for me when I’m home They don’t come out for so much in one way, and yet another way they’re very sentimental, and it keeps that relationship alive that we had before we were married, we’re still courting each other I think I do more of a courting job now than I did before, because after all I not only got her, I have to keep her (applause) Totally have a lot of fun with these off the cuff remarks You don’t find any of that in the notes at all But I just know that these are very super intimate things that make joy in my life with be just as acceptable in your life too I know it’s the little things in your life that make the difference between the happiness and unhappiness Next, when you affirm the object of your desires through prayer, let your imagination see yourself already in possession of the thing that you’re going after Now you might say that takes a lot of willpower, a lot of determination, but if you keep at it, you’ll find it’s not so hard to do In the first place it’s easy for me to do that because I’d never go after anything that I haven’t first sold myself thoroughly on the idea that I not only have the right to get it, but that I am going to earn that right by giving something in return And that’s the best salesmanship in the world When you go out to sell a person an idea, or a merchandise or service, if you know positively that you’re going to give him his money’s worth and more too before you start, it does something to you that enables you to do something to him, that enables him in return and do something for you It’s a very acne of master salesmanship You know, I’ve said this ladies and gentlemen, several times and at the risk of being forced into you, I’m going to repeat, that if you want your prayer to be effective, don’t wait until the time of need to utter them Build up the habit of prayer when you don’t need anything And what do you pray for then? For what you already have You give gratitude for what you already have, don’t you? Wouldn’t it be an interesting thing if I gave you a lesson assignment right now to write down before the night, before you to bed tonight, everything that you have in this world to be thankful for, and I’m giving you that assignment, every one of you, and I want you to carry it on It’s gonna be one of the surprises of your life You may have a lot of things you don’t want, but you have a lot of things you do want Write down a list of them and express gratitude that you have these things that you love And you certainly can start with the fact that you’re associated here in the country where you have freedom of speech, freedom of action, freedom of thought and freedom of opportunity Certainly that would head the list ‘Cause in other countries we don’t have that much And then you can come right on down from that and put down all the things that you have to be grateful for And then start in expressing gratitude every night and every day Keep your mind open for guidance from within Now what do I mean by that you suppose – [Students] Hunches – [Napoleon] Yes hunches, you’ll get hunches Don’t be a, what is the word I wanna use? Disrespectful Don’t be disrespectful of hunches, treat them as civility, examine them, and you may find that some of these very unusual hunches that you come are bringing you messages that you need to get you over the hump and whatever it is that you’re doing And when you are inspired by hunches to move on some plan created by your imagination, which leads in the direction of that which you desire, accept the plan and act upon it once Remember always that there can be no such state of mind as faith without appropriate action, faith without deeds is dead And when overtaken by defeat as you may be many times, remember that man’s faith is tested many times and your defeat may be only one of your testing times Isn’t that an astounding and an encouraging thing to recognize is when you’re meeting with defeat, that’s probably in the eyes of your creator, you’re only being tested to see whether you’re a man or a worm, and believe you me we all go through that testing time, and the ones that survive these tests and come out on top with an abiding faith are the ones that become truly great in life I don’t think there’s any doubt in the world, but what is the part of the creator’s plan to see that everybody amounts to anything above mediocrity, must pay the price of undergoing test after test as to his faith I don’t think there’s any doubt about that I see evidence everywhere that that’s true

Any negative state of mind was the story of the power of faith and result in a negative climax Your state of mind is everything Why do you suppose that in my notes here you notice that I have underscored, your state of mind is everything I underscored for emphasis Why do you suppose I wanted to emphasize that statement? (indistinct) That’s right, that’s the only thing you have control over The only thing in this world that you have control over is your state of mind, and certainly that connotes the fact that the creator intended that to be the most important asset that you have as it is because with the use of that mind, you can project it into any objective or to the attainment of any end you choose, your education, your background, your nationality, your creed, has nothing whatsoever to do with your ability to achieve It’s the state of mind that you maintain That’s the thing that determines how, and what and when you achieve To me that’s the most profound thing in all of the knowledge of mankind, the most profound of all of this, is the fact that the humblest person can take possession of his own mind, he can cover it any way he chooses, he can project it into high places or into the gutter He can make it a success or he can make it a failure Just the change of his mental attitude, changes from success to failure almost instantly A burning desire is the sort of material of which faith is created Do you know what a burning desire is? – [Student] Obsession – [Napoleon] That’s right, obsession or desire Obsessional means a desire that takes possession of you, obsesses you Now there’re a lot of desires in the world, but they’re not burning desires and they’re not obsession desires and most people in their whole life never express or never experience an obsessional desire for anything We started out with hopes, not too definite, but faith hopes for things and wishes We wish for, everybody wishes for a lot of money without having to work for it Well, maybe not everybody, but of course my students know, but a lot of people do, most people I’d say, wish for things, wish for the Cadillac when they’re driving a Ford If you want a Cadillac car and you make up your mind to have it, get out there and see that the men under you or the other job that you’re holding the seeds that you put into it and that which will entitle you a Cadillac car But if you don’t want a Cadillac car, chances are you’ll drive a Ford or something else for the rest of your life You have to want things You have to want them with a burning desire And then you have to do something about that burning desire What is it? – [Students] Action – [Napoleon] Action You’ve got to start it right where you stand, showing that you do have faith in your ability Start right where you stand with action Now here is a lot of examples of men of achievement I’m not going to go over them You know them, but there is one down here that I particularly want to call your attention to, that is Ms. Hellen Keller, who believed that she would learn to talk despite the fact that she had lost the use of her speech, her sight and her hearing Can you imagine that loss? To lose early in life of her speech, her sight and her hearing She couldn’t hear, she couldn’t see and she couldn’t speak And yet, did you know, of course you do know that Ms. Helen Keller became one of the best educated women in the world She’s in contact with more of public affairs and civic affairs and conditions all over the world and the maintains of the women who have all of their senses This is an astounding thing And all she has to go by is the vibration If you speak to her she put her fingers up to her lips and she can tell what you’re saying by her fingertips, partly by vibration Think a woman with a handicap at that time, all the way through life, getting joy out of life, rendering useful service, making speeches She’s learned a profession to talk, doing a great work whereas the majority of people would have settled for a tin cup and a bunch of lead pencils on a street cutter, with any one of those afflictions While I was on the staff of Franklin D Roosevelt, I passed at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and the street running by the White House, everyday I passed a man sitting there with a tin cup and some pencils I became acquainted to that man, he had lost the use of his legs He had the same affliction as Franklin D Roosevelt exactly, and it happened about the same time And I found out that he had even a better education than Franklin D Roosevelt had, but out there you are, out there with a tin cup and pencils, living by begging Just a block away there was a man with the most important responsible position in the whole world, running a great nation, who also had lost the use of his legs, but he hadn’t lost the use of his brain,

he hadn’t lost confidence in himself These afflictions that come along sometimes they turn out to be a great blessing, they teach us that very often they teach us that we can get along without an eye or without both eyes, or without legs and without hands, we get along without a lot of things if we have the right mental attitude toward what’s left of us, That’s important If you would have faith keep your mind on that which you want and not on that which you do not want And how do you go about that, how does one go about keeping his mind off of the things he doesn’t want? (indistinct) Look up that word transmute and see what it means Look it up the dictionary, you know of it generally, but look it up because it’ll be more impressive in your subconscious mind The way you keep your mind off the things you don’t want is to try and spare your mind over two things you do want and start talking about them, start giving thanks for already processing them It sounds perfectly silly to anybody who doesn’t know what you’re doing but it wont sound silly to you because you know what you’re doing, you’re talking to your subconscious mind, you’re re-educating yourself, you’re keeping your mind fixed on things you want and off of the things you don’t want, and in order to do that you have to keep talking, you have to keep thinking, you can’t talk without thinking, well some people can but most of them can’t (students laughing) Keep on talking about things you want, and if you ever feel blue or discouraged, or lacking encouraged, I’ll tell you a good remedy for it, may I? – [Students] Yes – [Napoleon] Sit down and take a tablet, and start numbering number one, the thing that you want most in life, number two, the thing that you want next most, number three, the thing you want next most, and when one gets down to the kind a house you live, describe the lot that you wanna go on whether you wanna go in a lot of acreage, on top of the hill or down below the road, or above the road, how many rooms you want that house to have, how you want each room furnished, why you have a grand time furnishing those rooms Well I believe that one of the most, well be better than window shopping because you can go the limit in your own mind and window shopping, you only have two legs you can only walk so far Do a little mental window shopping and believe you me you’ll get your mind off of that moodiness you will get it on to something that’s constructive, and you’ll be educating your subconscious mind to keep on the right side of the street and away from the other side of the railroad tracks The assignment I’m giving you now is not foolish, it’s not facetious, it’s a real assignment and you’ll get real joy out of doing it, start right in doing something physically, writing down the things that you want when anything bothers you I don’t know why it is that when a person makes up his mind what he wants and becomes determined to get it that the whole powers of the universe seem to come to his aid to see that he gets it, I don’t know why that is, but I’ll tell you one thing I know that it is, and that’s enough for me A lot of things this world that I can see, a lot of advantages I can use, that I don’t understand, but I don’t need to understand them, I know which button to press to get to the result I want and I don’t need to know what happens between the pressing of that button and the result that happens I know that if you can follow the instructions in this philosophy, I know that you’ll be able to take possession of your own mind, you will be able to get the things out of life that you want, you will be able to make life pay off on your own terms, I know that How would I know do you suppose that any person can actually make life pay off point-by-point on his own terms instead of accepting the circumstance, how would I know that? – [Students] By your experience – [Napoleon] There is only one way in this world that I could possibly know that and that’s by my own experiences I can tell you as sincerely as I’ve been standing here on this platform talking to you tonight there isn’t a blessed thing in this world that I want that I don’t have, or can get easily Not anything What an astounding statement that is If you go back just a few years ago what an astounding statement it is because so broadly in contrast to what I might have said a few years back before I’d learned the secret of getting everything that I want Do you know there was a time when I was carrying around in my own pocket the matches with which I was sitting my house of opportunity on fire and didn’t know it And I finally got rid of those matches, I began to build that house of opportunity, and the comments to find out that the house resembled the picture of it that I had built in my mind, right down to the finest detail There is no such thing as a blanket state, you must have a definite objective, a purpose, a goal, before you can have faith in anything Faith is a mental attitude wherein the mind is cleared of all fears and doubts and directed toward the attainment of something definite through the inspiration of infinite intelligence Faith is guidance, it is nothing more Had you ever thought about that faith is guidance, it’s nothing more than that Faith is not gonna go out and get you that Cadillac, or that mink coat, or that new house that you want, or that better job or that better business, or all those clients that you need if you’re a professional, faith’s not gonna do that, but faith will guide you as to how you can do it,

and then you find that there is always a part you must play The creator wisely raised us so that we can produce our food from the soil of the earth, everything that we eat, use or wear, comes from the earth, everything, and infinite intelligence is very wisely provided a system whereby you can be sure of getting your food out of the soil of the earth How, by complying with the laws of nature You go out there and you plant the seed, you plant it in soil that you have examined to make sure it has the elements in there that you want into the plant You plant it at the right season, you plant it at the right depth in the ground All of those things you do in the way of going the extra mile, you do them in advance, and then what do? You go back the next day and start harvesting do you? – [Student] No – [Napoleon] No, you time it properly, you find out what nature requires in order to produce a, to convert or transmute a seed of wheat into a stalk of wheat with 500 or 1,000 grains on it And you comply with nature’s law, that’s what you do, and it’s the same thing identically in connection with this subject of faith in anything else you expect guidance, you do your part, you have to do your part, you always find there’s a part that you must do in connection with any example of a demonstration of faith Faith will do nothing for you if you expect everything to be done for you outside of yourself Its guidance that you expect to get the answer that you have it When faith probably, notice that word probably down there, why do you think I say faith probably works through the subconscious section of the mind? I’ll tell you why I put it there because nobody knows definitely whether it does or not, it’s a theory and for wanting of a better theory, I’m using it It appears to work through the subconscious section of the mind, the subconscious acting as the gateway between the conscious section of the mind and infinite intelligence My picture, my mental picture of what happens when you pray properly, is that you first condition your mind you know what it is you want, and then you transfer over to your subconscious mind a clearer picture that subconscious is the intermediary, or the gatekeeper between you and infinite intelligence, it’s the only one that could turn on the power of the infinite intelligence for you, it’s the only way you can reach into infinite intelligence in my book of rules And if that isn’t correct, as far as I’m concerned might as well be correct because that’s the way I get it to work Now the definite essential steps in the development of self reliance based on faith If there’s anything that people need more than everything else it’s self reliance, belief in yourself Here are the steps, I’m not going to go over all of them, but I’m going to call your attention to the most important ones First of all adopt a major purpose and begin at once to attain it, that’s the first step in building self confidence You know, when you know what you want, and you’re starting getting it, you have a measure of self-reliance, you’re demonstrating a measure of self-reliance because if you didn’t believe in yourself you wouldn’t even begin with doing it The very fact that you start even though you’re a long way from attaining the thing you’re going after, shows that you have a measure or degree of self-reliance, and the more you pursue that idea the stronger that belief will be And next associate as many as possible of the nine basic motives with the object of the definite major purpose In other words, have yourself inspired by as many as possible of those nine basic motives when you go after anything You know you’ve had this experience that you wanted something very badly and in order to get to something that you wanted very badly, a material something, you made some extra money that you couldn’t lay your hands on, you didn’t have in the bank, you weren’t earning it, what do you do in against that kind? – [Students] Borrow – [Napoleon] Borrow (laughs) A lot of people do, there is always something else to it that you can do that’s more important than borrowing (indistinct) You begin to connive and work out some sort of the scheme to earn some more money don’t you? That’s what you do (indistinct) My little son Blair when he was about 6 or 7 years old wanted a nice, an electrical train it cost $50, and it was more than we felt we could give him at that time because we had to give the other two children a $50 gift too, and I told them this, oh, I didn’t ask you to buy me anything, I said, well that’s different, fine I just want your approval to buy the train and he made out the order, Lionel train $50, and there came a snow, a big snow the next day and he borrowed the shovel from the janitor and he went down the street cleaning off sidewalk Didn’t ask anybody if he could do it, just started cleaning off the sidewalks and it all come out and get into conversation he’d say, oh I thought it’d be a nice thing to just clean off your sidewalks, I see you haven’t started doing it yet I thought it’d be nice if you’d appreciate it and invariably they’d give him a quarter, half dollar, sometimes a dollar, one man gave him $5, and before the end of the month, long before the end of the month he had his $50 and $10 more that he had done himself

His mother thought that he ought not to be permitted to do that, kind of disgrace to us to let him go down the street cleaning offside, well I said, disgrace my eye, they ought to find out who we are, we can raise a child like this, how we do it Motive and write out a list of all the advantages of your definite major purpose and call these into your mind many times daily thereby making your mind success conscious Did you know that in order to be healthy, you have to be health conscious did you know that? No matter what other precautions you take, if your mental attitude is not health conscious, if you’re not thinking in terms of health, you’re not expecting that you’re going to be healthy, you’re not going to be, no matter what else you do And it’s the same thing with reference to success, if you accept any kind of a fear complex, or an inferiority complex, if you don’t expect success of yourself, and develop a success expectation or consciousness, you’re not gonna be a success, you just have to do that If your major purpose is to achieve some material thing, or money, see yourself already in possession of it When you call into your consciousness, this is a vital importance because there again is coming into play your power of faith, and if your faith is great enough that you can see the thing already in your possession even before you start to get it then you are not making use of applied faith And associate with people who are in sympathy with you and your major purpose and lead them to encourage you in every way possible This has referenced only two close friends or members of your mastermind alliance, don’t disclose your aims the purposes to people who are not absolutely dependable, loyal and close to you Especially loyal, though surprising how sometimes people to whom you disclose your ideas, if they’re good ideas, they go around the corner and beat you to the draw they’re using your ideas before you use them Or they’re saying something to discourage you, and let not a single day pass without making at least one definite move toward the attainment of your major purpose Faith is a positive mental attitude in action, and your mental attitude is reflected in every word you speak and it speaks louder than your words Your mental attitude is the sum total of your thoughts at a given time A positive mental attitude has its roots in the spiritual wealth of one’s soul How true that is and what a wonderful statement that is A positive mental attitude has its roots in the spiritual wealth of one’s soul Mental attitude is the medium by which adversities may be transmuted into benefits and so the list goes Now you’ll find some of those that appeal to you more than others, print them out them out in a card or in some form where you can put them up, where you can see them each day, make them your own, surround yourself with suggestions, everywhere you look, you see something that suggest a positive mental attitude You’ll notice when you go into the office of a successful person or into the home of a successful person, if you can find his den, or the place where he himself withdraws unto himself, you’ll find that often times he has himself surrounded with pictures of those whom he considers great, oftentimes you have mottos on the walls I’ve seen hundreds of them, I walked into Ed Barnes’s office one time and I found out that he had over 500 mottos done up in beautiful cards, hand written every one of them, must have cost him a small fortune I walked into my friend Jennings Randolph’s office when he was in Congress in Washington and I found he had all of the walls of his congressional office covered with the pictures of men whom he considered great, he did that live in the environment of the great, in the environment of things that kept his mind positive Start in where you are, in your home, in your business, in your office, wherever you stay the most, maybe it’s in your bedroom the side you sleep every night So I did learn to put up something that’s will give you a positive thought just before we go to bed, and it will remind you every time you go in there You’ll be surprised at how much good it’ll do you Well the first half of the evening is devoted to going the extra mile, and of course as you know that means the rendering of more service and better service and you’re paid to render, doing it all the time and doing it in a pleasant pleasing mental attitude One of the reasons why there are so many failures in the world today is that the majority of people do not even go the first mile let alone the second one, and oftentimes if they do go the first mile they gripe as they go along and make themselves darn nuisance – [Student] No – [Napoleon] People wrong (students laughing) I said darn nuisance I suppose you know the type ’cause that doesn’t apply to any of you because if you are like that before you got into this philosophy, you’re going to get over it very fast I don’t know of any one quality or trait that can get a

person an opportunity quicker than to go out of his way or her way to do somebody a favor Do something useful It’s the one thing that you can do in life that you don’t have to ask anybody’s privilege of doing it As a matter of fact, on that if you’re going to be free and independent and self determining and financially independent in old age, you might just as well make up your mind that you can never be that unless by a stroke of good luck, rich uncle or rich aunt die or something of that sort, unless you form the habit of going the extra mile and make yourself as near indispensable as you possibly can I don’t know of any way that anybody can make himself or herself in indispensable except by going the extra mile, by rendering some sort of service that you’re not expected to render and rendering it in the right sort of a mental attitude Now that mental attitude is important If you gripe about going the extra mile the chances are they’d want to bring you very many returns Where do I get my authority do you suppose for emphasizing this principle of going the extra mile, what causes me to emphasize that? – [Student] Experience – [Napoleon] I get it by looking around and watching the way nature does things and anytime that you can follow the way or the habits of nature you’re not going to go wrong And stated conversely anytime that you fail to recognize the way nature does things and do not go along you are going to get into trouble sooner or later it’s just a question of time Because you do have, there is an overall plan which this universe operates, and that no matter what you call the first cause or that plan of the operator of it, or the creator of it, no matter what you call it, the resultant there’s just one plan, there’s just one set of natural laws, and it’s up to every individual to discover what those natural laws are and adjust himself favorably to them And certainly if there is one thing that stands out above all others in nature is that nature requests and demands that every living thing go the extra mile in order to eat, in order to live, in order to survive Man wouldn’t survive one season if it were not for this law of going the extra mile Don’t render a service, a million dollars worth service a day and then expect to go and get a check for it tomorrow, in other words if you start out to render a million dollars worth of service, you can perhaps have to render a little bit at a time and you’ll have to get your self recognized While you’re going through that period of recognition the chances are that you’ll not be compensated for going the extra mile, chances are you’ll have to go the extra mile quite a little while before anybody takes notice of you But always be careful if you don’t go the extra mile too long without someone taking notice of you and if the right fellow doesn’t take notice, look around until you find the right fellow who will That’s about the equivalent to saying, if your present employer doesn’t recognize you if you work for an employer well, fire the employer sooner or later, and let his competitor know what kind of service you’re rendering Won’t hurt your chances a bit, I assure you it won’t, have a little competition is going on Nobody ever accepts a rule or does anything without a motive and I have outlined here in this lesson, a great variety of reasons why you should go the extra mile, I’m going to make comments on them What do I mean by the law of increasing returns? – [Student] Limited benefits – [Napoleon] Benefits, yes (indistinct) Well substantially the law of increasing returns means that you get back more than you give up, whether it’s good or whether it’s bad, whether it’s positive or whether it’s negative, and that’s the way the law of nature works Whatever you give out, whatever you do to or for another person, or whatever you give out from yourself, comes back to you multiplied, greatly multiplied in kind, no exception to that whatsoever Again there is the question of timing The coming back process doesn’t always come back very quickly sometimes it’s longer than you expect, but you may be sure that if you send out some negative influence that it’s going to come back on you sooner or later and you may not recognize what caused it but it’ll come back, it won’t overlook you, that law of increasing returns is eternal, it’s automatic, it’s working all the time, and it’s just as inexorable as the law of gravitation, there’s nobody in the world that can circumvent it, or go around it, or have it suspended for one moment, it’s operating all the time The law of increasing returns means that when you go out of your way to render more service and better service and you’re paid to render, it’s impossible for you not to get back more than you really did because eventually that law of increasing returns takes care of that If you’re working for a salary for instance, it takes care of it in additional wages, in greater responsibilities, in promotions, in opportunities that will come to either go into business for yourself in a thousand different ways it’ll come back and oftentimes this coming back process doesn’t come back from the source to which you render the service Don’t be too afraid to render service to a greedy buyer,

or a greedy greedy employer, it makes no difference to whom you render this service, if you render it in good faith and good spirit, and keep on doing it as a matter of habit, it’s just as the impossible for you not to be compensated as it is to be or not to be at the same time Well that law of increasing returns now just remember, that when you start applying this principle, that you don’t have to be too careful about the person whom you render it, as a matter of fact what you should really do is to apply this principle with everybody you come into contact no matter who it is, strangers and acquaintances and business associates and relatives alike Make it your business to render useful service wherever you touch human relations in any shape, form or fashion, because the only way that you can increase the space that you occupy in the world, and by the space that you occupy I don’t mean necessarily that your physical space but the mental and spiritual space as well will be determined by the quality and the quantity of the service that you render The quality and the quantity plus the mental attitude in which you render, now those are the determining factors and say how far you will go in life, how much you’ll get out of life, how much you’ll enjoy life and how much peace of mind you’ll have And next, it brings one to the favorable attention of those who can and often do provide opportunities for self promotion, the favorable attention of people You go into any organization and if you’re alert minded and take notice you’ll find out who the people are that are going the extra-mile, you’ll find out very quickly And also if you watch the procedure and the records of those people who are going the extra mile you’ll find that when there are promotions around, they’re the ones that get the promotions, they don’t have to ask for them, it’s not necessary at all, because the employers are just naturally looking around for people who will go the extra mile And next it tends to permit the one to become indispensable in many different human relationships and therefore enables one to command more than the average compensation But I’ll tell you one thing that’s not in my notes that it does, and I want you to know this It does something to your soul inside of you, makes you feel better And if it doesn’t do a single, if there’s not another reason in the world why you should go the extra mile I’d say that would be adequate You know there are a lot of things in life to cause us to have negative feelings, causes unpleasant experience and feelings, lot of things in life, this is one thing that you can do for yourself that’ll always give you a pleasant feeling, and if you go back in your own experiences I’m sure that you remember that you never did a kind thing for anybody that you didn’t get a great deal of joy of, maybe the other fella didn’t appreciate it, that’s in unimportant, it’s just like love To have loved alone is a great privilege, and it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever whether your love is returned by the other person You’ve had the benefit by the the emotion of love itself, and so it is by the principle of going to extra mile It’ll do something to you, it’ll give you greater courage, it’ll enable you to overcome inhibitions, and inferiority complexes that you’ve been storing up back down through the years Just this stepping out and making yourself useful is all about it And don’t be too surprised when you do something courteous or useful to somebody who’s not expecting it and they look at you in a quizzical sort of way as much as to say well, I just wonder why you’re doing that Some people will be a little bit surprised when you go out of your way to be useful to them Also it leads to mental growth and physical perfection in various forms of service thereby developing greater ability and skill in one’s chosen vocations If you’re delivering a lecture, or making up your notebook, or filling your job, whatever it is and that you do in life that you’re going to repeat make up your mind that every time you do it you will excel all previous efforts on your part In other words you’re a constant challenge to yourself, and you’ll find how quickly and how rapidly you will grow if you’ll go at it in that way I have never delivered a lecture in my life that I didn’t intend to deliver it better than I did previously I don’t always do it, but that’s my intention, and it makes no difference what kind of an audience I have, whether I have a big class or a small class, I don’t often have small classes but sometimes I have had small classes, but I’m just as much into a small class as a big one Not alone because I wanna be useful to my students, but because I wanna grow and I wanna develop, and out of effort, out of struggle, out of use of your faculties comes growth And then it enables one to profit by the law of contrast, had you ever thought about that?

And I’ll tell you right now you won’t have to advertise that one very much because it’ll advertise itself, ’cause the majority of people around you are not going to be going the extra mile and that’s all to the good for you If everybody went the extra mile, this would be a grand world to live in, but you couldn’t cash in on this principle of definitely you can now, because you’d have tremendous amount of competition, but don’t worry you’re not gonna have it I can assure you you’re not Practically be in the class by yourself, there will be some cases perhaps where people with whom you’re working, or with whom you’re associated will be showing up for not going the first mile let alone the second one, and they won’t like it Of course you’re gonna cry and all or even quit and go back to your old habits just because the other fella doesn’t like what you’re doing or are you? – [Students] No – [Napoleon] Of course not Listen ladies and gentlemen, it’s your individual responsibility in this world to succeed that’s your sole responsibility, and you can’t afford to let anybody’s ideas or idiosyncrasies or notions get in the way of your success you can’t afford to do that You should be fair, you should be just with other people but beyond that you’re under no obligation to let anybody’s opinion or either you stop you from going out and being successful I’d like to see the person that could stop me from being successful I just like to take a look at him, see what he looks like, and I want you to feel that way about it too I want you to make up your mind that you’re going to put into these laws into operation, and that you’re not gonna let anybody stop you from doing it Also it leads to the development of a positive, pleasing, mental attitude which is among the more important traits of a pleasing personality, not among the more important, it is the most important one as a matter of fact, it’s the first trait of a pleasing personality as you will see when you get to that lesson A positive mental attitude Isn’t it a marvelous thing to know what you can do to change the chemistry of your brain so that you’re positive instead of negative? Isn’t it a wonderful thing to know that you can do that so easily How, for getting in that frame of mind where you wanna do something useful the other fellow without rendering services with one hand and picking his pocket with the other while you’re doing it Doing it just because of the goodness that you get out of doing it, knowing that eventually if you render more service and better service than you’re paid to render, sooner or later you will be paid for more than you do and paid willingly, that’s the way the law works, that’s the law of compensation, and that’s an eternal law it never forgets, it has a perfectly marvelous bookkeeping system, and you may be sure that when you’re giving out the right kind of service and the right kind of a mental attitude that you’re piling up credits for you somewhere they’ll come back to you multiplied sooner or later Also it tends to develop a keen alert imagination, because it is a habit which keeps one continuously seeking new and more efficient ways of rendering useful service, now that’s an important thing isn’t it? It develops your imagination because you begin to look around and to see how many places, how many ways and means there are of helping other people, to find themselves And in helping the other fella to find himself, you find yourself Incidentally one of the most outstanding things that I discovered in my research was when you have a problem, or an unpleasant situation and you don’t know how to solve it, you’ve done everything you know, you’ve tried every source that you know anything about and you’re still at a stalemate, there is always one thing that you can do, and if you do that one thing the chances are that you not only will solve your problem, but you’ll learn a great lesson What is that one thing that you can do- – [Students] Find somebody that you can- – [Napoleon] Find somebody who has an equal or a greater problem and start where you stand, then and there to help that other person, and lo and behold it unlocks in you something, some cells of the brain, it unlocks some cells that permits infinite intelligence to come into your brain and give you the answer to the solution of your problem Now I don’t know why that works, but do you know how I know that it does work? You know why I can make that statement so positive and not disqualify it? You know how I arrived at that decision? (muffled speech) By trying it out hundreds and hundreds of times myself, and by seeing it tried out a hundreds and hundreds of times by my students whom I have recommended to do that same thing What a simple thing that is I don’t know what it does to you? I don’t know why it works A lot of things in life I don’t know, a lot of things you don’t know and some that you do know that you don’t do much about

Now this is one of them that I don’t know anything about but I do something about, I follow the law because I know that if I need my own mind to be opened up to receive opportunities, the best way in the world open it up is to start looking around to see how many other people I can help And also it develops that important factor of personal initiative, you know gets you to habit of looking around for something useful to do and going out and doing it without somebody telling you to do it And that’s a mighty important thing You know that old man procrastination is, he’s a sorrow old bird, and he causes a lot of trouble in this world, people putting off things to the day after tomorrow which they should have done day before yesterday And we’re all guilty of it, every one of us I’m not free of it I know, and I know you’re not I’m free rather than I was a few years back I’ll tell you that I can find a lot of things to do now Why do I find them because I get joy out of doing them, and any time you’re going the extra mile you’re gonna get joy out of what you’re doing otherwise you won’t be going the extra mile And it’s going to develop this quality of personal initiative and over time you overcome this quality of procrastination It also serves to build the confidence of others in one’s integrity and general ability, and it aids one in mastering the destructive habit of procrastination It develops definiteness of purpose without which one cannot hope for success, that alone will be enough to justify it It develops definiteness of purpose, it gives you an objective, so as you don’t go round and round in circles like a goldfish in a bowl always coming back to where you started with nothing that you didn’t start out with Definiteness of purpose comes out of this business going the extra mile And I’ll tell you another thing that does, it’s not in my notes It enables you to make your work a joy instead of a burden, in other words you get to where you love it, and I think maybe that if you’re not engaged in the labor of love and life, you’re wasting a lot of your time I think one of the greatest joys in the world is once being permitted to engage in the thing that he would rather do, than all other things And surely when you’re going the extra mile you’re doing just exactly that because you don’t have to do it Nobody expects you to do it, nobody asked you to do it Certainly no employer would ask the employees to go the extra mile or he might ask to help out once in a while, but it’s a regular thing he wouldn’t do that So it’s something that you do on your own initiative, and it gives dignity to the labor, gives dignity even or do nothing but digging a ditch, and you’re doing it well, you’re helping somebody, you have certain dignity attached to that takes the fatigue and the unpleasantness out of the labor What is the most important application you ever made in your life of this business of going the extra mile out of which you got the greatest amount of joy? Think hard please Tell me – [Female Student] Being married – [Napoleon] What? – [Female Student] Being married – [Napoleon] Being married, lesson is getting pretty hot (laughs) How about before getting married? – [Students] Study – [Napoleon] Yeah, believe me I’ve spent a lot of time burning midnight oil and later than that, and I didn’t consider it hard work at all Also it was my own idea I’d only use my initiative but I got a lot of joy out of doing it and I made it pay off Marvelous thing how long you can go when you’re courting the girl of your choice or being courted by the man of your choice, marvelous how much sleep you can lose and still not be seriously hurt by it (students laughing) Wouldn’t be a wonderful thing if you could put the same attitude in though your relations with people professionally or in the business that you put in the courtship, wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? And wouldn’t this be a wonderful world to live in We’re gonna start back sparking again (student laughing) It’s gonna start at home with our own mates Believe me I couldn’t begin to tell you the number of married couples that I’ve started on a new sparking spree, and they get a lot of joy out of it, saves a lot of friction a lot of argument, cuts down expenses (students laughing) Go ahead and laugh Do you good Now I don’t mean to be facetious about this, I mean I’m very serious about it when I say that, that is one of the finest places in the world to start going the extra mile When you start going the extra mile with somebody that you haven’t been going with, sit down have a little serious talk with them, just tell them that you’ve changed your attitude and you want a mutual agreement for both partners to change the attitude, from here on all of us are going the extra mile, we’re going to relate ourselves together on a different basis where we’ll all get joy out of it and get more peace of mind,

and more happiness in living Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if you went home tonight and had that kind of a speech with your mate? Yes, it would be wonderful right? It wouldn’t hurt It might help Now the mate might not be impressed by it but you will be Nothing to hinder you from enjoying it And that person in business that you haven’t getting along so well there now, if you went in tomorrow morning with a smile and walked over to him or her and took his hand and shook hands and said now listen pal, from here on now let you and I enjoy working together What would you say? (muffled speech) Wouldn’t work huh? oh yes it would Oh yes it would You try it and see Try it and see You know there’s a little thing that we have called pride and there’s one thing that does more damage in this world than any other one, it’s that little thing called pride Don’t be afraid to humiliate yourself if it’s going to be a little better human relations with the people that you have to associate with all the time (upbeat music) All of those remarks in the last five minutes are not in my notes but I’ll tell you where they were, they were in my heart Thank you (applause) And one of the reasons why you and I get along so well is it very often I deviate from my notes and go down into my heart and dig up things for you that I want you to have, little morsels of food for your souls I want you to have because I know they’re good I know they’re good because I know where I got them and what they’ve done for me down through the years Also going the extra mile is the only thing which gives one the right to ask for promotions or more pay, did you ever stop to think about that? You don’t have a leg to stand on in going into the purchaser of your services or asking for more money or for promotion to a better job unless for some time previously you have been going the extra mile, doing more than you’re paid for, because obviously if you’re doing no more than your paid for then you’re being paid for all you’re entitled to aren’t you? Certainly you are So you have to first start going the extra mile and putting the other feller on the obligation to it before you can ask any favors, I’ll tell you none of it If you have enough people whom you have put under obligations to you by going the extra mile when you need some favor you can always turn one direction rather and get it, it’s a nice thing to know that you have that kind of credits hanging around isn’t it? I want you to have that kind of credit with other people, and I want to teach you the technique by which you can do that We get our cues to the soundness of the principle of going the extra mile by observing nature, and here’s quite a bit of illustration regarding that You will see that nature goes the extra mile by producing enough of everything for her needs together with an over plus for emergencies and waste The blooms on the trees, fishes in the seas, in the water, you don’t just produce enough fish to perpetuate the species she produces enough to feed the snakes and the alligators and everything else and those that died of natural causes are still enough to perpetuate the species Nature is most bountiful in her business of going the extra mile and in return, she is very demanding in seeing that every living creature goes the extra mile Bees are provided with honey as compensation for their services and fertilizing the flowers in which the honey is attractively stored, but they have to perform the service to get the honey and it must be performed in advance Nature you’ve heard it said that the birds of the air and the beasts of the jungle neither we’ve more spin but they always live and eat But you know if you observe wildlife at all, they don’t eat without performing some sort of service without working, without doing something before they can eat Take a flock of a common oil cornfield crows for instance, they have to organize, they have to have sentinels to put on further protection, they travel in flocks, they have sentinels, they have codes by which to warn one another, they have to do a lot of educating before they can even eat safely And nature requires man to go the extra mile, he’s got to go out and he’s going to have food, and all food comes out of the ground, and if he’s going to have food, he’s got to plant seed, he can’t live entirely on what the nature plants Not in civilized life you can’t, at least over on the islands where some places were not civilized I suppose they depend on eating raw coconuts in handy, but in civilized life we have to plant our food in the ground, we have to clear the ground first, we have to plow it, we have to harrow it, we have to fence it, we have to protect it against predatory animals and so forth,

all of that cost labor and time and money, and all that has to be done in advance or you’re not going to eat I wouldn’t have any trouble at all selling this idea that nature makes everybody go the extra mile to a farmer, he knows that beyond any question of doubt He knows every minute of his life, that if he doesn’t go the extra mile, he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t everything to sell A new employee for instance going into a new job can’t come right in the middle then start going the extra mile and then immediately demand the top wages, or the best job in the place, it doesn’t work out that way You have to establish a record, a reputation, you have to get yourself recognized and received in this business of going the extra mile before you can begin to put pressure on to get compensation back As a matter of fact, if you go the extra mile in the right sort of mental attitude the chances are a thousand to one you’ll ever have to ask for compensation according to the service you render because it’ll be attended to you automatically In a way of promotions, in the way of increased salary, and throughout the whole universe everything has been so arranged through the law of compensation, so accurately described by Emerson, that nature’s budget is balanced so to speak, everything has its opposite equivalent to something else Positive and negative in every unit of energy, day and night, hot and cold, success and failure, sweet and sour, happiness and misery, man and woman, everywhere and everything one may see the law of action and reaction in operation Everything you do, everything you think, every thought that you release causes a reaction If not on somebody else on the person releasing the thought because you never as a matter of fact when you release a thought you’re not through with it Every thought that you express silently even, becomes a definite part of the pattern of your subconscious mind and if you store in that subconscious mind enough, enough negative thoughts you’ll be predominantly negative And if you follow the habit of releasing all of the positive thoughts your subconscious pattern will be predominantly positive and you will attract to you the things all of the things that you want, if you’re negative you repel the things that you want and attract only the things you don’t want, that’s a law of nature too And this business of going the extra mile is one of the finest ways that I know of of educating your subconscious mind to attract to you the things you want, and to repel the things you don’t want You can put it down as an established fact that if you neglect to develop and apply this principle of going the extra mile you will never become personally successful and you will never become financially independent The reason I happen to know it sound is you see I’ve had a great privilege over you that you haven’t had yet but you will have in time I had the privilege of observing a great many thousands of people some of whom applied the principle going the extra-mile and some of whom did not, and I have had the privilege of finding out what happened to those who did and those who didn’t, and I know beyond any question of a doubt that nobody ever rises above ordinary or stations in life or mediocrity without the habit of going the extra mile it just doesn’t happen If I have discovered one case, just one case where somebody went on to the top without going the extra mile I would say then there are exceptions, but I am in position to say there are no exceptions because I have never found that one case, and I can definitely tell you from my own experiences if I have been every minute of my life as I have never had a major benefit of any kind in the world that I didn’t get it as a result of going the extra mile Now that’s the thing about what you do, I want you to become self-determining, so you can do these things without the help of anybody That’s the time when the payoff will come to you, when you can go out and do anything in this world that you wanna do and whether anybody wants you to do it or whether they wanna help you or whether they don’t, you can do it on your own I wanna tell you that’s one that greatest most glorious feelings that I know anything about, knowing that device that you’re talking to you, that whatever I wanted to do, I can do it, I don’t have to ask anybody, not even my wife, but if I had to ask her I would, ’cause I’m on good terms with her Then here’s a little item now that’s not to be sniffed at, peace of mind that I got out of all this work coming out of those twenty years of going the extra mile Do you have any idea ladies and gentlemen how many people are in the world at any one time who are willing to do anything for 20 years in succession without getting something back out of it? Do you have any idea how many people there are in this world who are willing to do something three days in succession without being sure they’re gonna get something out of it?

– [Students] No – [Napoleon] You’d be surprised if you found out how few there are, you would be surprised And overlooking one of the grandest opportunities that a human being could possibly have, especially here this country of ours where you really can create our own destiny, where we can express ourselves in any way that you wanna do, speech is free, activities are free, education is free, a wonderful opportunity to get right here and go the extra mile in any direction you wanna travel And yet most people are not doing it I have seen the time when there were not so many people interested in the possible, they were prosperous, they were doing all right, there had no troubles to speak out, today everybody almost has troubles, or thinks he has Now do you know what I do instead of finding out what’s wrong with the rest of the world, you know how I put in my time? – [Student] Find out what to do (indistinct) – [Napoleon] Yes, I try to find out what I can do to correct this guy here, if I have to eat with him, I have to sleep with him, I have to shave in space every morning, I have to wash his face, I have to give him a bath now and then, why you know have no idea all the things I have to do for him, and I have to live with the guy 24 hours a day So I put in my time trying to improve myself and through myself trying to improve my friends and my students, by writing books and by delivering lectures, and by teaching and by in other ways And you know it pays off very much better than what if I said out and took the old tree over the papers and read all of the murder stories, all of the divorce canvas, of everything that blades him to cross the pages every day I’m still talking about this fella in the podium here who didn’t have sense enough not to decline Andrew Carnegie’s offered to work 20 years for nothing In his declining years there will be years of happiness because of the seeds of kindness and help he hold in the hearts of others That’s a wonderful thing You know if I had my life to live over again, I’d live it just exactly the way I have, I’d make all the mistakes I’ve made, I’d make them at the time in life when I made them, back early so I’d have time enough to correct some of them, and that period during which I would come into peace of mind and understanding would be in the afternoon of life, not in the forenoon, because I could spend it, I can take it you when you’re young you can take it, but when you pass the noon hour and you’re going to the afternoon your energies are not as great oftentimes as they were before your physical energy sometimes your middle capacity is not as great, and you can’t take as much trouble as you can in your days of your youth, and you haven’t got so many years left to correct the mistakes that you made So to have the tranquility, the peace of mind that I have today in the afternoon of life is one of the great joys that has come out of this philosophy and if you ask me what has been my greatest conversation I would say that’s it, because there’s so many people at my age, and even much younger than that, who haven’t found peace of mind and never will, they never will because they’re looking for it in the wrong place, they’re not doing anything about it, they’re expecting somebody else to do something about it for them And that peace of mind is something that you’ve got to get for yourself, you’ve got to earn it first of all That’s how anybody can get peace of mind, and you’d be surprised where you have to really start looking for it, not for the average person looking for it, out there in the joys of what money will buy out there the joys of recognition and fame and fortune what have you not there, but in the humility there one individual’s own heart I get peace of mind mostly in that third inner wall as I described to you where the wall is as high as eternity, where I grew in from meditation many times each day, there’s where I get my real peace of mind and I can always withdraw into that inner wall, cut out every earthly influence and commune with the higher forces of the universe What a grand thing that is, and anybody can do that, you can do that, you get through this philosophy you’ll be able to anything you wanna do just as well or better than anything I can do, and I’m hoping incidentally about every student that I turn out will eventually excel me in every way that I know where possible, maybe in writing books, maybe you take up where I left off and write better books than I wrote, why not, I haven’t said the last word in my books or in my lectures or in anything else, matter of fact I’m just a student, just a student, I think a fairly intelligent student, but just a student on the path, and the only state of perfection that I have is that I have actually found peace of mind and how to get it Engaging at least one act of going the extra-mile every day, now you could choose your own circumstance if it is nothing more than telephoning an acquaintances and wishing him good fortune You’ll be surprised what will happen to you when you begin to call up your friends that you have been neglecting for some time and just hear you say, well hello, you were on my mind, I was thinking about you and I just wanted to call up and say how do you do, and I hope you were feeling as good as I am, you’d be surprised on what that’ll do to you

and what they’ll do to the friend too, and it doesn’t have to be a close personal friend, just has to be somebody you know, or you may relieve some friend from duty for half an hour or so, have some neighbor sent over his children while he attends the movies or you might do a little babysitting for one of your neighbors, you’re gonna be at home anyway, maybe you’ve got some children of your own, maybe you know some neighbor that would like to get off and go down to the movies which you can’t get away from your children, oh I know the children are noise and they probably fight with your children, but if you were a real diplomat you keep them apart, she’ll be under obligations to you and you feel that you’ve really been kind by helping out somebody who otherwise wouldn’t have had a little freedom So you’d be a nice thing for some of you people who don’t have any children and say well, could I come over and babysit for a while you go out, why don’t you and your husband go on a little courtship, go out to the movie, go to a show let me come over babysit for you Well of course you have to know your neighbors pretty well in order to do that Certainly most of you would have some neighbor that you could approach on some such basis as that and they wouldn’t think you were crazy (student laughing) It’s not so much what you do to the other fellow it’s what you do to yourself by finding ways and means of going the extra mile in little ways, did you know that both the successes in life and the failures are made up of little things, very little things, so a little in fact that often times they’re overlooked, the real reasons for success is overlooked because the things that make success are so such small even seemingly insignificant things I know some people so popular they couldn’t have an enemy, they just couldn’t have an enemy, and one of them is my distinguished to business associate Mr. Stone, always going the extra mile and look at how prosperous he is, look how many people are going the extra miles for him There are a lot of people who if they didn’t make good money working for Mr. Stone if they had to do it they’d pay him a salary to work for them And I know I heard one say just that, and he’s become immensely wealthy himself working for Mr. Stone, he said if I didn’t make money out of working for him I’d pay him if I had to it’d be just for an association with him And Mr. Stone’s not different from you or me or anybody else except to these metal attitude toward people, toward himself, he makes it his business to go the extra mile sometimes people take advantage of that, don’t act fairly with him, I’ve seen that happen too He doesn’t worry about that too much, in fact he doesn’t worry about anything at all period Because he’s learned to adjust himself to life in such a way that he gets great joy out of living, it’s great joy other people Or you may write a letter to some acquaintances offering him encouragement In your job you may do a little more than you’re paid to do, stay a little longer on the job, make some other person a little more happy Thank you very much (applause) I wanna introduce you to the most wonderful person in the world, that’s the person sitting in your seat right now, and when you come in to break down that person point by point, well in accordance with these 25 factors that go to make a queasy personality you’ll find out just exactly where you’re wonderful and why, and I’m going to ask you as I go along, grade yourself, the rating that you think you’re entitled to and it can be anything from zero to 100%, then when you get through add up the total and divide it by the twenty five traits and that will give your average rating on the pleasing personality, and if you rate all the way through a general rating of 50% you’re doing very fine Some of you rate much higher than that I hope Now the first trait of a pleasing personality always is a positive mental attitude because nobody wants to be around the person who’s negative and no matter what other traits you may have, if you don’t have a positive mental attitude at least when you’re in the presence of people you’re not going to be considered to have a pleasing personality Now rate yourself on that anywhere from zero to 100, if you can rate 100 on that you will be up in the class with Franklin D. Roosevelt, that’s pretty high And the next rule is on flexibility, what do I mean by flexibility? I mean the ability to learn to adjust yourself to the varying circumstances of life without going down under them You know there are a lot of people this world who are so stayed in their habits and their mental attitude that they cannot adjust to anything that’s unpleasant, or anything that they don’t agree with Do you know why Franklin D Roosevelt was one of the most if not the most popular president we’ve had in our generation? Because he could be all things to all people

I have been in his office when senators and congressmen would come in there ready to cut his throat and they go out singing his praises Just because of the metal attitude and which he received, in other words he adjusted himself to their mental attitude and he didn’t get mad at the same time the other fella did, that’s a mighty good way of adjusting to himself, learn to be flexible enough not to get mad when the other fellow is mad You wanna get mad do it on your own account, when the other fella is in the good humor and you’ll have a much better chance of not getting hurt Flexibility, I’ve seen presidents of the United States come and go, I’ve been associated with several of them, and I know what this said flexibility can mean in the highest office in the world Herbert Hoover probably was one of the best business executives, based all round executives who have ever had in the White House, and yet he couldn’t possibly sell himself to the people a second time because he was inflexible, he could not bend, he was too static, too fixed Calvin Coolidge was the same way, and Woodrow Wilson to some extent was the same way, he was too austere, too static, too fixed, too correct, in other words he wouldn’t allow anybody to slap him on the shoulder call him Woody, or take any personal liberties with him at all There’s so many things in this life that you have to adjust yourself to temporarily if you’re going to have peace of mind and good health, that you might just as well start now learning to do it, and if you’re not flexible you can become flexible Number three, on the pleasing tone of voice Now that is any important things that you can experiment with A lot of people have harsh tones they talk, they have nasal tones, and they put that something into the tone of voice that irritates other people You take any monotonous speaker for instance, does not have personal magnetism, does not know how to give pitching tone to his voice, and he’ll never get his audience in a million years if he tried You’ve got to learn to, if you’re going to teach, if you’re going to lecture, if you’re going to any public speaking or even good conversation, you’ve got to learn to give a pleasant pleasing tone than your tone of voice If you can’t do that now, you can do it by a little bit of practice, oftentimes by simply lowering your voice, not talking too loudly, you can give it that something that is pleasing to the ear I don’t think that anybody can teach another person how to make his tone of voice pleasing, I think you have to do that yourself, you have to do it by experimenting, but first of all before you do it you have to feel pleasing How could you use a pleasure tone of voice when you felt angry for instance Or when you didn’t like the person that you were talking to how could you do it? Well you can, it’s not too effective unless you really feel inside of either way you’re expressing yourself Well now all those are things they’re carefully studied techniques that you have to acquire if you’re going to make yourself pleasing and consequently there I don’t know if anything will pay off better than the be pleasing in the eyes of other people It’s just one of those things that you can’t get along without Tolerance, now what does that mean? You know a lot of people don’t understand the full meaning of tolerance, that means an open mind on all subjects, toward all people at all times, an open mind Now if I read your minds not closed against anybody or anything you’re always willing to hear the last word, or to hear additional word about anything Now you’ll be surprised at how few people there are in this world with open minds, some of them are close to that you couldn’t open them with a crowbar, you couldn’t get a new idea in there if you tried Did you ever see one of those people who is pleasing, you never did and you never will Have a pleasant pleasing mental attitude, you’ve got to have an open mind because the very minute people find that you have prejudices that involve them and their understanding of religion or politics or economics or anything else, the very minute they find out that you have have a closed mind or any of these things that affect them, they’re going to back away from you Do you have any idea why it is that I can have all of the religion followers of all religions in my classes and get along well with all of them, Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Gentiles, all the races, all the creeps, do you know why it is? – [Student] ‘Cause you love them all – [Napoleon] That’s right, that’s right To me they’re all of one brand, they’re my fellow beings, are my brothers and sisters, that’s why I get along with them I never think of anybody in terms of what he believes politically or religiously or economically, I think of him in terms of what he’s trying to do to better himself and to better somebody else That’s the term that I think of people even that’s why I get along so well I didn’t used to do that, an open mind, what a marvelous thing it is to be able to be in possession of you so you can keep your mind open,

and if you don’t keep it open, you’re not going to learn very much if you have a closed mind you’ll find that you you’ll miss out on a lot of information, a lot of facts that you need that you couldn’t get without an open mind And then something it does to you inside to have your mind closed up against anybody or anything, see that you have the last word, you don’t want any more information That means you’ve ceased to grow, the very moment you close your mind on any subject, you say that’s the last word I want no more information and then you cease to grow A keen sense of humor What I mean by keen sense of humor is you have to have a disposition, if you don’t have it you have to cultivate it, so that you can adjust yourself to all these unpleasant things that come along in life without taking them too seriously I think I told you about the motto that I saw in the office of Dr. Franklin once, he impressed me very much and especially finding it in the office of a preacher, it said, don’t take yourself too damn seriously (laughs) And he explained to me what that word damn mean, he said just exactly what it said If you take yourself too seriously you’re damning yourself that’s obvious isn’t it So it wasn’t a profane word after all And I like it, I like it, I still like it I think it’s a good motto for anybody, not to take himself too seriously And incidentally one of the finest tonics that you can take is to have a good laugh at least several times a day, a good part of that If you don’t have anything laugh at, cook up something, look at yourself in a glass for instance (students laughing) You’ll always get a laugh out of that, and you’d be surprised at how to change the chemistry of your mind right while you’re doing it If you’ve got troubles they’ll melt away and they won’t seem nearly as big when you’re laughing as when you’re crying Keen sense of humor, what a marvelous thing it is I don’t know that my sense of humor is what you call keen, but it’s alert, I can get some fun out of almost any circumstance in life I used to get a lot of punishment over some circumstances that I now get fun out of because I have oiled up and made my sense of humor a little bit more alert than it used to be Then next the frankness of manner and speech With discriminative control of the tongue at all times based upon the habit of thinking before you speak Now most people don’t do that, they speak first and think or regret afterwards What I want everything it is in your conversation for instance if you just before you utter any kind of an expression for anybody figure out whether it’s going to benefit the person that’s listening or damaging Whether it’s going to benefit you or damage you, and if you just follow those two simple rules I would say that half of the things that you say that you wish you hadn’t said you will never say them If you do a little weighing and a little thinking before you open your mouth and start speaking A lot of people who zip their mouths going and go off and leave them, they forget what they said because they weren’t there, and they’re almost always in difficulty with somebody Right niche of manner in speech, now that doesn’t mean that you have to tell everybody exactly what you think of because if you do that you have no friends But frankly it’s not being evasive, not engaging in double-talk, nobody likes a double talker, nobody likes a person who’s always evasive and never expressed an opinion about anything And then number seven, pleasing facial expression You know if you study your facial expression in the marriage, it’s a marvelous thing to see how much more pleasing you can make your facial expression when you try than when you don’t try By smiling a little bit, it’s a marvelous thing to learn to smile when you’re talking to people, you’ll be surprised at how much more effective what you say is when you’re smiling and than when you’re frowning or when you’re looking serious That makes a tremendous difference on the person that’s listening I hate to talk to a person who’s got a serious expression on as if the whole world is all his shoulders, it makes me fidgety I just wish that whatever he’s saying he’d get through with it and go on, but if he limbers up like Franklin D. Roosevelt used to and gives you a little million-dollar smile, even the most trivial thing that he says sounds like music, sounds like wisdom, because what he does to you psychologically, that smile is a marvelous thing Don’t agree with people when you don’t mean it, because monkeys can agree (students laughing) That’s probably in my notes But learn to smile because you feel it, where does a smile take place first, on your lips, your face, or where? – [Students] Heart – [Napoleon] In your heart, where are you feel it, that’s where it takes place You don’t have to be pretty, you don’t have to be handsome, you don’t have, but a smile it’ll decorate you and embellish you no matter who you are,

make your facial expression much more beautiful And then the keen sense of justice toward all people Now a keen sense of justice, in other words being just with another person even when it’s to your disadvantage to do so What a wonderful thing that is and how that does endear you to other people and they know very well that you’re being just with them is costing you something, do it There’s no particular virtue in being just with the other fellow when you’re benefiting by it And you know how, do have any idea how many people there are that are just fair and just honest only when the know it’s gonna come back to them in one way or another, how quickly they’d be dishonest if it is profitable to them to do it? Well I wouldn’t give you the percentage, I’d hate to tell you what I think it is, it’s much too high, people who are like that Keen sense of justice toward all people at all times And then next one, sincerity of purpose Nobody likes a person who is obviously insincere in what he says and does Who is trying to be something that he’s not, who say something that doesn’t represent these inner thoughts and you know that’s true It’s not as bad as I’m out lying but it’s there it’s the first cousin to it lacking of sincerity of purpose Then versatility A wide range of knowledge of people and the world events outside of one’s immediate personal image, do you think a person who doesn’t know anything about except about one thing and you’ll find a person that’s being boresome the moment he gets out of that field Now you don’t have to use your imagination very much to think of somebody that you know of, that he’s got his nose so closely the grindstone in someone things that he knows nothing about anything is going on outside of that, and he’ll not be interesting as a conversationalist nor in any other way unless he has a wide enough a range of things generally to be able to talk to you about the things that interest you You know the best way in the world to make yourself liked by other people? – [ Students] Talk (indistinct) – [Napoleon] Talk to them about the things that interests them, that’s it, and incidentally, if you talk to the other fellow about things that interest him when they get around to talking about things that interest you he’ll be a receptive listener, much more so And then tactfulness in speech and manner Now you don’t have to, in your speech and in your manner, you don’t have to reflect by your mental attitude, by your words everything goes on in your mind, if you do that why everybody you’ll be an open book and everybody can read you and will, and sometimes they’ll read you when you wish they hadn’t Tactfulness in your speech and in your attitude toward other people You can always be tactful, you know like drivers on the road when the other fellow skinned your fenders and you know how tactful they are when they jump out and run around to see how much damage is done, maybe $0.10 where the paint’s been knocked off and they do $100 worth of damage cussing one another out Know some these days I’m going to have an experience of seeing two fellows collide on the highway, and they’re gonna jump out and apologize, each one claiming it wasn’t his fault and one will pay the bill when I do, I don’t know what’s gonna happen to them, but I’m gonna see that some of these days (students laughing) Tactfulness You’ll be surprised how much you can do with people if you’re just tactful with them Oftentimes instead of telling people to do things or asking them do things, requesting them to do things, or demanding them to do things, it might be very tactful and helpful if you requested them and ask them if they would mind doing things Even though you’re an authority to give them an instruction it’s still better to ask if they would mind doing certain things One of the most outstanding employers I ever knew, never gave any of his employees direct instructions, that was Andrew Carnegie, he always asked his associates and his employees, even humblest if they would mind doing something for him, or would it be convenient, or would it be suitable, never ordered them to do anything, asked them always No wonder he got along so well with people, no wonder he was so successful Then the promptness of decision Nobody can be very well-liked and have a very pleasing personality who always puts off making a decision when he has all of the facts before him in order to make the decision right on the spot I don’t mean but that they should go off half-cocked, you should render snap judgments but when they have all of the facts and the time has arrived for a decision get in the habit of making those decisions and if you make one that’s wrong, you can always reverse it, and don’t be too big or too little to reverse yourself when you find out that you should reverse yourself There’s a great advantage in being fair enough with yourself and with the other fellow to reverse yourself if you’ve made the wrong decision And of course I don’t need to make much comment on number thirteen, faith and infinite intelligence you know what’s your base thing is there, you should rate very high If you are following your religion whatever it is faithfully you should rate very high on that one But you’d be surprised how many people are to give lip service to this question of faith and the infinite intelligence and don’t do very much about it

outside of lip service And this lip service is not it’s not so loud that you could hear it very far away, they don’t indulge them in very outstanding acts, backing up their alleged belief in infinite intelligence I don’t know how to create a fuse above but you know I believe that one act an ounce of act is worth a million tons of good intentions I belief just one act (upbeat music) Number 14, appropriateness of words, is it free from slang and why is cracks and profanity I never saw an age when the people indulge in so many wisecracks slang statements, double-talk and all that sort of thing is now, and it may seem smart to the fellow who’s doing it but it’s not smart to the fellow who’s listening He may laugh at it but he’s not gonna be impressed with the fella that engages too much in these wisecracks My saying, appropriateness in words, our English language is not the easiest thing in the world to conquer, to master but it is a beautiful language, it has a wide range of words meanings, and it’s a wonderful thing to be able to control the English language so that you can convey to the other fella precisely what you have in your mind or what you want him to think you have in mind, what you want him to know Then the control enthusiasm you’d say well, why control enthusiasm why not turn it loose and let it run riot well, that’s because you’ll get in danger in trouble if you do Your enthusiasm ought to be handled very much like you handle your electricity now it’s a very wonderful thing it washes dishes, washes your clothes, runs the toaster, maybe cooks your food on the stove, does a lot of things but you handle it with care and you turn it on when you want it and then turn it off when you don’t want it Your enthusiasm should be handled with just as much care, you turn it on when you want to, turn it on then you can just as quickly turn it off If you’re not able to turn it off as quickly as you turn it on, somebody will come along get you all enthused over something that you ought not to be enthused over Did you ever hear that happening? And boy, what a sucker you will be at that time for his prey whatever he wants to do You can be too enthusiastic of the other fella where you wear him out, wear him out pulling down his metal shades and resisting you I have had salesmen come around so enthusiastic that I wouldn’t let him in mp place a second time, because I didn’t wanna go to the trouble of defending myself against him I have heard some speakers, I’ve heard some preachers like that too I wouldn’t wanna follow them because I had too much trouble resisting them I don’t get any notions You know the type I’m talking about, the fellow just absolutely turns his enthusiasm battery loose and goes off and leaves it, and you all you can do is run away from it or try and turn it off, and no matter what he does that’s not going to be popular but the man who can turn on his enthusiasm at the right time, the right amount, and then turn it off at the right time, that’s the man that’s going to be considered to have a pleasing personality and incidentally if you’re not able to to exude enthusiasm when you want to you certainly are not gonna be considered a pleasing personality because there are times when you definitely need it, in teaching, or in lecturing, in speaking or in ordinary conversation, or in sailing or almost anything that you’re doing in the human relationship requires a certain amount of enthusiasm at times And enthusiasm is one of those things you can cultivate, it’s just like all these other qualities, there’s only one quality in here that you can’t cultivate I’ll see if you can find it This was the moment Andrew Carnegie said he could give every one of the others except that one – [Student] Personal magnetism – [Napoleon] Personal magnetism that’s right exactly You’ve got just so much of that even that, that’s subject to control and to transmutation to But that’s something one person can’t give to another Control enthusiasm then good clean sportsmanship, being a sportsman about everything that you’re not gonna win all the time in life, nobody can do that There are gonna be times when you lose, when you lose lose gracefully and graciously Lose and say well, I lost but either maybe it’s the best thing that I did because I’m gonna start looking immediately for that seed of an equivalent benefit the next time one comes to lose, I’m gonna let somebody else lose I’m gonna wise myself up, and then don’t take it too seriously no matter what it is You know during the Depression I had four of my friends commit suicide, two of them jumped off a tall building, one of them shot himself, and another took poison, because they lost their money The two of them at least I lost twice as much as they did,

and I didn’t jump off in a building, I didn’t shoot myself, I didn’t poison myself, what did I do? I said well it’s a blessed fine thing because losing this amount of money now I’ll have to start even earn some more, I’ve been earning some more, I’ll earn some more There’s my mental attitude toward, well stuff I started immediately look if that’s even cool but didn’t disturb me the least I said to myself, if I lose every penny that I have, my last suit I have even my my BVDs, I can always get a barrel from somebody, and starting all over again wherever I get a bunch of people together to listen I’ll be able to start making money Now you can’t how you gonna down a person with that kind of an attitude, no matter how many times they defeat you, you come right up again you’re like a cork you putting it under water buddy can bounce up the moment you take your hand off of him, and if you don’t take your hand off he’ll make you take it off And then this one down here number 17, common courtesy Oh what a marvelous thing that is just kind of an ordinary garden variety of courtesy told everybody People especially toward people that are obviously on a lower plane socially or economically or financially than yourself, what a wonderful thing it is to be courteous to the person to whom you don’t have to be courteous, it’s a wonderful thing It does something to the other fellow, it does something to you I always hate to see anybody lording it over another person nothing gets me upset quicker than to go into a restaurant and have some newly rich or somebody come in and start ordering the waiters around and abusing them Even sometimes they may deserve it but I still I have never learned to like that I’ve always thought that anybody that would abuse another person in public with or without a cause, had something wrong with his machinery, and then something is missing in life, and you would be sure that there is something he’s missing I remember so well when I was living at the Belfry Stretford in hotel in Philadelphia, on that famous trip when I went there to get my publisher the first time, one of the waiters spilled some hot soup right on the back of my neck, and I mean it burned me too Well the head waiter ran over and little while the manager of the hotel was out there and he want to get a doctor I said, well it’s not that serious after all the waiter is still a little soup, if he hadn’t spilled it I’ve gone down my neck now maybe I have to take it Well he said we’ll have your suit cleaned and we’ll do this, we’ll do that, I said no, don’t get upset, I’m the one to get upset and I’m not getting upset about it And that waiter afterward he was off-duty he came up to my room and he said I want to tell you how much I appreciate what you said, you could’ve had me fired because I was just as good as fired and if you hadn’t talked about the way he did I’d been out, and said I couldn’t afford to be fired Well I don’t how much good it did the waiter but it did me a lot of good know that after all there was a man I could have humiliated (applause) As far as I know, I have never intentionally in my whole life humiliated anybody for anything whatsoever, never as far as I know I may have got it done intentionally, and I feel good to be able to say that, I feel good to have that attitude toward people And you know it comes back to me because the people have that attitude toward me too They don’t wanna humiliate me Why, because you get back from people what you send out You’re a human magnet and you’re attracting to you the sum of the substance that goes on in your heart and soul Then appropriateness of personal adornment, and that’s important to anybody in the public life I have never been too fussy about that, I’ve never used formal clothes except on very few occasions Our final cause is time however when it’s appropriate, perfectly appropriate for you to adjust but ordinarily you use good taste and ordinary the best-dressed person is the one that’s dressed so that if you were told to describe how he or she was dressed later on you couldn’t do it You’d say all I know was he looked nice or she looked nice Properness adornment then good showmanship You’ve got to be a showman if you’re going to sell yourself in any walk of life You’ve got to be able to be a good showman, know when to dramatize words, when to dramatize circumstances, no other certain things if you describe them in just ordinary language you take the history of the most outstanding man or if you just gave me bare facts and didn’t dramatize it as you went along wildly you’d fall down flat, you really would, you’ve got to dramatize these things that you’re talking about, these people that you’re doing business with, you’ve got to learn the art of showmanship as you go along, and it’s something you can learn And then I don’t need to mention to you that you should have the habit of going the extra mile we’ve spent a whole evening on that and you’ve got a whole lesson on that, and certainly you can rate yourself on that

And then on temperance and eating, drinking, work and playing and thinking Temperance that means not too much not too little of anything Do yourself just as much damage with eating as you can with drinking liquor, just as much The rule that I go by in all all these things is that I don’t allow anything take charge of me When I was smoking, when I got to the point where the cigars were smoking me then I quit I can take a cocktail, I can take two, I guess I could take three, I don’t remember ever having taken more than that Either socially but I could if I ever found them taking me or if I ever found my being able to resist them I’d part company with them in a hurry I would say I’ve followed the same rule if I were smoking again now, and when I got to the point where they cigars were smoking me I did, I quit, quit right off I wanna be in possession when the inhale all the time, not too much not too little temperance Temperance it’s a marvelous thing There’s nothing so very bad in life don’t you know if you don’t overdo it Then the patience under all circumstances patience, you have to have patience in this word we’re living, it’s a world of competition, you’re constantly being called upon the use your patience and by using patience you learn to time these things so that you get actually out of other people that time works more when the time is more favorable, but if you don’t have patience you try to force the hand of other people you’ll get a no or you get a turn down or a knock down when you don’t want it Patience requires, you require patience in order that you may tie in your relationships with people, and you have to have a lot of patience, you have to be able to control yourself at all times Most people don’t have much patience you know you can take the average person take a majority of people, you can make them mad in two seconds All you’ve got to do say the wrong thing, or do the wrong thing I don’t need to be get angry because somebody says or does the wrong thing, I could if I want to, but it’s my choice I can choose not to get mad Number 23 gracefulness and posture and carriage of the body I came in here like this, of course I’d be very comfortable that’s much easier, but it’s finer we’d stand up like this, look like I can stand straight without leaning on anything Slump around and be careless in your posture, might be one who is not too very particular about his own personal appearance and so forth, it’s a good idea to have gracefulness and posture and carriage of the body And then put it for humility of the heart, based upon a keen sense of modesty Humility of the heart I don’t know of anything as wonderful as have true humility of the heart Because you know when I think about criticizing anybody for anything now, and sometimes there are times when I do have to criticize people, sometimes I have to criticize the people I’m working with, some of not all of them, but I’m always inside of me maybe they don’t hear the inside of you know when I find it necessary for me to express disapproval of anything anybody does I always say inside well God pity us all, and but for the grace of God I’d be the man that I’m over there criticizing, and maybe I’ve done things that 10 times as bad as the thing I’m criticizing him for In other words I try to maintain that sense of humility in my heart regardless of what happens to me that’s unpleasant and regardless of how successful, the more successful I become the more I observe this feeling of humility of the heart Recognizing it after all, whatever success I have is due entirely to the friendly, marvelous love and affection and cooperation of other people, because without that I could never express myself over the world the way I have, I could never have benefited the people that I have, could never have grown the way I have grown had it not been for the love and the affection and the marvelous friendly cooperation of other people, and I couldn’t have gotten that cooperation if I hadn’t adjusted myself to other people in the state of friendliness Last but not least personal magnetism That has reference to the sexy motion of course An inborn trait and the only one of the traits of personality which cannot be cultivated, but it can be controlled and directed to beneficial usage As a matter of fact, the most outstanding leaders, salesmen, speakers, clergymen, lawyers, lecturers, teachers, most outstanding in every field of endeavor as a matter of fact the people who have learned to transmute sexy motion that is to say, convert that great creative energy over into doing the thing that you wanna do most at the time being And that word transmute is something to conjure with it’s something to look up in the dictionary to make sure you understand what it means You’ve got a lot of thinking to do about this and you’re gonna make discoveries about yourself, you’re gonna find out that when you really come down to answering these questions and giving yourself a rating,

that you have certain weaknesses that you didn’t know you had and if you have certain strengths and certain good qualities that you perhaps had undervalued Let’s find out about ourselves to see just where we stand What it is makes us tick, why people like us, why people dislike us And I could take any one of you, and sit down with you by asking you I’ll say not over 20 questions I could leave my finger right on what’s keeping you from being popular if you are not popular, and you can do the same thing that’s what I want you to do I want you to learn to analyze people starting with yourself find out what it is it makes people popular, what it makes them tick and when you do that you have one of the greatest assets that you could possibly imagine Thank you very much (applause) Well we’re on a great lesson tonight, we’re starting out with personal initiative, and this is a great lesson because it’s the action producing portion of this philosophy It wouldn’t make very much difference whether you understood all of the other principles or not, if you didn’t do something about it, now would it – [Students] No – [Napoleon] In other words the value that you’re going to get out of this philosophy will not consist of anything that I will say in these lectures, not consist of anything that I put in my notes nor anything that’s in your lessons or anything is in any of my textbook that you’ll be reading that’s important but the important thing is what you will do about all of this The action you will take to start using this philosophy on your own personal initiative Now there are certain things that certain attributes of initiative and leadership and I want you to start in and grade yourself on them and there’s 31 of them I’m going to make comment on the ones that I consider of greatest importance Incidentally this is a grading of yourself all these qualities will be the first step toward making those qualities your own I don’t believe that I need to make much comment on number one, on a definite major purpose, because obviously if you don’t have an objective in life, a major overall purpose, you have very much personal initiative And that’s one of the most important steps to take is to find out what it is you want to do maybe if you if you’re not sure what you wanna do over a lifetime, let’s find out what you’re going to do this year, the remainder of this year Let’s set our goal not too high perhaps, but and not too far in the distance If you’re in a business, or a profession, or a job, you’re definite major purpose certainly could enable you to step up your income from your services whatever your services may be And then at the end of the year, you can review your record and re-establish your definite major purpose and step it up to something bigger maybe to another one year plan, or maybe to a five year plan But nevertheless that’s starting point for a personal relationship is to find out where you’re going and why you’re going there, what you’re going to do as you get there, and how much you’re going to get out of it financially You know the majority of people in this world could be very successful if they would just make up their minds how much success they want and what terms they want to evaluate success There are a lot of people in this world who want a good position and plenty of money but they’re not quite sure just what kind of a position or what kind of, how much money they want or when they wanna get it Let’s do a little thinking on that subject and grade ourselves on number one, then on number to an adequate motive to inspire continuous action in pursuit of the object of one’s definite major purpose Now study yourself carefully and see if you have an adequate motive, or motives, it will be very much better if you have more than one motive for wanting to attain the object of your major purpose whatever that happens to be, or your immediate purpose Ladies and gentlemen nobody ever does anything without a motive Well now let me restate that, let me restate that, that’s not correct No one outside of the insane asylum or a person who is off balance may do a lot of things without any motive whatsoever but normal people move only on motive, and the stronger the motive is the more active they become and the more apt they are to act upon their own personal initiative You know you don’t have to have an awful lot of brains in this world, you don’t have to be very so very brilliant, you don’t have to have such a wonderful education in order to be an outstanding success if you will only take what little you have, whether it’s little or much and start using it, putting it into operation doing something about it and with it, and of course that calls for initiative And number three, a mastermind alliance, that is to say friendly cooperation at least through which to acquire the necessary power for noteworthy achievement Take the initiative now and find out just how many friends you have that you can count or call on

if you were to need something in the way of cooperation Make a list of them, in your notes make a list of the people that you really truly could turn to if you needed some favor, if you needed an endorsement, if you needed an introduction, maybe if you needed to make a loan of money And incidentally unless you have all the money lying around that you need them time might come and you need to make a loan wouldn’t be very nice to know someone that you could turn to in the case you need, and get the money you need, of course you can always go to a bank, all you have to do is to give a four-for-one security government bonds, and you can get all the money you want But there are times when you want to medium sums perhaps, or you want other favors comparable to the borrowing of money and you need to have somebody, the acquaintance of somebody cultivated so that when you turn to them for favors you can get them But above all, if you are aiming at anything above mediocrity, you need to have a mastermind alliance of one or more people beside yourself, who not only will cooperate with you but who will go out of the way to help you and assist you, who have the ability to do something that will be a benefit to you, and it’s up to you to take the initiative to build those mastermind allies you know they don’t just come along and join you because you’re a good fellow, you have to lay out a plan you have to have an objective, and you have to find the people suitable to make up your mastermind alliance, and then you have to give them an adequate motive for becoming a mastermind ally of yours Now incidentally I happen to know that the vast majority of people do not have a mastermind alliance with other people And don’t be afraid to grade yourself to zero on this one if you don’t have one but next time you come to grade don’t grade zero, grade higher than that And the only way you can grade higher if your grade zero now, is to start in and find at least one mastermind ally that you can attach yourself to right now in the beginning Number four, self-reliance in proportion to the nature of your major purpose Find out just exactly how much self-reliance you have Incidentally when you come to check yourself on self-reliance you may need some help from other people May need some help from your wife or your husband, or your closest friend or somebody who knows you real well You may think you had self-reliance, but do you know how you can tell about how much self-reliance you have, would you be interested in knowing how you can check that very accurately? – [Students] Yes – [Napoleon] All right go back up there to number one and carefully evaluate your definite major purpose, and see just how big that is Or if you have a definite major purpose if you don’t have one or if it’s not outstanding and above anything that you’ve attained up to the present, then you don’t have very much self-reliance and you should rate very low on that If you have the proper amount of self-reliance, you step you’re definite major purpose up or way beyond anything you have ever achieved before and you’ll become determined to attain it Number five, self-discipline sufficient to ensure mastery of the head and the heart and to sustain one’s motives until they are realized Where and when do you need self-discipline most do you think? When you’re on the way up and when everything is rosy, and is going well and you’re succeeding? Is that when you need it? – [Students] No – [Napoleon] I thought you’d call me on that one That’s right, you need self-discipline when things are, when the going is hard, when the outlook is not favorable What kind of self discipline do you need at that point? You need discipline over your mind to the extent that you know where you’re going you know that you have a right to go there, and you know that you’re determined to go there regardless of how hard the going may be, or how much opposition you may meet with, and you’ll need at least enough self-discipline to sustain you through the period when the going is hard instead of quitting or complaining And number six, persistence based on the will to win Do you know how many times the average person has to fail before he quits or decides he wants to do something else? – [Students] One – [Napoleon] Once, if you think you’re generous (students laughing) Once Did you ever hear the fellow who fails before he starts because he knows that there’s no use of starting because he knows he can’t do a thing Did you ever hear him Well that cuts it down below one, you see And would you be interested in knowing that the vast majority of people fail before they start, they actually never make a start, they think of things that they might do but they never do anything about it And did you know also that a vast majority of the people even though they do start at the first opposition they quit or allow themselves to be diverted over to something else I wonder just occurs to me to ask a question, I wonder if you who have been here close to me,

and where we have taken our hair down talking frankly, I wonder if you know what my outstanding asset happens to be – [Female Student] Never give up – [Male Student] Will to win – [Napoleon] Will to win Well, yeah you’re getting hot I have resistance and the will to win, and also the self-discipline with which to stick to a thing the heart all harder when the going is hard Now that is my outstanding quality always has been, it always will be And I wanna tell you without those traits, I never would have completed this philosophy, I never would have been able to have it introduced as widely as it has been, and I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you tonight And what about that trait, is that something you’re born with or is it something that you can acquire? – [Students] Acquire – [Napoleon] Well if you couldn’t acquire there’d be no use of talking about this lesson would there? Certainly you can acquire it, and it’s not very difficult affair What is it that causes the person to be persistent by the way – [Student] Motive – [Napoleon] Yes motive Burning desire, do you know what a burning desire is? Burning desire are back of a motive is what makes people persistent isn’t it A burning desire back of a motive I never think of persistence and the burning desire that I don’t think of my courtships I remember that I put more persistence and more burning desire back of my courtship than anything else that I ever went into in my life And I want to tell you without that I don’t think you get very far in a courtship Well don’t you think you could transmute that emotion over to something else putting it back of your business, or your profession or your job, and have just as much emotional feeling about the painting success in your job as you could about selling yourself to the one of your choice, don’t you think you can do that? You know what that word transmute means by the way, do you? What does it mean? (muffled speech) Fine, fine, marvelous Have you ever tried it on anything or anybody? – [Students] Yes – [Napoleon] Marvelous, marvelous If you haven’t tried it, start trying it Next time you feel moody or discouraged, try to change that over into an emotion of courage and faith you see what a marvelous thing happens to you, you change the whole chemistry of the whole brain, and your whole body, and you’ll be much more effective And number seven is a well-developed faculty of the imagination controlled and directed Do you think those last words are important? – [Students] Yes – [Napoleon] Yes, an imagination not controlled and directed might be very dangerous I once made a survey made an analysis of all of the men in the federal penitentiary of the United States, I did that for the Department of Justice, and you’ll be interested in knowing that the majority of the men in the penitentiary were there because they had too much imagination but was not controlled and directed in a constructive direction Now, imagination is a marvelous thing but if you don’t have it under control and if you don’t direct it to definite ends, constructive ends, it may be very dangerous to you And number eight, the habit of forming definite and prompt decisions By the way do you do that? Do you form definite and prompt decisions when you have all the facts in hand with which to make decisions? – [Students] Yes – [Napoleon] Well I think some of you are just a little bit too modest Well seriously friends, if you do not have the habit of making decisions promptly and definitely clear-cut decisions when all of the facts are in, your loafing on the job, you’re procrastinating, and you’re destroying this very vital thing called personal initiative One of the finest two places the to start practicing personal initiative is to learn to make decisions firmly and definitely and quickly, when once you have all of the facts available Now I’m not talking about snap judgments, I’m not talking about the opinions or snap judgments based upon half-baked evidence, I’m talking about facts, all of the facts on a given subject which are not in your hands and available you should then do something with those facts, you should make up your mind exactly what you’re going to do and not dilly-dally around like so many people do, because if you do that first thing you know you would be in the habit of dilly-dallying around in connection with everything, in other words you’ll not be a person who acts upon his own personal initiative And number- – [Students] Nine (students laughing) – [Napoleon] The habit of basing opinions on facts instead of relying on guesswork How many of you do that? How many of you rely upon the facts instead of guess work?

Well, pretty truthful bunch I think I wonder if you do, I wonder if you recognize how many times you’re acting on guesswork in comparison of the number of times you’re acting upon facts in forming your opinions I wonder if you recognize the importance of making it your business to get at facts before you form an opinion about anything Did you know that you have no right to an opinion about anything at any time anywhere, unless it’s based upon facts or what you believe to be facts Did you know that? And why is that true? Would you tell me why you don’t have a right to do that? (muffled speech) Because you don’t wanna get into trouble, you don’t wanna fail that’s why Of course you can go ahead and have opinions and we all do a bunch, a flock of them You can even give them to somebody else without them asking for them, we do that right along But before you really and truly can safely express an opinion or have one, you must do a certain amount of research and base your opinion upon facts or what you believe to be facts Now we’ll come down to this enthusiasm one number 10 The capacity to generate enthusiasm at will and control Do you know how to generate enthusiasm and will? – [Students] Action, doing, conviction – [Napoleon] What’s back of all this What happens before you start doing anything in connection with enthusiasm? (muffled speech) Yes, you have to feel it don’t you, you have to feel the emotion of it, you have to be quickened and your mind has to be alerted with some definite objective or purpose or motive, and then you do something about that motive You do it with words, with the expression of your face, or by some other form of action That word action is inseparable from other the word enthusiasm, you can’t separate the two Now there are two kinds of enthusiasm, there’s passive enthusiasm with enthusiasm which you feel but you give no expression of it whatsoever And there are times when you need that kind, believe you me, because if you don’t have that kind you disclose to other people what goes on in your mind at times when you don’t want that to happen You take a great leader, a great executive, and while he may have a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, he’ll display that enthusiasm all night to whom he so ever he pleases no matter whatsoever circumstances he pleases He will not just turn it all and go off and leave it, that’s the way you and I do it, or do we? That’s the way the majority of people do, when they have enthusiasm they just turn it on and blubber over at it, and they accomplish nothing Controlled enthusiasm, enthusiasm turned on at the right time and then turned off at the right time is an important thing and your initiative is the only thing that can control that You know if you took that one subject alone, the question of how to turn on an and off enthusiasm, and got the art down fine, you could become a marvelous salesman of anything you might want to sell Did you know that? You really could Did you ever hear of anybody selling anything that didn’t feel enthusiasm of what he’s trying to sell, did you? Did did you ever sell anything that you didn’t have that feeling of enthusiasm over what you were trying to do for the other fellow? You may have thought you did but you didn’t, if you didn’t have that feeling of enthusiasm and on your own initiative then you didn’t make a sale Somebody may have bought something from me because he needed it and had to have it but you had very little to do it, unless you have that feeling that you imparted to him, and how do you impact a feeling of enthusiasm to another person? How do you do that when you’re selling principles? (muffled speech) Must be sold on it yourself, that’s a very good way of putting it In other words it starts inside of your own emotional makeup, you must feel that way If you open your mouth to speak, you must speak with enthusiasm You must put some enthusiasm into your an expression of your face, put on a smile, a good broad one, because nobody speaks with enthusiasm with a frown on his face, the two just don’t go together do they? No they don’t So there’re a lot of things that you must learn about this business of expressing enthusiasm if you’re going to make the most of it and all of them involve your personal initiative, you’ve got to do it nobody can do it for you I can’t tell you how to be enthusiastic, I can tell you what are the component parts of enthusiasm, how to express it but after all the job of actually expressing it is up to you Let’s pass on down to number 12 of tolerance, and you know what tolerance,

what is it? – [Student] Open mind – [Napoleon] Open mind on what? (muffled speech) How many of you are open-minded on everything? Come on (laughs) You really think you are? (laughs) I hate to tell you how far off you are on that one, ’cause you’re friends of mine I wanna keep it that way Open-minded on all subjects, I’ll admit that I’m not I’m not open-minded on all subject I’m open-minded on a lot of subjects the ones I want to be open-minded on, but we shouldn’t, we shouldn’t have any attitude toward anybody under any circumstances unless it’s based upon something to justify that attitude or what we believe to justify at least Do you have any idea how much value you deprive yourself of all the way through life just because you closed your mind against somebody you don’t like whether that person might be the most beneficial person in the world, if you all had an open mind toward him Did you know that one of the one of the costless things in an industrial or a business organization is the closed minds of the people at work, did you know that? If you don’t know that I want you to find it out It’s the most costly thing and any business organization or any industries, the closed minds of the people who work there, close toward one another, close toward opportunities, close towards the people they serve, and close toward themselves When you speak of intolerance you often think of somebody who doesn’t like the other fellow because of his religion or his politics, well that doesn’t scratch the surface of the real meaning of this subject of intolerance It extends to almost every human relationship, and unless you do maintain form the habit of maintaining an open mind on all subjects, toward all people, at all times, you’ll never be a great thinker, you’ll ever have a great magnetic personality, and you certainly will never be very well liked, unless you do have an open mind Did you know that you can be very frank with people whom you don’t like and who do not like you, if they know that you’re sincere and that you’re speaking with an open mind, did you know that? The one thing that people will not tolerate, is to recognize that they’re talking to somebody whose mind is already closed and what they’re saying has no effect whatsoever regardless of how much value there is to, it or how much truth there is to it And there are a lot of people in this world whose minds are so definitely closed on so many things that you couldn’t crack the mind with a sledgehammer and you couldn’t get an ounce of truth in there if you lived 100 years They are just closed up tight, sealed, hermetically sealed Number 13, the habit of doing more than you’re paid for always, how am I to do that? Let me have your hands What’s the matter with the ones who don’t? Is there anything wrong with this habit? Oh that word always (laughs) Alright let’s leave it out How many of you follow the habit of rendering more services, better service than you’re paid to render? Part of the time, part of the time That’s more like it, that’s more like it That’s something in connection with which you certainly have to move on your personal initiative, nobody’s gonna tell you to do that, nobody’s going to expect you to do that, that’s something that’s entirely within your own prerogative But incidentally it’s probably one of the most important, and one of the most profitable sources through which you can exercise your own personal initiative If I had to pick out the time and the place and the circumstance under which you could make use it for your personal initiative most beneficial undoubtedly, it would be in connection with your following the habit of rendering more service and better service than you’re paid to render because you don’t have to ask anybody for the promotion doing that, and also if you do follow that habit, not just do it once in a while that’s not so very effective, but follow the habit, sooner or later the law of increasing returns begins to pile up the dividends for you and when the dividends come back they come back greatly multiplied I wanna tell you when you start living by this principle to going the extra mile you can expect unusual things to happen to you, and they’ll all be pleasant, every one of them (upbeat music) And number 14, tactfulness and a keen sense of diplomacy How many of you have tactfulness and the keen sense of

diplomacy, let me see your hands on that one (laughs) That’s pretty good That is really good Well, now let’s say maybe that definition is little too broad, how many of you are tactful in your conversations with people, just on their conversations, tactful That’s pretty good What do you think about this business of being tactful, is it worth the time it takes to be tactful you think> – [Students] Yes – [Napoleon] You think it is Why? – [Students] It never hurt anyone – [Napoleon] That’s right, now you’re getting at you, get the cooperation of others more easily if you’re tactful You come in and tell me that I’ve got to do something and I say well, I may not just a minute, just a minute maybe I do have to do something good if you put to me that way I’m going to send some resistance right away But if you come in and say to me, I would very greatly appreciate it if you would do something what you knew well in the first place that you had a right to demand on it but you didn’t put it that way One of the most impressive things that I learned from Andrew Carnegie, at the very beginning of my association with him was that he never commanded anybody to do anything, never No matter who the man was that he requested to do something he never asked, he never commanded him, he always asked him if he would do a certain thing Would you please do a certain thing, or will you do the other thing And it’s surprising the amount of loyalty that Mr. Carnegie had from his men, they’d go out of their way for him anytime of the day or night because of his tactics in dealing with them and when it was necessary for him to discipline one of them, he usually invited him all to the house gave him a nice steak dinner real five or six course dinner, really put on the dog and then after dinner they shoot out came when they went over the library, and he started asking questions One of his chief secretary was scheduled to become a member of his mastermind group, and this boy found out that he was scheduled for promotion and went to his head and he commenced to run around with a bunch of high binders in Pittsburgh, people who threw cocktail parties and such, and just in a little while he was taking too much liquor, staying out too late, his eyes were hanging out on his cheeks when he’d come into the morning and Mr. Carnegie let this go on for about three months, and he got invited out on the evening to dinner, and after dinner was over, they went into the library Mr. Carnegie said now, I’m sitting over there in your chair and you’re sitting over here in my chair, I wanna know what you would do if you were in my place, and you had a man scheduled for an important promotion and all of a sudden it seemed to have gone to his head, started running around with fast company, staying up late at night, drinking too much liquor, paying too much attention to everything except his apartment where would you do in the case of that kind, I’m anxious to know This young man said, Mr Carnegie I know you’re going to fire me so you might just as well start and get it over with Mr. Carnegie said, oh no, oh no, if I’d want to fire you I wouldn’t have given you a nice dinner and I wouldn’t have brought you up in my house, so I could done that down the office No I’m not gonna fire you, I’m just gonna have you ask yourself a question and see whether or not you’re not about in the position to fire yourself, maybe you are, maybe you’re closer to it than you realize That man right about this did become one of Mr. Carnegie’s mastermind group and did become a millionaire later on, it absolutely saved him from himself Mr. Carnegie’s tactfulness was out of this world He knew how to handle men, he knew how to get them to examine themselves, it doesn’t do much good for me to examine you, but it might do a lot of good if you examined yourself in connection with your faults, and in connection with your virtues Self analysis is one of the most important forms of personal nature that you can possibly engage in Self analysis, I never let a day go by that I don’t examine myself to see where I have fallen down, where I’m weak, where I can make improvements, what I can do to render more service and better service I examine myself every day, and believe you me this has been going on for a great number of years, and even today I can always find some place where I can improve ,where I can do something better, or something more, it’s a very healthy form of personal initiative And it’s very interesting too, because you finally get down to where you’ll be honest with yourself Do you have any idea how many people are who dishonest with themselves, it’s the worst form of dishonesty

that I know anything about at all Creating alibis in your own mind to support your acts and your deeds and your thoughts, instead of examining yourself and finding out where you’re weak and then bridging those weaknesses, or getting somebody in your mastermind alliance to bridge them for you Now that’s just personal initiative too, and it’s the kind of personal initiative that most people won’t engage in because it involves the self analysis and self-criticism, but which would you rather have? Would you rather have an outsider criticize you and point out your culture would you rather criticize yourself and find them? (muffled speech) Why? (muffled speech) Well, you can be kind of confidential about it, you don’t have to publicize these weaknesses that you find out and you can get them corrected before anybody else finds out about them if you do do a good job, but if you wait until somebody else has to call them to your attention then they become public property don’t they, and they may embarrass you, they may hurt your pride, they may even cause you to build up an inferiority complex if you wait for the other fellows they have to point out your weaknesses to you That’s personal initiative too, finding out what your weak spots are, what it is that caused you to be disliked by other people, why it is you’re not getting ahead as well as some of the other people and where you know you’ve got just as much brains or even more than they have Another marvelous place to take the personal initiative is to compare yourself with other people who are succeeding beyond your success Make comparisons and analysis to see what it is they have that you don’t have You’ll be surprised to find out how much you can learn from the other fella maybe that the fellow you don’t like very well either you can learn something from him If he’s ahead of you he’s doing better than you are, believe you me you can always learn something from the man who is doing better than you are doing Sometimes you can learn something from the fellow who’s not doing as well as you’re doing too, it works both ways You may find out why he’s not doing as well Number 15, the habit of listening much and talking only unnecessary I wonder how many of you listen more than we talk, would you give me your hands And I never yet heard of anybody learning anything while he’s talking, except that maybe he might learn to not talk so much This seems kind of funny but it’s not funny, it’s very serious The vast majority of people do a lot more talking than they do listening, and they seem dead bit on getting the other fella told off instead of listening to see what the other fella has to say that they might profit by Listening much and talking when necessary Think first and talk last And 16, a well-developed sense of observation of details How many of you feel that you have a keen sense of observation of details How many of you feel that you could walk down State Street here or any of these streets in front of marshall fields, just casually walk by and then after you got at the end of the block give a very accurate description of everything you saw on the window Do you think you can do that? I once belonged to a class in Philadelphia directed by a man who was teaching us the importance of observation of small details because he said it was a little details that make up the successes and the failures of life, not the big ones at all the little ones, the ones we usually pass society’s not being important or that we do leave them observe, and as a part of our training he took us out of the hall, took us down the street one block, crossed over the street came up one block and back into the hall and in doing so we passed about 10 stores one of which was a hardware store, and in that hardware store window, I would say there was easily 500 antics And he asked each of us to take a pad of paper and a pencil alone, now mind you giving us just a for our memory, and to put down the things that we saw as we passed along we thought were important And guess how many was the greatest number of things that any of us put down going two blocks, one block down this way crossing up the other side, and covering at least 20 stores Guess how many was the greatest number of things that any of us saw (muffled speech) You’ll be surprised The greatest number of things that anybody had down was 56 And when this man came back, he didn’t have any paper, nor pencil,

he listed 746, described each one of them and told what window it was in and what part of the window was in I didn’t accept it, I had to go down when the class was over and double backtrack it and checked it, and he was absolutely 100% accurate In other words he had trained himself to observe details not just a few of them but all of them And believe you me a good executive, a good leader, a good anything, is a person who observed all the things that are happening around him, the good things and the bad things, the positives and the negatives He just doesn’t happen to notice those things that interest him, he notices everything that may interest him, or may affect his interest Attention to details Number 18, the capacity to stop criticism without resentment how many of you can do that? Come on give me your hands Now I’m going to test you another way How many of you invite criticism that is friendly criticism from other people how many of you invite it? You’re overlooking a bit there my friends those of you who didn’t vote you’re overlooking a big bit, ’cause they’re one of the finest things that could possibly happen is to have a regular source, a friendly criticism of the thing that you’re doing in life, the thing that constitutes your major purpose at least I invite it because the things that you’re doing daily that may offend other people you think they’re all right or you wouldn’t be doing them and you’re going to keep on doing them if somebody doesn’t call them to your attention is that right? – [Students] Right – [Napoleon] So you need a source of friendly criticism it’s one of the most marvelous things and I’m not talking about these people who don’t like you and criticize you just because they don’t like you that’s no good, I wouldn’t have let that have any effect on me whatsoever And on the other hand I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the person who gives me friendly criticism just because he loves me You know you can do yourself justice what standards that way I’ve heard it said out in Hollywood that those stars are that when they begin to believe their press agents and sometimes they do they’re just about through That’s right Well you need to have the privilege ladies and gentlemen of looking at yourself through the eyes of other people You need that privilege, that we all need it, because I lecture you when you walk down the street, you don’t look the same the other fella seizures you think you look to yourself When you open their mouths and speak in conversation or otherwise, you don’t the what registers and the other men’s mind is not always what you think is registering at all You need criticism, you need analysis, you need people to point out to any changes that you ought to make because we all have to make changes as we go along because we wouldn’t grow But did you know that the majority of people resent any kind of suggestion or criticism whatsoever that from what they’re doing? Anything at all it would change their way of doing things they resent it and consequently they do themselves great damage by resenting it Friendly criticism, soon someone has said that there’s no such thing as constructive criticism I can’t buy that I think there is such a thing as constructive criticism, I think it’s wonderful I think it’s absolutely wonderful Just remember that no matter what you do, who you are, how well you do it, you’ll never get a 100% approval from the crowd, don’t expect it and don’t be disturb too much if you don’t get it Loyalty, number 20, loyalty to all of whom loyalty is due Loyalty comes at the top of the list in my book of rules of qualifications the people that I want to be associated with If you don’t have loyalty to the people that have a right to your loyalty, you don’t have anything, no matter how brilliant you are, how sharp or smart, how well educated the smarter you are the more dangerous you may be if you don’t have loyalty if you can’t be loyal to the people that you have a right to your loyalty How many of you are loyal to the people that you’re supposed to be? Well, that’s grand I don’t mean to make any of you tell lies and I’m sure you wouldn’t, but I just wanted you to just check up you see when you start voting on something before you do it usually speaking you stop to think well now, do I have loyalty, do I? And if you don’t have it while you think of the person in connection with which you don’t have that loyalty and you decide maybe to do something about it Now I have loyalty to people that I don’t even like, but I do have a sense of obligation to them if I am related to them in business or professionally or otherwise,

or in the family circle there are few people either that I don’t particularly like, but I’m loyal to them because I have that obligation They wanna be loyal to me that’s alright they don’t that’s their misfortune not mine I have the privilege of being loyal and I’m going to after that privilege because of the values I get out of it because I have to live with this fellow I have to sleep with him, I have to look in the mirror every morning to shave his face, I have to give you my bath every once in a while, and you know after y’all good terms with him, you can’t live with a fellow that closely and not be on good terms with him To thine own self be true and it must follow as night to day thou canst not then be false to any man, and Shakespeare never wrote anything more beautiful and more philosophical than that To your own self be true, be loyal to yourself, because you have to live with self And if you’re loyal to yourself the chances are you’ll be lawyer to your friends and your business associates And number 23 the necessary attractiveness of personality to induce cooperation How about this business of a attractive personality is it something you’re born with or is it something that you must do about on your own initiative? (muffled speech) You can acquire it there’s only one trade, only one of the 25 factors they go to pick up an attractive personality that you’re born with or not born with, this the case may be only one – [Student] Personal magnetism – [Napoleon] Personal magnetism, and you can even do something about that and certainly all of these other 24 factors you can do something about every one of them because there every one subject to cultivation through what? – [Student] Personal initiative – [Napoleon] Personal initiative of course, you’ve got to do it yourself First of all you’ve got to know how you stand on each of these points, you’ve got to know how you stand and you can’t always take your own word on it, you’ve got to get your wife or your husband or somebody else to tell you Sometimes you make an you have an enemy and he’ll tell you where you fall down Did you know that enemies were good things to have once in a while? Why? (muffled speech) Of course, believe you me they don’t pull punches, and if you’ll examine what your enemies are those who do not like to say about you, the chances are that you might learn something of value, if nothing else you learn at least to see to it that you don’t let them tell the truth about you, whatever they say it’s not correct because you’re gonna be so straight in the road that whatever they say about you derogatory is not going to be true That’s an advantage isn’t it? So don’t be afraid of enemies, don’t be afraid of people who don’t like you, because they may say things that put you on the track of discovery or something that you need to know about yourself I had a salesman come in and see me some years ago, and he said he’d been with his company about 10 years, he had made a wonderful record, had several promotions, was up the big man and all of a sudden, six months previously he soon began to go down, people customers that they used to call on with used to give him the business with the frown on him, and I noticed when he came in that he had one of these big Texas 10-gallon hats on I said, by the way how long have you had that hat? He said I got about six months ago down Texas, well I said listen fella, are you selling in Texas? He says no I don’t make Texas very often I said oh listen, you wear that hat only when you go down to Texas, because they don’t like that hat, doesn’t look good on you Well he said would that make it a difference? I said you’d be surprised what a difference it’ll make, your personal appearance Some people just don’t like the way you look and they won’t do business with you Yes you can do something about your personality, you can find out the traits that you have that irritate other people and you can correct those traits, but you have to do it yourself, you have to make the discovery yourself, or you have to get somebody who’s frank enough to do it for you And then number 24, the capacity to concentrate full attention upon one subject at a time When you start to make a point exploit it right down to its final analysis make, a climax and then get on to your next one Don’t try to cover too many points at one time, if you do you’ll not cover any points at all I wonder how many of you’ve been making that mistake in your relations with other people and in selling and in public speaking whatever you’re doing It used to be one of my most outstanding weaknesses, I used to do just that very thing, and I had a man come to me and call that to my attention I think, no training if I ever had the public speaking was as valuable as that, and it was for free, he didn’t charge me anything for it He said you have a wonderful command of English, you have a marvelous capacity for enthusiasm, you have a tremendously big store of the illustrations of everything but he said you have a bad habit of taking off after something out there that’s not related to the point you’re making and then coming back later on picking up the point in the meantime it’s gotten cold

You see, well brace yourself on that capacity to concentrate full attention upon one subject at a time, whether you’re speaking, whether you’re thinking, or whether you’re writing or teaching whatever you do, let’s concentrate on one thing at a time And then on the habit of learning from your mistakes, if you don’t learn from your mistakes why you might just as well not make them (laughs) That is the truism tell me what is I never see a man duplicating a mistake over and over again that I don’t think of that old Chinese pauperism, if a man fool me once shame on the man but it could fool me twice shame on me A lot of people should say shame on me because it just don’t seem to learn from mistakes at all And number 26 our willingness to accept full responsibility for the mistakes of one’s subordinates If you have subordinates and they make mistakes, it’s you who have failed and not the subordinates, remember that when you? Either train him how to do the thing right or else, put him in some other job or you won’t have to supervise and let somebody else do that But the responsibility is yours if the person working under you is subordinate to you Number 27 the habit of adequately recognizing the merits and abilities of others Don’t try to steal the thunder from the other fellow, if he’s done the good job give him all the credit, give him double credit, give him all he’s entitled to, rather than less Another pat on the back has never been known to hurt anybody when you know he has done a good job The most successful people like recognition and sometimes people work harder for recognition than they will for anything else, some people are incorruptible you know no matter how you can’t over flatter them because they know what the capacity is, if you go beyond that begin to be suspicious at you Most people however I believe are corruptible when it comes to this business of flattery, you can over flatter them and they tend to believe you, and that’s bad for them and for you too There was a book written that was widely distributed all over this country and the central theme of that book was, if you wanna get along in the world flatter people Well flattery is as old as the world, it’s one of the most deadly and one of the oldest weapons and one of the most dangerous Now I like approbation, I like those five people that happen to know me and complement me, I enjoy it but if they’d gone, if what I was it followed me out said well Mr. Hill, I appreciate all that you’ve done for me and all that sort of thing but by the way would you mind if I came around the house tonight I’d like to talk to you about a business proposition You see right away I said well now he respected me in order that he may get some of my time and he may get some benefits from me, so too much flattery, too much commendation is not so good either Well anyhow, a positive mental attitude at all times, 29 but I wanted to call your attention to number 28, the habit of applying the golden rule principle in all human relationships I’m not gonna ask you to vote on that one, I’m only gonna call your attention to the fact that one of the finest things you can do for yourself, is to put yourself in the other fellows position when you go to make any decision or engage in any transaction involving the other fellow, just put yourself in the other person’s position before you make a final decision, and if you do that the chances are that you will always do the fair thing by the other man Number 30 is a habit of assuming full responsibility for any task that you’ve undertaken Not coming back with an alibi Did you know the one thing I preached the majority people are the most active most adept in doing? Alibis, my oh my, oh my, alibis creating a reason why they didn’t succeed or didn’t get the job done or didn’t do the thing It’s the majority of people who create alibis would put half as much time into doing the thing right or trying to do the right that they put into the explaining why they didn’t do it, you know they get a lot farther in life, and be much better off And generally speaking the man who is the most clever at creating an alibi is the most inefficient man in the whole works They make a profession of spending alibis, they will pick them up in advance over they are called on the carpet or get caught over the barrel they have an answer There’s only one thing that counts and that’s the success, the results is are what count, results I went through an epigram covering the subject that I thought was very effective Success requires no explanations,

failure permits no alibis In other words if it’s a success you don’t need any explanations and if it’s a failure you all the alibis and explanations in the world won’t do any good, it’s still a failure isn’t it? And number 31, the habit of keeping the mind occupied with that which one desired and not with that which one does not want You know the vast majority of instances in which people engage in personal initiative is in connection with the things they don’t want Have you ever thought of that? Now there is one place where most people don’t have to be taught to take the personal initiative, they really work at it, work at thinking about all the things they don’t want and that’s precisely what they get out a lot The things that they think about, things that they tune their minds to Now there’s a little place where that word transmute can come into a play Instead of thinking about the things you don’t want, the things you fear, you distrust, the things you dislike, think about all the things you like, all the things you want, and all of things you’re going to become determined to get I must tell you something that happened last Saturday I went down to the travel agency to get my ticket changed so I can come back on Monday instead of Sunday When I walked in the manager of the travel agency grabbed my hand when he saw who I was and introduced himself and started into selling me “Think and Grow Rich (students laughing) And a little while, while he still had a hold of my hand, talking to me, a man came in, a friend of his who connected to the one of the airlines and he heard the name Napoleon Hill and he grabbed the other hand, started to sell me “Think and Grow Rich And he said, you may be interested in knowing that before I was with the airline, I had to say the organization was approximately 100 people, and I required every salesman to have all of your books That was a must Well, I felt pretty good, as I started out, there were two very nice looking young lady standing on the sidewalk, giving out to election literate, and as I pass by, one of them said, aren’t you in Napoleon Hill, I turned around and Bob, I said, yes, I am Who are you? She said, well, I was at a woman’s club about two years ago, when you delivered an address and this is my cousin here, both of our husbands are very successful now, due to the fact they have read your books I went on over to my car and the policeman was making out of tickets, you see all this talk (laughs) and he says, this the pay off I put a penny in there thinking that be all I would be in there, but all of this nice conversations I was getting, I stopped so they used my vanity in it And when I got there, this police women was making out the ticket, she had is about halfway made up, and I walked up there ’cause he didn’t know who the car was I walked up to him, I said, now you wouldn’t do that to Napoleon Hill would you? He said, who? I said, Napoleon Hill He said, no, I wouldn’t do that to Napoleon Hill, but I certainly would do it to you (students laughing) I introduced myself, I took out my credit card and handed it to him and my driver’s license and he said, well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle He took the tablet, tore it up and he said that we just forget about that And he said, you may be interested knowing that I’m on the Glendale police force as a result of reading your book (students laughing) Well, the subject now is a positive mental attitude I wanna call your attention to the fact that there’s nothing constructive and worthy of man’s efforts ever has been or ever will be achieved, except that which comes from a positive mental attitude, based on definitely of purpose, and activated by a burning desire and intensified until the burning desire is elevated to the plain of applied faith Now, here are five steps, five different conditions of the mind, all of which lead up to a positive mental attitude Take number one for instance, wishes Everybody has a stock of wishes They wish for this, they wish for that, and the wish for the other thing We all have wishes Well, nothing very much happens when you just wish for things, does it? – [Student] No – [Napoleon] No, nothing happens Well, when you go a little bit further, you become curious, you putting a lot of time through idle curiosity And do you think anything ever happens worthwhile you connect to the expression of idle curiosity?

However you can, and you do consume it a lot of time oftentimes with idle curiosity, don’t you? You put in a lot of time oftentimes just studying what your neighbors do or do not do, what your competitors do or do not do, it just out of idle curiosity Well, that’s not leading to a positive mental attitude Then a step above that you have hopes, your wishes now I’ll take it all in a more concrete form They become hopes, hopes of achievement, hopes of attainment, hope of accomplishment, hopes of accumulation, of things that you want Just hope by itself is not very thick is it? Because we all have a block of hopes, but not all of us who have hopes have success We just hope for success It is however better than wishing for it, isn’t it? Or what is the difference between a hope and a wish? (muffled speech) That’s right A hope is taking on, it’s beginning to take on the nature of faith, isn’t it? That’s the idea You’re transmuting your wish into a very desirable state of mind known as faith Then you come out there, you set up your middle attitude to where your hopes are translated into something else known as a burning desire Now, is there a difference between a burning desire and an ordinary desire? – [Students] Yes – [Napoleon] That’s right A burning desire is an intensified desire based upon hope, based upon definiteness of purpose How does one go about developing a burning desire for anything? (muffled speech) If I didn’t know the answer to this believe me, I could get me a flog of answers here, couldn’t I? That’s fine Well, a burning desire is an obsession or desire, isn’t it? And it certainly, you cannot have a burning desire without a motive or motives backing it, can you? The more motive you can have for a definite thing, the quicker you will have pan your emotions into what is known as a burning desire But however, that’s not enough There’s something else There’s another state of mind you must have before you can leave your success And what is that? – [Students] Faith – [Napoleon] Applied faith Now then you have transmuted wishes, idle curiosity, hopes, and even a burning desire You stepped all those up into something still higher, and that is applied faith What is the difference between applied faith and the ordinary belief in things? (muffled speech) That’s right That word applied might well be the synonymous to action You might say active faith Applied faith and active faith is are exactly the same means the same thing Faith backed by action Something that you do about it A prayer brings positive results only when it is expressed in its positive mental attitude And the most effective priorities are those expressed by individuals who have conditioned their minds to have vigilating in terms of a positive mental attitude (upbeat music) Do you have any idea each one of you, let me pop this question to each one of you Do you have any idea of the portions amount of your time that you devote in each day in thinking of the negative side of things in comparison with the positive side? Wouldn’t it be interesting if you kept the tabulation for two or three days of the exact amount of time you put in thinking about the no can do side of life, and they can side or the positive sides and negative side You might be astounded that even the most successful people would be astonished to find out how many hours they put in each day in negative thinking And the very outstanding success in the world, the great leaders in the world, put in very little if any time in thinking on the negative side, they put in all the time thinking on the positive side I once asked Henry Ford if there was anything in the world he wanted or wanted to do that he couldn’t do and he said, no, he didn’t believe there was I asked him if there ever had been, he said, oh yes, back in the early days before he had learned how to use his mind And I said, well, I just, what do you mean by that? Well, he said, now, when I wanna say, I wanna do a thing, I start in finding out what I can do about it, to start doing that and I don’t bother about what I can’t do because I just let that alone That was a homeless statement but I want to tell you,

there’s a world of philosophy wrapped up in that space, but he’s put his mind to doing something about the parts that he could do something about, and thinking about that and not about the part that he couldn’t do anything about I eventually this suggestion to the people, the problems with the majority of people, the problems, the difficult problem, they will immediately begin to tell you all of the reasons why the problem can’t be solved And if there are some things about the problem that are favorable, some that are not favorable other than the majority of people will see the things that are unfavorable first and oftentimes never see the favorable side I don’t believe there are any problems in connection with which you can’t do something in connection with which are not some favorable sides to it I can’t think of a single problem that could confront me that I wouldn’t have a favorable side to it If nothing else, the favorable side wasn’t consistent in the fact that I would say, if it’s a problem I can solve, I will solve it If it’s a problem I can’t solve, I’m not worried about it And that’s something But the majority of people when they’re confronted with a difficult propositions or problems that they can’t solve, they start worrying and then they go into what kind of a state of mind, negative state of mind And do you ever accomplish anything worthwhile when you’re in that state of mind? – [Students] No – [napoleon] No, you don’t You’re all in buddy in the water When you make your mind negative, you’ll never accomplish anything worthwhile You have to learn to keep your mind positive all the time When you wanna do things worthwhile Does a positive mental attitude attracts attract to opportunities or does it repel them? – [Students] Attract – [Napoleon] Does a negative mental attitude attract favorable opportunities for you or repel them? It repels them Does it? Definitely And does that repelling of opportunities have anything to do with your right to have opportunities? Nothing whatsoever Absolutely not You may be just, you may have the right to do all of the good things in life You may be entitled to them, but if you have a negative mental attitude, you will repel the opportunities leading to the attainment of those things So your job manly is to keep your mind positive, so it will attract to you the things that you want, the things that you desire, the things that you are going after Have you ever stopped to think why it is that prayer generally doesn’t bring anything but except a negative result, have you ever stopped to wonder about that? You know, I believe that’s the biggest stumbling block of most people in all religions is they don’t understand why prayer sometimes brings the negative results, or generally brings negative results How you couldn’t expect anything else, because there’s a law that governs that And the law is that your mind attracts to you the counterpart of the things of the mind, of the things that the mind is feeding upon There’s no exception to that rule, and that’s the law There’s no exceptions for anybody So if you want to attract through prayer or otherwise, the things that you desire, you have to make your mind positive Not only have to believe, but you have to put action back to that belief, and trying to mute it into a faith, applied faith, and you can’t have applied faith in a negative state of mind, the two just don’t go together Constructive mottos are often used by people who recognize what a powerful influence once daily environment has on the maintenance of a positive mental attitude The entire industrial plant of the RG Turner Company with 2000 employees was positive eyes by placing mottos printed in large letters in all departments and changing them weekly, such as the ones that you see here Now, those mottos were written for a purpose Every department in that great sprawling plant, just start across, every department had those mottos to replace that regular sometimes daily in the cafeteria, the other departments weekly, and the mottos are written in the letters I had to put hot so that you could read them all the way across the building And believe you me, every time they walked into their department, where they saw that motto By the way, we had a funny experience with them I was standing in the cafeteria one day when the motto was placed up there, see the cafeteria was a place where all the men lined up to get their meals noontime and we could catch them all there at one time or another during the day And the motto read the, just remember that your real boss is the one who walks around under your hat I’d take that to be as plain as mud to anybody, who read this, you’re the real boss and final analysis, but I heard a man let out of Indian yell, he said, boy,

that’s what I’ve always said I’ve always known that my foreman was allowed (students laughing) Now, at the top of the page is a method by which one made transmute failure into success, poverty into riches, sorrow into joy, fear into faith The transmutation must start with a positive mental attitude because success, riches and faith, do not make feathers with a negative mental attitude The transmutation procedure is simple, now here it is Now you can very well afford to come back to this many times and assimilate it and make it your own Number one, when failure overtakes you start thinking of it as if it had been a success You think that would be difficult to? You think it will? No, it wouldn’t No it wouldn’t at all In other words, thinking of it as what would have happened, if it had been a success instead of a failure, seeing yourself in the success side, in the situation and not in the failure side Start imagining or imaging the circumstances of the failures in your own imagination as being a success Start also looking for the seed of an equivalent benefit, which comes with every state around there is where you will be able to transmute this failure into success ‘Cause every adversity, every failure and every defeat has the seed of an equivalent benefit And if you go to searching for that seed, you a lot to take a negative mental attitude toward the circumstance, you will take a positive mental attitude because you’re sure to find that seed You may not find it the first time you look for it, but eventually you will find it, if you keep on That’s step number one Number two, when poverty is prejudice to catch up with you, or has actually caught up, start thinking of it as riches and visualize the riches and all the things that you would wish to do with actual riches Also start looking for the seed of an equivalent benefit of poverty I remember when I was a little boy, sitting on the bank of the river, down in why it’s going to be what I was born just after my mother had died Before my stepmother came along, I was hungry I didn’t have enough food I was sitting there on the bank of the river, wondering if I couldn’t catch some fish and maybe fry some fish and have something to eat And as I sat there, I don’t know what caused me to do this, but I shut my eyes and looked into the future, and I saw myself going away and becoming famous, wealthy, and coming back to that very spot charging up the river on a horse, a mechanical horse that was run by steam I could see the steam pouring out in his nostrils I can hear his horse shoes picking on the rocks It was so vivid to be here In other words, I built myself into a state of ecstasy there in that hour of poverty and need and want and hunger Years passed, and the time came when I drove my Rolls-Royce into that very spot, the car that I paid $22,500 for I drove my Rolls-Royce into that very spot And I went back and imaged again, that childhood scene, where I had been there in poverty and in want and in hunger and I said, well, I don’t know whether my imaging this back in the early days, I didn’t think to do, is it not maybe hit dead Maybe I kept alive that hope and eventually translated that hope into faith and eventually that faith brought me not only a steam horse, but something of much value and much more costly, than the steam horse Looking forward and imaging the things that you ought to do, trying transmuting unfavorable circumstances, not versus into something that’s pleasant, by that I mean, switching your mind away from thinking about the unpleasant things over to something that’s pleasant And then again, number three, when fear overtakes you, just remember that fear is only faith in reverse gear, and start in terms of faith by seeing yourself translating faith into whatever circumstance or things you desire I don’t suppose anybody ever escapes experiencing the seven basic fears at one time or another And most people that experienced them all the way through life, but certainly if you allow fear to take possession of you and to to grip you it’ll become a habit, and it certainly will attract to you all of the things that you don’t want You have to learn deal with fear by transmuting it or translating it or transforming it over in your mind into something that often disappear In other words, faith, if you fear poverty, come as thinking of yourselves in terms of opulence and of

money, and thinking of ways means that you’re going to earn that money and acquire what you’re going to do with it actually again, whether you can daydream and there’s no end of the daydreaming you do And it’s far better to daydream about the money you’re going to have that it is to fear the poverty that you know you already have I assure you, this is no virtue, no benefit in sitting down and be mourning the fact that you are a power district and or that you need money and you don’t know how to get it I honestly believe that there isn’t anything in this world that I need that money can buy or anything else can buy that I can’t get if I want it I don’t think in terms of what I can get I think in terms of what I can get And I’ve been doing that for a long time And it’s a wonderful thing with which to condition your mind and to be positive So the plan when circumstances arrive where you need the positive mental action, you’re in the habit of reacting in a positive way at all times, rather than in a negative way You don’t get a positive mental attitude just by wishing for it, you get it by weeding a web, weaving a cord of the rope at a time day by day, little at a time, you don’t just get it overnight (upbeat music) Create in your imagination an army of invisible guides who will take care of all your needs and all your desires And there they are You’ve heard me speak of my invisible guides And if you weren’t in this philosophy, if you didn’t understand metaphysics, you probably wouldn’t say that was a very fantastic system that I worked up But I’m sure it’s not a fantastic system I’ll assure you that it looks at it for all of my needs and all of my wants, I will admit to last week I became a little bit careless and the guide to some physical health let me down for a day or two, but I did something about it I came to his rescue I gave him a jab in the ribs and woke him up and believe you, I’ve got more energy now that I’ve had since we started this course So it’s a good thing that I had that little cold because it made me a little bit more particular to express gratitude to this guy, to sound physical health, not neglected I fully realize that these guides are the creation of my own imagination I’m not kidding myself or anybody else about that, but for all practical purposes, they represent real answers and real people And each one is performing the exact duty that I assigned to it, and doing it all the time The first of these guides is the guide to physical sound health Why do you suppose I put that as number one? (muffled speech) And what in the world could the mind do going around in a body that has to be supported by crutches all the time Good, strong physical body is the temple of the mind And it has to be sound It has to be healthy There has to be plenty of energy there When you turn on the old enthusiasm button and there’s no energy, there’s no energy there, you can’t just generate something out of nothing You got to have a store of energy and energy is physical It’s physical in nature and it’s also a mental in nature But I don’t know of anybody who can express intense enthusiasm whose body is a series of aches and pains So the first deal is to yourself is to your physical body To see that it responds to all of your needs all the time, does the thing that it was supposed to do And you a little bit more help than just what you can give during the day because when you lay your body down and nature goes to work on it, give it a tuneup, and working over and you have to have this trained entity called the guide to downhill to that job, to supervise it and to see it go properly And then this number two, the guide to financial prosperity Why do you suppose I put that second in importance only? (muffled speech) Do you know of anybody that can be a very great service to others without money? How long can you get along without money? Now you’ve got to have money You’ve got to have a money consciousness And this entity that you’re building up here thinks this guide gives you a money consciousness My guide is so controlled however that he does make money My God, I don’t permit that I don’t permit myself to become greedy If there was an over amount for money or to pay too much for the money that I get, I pay enough, but not too much I know people who pay too much, you die too young Because they put too much effort into accumulating money

that they didn’t need and couldn’t use, they always purposes concern would be the cause or the sellers to fight over it after they were passed on Now, that’s not going to happen to me, I have enough, but not too much And this guide it’s his business to see that I stop when I get in there, I don’t want to do much Do you know, this money getting business becomes a kind of a vicious circle with a lot of people, it becomes a vicious circle You get in there, then you say, I’ll make my first million then I’ll quit I remember the time when Bing Crosby announced to his brother, who’s his manager when they made the first $50,000, that was enough, they were gonna quit It got down to where they make over $1 million every year, and still working harder than they ever did before Struggling in a rat race I’m not speaking in a derogatory manner you understand that Bing’s a friend of mine and I greatly admire him but I’m speaking of all people in that category who paid too much for trying to get things that they don’t need This is a philosophy dealing with economic success, but success wouldn’t consistent if you’re destroying your life and dying too young because you tried to get too much of anything Stop when you get enough Make better uses of things you have right now, instead of trying to get a lot of more things that you’re not gonna make any use of it all What a wonderful thing it is that statement that comes out of the Bible, I will translate it to verbatim, but the meaning of it is not too much, not too little of anything Not too much, not too little, just enough of everything I want to learn what it is though not too much That’s one of the blessings of this philosophy, gives you a balanced life You learn what is enough and what’s too much Then the next one is the most important The guide to the peace of mind What good would it be to you if you had everything, if you owned everything in the world, we could collect a royalty from every person living, if he didn’t have peace of mind What good would it be? Now, the reason I’m emphasizing these points along here, my friends is if I’ve had the privilege of knowing intimately the most outstanding and the most successful and the richest man that this country has ever produced I mean, sleeping in their houses, eating with him, knowing their families, and their wives and their children, not seeing what happened to their children after they died and passed on, I’ve seen all of that And I know the importance of learning delivered balanced life so that you can have peace of mind as you go along, so that you can make your occupation or your daily labor, whatever it is, the game that you’re getting joy out of, not something that’d be a partner dreaded, but a game, if you play use, you play as an ardent players would play a game of golf or some other game that he loves I have always said this, one of the sins of civilization is consistent in the fact that so few people are engaged in a labor of love Things that they like to do Most people are doing things because they have to eat and sleep and have some clothes to wear When a man or a woman gets to the position before he or she can do the thing that is being done for the sake of love, because they wanna do it, I want to tell you they’re really fortunate, and this philosophy leads to that very condition, but you’ll never attain that position until you learn to maintain a positive mental attitude, at least a major portion of your time Out of all of those men that collaborated with me in the building of this philosophy, and they represented every outstanding success in every field you might say of that area Out of all of those men, there was only one that I could say that even vaguely approached having peace of mind, along with his other successes John Burrows undoubtedly was the one that came near it I would say the one that came next near his suit was Mr. Edison, and I would place Mr. Carnegie as number three And I’ll tell you why he takes position number three In the latter part of his years, he practically lost his mind, trying to find ways and means of disgorging himself of his fortune and giving it away to where it would do no harm It almost drove him crazy His obsession, his major obsession in the latter part of his days was to get this philosophy well-organized while he’s leaving and into the hands of the people So it would provide them with the knowhow by which they can acquire material things, including money without violating the rights of other people That’s what he wanted More than anything else in the world (indistinct) No, he did not Mr. Carnegie died in 1919 before I had even translated this into a writing where I’ve written the first books on it, but he had checked with me and double-checked on 15 of the 17 principles The two people that I always regretted didn’t live to see me

in the day of my triumphs after having seen me in the days of my discouragement and opposition, those who were my stepmother and my sponsor, Andrew Carnegie It would have been a great joy to me and quite enough compensation for a lifetime of effort if I could have displayed to those who were wonderful people, the results of their handiwork and manipulating me, and directing me at the time when I needed direction Now I’m not so sure that they are not standing looking over my shoulder now, you know, there are times when I’m sure somebody is standing looking over my shoulder, because I say and do things beyond my reasonable intelligence (applause) Thank you very much That was not in my notes, and the lady brought it up in her question, but I have thought about it a great many times And I have noticed in that more so in recent years than ever that the things that I do, which might be called brilliant and outstanding, always are done by this man who’s standing here looking over my shoulder and always in the times of an emergency, when I must make decisions, important decisions, I can almost feel that man telling me what decision to make I can almost turn around and imagine he’s standing in there in person, there is an influence there, there’s no two ways about it I could not have a good time as any for me to tell you this, I could never have done what has been done in connection with this philosophy, if I had had nothing, but the collaboration of those five or six other men that told me, that wouldn’t have been enough I’ve had more than that Believe you, me And the reason I haven’t said anything about it before is, I just don’t wanna get in the position of having people feel that I have been savored, or if I have anything that anybody else can have My honest opinion is that I don’t have anything that you can’t have I think whatever sources of inspiration I’m drawing upon, you can have that same source This is just as available to you as it is to me I believe that with all of my heart And then the next one of these guides here, the they’re twins, the guides of hope and faith Now, how far would you get in life if you didn’t have that eternal burning flame of hope and faith working in your soul It wouldn’t be anything worth working, worth living for would there? So you have to have a system, a system for keeping your mind positive, because there are things to destroy hope and faith aint there? People, circumstances, things that you can’t control even that pop up in your life And you’ve got to have a system to antidote those things, to offset them, something that you can manipulate and draw upon And I know of no better systems than these eight guides that I have adopted because they worked for me, I taught them to a great many other people for whom they work just as well as for me And then next two are also twins These guides are the love and romance I don’t believe that anything worthwhile can be accomplished unless a man or a woman romanticized whatever you’re doing In other words, if you don’t put some romance in whatever you’re doing, you don’t get any fun out of it And certainly if there’s no love in your heart, then you’re not just quite a human being The main difference between the lower animals and the human being is that the human being is capable of expressing the emotion of love It’s a wonderful thing It’s a great thing It’s a great builder of geniuses and of leaders, and it’s a great builder and maintainer of sound health, to have a great capacity to love, has been to have the privilege of rubbing elbows with genius There’s no exception to that It’s absolutely true And so the two guides love and romance in my life their job is to keep me friendly with what I’m doing in life and to keep me young in body and mind And I do just that, believe you me Not only keep me young in body and mind, but they keep me enthusiastic, they keep me sold on what I’m doing, and they take the drudgery out of it’s another road or words, I don’t have any such thing as hard work because I don’t work at anything, I play at everything I do Everything I do is a labor of love I recognize, of course that before you get in a position where you can economically forget about earning a living, there is something that you have to think about this maybe takes a little of the pleasure out of work, but if you watch yourself, you can develop a system that will make everything that you do, even washing dishes or digging ditches, as you can make it a labor of love because it is When I go home, I help Annie Lou, wash the dishes, not because she couldn’t do it, but because I just wanna feel as I’m up to good to help wash the dishes and I get great joy out of doing it (applause)

And I’m not above working in the garden because if I didn’t know it, Annie Lou would do it when I’m gone And privately is a pleasure Look at the bystander that I brought back with me and all have good hair Oh, it’s a great thing to learn to be, to learn to live the simple life, to learn to be a human being instead of a stiff shirt or something else that you don’t wanna be, nobody wants to be Love and romance, learn to get that into your life, and learn to have a system whereby that habit of love and romance will express yourself in everything you do Then this last one, the guide to overall wisdom His job is to, he’s the controller, the controller of the other seven, his businesses to keep them active eternally engaged in your service, and also to adjust you to every circumstance of your life pleasant or unpleasant, so that you benefit from that circumstance I can choose to tell you that nothing comes to mind in life that isn’t greatest I make grease out of everything that comes to my mind, and the more unpleasant things that come, the more grist I get out of them, because I definitely grind them to make sure that they won’t be anything else, but grids It’s a wonderful thing to recognize when you come to recognize that no experience in life is ever lost, whether it’s good or bad No experience has ever lost at all if you will make the right, adept patient of yourself to it You can always profit by every experience in life, if you have a system for doing it, of course, we just let your emotions run wild and you go down under the, you know, those third under these unpleasant experiences, you will attract more unpleasant experiences than you will pleasant ones But you knows there’s a peculiar thing about unpleasant circumstances, they’re cowardly And when you get to where you would say, come on over here, a little fellow, I better set a harness right here and I’m gonna put you to work Somehow though, they find business around the corner and they don’t come your way so often when they know that you’re gonna put them to work You ever thought of that? If you fear unpleasant circumstances, they’ll prop down on you and flux, they’ll come in the back door in the front door They’ll come in when you’re not expecting, when you’re unprepared to deal with it I don’t particularly invite unpleasant experiences, but as they are foolish enough to come my way, they’ll find themselves round up in my middle of life I’ll make bridge style as sure as anything, but I will not go down under them Internal vigilance is the price that one must pay to maintain a positive mental attitude because of these and other natural opposites of positive thinking And here they are First of all, your negative self constantly maneuvering for power over you Did you know that there are entities working in your makeup all the time, constantly maneuvering to gain power over it on the negative side of law And you have to be on eternally on alert to see that those instances don’t take you over And then your accumulated fears and your doubts on your self impose limitations You have to deal with them constantly, less they get the upper hand and less they become the dominating influence in your mind And then the negative influences near you, including people who are negative The people that you work with the closest, to people that you live with Maybe some of your own relatives that are negative If you don’t watch you’ll be just like they are because you will respond in kind Maybe necessary for you to live in the same house as somebody who’s negative, but it’s not necessarily for you to be negative, just because you’re in the house with somebody who is I’ll admit it will be a little bit difficult for you to immunize yourself against that kind of an influence, but you can do it I have done it, Mahatma Gandhi did it, look what he did with humanizing himself against things he doesn’t want And then, number three, the negative influences near you, including people who are negative And number four, perhaps some inborn negative traits you brought over with you from birth Now these can be translated into positive traits too, as soon as you phrase them out and find out what they are I’m convinced that there are a lot of people who are born with natural traits of a negative nature In other words, they, you take a person who’s born in an environment of poverty for all this rules that are poverty stricken, all the neighbors poverty stricken, he saw nothing but poverty, felt nothing but poverty, heard nothing but poverty talk And that was the condition I was born in And I know you can be born with that trait And it was one of the most difficult things that I had to whip was this inborn trait of poverty And then the worries over the lack of money and the lack of progress in your business and professional calling life, you can put in most of your time with worrying over the things or you can transmit that state of mind over into working always means of overcoming those worries Think about the positive side instead of the negative side, worrying over the negative side is not gonna do anything except to get you in deeper and deeper and deeper

That’s all it’s going to do Then unrequited love and unbalanced emotional frustrations in your relationship with the opposite sex You don’t have to let these unrequited love affair, destroy your boundaries of mind as so many people do It’s up to you to do something about it, to maintain a positive mental attitude, and to recognize that your first duty is do yourself Get control of yourself and do not allow anybody emotionally or otherwise to upset your equilibrium The creator didn’t intend that should be done And you shouldn’t let that be done And then unsound health either real or imaginary You can worry an awful lot about that, about the things that you think might happen to you but never do physically You know, if it weren’t cause that we call it in the materia medical we call that hypochondria That’s a $2 and a half word where the doctors $5, yes, that’s usually $2 an hour is $5 now And sometimes a lot more of them now Well, you can put in another lot of time, but becoming negative over that If you don’t have a positive mental attitude towards your health, you don’t develop and develop a health consciousness Think in terms of health and your mental attitude would have a tremendous amount to do with what happens to your physical body there’s no doubt about that You can try that out on anytime you please, when you think you’re not feeling well, but let some good piece of news come along, and how quickly you snap out of it As you had that experience, you weren’t feeling so badly at all, but what this good news did away with the feeling that you had And then intolerance lack of an open mind on all subjects, how much trouble that gives some people and maintain a negative mental attitude Then greed for more material possessions than you need, I’ve already made extensive comment on that I’m talking about the things that you, the prices that you have to pay and the things you have to conquer in order to have a positive mental attitude The grips of the real extent of the power of your mind, and it’s unlimited potential for the attainment of anything you desire, then lack of a definite major purpose and the lack of a definite philosophy by which you live and guide your life You know, the vast majority of people have no philosophy to live by did you know that? No philosophy they do by hook or crook, by chance, by circumstance, and they’re just like a dry leaf on the bosom of the wind They go whichever way the wind blows and there’s nothing they can do by because they have no philosophy of life, no set of rules to go by Trusting the luck and the misfortune And generally misfortune is the one that rules You have to have a philosophy that you can live by Now, there are many philosophies finding philosophies that you can die by I’m much more interested in one that you can live by And that’s what we’re studying here in this It’s a philosophy that you can live by in such a way that the neighbors around you look upon you as something desirable, they feel happy to have you there, you feel happy to be there You not only enjoy prosperity and contentment and peace of mind, but you reflect that in everybody that comes into contact with you And that’s the way that people should live That’s kind of a mental attitude people should have to live by And then last but not least habit of allowing others to do your thinking for you If you’re going to do that, you’ll never have a positive mental attitude because you won’t have your own mind Everyone desires to be rich, but not everyone knows what constitutes during riches Here are the 12 great riches I want you to familiarize yourself with them And before anybody can become rich, they would have to have a fairly well bounced proportion of all of these 12 great riches And I want you to notice where I placed money with relative to its importance in regard to the others Number 12, there are 11 other things, even more important than money if you’re going to have a well by around a well balanced life Positive mental attitude, sound physical health, harmony in human relations, freedom from fear, the hope of future achievement, the capacity for applied faith, willingness to share one’s blessings, to be engaged in a labor of love, an open mind on all subjects toward all people, complete self-discipline, the wisdom with which to understand people and then money to top it all off And I thank you (applause) We were given a copy of our first edition of success unlimited as you came into the door, and you would see one of my contributions over on the middle two inside middle pages called a challenge to life This challenge to life is something that I want to call your attention, because that is my reaction

to one of the worst defeats that I’ve ever had in my entire career I bring it to your attention because it gives you an idea of how I go about transmuting an unpleasant circumstance into something useful Now, when this circumstance happened, I had the real reason to go out and fight And I don’t mean fight mentally or orally, I mean fight physically If I had to settle the business from behind pine trees with six shooters, it would have been justified under the circumstances But instead of that, I elected to do something that would damage no one and that would benefit myself I elected to express myself through this essay, which says that a challenge to life, which says life, you can’t subdue me because I refused to take your discipline too seriously When you try to hurt me, I laugh, and the laughter knows no pain I appreciate your joy wherever I find it Your sorrows neither discouraged nor frighten me for there is laughter in my soul, a temporary defeat does not make me sad, I simply set the music to the words of defeat, it turns into a song Your tears are not for me, I like laughter much better And because I like it, I use it as a substitute for grief and sorrow and pain and disappointment Life you are a fickle trickster, don’t deny it, you slipped this emotion of love into my heart so that you might use it as a thorn with which to prick my soul, but I learned to dodge your trap with laughter You try to lure me with a desire for gold, but I have foods use by following the trail leads to knowledge instead You induce me to build beautiful friendships, then convert my friends into enemies so you may harden my heart, but I aside dip your fickleness by laughing off your attempt and selecting new friends in my own way You cause men to teach me a trade so I will become distrustful, but I win again because I have possessed one precious asset, which no man can steal It is the power to think my own thoughts and to be myself You threaten me with death, but to me death is nothing worse than a long peaceful sleep and sleep is the sweetest of human experiences except in laughter You build a fire of hope in my heart, then sprinkle water on the flames But I go you one better by rekindling the fire, and I laugh at you once more Life you are linked as far as I’m concerned, we will cause you have nothing with which deliver me away from laughter and you are powerless to scare me into submission, to a life of laughter then, I raised my cup of cheer (applause) You may think it’s easy to have that kind of an emotional reaction to an unpleasant experience where you’ve been damaged and hurt and injured by those who should have been loyal to you This business are striking back at people who have injured you or tried to injure you, is just a lack of self discipline You have really become acquainted with your own powers, or your own ways and means of benefiting by those powers, if you stupid do the low level of trying to strike back at some person who is slander you, vilified you, or cheated you in one way or another, or even tried to do any of those things Don’t do it Don’t ever do it Because you’ll only lower yourself in the estimation of yourself and of your creator There’s a better way, a better a weapon that I’m trying to put into your hands with which you can defend yourself against all who would injure you And if you will take my word for it, and use the self discipline based upon this lesson that we have to mind and never allow anybody to drag you down to their level You set the level on which you wish to deal with the people And if they want to come up to your level, all right, if they don’t let them stay down on theirs There’s no sin in that Set your own high level and stand your ground come what may I have a better way of defending myself, I have a mind I know what to do with that mind And I never am without defense Now I’ve got that added to the lesson, but I did want you to get this idea And when our editor chose this challenge to lay it out or someone of my books to publish in the first edition, I said, that’s fine, and I want every one of the students to have a copy of the magazine because I won’t tell them the story back in that essay And you may be interested in knowing that that essay, that essay was largely responsible for the late Mahatma Gandhi becoming interested in my philosophy and having it published throughout India That essay has already influenced millions of people and

will in time be indirectly or directly influence beneficially to millions of people who have not yet born So the power, it’s not the brilliancy of the essay, it’s the thought back of it Don’t you know that you react to these unpleasant things in life in such a way that life can’t conquer you, that nobody can conquer you You’ve got laughter in your soul I wanna tell you, you’re sitting very close to the plane on which the creator acts himself, when you’ve got laughter in your soul It’s a wonderful thing to have A wonderful thing Laughter, laughter in the soul, laughter on the face, and I wanna tell you, you’ll never be without friends You’ll never be without opportunity, and you will never be without a means of defending yourself against people who do not know anything about laughter I apologize for silence, while you may remember what I have said about laughter That was a suggestion that your suggestion to self through which to dominate, through which dominating thoughts and deeds are conveyed to the subconscious mind, is the medium by which elf discipline becomes a habit Now the starting point in the development of self discipline is definiteness of purpose You will notice that every one of these lessons come what may approach from whatever angle you choose, you can’t get away from that term definiteness of purpose It just stands out like a sore thumb and you’ve got to get away from it, because it is the starting point of all achievement of everything that you do, whether it’s good or bad, you may be sure that it starts with definiteness of purpose Now the reason for a repetition of an idea, reputation of it is what do you think Why should you go over, why should you write out your definite major purpose for instance and memorize it and go over it as a ritual day in and day out Why should you do that? (muffled speech) Get it into the subconscious mind The subconscious mind gets into the habit of believing that which it hears often And you can tell it a lie over and over again in the end or you’ll finally get to where you don’t know whether it’s a lie or not, the subconscious doesn’t leave it I know of people who have done just that thing Obsessional desire is the dynamo that gives life and action to definiteness of purpose Obsessional desire And obsessional desire is a desire that, how do you make a desire an obsession in the first place? Let’s get into that (muffled speech) That’s right, by living with it in your mind, calling it into your mind, and seeing the physical manifestation of it out there somewhere in the circumstances of your life In other words, if you have enough obsessional desire for enough money to buy a new Cadillac, let’s say, and you’re now driving a Ford or something less than a Ford You know, you want that nice new Cadillac, you don’t have enough income to pay for it, you don’t have enough money, what do you do? The first thing you do, you go over to the Cadillac agency and get one of those nice new catalogs with all the models in it Then you turn the roll over and you pick out the model you want And every time you get in that Ford and start down the street just before you start off, you kick off the starter and then you shut your eyes for a few moments and you see yourself sitting on top of a nice new Cadillac Now does she purrs down the street and you give her the gas, you imagine right now that you already have a, you know you own this Cadillac, but you don’t exactly have possession it But for the time being, you’re there at the wheel of your Cadillac, Sounds silly, doesn’t it? It may sound silly, but it is not silly I can assure you it’s not silly I talked myself into my first Rolls-Royce that very way Did I ever tell you about how I got my first Rolls-Royce? You remember that? My putting myself out on the liam one evening in the Waldorf Astoria hotel saying that I was going to have it and that before the week was over and I didn’t have enough money in the bank to get it My student sitting right in that audience who had the, exactly the same car that I described even down to the wire, the orange colored wire wheels And he called me at my hotel next morning, said, come on down, I have your car, Mr. Hill And I went down there and he had it He had the legal transfer made out, and the keys, he handed them over to me, all he wanted to show me was a little trick or two that you had to know about a Rolls-Royce in order to get the best results out of it He took me down to Riverside drive, we drove a little bit and he got out and shook hands with him and said, well, Mr. Hill, I’m very happy to have had the privilege of letting you have this nice car Wasn’t that a wonderful thing for a man to do? He hadn’t said nothing had been said about price He said, well, the price you fixe the price, I’ll tell you what I paid for it, but he said, you need it worse than I do I don’t actually need it at all, but you do need it, and I want you to have it Be careful of what you set your heart upon through obsessional desire, but for the subconscious mind

goes to work on translating that desire in which material equivalent Self discipline cannot be attained overnight It must be developed step by step by the formation of definite habits of thought and physical action You must go through the motion of doing something about it In other words, when Allen comes on the stage here, do you notice the chemical change that takes place in your mind while you’re doing that? Of course you do And I notice that, I feel it out there on the stage, and it was 50 feet removed from you I can feel the vibrations of it But suppose that you sat in your seat, just sat still in your seat and you repeated those words in a monotone, like I am talking now And then put some (indistinct) You will learn to become enthusiastic by acting enthusiastically That’s definite The reason I admonish you to be careful what you set your heart upon, is this If you follow the instructions laid down in this lesson, if you set your heart on anything, and stand by that decision, you’re going to get it, and be sure before you start any obsessional desire about anything, that the thing that you are desiring is something that you will be willing to live with after you get it, him or her (students laughing) I thought you’d get a kick out of that Oh yes, I know I see a lot of cackling around in this audience of people who are married, who understand exactly what I’m talking about What a marvelous thing it is to demonstrate in your own mind something that you desire above everything else, something that’s hard to get maybe, and then come to know after you’ve demonstrated that you wanna live with it, the rest of your life, that’s a marvelous thing, but be careful what you demonstrate before you start demonstrating You may be interested in knowing that out of the 500 or more men that collaborated with me in building this philosophy, every one of them was immensely wealthy I didn’t pay any attention to any other kind I was only after the ones that have made a big demonstration financially I had no time to fool with a little boys That wouldn’t apply today, but it’s applied then And you maybe interested in knowing that every single solitary one of them had an abundance of wealth, but they did not have peace of mind They neglected in demonstrating their wealth, to demonstrate along with it the circumstances of life through which they would not worship that wealth, through which it would not be a burden to them, through which they would have peace of mind in their relationship with their fellow men They didn’t learn that lesson If those men could have had the remarks that I made when I stepped on this stage, the first five of them, they could have had that lesson, back in the early days before they became immensely wealthy, they would have learned how to balance themselves with this role so that would not have affected them adversely To me, the most pitiful site in the world is to see an extremely rich man who doesn’t have anything else, but riches, but monetary riches And there are a lot of them in this world The next most pitiful thing is that boy or girl who has come into possession of great riches without having earned them Your power of thought is the only thing over which you have complete unchallenged control Control by the power of will And given human beings control over but one thing the creator must have chosen the most important of all things This is a stupendous fact that manage your most profound consideration If you give it this sort of a consideration, you will discover for yourself, the rich promises available to those who become master of their mind power through self discipline Self-discipline leads to sound physical health, and it leads to peace of mind through development of harmony within one’s own mind I don’t believe that I could stand before an audience of my students, many of whom know my background, and all of whom will know my background before they were through working with me I couldn’t stand up with a straight face and tell you that I have everything in this world that I need, or can possibly use or can possibly wish for, I have it in abundance, if I hadn’t learned self discipline, because that’s how I got it There was a time when I had very much more money in the bank than I have in the various banks that I’m doing business with today, very much more, but I wasn’t as rich as I am today I’m very rich today because I have a balanced mind, I have no grudges, I have no worries, I have no fears I have learned through self discipline to balance my life, balance my books with life I may not be entirely at peace with the income tax men,

but there is a big boy up somewhere stands looking over my shoulder that I am at peace with all the time And I wouldn’t have been at peace with him if I hadn’t learnt the art of self discipline, of reacting to these pleasantries of life in a positive way, instead of a negative way I don’t know what I would do if somebody came up and hauled off and slapped my face real hard without any provocation, I don’t know what I would do I’m still was pretty human I think, as that does not, I would double up my fist, and if I was close up to him I probably would hit him right here in the solar plexus and he would go down with the depth of it, no doubt I would do that But if I had a few seconds to think about it, instead of doing that, I would pity him instead of hating him, pity him for being such a fool, as to do a thing like that A lot of things that I used to do the wrong way, I do the right way now And because I’ve learned to do them the right way through self discipline, I’m in a position to be at peace with other people, to be at peace with the world, or particularly at peace with myself and with my creator That’s a wonderful thing to have No matter what other kinds of riches you have, if you’re not at peace with yourself and with your fellow man and all those you work with, if you’re not as pleased with them, then you’re not rich, you’ll never will be rich until they learn through discipline to be at peace with all people, all races, all creeds I have sitting here in this audience, Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Gentiles, people of different colors, different races Well, to me you’re all the same color, you’re all the same religion I don’t know the difference, don’t wanna know the difference, because in my mind, there is no difference (applause) I’ve written above his idea of letting petty things such as racial differences, anger me, or cause me to feel at the least out of step with my fellow man I just won’t let those things happen And there was a time when they did happen And you know, one of the curses of this world in which we’re living in, particularly this melting pot here in America, is that we haven’t learned how to live with one another We are in the process of learning And when we are all indoctrinated with this philosophy, we will have a better world here in the United States And I hope it didn’t spread over into some of the other countries too (applause) Self discipline enables one to keep the mind fixed on that which is wanted and all that which is not wanted If it didn’t do anything else but that, if I’d learnt this lesson and I didn’t do anything else for you except start you on a habit or a plan whereby you occupy your mind from here on out, mostly with the things you desire and keep your mind off the things you don’t desire, if you did nothing else but that, all the time and all the money that you spend in this course would be paid back a thousand times over because you’d experience a new birth, a new opportunity, a new life If you just learned through self discipline, not to let your mind see upon the things you don’t want, upon the miseries, upon the disappointments, upon the people who injure you What I’m telling you to do is it’s much easier for me to tell you than it is for you to do it I know that, I got an appreciative of what a difficult thing it is to start in keeping your mind occupied with the money that you’re going to have when you don’t have any now I know that How do I know it? Well, I’ll not tell you, you give a guess I know all about it – [Student] You went through, you experienced it – [Napoleon] That’s right I know what it is to be hungry I know what it is to be without a home I know what it is to be without friends I know what it is to be ignorant and illiterate I know all about that And I know how difficult it is when you’re illiterate, and literate and poverty-stricken to think in time of becoming an outstanding philosopher and the spreading his influence throughout the world I know all about that, but I did it I’m speaking now in the past tense I did it And if I can conquer the things that I’ve conquered, I know that you can do an equally good job, but you’ll have to take possession You’ll have to be the person in charge Takes possession of your own mind and keep it so busy, occupied with the things that you want, the things you wanna do, the people that you like, that you have no time left to think about the things you don’t want want and the people you don’t like And speaking about people you don’t like Have you ever thought of examining very carefully the people and as near as you can, without bias the people you think you don’t like, not to look for their faults to justify your opinion on, don’t do that That’s very easy That’s a natural thing That’s what the weak link would do, but a strong person will keep himself in subjection through self discipline and he will start in looking in the life of the person he doesn’t like for some of the things that he does like And if you look fairly and squarely,

you’ll find some of those things in every human being There is nobody so bad in this world, but what he has some good in him If you look for it, you can find it If you don’t look for it, you’ll not find it I think one of the evils of this age in which we’re living, maybe it’s the evil of all ages is that, when we come into contact with other people if they give us the slightest reason on earth for doing it, we might not only look for all of their shortcomings, but we multiply those shortcomings and step them up into something bigger than they are And that’s a great disservice to the person who does it Because you under evaluate You can under evaluate your enemies to where they destroy you, you can underestimate your opposition too, and you’ll have opposition, you’ll always have it, but you can convert a lot of that opposition from enemies into friends if you adjust yourself and start to work on yourself first, don’t start to work on the other fellow to convert him over to your ways of thinking, start working on yourself, to become charitable, to become understanding, to become forgiving And if a person does you an injury an out injury without provocation, you have one of the grandest opportunities in the world to do what? (muffled speech) You have a preoperative that he doesn’t possess because he’s lost initiative If a person injures you with or without provocation, he’s lost the initiative and you have it And what is that initiative? You have the prerogative right to forgive him and pity him don’t you? That’s what you have I want you to emphasize the three mental walls of protection against the outside forces Now you heard me speak about those three mental walls on one occasion, but maybe I spit folk only casually And maybe I didn’t make a definite lasting impression upon you of the necessity a building up a way of immunizing yourself against the outside influences that would disturb your mental capacity or anger you, or make you unhappy or make you afraid, or take advantage of you in any way I have this system and it’s works like a charm Now, when you get out where you have as many people knowing you all over the world, as I do, and there’s many beloved friends clamoring for appointments and so forth, as I have, you’ll have to have a system of choosing how many of them you will see and how many of you won’t That just goes without saying, you have to have that Maybe you don’t in the beginning, I didn’t in the beginning, but I do now And I tell you that my friends, my beloved friends, the one that I love all over the world, they take up all of my time if I didn’t have a system, you know, of keeping them from doing it And I try to keep most of them confined to dealing with me through my books, then I can reach millions of them But when they want to deal with me in person, then I have to have a system of telling how many can see me in a given amount of time And this system is this series of three imaginary walls And they’re not so imaginary either They’re pretty real That first one is our other wide wall It’s so stems way out from it and it’s not too high, but it’s high enough to stop anybody that wants to get over the wall and get to me with anything, unless he gives me a very good reason for wanting to see me One of my students wouldn’t ,they would never need to, well, they have each one of them has a stepladder, they can go right over that wall and show him the tall I don’t even have to ask her, but outsiders who are not privileged as students will have to go over that wall and they’d have to make contact in some sort of a formal way They couldn’t just ring and ring my doorbell or my telephone because I don’t have any name, my name’s not listed in the telephone book They’d have to go through some formality Now, why do I have that wall? why don’t I just leave it down and let everybody come to see me? Let everybody write to me and answer all the letters that I receive all over Why don’t I do that do you suppose? (muffled speech) You may be interested in knowing that on one occasion I received five mail sets full of letters, I couldn’t even look at the outside of the letters, let alone open them I didn’t have a secretary to open the mail And I would say the thousands I’ve never even opened They came from all over this country It’s not quite so bad today, but the very moment I get a little publicity about something letters come to me from all over the country There’s a write up about me in the last issue of printers inc, and I’m getting letters from people who knew me 35, 38 years ago, right here in Chicago, who didn’t know that I was here So we have to have a system Now, when they get over that first wall, they immediately come into contact with another wall It’s not so big and not so commodious, but it’s much higher, many times as high, and they can’t go over that one when they step the ladder I tell you that you students can do that even if you had a step ladder, but there is a way of you getting over I’m going to tip you off on this If you have something I want,

you can get over it very easily (students laughing) Or if you have something in common with me, which is the main thing I don’t mean to make that statement selfishly, I wanna clarify it I mean, by that you can get over that second wall and get to me very easily if I am convinced that the time I devote to you is going to be a mutual benefit to you and me both But if it’s just something that’s gonna benefit you and not me, the chances are that you won’t make it There are exceptions, but very, very few and I’d use my judgment as to whether the acceptance came And there’s nothing selfish about that It’s of necessity I assure you it’s of necessity (upbeat music) Then when you get over that second wall, you come in contact with one that’s very much more narrow, and it’s as high as eternity, no living person ever gets over that wall Not even my wife, as much as I love her, and as close as we are together, she doesn’t even get over She doesn’t try, because she knows that I have a sanctuary in my soul, where nobody but my creator and myself commune, nobody, nobody at all And there is where I do my best work When I go to write a book, I retire into my sanctuary, lay out that book, commune with my maker, get instructions, when I come to an intersection in life and I understand which way to go, I go into my sanctuary, I ask for guidance and I always get it Always, always Don’t you see what a wonderful thing it is to have this system of immunity Don’t you see how unselfish it is Your first duty is to yourself Shakespeare’s marvelous poetic lines, to thy own self be true and it must follow as night to day though can not then be false to any man I was thrilled to the marrow of my bones when I first read that, I have read it hundreds of times, I’ve repeated it thousands of times ‘Cause how true it is that’s your first duty is to yourself Be true to yourself, protect your mind, protect your inner consciousness Use self discipline to take possession of your own mind and direct it to the things you want and to keep it off the things you don’t want That’s your prerogative The creator gave you that as the most important, precious gift of the creator to mankind, and you could do nothing less than show your appreciation by respecting that gift and use it Make up a list of five traits of personality in connection with which you need self-discipline for improvement I don’t care how perfect you are There’s not a person in this class who couldn’t sit down and if you will really be honest with yourself, and if you don’t know the answers, get your wife to tell you, she’ll tell you some things that you should get into this list, or your husband’s maybe he’ll do a good job too Maybe sometimes, some cases you won’t have to ask, the husband he will tell you about it, or the wife vice versa But if find out five things in your personality that you need to change and write some down Now, just for the sake of experiment right now, write out in your mind, just mentally the first one Number one, surely everybody in this room can think of one trait of personality that you’d like to change You’re not going to do anything about your defects until you take inventory out of them and find out what they are and get them on paper where you can see them and then start doing something about it And after you discover these five traits in connection with which you need to use self discipline for improvement, you start immediately to develop the opposite of those traits If you’re in the habit of not sharing your opportunities or your blessings with other people start in sharing, no matter how much it hurts, start in where you are If you are greedy or anything about that, start in sharing If you’ve been in the habit of passing on a little gossip to somebody, stop that for all time to come, just stop it, and start passing on not gossip, but what? (muffled speech) Complimentary things You’ll be surprised why you see a man blossom out he’ll be a different person if you start telling him about some of the things that you know are good about him And don’t rub it on too thick, if you do, he’ll wonder what you’re after Be reasonable about it When anybody walks up to me and shakes my hand and say, Napoleon, I have always wanted to meet you, I appreciate you so much the books that you’ve written And I just wanted to tell you that I have found myself, I’ve been a success in my professional business, and I owe it all to “Think and Grow Rich” or “The Law of Success,” I know that that man is telling the truth because I can tell by the way the tone of his voice, the look in his eye and the way he takes hold of my hand And I appreciate it Now, if he stood there and rubbed it on, out of proportion of what I deserve,

I would know right away that he’s getting ready for a touch of some sort So you do have to be, you do have to use the discretion Now, then next and then make up a list of all the traits of personality of those nearest to you, which you believe need to be improved by self-discipline Now you’ll have no trouble at all making up that list You can find that one very easily Now I want you to notice a difference, the difference as to the ease with which you will find that and carry off that transaction and the one before you were looking into your own traits of character that needs to be changed Self examination is a very difficult thing, did you know that? Very difficult because we, well, why is it difficult? Because we are biased in our favor We think that whatever we do no matter how it turns out, if we did it, then it must be right And if it doesn’t turn out right, it was always the other fellow’s fault, not ours Always Some of these days I’m going to have somebody walk in and tell me that I have plenty of students who can do that Walk in and tell me that they had been at odds with somebody for a long time only to find out when they got into this philosophy that the trouble was not with the other fella, it was with themselves So they started through self-discipline to improve themselves and lo and behold, when they got their own house clean, the other fellow’s house was also clean And that’s the way it’ll work out It’s a styling thing as to how many moats you can see in the other fellows eye when you’re not looking for those in your own eye I think that everybody before he condemns anybody should go in before looking glass and say, now look here fellow, before you start condemning anybody, before you start passing out gossip about anybody, you look yourself in the eye and find out if you have clean hands, remember that passage in the Bible, he that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone All right, cast the first stone first, before you condemning other people, and when you make a practice of that, you’ll get to the point in which you can forgive people for almost anything Next, what is the most important form of self discipline, which should be exercised by all who aspire to outstanding success Now what’s the most important form of self discipline? Is just one, it’s outstanding, it has- (muffled speech) Well, of course the control of your thoughts, the control of your mind As a matter of fact, there’s nothing else of importance in the world, is there, except control of your mind If you control your own mind, you control everything that you come into contact with, you really will You’ll never be the master of circumstances, you’ll never be the master of the space that you occupy in the world until you first learn to be the master of your own mind, you’ll never will Now, Mr. Gandhi, you’ve heard me speak of him many times in biding his time to gain freedom of India, used these five principles Definiteness of purpose, he knew what he wanted Applied faith, he began to do something about it by talking to his fellow men, indoctrinating them with the same desire He didn’t do anything vicious He didn’t commit any acts of mayhem or murder Then third, by going the extra mile, and forth by forming a mastermind the likes of which this world probably has never seen before, with at least 200 millions of his fellow men, all contributing to that mastermind alliance, the main objects being to free themselves from India without violence And fifth, self-discipline on a scale without parallel in modern times Now there are the elements that made Mahatma Gandhi the master of the great British empire No doubt about it Self discipline Where in the world would you find a man that would stand all of the things that Gandhi stood, all of the insults, all of the incarcerations that he went through while standing his ground and yet not striking back in time, he struck back on his own ground with his own weapons And that’s a very safe thing to do, select your own battle, if you have to go to battle with somebody, select your own battlegrounds, select your own weapons, and then if you don’t win it’s your own fault I want you to remember that I want you to remember that because you’re going to have battle to do in one way or another throughout life, you’re going to have to find campaigns, to put yourself across, to remove opposition out of your way, you’ve got to be smarter than your opposition, or your enemies And the way to do it is not to strike back on battlegrounds of their choice, with weapons or their choice, but to select your own battleground and your own weapons Does that mean anything to you what I’m just saying? I don’t know how much it means to you now, but the time will come, when it will mean something to you When you’ve got a problem to solve, somebody is opposing it You’ve got to go around somebody Then you will think of this lecture that I delivered here

tonight wherein I said choose your own battleground and choose your own weapons, condition yourself first for the battle, by making up your mind that you’re not under any circumstance going to try to destroy anybody or to do anybody any injury, other than that of defending your own rights And when you take that attitude, I want to tell you that you’ve just as good as won before you ever started And I don’t care who your adversary is, how strong he is, how smart he is, if you use those tactics you’re bound to win Create a system whereby you take full possession of your own mind and keep it occupied with all the things, circumstances and desires of your choice, and strictly off of the things you do not want Now, how do you go about keeping your mind off of things you don’t want? Can you tell me that, I wanna see if you have a clear idea Why of course, that’s an elementary question And I didn’t mean to insult your intelligence by asking it, I only want to emphasize it by having you tell me And I know that I don’t have anything, I was not blessed with anything that you don’t have, and maybe not half as much as some of you have My background was certainly much more difficult than that of most of you, and if I made the grade, I know you can make it, but you have to take possession, you have to be in charge of your institution, and your enterprise And you are an institution, an enterprise each one of you You’ll have to be in charge, you’ve got to call the shots, and see that they’re carried out, and you have to have self-discipline with which to do it That’s how you go about keeping your mind off of things you don’t want, by occupying your mind and seeing in your imagination the things that you do want, even though you don’t have physical possession of them, you can always have mental possessions Don’t, you know? And unless you have metal possession of a thing first, you will never have a physical possession of them, you can be sure of that Unless somebody wishes it upon you, or it falls on you on the top of the house when you’re walking by accidentally Anything that you get or acquire by desire must be created and gotten in your mental attitude first And you must be very sure about it there, you must see yourself in possession of it, and that takes self discipline Now your reward for doing this, is mastery of your own destiny through guidance of infinite intelligence It’s not a marvelous thing or reward for doing this For doing what? Taking possession of your own mind It gives you direct contact with infinite intelligence, no doubt in the world about it When I tell you that there’s a person standing, looking over my shoulder and guiding me, I’m particularly telling you the truth, when I meet with obstacles, I know all I have to do is to remember that he’s right there And if I come to an intersection in life, I don’t know which way to turn, this way or that way, or to go ahead or to go back, all I have to do is to remember that, that invisible force is there looking over my shoulder and he’ll always point the right direction if I pay attention to him and have faith in him How would I know that, that’s true do you think? How could I say that, make a statement like that and know that it’s true, only one way and that’s by having practiced it, that’s the only way I would know And I certainly will never be guilty of telling you anything will happen unless I have made it happen And unless I tell you how you can make it happen Now, the penalty for not doing it For not doing what? Not taking possession of your own mind, which is the penalties that the majority of people pay all the way through the life is this You will become the victim of the stray winds of circumstance, which will remain forever beyond your control What are the stray winds of circumstance? What am I talking about there do you think? You’ll become the victim of every influences you come into contact with enemies and everything else alike, all these things that you don’t want will sway you like a leaf on the bosom of a wind, unless you take possession of your own mind That’s the penalty that you must pay Is it a strange thing to contemplate? Is it a profound thing to recognize the truth, that you have been given a means by which you can declare and determine your earthly destiny, and that along with that comes a penalty, a tremendous penalty that you must pay if you don’t embrace that asset and use it And along with it also comes this tremendous asset or reward that you do receive automatically if you accept that asset and use it What a profound thing it is If I didn’t have any other evidence of a first cause or a creator, if I didn’t have any other evidence, than what I know about that principle, then I would know there had to be a first cause, because that’s too profound for any human being to think out Giving you a great asset and then penalizing you for not accepting it, rewarding you if you do accept it, that’s the sum and the substance of what happens

when you use the self discipline with which to take possession of your own mind as a director to the things you want, nevermind what you want, that’s nobody’s business except yours Did you hear what I said there? – [Students] Yes – [Napoleon] You sure you heard it? – [Students] Yes – [Napoleon] That’s nobody’s business what you want but yours, I don’t want you to forget that Don’t let anybody come along, sell you the idea as to what you should want Who’s going to tell me what I want and what I should want? Yes you bet your life, hasn’t always been that way, but it is that way today If there is anybody going to tell me what I want, I’ll do that, and if I allowed anybody else should tell me, I’d think it was an insult to my creator because he intended that I should have the last word about this guy here And believe you me, I take it I take it all the time I don’t hurt anybody else, and nobody else, I would do nothing in this world under any circumstances, to injure anybody or anything, whatever you do to or for another person, you do to or for yourself, it’s an eternal law Nobody can avoid or evade that law That’s why I wouldn’t be a prosecuting attorney That’s why I was so proud that I didn’t follow my inclination and become a lawyer I had a long visit where my brother, Vivian, he’s a lawyer And he practices, he specializes in divorce suits, especially divorce suits of very wealthy people I wanna tell you the penalty he’s paying for knowing too much about the bad side of domestic relations He got so much of that, that he came to the inclusion all women were bad and he never married He’s never had the pleasure of a wife like I have because he thinks that all women are bad, because he’s judging them by the ones he knows best, which is a common trait of all of us We judge people by the ones we know best don’t we? And it’s not always fair either to do that Certainly not in his case I’m calling to your attention some of the vital things in life that you need to deal with You need to understand yourself and understand people, and understand how to adjust yourself with people that are difficult to get along with You need to know that because there are a lot of people in this world that are difficult to get along with, and they are gonna be a lot as long as you and I live and long after that So we can’t do away with those people that are difficult to get along with, but we can do something about it by doing something with ourselves Does that make sense to you all or not? – [Students] Yes – [Napoleon] I think it does We’re talking about self discipline We wanna know what it means First of all, it means complete control over both the body and the mind, complete control That doesn’t mean changing your mind or your body, it means controlling it Breaks the great emotion of sex, gets more people into trouble and all the other emotions combined And yet it’s the most creative, the most profound and the most divine of all of the emotions It’s not the emotion that gets people in trouble, it’s their lack of controlling it and directing it, transmuting it, which they would be readily able to do if they had self-discipline So it is with other faculties, the body and the mind It’s not that you have to change completely, it’s just that you have to be the master You have to be in control You have to recognize the things that you must do in order to have sound health and peace of mind It also means the development of daily habits by which the mind is kept busy in connection with the things and the circumstances that one desires and off the circumstances one does not desire It means that you will not accept or submit to the influence of any circumstance or thing You do not desire, nothing at all Don’t submit to it You may have to tolerate it You may have to recognize it’s there, but you don’t have to submit that, you don’t have to let it conquer you You don’t have to admit that it’s stronger than you are But on the other hand, you assert that you’re stronger than it because you’re not going to submit to it And you can give your imagination a wide range of operation there as to what these things are that you’re going to have to deal with but you’re not gonna submit to it I’m not gonna mention it might get too personal It means that you will build a three wall protection around yourself so no one will ever know all about you, or what goes on in your mind Isn’t that an interesting thing? Would you want anybody in this world, anybody to know all about you? – [Student] No – [Napoleon] Who would, if you’re in your right mind, you wouldn’t, would you want anybody to know all that you think about him? – [Student] No – [Napoleon] I’m sure you wouldn’t Well, there are a lot of people who just make the mistake of letting anybody that wants to know, know everything that goes on their mind All you have to do is start them talking You know, these people who start their mouth, so working and then go off and leave him (students laughing) You know the type I’m talking about, just get them started and believe me, you find out

all about them, good and bad J Edgar Hoover with whom I did some professional work on a great many occasions and still do at times, told me once that the fellow who is investigating is the best help to him of all of all, because he gets more information from the guy that he’s tracing then from all other sources combined I said, why? He says well, because he talks too damn much That was his exact reply Tell me what a man fears, and I will tell you how the master is The very minute you find out what anybody fears, you’ll know exactly how to control him, if you’re foolish enough to want to control anybody on that basis I don’t wanna control anybody on fear Not at all If I control anybody, I wanna control on the basics of what? – [Students] Love – [Napoleon] Of course, of course, on no other basis I wouldn’t have any control over anybody on any other basis than that he wants to give me control of The average person talks too much for his own good But now on the subject of enthusiasm, and I don’t know a better time than talk about enthusiasm than right now, because you seem to be demonstrating quite a bit of it First of all, the very first step in creating enthusiasm is based upon a burning desire In other words that’s the starting of enthusiasm, and you have no trouble and as a matter of fact, when you learn how to work yourself up into a state of a burning desire, you won’t need the rest of the instructions on enthusiasm, because you’ve already got some the last word in enthusiasm When you want something real badly, you make up your mind to get it, you have that burning desire It steps up your thinking processes, it puts your imagination so that your imagination goes to work and works on ways and means where you’re getting the thing you desire, that enthusiasm gives you a brighter mind, it makes you more alert to opportunities You see opportunities that you never saw before when your mind just steps up to that state of enthusiasm, to a burning desire for something definite And next, there is active enthusiasm and the passive enthusiasm The active enthusiasm is more effective Now, what do I mean by active and passive? I’ll give you an illustration of passive enthusiasm Henry Ford, for instance, was the most lacking in active enthusiasm of any man I have ever seen I never heard him laugh, not once in his life When he shook hands with you, it’s like taking hold of a piece of cold ham You did all the shaking, he did nothing, but stick his hand off and then take it back when you let loose of it And in this conversation, there was no magnetism in his voice whatsoever And there was no evidence of any shape, form, or fashion, of his demonstrating active enthusiasm Now, what kind of enthusiasm did he have? Because he must’ve had some to have such an upstanding major purpose and to have achieved it so successfully It was inward, his enthusiasm was placed transmuted into his imagination and into his power of faith, and into his personal initiative He went ahead on his own initiative He believed that he could do whatever he wanted to do He kept himself alert and keen with applied faith through his enthusiasm, his passive enthusiasm Thinking inside of his own mind what it was he was going to do and all the joy he’d get out of doing it I once asked him, this was long after he had arrived, and had his problems with him I asked him if he ever wanted anything or anything he couldn’t do He said, no, not at all, and then he qualified himself, not in recent years See in early days until he learned how to get or to do whatever you want to do, he couldn’t answer in the affirmative And I said, well, in the, (indistinct) is there’s anything that you need or want, that you can’t get He said, that’s right That’s correct Well, I said, how do you go about, how do you know that’s true? And how do you go about making sure that whatever you want to do, you’ll know you’re going to do it before you start? He said, well, for a long time, I’ve formed the habit of putting my mind on the can do part of every problem, if I have a problem there’s always something I can do about many things I can’t do, but something I can do and I aspire for it, I can do something And he said, as I use up the can do part of it, the no can do simply just vanishes I get to the river where I expected to have to have a bridge, I didn’t need the bridge because the river was dry Well, isn’t that a marvelous thing for a man to make a statement like that He started in, on his problem or his objective where he could do something And he said, if he wanted to turn out a new model, if he wants to turn out, increase his production, he immediately put his mind to work on the plan in which he could do that and he never paid any attention

to the obstacles because he knew that if his plan was sufficiently strong and definite and backed with the right kind of the faith, that the opposition that he might meet with with the melt away, when it came to it, and he said, the astounding thing was, that if you took that attitude of putting your mind behind the can do part of every problem, the no can’t do part, it takes to it’s heels and runs and I’m quoting his words I could endorse everything that he has said because that’s been my experience My experience has been that if you wanna do something, you’ll work yourself up into a state of white enthusiasm, go to work where you stand, if it’s nothing more than drawing a picture in your mind of the thing you wanna do, and keep drawing that picture and making it more vivid all the time That in so far as you make use of the tools that are available to you now to move with, will other and better tools be put in your hands That’s one of the strange things of life, but that’s the way it works Public speakers, teachers can express enthusiasm by control of the voice There’s no doubt about that One of my students was riding down to class this evening and to paid me a very high compliment She wanted to know, if I had had any voice training, voice coaching or anything, I said oh, I didn’t no, nothing, not a thing I said, I had a course in public speaking a long time ago, but I violate everything the teacher ever taught me about it Then now I have my own system And she said, well, you have the most marvelous voice, and I often wondered if it hadn’t been, if you hadn’t had carefully trained to impart the enthusiasm or the meaning that you want to impart with it And I said, no, the answer to that, the answer to this voice that I have is this, that no matter who hears it, how inexperienced that person may be, how much of a cynic that person may be, the person knows one thing that when I say something, I believe what I’m saying I’m sincere about it And that’s the grandest voice control that I know anything about It’s to express enthusiasm in belief, in terms of belief, because the thing that you’re saying, you will know that the thing that you were saying at the time is the thing that you ought to say, and that will do something good for the other fellow, and perhaps for you too I have seen public speakers that march prints all over the stage and run their fingers through their hair and stick their hands down in their pockets, go through all kinds of personal gestures All that does to me is it distracts my attention when the speaker does that I have trained myself to stand in one position, I never march around over the stage, and very seldom, I sometimes spread out my hands, but not very often, but the effect that I wanna get is first of all, with a sincerity of what I’m talking about, and then putting my own enthusiasm back in the tone of my voice And if you learn to do that, you’ll have marvelous asset Then one must feel enthusiasm before being able to express it I don’t see how in the name of heavens, anybody could express enthusiasm when his heart was breaking, or he’s in distress or he’s in trouble of some sort that he couldn’t throw off I did sit in a show once in New York where the star of the show came on and gave a marvelous performance And she discovered about three minutes before she came on for her part, that her father had just dropped dead And you will never know, never know at all, she gave it to performance as perfectly as I could imagine, it could be given, not the slightest indication in the world that anything had happened, she trained herself to be an actress once and always, no matter what the circumstances, and if she hadn’t trained herself to do that, she wouldn’t have been an actress An actor who can’t fall into the skeleton shape of his character that he’s trying to portray and feel like that character off the field will not be an actor He may express the words, the lines that are written for him, but he’ll never have the right impression on an audience unless he lives the thing he’s trying to put across And they’re really great actors in all walks of life And they’re not all on the stage, there are some of them in private lives The great actors in life are all people who can put themselves into the role that they’re trying to portray They feel it, they believe in it, they have confidence in it , and they have no trouble in conveying to the other fellow this spirit of enthusiasm Enthusiasm is a mighty tonic for all of the negative influences that get into your mind If you wanna burn up a negative influence, just turn on all enthusiasm I’m telling you the two can stay in the same room at the same time Just can’t do it You start being enthusiastic over anything and I fire you to let these doubting culture, these thoughts of fear come into your mind while you are keyed up in the state of enthusiasm Once you’ve practiced the development of enthusiasm in daily conversations and learned to turn it on or off at the will, but you start it now immediately to

step up the tone of your voice when you’re conversing with other people, to put a smile back on your words, inject into it a pleasant tone, a pleasant feeling Sometimes you can do that by toning your voice down, not talking too loud, other than that you can do it by stepping it up so that they can barely hear you, and don’t recognize what you’re doing In other words, learn to inject enthusiasm into your ordinary daily conversations, and you’ll have somebody to practice on in every person you come into contact with Now these assignments I’m giving you about practicing on people that you come in, come into contact with daily is a marvelous thing if you would just stop and watch what happens to you when you start doing that Naturally, you start changing your tone of voice You’ll go out deliberately intending to make the other fellow smile while you’re talking to him or her and make that person like you No good to put enthusiasm into telling another fellow what you think about him if you don’t think something pleasant, ’cause the more enthusiastic you are, the less he will like you When you start telling him another person what you think for his good, well, believe you me, you better be smiling Nobody wants anybody to reprimand him or to overhaul him, or to tell him something for his own good, because he knows very well that there’s a selfish motivation somewhere along the line, or he thinks so at least Speech in monotones is always monotonous and boresome I don’t care who it is speaking, if you’re not able to get variety and color and rise and fall in the inflection in your voice, you’re going to be monotonous, no matter what you’re saying or to whom you’re saying it, just suppose that I came up here and talked in tone that I am now and never changed my tone of voice, and even though I said exactly the same thing that I had been saying, I didn’t color it my voice, do you think that I would get such a rousing cheer when I come on? No, of course, not Of course not I can come out here and keep you from going to sleep all by robbing you with a question that you weren’t prepared for, and then letting you answer it But mostly by getting some enthusiasm into my tone of voice, raising my voice, letting it back down again, keeping you jumping and guessing as to what I’m gonna say next That’s a good way to hold an audience, so you won’t be like, keep the audience guessing as to what you’re going to say next If you talk in monotones, no enthusiasm into what you say, the listener will be a way ahead of you, he knows what you’re going to see long before you say it, and whatever it is, he doesn’t wanna hear it in the first place Enthusiasm, it’s a marvelous thing And then the beautiful part about enthusiasm is that you can turn it on and off yourself, you don’t need to ask anybody about it Facial expression should also express enthusiasm with the smile properly directed I hate to see a person talking to me at close range with a serious expression on his face and never changes that seriousness in the least, even though the topic of conversation is one of a serious nature, I like to see the person soften his face with a smile If you watch Mr. Stone when he’s speaking, he stops quite often through his speeches and smiles, and he’s got a winning smile I mean, it’s a marvelous smile The way he softens up his whole face, he just absolutely disarms anybody that he’s talking to, even though he’s saying something, the other person doesn’t wanna hear He can disarm the other person by this change of expression on his face, he’s a master at that I’m not a master at it, but I can do it when I want to believe you me, because that’s a part of self discipline too, is to be able to look at the other person, let him know by the tone of your voice, what you’re saying and the way you’re saying it, and the way you look, that what you say you mean, and that you mean it for his benefit That’s one of the things that you can do with enthusiasm Facial expressions, and start now to observe people who express enthusiasm in their conversational relations Also people who do not, and get a great lesson in attractiveness of personality, just start studying people If you see a person that you particularly like, watch that person find out what it is about him or her that makes you like him or her, and chances are a 1,000 to one that you find out that whatever that person says to you or engages, whatever conversation he engages in, it will be on an enthusiastic basis And you’ll never be bored no matter how much he talks or what he says, because he makes it so attractive that you’ll never get tired of it From definite habits, form definite habits of which you will learn to express enthusiasm in your ordinary conversations, practice before a mirror, talk to yourself if you can’t find anybody that’s willing to listen to you, to start out with, you’ll be surprised how interesting it is when you start talking to yourself and say the things you wanna hear, don’t say the things you don’t wanna hear when you’re looking at yourself in the glass You know, I stood before a mirror for years and years

and years, and I told myself that the day would come, I said, look here Napoleon Hill, you admire Arthur Brisbane style of writing, that clear, clarity, that succinctly, that definiteness, that simplicity of language, you admire that, but Napoleon, you’re going to not only catch up with Arthur, but you’re gonna run rings around him And ladies and gentlemen, I did just that, by talking to this fellow and convincing him it could be done It’s about foolish to talk to yourself in the mirror, it’s not foolish at all, that is, if nobody’s starting on the other side, be sure to close the bathroom door, don’t leave it open (student laughing) Don’t leave the door open, and don’t talk too loudly if there are people around too close because they’ll probably call the psychiatric ward and want to know if they can’t come down until they have a relative down that’s going to stay Use discrimination and all of these things, but really and truly, you’ve got an overhauling job to do on yourself We all have at one time or another at least, you’ve got to do an overhauling job I want to attain to a greater degree of proficiency all the time My education is never completed, it’s wide open all the time You know, as long as you’re green you continue to grow, but when you get to where you’re ripe, then the next step is you become rotten (students laughing) I wanna be right, I’ll never be right with knowledge, never learned the last word about anything I’m always learning, learning from people, I get much more from you than you do from me because I have several hundred to learn from you and you only have one Have you ever thought of that? But I wouldn’t get anything from you if I didn’t have an open mind, if I weren’t trying to learn from you all the time When you express enthusiasm in your daily conversations, observers, profit how others pick up your enthusiasm and reflect it back to you as their own You can change the attitude of anybody that you wanted by simply working yourself up into a state of enthusiasm, it’s a contagious thing and they pick it right up and then reflect it back to them as their own All salesman, all master salesman understand that art, if they don’t understand it, they are not nice salesman, they’re not even the ordinary salesman If they don’t know how to key up the buyer, with their enthusiasm, no matter what you’re selling, it works just the same as selling yourself as it does in sell services or commodities or merchandise You take a good salesman, go into any store and pick out a salesman that knows his business, and I will tell you right now that you recognize that that salesman is not only showing you merchandise, but along with it, he’s giving you some information in a tone of voice that impresses you The most salesman, you know, in the stores, they’re not salesmen at all, they don’t have the first idea about salesmanship They are, what will we call them? They’re order takers, order takers, not salesmen at all They don’t sell it I’ve often heard them say, well, I sold so much today I heard a newspaper man, talking to one the man that delivers the news to him telling him how many papers he’d sold that day Well, he hadn’t sold any papers at all He had them out and people came along and bought them and laid their money down He didn’t have anything to do with selling them, except putting the merchandise where the people could pick it up and buy But he thought he was a salesman, thought he was a pretty good one, but you see a lot of people who wrap up merchandise and places out doing take your money, who thinks they’ve made a sale, they haven’t made anything because you’ve done the buying But a good salesman, you can’t say that about him You’re going to buy a shirt, and before you get out of there, he’ll sell you some underwear and some socks and some tie and a pair of suspenders, no he wouldn’t sell me the suspenders because I don’t wear them, but he’d sell me a nice new belt, one did that just a day or two ago I didn’t need a belt, but he showed me a nice one and it just fitted my personality and I bought it mostly on the personality of the man who was talking about it Yes, believe you me, I’m not immune to salesmanship either Well, when you meet with any sort of unpleasant circumstance, learn to transmute it into a pleasant feeling by repeating your major purpose with great enthusiasm In other words, when any kind of an unpleasant circumstance comes across your path, instead of brooding over that, or allowing it to take up your time in regret or in frustration, or in fear, just start in and switch over to thinking about this marvelous thing that you’re going to accomplish down here one, two or three or four or five years from now, or six months or whatever it is, start thinking about the thing that you can put enthusiasm back up and use your enthusiasm for the things you want and not do the things that you’ve just lost through the defeat You know, there are a lot of people who allow the death in the family the death of the loved one to run them distracted I’ve known people lose their minds over that When my father passed away in 1939, of course I knew he was going to pass away, we knew what his condition was, and we knew it was all the much question of time and I conditioned my mind so that could not possibly upset me and make some slightest embrace me emotionally I got a call from my brother one evening, down at my estate in Florida

and I had some rather distinguished company there talking about publishing business, and they tell us like maid came in and said that my brother wanted to speak to me on the telephone I went out of the room and talked to him for three or four minutes, he told me that our father had passed away and the funeral will be that coming Friday And we chatted a little while about other things And I thanked him for calling me and went back to my company and nobody knew that anything had happened, not even any members of my family knew until the next day what had happened There was no expression of sorrow or anything of that kind What was the use? I couldn’t save him, he was dead Why I would agreed myself to death or something I can’t do anything about So that’s hard hearted No, it’s not hard hearted at all, I knew it was going to happen, I adjusted myself to it so that they could not destroy my confidence or make me afraid In matters of that kind I seriously, that you have to learn to give yourself immunity against the being upset emotionally You know, when you’re upset emotionally, you’re not quite sane, you don’t digest your food, you’re not happy You’re not successful, things go against you when you’re in that frame of mind And I don’t want things to go against me I don’t want it to be unhealthy I want to be successful I want to be healthy I want things to come my way, and they all the way that I can ensure that it’s not let anything upset my emotions I don’t think anybody can love any deeper no more often than I have But if I had unrequited love circumstances, and I’ve had that circumstance once in life, I could let that upset me very badly, but I didn’t Why? It’s because I have self control, because I won’t let anything destroy my equilibrium, nothing at all I didn’t want my father to die, but as long as he was dead, there was nothing I could do But there was no use of me dying along too just because he had, and I’ve seen people do just that, just go ahead and die because somebody else had died That’s an extreme illustration I’m giving you, but it’s certainly one that’s needed by everybody We need to learn to adjust ourselves to the unpleasantness of life without going down under them And the way to do that is to convert, to divert your attention away from the unpleasant over to something that is pleasant, then put all of the enthusiasm you’ve got back to that other something You’re entitled have complete control of it And remember from this day forward, that your duty to yourself requires that you do something each day to improve your technique for the expression of enthusiasm No matter what it is Maybe I have touched upon some of the things that you can do, but I haven’t touched upon all of them, maybe you and your circumstances, and considering your relations with other people, you know something that you can do, to step up your enthusiasm so as to make you more beneficial to some other person And I wanna tell you something, and this is a very appropriate thing for the closing of this lecture, if you have a mate, and you can work up a relationship with that mate, where the mate compliments you in every place where you’re absolutely weak, then you’ve got a fortune beyond compare, a fortune that you can’t estimate, an assets beyond comparison with anything else in this world goes that mastermind relationship between a man and his wife can come out and go around and master all difficulties that they may come into contact with, they do it by multiplying, joining their mental attitudes and multiplying their enthusiasm, turning it on each other to places where they are in need of it and I thank you very much (applause) I’ve never known of a successful person in the upper brackets of success in any calling, that hadn’t acquired the great to potential powers of concentration upon one thing at a time You’ve heard people speak of others intending it to be derogatory by calling them people with one track minds Have you ever heard that term? Or anytime anybody calls, says I have a one track mind, and I wanna thank him for it, because there are a lot of people that have multiple track minds and they’re trying to run all of them at the same time to make a good job on that end I have observed as the outstanding successes are people who have developed higher capacity to keep their mind fixed on one thing at a time When you have learned to concentrate on one thing at a time, you have learned to key yourself up to where you can see yourself already in possession of the thing is you’re concentrating on The nine basic motives is the starting point of all concentration In other words, you don’t concentrate unless you have a motive for doing it If you want to make a lot of money for instance, let’s say you want to buy an estate, a farm,

and you concentrated on money in the upper brackets, you’ll be surprised how that concentration would change your whole habits, attract to you opportunities for making money that you never thought of before I know that’s the way it worked out because some years ago I wanted 1,000 acre estate, which I didn’t know at that time, just how much 1,000 acres was, but I was concentrating on a 1,000 acres, and it cost approximately $250,000 to get the land that I was looking for, and that was a lot more money than I had at that time But almost from the very day that I fixed in my mind, aside the estate that I wanted, opportunities began to open up and develop for me to get that money and the larger blocks and hunts than I’d ever gotten before The royalties on my books commenced to increase, demand for my lectures commenced to increase, demand for my business council commenced to increase So I had just sold myself on the idea that I had to have the money I was going to get it, I was going to render services for it When I got the estate, I didn’t get 1,000 acres, I got 600 acres and the man from whom I bought it, when I told him I wanted 1,000 acres, he said, I have 600, by the way, do you know how much 600 acres are? I said, well, I have a rough idea He said, would you mind walking around this estate with me? (students laughing) We started out bright one morning, with a couple of golf sticks, we took the golf sticks lawn to knock the rattlesnakes in the head with And we started around the outer edge of that, and we walked into the noon tme and we went more than halfway around, up and down over the Catskill mountains, noontime he says, we’re just about halfway around I said, well, instead of going all the way around, let’s turn and go back I’ve seen enough, 600 acres is a planet (students laughing) Well, I bought the place and then the Depression came on, 1929, 30, 31 And believe you me, it was tough going, but I had accumulated enough money to buy the place I wouldn’t have had it if I hadn’t concentrated on that idea Then next to it definiteness of purpose of an obsession of proportion is the moving spirit back of the motive There’s no use of having a motive unless you put obsessional desire, or obsessional purpose back at it What’s the difference between an ordinary purpose or desire and an obsession of desire What’s the difference? (muffled speech) That’s right That’s very good That word intensity is a very good one It’s a very fitting word In other words to wish for a thing or to hope for a thing doesn’t cause anything to happen But when you put a burning desire or an obsessional desire back in the thing, well, it moves you into action and it attracts you to others and the actual things do you, that you need in order to fulfill that desire Oh, so the, how do you go about developing an obsessional desire about anything? By thinking about a lot of things, changing from one thing to another? (muffled speech) You select one thing, you eat it, you sleep it, you drink it, you breath it, you talk about it as long as you can find anybody to listen If they can’t find anybody, you talk to yourself, that’s right, repetition Keep on telling your subconscious mind exactly what you want, make it clear, make it plain, make it definite, and above everything else, let your subconscious mind know that you expect results, and no fooling An organized endeavor or personal initiative is the self starter that starts the action on concentration And then applied faith is this sustaining force that keeps a action going In other words, without that applied faith, when the going gets to be hard, that it will no matter what you’re doing, you would either slow down or maybe quit So you can see that you need to applied faith to keep your action keyed up through a high degree, even when they’re going as hard, and when the results are not coming in as you would like them to come By the way, did any of you ever hear of anybody starting out to do anything and achieving an outstanding permanent success, right from the start without any opposition? Did you ever hear of anybody like that? – [Students] No – [Napoleon] Well, don’t look now But I want to tip you off to the fact that nobody ever did that and probably nobody ever will The going is hard always with everyone, no matter what you’re doing, you’ve got a tremendous amount of information back at every one of these lessons that you can concentrate on, but you’ll have to concentrate on every one of these lessons when they come to it Put everything else aside and concentrate on that lesson and add to these notes everything that you can get that’s

related to this subject You have to come back to it many times, when I say you have to concentrate on each lesson, that means that you have to come back to each lesson many, many times, you have to keep thinking about each one, but while you’re concentrating on a given lesson, don’t let your mind be running over all the other lessons Stick right straight to that one lesson while you’re at it Then the mastermind is the source of allied power necessary to ensure success Can you imagine anybody concentrating on the attainment of something of an outstanding nature without making use of the master mind and the brains and the influence and the education of other people? Did you ever hear of anybody achieving an outstanding success without the cooperation of other people? – [Students] No – [Napoleon] I never have and I have been around quite a bit in this success thing about as much as the average, maybe more than the average and I have never found anybody yet in the upper brackets of achievement in any line that didn’t owe his a success very largely to the friendly, harmonious cooperation of other people, to the use of other people’s brains and sometimes other people’s money You know, they do that once in a while too So you need the master mind alliance in your concentration if you’re aiming for anything above mediocrity, but you can do your own concentrating on failure, that way you won’t need any help on that You’ll need an mastermind on that, but also you’ll have a lot of volunteer help on it And a lot of good company along Well, I say a lot of company let’s put it that way If you just aim to fail, but if you’re going to succeed, you’ve got to follow these regulations as I’m laying them down for you, you can’t escape them, you can’t neglect any one of them And then self-discipline is the watchman that keeps action moving in the right direction even when the going is difficult And incidentally that’s when you need self discipline the most, is when you meet with opposition, or when the conditions and circumstances that you’ve got to cut through are difficult That’s when you need your self disciplined to keep your faith going and keep yourself determined that you’re not going to quit just because the going is hard So you couldn’t possibly get along and concentrating without self discipline Or you could if everything went your way, it’d be no trouble at all You can concentrate on anything if everything was going your way and you didn’t need to meet these difficult circumstances Then the creative vision or imagination is the architect that fashions practical plans for your action, back of your concentrated Before you can concentrate intelligently, you’ve got to have plans You’ve got to have an architect And that architect is your imagination and the imagination of your mastermind allies if you have them What happens when you start out to do something without a definite or practical plan? (muffled speech) Did you ever hear of anybody who had a very fine objective or very fine purpose, a very fine idea, but it failed because he didn’t have the right kind of a plan putting it over Do you ever hear of anybody like that? Have you ever heard of any other kinds, except that? Is that a common pattern as a matter of fact for people have ideas but the plans for carrying them out are not good, not sound And then the going the extra mile is the principle that the insures harmonious cooperation from others Going the extra mile You need that in the business of concentrated If you’re going to get other people to help you, you got to do something to put them under obligation So you’ve got to give them a motive Even your mastermind allies that are in your own organization, they won’t serve as a mastermind allies without a motive What are some of the motives incidentally that would get people to join you in a given undertaking? What are some of the motives, what’s the most outstanding motive? (muffled speech) The desire for financial gain, of course, in all business and professional undertakings, I would say the desire for financial gain is the outstanding motive And if you’re going into a business, where the main object is to make money, and if you don’t allow your mastermind allies, or your key men and women are the people who are helping you most, if you don’t allow them to get sufficient returns, you’re not gonna have them very long There’ll be going into business for themselves There’ll be going over to your competitors and whatnot I was very astounded once to hear Mr. Carnegie, Andrew Carnegie telling me that he paid Charlie Swab, $75,000 a year salary, on some years a bonus in addition to the salary of $1 million, did that several years To me that was a lot of money then it’s still a lot of money now I was curious about Mr. Carnegie, I want to know why a man of his great intelligence would pay one, man like that a bonus of more than 10 times as much as his salary And I said, Mr. Carnegie did you have to do that?

He I said, no, certainly I didn’t I could let him go and let him go out and go into competition with me Sure, I didn’t have to do it There’s quite a bit of meaning back at that statement In other words, you got a good man there that was very valuable to him and he wanted to keep him And he knew that the way to keep him, honestly let him know he’d make more money with Mr. Carnegie’s than he would without him Then the applied golden rule gives her one moral guidance to the actions of what one is concentrating Then accurate thinking say is one from daydreaming in the creation in the creation of plans And did you know that the most of the so-called thinking is nothing in the world with daydreaming, or hoping or wishing? That’s what it is There’re a lot of people who spend a vast majority of their time daydreaming and hoping and wishing, thinking about things, but never doing, never doing what? (muffled speech) Never taking any actual physical or mental concrete action in carrying out their plan I had an experience a long time ago when I was lecturing over in Iowa on this philosophy After the lecture was over an elderly man, pottered up water up to the stage, he was decrepit and not very strong And he fished around in his pocket and came up with a great bundle of papers that had dog ears on them And finally he reached around and amongst those papers and he came out with one yellow paper and he said, nothing new Mr. Hill on what you just said, said, I had those ideas 20 years ago There they are on paper, I had those ideas, sure he did Millions of other people had them too, but nobody did anything about them Nothing new in the philosophy, not a thing except the law of cosmic habit That’s the only new thing about it, and that’s strictly speaking is not new That’s Emerson, that’s a proper interpretation on Emerson’s essay on compensation, but stated in terms of people can understand the first time they read it There he was, either he carried those ideas around his pocket and he could have been the Napoleon Hill instead of me, if he’d have only gotten Busy back before I started Some day some smart fellow will come along and he would take up right where I stopped and leave him creating the philosophy based on what I have done, that will be far superior perhaps to this Maybe that person sits right in this room now (instrumental music) And then learning from the defeat insurers one against quitting, when the going is hard Is it a marvelous thing to know that in this philosophy you have learned beyond any question without that, failure and defeat and adversity needn’t stop you, that there’s a benefit of every such experience? What is that benefit tell me (muffled speech) Can you see any benefit in a man going through a depression and losing all of his money right down to the last penny, having to start over again? (muffled speech) Well, if you can’t, you take a good look now because you’re looking at a man who did just that And it’s one of the greatest blessings that ever came along because I was getting just to be a kind of a smarty pants, I was making too much money and making it too easily, and I had to get taken back a notch I came out fighting and I have done more good work since that time than I ever did before Without that experience I probably would be up there on the Catskill mountains instead of down here teaching Sometimes adversity is a blessing in disguise and oftentimes not so much disguise as that If you take the right attitude toward it You can’t be whipped, you can’t be defeated until you have accepted defeat in your own mind Just to remember that And remember, that no matter what the nature of your adversity is, there is always I’ve seen them an equivalent benefit if you will concentrate on the circumstance, and look for all the good that came out of it, instead of the bad Don’t spend any time brooding over the things that are lost or gone, or the mistakes that you have made, except put in some time analyzing them and the learning profiting by them so that you won’t make the same mistake twice And thus it will be seen that controlled attention involves

the blending and the application of many of the other principles of the philosophy Persistence should be the watch word behind all of these principles Controlled attention is the twin brother of definiteness of purpose Just think what you could do as those two principles, definiteness of purpose, knowing exactly what you want and concentrate everything you’ve got on carrying on of that purpose Do you know what would happen to your brain and your whole personality and yourself if you would concentrate on one definite thing? By concentrating on, I mean, put all of the time that you can possibly spare when you’re not sleeping, and not working directly, all of the time that you can possibly spare seeing yourself in possession of the thing that represents your definiteness of purpose Seeing yourself in possession of it, seeing yourself building plans retaining it, working out the first step that you can take, and then the second and the the third and so on, concentrating on it day in and day out, and a little while you’ll get to the point at which every way you turn, you’ll find there’s something in the way of an opportunity that will lead you a little bit closer to the thing that represents your definiteness of purpose When you know what you want it’s astounding how many things you will find a that’s related to exactly what you want I was living in Florida some years ago and I had a very important letter coming to the Tampa, Florida post office I knew the letter came because I talked on the long distance to the National Citibank in New York, and I knew that letter was in the mail that was out now at the post office I had to have it before 12 o’clock I called the post master who was a friend of mine and he said that the mail for your, I lived out in the country 10 miles out He said that mainly somewhere between here and Tempa, it’s all on the route number one, and I don’t know of any way for you to get that letter before 12 o’clock except to run the postman down He said, I’ll tell you which station is where to start, because he’s already the pay station number nine I think it was, he says, you pick him up there, and I’ll give you the instructions how to follow his route Well, route number one came over the same highway along the distance that I use when traveling from Tampa Alto Tampa my home, I traveled to every day I didn’t know there were any mail boxes already, but when I began to be important to me to observe mailboxes I walked in and I never saw so many mailboxes all of my life Believe me they were looking to me like every 100 feet, almost there was a mail box, and they were all numbered And I was looking for the numbers that the postmaster gave me as the one that he’d probably, where he would probably be at that very hour I finally caught up with him and he had, it was on a Monday, and he had an enormous load of mailings He said, man, I can’t do it, He said, Matt, I can’t do it I don’t know where your letter is He says, I won’t know until I get rid of all I said, listen, I have got to have that letter, it’s in there, I have got to have it I said the post master told me to run you down, and not to take no for an answer to tell you to get out and sort that mail, and let me have that letter Now, that’s what he told me, if you don’t think so, come out over here at this farm house you can call him Well, he said it’s unlawful, I can’t do that Well, I said, unlawful or not I’ve got to have that letter That’s all there is to it Now listen fella, be a good sport No need you and me arguing, you’ve got a job to do, and I’ve got a job to do Mine is important too and yours important And it’s not gonna hurt you very much to lose that, man, you can do it in a little while Oh hell, he said, all right (students laughing) So he went to work and the third letter he pick out was mine, third one he didn’t, adjust one of those things, and you know what you want, somehow rather than you’re determined to get it, it’s not near as difficult to get as you thought it was I’ve often thought of that experience, how indicative that is of the experiences of people who know what they want and are successful in getting it, they don’t let anything stop them at all, opposition while they just don’t pay any attention to opposition I’ve often watched Mr. Stone, my distinguished business associate Mr. Stone and his talk to his salesman I tell you I get a thrill every time I hear him speak, because that man doesn’t, I don’t believe he knows what the word no means I think it’s long since, believes it means yes That’s right Then the results he gets shows that he believes it means yes He can be the most definite about the things he wants from anybody I’ve ever known And the most definite in failure and in refusal to accept a turn down In other words when opposition gets in his way he just goes right over them or around them, or he blows them out of the way,

but he never lets them stop him Now that’s concentration That’s definiteness of purpose put into action Take Henry Ford for instance, everybody knows what his obsessional definite purpose was, everybody knows it Most people have been riding a part of his major purpose around everyday of their lives, driving it It was a low priced dependable automobile wasn’t it He didn’t allow anybody to talk, there were promoters of whom, I heard promoters approach Mr. Ford, with the opportunities it seemed to me most glittering And his reply always was that he was engaged in the thing that consumed all of his time and he was not interested in anything outside of his definite major purpose, which was to make and distributed all over the world, low priced dependable automobiles And of course sticking to that job made him fabulously rich There were hundreds of people that I saw come into the field and spend more money, infinitely more money than Mr. Ford had to start off with them and they went back into the graveyard of fader and I couldn’t find a dozen people in the world today who would know what their names were Men who were better educated than Mr. Ford, better personalities, had everything that he had and a lot more, except one thing, they didn’t stick to the last, they didn’t stick to the one definiteness of purpose the way he did when the going was hard Mr. Edison, in the field of invention, there was marvelous illustration of what concentration could do and if you want the truth, I’ll tell you that if Mr. Edison was a genius in any sense it was because when the going was hard, that was when he turned on the most steam and didn’t quit Think of a man standing by and keeping on to 10,000 different failures as he did when he was working on the infamous electric lamp 10,000 can you imagine yourself going through 10,000 failures in the same field without wondering if you shouldn’t have your head examined? I was so astounded when I heard about that, I saw his log books, they were two stacks out of them, that high, each book about 250 pages in and on every page, there was a different plan that he had tried, and it had failed And I said, Mr. Edison, suppose that you hadn’t found the answer what would you be doing right now? He said, I would be in my laboratory working instead of up here fooling away my time with you (students laughing) And I will say, and he’s the head of the grin when he said, but believe you me he meant just exactly what he just said Infinite intelligence will throw itself on your side when it finds out that you’re not going to quit until it does If you do not give up when the going as hard, infinite intelligence will throw itself on your side Remember that’s when the going is hard, it’s either you have your faith tested, you have your initiative tested, you have your enthusiasm tested, you have your endurance tested And when nature finds out that you can stand the test and that you’re not going to take no for an answer, it says, all right, you passed, come on in, you’re over, you’re in I think that nature or infinite intelligence or God, or whatever you choose to call it, I think that first cause likes to convey information to people in simple terms and things they can understand And surely this will philosophy comes within that category It wasn’t send those high school boy or girl, to the dictionary or encyclopedia, you can read it or you can hear about it, you can understand it, and your own intelligence tells you the moment you come across one of these principles that is bound to be sound You just know that it is, you don’t need any proof You can see that it is And it wouldn’t have been in existence today if I hadn’t concentrated through 20 odd years of adversity and defeat So you see it does pay to concentrate and it does my own experience corroborates what I said, that if you stand by when the going is hard and failed in it, infinite intelligence will throw itself on your side I don’t think that would be true in the case like that of Hitler’s, no doubt he had definiteness of purpose, no doubt he had an obsessional desire, but what was wrong was his definiteness purpose? (muffled speech) That is right, it ran counter to the plans of infinite intelligence, to the laws of nature, to the laws of right and wrong And you may be sure that whatever you’re doing will come to nod or come to failure and you come to grief, if it works on hardship or on injustice upon a single individual

What you must do, what you do if you hope to have infinite intelligence throw itself on your side, is to be right And you can only be right when everything that you do, benefits everybody who it affects including yourself Well then take Christ’s whole life was devoted to concentration upon developing a system of living for the brotherhood of man He didn’t fare too well while he lived, but on the other hand, he must’ve been doing the right thing because while he was doing, even though he paased on, he only had 12 people to start out with And that’s why I believe that what he was doing, what he was preaching must’ve been right, because if it hadn’t been right, it would have been destroyed and gone along before this, because there is something in nature, or in the infinite intelligence, which brings forth with every evil, the virus of its own destruction Then that’s, there’s no exception to that Every evil, everything that’s not in conjunction with the overall plan of nature, of the natural laws of the universe brings with the circumstance itself the virus of its own destruction Take William Wrigley for instance, Mr. Wrigley, by the way, William Wrigley jr Was the first man that ever paid me money for teaching him this philosophy My first $100 that I ever made came from William Wrigley, the stenographer’s friend (students laughing) Well, they got that mandate on a five, seven package of chewing gum I’d never ride down Michigan Boulevard I never see that building down there lighted, on the river light at night at that white building, because I don’t think of what concentration can do even in connection with such a thing as a package of $0.05 package of chewing gum Signers of the declaration of independence, and George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, some Thomas Jefferson, concentration was to give personal liberties to all of the American people and eventually to the people of the world It may well be that the freedom for mankind, this is the cradle for the birth of the freedom of mankind itself, because I know of no other nation on the face of this earth that is concentrating upon the freedom of the individual as we are doing here in the United States And I know no other philosophy, no other people engage in any other studies whose objective is to free so many people as those who are studying this philosophy Well, we’re on a marvelous lesson tonight The subjects of accurate thinking In all the things that everybody talks about and hardly anybody ever does (students laughing) Accurate thinking What a marvelous thing it is to be able to analyze facts, think accurately, make decisions based upon accurate thinking rather than upon emotional feelings The majority of the opinions of decisions that you make, and I, and everybody else for that matter, are based upon the things that we desire or things that we feel not upon the facts necessarily at all And when it comes to a showdown between your emotional feelings, the things you feel like doing, and the things that your head tells you, you ought to do, which one do you think wins the most? – [Students] Feeling – [Napoleon] What’s the matter with the head that it doesn’t get a better chance Do you suppose? Why isn’t it consulted more? – [Student] People don’t think (indistinct) – [Napoleon] Very good, very good The sparks are flying I can see that Someone has said that most people do not think, they just think that they think, and I think that just about covers it Now, there are certain simple rules and regulations that you can apply and this lesson covers everyone of them that will help you avoid the mistakes, the common mistakes of inaccurate thinking, that is of snap judgments and being pushed around by your emotions You know that the truth of the matter is that your emotions are not reliable at all Take the emotion of love tor instance, it’s the greatest and grandness of all of the emotions and yet the most dangerous, by the same token, and the perhaps more trouble, more difficult in human relationship grows out of a misunderstanding of the emotion of love and for all other sources combined Well, let’s begin at the beginning on the accurate thinking and see just what it is First of all, there are two kinds of thinking, based upon three major fundamentals as follows,

inductive reasoning, based on assumption of unknown facts or hypotheses, then there’s deductive reasoning, based on known facts or what is believed to be known facts Then there’s logic that is guidance by past experience, similar to those under consideration Now those are the three types of thinking that we do And which one do you say that we put into operation most? – [Student] Inductive reasoning – [Napoleon] Inductive reasoning, or deductive reasoning or logic? (muffled speech) Do you think, oh, no (muffled speech) Now inductive reasoning is based on assumption of unknown facts or hypotheses You just assume you don’t know the facts, but you assume that they exist and you create them, and base your judgment on what you have created Now, when you do that, you must keep your fingers crossed and be ready to change your decision readily because your reasoning may not to prove to be accurate, because you’re basing it upon assumed facts, but deductive reasoning is based on known facts or what it believes to be known facts Now that’s why you have all those hacks before you, and you can deduce from those facts, certain things that you ought to do to for your benefit, or to carry out your desires And that’s supposed to be the type of reasoning or thinking that the majority of people engage in, only they don’t do a very good job of it Now, there are two major steps in accurate thinking and they are, first of all, separate fact from fiction or hearsay evidence That’s the first step Before you do any thinking at all, you must find out whether you’re dealing with facts or fiction, real evidence or hearsay evidence And if you’re dealing with fiction or hearsay evidence, it behoove you to be exceptionally careful to keep an open mind and not to reach a final decision until you have examined those facts very carefully And second, separate facts into two classes, important and unimportant Now what is unimportant facts You will be surprised when I tell you that the vast majority of facts that we deal with, I’m talking about facts, not of hearsay evidence, not hypotheses, the vast number of facts that the majority of us deal with day in day out are relatively unimportant Why? Well, let’s see what an important fact is and then you’ll know why And important fact may be assumed to be any fact that can be used to advantage in the attainment of one’s major purpose or any subordinate desire leading toward the attainment of one’s major purpose That’s what’s what an important fact is And I wouldn’t miss it very much I suspect if I said that the vast majority of people spend more time on irrelevant facts that have nothing whatsoever to do with their advancement than they do on facts that would be a benefit to them Curiosity people, people that medal in other people’s affairs, gossipers, and all that sort of thing Putting in a lot of time thinking and talking about other people’s affairs, dealing with petty small talk and petty facts In other words, dealing with unimportant facts If you doubt what I’ve just said is true, take inventory of the facts that you deal with for one whole day and just sum up at the end of the day and see how many really important facts you’ve been dealing with It’d be a better to do this on a Sunday, on an off day, when you’re away from your occupation or your business, because that’s where an idle mind usually goes to work on unimportant facts Now opinions are usually without value because they are based on bias, prejudice, intolerance, guesswork, or hearsay evidence It’s surprising to take inventory and find out how many people have, how many opinions on how many things that have no basis whatsoever, except the way they feel, or what somebody said to them, or what newspaper they read or what influence they’ve come under Most of our opinions come as a result of influences that we don’t have any control over Free advice volunteered by a friends and acquaintances, is usually not worthy of consideration why? (muffled speech) Not based upon facts on too much small talk mixed up in it That last part of the sentence there is not meant to be funny Free advice volunteered by friends or acquaintances is usually not worthy of consideration What kind of advice is the most desirable advice when you need advice? How do you go about getting it? And what kind of advice would you recommend? Someone who’s a specialist who’s known to be a specialist in connection with the problem at hand,

and go and pay him for his services, don’t go after any for free advice And speaking of free advice, I just wanted to tell you what happened to a student of mine, a friend of mine first, and then a student, I was in California For three years he used to come over to my house every weekend and spend three or four hours, for which I ordinarily would get $50 an hour, but didn’t get anything from him because he was a friend and acquaintance So he’d come over there to get three or four hours of free counsel and well, I gave it to him, I gave it to him every time he came, but he didn’t hear a single word that I said, not a word That went on for three years And finally, he came over, finally, he came over one afternoon and I said, now look here, Elmer, I’ve been giving you three council for three years and you haven’t heard a darn thing although darn is not the word I used You haven’t heard a darn thing I’ve been saying, now you never get any value off of this counsel that I’m giving until you start paying for it Now, why don’t you just go ahead, we’re starting a master course right away Why don’t you go ahead and join that course, like everybody else, and then you commit to getting some value He took out his checkbook and gave me a check for the master course and entered the course and went through it And I wanna tell you that his business affairs began to thrive from that moment on, I have never seen a man grow and develop so fast After he paid a substantial sum for some counsel he commenced listening to it and putting it into action And that’s human nature I’m talking about, I’m telling you this for a fact, free advice it’s just about worthwhile cost, everything in this world is always just about what it cost Love and friendship What are loving friendships worth? – [Student] A lot – [Napoleon] Do they have any price? (muffled speech) Now you try and get love and friendship without paying the price and see how far you go Those are two things that you can only get by giving them You can only get the real McCoy by giving the real McCoy, that’s the only way you can get them And if you try to MOOC, get friendship and love without giving it in return, your source of supply will soon play out Accurate thinkers permit no one to do their thinking for them Now, what do you think about that? How many people are there that permit to circumstances and influences and radio and television and newspapers and other people and relatives to do their thinking for them? How many do you think, what percentage would you say of the people permit that? – [Students] 99, 97% – [Napoleon] 97, 99 and somebody said 100 Well, it’s not quite that bad, not quite – [Students] 99, 98 – [Napoleon] But I will tell you the percentages are way up there, no fooling Allowing other people do the thinking for them If I have one asset that I feel proudest of and I do, I have one that I see really proud of, and I bet you’d would never guess what it is (muffled speech) Now what is it? (muffled speech) I have an asset that I’m very proud of and has nothing to do with money and our bank accounts and our bonds or stocks or anything of that kind, it’s something more precious than that (muffled speech) I have learned to hear all evidence, get all of the facts I can from all of the sources and then put them together in my own way and have the last word in making my own thinking That doesn’t mean that I’m a know it all, or that I am a doubting Thomas or that I don’t seek counsel I certainly do seek counsel, but when I have gotten my counsel, I determine how much of it I’ll accept and how much of it I will reject Certainly when I make a decision, nobody could ever say that it isn’t a decision from Napoleon Hill, or it might be a decision based upon a mistake, it might be an error, it’s still mine I did it and nobody influenced me That doesn’t mean that I’m hardhearted, my friends have no influence on me, they do, certainly they do But I determine how much influence they have on me and what’s the reaction I will have to their influence Certainly I would never permit a friend to have such influence on me as to cause me to damage some other person just because that friend wanted to damage them That’s been tried many times I would never put him into that Doing your own thinking, I want to tell you that I think the angels in heaven cry out when they discover a man or a woman that does his or her own thinking, and doesn’t allow the relatives and friends and enemies and other people to discourage business of accurate thinking The reason I’m emphasizing this, ladies and gentlemen is because the majority of people never do take possession of their own minds, their most valuable asset that anybody has, the only thing that the creator gave you that you have complete control over, and the one thing that you generally don’t ever discover and use, but you allow other people to kick it around

like a football I’m not talking to you, you understand that of course (students laughing) I’m talking about they The they who are not here in this class I don’t know why it is that you know, our educational system or somewhere in our system of teaching or writing, I don’t know why it is that before now, people haven’t been informed that they have the greatest assets in the world, asset sufficient unto all of their needs, and that assets consist in their privilege of using their own mind and thinking their own thoughts, and directing those own thoughts to whatever objective they choose and yet they don’t do it Why? Why, tell me why? – [Student] Too lazy – [Napoleon] Too lazy said someone (muffled speech) That’s the idea, they don’t know that they have it, there has not been the proper system of education And I want to tell you that wherever this philosophy touches, wherever it begins to touch, you see people blossom out as they never blossomed out before It makes a difference because they begin to find out that they have a mind that they can use that mind and that they can make do whatever they wanted to do I don’t say that they all are running to immediately take possession of their own mind, but they’d rather kind of sneak in or slip in, a little at the time, but eventually their life begin to change And the reason they change is as they discover this great mind power and start using it Not saying before my opinions based upon newspaper reports I see but the papers is a preparatory remarks usually blinds the speaker as this snap judgment thinker I see with the papers right here tell, or they say, how often have you heard those terms? They say, so and so, when I hear anybody start off of that Mentally, I pull out my earmuffs and don’t hear a dog gone thing that they say because I know it’s not worth hearing When anybody starts you to give me information and identifies the source by saying, I see in the papers or they see or I hear too, I don’t pay any attention to what is said whatsoever Not the slighted attention Not that what they are saying might not be accurate, but then I know that the source is a fault and therefore the changes are that the statement is faulty also The scandal mongers and the gossipers are not the reliable sources from which to procure fact on any subject whatsoever Why is that true? (muffled speech) Well, no, they’re not reliable, and also they’re biased Did you know that when you hear anybody speak in a derogatory way of anybody else, whether you know the person or either one of the persons or not, the very fact that one person speaks in a derogatory way of another person put you on guard and gives you the responsibility of studying and analyzing very closely everything that’s said, because you know, you’re listening to a biased person You know, that (upbeat music) I think the human brain is a wonderful thing, you know the creator, I just marvel at how smart he was in creating a human being, giving a human being all of the equipment, and all of the machinery and all of the mechanism with which to detect lies from false, falsehood from truth There is ever something present in the faucet that does notify the listener of it It’s there you can tell it, you can feel it And the same thing by the same token, when someone is speaking the truth The most famous actor in the world, couldn’t deceive you if you would use your innate intelligence, in reference to statements that are made Scandal mongers Now by the same token when you hear someone overpraised by a doting or loving friend, what about that? (muffled speech) Well, now that is that’s a compliment and it’s less dangerous to depend upon that But certainly if you want the accurate facts, then you will study the remarks of a complimentary nature just as closely as you’ve studied the evidence For instance if I send somebody to you for a job and I sent a long with a letter, a very, very laudatory letter, or get you on the telephone and give you a sales pitch about how, what a marvelous person this person is

If you are an accurate thinker, you’re going to know that I’m rubbing it on pretty thick and you better be very careful how much of it you accept, that you better do a little outside investigating Is that right? Oh, please understand I’m not trying to make doubting Thomas’s out of you I’m not trying to make scenics out of you, but I am trying to bring to your attention the necessity of using this God given brain that you have with which to seek active language, with which to search for the facts, albeit those, when you find the facts, they may not be what you’re looking for, but there they are, there are a lot of people you know, who fool themselves and there’s no worst person, no worse fooling in this world than the fooling that one does for himself I told you of a lot of Chinese proverb which says, a man fool me once, shame on the man, fool me twice shame on me People just never seem to think that, to do a little accurate thinking, a little investigating, you know And you can’t imagine that you would think that bankers for instance, would be so true that the confidence man couldn’t come in and take them And I heard one of the most outstanding confidence men in the world, Barney Birch, I don’t know what’s ever happened to him he used to operate here in Chicago I got acquainted with him once and interviewed him on several occasions And I asked him what type of members are easiest victims, he said bankers, because they think they’re so damn smart (students laughing) You know, I’m quoting him, I’m quoting him, that’s what he said Well, anyhow, you’re not paying too much attention to scandal mongers and gossipers Wishes often furthers to facts, and most people have a bad habit of assuming facts to harmonize their desires Did you know that? Therefore you have to look in the looking glass when you are searching for this business of locating the person who can do accurate thinking And you’ve got to be, put yourself under suspicion to happen for Because if you wish they need to be true, oftentimes you will assume that it is true and you will act as if it were If you love a person, you will overlook his faults, you’ll never see his faults If you love him a great deal, but really, and truly, we do need to watch ourselves in connection with those who we admire most, until they have proved themselves entirely, because I have admired a great many people who turned out to be very dangerous, very dangerous, indeed As matter of fact, I think most of my troubles back in my old days came from trusting people too much And let them use my name Sometimes they wouldn’t use it wisely That’s happened five or six times in my life, because I trusted the people Why did I trust them? Because I knew them and they were nice people, and they said, and did the things that I like Be careful of the fellow that says, and does the things you like, because you’re going to overlook his faults Don’t be too hard on the minor steps on your guns and causes you to re-examine yourself Don’t be too hard on him because he may be the most important friend you’ve ever had in your life The person who maybe irritates you, but causes you to examine yourself carefully We all like to meet and associate with people who agree with us, that’s human nature But oftentimes the people, some people that you associate with and who agree with you and who are very nice and lovely and come to the point where they can take advantage of you and they do Information is abundant and most of it is free, but facts have an illusive habit and generally there is a price attached to them Certainly the price is painstaking labor and examining them for accuracy That’s the least of the price that you have to pay for facts And this question, how do you know, is the favorite question of the thinker When a thinker has statement that he can’t accept, immediately he says to the speaker, how do you know, what is your source of information? This business of asking people to identify their source of knowledge and well, oftentimes if you have the slightest doubt, if you do that, you put the person right out on a limb, he won’t be able to do it All right, if you ask him how he knows, he’ll tell you, well, I believe so What led you to believe anything unless you based upon something, unless you can give some background for it I believe there’s a God A lot of people do But I bet you, there are a lot of people who say that they believe in the God who couldn’t give you the slightest evidence of him if you backed them into a corner I can give you evidence When I say that, I believe in a God And you say, how do you know? I can give you all of the evidence, I don’t have so much evidence in connection with anything

else in this world as I do in connection with the existence of a creator Because we all do and this is how this universe couldn’t go on and on and on elms and elms of time adding for nights without a fresh cause without a plan back, you know that’s absolutely true And yet there are a lot of people you want to take to prove the presence of God and the devious ways that the in my book of rules wouldn’t be evidence at all Anything that exists, including God, is capable of proof and why there is no such proof available it is safe to assume that nothing exists I wouldn’t know a factor available for the basis of an opinion or a judgment or a plan turn to them to a logic for guidance No one has ever seen God, but logic says that he exists and it says that he has to exist and we wouldn’t be here We couldn’t be here without a first cause, a higher intelligence in ourselves We couldn’t be here That thing called logic, it’s a wonderful thing There are times when you have a hunch, you have a feeling that certain things are true or certain things are not true And you better be careful to pay high respect to that hunch that you feel because that’s probably infinite intelligence trying to break through the outer shell and let you use a little logic If one of you got up and said, my definite major aim is to make $1 million this coming year Well, what do you say? What would I say if you did that? What will be the question, first question I would ask you, do you think? – [Students] How – [Napoleon] Yeah, how, how are you gonna do it? I want to hear your plan And then after I hear your plan, what am I gonna do about it, am I going to accept it or reject it? What am I going to do about it? (muffled speech) I am going to weigh you first of all, your ability to get $1 million and to find out what you’re going to give for it, and then my logic will tell me whether or not your plan for doing it is probable and workable and practical Now that doesn’t take an awful lot of intelligent thinking, but it’s a vitally important thing to do I go over that, analyze your plan, I’d analyze you, I’d analyze your capabilities, I’d analyze your past experience, your past achievements I’d analyze the people that you’re going to help get to help you make that $1 million And when we got through analyzing, I would be able to tell you that, well, probably you can do it, or I’d be able to find out three of it probably it’ll take longer than the year that you said maybe it’ll take two years, maybe take three And then again, probably I might tell you that you wouldn’t be able to do it at all If my reasoning taught me that that was what that was and what I’d give it to me just that way I’ve had some of my students some of them sitting right here in this room, come out and put propositions in before me, which I had to turn down and tell him, just absolutely forget about it because they’re wasting their time Now that’s the way an accurate thinker proceeds He doesn’t allow his emotions run away with him If I allow my emotions to do my thinking for me, I’ll have anything is one of my students undertook to do, I tell him he can do it Now that leads up to this famous motto or epigram that you’ve seen quoted a lot of times, you’ve heard it in my lessons, whatever your mind can conceive and believe, your mind can achieve I don’t want anybody to misread that statement this way, by saying, reading into it, whatever your mind can conceive and believe your mind will achieve I said it can achieve, do you get the line of difference there between the two? It can, but I don’t know that it will, that’s that’s up to you, only you and all of that The extent to which you use your own mind, the extent to which you intensify your faith, the soundness of your judgments and your plans, all of these factors entering into how well you carry out that atheism or that epigram, whatever your mind can conceive and believe, your mind can achieve It’s a massive test to be made and separated in facts, from information Let’s see how we go about it First of all, it’s scrutinized with unusual care, everything you read the newspapers or hear over the radio, and part of the habit of never accepting any statement as a fact merely because you read it or heard it expressed by someone Statements bearing some proportion of fact often are are intentionally or careless colored to give them an erroneous meaning, a half truth in other words, someone said it’s more dangerous than an out and out lie It’s more dangerous because that has truth and is liable

to deceive somebody who knows it, who understands half of it and thinks the whole of it is true Scrutinize carefully everything you read in books, regardless of who wrote them, and never accept the works of any writer without asking the following questions and satisfying yourself as to the answers, and that would applied to lectures or statements or speeches or conversations or anything else These rules that I’m going to give you First of all is the writer a recognized authority on the subject cover to the writer or the speaker or the teacher or the one that’s making the statement, is he recognized as authority on the subject on which he’s speaking or writing That’s the first question that you ask Next, did the writer or the speaker have an ulterior or a self interest motive other than that of imparting accurate information You’re the motive that prompts a man to write a book or make a speech, or to make a statement in public, or in private conversation, the motive back of it is very important And if you can get out of man’s motive when he’s talking, you can tell pretty well how critical he is and what he’s saying, has the right or property interest, or other interests in the subject on which he writes or speaks You know, when you find out what a man’s motive is, when whatever he’s doing, if you can locate his motive in doing it, it’ll be impossible for him to fool you in the least, because you’ll be able to smell him out And this is the writer, a person of sound judgment and not a fanatic on the subject on which he writes I have seen a lot of people who were overzealous about to the point of fanaticism If you wanted to judge me, for instance, you wouldn’t judge me on account of the kind of tie I wear, the kind of a suit I wear, or how I cut my hair I used to cut my hair How well I speak, how poorly I speak, you wouldn’t judge me by any of those things You would judge me by how much influence I’m having for good or evil on people That’s the way you would judge me That’s the way you would judge anybody else You might not like a man’s brand of religion or politics, but if he’s, if he’s doing a good job in his field and helping a lot of people and doing no damage, nevermind about his brand, don’t condemn him if he’s doing more good than he is harm, preponderantly more good than harm Before accepting as facts statements by others, ascertain the motive, which prompted the statements Ascertain also the writer’s reputation for truth and veracity, and scrutinize with unusual care, all statements made by people who have strong motives or objectives they desire to attain through their statements and be equally careful about accepting as facts the statements of overzealous people who have the habit of allowing their imaginations to run wild Learn to be cautious and do you use your own judgment no matter who is trying to influence you, use your own judge within final analysis And what do you do if you can’t trust your own judgment? (muffled speech) Is there an answer in this philosophy for that? There certainly is There are certainly most definitely is an answer And you know, there are a lot of times when an individual can trust his own judgment, because he doesn’t know enough about the circumstances that he’s faced with He’s got to turn to somebody with a broader experience or a different education or a keener mind for analysis He has got to do that For instance, can you imagine a business succeeding and who has made all made up of master salesman Can you imagine that, did you ever know of such a business? I have, you think that’s wonderful master salesman, they’ll go out and bring in all the business in the world Well, sure they do And then spend all the money in the world doing it You need a wet blanket man in every organization, and you need a hatchet man A man who will cut through the red tape and everything else that gets in his way and let the chips fall wherever they may I wouldn’t want to be a hatchet man, I wouldn’t want to be a wet blanket man, but certainly I’d want those two in my organization If my operation was very extensive In seeking facts from others, do not disclose to them what facts you expect to find Now, why is that statement made? (muffled speech) If I say to you, by the way, you used to employ John Brown and he’s applied to me for a position, I think he’s a wonderful man What do you think? Well, if he has any faults, I’ll certainly not get them from that kind of a question, will I? If I really wanted to find out about John Brown, who used to work for you, how would I go about getting the information? (muffled speech) Well, I wouldn’t go about getting it from you at all

in the first place I’d have a commercial credit come and get an unbiased report on from you And you probably give out the facts to the credit rating company that you wouldn’t give out to me or to anybody else It’s surprising how much information you can get if you got to know the right commercial agencies through which to get it But oftentimes when you go direct for information about a man, unless it’s very friendly and favorable, the chances are you won’t get the real facts You’ll get a vanished or a watered down set of facts Don’t you know? If you’re going to, if you ask him a question and you gave him the slight idea as to what you expect the answer to be, or the most people are lazy anyway, they don’t wanna go to too much trouble in explaining, well, they’ll just to give you the answers they know you want, and you’re taking them and you go on with it and then fall down on it later on Science is the art of organizing and classifying facts That’s what science means, when you wish to make sure you are dealing with facts, seek scientific sources further testing where possible A man of science have neither the reason or the inclination to modify or to change facts in order misrepresent Isn’t not an astounding thing They just don’t have the reason Well, if they did, if they had that inclination, they would not be scientists, would they? They’d be pseudo scientists or fakes And there are a lot of pseudo scientists and fakes in this world believe you me who assumed to know things that they don’t know Your emotions are not always reliable as a matter of fact, most of the time they’re not reliable And before being influenced too far by your feelings, give your head a chance to pass judgment on the business at hand, the head is more dependable than the heart, but what makes it good combination? (muffled speech) Balancing them And that’s the idea just balancing them so that both of them have an equal say so to speak and a comfort they’re coming up with the right answer if you do that The person who forgets this generally regrets his neglect Now these are some of the major enemies of sound thinking, emotion of love, for instance, that’s right up at the head of the lips You’d think, well, how in the world could the emotion of love, interfere with anybody’s thing? Yeah, yeah If you said that, I just know right away you haven’t had very many love experiences Have you ever had an experience with love at all, you know, very well how dangerous it is, like playing around TMT with a match in your hand, when it tarts exploding, it doesn’t give any notice Then hatred and anger and jealousy and fear and revenge and greed and vanity and egotism and the desire for something for nothing and procrastination, all of these are enemies of thinking You have to be on the lookout for them constantly And to be sure that you’re free of them, provided that the thinking at hand is of importance to you and maybe your whole future destiny depends upon your thinking accurately And is it the fact that it does Does is your future destiny depends very largely on your accuracy or your lack of it and your thinking? Of course, if that were not true, then what would be the use of the creator having given you complete control over your own mind? what good would it be? The answer is that, that mind is sufficient unto all of your needs, absolutely At least on this lifespan, I don’t know on the, preceding plane where you came from, or on the succeeding plane where you’re going to, I don’t know about those planes because I don’t remember where I came from and I don’t yet know where I’m going I wish I did But I know a great deal about where I am not, and I found out a a great deal about how to influence my addition to here and also that I get a lot of pleasure out of it so I get joy, so I can give joy, so I make myself useful and I justify my having passed this way Why can I say that? Because I have discovered how to manipulate my own mind and keep it under control, make it, do the things I wanted to do, throw off the circumstances I don’t want and accept the ones that I do want and if I don’t find the circumstances I want, what do I do? (muffled speech) Create them Of course create them, that’s what definiteness of purpose and imagination involve Your mind should be an eternal question mark Question everything and everyone until you satisfy yourself that you are dealing with facts, do this quietly in the silence of your own mind and avoid being known as a doubting Thomas, don’t come out on the question people orally, that’s not going to get you anywhere But question them silently And furthermore, if you’re too outspoken and too oral about your questioning of people, it puts them on notice and they cover up and you don’t get the information you want Quietly go about seeking for information, then doing some accurate thinking You probably will come up with Be a good listener, but also be an accurate thinker as you listen Which is most profitable,

to be a good speaker or a good listener? – [Students] Good listener – [Napoleon] Why (muffled speech) I don’t know of any virtue or any quality that would be that will help an individual to get along in this world, better than to be an effective enthusiastic speaker I just don’t know of any other qualities that will excel at it And yet, I would follow that statement immediately by saying that it’s far more profitable to anybody to be a good listener an analytical listener than it is to be a good speaker Let your mind be an internal question mark Now I don’t mean by that, that you should become a cynic or a doubting Thomas, but I mean, no matter who you’re dealing with, deal with them on the basis of thinking accurately of every relationship that you have You’ll get a lot of satisfaction out of that You’ll also be more successful And if you’re tactful, as you go along and diplomatic, you’ll have a lot more of substantial friends and you have by the old method of snap judgment Mostly your friends, if you’re an accurate thinker, mostly your friends will be friends worth having, believe you me they will Your thinking habits are other results of social heredity and physical heredity Watch both of these sources carefully, but particularly social heredity Now, physical heredity through physical heredity, you get everything that you are physically, the stature of your body as a shape, texture of your skin, color of your eyes and hair, you are the sum total of all of your ancestors back farther than you can ever remember or think And you inherited a little bit of their good qualities and a little of their bad, and there’s nothing you can do about that That’s static, it’s fixed at birth But by aspiring the most important part of what you are, is where he’s out of your social heredity that is your environmental influences, the things that you have allowed to go into your mind, and yet you’ve accepted as a part of your character That’s the important thing Down at the bottom, your conscience was given to you as a guide when all the other sources of knowledge and facts have been exhausted, be carefully use it as a guide and not as a conspirator Do you know, a lot of people who use their conscious as a conspirator instead of a guide? In other words, they sell their conscious on the idea and what they’re doing is right, that the conscious falls in line eventually and becomes the conspirator Now, if you sincerely wish to think accurate, there’s a price that you must pay for usability, a price, which is not measurable in money And first you must learn to examine carefully all of your emotional feelings by submitting them to your sense of reason That’s step number one, in accurate thinking In other words, the things that you like to do best are the things that you should examine most and first to make sure that if they lead you to the attainment of some objects that you want that object, that you get it The point I’m making is that the thing that you set your heart upon, be careful about the thing that you set your heart upon the is when you get it, sometimes you find out it’s not what you wanted at all I could multiply that by 1,000 illustrations, a man who paid too much for what they got, who wanted something too badly, who tried to get too much of it did get too much of it, but didn’t get peace of mind and balancing of their lives along with it I think the saddest thing that ever came out of my research and building this philosophy was the things that I learned about the men, the wealthy man that collaborated in the building this philosophy, the fact that they didn’t get success along with their money To me, a sad thing indeed, they didn’t get success because they became too obsessed with the importance of money and power, and the power that money would give them And you must curb the habit of expressing opinions, which are not based upon facts or what you believe me be facts Did you know that didn’t have a right to an opinion about anything, not anything at all, unless you basically defined facts or what you belief to be facts I bet you wouldn’t admit that, that’s true I bet you want to admit that that’s true that you have no rights whatsoever to have an opinion about anything at any time, unless it’s based upon what you believe to be facts or actual provable facts Now, why do I say you don’t have a right to it? Because it is dangerous for you to have, you can do it, I mean, you have a right of course, but I mean to say you have the responsibility of assuming what happens to you if you would express an opinion, it’s not based upon facts or what you believe to be facts, you will confuse yourself that way, and a lot of people go all the way through life fooling themselves by opinions that have no basis for existence And you must master the habit of being influenced by people

in any manner whatsoever, merely because you like them, or they are related to you, or they may have done you a favor Now I know that when you’ve gone the extra mile, you’re gonna put a lot of people under obligations to, and I want you to do that That’s perfectly proper That’s legitimate, to put people under obligations to you by helping people Nobody can find any fault with that But be careful, be careful, in being influenced by people just because they have done you a favor I’m talking now to the people for whom you’ve gone the extra mile, and you may be in that position sometimes too Or somebody puts you under obligation to an extent that you don’t want to be put under obligation You must fall in the habit of examining the motives of people who seek some benefits from, or through your influence You must control both your emotion of love and your emotion of hate and asking and making decisions for any purpose Because either the use can unbalance your thinking habits No man ought to make an important decision while he’s angry You just shouldn’t do it Correcting children for instance, a bad mistake to discipline children when when your angry, because nine times out of 10 you’ll do it and say the wrong thing, do more harm than good And that applies to a lot of grownups too, if you’re really angry, don’t make decisions, don’t make statements to people while you’re mad ‘Cause they can come back on you then to do you an awful lot of injury Self control, or self discipline, you see, we have a less known self-discipline remember It plays right along with this lesson, doesn’t it? ‘Cause a lot of times if you’re going to be an accurate thinker you’ve got to have a lot of self discipline, you’ve got to refrain from saying and doing a lot of things you’d like to say and do Bide your time, there’s always a time for you to do everything, time what you say and do properly And accurate thinkers do that too They don’t just fly off the handle and say, start their miles to going and going, go off and leave them like some people do Carefully study the effect and listen to every word they utter even before they utter it, don’t make any decisions or plans until you have carefully weighed what the effect may be on you and on other people I can think of a lot of things I could do that would benefit me, that wouldn’t benefit you, might even injure you I think of a lot of things, but I wouldn’t engage in them because eventually I’d have to pay the price, because of whatever you do to, or for another person you do to or for yourself, it comes back to you greatly to multiply That’s another thing that comes under the heading of accurate thinking You’ve learned very after you’ve become thoroughly indoctrinated with this philosophy, you learn not to do anything that you don’t want to come back and affect you Not to think anything, not to say anything, not to do anything that you don’t want to come back and that you have to give countenance to later on in life You must recognize it before accepting as facts the statements of other people, it may be beneficial if you ask them how they came by the so called facts And when they express opinions, ask how you’ll know your opinion is sound I don’t want an opinion, I want some facts Then I formed my own opinion You’ll get me the facts and I’ll put them together in my own lane says the accurate thinker You must learn to examine with extraordinary care all statements of a derogatory nature made by one person against the others Because the very nature of such statements brings them as being not without bias And that’s putting it very politely You must overcome the habit of trying to justify a decision you have made, which turns out to have been unsound, accurate thinkers just don’t do that They reverse themselves just as quickly as they make the decisions if they find they’re wrong Alibis, and accurate thinking, never are friendly bedfellows, excuses and alibis and accurate thinking are not friendly bedfellows I’ve never seen the person yet that was very adept at creating alibis for his faults and the things that he didn’t do that he should have done The things that they do they shouldn’t have done In other words, most people have a great stock of them and you don’t have to give them very much time before they can fling them together and throw them at you Good excuse, good alibis does it don’t matter a thing, unless there’s something back of them, the sound that you can depend upon If you are an accurate thinker, you will never use the term they say, or I heard, accurate thinkers and repeating things

they have heard, first identify the source and attempt to establish his dependability You know, folks, it’s not an easy matter to be an accurate think, right? Have you reached that conclusion already? For a little bit you have to pay in order to have it, but it’s worth it, isn’t it? It’s worth trying If you are not an accurate thinker, the people are going to take advantage of you, you’re not going to get much out of life like you’d like to, you’re not going to be satisfied, you will never be a well balanced person without accurate thinking In order to think accurately you’ve got to have a set of rules to go by and you’ll find in this lesson, if you will go over this lesson and study it carefully, add some notes to it of your own, start now to do some thinking, start to putting into practice tomorrow morning, or before that time, some of these principles of separating facts from information, then separating the facts themselves into two classes important and unimportant, if you just make those four steps along, this lesson will very much more than justified yourself, and this lesson alone could well be worth 1,000 times as much as you have put into the entire course If it teaches you just do those simple things, to start separating facts from information, be sure that you’re dealing with facts, and then take the facts after your dealing with and break them down and throw off the unimportant facts that you’ve been wasting so much time with here before If there is one thing in the world that people do not like it’s gonna go adversity in unpleasant circumstances and defeat And yet if I have evaluated circumstances properly, and if I have taken inventory of the laws of nature properly, it was intended that we all should undergo adversities, defeat, failure, opposition I still say that to people do not like defeat, they do not like adversity, and yet I’m compelled to tell you that had it not been for the adversities that I went through during the early part of my life, I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you tonight, I wouldn’t have completed this philosophy, I wouldn’t be reaching millions of people all over the world because it was out of the opposition that I met with that I grew with the strength and the wisdom and the ability to complete this philosophy and to take it to the people in the shape that is now in Yet if I were to go back over the past and had my choice, I have no doubt that I’d make it easier for myself, just to save as you from your own out We’re all inclined to do that Find the line of least resistance Did you know the picking the line of least resistance is what makes all rivers and some men crooked? (students laughing) That’s right Yet it’s a very common habit for us to do that We don’t wanna pay the price of a intense effort, no matter what we’re doing We like to have things come the easy way And the mind is just like any other part, like any part of the physical body, it’s after fees and withers away and becomes weak through this use When you meet with problems, circumstances, and incidents that force you to do thinking my probably that is the finest thing that could happen to you, because without a motive, you’re not going to do very much thinking anyway There are 40 major reasons or causes of failure More than twice as many causes of failure as there are principles of success, there are 17 principles of success, some combination of which is responsible for all successful achievements, and more than 40 major causes of failure And that is not all of them These are just the major causes Now self-examination is one of the most profitable things that you can indulge in And sometimes you don’t want to do it, but it’s a very necessary thing First I know ourselves as we are, especially our weaknesses In the putting out a philosophy of success it is necessary to tell you the things that you should do in order to succeed at also the things you should not do Grade yourself as I go along as I make comment on each one of them Grade yourself from zero to 100, meaning if you are 100% free of anyone, grade yourself, 100% If you’re only 50% free, grade yourself, 50% And if you aren’t free at all, grade yourself zero And when he gets through, add the total up and divide it by 40 and you’ll get your general average on the control of the things that cause men and women to fail First of all, on the habit of drifting, what circumstances without definite aims or plans, Now, if you don’t follow that habit of drifting, if you make decisions quickly, if you lay out plans and follow those plans, if you know exactly where you’re going and around the way, you can grade yourself 100% on that one But be careful before you put down the grading,

because it’s the right thing in the world that anybody would be able to grade himself 100% on that one You really have to be organized and you really have to be prepared if you’re going to do that Number two on the favorable physical hereditary foundation at birth Well, I don’t need to make any comment on that As a matter of fact, that’s a can be or could be a cause of failure Also, it could be a cause of success Some of the most successful people I have ever known were handicap by bad afflictions at birth Number three, meddlesome curiosity and connection with other people’s business and affairs, meddlesome curiosity Now curiosity is a wonderful thing If we weren’t curious, we’d never learned anything We’d never investigate But notice the wording is that meddlesome curiosity with other people’s affairs, something that doesn’t really concern you Of course, none of you would be guilty of that So you would rate yourself 100% on that, or will you? Now remember, as you grade yourself, go back into your past experiences and determine to what extent you have control of these weaknesses Number four, lack of a definite major purpose as a lifetime goal We’ve been talking about that and for a long time, about having it, now we’re putting down the lack of it If you lack it, here’s the might a good place to rate yourself zero Five, inadequate schooling Well, you know, one of the most astounding things that I have learned from life is to discover that there is very little relationship between schooling and success I hesitate there for purpose, not because I didn’t have something else to say, and couldn’t remember my lines, but I want you to think about that one But some of the most successful people I have ever known have been people with the least amount of formal education, formal schooling A lot of people go through life failures and they alibi themselves out of it, kid themselves into believing that they’re failures, because they don’t have a college education If you come out of college with a feeling that you should be paid for what you know, instead of what you do, then that’s the college education has done you much good until you meet that old man destiny, the standing just around the corner where you’re going to pass with a stuff’s club, and it’s not definitely copy You’ll find out sooner or later that you’re not gonna be paid for what you know, you’re going to be paid for what you do is what you know, or what you even get other people to do Number six, lack of self discipline, generally manifesting itself by excesses and eating, drinking, and in different store opportunities for self advancement and improvement Lack of self discipline I hope you can grade yourself very high on that one Number seven, lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity If I heard the hum thing, just how much ambition do you have anyway? Where are you going and life? What do you want out of life? What are you going to settle for? I told you the story sometime ago as a young soldier that came in just after World War number one, wanted to settle for a sandwich and a place to sleep that night I wouldn’t let him do it I talked him into settling for a higher rate, and that’s where the result that he became a multimillionaire, I would live within the following four years I hope I’ll have as much success with you in stepping your ambition up before you are not willing to settle with life for a penny Aim high, it’s not going to cost you anything to aim high You may not get as far as you aim, but you saw and certainly get farther than you would if you don’t aim at all Get your sites raise up, be ambitious, be determined that you’re going to become in the future what you have failed to become in the past And number eight ill health often due to wrong thinking and improper diet There’s a lot of alibis on the count of ill health, I can assure you, a lot of imaginary aillments, they call it hypochondria and the materia Medica I don’t know to what extent you’ve been cuddling yourselves or babying yourselves on this, that and the other imaginary But if you have been doing that, like write yourself down pretty low on that one Number nine, unfavorable environmental influences during childhood Now, once in a great while, you’ll find that the influences of a person during childhood are such a negative nature, that they go all the way through life with those negative influences I’m quite convinced that if I had been permitted to continue in my childhood, as I started out before my stepmother came into the picture that I really and truly would have become a second Jesse James only I would have been able to shoot faster and straighter than he did

Number 10, lack of persistence and following through with one’s duties That’s the honey, Lack of persistence in following through of once duties What is that causes people to fail to follow through when they start something What’s the main reason why people do not follow through and do the thing and to see it’s done right? (muffled speech) Lack of motive, that’s the idea They don’t want to do it badly enough Believe you with me I’ll follow through on anything that I want to follow through on But if I don’t want to follow through, I can find a lot of alibis to keep from doing it Is it profitable for you to get into the habit of following through and you want to take something, or is it profitable for you to permit yourself to be sidetracked? (muffled speech) Well, all right, let’s put the question in another way How do you rate on that on? That’s the important thing How do you rate on that one? Do you follow through or are you easily sidetracked? Are you easily suaded from doing a thing when somebody criticizes you? Believe you me if I had been afraid of criticism, I never would’ve gotten anywhere in life I got to the point eventually at which I really accorded criticism, because it’s only putting the fight in me And I found out that when that fight was in me, I did a much better job I’m not carried through it There are a lot of people in this world who failed because they lack that to driving for us don’t, you know, that causes them to carry it through And especially when the going is hard, no matter what you’re doing, you’re going to run into at that period when the going is hard If it’s a new business, you probably finances that you don’t have in the beginning Or if it’s a profession, you will need clients that you don’t have in the beginning Or if it’s a new job, you’ll need the recognition with your employer that you don’t have You have to earn that recognition The going is always hard because people in the beginning, and that’s why you need this follow through Number 11, the habit of a negative mental attitude, the habit of keeping your mind negative all the time Now, which are you a preponderantly negative most of the time are, or are you preponderantly positive? When you see a donut, what do you see first? You see the hole first or the donut? – [Students] Donut – [Napoleon] Well, that’s fine You know, when you go to eat donuts, you don’t eat the hole do you, you just eat the donut But there are a lot of people who, when they come across a problem, they are like the fellow who sees the hole in the donut and growls about it, because it took so much of the nice kick out, but do not see the donut itself Negative mental attitude What is the result of a person who has the habit of allowing his mind to become negative and remain negative? What happens to that kind of a person? (muffled speech) You can’t put him in jail for it You can’t sue him for it A negative mind repels, doesn’t it, it repels people A positive mind at tracks, attract what? People who harmonize with your mental attitude, your character I don’t saying of birds of a feather flock together Well, negative birds flock to the negative mind, and positive birds flocks to the positive mind Who has control over your mind, who determines whether it’s positive or negative? – [Student] You – [Napoleon] Now, then there’s where I want you to grade yourself on the extent to which you exercise that prerogative And that’s the most precious thing that you have on the face of this earth, wherever we’ll have It’s the oldest thing that you have complete challengeable control over, is the right to make your mind positive and keep it that way or make it negative and allow the circumstances of life to make it negative And you have to work at it if you’re gonna keep your mind positive because, for what reason? – [Student] So much negative influence around – [Napoleon] That’s right So much negative influences around, so many people, so many circumstances that are negative that if you are going to become a part of those, instead of creating your own circumstances in your mind, then most of the time you will be negative You have a very clear concept of what the difference is between negative mind and a positive mind Can you picture what happens in the chemistry of the brain when your mind is positive and when it’s negative? Have you ever demonstrated there are experienced in your own life, the differences between your achievements when you are afraid and the achievements when you’re not afraid? You have? Like in selling, or I can doing anything else, in teaching or in lecturing or in writing or anything else When I first wrote the “Think and Grow Rich,” I wrote it while I was working for president Roosevelt

during that tip bad Depression during his first term And I wrote it in that same negative mental attitude that everybody else was in In other words, it was forced upon me unconsciously Several years later, when I got that book out and read it, I recognize it was not a saleable book, because of the temple of it being negative And you can pick that up a reader will pick up exactly the metal attitudes that a writer is in when he writes a book, no matter what kind of language or terminology he uses So I sat down at my typewriter, I didn’t change a word in that book I sat down to my typewriter when I was in a new frame of mind on, up on the beam, as we say, 100% positive, and I typed that book in that frame of mind, and that’s the thing that made that book click You can’t afford to do anything when you’re negative Anything that you expect to benefit you, anything that you expect to influence other people If you were able to get people to cooperate with you, or if you wanna sell people something, or if you want to make a good impression upon people, don’t come here them until you’re in a positive frame of mind Now, the reason I have emphasized that so much, I wanted to give you a chance to grade yourself accurately on that one And in doing that, you will grade yourself on the average state of mind that you maintain, not just on the state of mind at any given time, for a short time I’ll tell you a good rule to go by, which will enable you to determine very large extent whether or not you are more positive than you are negative Would you like to have that rule? – [Students] Yes – [Napoleon] Observe how you see you when you wake up in the morning start to get up out of bed And if you’re not in a good frame of mind, then I will tell you right now, it’s because of a lot of thought habits that are preceded that or day before perhaps, that have been negative You can make yourself very ill by allowing your mind to become negative and it will reflect yourself the next morning in particular You see, when you come out of sleep, you’re just a fresh from coming out from under the influence of your subconscious mind Your conscious mind has been off duty It goes back on duty and it finds on this side, you’ve got to clean up That’s the subconscious mind has been stirring up all night long, but if you wake up full of joy and you wanna get out what you are going to do today, while the chances are that you’ve been pretty positive the day before, and maybe several days before Number 12, lack of control over the emotions, both the negative and the positive Have you ever thought that just as necessarily you can control your positive emotions as it is your negative ones? Why is that? Why in the world would I to control the emotion of love for instance? – [Student] It can get you in hot water (laughs) – [Napoleon] Lady, it not only can get you in hot water, it can scold you (students laughing) That was a good one A was a very good one That was very spontaneous reply you gave too You must have had some experience (students laughing) Well, I was thinking another emotion, desire for financial gain for money for instance, do you need to control that? Why, you’re not afraid of getting too much, are you? (muffled speech) Yes, getting it the wrong way Now you said it Well, there could be such thing as you’re working that emotion up to where you want to get too much I met a lot of people who had too much money for their own good, especially people who got it without earning it Like people who inherited it, for instance Would you be interested in knowing why they call me Napoleon? Would you be interested in knowing? – [Students] Yes – [Napoleon] I’m gonna tell you because it makes a good point here My father named me, I being the eldest son, or the first child, my father laid me after my great uncle, Napoleon Hill, of Memphis, Tennessee, who was a multimillionaire cutting broker, hoping that when uncle Napoleon died, that I would get some of the money Well, he died and I didn’t get any of the money And when I found out I was not going to get any of it, I felt very badly But later on, as I swapped some of my youth for wisdom, and observed what happened to the ones who did get it, I was thankfully eternally grateful that I didn’t get a dime of it, because I learned a better way of getting it for myself without having it given to me Well, number 13, the desire for something for nothing Are you ever troubled with that? Desire for something for nothing or the desire for something

for less than it’s value, the desire for something without the being willing to give adequate to compensation for it How are you ever in trouble with that tendency? Well, now whoever’s, hasn’t been this one time or another I’d like to ask But after all, you can have a lot of faults, but what you want to do is to find out what they are and start getting rid of them That’s why we’re making this analysis We’re giving you a chance to come face to face and to be trial judge, be defendant, be prosecutor all at one time, and then you make the decision finally And if you make it accurately, it’d be far better for you to find your faults than would be for me to find them for you, because if you find them, you’re not gonna spin any alibis, you’re going to try to get rid of them And number 14, lack of the habit of reaching decisions promptly and firmly Now, until you reach decisions promptly and firmly, or do you reach decisions very slowly and after you reach them, do you allow the first person that comes along to reverse you? Or do you allow circumstances to reverse your decision without a sound reason? To what extent do you stand by your decisions after you make them? Just under what circumstances would you reverse this decisions you’ve made incidentally (muffled speech) That’s right and you should all hold it open mind on that subject at all times, you should never make a decision, and say that, that’s it and I’m going to stand by it forever because there might be something developed later on that would prompt you to reverse that decision And, you know, there are some people who are known as stubborn, who, and once they’ve made a decision right or wrong, they’d die by it I’ve seen people like that, a lot of them, who would just rather die than to reverse themselves or have somebody reverse them on a decision Of course, you’re not like that That is if you’re really indoctrinated with this philosophy, you may have been like that once, but you’re not like that now Or you’re not gonna be like that later tonight Number 15, one or more of the seven basic theories And I’m not going to dwell on them because there are the seven basic theories and you can grade yourself on that one at your leisure This is a wonderful world we’re living in, a wonderful life I am glad I’m here I’m glad I’m doing just what I am And if a unpleasant circumstances crossed my path, I am very glad for that too, because I’ll find out whether I am stronger than the circumstances or not As long as I can conquer them and go over them, I’m not going to worry about circumstances, about things as opposed me, people that don’t like me, people that say mean things about me I don’t worry about that What I would worry about would be if people said mean things about me and I’d examine myself and found out they were telling the truth, but as long as they’re not telling the truth, I can stand back and laugh and say, how foolish they are and how much damage they’re doing themselves Now, here is a hunting number 16, the wrong selection of a mate in marriage Now, don’t be too quick to grade yourself on that one If you’ve made 100% mistake on that, look around before you grade yourself and see if you can do something about correcting that mistake, maybe resell yourself I’ve known of that being done haven’t you? You know, there’s some people who believe that all marriages are made in heaven Well, it’d be a wonderful thing if they were, but I have seen some that were not made in heaven I don’t know where else they might’ve been made, but they certainly weren’t made in heaven Also I think of business marriages, business relationships that were not made in heaven I have helped to correct a lot of those, believe you me Business associates that were not working together as a spirit of harmony And there’s no business on the face of this earth that can succeed unless the people at the top level at least are working in harmony And there’s no household or home that can be a joy, a place that you ought to go to worse than you want to come away from it, unless there is harmony at the top And harmony starts with loyalty Loyalty and dependability, and then will come ability after that, that’s the way I would evaluate people I want to select a man or a woman for a high position, the first thing I would look for to see whether that person was loyal to the people whom he owed loyalty, we didn’t have loyalty, I wouldn’t want him or her on any terms whatsoever The next thing I would look for would be dependability Whether or not you can depend upon them to be at the right place at the right time and to do the right thing And then after that would come ability I’ve seen a lot of people who had great ability, but the heads were not dependable and they were not loyal

And that were very dangerous Number 17, over cautioned in business and professional relationships Have you seen people so cautious that they wouldn’t trust their own mother-in-law Sure you have I knew a man who was a cautious once that he had a special wallet lid and he had a little lock put on it and he hid the key in a different place every night, so that his wife couldn’t go through his trousers and take money out of his wallet Wasn’t he a honey I bet his wife loved him Overcautious in business and professional relationship Them lack of all forms of cautious in all human relationships, have you seen people like that? That just didn’t have any caution People who start their mouths to going and go off and leave them, nevermind what they’re going to say and what the effects are going to have on other people You’ve seen people like that haven’t you? No caution whatsoever, no discrimination, no diplomacy, no consideration of what they’re going to do to other people through their words I’ve seen people with tongues that were sharper than a double edge Gillette blades It never had been used Let me start them to cutting them, just walk away and leave them No caution whatsoever I’ve seen people who would sign anything that a salesman put in front of them without even reading it They wouldn’t read the big type, let alone a little type Have you seen people like that? ‘Cause you’re not like that But you know, you can be overcautious and you can be under cautious What is the happy medium? Happy medium is found in the lesson on accuracy Where are you examined carefully the things that you’re going to do before you do them, not afterward Where you the evaluate your words before you express them, not afterwards You know it’s going to be a little bit difficult for you to grade yourselves accurately on this one I know it is Be perfectly candid with you, it would be a little bit difficult for me to grade myself accurately on those two on 17 and 18, because there’ve been a lot of times in my life when I wasn’t cautious at all I think most of my troubles in my early days came through my trusting too many people I let somebody come along and flatter me into using the name Napoleon Hill and he’d go out and find a lot of people in the name of Napoleon Hill That’s happened several times in my life before either tightened up and became cautious And that can happen to a lot of people, you know But on the other hand, I wouldn’t want to become so cautious that I didn’t trust anybody for anything You get no joy out of living if you did that (upbeat music) And number 19, wrong choice of associates in one’s occupation or calling How many times have you heard of people getting into trouble because they were associated with the wrong kind of people I see quite a number of hands going up Let’s see how many there are anyway Well, that’s, you’re pretty lucky most of you Wrong kind of associates You know, I’ve never seen a youngster in my life that became bad or went wrong that couldn’t be traced back to the influence of some other person, not once, I ever known a youngster go wrong, or to get into bad habits Listen to that person that had been influenced by somebody else Number 20, wrong selection of a vocation or a total neglect to make a choice of a vocation About 98 people out of every 100 would grade zero on that one Of course you students in this philosophy who have had a chance to become indoctrinated to lesson number one, indefiniteness of purpose would rate much higher than that But do you know that all that when you either grade zero or 100%, there’s no halfway point You either have a definite major purpose, or you don’t have it You can’t grade 50 or 60 or any other amount on that one, nor on definiteness of purpose, I made you promise, you either have one or you don’t have it Number 21, lack of concentration of effort that is divided interest, you split your interest, divide them over a lot, you went over a lot of different things You know, one person is not strong enough in life is too short to ensure your success unless you learn the art of concentrating everything you’ve got on one thing at a time, and following through on that one thing and doing a good job And now here is one that’s going to be difficult for you to grade yourself on preps Number 22, lack of a budget control over income and expenditures, having a systematic way of taking care of your income and your expenditure Do you know how the average person manages that

question of a budget? Well, over his expenditures that is somewhat controlled by the amount of credits that he can get from other people That’s about the only thing, when the credit shuts down on and he’s more or less slacks off but until that happens, he runs wild with spending A good businessman would go bankrupt in a little while if he didn’t have a system of control over its income and its expenditures, that’s why the controller in an organization is for, they call him a wet blanket usually Every successful business of any size has to have a wet blanket A man who controls the assets of the company, keeps them from getting away at the wrong time, in the wrong way At number 24, that’s right, you’re following me 23 is right The failure to budget and use time to best advantage Now that is the most precious thing that you have You have 24 hours in every day, eight hours of that you must devote to sleep, if you’re going to have health or an average of that much, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less, but on the average of eight hours to take it right off, and another eight hours to make a living And then you have another eight hours of free time In other words, in America here as free citizens, you can do anything in the world that you wanna do with that other eight hours You can see them, you can spend, you can establish good habits, you can establish bad habits, you can reeducate yourself in your mind during those eight hours But actually, what are you doing with those eight hours? Now, there’s gonna be the determining factors, to how you grade yourself on this particular question Are you budgeting use of your time the best advantage Do you have a system of actually making all of your time count, of course you have the first 16 hours practically taken care of automatically, but the other eight hours, it’s not taken care of automatically, that’s something that you can do pretty much as you want do with, it’s flexible Number 24, lack of controlled enthusiasm Now there’s a honey too Enthusiasm is among the most valuable of all the emotions, beyond any question of doubt, provided that you can turn it on and off, just like you would water on a sprinkler or an electric lock If you can turn your enthusiasm on when you want to and then turn it off whenever you want to, then you can grade yourself 100% on that But lack of the ability to do that would grade you somewhere down the other way, down toward that little zero How do you go about controlling your enthusiasm? Had you ever thought about your willpower, what it was placed there for? You have a power of will and what’s the purpose of that power of will? – [Students] Control – [Napoleon] It’s discipline That power will is for discipline over your mind, so you can make your mind whatever you want it to be You can form habits, whatever kind of habits you want I have never been able to find out or to determine in my own mind, which is the worst, no enthusiasm at all, a cold fish, or red, hot enthusiasm out of control They’re both bad If somebody made me mad right now, I can turn off my enthusiasm, just like that and turn on something else, that would be much more appropriate maybe, provided I didn’t use the wrong language But there has been a time when I could turn on the anger much more quickly than I could turn on enthusiasm, and I couldn’t turn it off near as easily That’s something you’ll have to overcome too The ability to turn on any of your emotions or to turn them off Number 25, in power-ups, that is a close mind based on grips are prejudice in connection with religious, racial, political, and economic ideas Now there you are How do you rate on that one? Would be a marvelous thing if you could rate 100% on that and say that you have an open mind on all subjects toward all people at all times But if you could say that, you’d probably not be human, you’d be a saint However, there are times, I suppose, when if you made up your mind to be open minded on all these things, you could for a little while, I know I can for a little while However, suppose you grade 100% on that one,

suppose that you can be open minded toward all people, at all times, on all subjects, what is the next best thing to do? Oh, of course, become a strong one at that, now that’s a good one That’s all right And it is, if you try that out, the more you try it out the more that sometime will take on more and more time, and eventually it’ll get to where tolerance will be a habit with you instead of intolerance You know, there are people in this world and I regret to say that they’re in the vast majority who, when they meet others, they immediately begin to look for the things that they don’t like and the other people, and they always find things they don’t like There’s another type of person and I noticed that this other type of person is always much more successful, much more happy, much more welcome when it comes around, who, when he meets a person, whether it’s an acquaintance or a stranger, immediately begins not only to look for the things that as they like to that person, but the compliment and say something about them or do something about him But in the case that he recognizes good qualities instead of the bad ones I get a great feel when somebody walks up to me and says, aren’t you Napoleon Hill, I say yes, I’m Gilly Well, I want to tell you, Mr. Hill, how much good I got out of your book Well, I just thrive on that I love it Does me a lot of good, unless of course they rub it on too thick You can do that too you know But I’ve never seen the person yet that wouldn’t respond in kind if you compliment that person, even a pussycat is bad natured as they are, if you stroke him on the back it will curled up his tail and begin to purr Cats are not very friendly, but you can make them friendly if you do the things, the cat likes 26 failure to cooperate with others in the spirit of harmony Well, there are circumstances in life, I suppose, where a failure to cooperate with the justified or either, I can say there are a lot of circumstances where you’d fail to cooperate I come into contacts with people very often who want me to do things that I can possibly do for them They want my influence, they want me to write letters of recommendation, they want me to make telephone calls from, well, I can’t do it I can’t cooperate unless I am sold on what I’m cooperating with and with whom I’m cooperating You’d be like that too Number 27 possession of power or wealth not based on merit or earned Well, I hope you won’t have any trouble grading yourself on that one Number 28, lack of the spirit of loyalty to those to whom it is due If you have loyalty in your heart, to those to whom loyalty is due, you can grade 100% of that perhaps, but unless you practice that all the time, you wouldn’t read 100%, you’d grade something lower than that And incidentally why you grade yourself anywhere on any of these lower than 50%, but across mark then go back for study at that particular point, if you grade less than 50% You should have all of these causes of failure, at least 50% under control And it falls below that you’ve reached the danger point Number 29, the habit of forming opinions, not based upon known facts Now, to the extent to which you do that, give yourself a good grading on that one, and if you grade low 50% on that begin to work on yourself right away and stop having opinions, unless you base them on facts, or what you believe to be facts I hear anybody expressing an opinion on something I have reasonably that he knows nothing about, I always think of that story to tell on two men who were discussing Einstein theory of relativity, and they got into a hot argument about it And one of them said, oh, hell, what does Einstein know about politics anyway, in the first place (students laughing) He understood relativity isn’t it Well, there are people like that you know, who have opinions about everything in the world, they can run their country better than Eisenhower’s running it They can tell J Edgar Hoover, a few things about his job, and they get all his work their friends over and improve them But if you examine them very carefully, they’re not doing too well themselves generate Number 30, egotism advantage is not under control Egotism is a wonderful thing and vanity is a wonderful thing If you didn’t have a little vanity why you wouldn’t wash your neck or your face, or have your hair curled or washed or whatever it is that women do to their hair, you have to have a little vanity, a little pride, but you can have too much can’t you? I think lipstick is a wonderful thing, if it doesn’t get on my shirt (students laughing) You know, you can have too much lipstick and ruin on the faces are a wonderful thing, but you know, nature is a pretty good old hand and painting faces just right And when I see a 60 year or 70 year old woman

painting her face up to look like a 16 year old, I only know she just fooling herself nobody else because she certainly not fooling me Egotism and vanity The ego the human ego is a marvelous thing There are a lot of people who need to build up their ego They have allowed the circumstances of life to whip them down until they’ve got no fight left in them No initiative, no imagination, no faith Your ego, your human ego, that’s a wonderful thing if you have it under control and don’t allow it to become objection to other people I have never seen a successful person yet that didn’t have great confidence in his ability to do anything he started out to do And one of the purposes of this philosophy that you’re studying is to enable you to build your ego up to where it will do for you anything you wanted to do, no matter what it is Now there are some people whose ego needs to be trimmed down a little bit, but I’d say there are very many more or less need to build up than there are, who need a squishy, very many more Number 31, lack a vision and imagination I have never been able to determine exactly whether this great capacity for vision and imagination is an inherited quality or an acquired quality I think perhaps in my case, it was inherited because I have, had a lot of imagination right back to the earliest days that I can remember and that was one of the things that got me in difficult in the old days, I had too much imagination and I didn’t direct it in the right direction (upbeat music) Number 32, unwillingness to go the extra mile Now there is a hunter because if you have the habit of going the extra mile and I’ve learned to get joy out of it, out of the business of doing it, the chances are that you’re gonna put a lot of people under obligations, willing obligations, they don’t mind being under obligations to you on that basis And if you have enough people obligated to you, then there’s no reason why you couldn’t make legitimate use of those people, their influence, their education, their ability, and what not to help you succeed in life in whatever you’re doing Do you know how to get anybody to do whatever it is you want him to do? (indistinct) That’s right do something for him first Now that is as good a definition as I could have used, but I thought of it for a year Do something for him first Now that is right And look how easy it is to do something nice for another person, you don’t even have to ask him, do you? No, you don’t Now, how do you grade on that? How many times when you want to have a great long list of people who are standing ready as an army to help you when you need help, what are you doing to cultivate that army in advance to the time of need? You can’t just go out and go the extra mile this minute and the next minute you turn right around and ask the person to whom you rendered that service to render you twice as much service, you can’t work it that way, won’t work that way You’ve got to build up There’s something called goodwill, in advance And then from there the timing has got to be right Now, there are a lot of people who will go the extra mile only for the sake of expediency They do it just put you under obligations and they don’t time it sufficiently they’ll not allow you to forget about it so to speak, turn right around after having done you a favor and ask you for two or three favors Haven’t you had that experience? Have you seen other people make that mistake? Of course you haven’t made it, but the other fellow, or have you? I don’t believe there is a principle of this philosophy that if I had to select one principle, which you can do the most with the most people I’d say, it’s this principle of going the extra mile, because that’s the one thing that anybody can control at once to do it You don’t have to ask anybody for the privilege of going out of your way to be nice and to be of help to people You don’t have to ask anybody for the privilege And the very moment you start doing it, you probably, it all contrast because most people are not doing that Well, let’s see now, number what was the next one? – [Students] 33 – [Napoleon] That’s right 33, desire for revenge, for real or imaginary grievances, which is the worst to have, or desire revenge for a real grievance, I need somebody or an imaginary grievance? – [Students] Imaginary – [Napoleon] I wonder now

Think that went over Why shouldn’t you have, what happens to you when you have an expression of revenge or a desire for revenge, for any reason whatsoever? What happens to you? Does it hurt the fella? (indistinct) Oh, that’s it That’s the part It hurts yourself How does it hurt yourself? (muffled speech) It makes you negative That’s the idea exactly Poisons your mind It even poisons your blood if you maintain it long enough, any kind of a mental attitude will get into your blood And they interfere with your sound health Number 34, the habit of producing alibis instead of satisfactory results To what extent do you immediately begin to look for an alibi when you make a mistake or when you do something that doesn’t turn out right, or when you neglect to do the thing that you should have done What extent did you come across and say, well, it was my fault, lay it on the line, face the music, or do you begin to conjure up a set of alibis to justify what you’ve done or neglected to do Now that’s the point on what you’re grading yourself? What is the preponderance of your habits on that subject? Now I would say that if you are an average person and the chances are that in the majority of cases, you look for an alibi to justify what you do or what you refrain from doing or neglect If you’re an average person, if you’re not an average person, I’m sure you’re not be if you become properly indoctrinated to this philosophy, you will not look for alibis because you know, that’s only a weakness, that’s a crutch that you’re leaning on You will face the music You’ll acknowledge your mistakes, you’ll like knowledge your weaknesses, you’ll knowledge your errors, because self confession is a marvelous thing It does something to the soul When you really know what your faults are and confess them honestly, you don’t have to spread them to the whole world, but confess to them where a confession is necessary I had a student come into my office about a few days ago and make a confession that’s going to be a more use to her than anything has happened since she was a very small girl Now this student was suffering because she had not yet learned how to distinguish the difference between her needs, for things and her rights to have them Had you ever thought about that? She needed things very badly and she was willing to get them the wrong way A lot of people make that mistake You cannot tell the difference between the things they need and the things that they have a right to get Number 35, lack of dependability That perhaps it will be a little bit hard for you to grade yourselves on, but generally speaking, you know whether you’re dependable or not, you know whether your words is dependable, you know whether your performance in your occupation or your job is dependable, you know whether your relationship to your family or wife or your husband or your children you know, whether you’re a dependable family man or woman, you know that, you know whether you’re dependable or not in connection with your credit relations with people where you buy things on credit, you know that Is it a wonderful thing to have dependability among your friends? You know, just know exactly where they are, where they’re always going to be regardless of what happens Is that a wonderful thing to have dependability among your loved ones while you know, they’re not going to let you down on any score at anytime for any reason How many of you have a half a dozen people like that in your life? Absolutely dependable under all circumstances, my, oh my, what a wonderful groups of people is here I would say that if you have three people like that in the entire lifetime, you’re indeed fortunate People that are dependable under all circumstances I’m not for sure, but what I can count the ones that I have that are like that on the fingers of my two hands, as many people, as I know all over the world Dependability, what a marvelous thing it is Number 36, unwillingness to assume responsibilities commensurate with one’s desire for compensation In other words, your desire for the good things of life, good income and all that nice home, nice car, nice wardrobe of clothes, but unwilling to assume the responsibilities to entitle you to those things Now, how do you agreed on that? In other words, are you willing to assume the necessary responsibilities do entitle you to all the things in life that you want to get out of life? That’s the point that you’re grading yourself on Number seven, the failure to obey the conscience when it seems advantage it’s not to do so Are there are times when you tell your conscious, just to step aside for a few moments while you just don’t look right now, because a little bit of transaction,

of business here you want to tend to, a little bit off color Do you ever do that? Or I’m not going to ask you to vote on it I wouldn’t do that Well, you know, I think you can do that a few times We got away with it, but I think if you got in the habit of it, you would convert your conscious into a conspirator, that would endorse all of the main things you might ever want to do And that would be bad That conscience was given to you by an all wise creator, so that you would always know what is right and what is wrong without having to ask anybody And if you were on good terms with your own conscience, if you really respond to that conscience under every circumstance, and let it be your guide, then you are a very fortunate person, and you have been using that conscience properly But if there are times when the you waiver, you’re undecided and you make your conscious step aside, then you need to grade yourself low, and begin to work on yourself on that score I think it’s a marvelous thing that the creator should have given each individual a judge advocate so to speak to sit over all of his act, all of his needs and all of his thoughts, and tell him when he’s right and when he’s wrong Number 38, the habit of unnecessary worrying over things one cannot control Now, how are you gonna rate on that? Unnecessary worry, all the things you can’t control If you can’t control the thing that you’re worrying over, what can you do about it? – [Student] Make the most of it – [Napoleon] You can adjust yourself to that thing that you can’t control in a positive mental attitude so as to not let it get you down, or you can transmute that worry over into something on another subject where you can control it And then number 39, neglect to recognize the difference between failure and temporary defeat Have you ever thought about that? When is failure a failure anyhow? (muffled speech) That’s right When you accepted it as such, no matter what the conditions are, if you accept it as failure, that’s it Is failure ever fails your until you accept it as such? – [Students] No – [Napoleon] No, of course not It’s temporary to feel that, but certainly not failure You know, if you took no for an answer, if you were selling, and you took no for an answer every time you heard it you’d never make a living selling, ’cause it’s easier for people to say no, than it is to say yes, and I don’t mean this at all It just means that they haven’t yet been broken down by a good salesman Temporary defeat failure Who determines whether a circumstance in your life is a temporary defeat or failure, who determines that? (muffled speech) That’s right You’re the one who determines that And 40, lack of flexibility and adjusting to the varying circumstances of life Lack of flexibility of your mind Do you know it’s necessary at times for you to go along with unsavory bedfellows, people that you don’t like, you go along with them until such time as they drop out of your life Of course you could have it out with them, right where you stand But if you do that to probably would oftentimes get the worst of it, you can wear them out, walk them to that By going along with them for a time If you make an incident out of everything that you disliking people, if you make an incident out of it, well, you’ll always be in difficulty If you let these things that are food, for instance, pass by, time is a wonderful cure, wonderful agent You know, it’s the greatest doctor on the face of the earth, of everything, time, oh, mother time, where the father time Well, anyhow, maybe it’s full There are a lot of things in this world that can be cured only with time Now, there are people who fret themselves to death, ware themselves out making incidents out of very silly, small unimportant things everyday of their lives And there are not a day ever goes by and a life of any idea that you couldn’t make an incident out of something and have an unpleasant scene with somebody if you would allow yourself to do it But of course, being a student of this philosophy, you are going to grade yourself about, let’s say about 80% on that one, flexibility that is the ability to adjust yourself to the circumstances that you don’t like, without going down under them and without making an incident out of them Now you may have a very peculiar cause of failure that I haven’t mentioned here at all It’d be most interesting to see what it is if you do have one, because I have given you a pretty good catalog here of the things that cause people to fail And one of the interesting things about this list of 40 things that cause people to fail, what is the most interesting thing about that list? (muffled speech) They represent things that you can do something about Isn’t that true? What would be the use of my having you make this analysis if you couldn’t do anything about it

You can eliminate every one of those causes, every one of them, and you can almost do it instantaneously In a few hours I’m gonna take a little time to get to develop more positive habits, but for the most part, every one of these causes of failure you can wipe out of your carry rector this very night, by determining the do so, by determining to develop a more agreeable set of circumstances No matter what your adversity may have been, go back after you’ve had this lesson, go back for the last 10 years and take every unpleasant circumstances that you’ve ever had, and begin the search now and see where that seed of an equivalent benefits was even though you didn’t find it and didn’t use it It’s very difficult to find the seed of an equivalent benefit in an unpleasant circumstance while a wound is still open and hurting Again, timing is important, but if you’ll give it a little time, make up your mind that you’re not going to go down under the circumstances, you give it a little time and then go back and evaluate it carefully and you will find that you will have learned something from it of benefit There are two kinds of cooperation, one based upon force or coercion, and the other is a voluntary based upon voluntary action based on motive The vast majority of all circumstances of cooperation, I think are based upon some form of force or coercion Employees oftentimes cooperate with their employer, but there’s a certain amount of coercion needed Certain amount of fear is if they don’t cooperate, they will not their jobs There are other circumstances where the employees cooperate with the employer because the employer has made it so beneficial for them to work at that place, that they do it willingly Any kind of cooperation that’s forced or forced on people or based upon any type of coercion is not desirable because people only cooperate on that basis as long as they have to get to the point where they don’t have to do and as long as they kick over the traces Relatively speaking there is a small percentage is employers throughout the United States who understand the advantage of having their employees cooperate with them on a willing basis, a friendliness based upon the benefits that they extend to those employees Cooperation difference from the mastermind principle in that is based upon coordination of effort without necessarily involving the principle of definiteness of purpose or the principle of harmony The men working in the military service, an army of men for instance, working under their superior officers represents a tremendous amount of power based upon cooperation, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s harmony, or that they like what they’re doing There’s a certain amount of coercion and force there, they’re doing what they have to do, sometimes they like to do it, but sometimes they don’t like to do it Cooperation based on the mastermind principle is the medium by which great personal power may be attained No one has ever acquired such power without the aid of these principles A fact which places them in the category of indispensables Now, cooperation is indispensable in four major relationships and here they are, in the home, in one’s job or profession, in social relationships and in support of our form of government and free enterprise Certainly those are a must And if every citizen cooperated in those four respects, this would be a better country than we have yet I hear examples of cooperation not based on the mastermind principle, Soldiers working under army regulations, employees working under rules of employment, government officials working under laws of the nation, professional men, such as lawyers, doctors, dentists, working under the rules of ethics of their professions, citizens of a nation related under a dictator Observe the matter in which the cooperative effort assumes greater powers when the principle of cooperation is combined with the mastermind principle, involving harmony based on a definite motive Now, here are some examples of that Of government officials when working in harmony with and supported by a majority of the people, as in the case of Roosevelt’s first term in office, when the emergency of an economic depression, supplied motives for harmony, and the motive was a desire for economic recovery effecting all the people I have never seen a finer illustration of power, I think through the combination of the principles of cooperation and the mastermind And I witnessed there in the Roosevelt administration during his first term in office We had a motive, we all had a motive in getting back

to the president, that motive was survival We were in danger, there was an emergency and we had to close ranks and get behind him whether we agreed with this political principles or not, and we did that Did it on a grand scale for a time, but as soon as the emergency passed or was softened by that combination of the mastermind principle and cooperation again to disintegrate And before Roosevelt finally got out of office, there was an upheaval and the lack of harmony and a lot of other things that caused a lot of people who are in annoyance and not to mention loss Employers and their employees with a motive such as that, which inspired harmony in the Arthur and Nash clothing company up in Cincinnati when the company faced bankruptcy While I was publishing the Golden Rule magazine, I got to hurry up call from Mr. Nash, of the Nash clothing company in Cincinnati, to come over to Cincinnati to see him And I got over there, I found he was in trouble, he was really bankrupt For no reason that he could explain, a business that had been going for years profitably, all of a sudden became unprofitable and the business dropped off to where they didn’t have enough to really pay the payroll When I went over the situation with Mr. Nash, I said, there is only one thing that can save your business And that is, if you work out a plan whereby the employees will take a new lease on life, put their heart and soul into the business, go along with you, you can save the business And we worked out a plan whereby they would receive at the end of the year in addition to their regular salaries, a bonus consisting of a percentage of the profits, quite a bit of details that I will not go into, but that was the sum and the substance of it Mr. Nash called all of his employees together, he got up and told them what he had mind he said, I think I should tell you first of all, the company is bankrupt, we don’t have enough money to pay this coming weeks payroll And he said for a long time, this business had been going downhill and I noticed that all of the employees were losing interest, that enthusiasm, it used to prevail here is no longer here The spirit of the thing’s gone, unless we can recapture that spirit, that willingness of enthusiasm for everyone to jump in and do something while we’re all in the same boat namely bankrupt And he said, I have a plan and I think it’ll work, it’s based upon the golden rule I have a plan whereby if you all come down Monday morning and star on a new basis, the basis in the same mental attitude that you’re in 10 years ago when were thriving, go to work, I’ll pay your wages as soon as we can make the wages, including the back wages that I’ll not be able to pay you this coming week, and if we make a go of it, at the end of the year we will divide the profits on a basis that will give you the same standing as a stockholder in the company I’m going to leave the room and then you talk it over frankly, and decide what you wanna do, and then when you want to see me, you send for me He and I went to lunch, we were gone about an hour, a messenger came over and called him away from the luncheon, went back, and they announced that what had happened, they all got together and they decided that not only was going to accept this proposition, but they came down the next day where their saving, some of them had money in old socks, some of them in tin cans, some of them in savings accounts, so they’d $16,000 in cash on his desk They said, that is Mr. Nash, if that’s the way you feel about us, this is the way we feel about you We earned this money down here isn’t as much, but if it’ll do any good, use it and when you can pay it back, pay it back and if you can’t pay it back, that’s all right too You see, they had caught the spirit of real cooperation (applause) The company began to thrive, and before Mr. Nash died some 10 years later, it became the most prosperous mail order clothing business in the whole United States, and as far as I know, it still is that today, despite the fact that he’s gone Same business, same location, making the same kind of clothes, the same people doing the work, failing one day, and starting to succeed on a grand scale the next day And what happened there? There was a change of what? – [Students] Mental attitude – [Napoleon] Change of mental attitude What caused them to change their mental attitude? (muffled speech) Was it fear that they’d lose their jobs? No, it wasn’t that was it? – [Student] Motive – [Napoleon] They had a motive Mr. Nash had inspired them with his insincerity and purpose and making them that kind of an offer They were touched by it They knew it was sincere and they made up their minds they were going to be just as good spokesman as he was They were not gonna let him outdo them

And when you get in a group of people together on that basis, I don’t care what their problems are, they all meet those problems successfully They always do And then the rotary clubs and their members throughout the world, that is a marvelous illustration of the mastermind principle and the harmony and the ranks I remember when that rotary club was organized, I belong to the first club ever organized here in Chicago I was a member of the original group that Paul Harris organized And in those days, the purpose of the club was to honor Paul Harris and to help build up his legal practice without violating his ethics That was the original purpose of it But we finally grew bigger than that purpose, and the purpose became the idea of developing fellowship among the members, a good feeling Well, the rotary is spread all over the world and it’s become a really an outstanding influence for good, wherever it has touched You don’t do anything in this world without a motive, there must be a motive to inspire everything that you do, or everything you refrain from doing The only person that does things without a motive is an insane person He doesn’t have to have a motive Well, at first, the opportunity to get increased compensation and promotion is one of the most outstanding motives for gaining friendly cooperation And wherever that has been put into use in any business that I know anything about, there has always been a very beneficial and a very profitable return Recognition for a personal initiative, pleasing personality and outstanding work Now that’s a strong motive to inspire cooperation, giving a person recognition when he does a good job, say so, do something about it I know an employer who, as the birthdays of all otherwise of his employees, his males and boys and all of the children, every birthday, they all get presents from him with a card signed by him in person Well, his organization represents just one great big family In other words, he has built himself up in the hearts of the people in the home where the man works And you can just imagine what that does to the man himself And then the third, taking a personal interest in one’s private problems You know, that’s a power for motive too, for gaining friendly cooperation, taking an interest in the problems of the people that you associated with that you’re working with, helping them to solve problems You know, a lot of people say, oh, well, after all this, my problems are mine, but the other phone’s problems are his, I’m not interested in them And you have the right to do that if you want to, but it won’t be profitable to you it won’t be beneficial If you wanna have a lot of friends, you wanna have a lot of cooperation, you’ll make it your business to look around and wherever you can be of help to people, you will start in being of help to them And next, a system of friendly competition between departments, and in departments between individuals A system of friendly cooperation Now in a sales organization for instance, if you can have a different group competing with other groups in the same organization on a friendly basis, they’ll strive to do their very best in order to win because of good sportsmanship, and able sales managers very often set up that kind of a motive to inspire their sales people to do better jobs Then the hope of future benefits in the form of some yet unattained goals, which can best be attained by mutual cooperation In other words, something that you want to accomplish with a group of people where it can only be accomplished by your all pooling together in the same direction at the same time, in the spirit of harmony Well, you could mention other motives that may be in your particular case, you need the cooperation of somebody Maybe you would know what kind of a motive that you could plant in the mind of that person to get that cooperation But certainly you can’t get it by force or coercion and hope to benefit by it Because if you get it by that method, sooner or later, the cooperation will play off, and it’ll turn into resentment Andrew Carnegie method of inspiring cooperation was based on four principles First, he established a monetary motive through promotions and bonuses That was one of his most potent and influential motive in getting men to cooperate In other words, all the men who worked for Andrew Carnegie knew that they had the potential possibility of becoming an exceedingly well paid executive They’d seen man after man do that very thing, starting to get in the ranks and climb right on up to the top And second , his question system He never reprimanded any employee offensively, but allowed the employee who deserved it to remand himself or herself through carefully directed questions It’s a wonderful thing is it?

Being able to reprimand that person or discipline, he’d call him in and started asking him questions, which could only be the answered in ne way, the way Mr. Carnegie wanted them answered Yeah, I think that is very smart And if he wanted to fault brought out, he’d let the man bring it out himself, he’d put questions to him and force him to bring out the fault or tell a lie, and then of course the man didn’t want to do that especially when he knew Mr Carnegie knew what the lie was That was one of the things that indicated what a smart man Mr. Carnegie was, he knew how to get the best results out of people without unnecessarily hurting them or offending them And the next, the always had one or more men in training for his job And several of them made it Is that a wonderful thing for an employer to have a number of men standing around training for his job? You don’t think that’d be this loyal do you? You don’t think they’d lie down on the job You don’t think they’d refuse or neglect to go the extra mile do you? No, they’d be very silly if they did Mr. Carnegie knew how to hang out plums, so to speak, for people to reach for and while he kept the plum just a little bit to ahead of reach of the man that he caused him to grow stronger and to build a longer arm for reaching by having that plum out there for him to reach for That was much better than throwing the theorist of a man’s heart, losing his job or something of that sort so many employers had done And he never made decisions for his employees, but encouraged them to make their own decisions, and to be responsible for the results are off Is that a wonderful thing? He would not make decisions for his executives, and for his under executives, and for those who are in training for executive jobs I was in the office of Mr. Curtis, Cyrus Curtis owner of the Saturday Evening Post, who was also one of the collaborators in the building of this philosophy, when his son in law, Edward Bach came in and apologized to me for interrupting our meeting and he said, there’s something that I must speak to Mr. Curtis about has to have an answer immediately, and he had to telegram in his hand And he hardly explained to his father-in-law that a problem in connection with buying the supply of paper that they were gonna need for the whole next year involving a tremendous amount of money, paper for the ladies home journal and maybe the Saturday Evening Post, maybe the country gentlemen all He told his father all what the problem was and he also told him that there were three things they could do about it, and he mentioned them, and he said, now what I want you to tell me is which one shall I do? Would you imagine what Mr. Curtis said to him? (muffled speech) He went ahead and very briefly analyzed each of those three problems, each of little three things, analyzed them for their good points and their bad ones And then when he was through he said, it’s your responsibility, that’s my analysis, it’s your responsibility to determine which one of the plans you are going to adopt, and Bach said thank you and walked out And when he left, Mr. Curtis said, if he makes the wrong decision, it’ll cost us nine to $1 million I said, well, why didn’t you give him the right decision? He said, if I had had ruined a good executive, that’s why I didn’t Mr. Bach did become a good executive He made the Ladies Home Journal an outstanding magazine of his time, but he didn’t do it by having his father in law make decisions, he made them himself And that’s what made Mr Carnegie such a successful man He taught people who makes decisions, but also to be responsible for the decisions when they made them That’s an important little item too Our American system of free enterprise gets friendly cooperation when it is not interfered with by outside influences, by the profit motive In the United States, if we took away the profit motive, it would take the very work on the move of our whole system of free enterprise away And there are certain pressure groups that are trying to do that very thing all the time, to take away the profit motive You have to have a motive for everything you do And we have, we believe in the United States and our system of free enterprise, the finest combination of motives that exists anywhere in the world I don’t know what you think about this philosophy as far as you’ve gone, but I just wanna tell you this in closing, that if you get 50% of the benefits that are available through all of this philosophy, if you’ve got to get 50% of its benefits,

not a 100 but just 50% of the benefits, you can so thoroughly change your lives that the next, the coming year that’s ahead of you can be the most outstanding year of your life And from here on out the rest of your life, you can enjoy a controlled destiny one that you drew out for yourself, where you’ll find happiness, pleasure, contentment, security, and where you will enjoy the friendship and the goodwill of people around you, because you will create circumstances leading to that end The imaginations at someone is the workshop where in this fashion, the purpose of the brain and the ideals of the soul I don’t know of a better definition than that, but there are two forms of imagination And the first one is synthetic imagination, which consists of a combination of recognized old ideas, concepts, plans, or facts arranged in a new combination Basically new things are few and far between As a matter of fact, when you speak of somebody having created a new idea or anything new, the chances are 1,000 the one that it’s not anything actually new, it’s a reassembling of something that’s old and something that’s gone before And number two, the creative imagination operating through the sixth sense in the subconscious mind, as it’s based in the subconscious section of the brain, and serves as the medium by which basically new facts or ideas are revealed Any idea, plan or purpose as it is brought into the conscious mind and repeated, and supported by emotional feeling, is automatically picked up by the subconscious section of the brain and carried out to its logical conclusion by whatever natural means that are practical and convenient Any idea, plan or purpose that is brought into the conscious mind and repeatedly and supported by emotional feeling Now, there is something I wanna call your attention to, ideas in your mind that are not emotionalized or over which you’re not enthusiastic or in connection with which you don’t have faith seldom produce any action You’ve got to get any emotion into your thoughts, or you got to get enthusiasm, or you have to have faith before you get action Now, here are some examples of synthetic imagination applied First of all, Edison’s invention of the incandescent electric lamp You may be interested to knowing that there is nothing new about Edison’s electric lamp, both of the factors which when combined made up the incandescent electrolytes were old and well known to the world long before Edison’s time, it remained for Thomas Edison to go through 10,000 different failures and to find a way of marrying these two old ideas, bringing them together ina new combination As you may know, some of you or all of you, one of these ideas consistent in the fact that you could take and apply electrical energy to a wire, and at the point of friction, the wire wouldn’t become hot and would make a light A lot of people found that out before Edison time Edison’s problem was in finding some means of controlling that wire so that when it was heated to a white heat it would make a light, it wouldn’t burn up He tried all of these experiments, to be exact over 10,000 of them, and none of them worked And then one day, as well as his custom, he laid down for one of those catnaps, to turn the problem over to his subconscious mind And while he was asleep, his subconscious mind came up with the answer I’ve always marveled at and wondered why it was that he had to go through 10,000 failures before he could get his subconscious mind to act and give him the answer So he woke up every one of those catnaps, and as he came out of his sleep, he saw the other half of his idea He had half of it already He saw the solution to the other half of his problem, it consistent in the charcoal principle You know, to produce charcoal, you put a pile of wood on the ground and set it to fire, and then cover it over with dirt, allowing just enough oxygen to percolate through to keep that wooden smoldering, but not enough to permit it to blaze And it burns away a certain part of that wood leaving the rest, which is called charcoal You know, of course, where there is no oxygen, there can be no combustion Taking that concept with which Edison had long been familiar, he went back into the laboratory, he took this wire that he had been heating with electricity, put it in a bottle, pump the air out and seal the bottle, cutting off all oxygen, no oxygen could come in contact at all, turned on the electrical power that burned for eight and a half hours And that’s the principle to this very moment, under which the electric lamp operates That’s why when you drop one of those bulbs,

it pops like a gun The air had all been drawn out of it The reason being, they cannot permit any to be inside of that bulb because of it if it were there, it would quickly burn the filament out Two old simple idea brought together through synthetic imagination And if you will examine the operations of your imagination or the imagination of successful people, I think you’ll find that in a large proportion of the cases, what has been used has been synthetic imagination and not creative imagination These ideas, you know, of giving rearrangement to old ideas and old concepts can be very profitable You may be, of course you may have discovered that there isn’t, there’s only one new principle in this philosophy that you study, just one new one that you may not have been familiar with before And I have only made one contribution to it Everything else is as old as mankind, but what did I do? I use my synthetic imagination and I reassembled I started out the salient things that go into the making of success and organized them in a way that they had never been organized before in the history of the word Organize them in a simple form where you or anyone else can take a hold of them and put them into practical use Now, I often wonder why somebody else smarter than I didn’t think of that a long time ago, before I started into it You know, when we get ahold of a good idea, we always are inclined to go back and say, well, why in the world didn’t I think of that? Or if you get it, you think, why didn’t I get it a long time ago when I needed the money Henry Ford’s combination of the horse drawn buggy on the steam propelled threshing machine There’s nothing in the world, but the use of synthetic imagination He was inspired to create the automobile when he first saw his first threshing machine up, being pulled along by the propelled engine They have this threshing outfit with the machinery attached to the locomotion of the steam engine, going down the highway and the Mr. Ford observed it, and there and there he got the idea of taking that same principle and putting it onto a buggy, instead of the horse, and making the horseless buggy, which eventually turned out to be known as the automobile Now, examples of creative imagination First of all, all basically new ideas originate through single or a mastermind application of creative vision, generally through the mastermind application of creative vision Now you will observe between two people, two or more people get together, and begin to think along the same line in the spirit of harmony, and they began to work up enthusiasm, all the people in the group began to get ideas and out of that group will come an idea pertaining to the thing that they’re discussing in the meeting, they’re going into that discussion from the solution of a major problem, somebody will find the answer depending on whose subconscious tunes in to the infinite storehouse and picks the answer out first And oftentimes the answer will not come from the smartest or the most brilliant or the most best educated man in the group, oftentimes it’ll come from the least educated and the least brilliant person in the group Here are some examples of creative imagination Take radium for instance, that was discovered by Madam Curie, now all Madame Curie knew was that theoretically there should be some radium somewhere in the universe She hoped it would be on this little bowl of mud that we call uranium She had a definite purpose, he had a definite idea, she worked it out mathematically and determined that there was radium somewhere available Nobody had ever seen any, nobody had ever produced any, nobody had ever defined any Imagine Madam Curie starting out to find radium in comparison with the proverbial story about the person looking for a needle in a haystack, believe you me I’ll take the haystack and the needle every time in comparison with her task Do you have any idea of what it was that gave her her first cues, how she went about searching for it? (muffled speech) You don’t think for a moment, she went out with a spade and the medic digging for it in the ground, looking for it Do you? Oh no, oh, no, she doesn’t do that, she wasn’t that foolish She conditioned her mind to tune in on infinite intelligence and infinite intelligence directed her to the source The exact process that you use in attracting riches or attracting anything else you want, you first condition your mind with a definite picture of the thing you want, you build it up and support it with the space in your belief that you are going to get the thing you want And you keep on wanting it, even when the going is hard Well, you take the radar and the radio for example Both of them products of creative imagination

And the Wright brothers flying machine Now, nobody had ever created and successfully flown a heavier than air machine until the Wright brothers produced theirs Wright brothers had no encouragement from the public And when they announced that they were going to fly the machine, they had flown it successfully and were going to demonstrate it again, that was North Carolina When they announced that to the press, the newspaper men were so skeptical they wouldn’t even go down there, not one single solitary newspaper man went down there on the biggest scoop in the last 100 years There they were smartly like, you know, why is that? They knew the answers, how many people you see like that all the way through when somebody comes up with a new idea Smart elect, wise guys, people who don’t believe that can be done because it’s never been done before There is no limitation to the application of creative vision, the person who can condition his mind or tuning it on infinite intelligence can up with the answer to anything that has an answer Anything, no matter what it is And Marconi’s invention of wireless communication And Edison’s talking machine You know, Edison never created, but one as far as I know, but one idea that came out of creative vision, and that was a talking machine And I before his time, nobody had ever recorded or reproduced sound of any kind Nobody had ever done that not anything even resembling it And there’d be no talk about it, no stories written about it as far as I know, and Edison conceived that idea and almost instantaneously He took a piece of paper or an envelope out of his pocket and with a pencil drew a crude sketch of what became later, the first Edison talking machine they called them that One that had a cylinder on, you know And they tried it out, when they tried the model out, the thing worked the very first time quite in contrast, you see the law of compensation paid him off for those 10,000 failures when he stood by while he was working the incandescent electric lamp, don’t you see what a generous and the fair and just thing the law of compensation is Where you seem to be cheated in one place, you will find that will be made up in some other place, in proportion to your desires, whatever they may be That works with penalizing too, when you’ve escaped the cup at one corner, of course, you run a red light, maybe you escaped them again, but the next time he’ll catch you on two or three counts You’ll find he finally catches up with you Well, here, out here in nature somewhere, there’s a tremendous cop, and a tremendous recording machine recording all of our good qualities and all of our bad ones, all of our mistakes and all of our successes, and sooner or later, they all catch up with us Now, a creative vision in evaluating the great American way of life, we still enjoy the privilege of freedom and the richest and the freest country ever known to mankind But we need to use vision if we are to continue to enjoy these great blessings If you look backward and see what traits of character has made our country great, here they are First of all, the leaders who have been responsible for what we have in the American way of life made definitely the application of the 17 principles of the science of the test with emphasis on the following six Now they didn’t, at that time, they didn’t call it these principles, but these things, they probably weren’t conscious that they were amplifying these principles And one of the strangest thing about all of the successful people that I work with, not one single solitary one of them could sit down and categorically give me step by step the main modus operanda by which he had succeeded They had stumbled upon, stumbled upon them by sheer accident, these principles are listed here First of all, definiteness of purpose Second, going the extra mile, rendering more service than they’re paid for I want you go back and measure the seventh is the 56 men that signed the declaration of independence I want you to go back and measure what they did, by these six principles and see how definitely you can trace the application of them to their act Definiteness of purpose, going the extra mile, the mastermind principle, creative vision, applied faith and personal initiative They make prints of American way of life did not expect something for nothing They did not regulate their working hours at the time clock they assumed full responsibilities of leadership even when they going was hard Looking back over the past 50 years of creative vision, we find for instance, Thomas Edison, through his creative vision, personal image, ushered in the great electrical agent, gave us a source of power the world had not previously known Think of that, that one man ushered in a new age, the great electrical age, without which all of this industrial improvement that we’ve had, all the radar, all the television, all of the radio would not be possible

What a marvelous thing that one person did to influence the trend of civilization all over the world And what marvelous thing Mr. Ford did when he brought in the automobile, brought the backwards and main street together, he shortened distances, he improved the values of lands by causing marvelous roads to be built through them, he gave employment directly and indirectly to millions of people who would not otherwise have had employment, and to millions of people who now today have businesses, supplying the automobile trade Then Wilburn Orville ride They changed the size of the era so to speak, shortened distances it’s all over the world, just those two men operating for the good of mankind Then Andrew Carnegie gave through his creative vision and personal initiative, ushered in the great steel age, which revolutionized our entire industrial system, and made possible the birth of myriad industries, which could not exist without steel, not satisfied with the accumulation of a vast fortune of his own and the raising of scores of his associate workers into sizeable fortunes they could not have accumulated without Carnegie’s aid He finished up his life by inspiring the organization of the world’s first practical philosophy of personal achievement, which makes the knowhow of success available to the humblest person What a marvelous thing one man could do, operating through one other man So you see now, when you begin to analyze what’s happened here, what a marvelous thing can take place when an individual gets together with another individual and forms a mastermind alliance and begins to do something useful, there’s nothing impossible to two people working together in the spirit of harmony under the mastermind principle Without that alliance, if I had 100 lives to live, I could never create this philosophy, but the inspiration, the faith and the confidence, and the go ahead spirit that I got by having access to a great man like Mr. Carnegie, enabled me to rise up to his level Something I never could have done without this mastermind principle and without creative vision ‘Cause there’ve been times, times when logically if I had listened to what would seem logic and reason, I would have quit this philosophy have gone to work and got myself a job as one of my former relatives said, she thought I should have done Jobs in a nice bookkeeper somewhere, I’d have brought in $75 a week and it would have been very secure, be wonderful, wonderful, be home every night, well, almost every night, and everything would have been lovely Well, believe you me, I had to fight that argument for quite awhile I did fight it successfully I saw bigger things in life I began to use, not only my synthetic imagination, but my creative imagination And then particularly the latter, and it enabled me to pull aside the curtain of discouragement and of despair, to look into the future and to see there what I now know is taking place all over the world as a result of my having passed this way All of that to creative vision, what a marvelous thing it is to be able to tap that thing called creative vision, and through it to tune it on the power of the universe I am not making a poetic speech, I’m citing science, because everything that I’m saying is practical and is being done And it can be done by you Here is a brief bird’s eye view of what men and women with creative vision and personal initiative have given us First of all, the automobile, which has practically changed our entire way of living Are those of you who have been born in the last 25 or 30 or even 40 years, you can have no concept at all of what the vibrations of this nation were under the horse and buggy age in comparison with today Well, in those days you could walk down the road, or you could ride down the road in safety, you can’t even cross the street where there’s a policeman watching you safety, unless you are very alert like Liam and I The whole method of transportation, the whole method of doing business has changed as a result of that one thing called the automobile And the airplanes, which travel faster than sound, and how struck this world to where the peoples of all countries, know one another better What a marvelous thing it is, perhaps the creator intended that way, that instead of all these words and things that we’ve been having in the past that, by bringing it, reducing the world in size, bringing the peoples of all nations together within a travel distance of 24 hours or so, that they would become better acquainted and finally become neighbors and then become brothers under the skin, as well as on the skin If the brotherhood of man ever takes place it’ll be because of these various marvelous things that the imagination

of man has uncovered and revealed that brings us together and makes it more convenient to first assemble, and to understand each other all over the world You can’t carry on a war with a person that you are doing business with these days, neighbor that you’re living by each day, that is you can’t do it and have any peace of mind, you try to manage to get along with the people that you have to come into contact with And when you come to know people, you’ll be surprised at how many good qualities that people you previously didn’t like have, if you come to know them as they are And then the radio and television, which give us the news of the world almost as fast as it happens, and the provides the finest of entertainment without cost to the log cabins or the mountain country and the city mansions alike, quite an advance over the days of Lincoln as he learned to write on the back of a wooden shovel in a one room log cabin Isn’t a marvelous thing to know down in the mountains of Tennessee and Virginia, where I was born, famous only at that time for mountain feuds, corn, liquor, and rattlesnakes, now you can turn a little knob and you can tune in the finest operas, the finest music, finest everything, know what the world is doing almost as fast as it’s doing it You know, if we’d have those conveniences when I was growing up I doubt if I would have had my first definite major purpose, that of becoming a second, Jesse James, I probably would have wanted to become a radio operator or something of that sort How it’s changed those mountain people down there, that all throughout the country and throughout the world, just there is other these things that the mind of man has brought forth to introduce people to one another You know, it’s a wonderful thing to have a system whereby you can have this old physical frame and find condition to do anything you want to and do it anytime you wanna do it If I hadn’t had a system for keeping myself healthy and full of energy, I couldn’t have done the amount of work that I’ve done in the years past I couldn’t do the amount of work I’m doing now As a matter of fact, at my age with the health that I have, the condition of my physical body, I can run rings around people half my age, who don’t have the system that I have And I have to keep myself in that condition, several reasons for it First place I enjoy living better If my body responds, when I make demands on for enthusiasm, I want the physical basis to be there for that enthusiasm I don’t want to get from morning ailing, I don’t wanna look in the class and see my tongue all coated, I didn’t want my breath to smell bad That’s not so good is it? Well, there’s always a means of avoiding all of that And I hope that you’ll get some suggestions out of this lesson that’ll help you keep your physical body and fine condition First of all, let’s take mental attitude, that comes to the head of the list as you noticed, because without a health consciousness, in other words, without thinking and acting and being in terms of health, the chances are that you’re not gonna be healthy I never think of ailments, as a matter of fact, I can’t afford ailments I just can’t afford them They take up too much of my time They disturb my mental attitude too much And you say what? You can’t afford ailments, how are you gonna help having ailments? I have them, well, you may have them now, but when you get through this lesson, you’re not going to have them as often as you did before, there is a way of controlling ailments, mental attitude First of all, there must be no griping in family or occupational relationships, it hurts the digestion Now you will notice that every one of these things in connection with the conditioning of your mental attitude is something that you can control if you wanna do it No griping and family or occupational relationships You say, well, I have certain circumstances my family makes it necessary for me to gripe, complain, all right, change the circumstances, so you won’t have any circumstances for griping and complaining Now, the reason I mentioned family relationships and occupational relationship is there where you spend most of your life And if you’re going to allow those relationships to be based upon the friction and misunderstandings and arguments, you’re not gonna have good health and you’re not going to be happy, and you’re not going to have peace of mind There must be no hatred, no matter how much a person deserves to be hated, you can’t afford to do the hating, you just can’t afford it ’cause it’s bad for your health, produces stomach ulcers and worse things than that It produces negative mental attitudes that repels people instead of attracting them to you, and you can’t afford that It attracts to reprise those in kind, and it hurts digestion If you hate people, they’ll hate you

They may not say so, but they will There must be no gossip or slander That’s a pretty hard one to comply with because there’s so much wonderful material to gospel about in the world seems to fit in (students laughing) Very great to cut you off from all of that pleasure but let’s transmute that desire into something that’s somehow profitable to you No more gossip or slander because they attract reprisals and they also hurt the digestion And there must be no fear, because it indicates friction in human relationships and also hurts the digestion And also, if there’s any fear in your makeup, it indicates very definitely there’s something in your life that needs to be changed or altered I can truthfully say that there isn’t anything on the face of this earth or in the universe that I survey around me that I fear, nothing at all I used to fear about everything that the average person fears, but I had a system for overcoming those fears If I had a fear now, do you know what I would do about it? I’d have it out of myself, I would eliminate the cause of that fear, no matter what it took or how long it took, I would eliminate the cause of the fear, I will not tolerate fear in my makeup, I just won’t tolerate it, because you can’t have good health, you can’t be prosperous, you can’t be happy, you can’t have peace of mind if you’re going to fear anything at all even death, most of all death Personally I’m looking forward to death with a great anticipation, it’s going to be one of the most unusual interludes of my whole life, as matter of fact, it’ll be the last thing I experience I’m putting it off a long time, I’ve got a job to do, all that, but when the time comes, believe you me, I’m gonna be ready It’s gonna be the last thing I’ll do and the most wonderful day of all, because I’m not afraid of it There must be no ending, because it indicates lack of self reliance and it also hurts digestion Now, here are just some of the things, there are six things that I give you in a way of dues that only be to maintain the mental attitudes that is conducive of a health consciousness And believe you me, the mind, the way you use your mind has more to do with your health than all other things combined You would talk about germs getting into the blood all you want to but believe me nature has set up a marvelous system of doctoring inside of you And your mind knows it, I mean, if that system is working properly, that resistance that’s in your physical body will take care of all those germs, nature has a way of keeping through body resistance, keeping down the supply so those germs cannot multiply, and the very minute you become woried, or annoyed or fear and break down that body resistance these germs begin to multiply by the billions and trillions and quadrillions And first thing you know, you really are sick Then your eating habits, now prepare the mind to aid you with peace of mind There must be no worries or arguments or unpleasantness at mealtime Do you know that the average family selects little time for the hour of discipline of the husband and the children, or the wife and the children as the case may be That’s the one that we would get them all together And when they’re not inclined to run away while you’re giving them a tongue lashing, they will stand or sit rather than eat it out while you’re saying your peace But believe you me, if you could see what happens to the digestion, what happens to the bloodstream, to a person who eats while he’s undergoing punishment, you would know that’s the wrong time to do it, because the thought that you have while you’re eating, go into the foods you eat and become a part of the energy that goes into the bloodstream And there must be no overeating It overworks the heart, the lungs, the liver, the kidneys and the sewer system Most people eat twice as much as they really could get along with, twice as much if you please, and look at the amount of money you’d save nowadays, grocery bills is what they are Standing how many people overeat, I mean, people who are doing sedentary occupations, of course, a man who’s digging ditches has to have a certain amount of meat and potatoes or something equal to it, necessarily, but a man or a woman doing office work, in a house for instance, doesn’t have to have the same amount of heavy, substantial food that you would have on the outside working doing manual labor And then you must eat a balanced ration with fruits and vegetables and plenty of water, or the equivalent to water in some sort of juices I have a system out in California of making one meal a day, at least one meal a day of nothing in the world but live food, that is to say vegetables, berries, nuts, melons, and things of that sort all alive,

nothing has been canned or processed in any way, shape, form or fashion And I can tell you I have all the difference in the world, in my energy while I’m at home following my established diet, which I can’t do here in Chicago, they’d think I was nuts if I went into a restaurant and ordered the kind of a meal I have at Chicago, as a matter of fact, I doubt if I could get that kind of a meal And don’t eat rapidly, it prevents proper mastication Now I violate this one, but don’t you do it I can get away with it because I have a good strong, vital body, but don’t you try it And a lot of people, you know, who eat too rapidly not only that but it shows that you’ve got too much on your mind, you’re not relaxed, you’re not enjoying yourself A meal should be a form of worship You should have your thoughts on all of the beautiful things that you wanna do, your definite major purpose or the things that pleased you most while you’re eating Or if you’re eating with someone else, if you’re engaged in conversations, it should be a pleasant conversation, not a fault finding fishing job, pleasantness A man sitting across the table from a beautiful woman, I don’t see why I shouldn’t talk about our beautiful eyes and our hairdo and there’s lipstick and all the things that women like to have you talk about sometimes, if you’re the right man, even if you’re sitting across the table from your wife, I don’t know any reason why it wouldn’t help you and her too Don’t eat candy bars, peanuts or snacks between meals, or drink too many soft drinks If you want to take a drink, get a hard one and do me some good (students laughing) Something like water for instance (students laughing) Tripped you up on that one, didn’t I You know, I know people, I knew all of his girls for instance, that the make a whole lunch of candy bars and knickknacks that they get down at the new stand and a bottle of Coca Cola, well, a young person the stomach can stand that for a while, but it’s not being treated properly, and sooner or later, nature makes you pay up for that kind of mistreatment of your stomach Be far better if an office worker go out and get a head of lettuce and put salad dressing on it and eat that, or some fruit or some grapes or some anything that you get at the roots, that would be far better than eating these candy bars Liquor in excess is taboo at all times, except after six o’clock That is meant to be funny (students laughing) Now I don’t exactly mean what is said here, except if you leave out that word excess, yes, I would say it was taboo at all times, but liquor in a reasonable amount, I can take a cocktail, I can take two cocktails, but that’s about my limit at one time Oh, I could take three, but if I did I’d come in and say some of the things, maybe I shouldn’t say and do some things not to do, and it wouldn’t do me any good I like to be in control of my mind all the time What’s the sense of pickling your stomach and your brain, so that you’re not yourself? People find out too much about you, you don’t want them to know And initially actually look silly Don’t you think that a person whose tongue has been loosened up with liquor, don’t you think he makes a spectacle of himself, doesn’t do him very much credit, no matter who he is If I go into a home as I often do, where they take a cocktail, I don’t say, oh, no, no, no, I don’t touch this stuff I don’t say that, I take the cocktail and if I’m in the mood to drink when nobody’s looking, I set it down somewhere I carry it around, I carry around a cocktail one the whole evening, before I got to chance to sits down, when I got the chance I dumped it into the sink and they thought I drank it, but I didn’t ’cause I was to make a speech that night, believe you me, I’d have been the silly thing that got all pepped up with liquor before making a speech (students laughing) With the liquor or smoking with everything else, if it’s moderate and if you take it instead of it’s taking you, I’d say it wouldn’t be too bad, but the better plan is to get overusing it at all And then on relaxation, you need play to ensure sound health, therefore balance all work with an equivalent amount of play Now that doesn’t mean an equivalent number of hours, because it doesn’t work out just that way I can work one hour and then five minutes of playing, I can offset that, when I’m writing, I’m an inspirational writer, as you may have guessed I write when I’m keyed up, I’m up on another plane entirely, and it’s intensified on the physical constitution and 40 minutes is all I can stand of it And then I go into my piano and sit and play for five or 10 minutes, ad then I have a completely balanced off that intense activity that I’ve been engaged in And then the sleep eight hours out of every 24, if you find time to do it Make a fine habit to get into it,

to get to some good sleep And when I say sleep, I mean, get in there and lie down and don’t turn and twist and grown and snore and all that sort of thing, lie down and sleep peacefully, and get in such a report with yourself, your own conscious and your neighbors that you don’t have anything to worry about, when you hit that old pillar, you can go right smack to sleep (upbeat music) And then train yourself not to worry over the things you can’t remedy Now it’s bad enough to worry over the things you can remedy, and I wouldn’t worry over them any long than it took me to remedy them One of my students sometime ago asked if I didn’t worry an awful lot over people who came to me with their problems I said, other people’s problems, bless your life, I don’t worry over my own problems Why should I worry over somebody else’s problems? And it’s not because I am indifferent, I’m certainly far from in different I am very sensitive to the problems of my friends and my students, but not sensitive enough to let them become my problems, they’re still your problems and I’ll do all I can to help you to solve it, but not enough to absorb them and take them over myself That’s not my way of doing it And don’t you get into that habit either There are a lot of people, you know, who not only make room in their makeups for all of their own problems, but they take on the problems of all their in laws and their relatives and their friends and the neighborhood, and sometimes the problems of the whole nation Worry was made for somebody else, not for me And don’t look for trouble, it will find you in its own way too soon anyway, don’t go looking for it The circumstances of life have a queer way of revealing to you the thing you’re searching for If you’re looking for faults in other people, or you’re looking for trouble If you’re looking for things to worry about, you’ll always find them, and you don’t have to go very far, you don’t have to go out of your own house to find a lot of things to worry about, if you’re looking for things to worry about A person without hope is lost, sound health inspires hope and hope inspires sound health Now, what do I mean by hope? I mean, hope of some yet unattained objective in life Something that you’re working towards, something that you’re trying to do and you know you’re going to do it and you’re not going to be worried because you’re not doing it fast enough You know, there’s a lot of people in this world who start off to be rich, they want to make a lot of money, and they’re either impatient, become nervous, work themselves into a fury because they don’t get the money fast enough Sometimes this desire to get money quickly influences people to get it the wrong way, and that’s not good Develop hope by daily prayer, not for more blessings, but for those you already have such as freedom as an American citizen What a marvelous thing it would be to express prayer everyday in one form or in your own words, or don’t need to use any words at all just in your own thoughts Express a prayer of appreciation for the freedom that you enjoy as an American citizen, freedom to be ourselves, freedom to live our own lives, freedom to have our own objectives, freedom to make our own friends, freedom to vote as we please, to worship as we please, and to do pretty much anything else we please, even abuse ourselves by wrong living if we wanna do it that way Then the privilege of acting on our own initiative A job that is secure from moral hazard just the present time, we think that there’s nothing to danger of war at this time There might be some time later on, but right now there isn’t And then an opportunity to secure economic freedom according to your talents, and freedom to worship in your own way, sound physical and mental health, and the time that lies ahead of you Think of the marvelous thing that’s consistent in the time that still lies ahead of you You know the richest part of my life and my achievements is still ahead of me I am still just a youngster in the business, I’ve been going to kindergarten, I’m up away into the greatest school now in my profession, but I’m going to do some really good work before I pass on I am making better use of my time than I used to Time is a precious thing I evaluate it in terms of minutes now, and throw away your aspirin under your headache tablets First thing you do headache is nature’s way of warning you that something needs scratching The headache is one of the most marvelous things in the world, it’s a wonderful thing We couldn’t get along without headaches, while we died too young, you know headache is nothing in the world but nature telling you that there’s some trouble somewhere and you better get busy and do something about it Did you know the physical pain is one of the miraculous and marvelous things of all of nature’s creations,

physical pain, it’s a language that every living creature on the face of this earth and every person of every nationality understands It’s the only universal language, the language of physical pain, every living creature begins to do something when physical pain begins to clamp down on him, because it is a form of warning And take no prerogatives of any sort at anytime That’s a bad habit And remember sound health does not come from bubbles, but it may come from fresh air, wholesome food, wholesome thinking and living habits, all of which is under your control Fat people may be good natured, but they generally die too young And I don’t like to see people dying too young Fasting here is one of my perks Now, if you wanna know one of the main secrets why I have such marvelous health, why I have no ailments, why I have lots of energy, it’s because twice a year I go on a 10 day fast 10 days without any food of any nature whatsoever I condition my physical body through two days of preparation by fruits, fruit juices, nothing but live vital elements going into the body, then I go on my fast of water, nothing but just plain water, all the water I can drink, but I put enough flavoring or lemon juice or something in it just a few drops to take the flatness out of water, because believe you me, when you’re fasting, water will taste mighty flat And then when I come off of my fast for the first two days afterwards, I take very light diet, very little of it The first day only one small bowl of soup with no grease in it, and one slice of whole wheat bread Now, don’t you start fasting just because I said so, and don’t you start fasting at all until you learn under the directions of a doctor or somebody skilled in fasting how to do it and why I did it I recommended a fast to one of my students once who was about 75 pounds overweight And she said, you mean fast for 10 days, I’d starve to death the first day I would starve to death the first day if you took food away from me and I believe she meant it, then she probably would The person got lost in the woods and scared to death, I suspect they could starve to death in two or three days Believe you me, there is tremendous therapeutic value, tremendous spiritual value, tremendous economic value in learning the art of fasting, and on work Work must be a blessing because God provided that every living creature must engage in it in one way or another or perish, is that a murderous thing to think about Talk about the birds of the air and the beast of the jungle, neither wind and spinning nor sowing nor reap but nevertheless, they have to work before they can eat Just to say Work should be performed in the spirit of worship, as a ceremony What a wonderful thing it would be if you look at your work as the rendering of useful service, think not in terms of what you’re getting out of it, but in terms of the people that you’re helping as a result of what you were doing in life Did you know that when you were engaged in a labor of love, when you’re doing something for somebody just because you love that person, or he’s a friend of yours, you’re not doing it for money, do you know you’d never see you’re tired when you’re doing that kind of work And it does something for you, you get your compensation as you go along I want to tell you that is this business of going the extra mile is the most wonderful thing in this philosophy, for what it was do to you as you go along, it makes you feel better, better toward yourself, better towards your neighbor and give you a better standing in the world of health And work should be based on the hope of achievement of some definite major purpose in life, lest it becomes voluntary a pleasure to be sought and not a burden to be endured Work with a spirit of gratitude for the blessings it provides, both in sound, in physical health and economic security and the benefits it may provide one’s dependents, that’s embellishing it with love And then faith, learn to communicate with infinite intelligence from within, and adapt yourself to the laws of nature as they are in evidence all around you And that’s one of the greatest systems of therapeutics that I know anything about There’s an abiding and an enduring source of faith It does wonderful things to your physical body, and believe you me, if that does happen to people with ailments, legitimate ailments, I know of no better medicine to take than faith And then habits, all habits are made permanent and work automatically through the operation of the law of cosmic habits for us, which forces every living thing to take on and to become a part of the environmental influences in which it exists You may fix the pattern of your thought habits, and your physical habits, but cosmic habit force takes these over and carries them out, understand this law and you will know why the hypochondriac enjoys poor health If you ever have financial security in this world,

you’ve got to do two things, at least You’ve got to budget your time, the usual time, and you’ve got to budget your money, your expenditures on your receipt, so that you have a definite plan to go by Now to begin with, you have 24 hours of time Let’s take up time first You have 24 hours divided into three eight hour periods, eight hours for sleep, eight hours for work, while you have no control over the eight hours for sleep, you have to give that over to nature, she demands that And you don’t have always too have too much control over the eight hours that you put into work Even though you’re working for yourself, you still don’t have too much control You have to be there But they’re eight hours of the rest of our lives that’s yours You can waste it if you want to, you can play, you’re gonna work and you’re gonna enjoy yourself, you can relax, or you can develop by taking coach’s instruction, you can read, you can do anything you want to do with it And that in lies like greatest opportunity of the whole 24 hours It used to be back in the days when I was doing my research, I worked 16 hours a day, but it was a labor of love that I was engaged in I reserved eight hours a day for sleep, and the other 16 I worked Part of the time I was working in order to make a living training salesman and so forth, but mostly in research, getting ready to give this philosophy to the world And had it not been for the fact that I had at least eight hours of free time on my own, I never could have done the necessary research Now in those eight hours of spare time, you can practice developing all of habits as you choose, all cosmic habits of course Now, you don’t have to follow my plans, but you will get some mighty good ideas in the lesson on applied to faith, in the model on cosmic habits course, and in the one on the mastermind Work out a plan of your own And if it’s your plan, it’ll be better than if I give it to you verbatim and you just follow it Now the suggestions for budgeting of time, budgeting of income and expenses First thing on your list, your monthly or weekly amount of income should be put down, should have a regular book, budgeting book Now, if you have a family or if you don’t have a family, a life insurance is a must It’s absolutely a must You just cannot afford to be without it If you brought children into this world who are responsible for, to whom you are responsible for an education, it’s up to you to insure yourself so that if you pass out of the picture and you don’t earn any longer, they have done that money to educate themselves with, that just a must And if you’ve married a wife that’s dependent entirely on you, it’s up to you to carry enough insurance to give her a down payment on a second husband if you should pass out of the picture (students laughing) But life insurance is a wonderful thing because it gives you such wonderful protection in case you are taking away from your source of production, and a family man, or a man that’s in the business where his services are a large portion of the assets, there being like that, you know, in jobs or in business where a key man or key men if taken away would be a tremendous loss of the business And the men like that should always carry themselves, be insured for a large sum of money, large enough to fill up the chasm and be left by limits they’ve taken off So life insurance comes up to the top of there So then next to a definite percentage for food, clothing and housing, don’t just go out and go to work, you can go down to the grocery store and you can spend five times as much as you actually need if you don’t have a system to go by I do the shopping at our house believe it or not, I actually doesn’t do that I do it that way, I get what I want (students laughing) But, you know, I learned a great deal about shopping by following the housewives as I needed and found out were good shoppers and asking them questions, and believe you me, they put me on a lot of things I didn’t know about buying food, about handling food after you buy And so when I go over to one of those big supermarkets out in California, I always pick out the most likely housewives and I follow along behind her and start asking her questions You’d be surprised how cooperative they are They just love to tell you about what you should do, what you shouldn’t Food and clothing, but, I must say, as long I know, we don’t have a budget to go by, I buy whatever my fancy strikes, but I just happen to be in a position where a budget on food and clothing is not necessary, but there was a time when it wasn’t necessary And I imagine in the lives of most people, it is necessary to have a budget And then a definite amount to be set aside for investments Even if it’s only a small amount, if it’s only $1 a week, even $0.50 a week It’s not the amount that you set aside,

it’s the habit of being resourceful and frugal It’s a wonderful thing to be frugal, not to waste things And I’ve always admired anybody that doesn’t waste things I even liked my grandfather, he used to go around picking up old nails and strings and pieces of metal, and you’d be surprised what a collection of the things he had My frugality never ran to that extent, it ran more to Rolls-Royce and 600 acres estate But believe you me, I got around as long last and learning that no matter how much of this philosophy you have, if you don’t have a system for saving, a part of what goes through your hands, it makes no difference how much goes through, does it? And if you don’t have that system it will go through all of it Whatever amount remains after you have taken care of those three items, should go into a current checking or spending account for emergencies, recreation, education, et cetera You can draw on that, you don’t have to follow your budget on that In other words, that’s a petty cash account you might say And if you’re real frugal you let it get up to a pretty good size You wont keep it down too low and all of that And it’s a nice thing to know, isn’t it a wonderful thing to know that you have a good nest egg lying in the bank or in your savings that no matter what happens as you go down there and get the money, you may not need it And the chances are once you in that frame of mind, you won’t have to go down and get it But if you don’t have it there, believe you me you’ll have 1,000 needs and you’ll be afraid in connection with all of them, won’t you? That’s right I think perhaps the thing that gives me the most courage to speak my peace and to be myself and demands that my people keep off of my toes, is the fact that I no longer have to worry where my money’s coming from I just don’t have to worry about that Have no money it’s like I don’t have any worries at all People try to worry me sometimes, but it’s likely Confucius to say when rats try to pull catch Swishers rat generally winds up in honorable cats belly (students laughing) (applause) Thought I’d give you a little time on that one Now this session with trapping a little bit of a percentage that goes through your hands It’s not the amount of that I’m so interested in as the fact that you’re establishing a frugal savings habit And if your wages or income is so low that you can’t cut your expenses anymore and you can not absolutely take out of the top off of the top 1%, $0.01 out of every dollar, take that $0.01 off and put it away in someplace where it’s hard for you to get at it I’m a great believer in having money invested in the investment trust, where they represent a great variety of a well known stocks, so one goes bad way, it doesn’t affect your investment at all There are a lot of those investment trusts, some of them are good and some of them not so good, perhaps, but if you go to invest in an investment trust, you ought to go to your banker or somebody who is acquainted, don’t try to do that on your own judgment Individuals as a rule are just not qualified for doing that, but get some of your money to working for you and you’ll be surprised at what a nice game it is when you know that you’re setting aside a certain amount every month or every week, and that that amount is beginning to work for you This mentorship tracking the money, but that, I mean, getting it in a place where you can’t reach down in your pocket and get it When I go to the bank, I go to the bank every so often to get money, pocket money, and I always take a $20 bill, no matter what amount I get, I take a $20 bill and wrap it up and putting those little specials pocket in my wallet, just in case I have to run out of my money, I’ll always have $20 Believe you the other day I needed it too, came in very handy, otherwise I’d have had the cash a check with somebody who didn’t know me too well and I wouldn’t have liked to have that done Saving money you know, it’s a very difficult thing for most people because they don’t have any system to go by First of all on the choice of a profession or occupation How much time are you giving to that? How much starting time have you given to the question of getting yourself adjusted in an occupation or a business or a profession as it can be a labor of love How much time are you devoting to doing that? You can grade yourself on all of these things It’s a great thing to run all the way from zero up to 100 You’re not giving 100% of your time on this first item, but if you haven’t already found the profession or the

occupation that can constitute a labor of love, then you should put in a lot of time searching until you do find that Then the habits of thought, how much do you put in on the can do sort of thinking, and how much are you putting on the no can do In other words, how much time do you putting on what you desire and what you don’t desire? Have you ever stopped to take inventory to see just about how much goes in on the things that you don’t desire in life Fear, ill health, frustration, disappointment, discouragement, I’ll bet you’d be surprised if he had a stopwatch that you could record the time that you put in everyday on worrying about things that might have happened to you but never do, you’d be surprised at how much of your time goes a little here in a little late, a little, the other place in the first thing you know the predominating portion of your time is going into thinking about things you don’t want, unless you have a system, a budgeting system whereby you keep your mind definitely fixed on the things you do want I have three hours a day set aside for meditation, silent prayer and meditation, three hours and it doesn’t make any difference swap to are usually when I go home from these lectures, no matter when I arrive at home, I put in three hours of meditation, expressing gratitude for the marvelous opportunities that I’ve had to be given ministry to other people And if I don’t get a deal at night and I get it in sometime during the day, just expressing gratitude Do you know the finest prayer on the face of this world is not to pray for something Pray for what you already have Oh divine providence, I ask not for more riches, but for more wisdom with which to make better use of the riches I already have What a wonderful thing that is Oh, you have so many riches, all of you, you have health, you live in a wonderful country, you have wonderful neighbors that you belong to a wonderful class, you’re studying a wonderful philosophy (applause) Just think of the things that you have to be thankful for (applause) Just think of the things I have to be thankful for, it’s no wonder I am rich, is it Why there’d be something wrong with me if I weren’t rich If I couldn’t stand here and tell you that I have everything in this world that I want, it to be something wrong with me and this philosophy wouldn’t there? I’d have no right to teach it to you whatsoever if I couldn’t see that myself about it I can be the master of my faith, captain on my soul, because I live by philosophy, because it’s designed to help other people, because never under any circumstances, do I do anything intentionally to hinder or harm or endanger another person, never do (applause) Then your business in personal relationships, how much time you put into into public relations, you might say our goodwill I’m building in your relationships with other people in business or in your job You spend some little time cultivating people, if you don’t, you’re not going to have friends You really won’t Out of sight out of mind I don’t care how good the friend is, if you don’t keep contact, he’ll forget about you You got to keep contact Some of these days, I’m going to get up a series of postcards and it just takes $0.02 to mail each one I don’t have beautiful a muscle of friendship on each one so that my students can have those cards and then mail out one a week to each of their friends, just to keep in contact (applause) It wouldn’t be a bad idea for a business to have or a professional man, there’d be nothing in the world to hinder a professional man for building up a wonderful time by doing that very thing And he certainly would never violate the ethics of his profession by doing it So these old commercial atmosphere in it at all, he’s only sent out one a month You’ll sent out 12 cards here with the right message on the back of it signed by himself Believe you me it would be the best thing in the world, to build up this practice Then the habits of health, physical and mental How much time you’re putting into seeing to it that you are building those habits to keep your health consciousness, because the health consciousness doesn’t just grow without some effort, and your religion, how much time you’re putting into living it, I’m not talking about believing in it, I’m not talking about going to church and putting the quarter in the basket on that, anybody can do, how much are you leaving it in your bedroom and in your drawing room, and in your kitchen, and then your place of business, and in your office That’s where I want to know how much you’re living your religion And when you grade yourself on that, that’s the place to grade yourself, not in the church, because the chances are you go to church once a week, maybe more if you belong to some religions you have to go more, but it’s not how many times you go either this counts,

it’s not how much you contribute to the church and the way money has gone to it’s what you do to live that religion That’s the thing that counts In evert way of living Why, you know, any of the religions would be wonderful if you live by them, instead of just believe in them, it’ll all be wonderful I don’t know of religion on the face of this earth that wouldn’t be wonderful if people live by it Makes you can try it my asking you to grade yourselves on how much time you’re spending on living your religion, but believe you me, unless you are very different to most people I know you need to reflect on this logic And then they use made of your spare time That is why you really need to go to town and examine yourself, really give yourself an account on that Just how much of that eight hours of spare time are devoting to some sort of advancement of your interests, improvement or your mom benefiting by association Just how much are you doing? And then the budget thing you’re spending of money Have you got a system for doing that? If you haven’t got a system work out one You can make that system flexible It may be some which when you have to cheat a little bit, but you can always pay it back the next week when you don’t have cheat Then got accurate thinking based on the lesson on this episode, how much time are you putting into actually learning how to think accurately, following the rules that I laid down in that lesson How much are you doing to put that lesson into actual practice, thinking accurate and then doing your own thinking for once Then they use major of the power of thought was a controlled or uncontrolled, are you controlling your thoughts or are out of your thoughts uncontrolled Are you letting the circumstances of life control you? Are you trying to create some circumstances that you can control? Now you can’t control all of them, nobody can do that, but you certainly can create some circumstances that you can control And how about this privilege of voting? Yes or no, I guess I’ll have to go to the polls today Their cooks are gonna run the country anyway, the politicians and my little vote’s not gonna count Do you say that or do you say, I have a responsibility and I’m going to go to the polls and vote because it’s my duty to do that Pull a vote on that, do you? A lot of people don’t, you know, and that’s why there’s so many crooked politicians and others in public office that shouldn’t be there, too many of the decent people that don’t vote Then family relationships, are the harmonious, do you have a mastermind relationship or are you just letting that one slide by How much time are you giving to the bill trip, improving your family relationship? You have to do something about, you know, somebody has to give in, if the wife won’t give in, why don’t you give in gentlemen and vice versa, the husband doesn’t give him start a little mastermind, why don’t you give in, why don’t want you to make it interesting for him You made it interesting for him before you married him I’m sure you did, or he wouldn’t have married you Why don’t you try it all over again and renegotiate your marriage relationship so that you have a wonderful relationship that I believe you will it’ll pay off in peace of mind or pay off some dollars and cents It’ll pay off in friendships It’ll pay off in every way that you want to judge it Then you and your job or your business or your profession Are you going the extra mile, and do you like your work? If you don’t like your work to find out why If you’re going the extra mile, how much are you going the extra mile? In what ways are you doing it, and are you doing it in the right sort of mental attitude? And believe you me, I don’t care who you are and what you’re doing If you make it your business to go the extra mile in connection with every person where you can possibly do it, the time will come when you will have so many wonderful friends at whatever it is, you want it to carry out to them, or they’ll be there at your back and call I don’t care where you go, you might stretch this world over and you’ll never find a marvelous relationship I have with you, wonderful people here in this class And you proved this here tonight And I worked at it in order to get that, I want to earn it, I want to deserve it, if I deserve it you will give it to me, will you? (applause) Thank you very much People just don’t applaud like that with their hands on their heads, they applaud with their hearts And that’s the kind of a pause that I appreciate I show off some say to Annie Lou, Annie Lou takes life a little bit more seriously than I do, she works some no anything that she doesn’t stick to it, like I don’t do that, I won’t do anything I don’t like to do, but we are in a wonderful situation We have wonderful health when you see her you know that I won’t need to tell you, she’s a wonderful person, just a woman I should have had, doing a wonderful job playing opposite of me

in this great to theater of life And we have everything in the world we can use or need and we don’t want more of anything we all have just click your fingers here it comes running from a million different sources Don’t think for a moment, we could have had that on any other pages that we first deserved it, we earned it You couldn’t have had it without it And nobody could have anything in this world worth having without first earning it If any of you happen to be students of Emerson, if you read the law of compensation, you will get the sum and the substance of this lesson very much more quickly And you’ll also get more out of it After I had read the Emerson’s essays for 10 years, especially one on compensation, and finally had interpreted he was talking about I said that someday I would rewrite that particular essay so that men and women could understand it the first time they read it, and the lesson that you get tonight is that rewrite We call it the law of cosmic habit force, because it is the controlling force of all of the natural laws of the universe You know, we have been in natural laws and obviously they all work automatically Obviously they’re not spending for one moment for anybody, and those laws are laid down so that the individual who makes it his business to understand them and adapt himself to them can go very far in life And those who do not understand them and adapt themselves to have them go down in defeat You’ve often wondered about the subject of habit, how happened to have had it, how we get them How to get rid of the ones we don’t want And I hope that you’ll get a feeding glimpse tonight of the answer to these questions You of course know, I have repeated time and time again, importance of recognizing that man has control over, but one thing and one thing only, and that’s the privilege of forming his own habits, tearing down those habits and replacing them with others, refining them, changing them, doing anything in the world that he wants to do with them He has that complete prerogative And he’s the only creature on the face of this earth that has that privilege Every other thing that comes into life has this pattern, it’s life pattern, and it’s destiny fixed for it And it’s kind of go one beyond that pattern, we call it instinct A man is not bound by instinct He’s bound only by the imagination and the willpower of his own mind You can project that willpower and that mind to whatever objective he pleases He can form whatever habits he may need in order to take him towards his objectives And this lesson that you’re on tonight deals with that subject The purpose of the science of success and of course, what you’ve been studying incidentally in the previous lessons are based and designed to enable one to establish habits that lead to financial security, health, and peace of mind necessary for happenings In this lesson, we examine briefly the established law of nature, which makes all habits permanent to everything else except mankind Now there’s no such thing as a permanent habit for a man, because he can establish his own habits, he can change them at will You know, it’s a marvelous thing when you stop to consider that the creator gave you complete control over your mind and gave you a means I’m making use of that control And this law of Bush is the means by which you set the pattern of your own mind and direct it to whatever objective you choose Now, some of the habits which are fixed by cosmic habit force and which are not subject to suspension, or to your circumvention are first of all, the stars and the planets as they are established in their fixed causes Is it a wonderful thing to contemplate all of those millions, billions quadrillions and trillions of planets and stars out there in the heavens, all going along with the cording cruise system, never colliding, so precise in the system that the astronomers can determine hundreds of years in advance, the precise relationship of given stars and planets Is it a marvelous thing to recognize that all of that is carried on according to a system You know, if the creator had to hangout those stars, and watch everything every night, he’d be a very busy fellow Now he’s not doing to do that, I don’t think, he’s got a better system He’s got a system that works automatically If you learn what those laws are, you can adapt yourself to them and profit by them If you don’t learn what they are, you’ll probably through ignorance or neglect, you will suffer by them I noticed that the majority of people not recognizing that there is a law of cosmic habit force, go all the way through life using this marvelous law that far to bring prosperity and health and success and peace of mind, no, to bring poverty and ill health

and frustration and fear and all of those things that people do not want by keeping their mind on those things on cosmic habit force picks up those habits of thought and makes them permanent That is until I come along and break them up with this science of success philosophy And that’s just why you’re here (applause) Mr. Stone and I had a very charming lady in our office last week, wanting to sell us some space or something in a book that she was getting out based upon the birthdate of people If you don’t know what my birthday was And Mr. Stone didn’t let her get very far with her story, because he told her that he would have nothing to do whatsoever with any system or a book that presuppose, that birthdate had anything to do with what happened one in life And when he got through, he says, I can’t speak for Napoleon Hill, but that’s my decision And I said, well, you’ve just made my speech now, Mr. Stone I don’t get what a star you’re born under, I don’t care what under unfavorable circumstances you may have met with in life, I don’t care what happened to you in the past I do know all that I can take you in, if you will follow my instructions, you can get from where you are and where you want to go and you’ll get that easily I know that And I know that you’ve set up habits that will make your success so easy you’ll wonder why in the world, you work so hard in the past and didn’t get so far You know, most people work harder at failing in life than I work at succeeding, a whole lot harder It’s much easier to succeed when you learn the rules and a lot more pleasure in it than it is to fail And you sat there, you’re not going to succeed unless you understand this law, cosmic habit hopes and start building habits that lead to where you wanna go All actions and reactions of matter are based upon the fixed habits of cosmic habit force Have you ever stopped to think of it, that the very smallest particles of matter all exist as a result of habits that are fixed upon them, and the perpetuation of every living thing through the sex principle, each seed reproduces its own kind, but each individual reproduction is modified by the vibrations that is the environmental influences of the environment in which it exists Thought habits of individuals are automatically fixed and made permanent by colic habit for us Now, there is one for you to think about Those habits of individuals are automatically fixed, whether you will, it or not, the thoughts that you give an expression are going to be fixed into the habits You don’t need to worry about it if you keep your mind on the things that you want to become a habit, cosmic habit will take over from their own out The individual creates the pattern of your slots by repetition of thought on a given subject, but the law of cosmic habit for sticks these patterns and make them permanent unless they are broken up by the will of the individual Wouldn’t it be a terrible thing if we couldn’t break habits? And when I see the number of people smoking cigarettes nowadays, I beginning to think maybe they can’t break that habit And I see all the publishers is that the magazines and newspapers given about the death high death rate of lung cancer cigarettes, I was wondering whether or not people can break the cigarette habit Well, don’t get mad about it, I don’t smoke either Something to think about though, isn’t it? You know, I’ll tell you something friends, if you wanna go ahead and get lung cancer, smoking cigarettes, that’s your business I haven’t the thing to say about it all I want to give you a little test, that might be helpful If you can start out tomorrow morning and prove that your willpower is stronger than a little pinch of tobacco and a little piece of paper, then you want to begin working on your willpower right away and reeducating it When I quit smoking, I laid my pipes down, I told Annie Lou to take them and throw them away, I wouldn’t be leaving She said, put them away until you call for them I said, throw them away, I’ll not be needing them Habits Well, if you can’t get control of the habit of smoking, it’s going to be very difficult for you to get control or some of these other habits of fear and the poverty and of other things that you’re allowing your mind to dwell upon too when I have some enemies to deal with, I always take the biggest guy first, when I let him, then the rest of them usually takes their tails between their legs and run And if you’ve got some habits you out to break, don’t start with little easy ones Anybody can do that, start with the big ones, the one that you wanna do something about Take that pack of cigarettes that you have in your handbag there, ladies or in your pocket gentlemen, half smoked up now and when you go home, put it up on the dresser,

say, look here fellow, you may not know it, but I’m more powerful than you are and I’m gonna prove it by not going into that package again, and let it sit there for 40 days, after which I won’t need cigarettes anymore Now I don’t think that I’m talking against the cigarette business, you know, after all, I don’t have any stock in the cigarette guys I am just giving you some ideas through which you must start testing your capacity to build the kind of habits that you want, by starting with the tough ones I’ll give you another habit, go on a week’s fast, the whole week without any food Tell your stomach that you are the boss It may think it’s the boss, but you are the boss Now don’t do this on your own, do it under the directions of a doctor because fasting is not saying things, not child’s play Get control over your stomach, and you’ll be surprised at how many other things you have control over when you have control over your stomach You’ll know how in my world can we expect to be successes in this word if we are going to allow all these myriad habits that come along through the circumstances around daily life to take hold of us and ruin our lives, we can expect to be successes We have to form our own habits long enough until cosmic habit force takes them up automatically Now let’s take up the question of how the individual may apply the law of cosmic habit force First in connection with physical health, the individual may contribute to the health maintenance of his physical body by establishing habit patterns in connection with the following subjects, and there are four of them And it’s not very difficult to do this If you ought to prove the importance and the potency and the effectiveness of this law, cosmic habit for sure is a mighty fine place on page two to start in ’cause I don’t know of anything in this world that men and women won’t anymore than have a good, strong physical body that responds to every need in life I couldn’t do the kind of work that I do I couldn’t write inspirational books I couldn’t deliver inspirational lectures if I didn’t know that when I put my foot on the gas, so to speak, this is going to be powerless And no matter how steep the hill or how long I know that I’ve got plenty of power to go the full distance, because I keep my body and that kind of condition First of all, it connects with your thinking, that’s the place to start in connection with applying cosmic habits force for the purpose of developing sound health Now, a positive mind leads to the development of what is known as a health conscious You know, what a health conscious is? What is it? Just what do I mean when I talk about a health consciousness or a prosperity consciousness or any other kind of consciousness (muffled speech) An awareness A continuous awareness of a condition Don’t, you know, another word like predominating tendency of your mind to think about health and not about disease or ailments Most people they have a wonderful time telling about their operations I had a very good friend of mine visit me not more than six months ago and he had just come out of the hospital and I wanna tell you that his vivid description of his operation was such as I can feel the surgeon’s scalpel turning in my back I finally turned around and rubbed my back, began to hurt back there where he was describing, really did, before I got myself under control But I didn’t ask him to come back and see me again when he left And most people don’t like to hear you talk about your ailments They’re not interested in your illness, or you are not to be either except to get rid of them, and the best way to get rid of them is to form a health consciousness Think in terms of health, talk in terms of health, look in the glass a dozen times a day and say, you healthy man or you healthy woman Talk to yourself, you’ll be surprised at what’ll happen Now, the policy mind leads to the development of what is known as health conscious and cosmic habit force carries out the thought pattern with logical conclusion, but it will just as readily carry out the picture of an ill health consciousness created by the thought habits of the hypochondriac Even to the extent of producing the physical and the mental symptoms of any disease on which the individual may fix on his habits through fear Isn’t that a marvelous thing to know that if you think about a certain ailment or disease long enough then nature will actually simulate it in your physical make up In that down and wise County, Virginia I know elderly lady down the mountain section, when I was a small boy used to come over to my grandmother’s

every Saturday afternoon and sit on the front porch and entertain us all afternoon with the operations of herself, her husband, what her husband died with, what her mother died with, what two of her children died with, and then she always wound up after about three or four hours of this, by saying, I know that I’m going to die of cancer and put her hands on her left breast like this I’ve seen her do that a dozen times I didn’t know what cancer was at the time, I found out later Years later, some 10 years later maybe, my father sent me a copy of the County paper and I saw an announcement of Sally Ann’s death of cancer of the left breast She finally talked yourself into it That’s not an exaggerated case at all It just happens to be one of the cases that I know about You can talk yourself into a headache, you can talk yourself into a business condition You can talk yourself into anything and think yourself into it If you allow your mind to dwell upon the negative sides of your physical body So thinking is important, now, in eating the mental attitude and the thought patterns established while one is eating and doing the following two or three hours while the food is being broken down into liquid farm for introduction into the bloodstream may determine whether the food enters the body in a suitable form for the maintenance of sound health And did you know that the mental attitude that you’re in when you’re eating becomes a part of the energy that goes into the blood stream? Did you know that? Well, if you don’t know that you better be learning about it because it does You can afford to eat when you’re disturbed, you just can’t afford to do it You can’t afford these when you’re too tired, physically, sit down, rest, relax As a matter of fact, food should be a form of a religious shared exercise It could be a ceremony, a religious ceremony When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is to go out to the kitchen squeeze that is when I’m home, squeeze an ice break, big, long glass of orange juice I worship every drink, every ounce of that orange juice as it goes down, I don’t just turn up a glass and go, go, go, go, go, like all go down Once I let it go down a little bit down and worship every mouthful of it If you think I am just kidding, if you think I’m just filling in time, because I don’t have anything else to say cherich the idea because I’m telling you something that’s very important about your eating And if you get into the habit of blessing your food, not only when you sit down to the table, but bless it as it goes into your body, as you get into the habit of doing that, I want to tell you right now, it will go a long way toward keeping you healthy And then third in connection with your work, here are two mental attitude becomes a vital ally of the silent repairman that is working on every cell of the body while one is engaged in physical action, therefore work should become a religious ceremony also with which only positive thoughts are met I think one of the tragedies of civilization, consistent in the fact that there are so few people in the world at any one time who are engaged in the labor of love, that is doing the thing they wanna do because they wanna do it, not because they just have to eat and sleep in noise and cold I’m hoping and praying that before shall cross over on the other side, that I will not make valuable contributions to mankind, to the end that individuals may find a labor of love in which to make a living and earn a wage What a grand world this would be to live in if it worked for some of the people who live here (students laughing) What’s wrong with some of the people, not anything wrong with them, it’s just their habits that are wrong They think wrong That’s whats the matter with them, let them think in terms of good health, opulence, and of plenty and a fellowship under the brotherhood, instead of staring up race riots, all of that sort of thing, setting man against man, brother against brother, nation against nation thinking in terms of war, instead of cooperation, why there’s plenty in this world for everybody, including the squirrels and animals and birds, plenty of for everybody If only some people wouldn’t try to get too much and try to keep other people from getting enough, to wrong thinking I honestly don’t want any advantage and the benefit of it in nature whatsoever, that can’t be shared with all of my people, everybody, I don’t want anything if I can’t share it with people I want no advantage over other people So they’ve all have the opportunity of sharing with them, my knowledge and my ability to help them to help themselves Work, what a marvelous thing it is

Observe that for instance, the famous Mayo brothers have discovered that four vitally important factors must be observed to maintain sound physical health, and equal balancing through thought habits of work and play and love and worship Isn’t that an interesting thing? That’s all they think can come from the great male institute where they have had thousands of people pass through their clinics They have found out that those four things are out of character, out of balance, almost invariably it results in some form of physical ailment, observed that here in Jersey sound explanation of one of the major reasons for adopting and following the habit of going the extra mile This habit not only benefits one economically, but it enables one to work with a mental attitude that leads to sound physical health Isn’t that a wonderful thing? When you’re doing something out of a spirit of love, out of a spirit of desire to be of help to other people, not out of a selfish desire, it tends to give you a better health, and to build up better health habits And for comparisons, consider the person who has a habit of griping and perform all grudgingly on the other negative frame of mind Nobody wants to even work with him, and nobody wants to employ him if he can find somebody else who doesn’t gripe The fellow who’s gripes while he’s working, not only damages himself, but he damages everybody around him Mr. Andrew Carnegie told me that one, single negative mind, you know, organization of 10,000, could more or less discover the mind of everyone in there inside of two or three days without even opening his mouth or saying anything just by releasing thoughts You go into a home where there’s fighting between members of the family and the moment you’ve cross the threshold, even when you get in the, I can tell when I get to the front yard, whether I wanna go in or not If I can stay if I go in or not Certainly after I get in there I can tell We have an experience in our home that makes me proud of a anything I can tell you about Almost invariably when the person walked into our home for the first time they look around and make some complimentary expression, such as this For instance, an outstanding publisher came to see me not long ago, and when he walked into our living room, he said, oh about beautiful home And then he looked around again and after all that he said, it’s just an ordinary home, there’s not anything outstanding but he said, well, the word beautiful is not just the word I want, he said, it’s the way I feel when I get in here, I said, the vibrations are good I said, now, you’re getting hot But getting up my ally This home is charged and recharged constantly with positive vibrations, no inharmonies inside of this house is permitted, even our dogs have picked that up, our little Pomeranians They respond to the vibrations of that home, and they can tell a person that’s not people harmony with that home in a moment to come in and they don’t like that kind of a person He’ll go up and sniff a person, and if he’s pleased with that harmonious atmosphere, he’ll go over and kiss his hand And if she’s not pleased finds it, he’s not in harmony, she’ll bark at him and back away I didn’t teach her that either It was their own idea So homes, places of business, streets, cities, all have their own vibrations made up of the dominating thoughts of those who work and go that way You go down Fifth Avenue in New York city, I don’t care how little money you’ve got in your pocket, and then if you walk along there with those big prosper store long about Tiffany’s, you’ll catch the feel of that crowd, and you’ll feel like you’re a prosperous too, although you may not have very much money You’ll go just four blocks over in the other direction, over the Eighth Avenue, or Ninth Avenue in hell’s kitchen, and I defy you to walk one block there without feeling like you are as poor as the church mouse even though you may have all the money in the world (upbeat music) Economic and financial benefits, let’s see what we’re going to get out of this connection with cosmic habit force First of all, a definite major purpose Through a combination of the principles of the philosophy of American achievement, one they can reach his mind and body to hand over to cosmic habit force the exact picture of the financial status he wishes to maintain And these will automatically be picked up and carried out to their logical conclusion by an inexorable law of nature, which knows no such reality as failure I have observed by studying people who are successful, and then I’ve had probably more opportunity to study successful people at close range than any other man living today, I have observed they think constantly

in terms of things they can do, never in terms of things they can’t do I once asked Henry Ford if there was anything he wanted to do that he couldn’t do He said, well, no I don’t think about the things I can’t do, I think about the things I can do Now, the majority of people however are not like that They think about the things they can’t do and worry about them, and consequently, they can’t do them They think about the money they don’t have and worry about it and they consequently don’t have it and never get it Money is a peculiar thing, isn’t it? Somehow it just doesn’t follow the fellow around that doesn’t believe he’s got a right to get it Wonder why that is Money is a kind of an unanimous thing I don’t believe it’s the fault of the money I don’t think it’s fault there I think it’s in the mind of the person who doubts that he can get it I noticed that too, when students of mine start believing that they can do things, it’s starts to change their entire financial condition I noticed this when they don’t believe they can do things, they don’t do them So the whole purpose of this philosophy is to induce my students, to build up habits of belief in themselves and in their ability to direct their minds, to whatever they want in life, and to keep their mind off the things they don’t want If you don’t know too much about Mahatma Gandhi, it’d be a good idea if you could get the book, and read up on the life of Mahatma Gandhi There’s a man who didn’t have anything to fight the British with except his own mind He didn’t have any soldiers, he didn’t have any money, he didn’t have any military equipment He didn’t even motor fabricators And yet he put out the great British empire with his mind power, just resisting him He didn’t want them, and he didn’t accept them, and finally, the British picked up, they got the big idea and got out Surprising how many individuals can do that when you set your mind against them, you don’t have to say anything, you don’t have to do anything, you just have to say in your own mind, I don’t want that person in my life and eventually he’d get out sometimes very quickly I’m telling you this mind power stuff it’s powerful, it’s potent, it’s marvelous, it’s profound, if you want to become acquainted with it then start using it Now this philosophy is the medium by which one’s thought habits may be controlled until they are taken over by cosmic habit force And it as well to hear or call attention to the fact that no one has ever been known to become financial independent without having first established the prosperity consciousness, just as no one may remain physically well without having first established the health conscious I remember so well, my greatest difficulty when I started out with Andrew Carnegie My greatest difficulty was forgetting that I was born in poverty and illiteracy and ignorance It took me a long time to forget the little mountains in the mountains of in Virginia, where I was born Long time before I could forget about that and get it out of my system And always when I would start out to interview an outstanding man, I’d think, oh, well, I’m so insignificant When I come to me and to his presence, I guess I’ll be ashamed and afraid because I remembered where I came from I remembered my poverty, it was a long time before I could shake that poverty off But finally I did it And I began to think in terms of opulence, I began to say then, well, if I wouldn’t Mr. Edison see me, why wouldn’t (indistinct) see me? Because I’m just as big in life either as he is in his, I not only felt that ladies and gentlemen, but I saw the day when I made it come true It’s an achievement When you can reach out and influence the lives of millions of people all over the world, beneficially I say that’s an achievement And I say, it never would have been done without having to change the habits of Napoleon Hill That was my biggest job believe me, my biggest job was not getting in to see the man of affairs and to get their collaborations That was easy My biggest job was to change the habits of thinking of Napoleon Hill, and had I not changed those habits, the book which I have written and inspired millions of people never would have had the effect that it had, because when an author writes a book or makes a speech, the exact mental attitude that he’s in when he’s speaking or writing is conveyed to his audience and there’s no malleolus who is smart enough to keep that audience from picking up the thoughts You read a book that anybody writes you and you have impressions about that writer as you read that book and you can possibly read one of my books without knowing down deep in your heart that I’m dealing with fundamental principles,

as fundamental as infinite intelligence itself, you’ll know that, you don’t need anybody to you And before I can write a book of that kind I had to completely build over my thoughts processes, my habits of thinking, and lean to keep my mind on the things that were positive and keep it on there automatically Fixations of fear and faith Did you know that each one of you came over to this planet with a marvelous doctoring system of your own? Did you know that? A chemist don’t you know, breaks up your food and distributes it, take charge of the things that makes your needs And did you know that if you think right, eat right, exercise right and read right, you know that this doctor inside of you does everything else automatically They call it body resistance I don’t care what you call it, it’s a system that nature gave you for balancing everything that you need to keep your body and fine condition all the time, but you have to do your part Now, faith a fixation is a wonderful thing if it doesn’t happen to be a negative fixation, but you want to look out release fixations of fear and self limitations The things that you can’t do, the fear of crit ism or the fear of anything else But if you want to make use of fixation and benefit by the law of cosmic habits force in doing so, go to work on the fixation of faith, fixation of applied faith Now there is a fixation you can tie to There is a fixation if you tied to it properly, when you reach out and call for the things you need, you’ll find them always in place If there you thought they were, they’ll be close at hand By all means, cultivate that kind of a fixation Don’t let it get away from you by neglect How do you go about making a fixation of anything? Any thought habit, how do you about it? (muffled speech) Repetition that’s right And applying it in everything you do and think and say Reputation Some of you are old enough to remember the Coue formula day by day and every way I’m getting better and better, millions of people all over this country were saying that, and it doesn’t come out to a ticker dam, I am not swearing, d-a-m, little small coin, unless the person saying it believes it It wasn’t what he said that counted, it’s what he thought while he was saying it And there were a lot of people that said it over and over again and then finally it turned thumbs down on because it didn’t work for me because I didn’t believe it in the first place You can understand why it didn’t work It makes no difference what format you use, or do you use any oral formulary or not, as long as your thought patterns are positive, and you repeat them over and over again I want you to follow the habits of thinking in positive terms until cosmic habit force takes up your, mental attitude and makes it predominantly positive, and not predominantly negative The circumstances of life are such that the majority of people have their mind, their minds are predominantly negative all the time I want you all to change all of that and make the mind predominantly positive all the time So no matter what you want, you can turn on the power and get some response from the infinite intelligence Infinite intelligence is not going to do anything for you while you’re in the state of anger, no matter how much right you have to be angry Infinite intelligence is not going to do anything for you, but she’s going to let you do something to yourself if you keep yourself in a state of a negative mind You can’t afford to go into action, you can’t afford to go into expression, you can’t afford to have human relationships while you’re in a negative mental attitude And the best way to keep from having or being in the negative mental attitude is start to build up these positive habits let cosmic habit force take them over and make them predominant in your mind Here are the negatives that you should avoid making into fixations, poverty, imaginary illness, laziness, just plain everyday garden variety of laziness Do you know what a lazy man is? He’s a man who hasn’t found a labor of love That’s right No lazy people except those who haven’t found something they like to do Of course, some of them pretty hard to please (students laughing) They go all the way through life and at the end of it they don’t like this, don’t like that, as a matter of fact, I don’t like anything, period They are lazy And envy and greed and anger and hatred and jealousy and dishonesty and ripping without aim or purpose Here is the ability of mental attitude in general,

vanity, arrogance, cynicism, sadism, and the will to injure others Now, those are things that become fixation in the lives of most people And you can’t afford to have that kind of a fixation You just can’t afford it It’s too expensive Even as a student of the science of success, I’d still say it’s too expensive for you, you can have that kind of a habit or fixation But down here are the positives that you can’t afford to have, and you can’t afford not to have them The definiteness of a major purpose in life, head there’s the list Make it that fixation by all means, eat it, save it, drink it, and indulge in some acts every day of your life, leading in the direction of your overall major purpose in life And faith, personal initiative, enthusiasm, willingness to go the extra mile, imagination, the traits of a pleasing personality, accurate thinking, and all the other traits recommended in this philosophy of individual achievement Now, those are the things that you can afford to make into fixations so that they dominate your mind You live by them You think by them, and you act by them You relate yourself to people by them And you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can give yourselves changed lives You’ll be surprised at how quickly the people who’ve tried to injure will at their own accord fall away and become ineffective and impotent You’ll be surprised at how potent you’ll become, how you will attract to you new opportunities You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll solve your problems on there are onwards You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before, instead of worrying over your problem while you just didn’t get busy and dissolve it, or solve it Now, every one of those you’ll notice everyone is under your control subject to your control, as a result of reputation of thought, that’s all you have to do is just keep repeating it over and over and over again, and put some action about it behind the thought Words without deeds you know are dead Engage in some sort of action I want you to develop fixations by all means, but one should take care of to see that they are fixated on the subject of that which one wants not that which one does not want Isn’t it a strange thing that the majority of people go all the way through life with getting everything they don’t want and very few things that they do want Isn’t that funny? You know, a lot of people who don’t get their mate in marriage that they really want, after they get him or her and find out about it, know a lot of people like that I know a lot of people who don’t get out of their jobs, what they want I know a lot of people who do not get out of their profession, what they want, like to have more patients and better patients with better dispositions Incidentally that’s an idea You know how a professional man, like a dentist or a lawyer or a doctor or an engineer, how he goes about attracting a lot of patients that are agreeable to get along with, wonderful patients, pay their bills promptly and all that sort of thing Do you know how he does it? (muffled speech) Yeah, being that way himself That’s right, You said that right That’s the idea those are the words, the effect starts with the professional man himself His own metal attitude toward his clients or his patients is what determines what they do toward him No getting away from that That’s absolutely true That happens to a merchant, happens to a man and a woman in a job or any other person in any other connection In other words, if you want to reform people, don’t start with the people, start with you, and get your mental attitude right and you will find that the others will fall in line They can’t do anything about it As a matter of fact, if your mind is positive, the negative minded person can’t influence you in the least nothing he can do about it A positive minded person is always the master of the negative minded person That is if he exercises his rights We are what we are today ladies and gentlemen because of two forms of heredity Now, one of them we control outright, and one of them, we do not control at all Through physical heredity, we bring into this world, a little sum total of all of our ancestors And if we happen to be born with a nice brain power, nice well developed rounded up bodies, fine, but if we happen to be born with a hunchback or some flection, there’s nothing much we can do about that In other words, we have to take what physical heredity hands just as it is I know a man afflicted with the loss of his legs through polio who ran a peanut stand within two blocks of the White House and right in the White House a man afflicted with the same thing was running the biggest nation in the world And he made an asset out of his affliction instead of a liability

Social heredity however, is another thing Social heredity consists of all of the influences that enter into your life after you are born, and maybe dating back to the prenatal stage, even before you were born The things you hear, the things you see, the things you are taught, the things you read about, the legends that you are influenced by, and all that sort of thing, constitute social heredity, and by far and away, the most important part of what happens to us all the way through life is due to our relationship to social heredity, or what we get out of our environment, and how much we control it It’s a social heredity thing, you know, it’s a good idea for all of us, all adults to go back and re-examine ourselves about these vital things that we think we believe and find out just right we have to believe them Where do we get our beliefs? What is there to support any belief? So help me, I don’t think I have any beliefs that are not supported by good sound evidence, or at least what I believe to be evidence But I didn’t arrive at that open-minded state of tolerance overnight I’ll tell you that now, there was a time when I was just about as intolerance as the next person, but I found out that that was a bad thing for me and certainly not good for my students to be, to have a closed mind about anything Thank you very much (applause) (tape clicking)